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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 7, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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[ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. oh, my god. it's an accident. oh, my god. >> oh, no! >> the moment of impact when flight 214 crash landed at sfo. wreckage lines the runways as they try to piece together what happened. good evening, i'm carolyn johnson. >> dan: i'm dan ashley.
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major developments in the crash investigation. we know the pilot in charge of landing was training for long range flight. >> this was his first flight in boeing 777 and he had just 43 hours flying the big jet. >> the pilot does have more than 3200 hours flying other planes but not this particular piece of equipment. here first look at one of the victims. she and her 17-year-old friend were visiting stanford and u.c. berkeley as part of an english language program. >> her final post was just the word, go! now the word has caused flight cancellations and delays at sfo. a third runway has opened but flights are backed up and should get better. >> laura anthony begins our breaking news with the latest on this investigation. >> hi, dan, that investigation coming directly from asiana
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airlines he had plenty of experience but not in this type of plane. n.t.s.b. released findings that show the flight's final approach to sfo had some serious problems. >> handling appeared routine until the controller noticed that the aircraft hit the seawall. >> too slow and too low, without drawing any conclusions they were flying well below the landing speed when the tail slammed into the wall. >> the speed was significantly below 137 knots. >> n.t.s.b. chief says that is obvious by the flight 214's data recorder and voice recorder where a crew member called for a go
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around 1.a 5 seconds before impact. >> they don't want to land but fly power and go around and try to land again. >> you don't seeing a expect to see a professional air crew dragging a plane along. >> it shows what it looked like after the crash. with oxygen masks deployed and they released ground shots as they examined the wreckage. while the investigation behind the causes of the crash is just beginning, most of sfo ease runways are now open. >> runway 28 right is back in service. three of our four runways, handling of about 32 to 33 landings per hour. >> despite the clear issues with landing, speed and elevation the n.t.s.b. says it's far too early to be assigning a blame for this
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crash. they expected to be on the ground at sfo for at least a week and then they said it would be 12-18 months before the their full investigation might be complete. >> here is a look at some of the amazing photos released by the ntsb investigators today. they show the wreckage that they will be carefully examining in determining what led to the crash but they are getting a good idea of what went wrong. we have all the ntsb photos at we have new video showing the crash from a plane just yards away. we highlighted the jet taxiing by the crash. it was getting ready for takeoff when the other plane hit the ground. they sent up the dust cloud. the plane kind of swivels around at one point and then slams into the runway. there the moment of impact right next to the plane
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ready to take off. after it hit the runway, big cloud of smoke and dust. there was a lot of confusion when flight 214 crashed. >> the people didn't know anything know had happened on the right and left heard a boom but didn't know what it was. apparently you look closer and you saw the tail of the plane that was lying separate and then some wreckage. you saw the landing gear and smoke started coming out. >> he spent three hours on the plane before going back to the gate. he was able to rebook his trip to japan today. >> the parents of one of two girls killed in the crash found out their daughter died. it shows the parents moments after they received the call confirming her death. the father said this morning he was worried to death about his daughter. the parents are on their way to united states to meet with authorities. >> tonight, there are reports that an emergency
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crew may have killed one of two girls. john alston has more where he asked the mayor about those reports. >> mayor ed lee came to talk about visit with crash victims but the questions were reports that a fire truck might have hit one of the two girls who died. >> there were talk about it. it wasn't verified. i would suggest to you that both the fire chief, coroner's office and chairperson of the n.t.s.b. would have more direct information about that. >> the coroner is attempting to determine a cause of death. one of the survivors showed up at the hospital today to visit her eight-year-old son. >> i judged on. >> it was with the slide. >> no slide i just jumped on. >> 38-year-old of china did not slide down the emergency chute as she and her son bailed from the plane. >> i jumped down.
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so brave. he told me, mom, we must go out and he landed on top of the plane and jumped down. i come out. >> chief of surgery at san francisco general says the most seriously injured victims were sitting in the back of the plane which slammed on to the runway. >> i think they were restrained and some of them have injuries that looked like -- just like in a car crash but more severe. also another injury where spinal cord and spinal column has been fractured. >> the chief of surgery had he triage effort at the airport, without it some passengers would probably have died. >> we have much more to come on the deadly plane crash at sfo including why a man on the plane, when it crashed thought something was wrong just moments before the flight 214 went down.
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>> and ripple effect, how flights are being affected. >> we're foolg following other local news. first accounts of a massive fire that forced hundred people out of their homes. >> i'm meteorologist leigh glaser, temperatures this weekend a little below normal, but that is going to ♪ [ roars ] ♪ ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival. ♪
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our coverage of the crash at sfo we are hearing from another survivor. >> eugene ross new it was going to crash because it was too low. >> as we were going to prepare to land, i looked out the window and i just knew we were too low. so i was holding the chair so hard.
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i was basically preparing for the crash. and then, bang! impact was so powerful. i thought that was it. i thought i was dying. >> dan: eugene has made that same international flight 173 times. his daughter sitting next to him said she is not ready for her dad to get on another flight. he will fly asiana again after his nerves settle a bit. >> relatives for flight 214 are on their way to san francisco. many boarded earlier today fighting through a crush of reporters. this man's mother and sister both survived the crash. he is headed here to be with them. >> coming up at 9:00, much more about the deadly plane crash. >> also how you can get involved in helping victims of flight 214. >> workweek is hours away. meteorologist leigh glaser
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our coverage continues of the flight that crashed at sfo yesterday killing two teenage girls. >> three of the four runways are back in operation. airport officials are report nothing delays at the moment. >> tomorrow some flights may be affected because one runway does remain closed for the investigation. >> dan: bay area residents have been responding for call for blood donations for the crash victims. blood centers have been opened two of its donation centers to help with surgery. spokesperson says all their
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appointments were taken. so many people came out to help. they all opened their doors to donors around this particularly need "o" negative blood. we will bring you the latest at 11:00 over on channel 7 in a full hour of news and breaking news updates on the crash at sfo on our twitter feed at "abc 7 news" bay area. >> deputies shut down an a freeway off-ramp has had he conducted a manhunt. they were above the center where authorities focused their search. the off-ramp from southbound 101 reopened at 8:00. there are unconfirmed reports of a shooting and door-to-door search in that area. we'll bring you more information that comes in on twitter. one person is still unaccounted for and hundred others are burned out of their homes after a big neither in an apartment
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complex in redwood city. they opened an overnight shelter at the hallmark house apartments on woodside road. crews will stay on the scene overnight and part of woodside road is expected to stay closed until midnight at the earliest. the fire is too dangerous for crews to really investigate. 22 people were rushed to the hospital including two firefighters. everyone is expected to be okay. as we approach the workweek, we are seeing a change in our forecast. >> meteorologist leigh glaser is tracking it closely. >> we are seeing quite a bit of cloudiness and fog getting very close to san francisco bay. coming up marin headlands, beautiful live shot. we started off this morning with low clouds and fog and then it pushed back off the coast. now it's moving back inland. we have a stronger onshore wind component this
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evening. it looks like folks out toward the delta will wake up to dense overcast tomorrow morning. highs in the 90s and far inland east bay, 90 in antioch. 66 in san francisco. check out half moon bay, you actually saw a little bit of clearing near here. temperatures bumped up to 59 degrees and 79 in santa rosa. clouds moving in around the bay bridge. it's 63 this hour in san jose. santa cruz, 61. this is from our mount tam cam. you can already see the low clouds and fog already unanswered over the ridge tops there. this is going to dry this further inland tonight. right now, santa rosa, 56 and 67 in livermore. mild there and los gatos, 65 degrees. here is a look at forecast highlights. we'll go with low clouds to
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move further inland tonight. monday and tuesday, a couple of warm days and then by mid week, cooldown will take place for the bay area. look at this fog forecast. 11:00 tonight, already moving inland over towards the bay and friday tomorrow morning, most of north bay will see low, dense overcast and going to hang around until 10:00 tomorrow morning. we should break out into sunshine. temperatures across the bay area, coolest in half moon bay, and warmest around antioch. here is the setup for the next couple of days, high pressure will build in and storm track to the north. it stays in place monday and tuesday. those will be the warmest days this workweek. then by wednesday this tropical pressure will move in and bring us a pretty stiff sea breeze. livermore in 90s monday and tuesday. warmest days and then thursday, friday, strong
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sea breeze will knock temperatures down a bit. even in san jose, monday and tuesday warmest days. in the 80s and then by thursday and friday dip down into the 70s. here is the highs for monday. 82 for santa clara. peninsula in the mid to upper 70s. mo locations upper 50s to low on 60s at the coast. 67 for downtown san francisco. 86 cloverdale. east bayshore, oakland 74. 74 for newark and look for more 90s for brentwood and antioch tomorrow and concord 87. seven-day forecast, warmest days will be monday and tuesday. then we'll get the strong wind shifted wednesday, thursday and friday, temperatures will tumble back down into the 80s. it's not that cold then we warm back up next week. >> what did i do with my parka. [ laughter ] >> a lot of excitement surrounding wimbledon. >> what a great match.
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history made. >> andy murray was the man and got it going in the bay area. 7 years after he won his first pro title in san jose, andy murray was trying to make history. a coming close last year. he was determined to be the first brit to win the title sings 1936. you had to beach djokovic. it was decided how thrilling this final was. one of the best rallies of the day as he covers a lot of ground chasing down shots and finally winning the point. longtime girlfriend likes what she sees. this was championship point. his return finds the net and the drop drought is finally over for great britain as he takes the title. >> i just can't believe it.
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a lot of work last year and this year. i managed to do that. >> for 7 innings san francisco pitcher matched dodger's pitcher but in the end. giants were feeling blue. hunter pence helps him out. he allowed four hits in 7 innings. kershaw who might started the all-star game leads with a diving catch. that is worth one more look. and it was one all until the ninth and that is when a.j. ellis delivers a clutch two outs outs. sergio romo, three runs score, dodgers beat the giants 4-1.
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san francisco has now lost 11 of the last 13. >> meanwhile, the first place diamondbacks completed a three-game sweep of colorado. this made it 3-0 in the third. patrick corbin struck out career high 10. 6-1 and giants fall six and a half games back. >> is n kansas city a's have big fans. looks like bartolo. josh reddick with a two-run double. he brings him home past a diving alex gordon. reddick has been in a seasonal lull but got hot. this two-run blast in the third made it 7-1 a's. lowery went deep as oakland takes two oust three from the royals. and here a splash landing and a's head on. >> the classic was delayed
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because of thunderstorms but once play resumed there was no spopg stopping sweden's player. michael kim tied for 38th place at four under par. wagner was looking on and he drains this birdie to go 14 under. but they would not go away, this kept him two back. wagner ran into trouble as the tee shot found the edge of the bunker. he would have to settle for a bogey. that opened the door for his third straight left him 11 under par. >> and tour de france was especially tough for britain's cyclist. he going careening off the side after a mountain. he was okay after climbing his way back up. it was a two-man race to finishn captured.
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giants lost today and after the contest, sergio romo would not talk to the media. very frustrated. very frustrated. >> they are [ male announcer ] at montrose pet hospital, anarchy meets order.
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coming up at 11:00, unique the pilot faced at sfo that may have made it difficult to. >> and and survival strategies what you can do to increase to survive a plane crash. >> we want you to know you can express your support for victims of asiana flight by purchasing this
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