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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 13, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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part of interstate 580 in oakland, police say there has been a shooting on in oakland. all eastbound lanes between 13th street and seminary lane. you are taking a live look. you can see the flashing lights of police there and cars slowly getting by around them. we will have details of what happened tonight at 11:00. for updates follow us on
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twitter at "abc 7 news" bay area. >> verdict, we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> our other breaking news the man who killed unarmed teenager trayvon martin is now a free man. an all women jury found george zimmerman not guilty of second degree murder. good evening, i'm ama daetz. now, in a florida's courtroom for the decision. >> in the circuit court of 18th judicial circuit. >> state of florida versus george zimmerman, verdict, we the jury found george zimmerman not guilty. >> the jury returning their verdict finding the 29-year-old not guilty of both manslaughter and second degree murder. indicating that he killed trayvon martin in self-defense. that his claim that martin attacked him. >> sharp to the nose.
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>> he slammed his head on to the concrete leaving the no choice but to shoot. >> that is not an unarmed teenager with nothing but skittles trying to get home. >> prosecution firing back. given one hour to rebut and try to convince the jury one last time that zimmerman targeted martin and that he is guilty. >> defendant didn't shoot trayvon martin because he had to. he shot him because he wanted to. that is the bottom line. >> the jury didn't buy it. george zimmerman avoided the potential of life in prison now heading home. >> ama: tonight at 11:00 we'll take a look at the protests sparked by the zwirgs decision including one in san francisco. >> 31 students and teachers who survived the crash at sfo are now back in china.
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they were in the u.s. to attend a summer camp when a plane collided with a seawall a week ago. 13 people remain in hospital. three teens were killed in that plane crash. tomas ramon takes us inside a special memorial for the victims. >> the plane landing about a mile away, buddhist group threw very a a vigil when the flight crashed last week. sitting among the people gathered here at burlingame with paints of three young women who died in the crash. parents could not hold back their tears spoke through a friend. according to a translator the parents thanked everyone for their support and prayers. they don't feel so alone here in the u.s., but another passenger has died friday at san francisco general hospital where she had been since last week's
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crash. the organizer of this vigil says the ceremony will help the healing. >> i think it's very important that we show our support. we show our love and our care to the people who are either suffering from these events or unfortunately pass we'd. >> to show compassion for those who died and those that are still suffering. some were just passing by and asked by volunteers to attend. >> i felt honored to be invited to this. >> an investigative hearing will be finished in the next 12-18 months. >> ama: you can follow us on twitter feed. a muni train crash injured 19 people in san
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francisco and blocked the kt light rail line for hours. investigators say a van driving along the side of the muni train made a illegal left turn in front of it. 19 people suffered minor to moderate injuries. >> i don't know what it was. i saw it come in and had to cover up my baby. >> the white van made an illegal turn and that is when contract was made. white van made contact with a signal post that knocked out window on the train. san francisco police are trying to figure out what led to a deadly shooting and stabbing in popular jewelry district. two women were killed and man was injured at jewelry mart on brannon street. the male victim remains in the hospital tonight in critical condition. when police arrived the suspect who was out on the street fired at them.
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police were unarmed. the suspect eventually surrendered apparently after running out of a.m. go anything. today the complex was open for business. they escorted owners and shoppers into the building. they commented today on the violence. >> i don't think it's good for business or anything around here. i think it's a random act of violence. >> the suspect has been identified as barry white. he is 23-year-old antioch resident and faces two counts of murder and seven counts of attempted murder. >> search continues today in oakland for a missing 21 month old girl. she was last seen yesterday morning. anthony webb was released from jail after authorities decided not to charge him with child endangerment. witnesses report seeing a woman fitting the description in the morning.
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>> still ahead, a look what caused a fiery crash and led to a toxic cleanup in southern california. >> plus, how a life a time dare sent two dozen kids to the hospital. and how the face of downtown berkeley will drastically change over the next few years. >> its horrific saturday and better saturday night, low clouds and fog
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>> ama: thousands of california inmates are getting support from the outside. hundreds of people are rallying outside the state prison in the central valley. they are protesting conditions for gang members
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held in solitary confinement at pell can bay. they have skipped nine consecutive meals making it an extended hunger strike. the number is down to 7600. the look of downtown sbleshg about to change as construction as largest apartment building will go forward. it will be 205-unit building bolted universit avenue over the years. group fighting the project chose not to appeal it. they were worried that it would replace low income house and change the skyline. developer plans to help move the low income units to a new location. it will also ahead 30,000 feet of commercial space. >> coming up at 9:00, we'll tell you why drilling for gas and oil could be dangerous beyond the standard health hazards. and expect a few twists and turns this week. leigh glaser navigates us
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through the forecast next. >> and tim lincecum with a no-hitter and in oakland, a's cepedede
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officials in san diego say 22 elementary school students got sick because of a dare. earlier this week, several fourth grade students on a dare tried to see how many food items could be put into milk or juice and drank it. family members were called when some of the members got sick. >> they are saying she is
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okay and threw up, but i'm scared because food poisoning that will kill chin. >> among the food items put in, salt, pepper and hot sauce. kids were effected. 18 students were taken to the hospital and released. new research suggests large earthquakes are triggering smaller quakes near waste fluid injection well. it's a vertical pipe thousands of feet deep in the ground. it's used by the gas and oil industry for disposal of drilling waste and fluids. scientists studied injection wells in oklahoma, western texas and southern colorado. mid-sized earthquakes were recorded in injection wells and big quakes in japan. they say this triggering effect is an indication the area is critically stressed and the fluids pumped down these injection wells could
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be driving fault lines in the ground to a tipping point. >> the first really race of this year's america's cup got way. new zealand beat italy by five minutes. that is lot. spectators were surprised that there wasn't a big crowd. >> it's a little skinny. you know, don't know why. yeah, we're surprised. we made it over here in 30 minutes. here we are. yeah. >> the actual america's cup on hand for fans to get their picture with. the winner will face defending champ larry ellison u.s.a. for the cup. it was a nice day outside. >> it was nice. right near the water's edge in wind breakers. wind was up on the bay this afternoon. tonight we are seeing kind of mixed bag out there. low clouds trying to
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organize. live doppler 7-hd shows you right near the coast. they have been sitting there off and on all day long. we had an eddy that kept them right there near the golden gate bridge. things are thinning out a little bit and we develop overnight. highs today, low 90s inland and antioch checked in at 92 degrees. compare that to san francisco. 69. we had 83 in santa rosa. redwood city, 78 and 82 was the high in san jose. roof cam looking at a little bit of low overcast drifting over downtown san francisco. san francisco, 56 and mild in san jose at 67. half moon bay, 55 degrees. emeryville cam, beautiful bay bridge and santa rosa, 58 and 70 in fairfield. novato, 57 and los gatos, 66 degrees. this is sutro cam.
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you can see some of it is blacked out and low clouds are starting to move in over the avenues there. forecast highlights will be low clouds and fog overnight. little temperature change for sunday afternoon and big cooldown as we get into monday and tuesday. lows tonight as the fog moves in generally in the 50s and culprit that has been bringing this delightful weather this past couple of days is building high pressure ridge keeping the storm track to the north of us. it stays in place for one more day. expect morning overcast and keep clouds right near the coast. that is for tomorrow as we get into monday and tuesday low pressure to the north and west is going build down and bring cooler air across the bay area. cool down definitely monday. next week the coolest day will be on tuesday. low clouds and fog starting to move inland by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. a lot of north bay valley
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areas socked in but late in the day it should start to peel back off the coast. highs for sunday, 81 for san jose. milpitas, 78. mid to upper 70s for much of the peninsula. we'll keep it breezy with low clouds near half moon bay. 62. 66 for downtown san francisco. in the north bay, cloverdale, we're going to warm locations at 87 degrees. check out clearlake and closer you most of toward the bay, 78 for san rafael. look for oakland, 72. 74 for hayward and up and over the east bay hills, temperatures climb up into the low 90s. 91 for brentwood. 89 for pittsburg and 88 for concord. here is a look ahead. seven-day forecast, coolest day will start to cool down on monday and tuesday. tuesday being the coolest day with more of the low clouds and fog. maybe mist and drizzle coastside. low 80s inland and even some upper 50s at the coast. then we reverse that trend
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and set things back up next week thursday, friday and saturday back into the 90s. >> nothing too extreme. >> thank you. >> colin is in for shu and timmy was playing pretty well tonight. >> we'll get to him. let's start with the a's. starting the season at 13-0. he suffered the first loss of the sciences to texas. oakland and boston at the coliseum. cepedes getting some home run practice and hit some bombs. in the "o" the desh sbi monday night. this wasn't going out of park because jacoby makes a diving stop. great play to rob him of a base hit. scoreless and derek norris crushes this one. will it find the "o", pretty close. 1-0 a's in the sick. this one will find the
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grass. here comes lowery and right now a's leading 3-0 in the 7th. >> here we go giants and padres, foul ball, watch the kid behind him. he throws it down. pablo sandoval, three for three. double play, tim lincecum a no-hitter through six. he strict out ten. strikes out the side in the third. we'll keep an eye on that. fourth inning, brandon belt, tenth homer of the year. 2-1 shot and right now, the giants are all over san diego, 8-0 in the seventh. rook die years are green and basmore now they are considered vets. first round pick, out with an injured ankle.
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he suffered yesterday. there is a jerry west checking out draymon, he had 15. scott, he suited up but only bucket in 11 attempts. and team high 21! best play on the court today. washington's wright, jr. his was in michigan and maim for years and charlotte. that is his kid getting it done. able to steal it late. the warriors only shoot 25% and win it but lowest combined points. 394 attempts, mike allen never one on the tour but championship tour, he is seeking a championships tour this weekend. five-stroke lead. back-to-back birdies on 13 and 14. he had a 63 yesterday. 72 today.
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misses the putt there on 18. he is at minus 8. two-shot lead. jeff is minus 1. seven off the pass, fred funk and praetd bringing the funk. >> and john deere classic, patrick rogers, look at this guy. a 30 on the front outline nine and birdied two of his first three holes on the back. outright lead and tied for 12th. he shots a nine under 26 and two up on david fern. i need to go here. inverness scotland, phil mickelson, one career vick and he in position for a second. he is tied for secondly.
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british open next week. arena football, sabercats, five touchdown passes and then he sacked the rest of the way. four touchdown grabs in the game, 48-7 at the half. san jose holds pittsburgh to 20 points. second pick of the game. the power outage in pittsburgh, they roll. soccer, eastbound earthquakes with 1-0 lead on seattle. at 11:00 we'll update you on timmy. no-hitter. >> thanks so much. stay with us
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breaking news, large protest is on mission and
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24 itself street. as you can see large group of people gathered to rally against the george zimmerman decision. zimmerman was found not guilty in the murder of unarmed teen tra von martin in florida. group says the protest is called to end racism. you see them going through the intersection there. so far we don't have any reports of any property damage or anything like that. they appear to be walking calmly but they are carrying signs. this is against the george zimmerman verdict. coming up tonight at 11:00, we do have crews across the bay with breaking updates on these protests. plus, the search for this woman accused of leaving a one-year-old child in a gas station bathroom. that is all tonight at 11:00. >> virginia man is talk of his neighborhood after a water rescue this week. a street flooded and he was a street flooded and he was driving when he saw a f
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