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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 20, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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a call to action. family of trayvon martin wants to change the justice system. their son was killed despite being unarmed and shooter found not guilty. thousands rallied against the verdict and called for justice, from florida to chicago, new york to atlanta and right here in the bay area. good evening, i'm ama daetz.
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we begin our team coverage with reporter john alston who shows us the big rally in oakland today. >> reporter: they packed the front of the federal building in downtown oakland, men and women of varying racing, some wearing hoodies similar to the outfit he had on when he died. several were teenagers like 13-year-old david. >> i believe that it doesn't matter what race you are, how you look, how your hair is, i can still be yourself and set a good example for your people and family. >> the event is oakland was hundred so-called justice for trayvon rallies across the nation organized by civil rights activist al sharpton. they wanted the federal government to do what george zimmerman jury did not. >> we cannot allow this
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verdict of george zimmerman to stand. we can't stop here. we have to keep going. >> some the crowd were not as sympathetic when mayor jean quan, angry over police tactics over protestors and afr. >> whether you are black or white or whether... >> reporter: unlike recent protests when oakland police admit they were unprepared and vandals smashed windows and injuring innocent people, there were many officers quietly watching the rally. the mayor says the city is making progress. >> i'm a mother who is also a mayor that is working very hard to reorganize and rereform the oakland police department. >> the event lasted about three hours. when it was over there was no arrests and no damage.
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several businesses kept their windows boarded up in downtown oakland. bank of america kept plywood in place on the building. tribune buildings had special security lighting. >> across the bay, supporters rallied peacefully. keira takes us to the vigil that was part of national justice for trayvon martin day. >> passionate but peaceful protestors rallied in front of the federal building against george zimmerman's acquittal one week after his killer was found not guilty. >> it's indicative of and that seems to be a real attack and neglect of young black children in this country. just one day after president obama spoke very openly saying tra von martin could have been him, this group wants the conversation to continue. >> it is gratifying that
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mr. obama is asking us not only to just talk about it, but do something about racism. that goes for not just a nation, but san francisco. >> san francisco police were nearby prepared for violence that never came. these supporters of all ages and races joined thousands across the country demanding the department of justice file criminal civil rights against george zimmerman. >> let's move forward to make sure we have justice for young black men. i have a son who is 33. i never had to be worried about him being killed when on his way to the store. it has hit me on deep level because i think i'm a mom. >> it could easily happen to
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me as it happened to him. >> ama: just developing, some bay area rallies, check out our new smart phone app. you will find a download link. >> a san francisco man already for a warrant for stealing a car and charged with stealing a transit bus. he stole a bus from terminal friday morning. a woman shot this cellphone video which the when the bus got to oakdale. they say he appears to have knowledge of buses and how to operate them. >> the paints of missing daphne are handing out flyers where she was last seen. they held a prayer. their daughter has been missing for ten days when she disappeared in back of web's
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car. >> i just -- want to find my baby and i will continue to walk around here tryi t find her. >> people members and supporters pitched in distributed the flyers. according to witnesses, a woman was seen with child matching her description date she disappeared. a body found in a car today has been confirmed that of a missing orinda woman. she left her family on thursday when she said she was going to church memorial service. they found a car in a ravine and notified police. police said garvey drove off the road and died in the accident. tonight the oakland police department is being accused of not protecting whistleblowers. the san francisco chronicle is said that court reported monitor is failing in his
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job. a code of silence is encouraged when whistleblowers aren't protected. they are overseen by a monitor because of a settlement alleging police abuse. >> a burning car caused a grass fire in livermore tonight. it happened grted line road. it spread to the field on the eastbound lanes. crews shut down traffic while they put it out. the lane are now open again. >> still to come on abc news at 9:00, why they are getting to work on the farm. giants are having to keep intrude away from at&t park. and could mick con time, a popular new movie series. >> i'm leigh glaser. temperatures were all over the place, 50 at the coast. hundred degrees inland. low clouds and
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21 homes in orange county have been evacuated because of a water break in laguna hills. the mud has created a sinkhole. nearby residents were told to leave their homes because of the risk of a landslide. >> next month about hundred thousand californians will have their benefits cut back by ten weeks. the unemployment fell to 8.5% in june. federal funding is reduced when the rate is less than 9%. june was the first month. beginning august 11th it will be limited to 63 weeks instead of 73. >> for the third straight year, california leads the nation for unemployed teens, that is why many are turn to
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farm jobs. most californians don't want to do the jobs so the teens can be a perfect fit. these teens say it's good pay and good workout. >> it definitely helps. definitely going to help, infielder is taking a ground ball. >> i thought it was minimum wage job. you have to earn the respect. you come every day and work as hard as you. >> can it's my money. i don't spend it like my parents' money. >> this crew will pick about 7,000 bins of watermelons by the time the season ends. >> why a young bear cub had to be rescued from a tree in the sierra. a cooldown is coming to the bay area. leigh glaser has the details up next in her accu-weather forecast. >> i'm rick kwan coming up in
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sports, a's offense goes quiet and buster
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the giants and fans hope the team can shoe sea gulls away from at&t park. they went the full circle earlier this month. they say the ballpark, park's lights might attract them to games. it's illegal to shoot away.
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>> an abandoned bear cub has been rescued from a tree. the cub was hit by a car two weeks ago. his mother left had him behind because he couldn't keep up. they found him malnourished and yesterday he underwent under surgery. he will be released again in winter. >> watch the live stream is available in bay area. abc7 is the first local station and abc is the first broadcast network to bring you a live stream of local news and all of your favorite abc tv shows. now you never have to miss the shows you love. it allows you bring eight long with you where you are. it's a special benefit brought to brought by comcast. go to how to access it. provide information to log in
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and get the watch live stream to download the app. time to check in on weather. it will be clearing up. >> it will be clearing up and those folks may be participating in aids walk tomorrow. low clouds and fog to start off with. probably mist and drizzle and hazy sunshine. you can see for yourself, live doppler showing the wall of fog is starting to push inland, already the golden gate bridge is socked in, mist and drizzle. we reduced visibility and westerly winds continue to push toward the bay area. all of that is moving further inland. as i mentioned, tensioned all over the place. you can see clearlake, a high of 106. ukiah, 103. at the airport, they reported 107. it was 99 in antioch. fairfield, 92. 888 in concord. further west you went,
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temperatures really dropped off with 78 today in san rafael. 61 today with that fog in half moon bay. bright moonlight out there. san francisco is now 54. mountain view, 63. san jose 63. here is a live look from the golden gate bridge. you can definitely see them what they are talking about, fog bank is moving in. santa rosa, 57. we have heat in livermore, 70 degrees in los gatos at 65. >> emeryville bay, forecast highlights, fog and mist and drizzle, it's going to move inland and then a hot day inland. then as we get into monday and wednesday, cooler air mass, get ready for temperatures will start to come down. low 60s inland. by early tomorrow morning, rest of the bay area where the fog bank sits and mist and drizzle, temperatures in the 50s. high pressure, bubble of hot
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air sat over the bay area bringing inland temperatures near 100 degrees. that will start to push on toward the east. it will open the door for a cooler air mass. it will be slightly cooler tomorrow. bigger cooldown will come 11:00 by 8:00 tomorrow morning, we're going to see overcast conditions across much of the bay area. it will burn back to the coast by 3:00. here is a look at tomorrow. official walk begins at 10:30. sign up and registration is earlier than that. mist and drizzle by 9:00 and 10:00 and sunshine into the 60s. here is a look the temperatures. san jose, 80 degrees. peninsula looking pretty good. 78 for redwood city. keep it cool right near the water's edge upper 60s there.
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near hundred degrees, petaluma 75. hayward 71. oakland 70. inland locations a bit cooler but still hot. 94 for brentwood and 87 for concord. seven-day forecast, monday, tuesday, coolest days of next week with the low clouds and fog. maybe a little bit of humidity, low 90s next thursday and friday. >> thank you so much. >> and talking about our giants tonight. >> sea gulls are circling. game -- despite a disappointing first half. four and a half games behind the diamondbacks. and vogelsong threw for the first mound. pablo sandoval drives in a one. and bases loaded, matt cain
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gets called for the third out. allowing four hits and two runs. giants got insurance in their half of the inning as mr. mvp takes him deep to center and made it 4-1. d'backs got one in the sixth and no more, and jose strikes out adam. in the bottom of eighth, giants lead 4-2. >> a's were trying to rebound from the loss to the angels. here a strong out go allowing two runs over 7 innings. he struck out four. wilson threw eight and third shutout winnings and struck out eight straight. angels on this sacrifice fly in the 7th, l.a. wins it 2-0. texas also lost and a's also
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lead in the west. >> and tiger woods win the british open he has to come from behind, something he hasn't done after trailing first 15 holes. check this, jimenez leaves him tied to 11 back. adam shot even for the tournament and three shots back. lee westwood got off to a fast start. press for an eagle and gave him the early outright lead. hunter tied for the best round of the day on 17. he knocks it in. he is just two off the pace. tiger shot a 72 and had a chance to take the outright lead with this birdie putt. but the pivotal hole and tiger bogeyed it and westwood made his birdie opening a
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two-stroke lead. after three rounds, westwood and tomorrow he will be paired with mahan and zach johnson and westwood can hang on this would be his first major title. >> i know what it takes to win one. it's just a case of going out there tomorrow. i've got the confidence in the game which i've got. >> i've been in that position before. i've been in that mix. i'm there again. hopefully tomorrow i can play well and win the tournament. >> michael kim cape up short in the amateur public links. he winner traditionally receives a spot in the masters. celebrity golf and football at lake tahoe. elway goes deep and gets by the tree and scores.
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roenick he is pretty good on grass, as well. he is tied important second. leader is playing partner, warriors guard, jeff curry. he made five birdies and leads the tournament. finish line is in sight for the free week long tour de france, 78 mike trek through the alps won by colombia. barring any major accident, frum should be the second straight british rider to capture the tour de france. they'll wrap it up tomorrow. could be a big year for british, also taking the wimbledon. >> that could be huge. thank you. >> up next on "abc 7 news" at 9:00, superman is teaming up with another
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>> lisa: coming up at 11:00, the scare that caused evacuation of popular store and mystery that still lingers tonight. new information about the tainted meatballs that killed at least one dog. new reward that is on being offered. >> the world's comic book convention is under way in san diego. more than a hundred thousand people are expected to attend and many wearing costumes. big news coming out of the convention, man in steel says next movie will include batman. and familiar character, a little mermaid. little mermaid. that is it
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