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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  July 15, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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>> breaking news in oakland where the standoff between police and protestors has intensified in the past 15 minutes or so. it is another night of anger in the streets over the trayvon martin verdict. >> good evening. >> carolyn has the night off. minutes ago sky 7 hd was overhead as protestors and police face off in downtown oakland. officers made at least 5 arrest tonight. of we are on the phone live with the very latest. >> just few minutes ago the march stalled near broadway and telegraph where protest trors facing off with police. the vandalism is not as wide spread off this weekend but things are
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getting pretty intense down there. just about 15 minutes ago protestors started throwing things at police and the police answered back with flash agree canadian and emotional crowd and many say the verdict opened up the wound of the oscar grant verdict. started out peaceful but lick most oakland demonstration the crowd dynamic changes dramatically when the sun goes down. by nature fall protesttors had dwindled to crowd of few hundred. march around lake merritt then small group tried to march up the lake shore on ramp to i-5 80. another small group up broadway off ramp on to interstate 8 80 holding up rush hour traffic momentarily. >> officers have reported rock and bottle being drone at them and affecting arrest. >> how long will we allow this the horsepower? it can no longer happen. >> protest began with rally at city hall. some demonstrators talked about the emotional impact of the trayvon martin
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verdict how it effects their lives as parents. >> i have fear. i can't sleep at night until i know that my sons are at home in bed. these how it is for me. >>reporter: mario says his father son lecture different now. >> be aware of who you are around. how perceived. be aware of danger even if it is coming from people who are supposed to keep you safe. >> small business owner upset too. they feel the police didn't do enough to protect the property despite the history of these demonstrations in oaklan oakland. alement election is says she was not happy with the police response to her. >> he said they didn't think this was going to happen and they were really surprised. >> tonight police were out in force monitoring crowd movement and coraling them away from the business district. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> in los angeles half of the protestors break off from the march this evening and started attacking cars in the crenshaw neighbor. started hitting one
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drevr and smashing the car before it took off. there he goes. several protestors also rushed into a wal-mart through security though security ultimately chased them out. >> first time one of the jurors who acquitted george zimmerman is talking she wanted her identity concealed but bluntly answered whether she thought race played a role in the killing of tray vop martin. >> i think circumstances caused george to think that he might be a robber. unbelievable number of robbery in the neighborhood. >> sow didn't believe race plays a role. >> i don't think it did. i think if there was another person spanish white asian if they came in the same situation they were try von was i think george would have reacted the exact same way. >> the juror is writing a book about the trillion. she says zimmerman had his heart in the right place she believes and only guilty of not using good judgment. zimmerman has gone
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into hiding but the parents spoke with pwavr bra walters today and see their reaction to the verdict just ahead on nightline tonight at 12:35. again we 10 to monitor what is happening in oakland but let's move on. police are investigating outrageous jewelry store heist at one of the bay area newest up scale shopping destination tonight. thieves are still open the loose. we are live at livermore with the story tonight. >> they were in and in and out a few minutes. >> start to finish the burglary caught by security camera. it happened early this morning hear at the jewelry store than the livermore premium outlet. store closed for awhile. and about to see why. >> watch the surveillance video closely. metal security door here smashed early monday morning when crook drive the car right through. 3 thieves wearing hoodie and mask rush in and get to work. sledge ham tore smash display case filling
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bag with prisony jewels and gold. but police say the bandit were discriminating knowing exactly what they were looking for. >> about somewhat selective on what they d.they passed up display stands and targeted others. so it was it was a group that was looking for specific items. >> praise year the better. thieves were i hope the store 4 minutes and made off with 100,000 dollars in loot. while security on duty, only saw white station wagon and tan sedan speeding away. first major burglary at the outlet mall opened last november. >> i wouldn't have thought would it happen here in livermore. the it's a pretty safe place. >> i'm surprised that at the same time it really could happen any.where so i'm not sure c they targeted here. >> police officers responded to the stores alarm but were too late. combing the place for any evidence the brazen jewel
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thief may have left behind. in livermore, abc 7 news. >> vallejo mother jails for abandoning for toddler opened up to us today. in a tearful interview joy kill told us she's addicted to crystal meth and little hope for demanding her life. video shows her pushing a stroller into a bathroom here at chevron on saturday. she came out. alon alone. there she is. no chil child. police arrested her an hour later at home in vallejo. she was high on meth and everything was a blur she says. >> i went there and i forgot him there. it's not i want let's leaf my kid here and somebody will pick him up, no. i was really bleeped up. i forgot him. >>reporter: tl right now her son is in chilled protective custody. >> oakland police responded to report of shots fired tonight 2
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people wounded. we were overhead as emergency crew responded to this. the shots detection system indicated gunfire on 78 avenue when police got to the scene they found 2 men who were hurt. officers are not rae leasing any other information at this point. >> tour bus side swiped a cable car tonight in san francisco. this was the scene at columbus and lombard. viewer david posted this photo to the facebook page. muni says a passenger standing on running board suffered a minor cut. >> effort under way in the bay year tonight to stop a tiny pest with potential to do huge damp. threat tone devastate california multi-billion dollar food industry. 3 fruit fly were found near don't san jose. thomas is there live with new details and only 3 yes but that could become 3 nil they don't stop them. >> it could that's why everybody is concerned. county
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inspectors tell us that this fruit fly is native to the middle east and probably brought here by somebody unsuspecting traveler. but they will try to kill the play and protect the state food industry. >> if maria told state agriculture inspector asked if they could place the fruitfully trap in her peach tree. one of the flies was discovered here. these are 2 of the troops scattered allah 19 square mile year of east san jose after found between july 3rd and fifth. agriculture commissioner says the guava fruit fly could devastate california 43 billion dollar food industry. >> tropical fly has huge reproductive potential, many life cycle per year. we don't have a within the they are would kill it. >>reporter: they lay the egg in the fruit we found scattered here throughout the may fair
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district. plum. peaches. apricot lemon and oranges all host to the fly. these traps tell inspector where the flies are but next step is shown in the video from the state department food agriculture. sticky substance that attract and kill the male fly sprayed on tree and pole in affected years. residents and parents here it's safer than insecticide. >> we don't want to spray a pesticide. >>reporter: the fly has been eliminated every time shown up in the past. spraying of this throughout east sap jose begins wednesday morning. this is abc 7 news. >> coming up next. on 7 news at 11:00 we check in on the protest going on writ now in oakland. >> new attitude at the ballpar ballpark. rule about to be announced that will change the way teams deal with discrimination. >> new york to l.a. in 45 minutes? bay area man future vision. >> as we look at the roof cam
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with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> take you back to the protest in oakland. we have this video of police firing a flash bang grenade into a crowd of
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demonstrators at 10:45. there is the flashout lf hour ago this protest started with hundreds of people angry with the acquittal of george zimmerman and fatal shooting of florida teenager martin. police tell us they have made at least 5 arrest. at one point this evening protestors shut down traffic on i 8 80 by marching into the broadway off ramp. >> we ever on it. we'll keep you posted here and twitter feed bay area ichltd new at 1 11:00. major league baseball plans to take a stand against harassment and based on sexual orientation. league expected to officially announce the new policy tomorrow in new york. include zero tolerance for discrimination. it's similar policy to what the national football league announceded last year. we talked with activist in the lgbt community who said this is a big step for baseball and thousands of employees. >> important step in really acknowledging that there are gay and bisexual baseball
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players. there's lgbt folk working in every ball park and baseball team around cunt try and this is important step in really lacking at creating an virment where the players can be free to be themselves e.announce the part of the major league baby all star game festivities coming up in just a few minutes in sports at 11:23 highlights of tonight home run derby. won by an oakland a. pretty spectacular show have that he put on there tonight. sports in oakland. taxpayers in oakland may end up footing part of the bill raiders build a new stadium in the coliseum. team wants to build 50,000 seat stadium at cost of about 800 million dollars. raiders in the nfl propose pitching in 500 million dollars toward this. now media partner in the bay year news group report one city council member says he would consider using public money to cover the short fall. raiders current stadium lease expires
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at the end of the season. >> head of test will motor updated plan to change the world with new form of transportation called the hyper loop. this morning musk tweeted the statement will publish hyper loop alpha design by august 12th. critical federal back for improvement would be much appreciated that's from musk. right now only one company working on similar technology though not associated with musk. et 3 posted this video on you tube app mission of their plan. now musk said earlier this year this technology cross between rail gun magnetic technology, air hockey table. he said would it travel at sub son he can speed linking new york to l.a. in just 45 minutes. >> beginning today abc 7 is bringing you a new way to experience abc programming any team virtually any.where new way for you to know joy tv sho shows sports abc 7 news and weather open the smart phone or
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or catch up on general hospital at work. rest of the family watching modern family in the living room catch up on episode of scandal, castle or once upon a time on the patio on demand. it's all on watch abc. this is special new benefit brought to you by of abc 7 and comcast and charter communication. all at no additional cost. all you have to do is done load the app mobile did he advice and sign in using account information or log on to the web site and get the watch abc leif extreme now. >> pretty cool. all you have to do is access watch abc on the web site or down load the app for the mobile did he advice. watch on line. mobile did he advice any way you want it. 7 and 7 news now everywhere that you need us to be. 11:00 o'clock news on right now. >> lets go talk with sandhya about this. cool again. >> yes dan well below average for this temperature of
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yeevrment probably watching me do the weather there right. >> absolutely. >> here's deepening marine lar 2600 pet deep tonight so it's rapidly getting deeper and that just means for of you will be backing up to gray skies again. camera at interstate 80 back to the west and it is gray out there receipt now. santa rosa 55 degrees and 55 in novato. fairfield 57. breezy out to fairfield. 60 degrees in los gatos as you look at the have you from the golden gate bridge camera murky and this is morning commute. clouds will push inland overnight tonight. below average high tomorrow in the warmer pattern will begin by the middle of the week. so we will see some big changes coming as we head into the middle latter part of the work week but tomorrow look at the high versus the average. santa rosa 71 tomorrow afternoon and average is 82 degrees so 11 degrees below where you should be. same thing for san rafael exploratorium running 6 grease behind. oakland tomorrow 67.
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72 the typical high so 5 degree below normal. livermore 9 degrees cooler than average and san jose 77 tomorrow. 6 agree below where you should be this time of year. some of you on social media really saying that you areen jig this weather. get another day of it. area of low pressure cool air mass will be with us for another day. the wednesday coming off the cool ocean water so keep it below average. but then we start to see some changes as hot air mass shifts west ward warmer pattern will develop by the meddle of the week away from the coast line. not feel the heat near the coast here's the week ahead. going up on wednesday but really the heat comes in here by the end of the work week heading into the weekend when you start to see temperatures rising up into the mid 90's range. so tomorrow morning watch out for spotty drizzle. may is need your wipers. of temperatures pretty uniform in the 50's. cloudy
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start across the entire bay year when you 11 home. clouds linger near the coast cool side 60 half moon bay. breezy as well. 62 in san francisco. low 70's santa rosa 72 and head out to the east baylow 80's for antioch and livermore. 78 in concord. 77 for san jose. santa cruz. enjoy the sun away from the coast. temperatures rising back in the summertime routine. low mid 90's inland heading into the latter part of the work week. low mid 60's. coast and weekend lacking grea great. wide range of conditions. dan always about pleasing everyone here. >> you have it covered. >> you have it covered. >> stay with us. larry
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>> 2 and a half years ago he was stuck in cuba with a dream of coming to america to play major league baseball. tonight king of home run derby after putting on a show in new york at the all star game festivities. we bow to you. saying goes if you can make tonight new york you can make it anywhere and he made it big the coach serves him up. he's the first athletic since mark in 1992 to win home run derby. tweeted he hits the ball lake it owes him money. finish the first round with 17. big popy says i popy. crossing into the final. sition up competition. harper. he was consistent. 8 home run in all 3 rounds admiring the view of the upper deck shot. number to be in the finals for him was 8. no problem. here's no. 8 and glass is apparently shatter proof above mercedes logo o. harper knows i'm toast. the
11:55 pm
the salute bomb to center 4 55 feet. total 32 homer first player who wouldn't chosen to play in the all star game to win home run derby. the things continue to good well for me an want to thank the people that believed in me that thought i could play at this level and especially to my family here in the stadium. i weren't to thank all of them. >> tomorrow night giants skipper will be at the all star game. he knows the winner earns home field advantage and that's a factor. >> particularly when you are in the play offs and you have that pressure of per forming like these players do to start at home does give them i think bit more confidence but you look at the numbers and it does give i think the club a huge advantage. >> entertaining spectacle on the bay today with kite boarder
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taking on a bridge to bridge sprint. lenny took the lead early open and/or kill thought if larry hear me lost to some kite they won the race and with the scary can take the container shop as long as it doesn't run him over. 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino and like him, >> once again knocked it out of the park. >> update the protest ongoing >> update the protest ongoing in o the thing is bee, i got my mom wrapped around my little fingnge. do you? yeah, i do. huh. i said i want honey nut cheerios
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wake up weather. bundle up. collide cool patchy drizzle up the coast. temperature in the 50's guest up that the low 60's by 8:00 a.m. mike will be here. >> thanks very much. quick update on tonight breaking news pro-test in oakland. demonstrators continue to
12:00 am
linger downtown about half hour ago police protestors stood face-to-face at broadway and telegraph. used a flash bang to disburse the crowd but some stuck around to continue their rally. police arrested at least 5 people tonight. updates on the 7 morning news starting at 4:30 am and reporting continues constantly on twitter at bay area for all of us here, thanks


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