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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 13, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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the look at how business continues a day after a violent attack in a san francisco shopping district. >> what caused a train clippings -- train collision that sent 189 people to the hospital. >> abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> one day after a double murder and the police shutdown of a popular san francisco shop district store owners were back with tighter security. good eek, i'm ama daetz.
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yesterday two people were killed, another injured, at the jewelry mart. john alston is live outside the store. reporter: the jewelry mart is closed today. normally handles wholesale business monday through friday but we saw tenants coming book into the building to get to their businesses because they were hustled out of the building after yesterday. there are security guards at the entrances, making sure no one from the public can wander inside. we met one sell very dealer who says he was quarintined while the police were trying to figure out what happened. he showed up today. >> they had to have security guards escort me to my showroom. >> what did you see in the
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building? >> it was all empty. not that many people working today. but yesterday i had to leave early so i hat to come -- had to come and get my stuff together today and work. >> police and the medical examiner have not released the name of the two women who were killed in the jewelry store. one shot, the other stabbed. the accused killer covered in blood, ran to a restaurant next door and opened fire on officers, according to police. he then surrendered. police have not released his name, nor a motive in the case. one other man was injured in this attack. he suffered both gunshot and stab wounds, and was taken to the hospital. live in san francisco, john alston, abc7 news. >> ama: a muni train crash today injured 19 people and blocked the light rail line for four hours. sergio quintana is live to tell us what led to this.
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reporter: the t-line connecting the bayview district to downtown is always pretty busy, and this afternoon when this collision happened there were a lot of paille board the train. investigators tell us a white van was driving alongside the muni train on third street, heading downtown, when it reached this intersection at evans and third, the driver of the van tried to make a left turn in front of the train, and collided with it. emergency crews arrived to fine a trainload of passenger ares who were shocked and several clearly injuried. 19 passengers were loaded on gurneys and rushed to hospitals and we're told the passengers suffered minor to moderate injuries. passengers aboard a train tell us people on the left-hand side suffered the brunt of the impact because that's where the van made contact. >> i was super scared. i was really scared. i didn't know what it was. i just seep it coming in, had
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cover up my baby. >> the white van made an illegal left turn and contact was made. as a result of that the white van made contact with the signal post, which knocked out a window in the train. reporter: about an hour and a half ago the train was hauled off and at the tracks were cleared and t-line service has been restored. and you can see the crews are working on the traffic signal that was knock down in the crash. you can see the truck, the work truck, is on one of the rails, so people who use the t-line should expect continued delays here for at least the next couple of hours as these workers finish up their work. reporting live, sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> ama: 31 students and teachers who survived the crash at sfo are now back in china. they were in the u.s. to attend a summer camp when the plane crashed a week ago. this is the photo of them boarding a bus in beijing to take them back their home town. three teens were killed in the
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plane crash. tonight the victims are being remembered at a special buddhist memorial within sight of the crash site. tomas roman is live. reporter: the parents of the two young women who died in the crash are staying here behind me at the crowne plaza hotel. an organizes of the vigil say they were honored when the parents came and joined them in their prayers. the planes landing in the background at sfo a mile away. the buddhist group held a vigil for those who died or injured when flight 214 crashed last week. sitting together among the more than 100 people gathered were the parents of the two young women who died in the crash. the patients -- parents spoke through a friend. >> according to translator, the parents thanked everyone for their support and prayers. they say they now don't feel so
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alone here in the u.s. a third passenger died. 17-year-old liu yiping died friday. the organizer of this vigil says the ceremony will help the healing. >> i think it's very, very important that we show our spiritual support, show our love and our care, to the people who are either surviving this event or people who fortunately passed away -- unfortunately passed away. some who came to the vigil were just passing buy and asked by volunteers to attend. >> feel honored to be invited to this. the most beautiful ceremony i've ever been to. >> the ntsb hopes to hold an investigative hearing into the crash in the next 12 to 18 months in burlingame, abc7 news. >> ama: for any developing updates on the crash you can
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follow us on our twitter feed. >> the search continues in oakland for a missing 21-month-old girl. davino webb was last seen wednesday morning. her dad said she was taken from his car when he was in a convince store. he was released from jail after authoritied decided not to charge him with child endangerment. witnesses reported seeing a woman walking with a little girl matching daphne's description wednesday more. >> hundreds hundreds of people are rallying out outside of the prison, the prisonersed are protesting conditions for prisoners. corrections officials say more than 12,000 prisoners in 24 facilities skipped nine consecutive meals. >> still ahead at 6:00.
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a look at what caused a fiery crash and led to a toxic cleanup going on right now in southern california. >> plus, how a lunchtime dare sent nearly two dozen california kids to the hospital. >> how the face of downtown berkeley will drastically change over the next few years. >> leigh: i'm leigh glaser. the this afternoon, a lot of 80s and low 9 highs across the bay area. looks like things will cool down a bit. ñáçwçñeek i'll tell you which
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the 40s 30s the 20. >> the look of berkeley is about to change as construction goes forward on an apartment building. a group fighting the project chose not to appeal it. they were worried the building would replace low-income housing and cause parking problems and change the skyline. the developer plans to move the low-income units units to a new location. >> a big day for sailing on san francisco bay.
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emerit team of new zealand won by more than a five minutes. analysts pointed out enemy ritz trapped luna rosa before the race started. this marked the first time two boats actually raced each other in the louis vuitton cup series, the winner will challenge oracle for the america's cup in september. >> a decision on the george zimmerman murder trial could be coming soon. why jurors broke from their del briggs to ask the judge a question. >> expect a few weather twists and turns this week. meteorologist leigh glaser has the forecast next. >> later in sports, why barry bonds is looking over his shoulder and we would be calling him wondo the terrific. the quake star,
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jurors continue to deliberate in the murder trial of george zimmerman. today the jury asked the judge to clarify details.the manslaughter charges. zimmerman is charged with shooting trayvon martin last year. zimmerman claims he shot the unarmed 17-year-old in
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self-defense. the jury also ordered dinner, suggesting the panel of six women is prepared to work late into the evening. jurors can consider both second degree murder and manslaughter. >> drivers have faced major tee lays in los angeles today after a gas tanker fire. the truck overturned and its payload caught fire in a tunnel that links state route 2 to i-5. spilled gasoline ran off into the storm drains and the los angeles river. nobody was hurt. the wreck snarled traffic near the dodger stadium and the l.a. cy. >> officials in san diego say 22 elementary school students got sick because of a dare. during lunch this week, several fourth grade students, on a dare, tried to see how many food items could be put into milk or juice, then they drank it. family members were called when some of the kids got sick. >> they're telling me it's okay, she threw up and went to the
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restroom, but i'm scared. there's food poisoning that can kill children. >> among the food items, carrots, salt, pepper, hot sauce. youngsters from kindergarten through seventh grade were affected 18 students taken to the hospital and released. it's time to get a check on the weather. a warm weekend we're having, leigh. >> leigh: we certainly are. after a couple of days withlow clouds and fog, very strong winds, but most of the dense overcast pushed off the cost, similar to today, and nice sunshine inland. raised temperatures up from eight to nine degrees, and you can already see a little eddie right here, little coors clockwise spin and -- little spin and that's going to move back inland overnight. here's a look at some of the strong winds, gusts to 28 at oakland. 14, san carlos. novato, brief northwest wind at
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10, and 15 miles-per-hour win gusts in livermore. highs today, warming in the inland locations, 90s. 892, farfield, 89 today in cloverdale. san rafael, 77. 69 in san francisco. 82, san jose. you can see fro from the sutro cam the fog moving over san francisco. san francisco, 67. 77, san jose. the mt. tam cam looking down on richardson bay, there's the arm of fog making its way through the gate. santa rosa, 75. 88, fair mealed. novato, 81. nice shot. blue sky. still over the embarcadero in san francisco. the forecast highlights, low clouds and fog. you can see near the coast will move further inland tonight. a little change in the forecast for sunday. so make those outdoor plans and then does cool down.
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the breezes will pick up monday and tuesday. lows tonight, the fog moves in through the gap. towards the delta. temperatures inland, near 60. and temperatures mid-to-low 50s right near the beaches. here's the setup high pressure bringing us the return of summertime heat. it stays in place for one more day, so expect sunshine. we'll keep the clouds near the coast. on monday, a coolerrary mass will start to move inland and that's going to cool things down as much as ten degrees in some locations. so enjoy the 90s tomorrow because next week is in the low 80s to near the 70s. by 1:00 most of the fog should burn back to the coast. look for 60s there. inland, warm afternoon sunday afternoon in your interior east bay locations and here's a look at highs for you. san jose, 81. 85, los gatos. peninsula, mid-to-upper 70s.
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san francisco, 66. north bay, much like today, low 80s for novato. 82, calistoga. napa, 81. berkeley, 70. and oakland, 72, and some low 90s heading east towards brentwood. the accuweather seven-day forecast. one more terrific day tomorrow and then the cooler air mass takes hold. the coolest day next week will be on tuesday. temperatures low 80s inland, 60s at the coast and warm things up next weekend. follow at live doppler 7hd on twitter and get video forecasts, "spare the air" alerts, power outages information and weather tweets. >> if you like the heat, you get a couple days. if you don't, things cool down. >> yeah.
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>> ama: shu is off but colin is in. >> the warriors, feels like the season just ended and we're talk about them again. a taste of life as a prosch what the nba summer leagues are about. that's why they can make for sloppy, inefficient game but the warriors were playoff team this year. in las vegas. that's jerry west looking on. draymond green dropping a three to start the game. he had 15. shadow suiting up for the warriors. bazemoore, the best player on the court. washington's glen rice, jr., his dad was a heck of a player. got respect his range. duane jones, for golden state. the warriors shoot just 25%. 56-52 the final. the lowest combined points in
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vegas summer league history. >> in 394 career starts in the pga tour olympic club member michael allen never won in his first champions tour e 2009, he claimed victory at the senior pga championship. allen, seeking a second major this weekend in omaha. a five stroke lead heading into the third round today. back-to-back birdies on 13 and 14, but after a 63 yesterday, 72 today, long par putt on 18 lips out, he is at minus-8. his lead down to two strokes heading into the final round. that's jeff bray. at minus-1. fred funk, tied for second with kenny perry. bringing the funk on 18. two bam of allen at minus 6. the pga tour's john deere classic. stanford junior patrick rogers on fire. a 30 on the front nine. then birdie two of his fliers holes on the back. he was 5-under today.
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would finish at minus-12. daniel summerheys. inverness, scotland, a rather large residence. not a hotel. phil mickelson has just one career victory on the other side of the atlantic, he is in position for a second at the scottish open. birdies 18. lefty, tied for second at 14-under. two back of henrik stenson. the british open next week at muirfield. >> buck shaw stadium tonight the earthquakes host set without chris wondolowski. he is in the midst of a scoring rampage for the's national team. five goals in two games. our friends from univision on the call. [speaking in foreign language]
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goooooooooooooooooooool! >> in case you didn't get it. wondo, five of team u.s.a.'s ten goals. >> stage 14 of the tour de france, which ends next sunday. 12-man sprint to the finish. trenton with his first career stage win. chris froom retains the lead. >> division leaders oakland, and boston, getting ready for game two of a three-game set as we speed. jed lowrie with the seven hmm home run of the season. been a great acquisition. playing sold at short. we asked him a question, he tells it like it is. >> you have to find ways to win. a low-scoring game, play better defense and get a hit. high-scoring game, coin to hit. there's no secret formula. just win. >> the orioles, chris davis is
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in rare company. he went deep for there'd straight day. number 36 against the blue jays. now one behind reggie jackson for the all-star break. this sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> thank you so much. up next on abc7 news at 6:00. how a man risks his life to
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be sure to join my tonight at 9:00. we'll tell you why drilling four gas and oil could be dangerous beyond the standard health hazards. then at 11:00, the royal baby watch. waiting for the birth and how will and kate's newborn means big bucks for great britain. >> a virginia man is the talk of his neighborhood after a water rescue this week. the street flooded over during heavy rain. leon bailey was driving when he saw a fawn get swept past him in a rush of water. he hundreded another of his car, dove in and grabbed the little
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deal, pulled it to safety on dry gowned. the water flooded his car. it's a total loss. the deer voice live alive and well. it will soon be introduced to a new herd and a new mother soon. bailey says it was worth losing his car to save an innocent life. wow, that is quite courageous. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news at 6:00. i'm ama daetz. for leigh glaser, and colin rush, mike shumann is off. thank you for joining us. and abc7 news continues now online, on twitter, facebook, and allure mobile devices with our new abc7 news app. have a great one.
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