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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 15, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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video from a jewel heist, an overnight smash and grab in a jewelry store. >> aftermath of the trayvon martin killing oakland remains in clean up mode there. is a hoody rally happening now. >> and watch as this woman aband yonz her baby in a gas station rest room. why did she do it? her jail house confession, only on abc 7 news. >> you'll see the jobs being created by a silicon valley construction boom. some of the region's biggest companies moving on up. >> getting underway tonight a very small hoody rally now in
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support of trayvon martin whose killer has been cleared of criminal charges in florida. good evening. i'm cheryl jengs. >> i'm dan ashley. the trial captivated the nation, enraged some protestors in oakland who used the verdict as an excuse to vandalize the 9 the city this weekend. mark math jews wlift story and the clean up. mark? >> looks like a crowd of 70-100 behind me getting ready for what we hope will be a peaceful march. you know a lot of frustration and anger over that not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman case. near oakland a group of about 100 turned that into violence and vandalism. as he cut plywood covers, victor said they'd never put up with this in his hometown. >> no. i don't think so. no.
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this is why destroy a place? i don't know. >> it wasn't just banks that got hit. down the street they sell civic pride tee shirts. >> it's many, many small businesses, these are all small family-owned businesses these aren't the big guys. >> if breaking windows to protest a verdict 2900 miles away people didn't discrimination between corporations and mom and pops. they hit whoever they wanted to and nobody was arrested because there were no police. >> from what i heard is that about three hours, there wasn't anyone present. >> today, the acting chief of police walked through the neighborhood and told reporters the problem is that no one anticipated the verdict. >> then, the verdict came quickly. and by that point was too late to bring in extra cop autos they formed up at the police department protecting
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headquarters from the mob. today mayor jean kwan blamed the news media for attracting vandal autos think about it. you know? they get off on your coverage of them. soy think we have to think bit whether we doing that makes them feel like it's okay to come back. >> it hasn't been that long since oakland had to pay out to a group of occupy protest qlorz sued the city over excessive force. the owner of awaken coffee shop told us the city has to be care bfl how >> violence just begets more violence, force begets more force, control is what is going to make a difference here. >> oakland acting chief tell meez there is enough staffing to handle the march which is due to get underway any moment. also, sunday, opd issued a statement saying the crowd was
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about 70 to 100. late today issuing a statement of about 150. reporting from frank ogwa plaza abc 7 news. >> and we're going to be keeping an eye on the hoody rally. thousands demonstrated around the country. today reverend al sharpton says his group is trying to keep mow meant wrum going, planning rallies in 100 cities on saturday calling for the justice department to file civil rights charges. you'll see what attorney general eric holder said about that later today. >> breaking news in southern california. a helicopter in riverside county. that is trying to dweel a fire racing out of control. i had spread quickly now at 235 acres or so. a high skpool two dozen homes are in danger from the flames, so far none has been damaged.
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you can see this water drop helicopter trying to move into position. two highways in that area are closed. 320 firefighters are on the ground with planes and helicopters fighting from the air. they have it 5% contained at this point so a lot more work to be done in southern california. >> well, a young mother is in custody tonight and admitted to news a jail house confession that she abandoned her baby in a gas station. surveillance video shows the woman taking the baby into a bathroom then leaving aron. abc 7 news reporter nick smith talked with the woman in jail today and joins us with the story. nick? >> cheryl when i sat down with her this afternoon at the jaishlgs i expected to meet a young woman who would explain the accusations of child abandonment as a big misunderstanding. instead, i met a young woman 21 years skpold says she's struggled with crystal meth
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addiction for three years and seems lost. >> i shouldn't expect anything now. >> the 21-year-old is accused of abandoning her baby boy facing charge that's could cost her custody of her son and freedom. >> can you tell me why you left the baby at the gas station? >> i was using dope and forgot him there. >> sitting in jail she's forced to confront demons she says put her there. >> me not thinking and relapsing is what got me here. i don't advise anyone, don't try them. >> police arrested the mother after they say they she left her 1-year-old son in this
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bathroom. surveillance video shows the woman wheeled the woman into the bathroom with the child then leave was out him. he's believed to have been left alone for an hour, causing some to question if the mother wants her baby. >> i don't care what they think. >> listening with only glass separating us, she told me how the events played out. she says she was so high on crystal meth everybody was -- everything was a blur, police posted a photo of the boy investigators were able to locate her at her home, where she was arrested and taken into custody without incident. she insists her actions were not meant to endanger her child. >> i went there. to use the bathroom and forgot him there. it's not i'm going to leave my kid here and someone will pick him up. no. i was really [ bleep ] up. >> making it tougher is no
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help from the family, no help from the boy's father. in solano county nick smith abc 7 news. >> tonight surveillance video shows a smash and grab robbery in a jewelry store. investigators rushed inside. look at that. once it smash robber selectively grabbed jewelry then filled garbage bag was loot. they were in and out in four minutes with $100,000 worth of julz. police ht have not made arrests. >> the snekt friday's jewelry mart killings has a history of run in was the law. the robbery does not appear to have been the motive. we are live tonight with the very latest on this story. heather? >> police found an assault rifle in the suspect's trunk. after he was in custody. they don't know if he would
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have used it had they not intercepted him here on the street. and antioch police say in 2009 he was arrest forward trying to run over police officers. i talked to a woman who came to work today say sheg was terrified walking in but felt she had to do it. people who work at the jewelry mart wore pink ribbons today in honor of the two women killed here on friday. this watch maker saw td bloody suspect calmly walking out. >> i started telling everybody to hide, close doors. i followed him outside to let people know, i know he was leaving the building. >> police confronted him outside. he shot at officers. stickers mark bullet holes in
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the building across the street. he ran out of ammunition and surrendered. police believe he use aid resolver and folding knife to kill the women. >> it was hard friday. we want to reassure them. >> reassure them the building is a save place to work ask appears robbery was not the moat yif just from the way it looked on friday doesn't appear robbery was a motive. again, i can't speak to what we're thinking now. >> robert owns a store on chestnut street and remembers the younger victim. >> i can't say i knew her very well but just always greeted with a smile. always remembered you and pleasant. helpful. it's very sad. >> california supreme court rejected a request to stop same-sex marriages.
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supporters of prop 8 made that request last week after u.s. supreme court cleared the way for same-sex marriages to resume in california. state supreme court agreed to look at wlit means smaerjz are rel statewide or just in two counties where plaintiffs live. >> a building boom fueled fueled by apple, google skorj companies is driving up demand for construction workers. a san jose jobs increased 9% from a year ago. david louie has a look at the jobs and training coming with them. these are presentises of sheet metal workers training program. there are three classes underway now. that compares to just one class three years ago during a recession. the flurry of new construction projects now underway are soon to be started by likes of apple, facebook, google ask
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samsung. >> these apprentices just now coming in or excited about the projects and talk about the projects among themselves. >> during recession construction unemployment hit 30% but this boom has given hope to people like adam gonzales who is switching trades. >> i was able to marry my wife and plan on having a normal live, settling down, and having the income to afford more than just beans and rice. >> the google complex and new samsung tower may create about 2500 construction jobs. apple's space ship head quarters in cupertino could easily surpass that number. the contracteror didn't respond to our calls to get an estimate there. is connection how many local workers will be hired. >> there are a lot more local construction jobs but a lot of
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the big construction projects that are coming are going to bring of state or area. >> big projects involve general contractors and many subcontractors. the joint oppressive council is making sure the pipeline is filled, recruiting at schools job fairs and reaching out to returning vets. just ahead another story you're going to see how bay area cab drivers are fighting back against unregulated ride sharing services could get i a ride for free. >> a billion dollar campaign against paint industry goes to trial after all this time there is still being told to get the lead out. >> it's all electronic tolding on golden gate bridge so how is that working out? bumpy ride for owe motorists. >> cooler than average weather
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now but sustained warm up coming our way. i'll h h h h
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battle heating up between taxi drivers and new ride sharing services they say is stealing their business. a skbruj is set to rule whether or not those services are really doing that. a look at how the industry is trying to stay alive and compete. four huge bill boards taking
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aim at taxies. now, it's cheaper than a cab. and apparently people like it what we found is when lowering prices demand went up so much earnings per hour went up which was amazing. >> uber is best known for the smart phone app that summons black town cars. taxi drivers are watching their paychecks shrink. >> i would say it's down 25%. >> ed heally drives for desoto cab which just adopted flywheel. managers says it helps to get to customers faster its not like it used to be even 24 months ago. >> here it only makes up 10% of the calls. to make it happen they're giving away free taxi fare. cab drivers handing out business cards worth $10.
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the makers of the app are footing the bills. >> we're confident you'll be coming back. >> flywheel endorse bid the transportation authority but lift just got an endorsement from the mayor pro claiming a local holiday for lift's one-year anniversary. >> the mayor's office has seen long term value for lift to make a city more community oriented and more afortable. >> lift and uber say they want to co-exist cabbies. whether they will be able to will be up to a vote. >> santa clara county starting an eradication program after an invest vacation of the guava fruit fly. now, three flies earlier this month found in san jess yeah may fair neighborhood.
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starting wednesday they'll apply insecticide on trees and utility poles and spray a pond nearby. if it takes hold in california it could do billions in crop damage that. is why they're worried about it spencer christian in now. >> with forecast around the bay area. >> this is cool but sit going to warm up later in the week. you can see impressive marine layer fog and low clouds stacked up at the coastline here. inland overnight, here is how fog pattern behaved today. you can see we had a lot of fog that cleared away. back to the coastline didn't clear away from the coast. but gave us sunny skies inland
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spots. this is a fairly deep marine layer. here is a live view at marine layer pushing towards inland loks. it's 60 degrees in san francisco. 72 san jose. another live view looking at a rather cloudy western skirks we have other temperatures 67 in santa rosa. 77 in fairfield our warm spot now. and one more view here is a beautiful view of the ski. blue skies with clouds looking across embark dareo clouds pushing inland overnight. will be below average tomorrow. warmer pattern into next week.
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now, satellite shows a pool of cool air with upper level low. but this hot air mass is going to slide west westward. this will bring us a warm up. for week ahead looking at seven day high temperatures trends we expect highs to range mid-90s from thursday through sunday. so four days of warm weather. especially inland. we'll stee lows dropping into mid 50s and tomorrow, nice day. mainly sunny skies. south bay 70s, peninsula, 70
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in san mateo. upper 50s to 60s on the coast and breezy there. up in the north bay highs of 57 in bodega bay. 67 degrees in oakland tomorrow. inland east bay warming up to upper 70s to low 80s. here is the accu-weather forecast. warm up on wednesday warmest days thursday through mid-80s around the bay. mid-60s on the coast. this sunday is aids walk san francisco. abc 7 is a major sponsor of the event. there is still time to register. how could you porg get that? >> we'll be there. >> we'll be there supporting the cause.
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>> spencer, thank you. >> still coming up tonight technology could change millions of lives. >> you're going see for over 60,000 california foster children, having necessary school supplies can mean the difference between success and failure. the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need. new school, new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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lead paint removed from homes around the state. lead has been banned from paint in california 35 years. be n estimated five million homes are still coated with it. industry says it's been ban sod long it's no longer a significant public health risk. the case has been taken 13 years to get to trial. >> environmentalists launched an effort to try to shut down an embattled oyster farm. the group preparing a lawsuit against drake's bay oyster company claiming it's polluting the association. this came on a day a rally was held to try to win support to keep the farm open. >> it's a tradition. it's a tradition that has been there many, many years and that we're not going to stop fighting for.
7:27 pm
kevin and his family are battling efforts to close the farm. the national park service claims the boats had a negative impact on sea live. -- life. >> still no sign tonight of the bay area's newest millionaire all eyes on this clement street mashlgt. -- market. a customer there hit five of the six numbers. the ticket holder will claim $2.6 million, not too shabby. in case you haven't checked your numbers, here are the winning picks. the power ball number is six. >> still ahead tonight at 6:00 we're keeping an eye on the
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hoody rally now underway in oakland. what the attorney general said today about civil rights charges in the trayvon martin case. >> and new tonight in the crash of asiana flight 214 investigators put finishing touches onion scene investigation. >> and michael finney looks into trouble some people goring through just to pay a $6 bridge toll. stay with us. abc 7 news at 6:00 continues. before copd...
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>> we're following developments in downtown oakland. you can see roughly 100 demonstrators gathering tonight to protest the verdict over the weekend in the trayvon martin killing. >> the verdict set off a wave of protests around the country this, crowd is peaceful. but as you may have heard over the weekend a number of people
7:32 pm
caused significant damage in downtown oakland. we're going to keep an eye on this rally for you on abc 7 news bay area. >> the rez white house says the president will not get involved on the decision whether to persue criminal civil charges against george zimmerman. as the two struggled, the justice department will review the kiss to determine whether federal civil rights charges are warranted here. today, attorney general holder spoke about it for the very first time. >> i share your concern. and as we first acknowledge last spring we have opened an investigation into this matter. >> the verdict sparked angry protest as cross the nation including in the bay area. none of the jurors has spoken but one is planning to write a book about the trial.
7:33 pm
>> and now to the latest on the crash of asiana flight 214. the national transportation safety board is wrapping up an investigation. investigators finished interviewing first responders od and completed examination of the runway and wreckage. the airport saysation airlines has two week noudz to remove it. the crash killed three people and injured 182 others. people came out for a blood drive today to help those victims. 45 pints have been donated but more is needed. >> people who demonstrated outside of a major development project in the bay view district are in line for a big pay day. many gathered outside of the
7:34 pm
group that is celebrating a guarantee to hire bay view residents as construction workers at the ship yard development. it's expected to provide work for more than a thousand residents of the bay view its been three months now since the golden gate bridge replaced human toll taker autos can you believe it? most drivers use fast track but thousands of cars sail through and get billed later. yes how is that working? >> golden gate bridge district says 99% pay with no toll but what about the other 1%? others have said they never got a bill and now are worried. it's rush hour and cars float through as freely as walters
7:35 pm
below. >> just surprised to see no toll taker autos stephanie thought she can pay cash. instead a camera snapped a picture of her plate. >> i'm looking for something that says golden gate something. >> the district supposed to sent her an inseries -- invoice. >> keep going. you'll receive a bill. >> two months later she hasn't received one, now, she's worried. >> if they believe they invoiced me, i'm wor brid that. >> paying got complicated for linda from half moon bay. >> i didn't know what to do. >> i got a notice of violation. toll violateor. >> the notice says she never
7:36 pm
paid the toll and now had to pay a penalty or face a bigger fine later so what happened it? turns out bridge district never cashed a check, customer service told her to ignore the violation but how could she? >> this is not a gentle notice. you get a, you have broken the law. if you don't pay it on time. >> so linda started a file with notes, dates and documents over a $6 toll. >> we recognize and apologize for people it's become stressful for. >> the spokesperson tells 7 on your side there were glitches in the news system that are now resolved. the bridge district sent out 416,000 invoices in the first three months of the system. traechl wokers came in to
7:37 pm
clear backlog and curry says only 400 received violation notices by mistake and will not have to pay a penalty. >> it's unfortunate glitch in the system. it's been fixed fchl you're worried you should call. >> then, there are motorists who never received notices. now, the district added this orange stoomp clearly state what is inside. best advise open to pay your toll. >> we do understand some people have had a heart time shifting over but proof in the pudding is that traffic is slowing freely. >> still, they do miss simplicity of handing over cash. >> you can say hello, they'd take your money you and were
7:38 pm
done. >> so why doesn't she get her invoice? it may have the same problem with others too. so we're investigating and will follow up right here. if have you trouble contact the bridge district. >> get fast track. it's easier. >> and faster. >> coming up next remarkable new medical technology
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there is new hope for stroke survivors researchers test lg a devoice that can help them walk again. >> it's pretty amazing. june 4th, her life suffere suffered -- changed after suffering a stroke he had a stroke, then we were at the hospital. >> today, torres tested a new
7:42 pm
device. the stroke affected his speech and the right side of his bod yeechl he's able to pick up his left leg, the exo skeleton allows him to walk. >> it's like cruise control if you're trying to get somewhere. >> the device come was a backpack that includes a motor and a computer. the stroke damaged blood vessels. the brain has a hard time communicating information which would normally tell his body to move or speech n a typical therapy session fores probably walk 10 feet but with the device, today, he walks 360 feet.
7:43 pm
what will this hopefully do is allow the forn relearn certain motor skill autos this would help individuals after spinal cord injury, stroke. anyone with a mobility issue become more mobile and be more independent. >> hopefully help patients down the road. >> the road to inindependence will be tested here at other hospitals. >> coming up next a tribute to volunteers of america. >> the former u.s. president who helped inspire them. stay with us. for over 60,000 california foster children, having necessary school supplies can mean the difference
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president obama paid tribute to the first president bush at the white house today. president obama praised the elder bush's volunteer efforts during a ceremony in the east room and help the former president award 5,000s daily point of light award to an iowa couple who help feed
7:47 pm
dmirn 15 countries. >> first thank president and mrs. obama for this wonderful hospitality like coming home for barbara and me coming to this magnificent house to be greet bid superb hospitality knows no bounds. >> he is 89 years old. his first visit since being hospitalized. he was sporting his brightly colored socks its his fashion statement now his new trademark. >> do you often miss shows because you're not home in time? of course we all do. if so you want to get the new watch abc app. it's live and available now. >> this is watch abc. >> investigators trying to
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this is a special benefit at no additional cot. all have you to do is down load the app or log on to the web site and get the stream now. >> it's really easy to yuchls get a list of the shows you might want to watch. whatever program you like to watch it's available and really cool. >> okay. that is awesome. >> find out how to access on our web site. on air and online abc 7 is now everywhere you need us to be you don't have to wait because we have spencer live.
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>> he's updating the cool forecast. >> yes. very cool. sheer look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see why it's so cool. we've got a marine layer beginning to push inland a little bit. how much cooler today was than average for this date? here is a lk at high temperatures from santa rosa to san francisco. and look at the average highs for the day compared to today's highs see how much cooler it was. 14 degrees cooler in santa rosa. so around the bay area temperatures ranged several degrees cooler than average for what is today? jewel jul 15th snj yes. mid month. beginning wednesday we start to warm up. low to mid-80s around the bay. low to mid-60s on the coast.
7:51 pm
yes. >> july, i love it. >> let's get to larry beil. >> yes. good stuff. >> this is fantastic. fans back east have not seen much of the a's slugger. tonight he says hello to the big apple. [ female announcer ] when you asked us to remove
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good evening, putting on a show in the big apple tonight a's slugger riding up the night. a lot of people wanted to see the event because of his incredible power. in the second year he still doesn't have huge national recognition. he will after tonight. with a's third base coach pitching he goes upper deck for the second home run. that is one that is, i think, 456. he finish was 17, longest of
7:55 pm
the night thus far defending champ 483 feet only hitting five. the semi finals underway. the giants coaching staff is at the all star game with bruce bocci doing the managing. a's pitchers were chosen for american league squad this, is a real treat for first time all stars consider the case of scutero, 37 years old kind of living a dream. and enjoying a first all star game experience at age 35. a's closer and skutero savoring these moment autos i got traded here. things like, you know... the teams pretty much.
7:56 pm
and now they're for a game for the first time. you know? pretty neat you go out there. you know? go out there to play but want to have a chance to go to the game and experience it. i'm excited to go. go, represent a's. >> british open begins on thursday. ernie els will be among favorites. he won third of the four major titles there. fourth came last year. birdying final hole but looking on he bogeyed the final fourk today as is tradition ernie returned a well traveled jug. >> it's going on my sked yu. quite a lot of places. asia, africa. europe. just about every where. except for south america. >> fun race on the bay today with a kite boarder going up against team oracle.
7:57 pm
in the mammoth ac 72. >> bringing in, i'd say. >> out on the floor. >> pretty good analogy nalg. kai lenny putting his $1500 board against $15 million catamaran. he took the early lead but once oracle yacht cranked it up, they hit 30 knots and left kai in their wake. >> i don't know better luck next time, buddy. >> and see ya. so you didn't win, kind of playing chicken here or looking for a match race. do you want a piece of me? i'm here on my kite. that is a great video there. but for a little while, guys
7:58 pm
on team oracle are like who is this guy? whoo is going on here? >> join me tonight at 9:00 do y not as i do. then at 11:00 raiders dreams. the new stadium and where they want to put it. >> that is it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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