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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 12, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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this is the crime scene on the streets of san francisco where two women have been killed, another man shot and gunman taken into custody. good evening, i'm ama
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daetz. the suspect wa covered in blood. police say he emptied his revolverer before surrendering. here are pictures sent to us. weapons are drawn and looking for the gunman. after pulling out his revolverer and shooting he ducked into a mexican restaurant and apparently ran out of bullets and surrendered. police chief picks it up from there. >> a store. we found two deceased females suffering from wounds that will be determined by the medical examiner, possible gunshot wounds we can't make the determination at this time. another male was suffering from gunshot wounds. he was transported to general whom where right hue nou he is in in stable condition. >> there was a second
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suspect but it turned out not to be the case. this man had been in the jewelry mart before. they are still investigating his relationship to the women that died and man that was shot. she in critical but stable condition. he a picture of the lower level tunnel as the shooting was going on. construction crew says they heard two shots and a lot of commotion and five more shots before the gunman ran out on the street. here is what merchants chants had to say. >> in 27 years, nothing like this has ever happened. people who walk in have appointment by the store owners. nobody can just walk in. they took pretty good check. they called the store. is this your guest? >> because of chaos, locking the doors and making sure people would stay inside. because we didn't know the
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person that was shooting was still around. >> ama: here is where the shooting happened at gift center at jewelry mart and brannon street. it's still closed. police aren't saying whether the this was a robbery attempt or perhaps a personal dispute. sky7hd took these pictures of san francisco international airport. runway that has been shut down since the crash last saturday has reopened. a southwest plane among the first to touchdown. a third victim critically injured at sfo has died. doctors say the young girl from china died this morning. san francisco police department is confirming that one of the victims was run over by a fire truck responding to the crash. >> san francisco list said 16-year-old was run over by an emergency vehicle following saturday's plane
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crash. >> it's confirmed that the fire truck went over the victim at least one time. >> ground was completely covered in fire retardant. the 16-year-old was discovered when firefighters tried to reposition the truck. >> you can imagine, when you drive around and your tracks that is how the victim was discovered. >> i was not aware they were going to make that statement today. >> the acknowledgement caught the coroner by surprise. he refused to say if there were tire marks on the body but the chinese consulate said the parents were told by the coroner their daughter was struck by the truck. they have examined the body and yet to reveal the cause of death. actual plane crash or being run over by the truck but there are ways of knowing if vital organs were damaged before or after she was hit by the truck. >> we determined whether
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those, prior to death. >> if she was already dead there would be no bleeding from the injuries sustained by the fire truck. >> on examining the body is one way of determining the cause, process involves interviewing witnesses and looking over police reports to make sure that all the pieces add up. now, the coroner may tell us more sometime next week. overnight "abc 7 news" crew got an exclusive video that appeared to be a fireafterg up wreckage of 214. airport officials say there was no fire and heavy smoke caused by friction as they cut the fuselage into pieces. >> crews have been working around the clock to clear the debris. wayne freedman takes a look at the work. >> the last taxi was long on spectacle and
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respectfully short on ceremony. a slow trip to the holding area on the other side of the airport. fuselage, engines, other twisted metal and for anyone down wind, a sickening aroma. >> the fuel and oil and things. >> we're used to the fuel but not the burning smell. >> for few hours it sat exposed on traffic on north airport road. a tourist attraction no one wanted to see. they were working on the countered when the plane crashed. this, she said, kind of a strange bookend for her. >> when you realize what you saw, it's surreal. >> meantime, back on 28, repair work begin. it accelerated in the plane's absence. airport crowds picked up
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debris and repaired electronics and repaired deep gouges the plane left in the asphalt as it went grinding in. >> the deepest was it a inches deep, one foot by one foot. there were one scrape over hundred feet long. >> total damage in damages unknown but asiana will foot the bill just as it transforms what remains of the plane scrap metal the likes the airport has seen in many years and hopes to never see again. >> it tells you about how life is precious. >> you are looking at the remains of the airplane. until a couple of hours ago you could have seen the fence, but they just covered it up intended to keep the curious away. >> ama: new developments in the case of a missing girl from oakland.
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yesterday police arrested john webb in charges of endangerment on his daughter daphne. they would not file arges. her disappearance remains an active investigation. they have searched the local estuary and knocking on doors. >> they knocked on doors and asking for my name and asked if i had seen the girl and things like that. >> he has not been released from jail left the girl in the car while going to a store. >> reaction is pouring in after janet napolitano is stepping down. here is the story from nannette miranda. >> after a high profile career as arizona governor, u.s. attorney under
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president clinton janet napolitano is going to become university of california president. in a letter, 55-year-old democrat if confirmed i will accept the privilege of leading one of finest university systems in the country. napolitano is an unconventional pick outside the world of academics. she has a track record for tackling the toughest challenges. they want a desire for change. >> she may not have appearance of being in an ivory tower but you see how the pope is changing things in rome, it may be time to change. >> u.c. has been under fire for last few years. students rallied under the tuition that doubled. napolitano brings with her star power that is expected
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to bring in more research money. >> she'll be able to stand before the legislature without flinching and say, you know, the constitution of the state of california says the most important priority shall be the education of children through the university. >> napolitano actually has some california roots. she attended santa clara university. >> they worry about hiring outside the academic world. >> we have so many things, and structure is unique in the way we work. >> in a meeting with napolitano next week, they will discuss priorities of boosting racial diverse it and keeping tuition affordable and admitting more students. >> still ahead at 9:00, the possibility of another
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crippling bart strike. we'll bring you up to speed. a new challenge to same-sex marriage in california. backers of proposition 8 want the high court to stop them. >> warmer weather is coming to the bay area just for the weekend and after that, well, i'll tell you in my accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> the reviews shall in. some of the first people to
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[ female announcer ] safeway works with hundreds of local farmers because local means fresher. ♪ bay area commuters are holding their breath to see if bart and union can avoid a strike. laura anthony explains, pickets are gone and th trains are running but so are the accusations. >> negotiators for bart returned to the bargaining table this morning back in the same room for the first time in a week. it all comes after they agreed to extend the current contract for 30 days so they are iron out significant differences. so far there has been some progress on minor issues but still there a long way to go. >> union is prepared to negotiate 24 hours day between now and august 5. if we could achieve an
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agreement by tomorrow, we would. it takes two parties. >> thomas hawk will be available from 24th to 28 the. bart claims there will be plenty of time to negotiate between now and early august. avoiding another strike is of great concern for several people. >> i hope they reach an agreement? >> yeah, i hope they reach an agreement. >> bart riders and those that rely more on their cars are hoping for a speedy resolution. >> i hope it gets worked out. spending hours in the car. >> i think they have to compromise. >> progress that was made today on the issues around safety. big sticking points remain around bay and benefits. they will be back at the bargaining table on monday.
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>> ama: as of today, social security administration is accepting claims for benefits from same-sex couples but they won't be finalizewood the department of justice. it comes after supreme court overruled the defense of marriage act by the federal government. >> opponents 6 same-sex marriage have launched a new effort to stop in it california. protect marriage that sponsored prop 89 petitioned the supreme court today. they claim the supreme court didn't directly rule on it last month so the prop 8's ban on marriages is still in effect and they claim the lawsuit claimed los angeles and alameda counties. the district attorney said the citizens are left wondering when the people will realize after losing the moral struig years ago
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they have now lost this struggle, as well. >> crew america's cup issued 37 rules changes to ensure the safety of the boats. however, yesterday an international jury ruled two changes will not be enacted. those changes would affect the boat's rudders that help stabilize them. they are testing a new boat to make sure it can handle the choppy waves. artimis skipper told "abc 7 news" in his first interview since the decision, artimis is staying in the race and getting strength during each step. >> every day we achieve another thing building another boat and accomplish the structural tests and eventually put the boat in the water, every one is a win for us. artimes is not about dropping out are -- artemis
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is not about dropping out. >> the italian and new zealand teams will be on the water. official races begin in september. >> and great conditions lately. >> those waters remain choppy and through the weekend, breezier on monday and tuesday. here is a look at live doppler 7-hd. we had a little bit of rain layer but it just about disappeared. a little bit of coastal fog we had was a little shallow speck of fog and clear skies. live view around the embarcadero from rooftop camera at abc7. temperatures are beginning to drop, 65 degrees in san francisco. 58 in oakland and 60 in santa cruz. another live view, from the bay bridge, 58, santa rosa. 59, napa. 66, los gatos.
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what a beautiful view from emeryville, still a bright northwestern sky. clear skies. areas of fog overnight. it's going to come back but not prevalent at the moment. a little warmer but cooler and breezy weather next week. it's breezy already at the coast but it will get breezier. fog will push in across the bay into some inland spots. as we pull back now and give you a look at the overnight lows, uniform range of temperatures in the mid 50s not only inland but at the coast, as well. fog will start to pull away from the coast as we set our animation at 5:00 in the morning. get away from the coast or early afternoon giving us sunny skies to coast inland. it will be slightly warmer with 60s around the coast, 70s around the bay and 80s to 90s in warmest inland
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locations. south bay, skies will be sunny tomorrow. mid 70s to low 80s. peninsula, highs of 72 in san mateo. 77 in mountain view. breezy but pleasantly mild at the coast with 62, half moon bay. downtown san francisco, 66. 62 in sunset district. north bay, 78 at san rafael. 85 at calistoga. mid-90s up at clearlake and ukiah. 74, san leandro. 77 castro valley. inland east bay will be the warmest region overall with highs ranging from 87 at pleasanton. to 89 at fairfield. 92 at antioch and 93 at brentwood. accu-weather seven-day forecast, mild to warm weekend with inland highs
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both days in the low 90s. temperatures drop rather sharply on tuesday and wednesday. breezy conditions will come in stronger. then we'll start to warm up on wednesday, thursday and friday. a week of changes here and there but nothing major. up next. michael finney puts hybrids to the test to see if they deliver the fuel efficiency.
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>> ama: people to care the most about getting great gas mileage may be
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disappointed on hybrids. michael finney has the findings. >> when you are shopping for a new car, window sticker says how many gallons you can expect to get. it's an estimate tests developed by the epa. >> so when consumer reports did the tests on 215 vehicles. results from hybrids were surprising. >> hybrids tend to be very fuel efficient but far fewer miles than the window sticker claimed. >> ford hybrid, epa says it gets 47 miles per gallon but consumer reports test it was 37 miles per gallon overall. still good but about 21% less than the epa estimate. >> we think the problem is the ratings are based on outdated tests that don't reflect real world conditions. >> take highway driving. one of the tests they perform on this dynamometer
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speeds averaged 48 miles an hour. >> hybrids do well in conditions and often operate in electric mode without burning gas. >> they say highway mileage at a steady 65 miles an hour. they install a fuel meter. >> under those conditions, hybrids are constantly burning more gas. >> they say the findings and agency says it's considering updating the test. >> ford says that the hybrid customers report a range of cures reinforcing that driving conditions and other factors can cause mileage to vary. >> ama: engineers have brought to life a dream
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since leonardo divinchi. human powered helicopter. it earned them a prize $250,000. the helicopter has to maintain an altitude nine feet for 60 seconds while inside a square. they hit the mark and helicopter has four lotors. >> it is in their hands. they are deciding the fate of george zimmerman after a showdown in court. edward snowden makes an appearance in moscow. and fruitvale station, final day in the life of oscar grant. jonathan bloom is among the
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jurors will return at 9:00 tomorrow morning to resume deciding the fate of george zimmerman. he is charged with the killing of trayvon martin but the jury can also consider manslaughter. >> tonight, zimmerman's fate is in the hands of a jury. six female jurors, five of them white, all of them one but mothers, last word in the trial was from the prosecution. >> to the living, we owe respect. but to the dead, we owe the truth. >> he mesmerized the jury. and whispering. >> not being able to ask martin to step forward stow i can put my hand on his shoulder. >> casting this as an
9:32 pm
historic choice. >> your verdict is not going to change the past. it will forever define it. >> telling them zimmerman's claim of self-defense is lie and responsibility for the shooting begin when he left his car and started following trayvon martin. >> this case is not about standing your ground, it's about staying in your car. >> zimmerman's attorney started his close buying introducing george zimmerman. other than that moment, zimmerman sat during the proceedings wiping his brow. omarra insisting that he murdered martin. >> do you want to take somebody's liberty. the onus so the state. >> oppressing the case against march -- pressing
9:33 pm
the case against the defense showing that he pounded his head into the pavement. >> that was sidewalk. that is not an unarmed teenager with nothing but skittles trying to get home. >> today edward snowden appeared on camera for the first time in weeks. he is the man that revealed the nsa surveillance program. he now wants to asylum in russia. >> tonight the one time american spy turned fugitive the s back. he came out today after lawmakers and human rights workers were escorted by security guards were to meet with snowden. the nsa contractor appeared gaunt and after three weeks out of public sight living somewhere in the area of the airport.
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>> u.s. constitution -- my government.... >> one person made a cellphone as he spoke. then interrefunded by an overhead passenger announcement. he went on to say, u.s. acted outside the law and made it impossible for me to travel to latin america where four countries have offered him asylum. he wanted help to get temporary asylum from russia. the obama administration wants snowden to return to the u.s. to face charges. president obama discussed the issue by phone today with russian president vladimir putin. >> six people are dead after a train killing hundreds of passengers derailed near paris. nearly 400 people were on
9:35 pm
the train when it derailed. it was traveling through the station. it did not have a scheduled stop. >> a fire on an airlines 787 dreamliner closed both runways at heathrow airport today. there were no passengers on the plane at the time. after the incident, boeing which makes the plane the stock dropped 35%. >> after trading in the web up, dow jones turned up. 3-point gain but that was enough to hit an all time high. the owners of hulalu have decided not to sell the company after all. they were taking bids as recently as last week but they came in too low. 4. >> it's back and twinkie went back on sale three days before the rest of the
9:36 pm
country at walmart. the company that made them at the time went bankrupt. today the long-awaited film about the shooting death of oscar grant opened in three bay area theaters. it depicts his life on the day of his death at the hands of bart police officer. jonathan bloom explains, the film was shot in oakland and very emotional reaction from people watching it. >> it's based on a tragic true story that set the city of oakland into upheaval. now grand lake theater is one of three in the bay area to show the film "fruitvale station." >> its short movie, an hour and a half but it packs a punch. >> it was just, speechless. people are like crying in the movie theater. >> for many, the story of a
9:37 pm
struggling young father that finds himself at the wrong end of a police officer's gun. >> few years ago one of my friends got shot and killed by the cops and was in the hospital. >> it was most powerful movie i've ever seen. >> it made for sold out shows. movie used real locations right here in oakland. >> it had a authentic feel. i grew up here. this is my home. i really love this place. i thought it captured really well. >> it reenacted the death in the spot where it happened. >> the mood on the set was
9:38 pm
somber at most times. we were feeling sad and reliving the whole thing but now seeing on the big screen that all the hard work paid off. >> ama: new push for gender equality. what women are doing. plus.... >> that is not an earthquake. what shook up
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for over 60,000 california foster children, having necessary school supplies can mean the difference between success and failure. the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need. new school, new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies
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for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. three people are hospitalized and two critically after a massive explosion at texas home. it's in corpus christi,
9:42 pm
texas. it happened eag. one bystander is calling a hero for rescuing residents. >> we saw the smoke and fire and jumped the fence and we heard help, help. >> mike was on the scene before the fire department arrived. once inside he begin rescuing people bringing them to safety. >> we heard a bunch of screams. there was a mom and dad and little girl and found them and found another man laying in the middle of fire. he drug him out of the fire but it is burning and kept coming close to us. it wasn't like running into a house. it was like running into a nails and fire. you picture running into a house and bust in the door, there is no house there. no roof, all the boards and everything. it looked like an implosion from the house like a cardboard box. flattened and wood and nails and puncture holes in
9:43 pm
my feet. >> that explosion destroyed the house and next-door. damaging several homes nearby, as many as 50 people are living and it was heard on a local newscast. >> it's july 12th. wow! >> studio had a little bit of a ruckus. jrk. >> tv station was five blocks from the blast site. >> a frightening running of bulls. one of the animals charged a man and tossed him to ground as they tried to pull the bull away. he was dragged to safety. two americans were injured. one man is 20-year-old college student was gored. his spleen was punctured. three other people were taken to local hospitals.
9:44 pm
>> top women cyclists are pushing to be included in the tour de france. maryanne is called the finest rider of her generation. she and another rider have launched an online petition urging to let women participate in the race. they say road cycling is one of the worst offenders in gender inequality. it's about time women are allowed to race in the tour de france. up next, with a purpose. norman attempts a world record and see if he did it. plus, how do you top this
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it remains unclear when the eastern span of bridge will reopen. they started paving the suspension span on the newly built eastern span. they are using two layers of thick specialized asphalt. a highly durable material. >> it should last the lifetime of the bridge which is 150 years. >> there will be routine maintenance, but as i heard someone say, it should outlast us all. >> major dust storm swept through the phoenix area. there is extremely dry conditions that kick up massive amounts of dust. situation temporarily
9:49 pm
stopped flights and created traffic problems. >> things are comparatively calm in the bay area. mainly clear skies and thin layer of coastal fog. statewide tomorrow, sunny skies and very warm to hot conditions in many locations. high temperatures in the mid-90s at sacramento and yosemite. a mild 79 in los angeles. cooler 66 in monterey. here in the bay area, sunny skies tomorrow from coast to inland with high temperatures in the 60s on the coast. 70s around the bay and upper 90s in the warmest spots. seven-day forecast, i will the be a nice warm weekend with most days with highs in the 90s. cool down sharp sharply on monday and tuesday with breezy and cool conditions. we'll warm up and by next thursday and friday, back in the 90s again. >> tomorrow a scooter riding dog, take a look.
9:50 pm
norman is a three-year-old sheep dog in georgia who loves riding his scooter. today he scooted for hundred feet making him the fastest scooter riding dog. norman, he can also ride a bike. load dirty dishes in the dishwasher and open the refrigerator. that is insane. >> what happens when you pair basketball with rhythmic gymnastics. take a look. a woman makes a phenomenal -- are you kidding me. cartwheeling the ball into the hoop. here it is again in slow motion. and amazing sports move, you may remember this baseball video from south
9:51 pm
korea. a woman lifting herself around and then throwing a strike. the crowd and players are awed. >> what is that? let's go real quick. most impressive. norman? >> i think maybe the basketball one. because the ball went off her foot. >> spencer? >> i would have to go with norman. >> really? >> i am going norman. chunks of the sportscast norman is compelling. and cruise to the end. and a's are hosting the best team in the league as we give you pedestrian highlights now.
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at eighth where a man attacked three people. latest on the investigation, two people were killed. lab results where experts found in meat balls that sickened san francisco dogs. join us at "abc 7 news" at 11:00. larry beil is here with the sports. >> a's versus red sox, measuring stick, hosting the best record. home plate umpire gets hit in the head with a pitch. he was shaken up. runners and second and third. this one off of jared paer and 2-0. here a dive and double play. here it comes, there it goes. jeff lowery a towering shot of off of john lacky. ties it at 2.
9:56 pm
but then he retired 16 in a row. allows two runs but the bullpen does not come through. in the eighth, again all the highlights, two-run single off the brian cook, 4-2 red sox now in the eighth. you think it's a home game. chase headly, doubles and i don't know how the ball got past him. but it scores one from first. and getting in the way of brandon crawford and calls it foul even though it was a fair ball. come on! pablo sandoval breaks the 1-1 tie. 2-1 giants and score three more in the sixth. buster posey brings in two more. right now the giants leading the padres, 7-1 the seventh. >> make over warriors style
9:57 pm
signing a power forward today. he signed a three-year $11 million deal. 25-year-old is going to fill the void by carl landry. >> that is all you want to do. a great team like this. great organization and great coaching and great guys. >> and monta ellis, he is taking a pay cut. he opted out the final year with the bucs that would have paid him $11 million. he averaged 19 points per game. and tour did i france, 107 miles, mostly flat. mark gets revenge, 25th career stage win ties.
9:58 pm
from retains the yellow jersey ahead by two minutes. >> seven players retired after the u.s. open championship, one man broke away. michael an birdied five of the first nine holes. finished with a 7 under 63. one shy of the lowest round ever at u.s. senior open. eagle putt on 14. a leader by 5. second round of the scottish open. check out phil mickelson here. somehow got it to the green. set up a birdie. 8 under for the tournament. peter trails by just a shot after a six under par 66 as they they had into the weekend. this is an amazing golf story. this is lucy lee she is
9:59 pm
from redwood shores five other 57 to advance to the usga women's amateur that stakes place in south carolina. the club is almost bigger than she is. she is already striking the ball like a pro. she is ten years old! >> that is remarkable. >> her form is perfect. that is phenomenal. >> can you imagine what she is going to be at 11. [ laughter ] >> thank you so much for joins us. i'm ama daetz. for all of us here at "abc 7 news" at 9:00. thank you so much for watching. "abc 7 news" continues online on twitter, facebook and on your mobile devices with our new news app. we will see you at 11:00 over on 7.
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