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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 9, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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new information in the pre of the crash at sfo what. pilots are now telling investigators you know it's likee started looking around. people are hurt. >> a bay area crash survivor talks about his harrowing experience of how he took action once planes came to a st. >> why we should notxpect an end to travel delays at sfo as a result of the crash. stay with us. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. analyzing final moments, searching each piece of he
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debris what. investigators are learning tonight about the crash site and the crew. >> tonight new questions have araise rizen over experience of both pilots in charge of landing the plane. ntsb revealed the commanding pilot overseeing the trainee was on h first flight as an instructor. you're looking at new video released by investigator autos ntsb confirms t flight attendants were ejected wen the tail section sheared off. they survive abc 7 news is li with the ry latest from investigators. >> we've heard again and again from witnesses and experts that t plane was clearly ming in too low, too slow. yesterday we learned from ntsb about too slow, today, too low. instructer pilot noticed 500
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feet from lights on the runway they were not in the best position or slope to come in for a safe landing at 200feet, the position worsen bud we know it was too late to recover. ntsb tells us there thpilot was still learning but had experience on 737s, 747s and a 320s about halfway through his required training on 777. his recent cmand was captain of a a 320. was flying at the time, the instructor pilot seated next to him was in mmand. >> total fight time is 13,000 hours. estimate about 3,000 hours in the triple 7. his total pilot in command
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time was 10,000 hours. he had been in the korean air force 10 years. >> the pilot told ntsb they armedauto throttles but it's no clear if throttles were engaged. >> they'd set speed at 137 knots. and assumed throttles were maintaining speed. >> saying if they were maintaining speed it's the crew job to monitor it. >> one of theery critical things tt needs to be monitoreon an approach to landing is speed so we need to understand what was going on in the cockpit and with the aircraft. >> ntsb will compare and
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investigateors documented itch positions in the ckpit. they'll have to take that, put it together, cross records fore they come up with a probable cause down the road we told you earlier it bears repeating ere were no drug and alcohol tests of the crew that. is not required of foign carriers. in south san francisco, abc 7 news. >> we have details on the momentjust after the crash. the head flight attendant she z she was ordered to delay the evacuation. >> i went tothe cockpit to see if the captain was alive. i knocked on the door. the captain opened and i asked are you okay, captain? and he said, ye i'm okay. i asked should i perform evacuations? and he told me to wait. so i closed the door, and made an announcement because the passengers were upset and things were confusing. >> lee told passengers to
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remain in seats but passengers started exiting before the fire started. >> thank goodness they got out. we're getting really a griping firsthand account from the people who had phaps the best vantage point. >> a crew as the flight came down. >> one of the piloted waited to take off. he e mailed about what happened and we've tracked down radio calls fr the cockpit moments after the crash. united flight 885 on taxi way f just short of runway 28 left. pilot goesing over check lists before leaving for japan. they spotted flightcoming in. the relief first officer said it looked like the pla was going to hit thelights mounted here in the bay.
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the pilo made a drastic lookg pull up and appeared as if they' applied maxum thrust. the thrust didn't appear soon enough to prevent impact. the tail section ask landing gear sheering off. the pilot ote we saw the fuselage slide down and out of the view. >> this is 85 left. we see peoplthey said they needed to walk aund. >> some people are just settling. >> the united copit contacted air traffic control about the passenger walking on the runway. the pilot wrote it seemed to take a long time for assistance to arrive.
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>> it's out of the right side of the runway. there are people adjacent to numbers. we can see two, three people moving. i wrote the mood was concern bucalm. a few indiduals were he motional as of nearly every sawhe debris field going over 100 knots past ou aircraft. by this point everyone looked out of the windows and could see the smoke plume. >> there is no way to tell at this point whether people spotted on the runway included flight attendants and who survived as mentioned by the nts fwh. afternoone mail the pilot prized the flight flight attendants on the plane. >> what a site it mitt mu have been. >> just 300 feet away.
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incredible. >> yes. >> the families of the two two een aged girls met with the coroner today. they were headed to a christian summer camp with dozens of classmates from china families arrived near sfo. people shielded them with umbrellas and a large bus blocked camera autos one of the survivors of saturday's crash is a san francisco man who jumped into action and helped get others off that plane. carolyn tileler tald to ben levy to see how he's coping since e crash. dan levy says he'sone through a traumatic experience. the 39-year-old survived the crash of asia flight 214 with bruised ribs. >> i didn't question why i livethrough this, i was actually grateful we we here are sitting in the plane,
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injured but alive. >> levy has taken the flight from san francisco before. >> where are we solo sni said, i know too low, too soon. when the plane stopped people stopped screaming, it's li this surreal moment. >> levy pushed the door out, helping others and took these pictures and says every day he has different feelings. if you're wondering about the yellow tape it was put there by firefighters during triage. and will stay until all victims are released from the hospital. >> ben is back here at work but not back to work. it's going to take a while for life to return to normal.
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now when i see so happy, to be back withy children he says he knows it w not his time. >> what a story. >> there is immediate support available for vicms of saturday's crash but one organization will be there for them even years after the disaster. talking about the turmoil victims face. >> those who made it out alive are likely to face another ordeal. post traumatic stress disorder >> when teams leave we're still grieving. >> heidi founded an organization tt reaches out to survive skbrorz loved ones of air disasters. it's called aircraft support services or access.
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in 1996 shoestow's fiancee was killed. all 230 people on boort died. her organization knows how to provide support for year after a disaster. her book has stories of people who survived or lost one. >> those who have survived now areertain spot. but we he meant nor who's have been down that road who have lost loved ones and survived. who can provide a perspective of time. >> she's reached out to passgers of saturday's crash. the red cross providing service to the victims, salvation army involved with relief efforts n san francisco, the mayor is working with the chinese and south korean consulate to create a fund to help victims of the crash.
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coverage continues at:30. the abc 7 news i team has details of another pilot account. yocan watch news conferences live on our new smart phone app. just go to abc 7 slash apps for detail autos just ahead final push to save a college from losing acr daigs. >> how supporters of city college plan to try to save that school. >> tenants of the fire-ravaged buildingere allowed to come back today andeclaim whatever belongings were not burned. i'll have a live report. we'll
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a rally happening now by students protesting a decision to terminate the school aked daigs. here is a picture over the march as we speak. the group marching through downtown to us us education department offices. the school is notified by commission for community and junior colleges would it use accreditation in july, 2014 a year from now. the sclej serves more than 85,000 students. a deadly fire tore through an apartment complex sunday claiming the live of one resident. we're learning tonight from
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investigators that that blaze started in that victim's unit. it happened just before 2:00 a.m. vic lee is live with development autos cadaver dogs located remains of that resident yesterday on the third floor of the apartment building. officials told me today they believe the fire started in his apartment. they have not determined cause but believe waits accidental. the six alarm fire destroyed almost the entire third floor of the building. the blaze displaced 97 residents. those came back today describe horror they witnessed. >> flames coming up on both sichldz i can see flames on the third floor. bad. >> my baby pillow. picture autos brenda lived on
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the second floor, and was able to salvage pictures those who lived on the first and second floors came back to units soaked with water. joey stone was glad he had belongings which weren't destroyed. >> my body could be ash. you know? >> small groups were escorted by an officer and firefighter. we accompanied them inside. >> residents given 0-15 minutes to grab whatever they could. all mike cared about was his cat. >> i got five back there is one inside. i want to try to get him. >> maddingly never did find his cat. residents were talking about this man them called him a hero. he blimed from the railing outside of the unit to the third floor. he heard a woman with babies
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cry out for help. >> i said because the mom asked for him. so she have a baby. so... two babies. i took one with me. >> and when castro came back he handed a baby over to firefighters. and guess what his hobby is? rock climbing. most residents here are on some kind of assistance, many are homeless. now they're homeless, again. vic lee abc 7 news. >> horrible. thank you. >> let's talk about the weather. and not looking too bad. >> yes. >> cool weather near the coast z some warm weather inland east bay. suddenly this afternoon temperatures soring to 100 degrees in livermore. mainly sunny skies around the
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bay skpinland. low clouds pushing throughout the golden gate. things look g you can see low clouds and fog pushing through golden gate. lots of blue skies above. readings 61 in san francisco. 77 into san jess yeah. 70 in santa cruz. bright sky, temperatures 87 degrees in jant rosa. 77 union city. looking downtown san jose, bright skies there, these are features foggy areas developing overnight. rushing beyond the coast. cooler tomorrow. and this continue tluz thursday. this evening, notice how fog
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presses up against the coastline but beyond. the start of the rush hour some areas of fog that could millionish visible and lows into a cool range. mid to upper are 50s for the most pafrt. -- part. now, let's resume, pull back to give you a view of a low off shore, pulling up skploudz moisture for with was tropical storm eric. those are the high clouds we'll see. and we'll see high clouds moving through giving us filtered sunshine. we'll have clouds at the coast and thursday push locally inland. and partly to mostly sunny skies. will be a cool day compared to today. tomorrow, under filtered sunshine cooler conditions than today as well. south bay, low 80s in san jose
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and cupertino. peninsula, low to mid-70s from san mateo to redwood city. upper 70 ndz palo alto. upper 50s and breezy on the coast. downtown san francisco, 64 degrees tomorrow, 66 in south san francisco. up in the north bay, 58 in dodega bay. highs reaching 72 in oakland. 78 union city. 88 in concord but up to 90 in livermore skpf here is the accu-weather forecast. high temperatures dropping off thursday and friday. by surngd highs back into low 90s, low 80s around the bay. low 60s on the coast. >> yes.
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four post offices will no longer be open on sundays. macy's station will close on sundays beginning july 21. marina green will dot same july 28. lake shore bras plaza closing sunday starting august 4, and airport station on westfield road ending it's service on august 11th. postal service says it's getting less demand for retail services because consumers buy stamps from private retailers such as office depot and costo along with major supermarkets. >> the man nominated by the obama administration to become the next fbi director got a kbriling today on capitol hill about government surveillance programs. he said he was not aware of large scale monitoring but called it a valuable tool against terrorism. still, he agreed to work with congress to make changes on surveillance laws.
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>> pakistani government report blasted it's own for not stopping a u.s. raid that killed osama bin laden questioning why they allowed agents to be on the ground during the raid in pay, 2011 and it even accuses u.s. agents of chopping down nearby trees. the report details how bin laden live brd agents found him, bin laden apparently wore a cowboy hat outdoor that's disguise would make it harder for spy sat tlits identify him. >> president obama says he will consider what w.drawing all u.s. troops from afghanistan by the end of the year. a senior white house official made that statement today. until now, officials discussed keeping a small force behind
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but the president is becoming frustrated with the lack of cooperation we have yorts to reach some sorts of truce with the sal tallahasseely ban. >> we're learning about what it's like inside asiana flight 214. coming up we'll hear from some of the youngest survivor autos i'm strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face. >> voices of resilience. three ohio women held captive for a decade speak for the first time since their rescue. what they want the world to know. >> admitted nsa leaker edward snowden reportedly has an offer of a new home tonight. how
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for over 60,000 california foster children,
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investigateor vdz spoken with all four pilots an board the flight that crashed at sfo on saturday. >> there are serious questions about experience levels and how much they may have relied on auto mated flight systems.
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>> the parents of the two girls are here at this hotel after having flown in from china they mournd their loss, new details show it's truly amazing anyone survived. i remember thinking we pulled it off for just a moment. then started to fishtail and grabbing my girlfriend and being like, oh, my god maybe we're going to die. >> that is one account told by a group coming back on that doomed flight. ntsb shed light on what might have happened. pilots might have been relying too much on the automatic throttle. but by the time they realized it was too late. >> they'd set speed at 137 knots. and assumed auto throttles
7:32 pm
were maintaining speed. between 500 feet and 200 feet they were low. they were trying to correct at this point. >> seemed low. engine kicked into high gear like that sounds like a panic there. within two seconds, it hit. >> ntsb says landing gear hit first before losing it's tail during saturday's crash landing. listen to what happened. >> two of the pigts in the rear of the craft were ejected from the aircraft during impact seek qens. >> those flight attendants are among more than 300 survivors. ntsb said they did not do a drug or alcohol test because
7:33 pm
there is no requirement to do so and the pilot that was training the other pilot was training for the very first time. thank you. >> some of the youngest survivors are describing their ferry fiing experience. they were on their way back to colorado after spending a month in sox. they were sitting near the back close to where the tail ripped off. >> after everything stopped i looked and saw my brother and sister both fine. and i looked at my mom and dad. they were on the floor. their seats fell down. i called their names and they moaned, kind of. >> all of them managed to get out before the fire started. joseph being treat forward a
7:34 pm
minor fracture and sarah has a splint on a fing year so amazing to hear these stories and tonight we're hear morgue amazing stories including a harrowing tail from a group of eight passengers. all faced down to get off the plane. >> i calm doin down i looked over at the wing and could still see fuel dropping from the wing. and then, i looked back and i saw... flames underneath. so my reaction got out of the plane but there is something else that could happen. and so we ran he says they ran towards the rear of the 777 and discovered four severely injured people. despite yells for help they
7:35 pm
had a hard time getting attention of first responders in the confusion who were at the front and mid section. as they helped an injured flight attendant. now, a member had cuts and bruises but none required medical attention. 182 people were injured in the crash. two dozen passengers still in the hospital tonight. some with very serious injuries. at 12:00, san francisco general is tweeting a young person. stanford is treating five others. >> four patients in stable condition at mills peninsula. both st. francis and st. maries have one patient under
7:36 pm
care. >> days after the crash still having an impact on travelers one of the airports runways remains closed there. is no word on when wreckage will be removed. >> when asi 214 crashed on saturday and left a jig saw puzzle of crews. what each day, possible evidence which explain what's seems like a slow clean up to anyone other than the national transportation safety board. >> when an airport has three runways instead of four there will be passengers inconvenienced. >> waiting about three and a half hours. >> at this stage we're thinking friday morning. so we don't know. >> sfo cancelled roughly half of the flights today. delays have been the norm.
7:37 pm
some have been delayed by days and one at least was greatful for it. elle tried to get a seat on the plane. >> airport says delays will continue as long as the national transportation safety board investigates. how long will that be? only ntsb knows. >> our reporting on the crash continues now on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. we have coverage at 11:00 and updates any time on abc 7 >> three women held captive nearly a decade are speaking for the first tirjs they're letting everyone know they're doing great. >> i want everyone to know how happy i am to be home with family and friends and it's been unbelievable. >> i was say thank you.
7:38 pm
>> looking forward to my brand new life. >> the three were abducted at ages 14, 16 and 20. they posted video yesterday. the girls want to thank people forgiving to a donation fund set up in their honor and honoring the need for privacy. man accused of abducting them and holding them in his basement pleaded not guilty to 329 charges. there is word accused nsa leaker edward snowden could be on the move soon. venezuela received the request, now, he has to decide whether, and when he'll fly there. he spent two weeks hiding in a moscow airport. the guardian newspaper released part two of his interview with snowden conducted in hong kong.
7:39 pm
>> i was exposed to true information that had not been propaganda in the media that he that we were involved in misleading the public. >> snowden says he tried to do his job but no one stood up to do what he saw he says he saw government doing he felt on obligated to leak the information. >> tonight money matters indication that's investors are getting more information about the prospects with all areas closing with gains. shares of tesla closed up to more than $143 a share. tesla will replace oracle. tesla stock price more than tripled since the first of the year. >> federal regulators took a
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step towards making eight of the u.s. banks meet a structer ratio of health applying to eight banks. if akopt cod take affect in 2018. eat groups are suing the department of agriculture to block implem taigs of a new meat labeling rule requiring meat labels to detail where animals farmed for meat was born, raised and slaughters. meat producers say that sun constitutional. if they can pull this off, it's something else. with k.a group of college students build a more efficient car? >> some students think they have. a driving force behind a a driving force behind a project that could change i'm the world's worst cleaning lady.
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speak with employers and last month, us you companies reyaited nearly 200,000 jobs. >> tick el you we do 24 events a yeefr our employers telling us it's getting doifl hire. there are not as many people looking that are maybe qualified for what the positions are. >> exact location has not been announced but will let you know. >> every day more hybrid and electric cars are on the road but what about a car you never need to plug in or fill up? they're about to drive across australia powered by nothing but the sun it's not roomy and has a small steering wheel you've seen this, car is built to win.
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a group put it together from scratch. >> these are the same, just higher efficiency. >> this time there is a bold new design. every curve made to balance sun exposure with aerodynamics. >> we go slower if we know there is a cloudy patch head or behind and go fast through cloudy patch. >> all keeping the driver safe. >> it's this right here is for safety. >> driving day after day where every ounce counts. >> it's endurance race.
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it's making sure it's tough enough. >> best teams will finish in three to four days. the students raised money themselves. but it's become a big part of education. >> there is a lot to learn about engineering. you can't learn in classes. it's just that there is a big difference between this didn't work but it's okay. and this didn't work, re on the side of the road in australia. >> less than two weeks they'd load down to a ship. headed down under for a race in october. >> good luck to that. >> no kid being. >> it seem there's is a new trend involving big bonus autos yes. >> some bosses giving them to employees. but you may have to make a change in order to qualify for
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u.s. corporations are often criticized for being greedy.
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they're using the nonbuy shares in the company for 120 workers. >> that is a nice thought. >> yes. >> nice gesture. >> let's update the forecast. >> spencer christian is back with that for use low clouds, fog pressing up against the coastline. sunny skies around the bay skpinland now. a surge of high clouds coming up from south. remnants of what was tropical storm eric that. will give us filtered sunshine but will be hot in spots. here in the bay area high clouds moving through into afternoon hours as well. temperatures dropping off tomorrow from today's levels still warm with highs to the 90 degrees tomorrow, we'll see low to mid 70s in the north bay. here is the accu-weather forecast.
7:51 pm
we'll cool down through friday and start to warm up again over the weekend sunday, monday, highs back into low 90s low 80s around the bay and low 60s on the coast. all tweets and advisories can be found there. >> what a tough loss that was last night. >> yes. it was. 16 inchings -- innings. we'll tell but that and collin kaepernick as you've never
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geek. desperate times call for desperate measures bruce bocci ordered coach to burn sage in the club house this, is a ritual dating back for centuries we're now cleansing and purifying. when left giants last night they were in extra inning was the jets.
7:55 pm
go to 13th another chance for giants. just designated for assignment. men in scoring position played 16 innings. boots the grounder. eric young scores. giants have lost 12 of 14. >> it's frustrating. a game as we've had made 18 guys left on. you know? we had many chances just couldn't get ahead. >> and right after that called for lurning of the sage. giants signed jeff van portal to a minor league deal.
7:56 pm
he became a fan favorite when he ordered pizza to a's fans. so they love him in oakland. the festivities taking place in new york. he promises to put on a show at city field. rain delay for an hour and a half. alvarez demolishes in the second this, is the dead center off of the wall. here it comes and there it goes. two-run, jack. a's leading. they're up in the 4th. warriors busy off season sins.
7:57 pm
he power forward maurice speighs will fill the carl landry role. jermaine o'neal, 34 years old. he was solid for phoenix last year. 49ers quarterback collin kaeper in this case adorns the cover of espn the magazine wearing only his tattoos. saying his best attribute is his arm. there does not appear to be an ounce of fat on his frame. and carolyn attest owes to that after studying the photos. tight end vernon davis used
7:58 pm
three footballs as camouflage and that was wise. abc 7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> only tattoos. >> miami. >> that is his edition out on friday. >> thank you. >> she has one already. >> oh, brother. >> coming up tonight at 9:00 a hospital patient wakes up just before her organs about to be harvested. where it happened at 9:00. >> then at 11:00 new focus on what's happening in the cockpit of flight 214. the roles of pilot and instructor. >> in prime time tonight extreme weight loss then we'll be back with abc 7 news at 11:00 thanks for joining us.
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we appreciate your time. connect with us on twitter. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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