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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 14, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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one day after a jury found george zimmerman not guilty of murdering trayvon martin. oakland is cleaning up. today more molests kicked off in oakland and san francisco. good evening, i'm ama daetz. we do have developing news out of downtown oakland. the protest has continued near 12th street and broadway. a.c. transit is rerouting
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buses around area. rally started with several dozen people at 4:00 this afternoon. they chanted and gave speeches as the crowd grew. they marched into west oakland and they even stopped traffic at times. they say the hope of public display raised public awareness about the decision. >> it's a great injustice what happened this weekend and everybody stopped and this thinks for a second, hey, this is could have been my child. >> last night, a much different scene, a small group vandalized the downtown area. keira shows the cleanup today. >> downtown oakland is riddled with damage from last night's demonstration that turned to destruction. they showed about hundred people marching from the plaza after the verdict was read. they shattered windows and
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graffiti businesses and vandalized a police car. protestors used blocks to break the windows as customers took cover under tables. >> it was scary for everyone. everyone understands why people are so angry. there is not a lot of animosity i guess towards the people but one of the girls was pushed up against the wall. that is not okay. down the block at sears, vandals use waste to smash 30 winds and doors. it will cost more than $50,000 to replace them. >> this is three inch laminated glass which is very expensive, three-eighths. it's got a scratch resistant film that makes it almost impossible to get in. >> outside they power washed graffiti from sidewalks across downtown. >> this isn't helping at all. this is people rioting and
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reacting in a violent manner. >> despite all the damage, no arrests and no injuries. the mayor released a statement condemning the protestors that took part in the vandalism. it reads in part, sadly some of them dishonored the memory of trayvon by engaging in violent activity. this is unacceptable. many businesses closed early on sunday. employees won't be here to guard their shops but they are hopeful tonight won't be as destructive as last night. >> ama: san francisco's protests the last two days didn't have malicious destruction. it shows the crowd moving through the city. they did block traffic at time. organizers organized it immediately after the verdict. at this event there are a lot of young people who say they are shocked by the verdict and want to have their voices heard. >> it's not fair. it's not like, that someone
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can go out and kill somebody and not get in trouble for it. >> were you surprised by the verdict? >> yeah, that is why i'm out here. >> other molests across the nation has been more confrontational. in new york city several people have been arrested. in los angeles at least one man was arrested after a group blocked interstate 10. >> a well known bay area blues musician was attacked on stage after he dedicated a song to trayvon martin. lester chambers is known for his work as chambers brothers. he played at festival in hayward. and ran to odisagreed with thought stage. she hospitalized him and he is with a taken to the hospital for treatment.
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>> i six to to eight feet in the air and on the equipment. >> police and security guards arrested the woman. she was charged with battery but was released from custody. the justice department is still trying to determine whether federal prosecutors will file murder charges against zimmerman now that the state indicates is done. feds opened an investigation into the trayvon martin killing but allowed the prosecution to move forward. they used a civil rights law who have been acquitted in state cases. >> the family is relieved. speaking on cnn, older brother said the ordeal has been deeply emotion for the families but they hope george can move on with his life. >> freedom is a new concept to him. he is free to move about and do whatever he pleases.
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>> despite his younger brother being a free man, george zimmerman needs to keep a low profile and keep to himself. if you want to follow the department of justice investigation or the protest find updates on our twitter feed. >> still to come on "abc 7 news." authorities where they searched for a 21 month old. and what edward snowden that has with him that is very specific and potentially damage together u.s. government. and a million dollar powerball winner in the bay area. winning numbers and where the ticket was purchased. >> i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. temperatures dropped a few degrees. more cooling expected this more cooling expected this up coming workweek. [ male announcer ] at montrose pet hospital,
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search for a missing toddler in oakland. search and rescue teams from several counties are looking for daphne web. they are looking near her home. she has been missing since wednesday morning. officials are leaving no stone unturned. >> we're in this area and this is an area where the father was known to walk with the daughter. right now we are still looking in the search trying to locate her. >> he says he left her in a car to go in store. a woman was seen walking away with her. >> some of the people that were on flight 214 are back in china tonight. a trip to bay area summer camp to be exposed to english turned into a nightmare. they saluted the survivors and welcome back safely. group was also touched by a personal sadness, three
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classmates died in the crash. restaurant owners will have their say about a proposed sigh row foam ban in san jose. they will host a second meeting for restaurant owners. meeting will provide information about alternatives food containers. earlier this year the city council approved a draft ordinance that will slowly phase in the ban next january. >> coming up, a look how much book sales have surged one day after harry potter jk rowling says she used an alias to write the book. and if you like it hot, you are in luck. >> and padres manager said his team was mad by getting no hit by tim lincecum so they took it on zito today. josh dona
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>> ama: journalist that first reported the nsa leak by edward snowden says he possesses dangerous information about the u.s. government. the guardian journalist who first wrote the story says he had thousands of documents how the nsa is built. journalist doesn't think they have risk to national security but it could be harmful to the u.s. government's reputation. jk rowling the author of harry potter reveals she is writing new genre of literature. she did her last one under
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the name of robert galbraith. she wanted to publish a book without all the hype and fans from her fans. it went from 4,700 to amazon number 3 best-seller. >> new millionaire somewhere in the bay area. someone matched five of the six numbers. winning ticket was sold at cable car wine and spirit grocery on clement street in san francisco. see if you are winner. winning numbers are on the screen. ticket sold in san francisco is worth $2.6 million. and new zealand was the big winner during the america cup challenger series. we caught some of the action on our explore to
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forium camera. artimes is still trying to get their second boat ready for the competition. winner of the cup will challenge oracle for the cup in september. >> 39-year-old california man is one of nearly two dozen people who were hurt in the annual running of the bulls in spain. he suffered non life-threatening injuries. 23 others were badly hurt including a ohio man who was gored by a bull. a 20-year-old utah college student was also gored and sewtd to the hospital. it attracts thousands of runers from around the world. leigh glaser is here with the forecast, couple cool days before it heats up. >> you are absolutely right. temperatures are really going to start to go up and especially by mid weekly. we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast in just a bit. live doppler 7-hd. you may have noticed all
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the low clouds and fog that were definitely moving inland late this afternoon. that is because we had a stronger onshore wind component. live doppler, fog bank is already up and over the golden gate bridge heading up to angel island, oakland and as far south as hayward and overcast, as well. that could slow down air trav tomorrow morning. winds have been a problem as well this afternoon. we have gusts at 16. 21 at fairfield. wind speeds are coming down in the last couple of hours so that is good news. it will be a bit breezy from time to time overnight. we dropped off as i mentioned, 61 in san francisco. 77 today in santa rosa. oakland reached 67 degrees. antioch was quite mild to warm, 94.
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88 in livermore. nice shot from coit tower, rooftop camera, you can see the overcast and fog drifting by from time to time. san francisco, 56 degrees. san jose, you are seeing 63. it's 54 in half moon bay. santa cruz, 61 degrees. emeryville, the fog is sitting over the bay here. that is what is going to move inland. santa rosa already 54. 65 in fairfield. livermore, 66. novato, 54 degrees. here is a look at our forecast highlights will this is richardson bay and white line, that is where that arm of fog is and continues to move in inland locations and will push inland overnight tonight. breezy and much cooler for your monday and tuesday. then get ready for nice warm part of the week.
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upper 40s in some spots but mid to low 50s. high pressure pretty much brought us a really nice weekend. it is being pushed to the south and cooler parcel of air is going to slide to the south. stronger onshore winds. you pretty much get the story. breezy and cooler on monday right through tuesday. and this is the forecast model shapes up. fog bank will move out towards the delta. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. then it will slowly creep back to just near the coast. we'll look at 50s coastside to just a few low 80s in interior east bay locations. wind is going to keep temperatures down tomorrow. here is a look at highs. los gatos, 79. 58, half moon bay. 74, palo alto. san francisco morning overcast, it will be breezy 53 degrees. north bay, 74 for petaluma.
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oakland tomorrow will be 68 degrees. fremont, 74. cooler day for you in antioch tomorrow. 83 and 82 for pittsburg. seven-day forecast, tuesday will be the coolest day and warm things back into the 90s thursday and friday. >> colin is in for shu and sports is wrapping up the series with the red sox. >> you are team to be reckoned with. anderson's tweet, that is what an all-star third baseman does. anderson referring to josh donaldson and heroics. he is not an all-star. brandon, coco crisp caught looking. a's and granted headed to the all-star game. he got the start. allowed two runs and joni goals. grounder from coco too much
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speed. no-hitter, two batters later, josh donaldson, number 16. two-run shot, game tied at 2. gomes tried to call time and then a swing and miss and argues and we go to extras with donaldson completing it in the 11th. chris scores from second. a's now 17 games over .3500. they take a two-game lead heading into the all-star race. >> we're having a little bit of tough luck. on but to be able to come out with a series win right there is how well they were playing. >> the day after for tim lincecum still basking in the glow of no-hitter. a rough 9
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after a start gives up a solo shot. pablo sandoval had a great play in the 7th to preserve lincecum's no-hitter and second hitter. zito back-to-back home run. zito gets the loss. four runs and four hits, 10-1 san diego. sorj yes, sir romo named as replacement, as well. >> kenny perry said the win was biggest of his career. second straight two over 72 for allen. perry meanwhile, in the zone. called his final round 62 the best of his career. he drops that putt. he trade by ten shots and wins by five strokes going
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away. phil in mickelson a par to win the scottish open. three putt bombing gi. he would have to go to a playoff to get a second career tournament win on european soil. great chip there. tap in birdie for the win. he'll take that momentum into next week british open. final round of the john deere classic, and watch this. shifts it in from the bunker. forces a three-way playoff and extra hole. becoming the youngest player to win a pga event since 1931. >> wanted to work in the pits? no thanks. that is joey's team. 71-year-old morgan sheppard became the oldest driver to start a sprint cup race finished in 41st.
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and how about this. and we leave you with quite possibly the worst first pitch in the history of first pitches. like it was super glued to her hand. call me maybe -- i don't think so. tonight at 11:00, i go one on one with andre iguodala and interview not on court. >> ama: thank you. coming up at 9:00, giant robots and aliens invade
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coming up at 11:00, stay with us as protests continue across the country in the wake of the george
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zimmerman verdict. plus, the new pen that can help correct your spelling as you write. how the unusual spell checker works. a group of comedy all-stars took on giant robots saving the planet at box office. which one? neither. animated comedy despicable took the top spot. it earned nearly $45 million. that made out the debut of grownups 2. movie made $42.5 million. monster invasion pacific rim just made $38 million. the heat came in fourth with $14 million and lone ranger made just $11 million in the second week. that is it for "abc 7 news" at 9:00. thanks for joining us. we continue on line twitter and facebook and all mob [ male announcer ] on vacation, you want more
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