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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 26, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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♪ the dodge summer clearance event. right now get 0% financing for up to 72 months and no payments for 90 days on all dodge vehicles. . >> this is the day very few drivers will forget. especially these folks in san francisco. traffic backed up and snarled for hours after suspicious device shut down the entire bay bridge. good evening everyone. in fact traffic is still a mess right now. weren't to give you a
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live look at the san francisco sky way. headlights you see drivers making their way to the lower deck of the bay bridge and really this is the fastest we have seen it moving all night long. cars on the right-hand side of the screen. still pretty slow. taking a look at the toll plaza now. lacked like an hour ago. all the cars you see here really make this lack more like a morning commute. drivers inching along seven hours after the bridge was temporarily shut down. things are picking up. grid lock on surrounding roadway also because of major concerts and 2 home games for the giants and the a's tonight all taking place at the same time you can see how heavy it has been all afternoon long from these shots we are showing you right now. now as for the bay bridge tonight. once you get on it, it is moving but you can see traffic is very heavy right now l. >> give you look at the suspicious did he advice that shut down the bridge. found on
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eastbound off ramp. did he vase is cylinder the side of 2 liter soda bottle removed by the san francisco police department bomb squad. drivers waited to get on the bridge from san francisco. >> what do you think about the traffic. >> it's a nightmare. you should ask the driver though. sneeze a rain. >> ouch. an hour. >> take 18 -- taken us an hour and a half. >> first time over in a month and we get caught in this. but it's all right. we are cool. >> you wish everyone could have the at talked she does. because it took a lot of patience tonight and everyone out there on the roadway especially in san francisco truly needed it. >> now to the store of a soldier with bay area roots who has become a national hero. history name is ty michael carter. staff sergeant in the u.s. army who argue up in the east bay. defense department produced this video of the camp which he was stationed in afghanistan 4 years ago. his heroic it will not only made
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him fifth living soldier to be awarded the medal of honor awarded but he was in the valley in afghanistan when his company position was attacked by a huge tall been force. army says carter ran through enemy fire to retrieve supply for fellow soldiers under attack. while under fire sergeant carter patched up an injured soldier, carried him to cover and risked his own life to cover radio in order to call for help. 7 news spoke to sergeant carter father tonight. >> this is some pwringing rights. if as a dad, yes. you don't get that very often. one of the kicker though is tl ty has sister and step sister that are both nurses and sfm we must have done something right as parents. don't know if it was our own or they did it on their own or what the deal is but captain be much prouder. >> what a special moment. president obama will award
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staff sergeant ty carter with the medal of honor. >> santa rose family fighting the county over the seizure of their property. they are moving a woman off the property she has owned for nearly 30 years. family says paying her just a fraction of what it is worth. l mark has the story will see only on abc 7 news. this. >> this is called a tear down. land around it beautiful. >> there are a bunch of vernal pool. >> 6 and a half acres her mom bought for under 90 grand. 73-year-old penny wanltd us to talk with her daughter. >> she's better at this and county is beating us pretty bad. i just don't want to mess things up. >> talking about the county seizing her property under the power of imminent domain to expand the airport runway. county is offering her 135,000 dollars for the 6 and a half acres. but tax records show
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the property is assessed at 4 06000. >> it has been emotional roller coaster. our government should be protecting us. and they are not. they are just trying take our property. steal it essentially. >> family attorney says the constitution guarantees the right to let a jury decide the land value but in imminent domain case taxes inadmissible. can not be shown to the jury. >> they probably will never hear what is the biggest injustice in the case so far. >> county attorney office said the airport manager would be speaking for the county. >> manager could tell us about the expansion he was barred from talking about the case. >> so we can't talk about price. >> can't talk about what the property appraised for? >> no. >> finally did say is that penny was given 2 offers. one for herland and one for moving expenses. family attorney says the expense allowance was 2 7
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79,000 dollars. but he added the issue here is the value of the land. real estate agent who specialize in santa rosa acreage told us 350 to 400,000 would be the low end just for the dirt. about 135,000. >> i don't i don't think you can get anything for that. >> she's afraid. >> this isless part of my life. >> instead of getting ready and just enjoying life last if you years i think i mean at the end of the day every hour that's in my mind. >> trillion date tentatively set for august sixth. santa rosa mark matthews 7 news. >> police in santa clara are looking for man who sexually assaulted a young woman in her apartment early this morning. it happened around 4 a.m. on homestead road near central park. man entered the apartment through bathroom window and may have threatened her with a knife or becomes cutter. woman told police the man spoke breaken english with an accent. he is described as 5 foot 2 to 5 if the 4 inches
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tall with thin build. possible facial hair and he was wearing dark clothing. student who lied about being raped at uc santa cruz has changed her plea from not guilty to no contest for filing a false police report as part of me deal. get 3 years probation. she also has to write a letter of p dpology to the university sere in work release program perform community service and undergo therapy. ads on craze list asking for someone to beat her up on the campus in exchange for sex. >> east oakland neighborhood vestigators help put an endlead to the violence. this comes just days after 66-year-old solomon shot an killed in her car near her home. more now from 7 news reporter nick smith. >> don't a round somewhating killing innocent people. >> dozens takened early morning rally to speck out against the violence that claimed the life of pop already pet sitter judy solomon. >> i hear your xlaichbilitys i
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hear your passion. we need to take action but we need your help. >> solomon death was lateness what seems to be a we have of violence taken to new low in oak land. the residence was shot in the head in the middle of the afternoon here in the 2 2400 block of burn street less than a mile from where she lived. just last week in oakland diamond neighborhood 8-year-old alicia shot and killed. >> investigators said little girl run to answer the door while at sleep over at her friend house when gunman opened fire. >> police didn't share about the investigation into either shooting but the random and deadly attack have been raised in the community. in this neighborhood it has some look to go help fix the problem on their own. >> hiring paid patrol to pick up the slack they say o pd can cover. >> having one more set of eyes and speed limit seniority of official looking vehicle what do you have to the lose. >> firm they consider charge 15 dollars a month per household
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for patrolling of the neighbor of not everyone believes hiring private security is the best way to go. you can have someone to drive up and down but the police they drive up and down. that doesn't that is not necessarily a deterrent. >> if feed fear and stamps down creativity in how to meet this. >> president of the local neighborhood watch told me police could do more if they weren't distracted by the endless round of demonstration targeting law enforcement and protestors hell bent on vandalizing the city. >> they weren't to make a name for themselves. they would work with me. work with city council. work with our neighborhood. on turning this stuff around. >> demonstration planned for tonight it would appear his request may have fallen on deaf ear. >> in oakland, abc 7 news. >> still ahead tonight on 7 news. new follow-up to this uc davis pepper spray incident. police officer fired for his action now seeking disability pay. find out whyth. >> facebook ceo zuckerberg
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ready to do something he has never done before. >> in the accu-weather forecast center. deepening marine layer cooler than average weather. 7 day forecast just a moychlt everyone wants it. coming up. everyone wants it. coming up. app join the rank of instagram
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>> former police officer who pepper spray students at protest is seek payment from the state. he was fared for his action but filed a worker compensation claim. we have the story. >> john pike the former uc davis police lieutenant who drew worldwide criticism in 2011 for dousing peacefully sitting student demonstrator with pepper entry want worker compensation for psychiatric injury. former marine sergeant received death threats after video went viral. pike fired year ago after an version found his action was unwarranted. >> it's wrong what he was
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trying to do. lee was one of the protestors ep pepper sprayed. he and 20 others shared in a settlement from the university last year. the college junior hopes the claim is denied. >> when you reward people lake pike by giving them benefits you tell people that it's okay to hurt students. that's a message we can not sichbilityd the calls were not returned this is not connected with the pick case. she says bake an his lawyer must have thought the indication through very carefully because more public scrutiny lies ahead. >> filing a psychiatric claim is not easy. injured worker basically gichs their right to privacy. whole life is an open book. >>reporter: department of industrial relations will look at the claim august 13. no settlement is reached pike case would good forward to trial or manufacture on for further hearing. >> organizers are already planning a demonstration outside the state building in the hope of swaying the pan toll reject the former cop claim. >> outrageous. while he might
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be entitled to 7 worker compensation the idea that his own actions of brutality would entitle him to pay out is absolutely unjust. it's crazy. >>reporter: pike made 122,000 dollars a year. brown the worker comp attorney says because of recent cut back made by the legislature a 50% permanent disability for instance would entitle pike to 62,000 dollars in life time cash benefits but medical treatment for life. in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> face back ceo zuckerberg first public comments on immigration reform next month at the premier of film about undocumented immigrants in san francisco. zuckerberg lent considerable support to political advocate group that lobby for more worker advice visa am some experts say his public address august fifth could dramatically reshape the conversation on immigration reform. jay-z stopped by head
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quurters few hours ago. lack. he made the quick stop in menlo park to visit mark zuckerberg and tee. he's performing tonight with justin timberline at candlestick park in the legend of summer tour. >> this is a special year for the gilroy garlic festival started 3 day run today. celebrating the 35th anniversary. of david spoke with some volunteers on board from the beginning. >> 35 years ago maybe 300 people turn out for the first garlic festival. now 100,000 show up from all over the u.s. and beyond. forever stabbing gilroy as garlic capitol of the world. rich has been here all 35 years. >> will rodgers only town in the world you can hang your stick on a clothes line. marinating the next day. >>reporter: part of the team stands behind the hot stove at gourmet alley. they make the signature dish laced liberally with garlic. his father val was one of the founders of the
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festival. 1979 seems leak only yesterday. >> first year it was my father and i. we did all the cooking and then the second year third year we created to about craw of maybe 6 one stove to 2 stove now up to 4 double stove. eye pyrochef going at a time now. >> this is major food event where every dish reek of gr lick and proceed goes to community groups. over 35 years if he is have has given back over 9.7 million dollars to sports team scout troops hospital and even food bank. it takes 4000 volunteers to make it happen. >> it just happened over and over every year and volunteer congregation has grown so much it's made it successful. a lot of fuchbility real family at most for. >> this is a sires food show. carla from the true here on sunday so if heading this way don't forget sun screen. hat. appetite. in gilroy, david
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louie abc 7 news chld. >> did you see how david manipulated the skillet. >> he has done that before. >> won't be vampire in 50 miles of that. >> talk about how please and the weather is there this weekend. >> absolutely this often 100 degrees or more around gilroy this weekend it's 82 or 84 degrees. perfect weather. look at live doppler 7 h definitely. see why of cooler than average weather coming this way. beginning to push locally through the golden gate and across the bay. live view. earlier you could see down at the embarcadero temperature readings 60 degrees at san francisco. san jose and santa cruz. now another live view from the high definition exploring camera looking out towards the bay bridge and beyond. and under mainly clear skies inland 56 in santa rosa.
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65 at fairfield. 67 in livermore. one more live camera shot for you from our emeryville camera. traffic moving along well in emeryvill emeryville. forecast feature are these. low clouds fog moving well beyond the coast tonight locally and spotty drizzle at the keingt in the wee hours of the morning. see cooler pat he were than the one we are in writ now right in next week. satellite radar composite image shows low pressure system offshore and moving generally towards the central southern california coast that will help reinforce the development of this marine layer we have rate now. not tremendous effect in our weather but help reinforce the pattern we currently have. 11:00 o'clock tonight overnight we see marine layer deepening that will not only mean cool weather near the coast around the bay but also a nice cooling influence in the inland area enough to keep temperatures from rising very, very high. overnight tonight with fog. low klouchltd and off. maybe even some spotty drizzle. low pressure mainly in the mid 50's or mid upper 50's and then
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tomorrow in the south by look for mainly sunny sky by afternoon. high pressure rappinging from 79 at santa clara to 84 los gatos. up to 80 down in gill roychlt on the planes high of 72 at san mateo o. 79 at palo alto and mount view on the coast pacifica 58 degrees. half moon bay 60 with fog through much of the day. downtown san francisco high of 64 tomorrow. over in the sun set district a little bit of sun but lots of fog nearby. 60 agrees there up in the north bay high of 77 at novato. 78 nap a.76 calistoga and then way up north at ukiah clear lake mid 90's. east bay high pressure will rise to 69 at oakland. 77 tv at castro cell and fremont 75 at union city inrand east bay warm but not hot. 82 at please appton walnut creek and fairfield. 86 at antioch. accu-weather 7 day forecast. high pressure will
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remain in that range. that we'll see tomorrow right on through tuesday. mid 80's inland. mid 70's around the basement upper 50's coast. warming trend starting next wednesday and end of next week mid 90's inland again. low 80's around the bay and mid 60's on the coast. cool down then nice also warm-up to more seasonal levels. >> lovely week ahead in any case. thanks spencer. side by side with george washington the lincoln and jevr so that. honor awarded today to one of america greatest hero. >> shocking footage of the fedex worker tossing and throwing package what the any says tonight. 7 news
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[ male announcer ] how do you do a summer clearance the dodge way? first wait till summer. then get the cars ready. now add the dodge part. ♪ ♪ the dodge summer clearance event. right now get 0% financing for up to 72 months and no payments for 90 days on all dodge vehicles.
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>> local hero from the korean war is finally come home next week. specialist first class joseph david stein berg was captured and killed in south korea in february of 1951. his remains were discovered in may of this year. will be flown home to san jose on monday. buried with full military honor in san bruno on thursday. >> tomorrow mark the 60th anniversary of theen of the korean war and here in san francisco vet run of the war will dedicate the site for the new korean war memorial. it should be completed in 2015. speakers will include former congressman pete who served as marine rifle platoon lead interkorea a.he was awarded navy cross and silver star for valor as well as 2 purple heart. wound he received during the war 60 years later he's still troubled that korea remaeps divided. >> it's one people. they were divided by mistake. probably
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dumbest mistake ever made was to draw the 38th parallel and invite the russians to kilometer did you know to the north-and u.s. occupied the south half. but one people. they are not 2 people. >> korean and american war veteran will gather at the pre-situated why tomorrow morning at 10 to mark the signing of the agreement and they look for did nation to help in the building of the memorandum a.if you would like to help we have a link on our site. >> the one of the unsung hero of the korean war today received long awaited recognition. >> if reckless statue t.detail. >> if reckless statue t.detail. ready . [applause] the this life size monument of star sergeant installed today next to the national museum of the marine corps n.1952 a little korean boy sold reckless to pay for artificial leg for his sister. during one intense battle reckless made 51 trips in one
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day along mountain side to reach mat arena firing positions. she brought injured troops down to safety as well and returned reloaded with ammunition. marine clearly loved her. they would feed her the ration on and drape flack jacket over here to provide comfort. reckless wounded twice. southern california group angel without wing organized this monument to the horse and today ceremony included playing of tap to honor reckless and the men who served with her. >> if san diego mayor says he will not resign but something he will did after being accused of sexual harassment. that story up next. >> also all out man hunt. another member of an intor us gang of jewel thiefs breaks out of jail. you will see how he did it. >> discovery behind basement wall in san francisco ladies to something that will comfort pet something that will comfort pet owners for generations.
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>> mayor of san diego is accused by 7 women of sexual harassment. today he answered those charges by saying what he will and won't do to address the situation. story from abc news reporter david wright. >> the behavior i have engaged in over many years is wrong. >> the set by alleges he made unwanted sexual advances on at least 7 women. >> asked me to work without my underwear on. >> he ran his fencinger up my cheek like this. >> he actually groped me on my back side inappropriately. >> today san diego mayor apologized. >> beginning on august fifth i will be entering a behavior counseling clinic to undergo
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two week of intensive therapy. >> by ignored calls to resign. house minority leader nancy pelosi lumped him together with weiner saying the guys just don't get it. >> i must become a better person. >> my hope is that become ago better person i put myself in a position to some day be forgiven. >> the mayor is still under huge pressure. local law enforcement set up a hotline hoping other victims will come forward. today the city attorney served him with a subpena. his fiance has called off their engagement. therapy won't be enough to redeem. >> i think therapy is what you do when you have a personal problem. when you are the mayor of san diego and you have a problem of that degree you resign. >> poll show 70% of san diegan agree. david wright abc news long an. >> cleveland man accused of holding 3 women captive in the home for a decade has pleaded guilty to 900 37 counts and del
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to the avoid the death penalty. aerial castro entered the plea in court today. in exchange prosecutors are recommending the 53-year-old be sentenced to life without parole plus 1,000 years. castro told the judge the sexual problems have taken a toll on his mind. >> very good at spelling and reading but captain present end lake i mention earlier. my addiction to pornography and my sexual problem has really taken a toll on my mine. >> castro claims he was abused as a child. afterwards women he held captive berry, dejesus and knight released this statement. it reads amanda gina and michelle are relieved by today plea. satisfied by the resolution to the case and looking forward to having these legal proceedings draw to close in the near future. >> now to the notorious gang of jewel thieves known as the pink panther. one member was arrested in 2009 in switzerland
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and now he's escaped swiss problem. john donovan smrins how he did it. >> they are wanted everywhere. smash and grab is the style. always jewelry. but today they smashed and grabbed to get one of their own right out of prison. outside of switzerland where one of the gng known serve l time for 2000 finance robbery. today 2 vehicle crashed through the perimeter. pushed through layers of barb wire. ladder up over the last of the wire so the geico!guy geico claim over to them. pink panther gang strikes again as it has since at least the early 90's. most of the time defea defeating security. falling the cops. getting the loot. hardly a rich country left where they haven't pulled a heist including the u.s. and two months ago suspected of hitting hotel and con right in the middle of the film festival when everything else was loo looking at red carpet. hundreds of thousands office dollars last tonight. >> security camera good get away like the other guys in london. pink panther 1 up that driving luxury car in did you buy to smash water i into a
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shopping maul and then drive out. name comes from this skip in the sellers classic return of the pink panther where jewel thieves hit the loot inside a jar of cold cream. the guys once did the same thing. clever they are but not nice. to date the value of the take in excess of half billion dollars. this is abc news washington. >> tonight financial news big hit on wall street here. the stock sold for 14 dollars a share two years ago now barely above 3 dollars. down friend percent today alone. zing a announce it's giving up plans to get on line gambling license. number of people using the social media game has fallen by nearly half. >> another set back for apple tonight. industry research group reporting that apple share of the smart phone market fall tone its lowest level in 4 years sales went up last quarter but keeping pace with the rest of the market. >> men time apple biggest riffal samsung reported record profit for a sixth consecutive
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quarter. if company as one person said the bible is having its i moment. they change how where and when people read the bible. it's the bible app called you version. provided ts more than 600 bible translation more than 400 language. app non-denomination including version braced by catholic, russian orthodox and jew. this month the app had 100 million down load placing it in the start up like instagram and drop box. past 3 years apple continued to list it as one of the top 103 -- 100 free app. >> middle school girl getting a hands on lesson about robot at a.e summer
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>> summer camp at davis teaching middle school girls about robot. as jonathan explains, part of a plan to inspire tomorrow's engineers. >> what do you want to be when you grow up. >> i want to be an engineer. >> eighth grader bianca well on her way. in this lab at uc davis she's among 15 middle school girls learning to assemble and program robot at 1 week summer camp. >> really fun. what have you learned this week. >> i have learned how to program computers. >> before this week hardly any of the girls had ever written code now they bring robot to life and learning the joy of debugging. fichlt no. no. i am ruined. >> really frustrating because staples it's hard to find out what the error is. >>reporter: that frustration is where learning happens. >> they just hit the road bloc block. they 1 by 1 they knock them down. then they just have
9:41 pm
the moment where everything works. if yes. e-solving problems together is key. a little easier without boys around. >> i think boys naturally think that they are better in computer than girls. so they think that they know how to did it right so try to teach the girls or command the girls. >>reporter: instead the only one taking orders are the row boy. you are telling it what to do and it looks -- listens to you and you learn to put different row about the together and could you just make them like do like anything. >>reporter: robot they are using are called link box designed her at uc dave is to teach the same kind of problem-solving kids need in their science and math class. >> engage them in personal learning. >>reporter: there are lieutenants of different way to solve a problem. that critical thinking that uc davis hope help them succeed in engineering and life. >> i think logical thinking of programming can help you solve
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it. >> this is abc 7 news. >> unexpected discovery behind a church wall being transformed into a resting place for pets in san francisco. take a look what crew found behind a basement wall in north beach. church leaders decided to clean the space and build a pet area. they can place the ashes of pets there. the area will have some high tech features. >> family able to incorporate snap shots or video of themselves and pets and directory where they are able to kind of look through the lives of the pets. >> there will also be a wall to honor service animal police and seeing eye dog. it will have a stained glass rendering of santa francis of the patron saint of animal. >> package handler behaving badly. caught on tape. worker playing frisbee your fedex box. . at's next on 7 news at 9
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>>. >> this is 7 news. >> fedex worker is out of a job tonight and the company is responding to video that shows the worker tossing packages into the become of the truck like frisbee n.a statement to abc news fedex says we were disappointed to see the recent on line individual y.situation is completely unacceptable and driver is inform longer working for fedex. take a look. video is rather shocking. story from abc news reporter john mueller. abc news reporter john mueller. >> we are going downtown >> jim my add delivery man who
9:47 pm
has rather unorthodox way of hand licensing the packages. now fedex worker in mid town manhattan seems to be taking box throwing to whole new level in this video up loaded to you tube this week. watch as she takes the neatly stacked pile of box from the co-worker and hurl them with no rhyme or reason to the become of the truck scattering them everywhere. perhaps the co-worker is less after letcly inclined or nervous but he seems nerve to us join n.but then he guess for it. rewardd with a cackle. they are not the first team to catch heat for the delivery technique. this ups driver filmed giving the finger to home survillains cam before slamming the package on the ground. in 2011 this fedex driver caught flack when filmed leaving the flat screen computer monitor over a fence. how packages handled at airport also raise eyebrow. at newark airport they try the push over
9:48 pm
technique. >> handlers will roll the bag down the belly of the plane. if it don't have 4 wheel they throw it. >>reporter: at chinese airport last month half the packages careen off the con vir before the handler took a very important call. john mueller abc news new york. >> november my. let's get one last check of the forecast now with spencer. >> make me weren't to deliver my own package. look at live doppler 7 hd. fog interthe coast low cloud. mostly clear inland but may change overnight as fog pushes in. lack at the tropical system. storms moving away from the continental u.s. and in the direction of hawaii. it's not expected to strengthen into a hurricane but it is expected to remain at tropical storm strength weakening a tad and probably move over the big eye licensed of hawaii by monday with wind over 40 miles per hour. no fun for residents or for tourists many tomorrow here in the bay year. calm day. pleasant with high pressure below the average
9:49 pm
for this tame of year. still warm inland with low to mid 80's in many inland location. 70's around the bay. up to 60 on the coast. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast next 4 days in fact much like that. mid 80's inland 70's around the bay upper coast 10 by midweek next week warming back up to 90 or above in the inland location. >> all right spencer thank you. >> action going on in the bay area tonight. giants. a's. talking football. >> football season the games have haven't begun but get ready for the games. fears round pick was on the field today. silver and black rookie wearing red and we tell use wearing red and we tell use next in sports >> hi everybody. morning news traffic reporter for all you commuters out there drive the smart way. check out our web site right now. you cap drive away with brand new smart car. announce a lucky winner friday august 2nd on abc morning news. so be smart. enter now. gin
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me for live tr
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>> coming up at 11:00. landlord from hell. his first jail house interview only with the abc 7 news i tee. thought had you a bad landlord. wait until you hear how the guy even took his parents for a ride. >> major cyberattack targeting northern california supermarket chain. thousands of people affected what you need to know. that's coming up at 11:00 over on 7. right now larry is here with sports for us. >> start with baseball and the a's. hoping that could loan doesn't get suspended in the scandal while they watch and wait and hope. he has been great. tonight against the angels. a's wives and girlfriends on the tread mill raising money. mile for smile charity event. cologne going miles. courtesy of mike trout. 2 run bomb. 17th of the year. 2 nothing. oakland gets one back in the bottom half of the
9:54 pm
1st inning. eighth of year off williams. 2-1 angels. a take the lead in the second. mid of 3 hit night so far. double down the line. 2 runs in to make it a 4-2 game and a open it up klooen win 14th of the year. leading 6-2 and they are currently in the 8th inning. giants cubs all the traffic in the city. this is the way to get to the ballpark tonight. matt on the hill. pitched well. struck out 7. one blemish comes in the sixth. castro this time shoots it right underneath tony. probably should have made the play. former giant scores check out cain. could have had that. one nothing cubs. giants offense couldn't do anything until the seventh. a little flare with bases loaded here. pablo sandoval and hunter pence giants go if front 2-1 that's where they are right now. orange friday leading 2-1 in the eighth. raiders open
9:55 pm
training camp in nap a.pleasant surprise seeing first round draft pick dj out on the field on day one. hayden coming back from 2 surgery. one last november lif threatening on vein near his heart then follow-up operation abdominal procedure in may now hayden was in the red no contact jersey. hayden newcomer but old vet run come become to oakland and back no. 24. for his second tour of duty with the silver and black and he pull up to help the kid hayden get experience. >> my the game now going on 16 years. and great thing bit is that it's still fun. i still love it. and i plan on having great deal of fun this season with the guys their going to the first game. >> gave me good advice on and off the field. go out there and be you. do what you do listen. be coachable and especially just make play. >> wondering about the quarterback spot. lynn most of
9:56 pm
the first team snap today. starting camp clearly the front runner to be the raider starter for game 1. don't forget about prior he worked out in the off season with throwing guru. tighten up the mechanic if he can throw accurately he expects to be in the mix. >> all what you earn. at the end of the day after we talked after pre-season game whether i have it or not i give you the honest truth. i got beat out or i wasn't accurate enough. all about being a leader being a he had laker being consistent with that. being consist than the on the fichltd ravens win the superbowl wide receiver bolden was trieded. team that he defeated san francisco 49er 49ers. thrilled to have him. especially with the injury to michael crabtree. lit up the superbowl. 6 catches 104 yards and touch down. he knows san francisco defense is full of talent an expects all the guys in the secondary to challenge him in training camp. >> want guy that make you work
9:57 pm
because in the end it make you better as offense. offensively here we don't have it easy. going against the defense. have a lot of fv on the other side of the ball. that's a plus for us. >> on monday milwaukee brewers outfielder brawn suspended by maim league baseball for the rest of the season for using banned substances. that angered his friend packers quarterback rodgers. rodgers always came to brawn defense in the past. and now he feels betrayed. >> i was shocked i really was. just like i know many of you were. i was backing up a friend. who looked me in the eye on multiple occasion and repeatedly denied these allegations. doesn't feel great being lied to like that and i'm disappointed about the way it all went down. >> today the pack 12 had media day in culver city. bay area one team on top and other
9:58 pm
rebuild. stanford coming off pack 12 championship. and rose bell win. if the pom pom out here. this is cal first year with new head coach dike. cardinal front 7. key to the success last year led by lane pwaeshing. punish the other team offense is the goal. >> more than figure we parade ourselves on being physical. being aggressive and so our our offense builds the characteristic going up against them every single day. we do what we did and impose our will on opposing 0fichbilitys everybody is on the same page with the new staff. coaching staff is working extremely hard together 1 another teaching technique they want and expecting us to perform out on the field and it's really helpful for us about as youngester group. >> nothing make stanford fan happier than hearing the phrase punish cal. >> that's right. >> get them. i have to say were you saying that a lot of poll put them in the top 5.
9:59 pm
stanford. that's always a little tricky too. you go in with the soup are high expectation. it's difficult larry. >> yes. person already bought the rose bowl ticket like yourself has expectation. does mick it challenging and rarefied for stanford because it's not like they are one of the traditional football power house where you knower going to be grit and top 5 top 10 team this is new in the harbaugh era and with david shaw. >> what was it. get it. >> get tonight thanks for joining us everyone. i'm carolyn from all of us here thanks for joining us. see you thanks for joining us. see you at 11:00 on 7:00
10:00 pm
dennis: another big night, fellas. $164 and, uh, 87 cents. mac: that's not a lot of money. no, it isn't, and our mortgage is due in two weeks. no, we paid that, like, a week ago. no. a week ago was three weeks late, mac. - are you sure? - yes, i'm sure. hi, guys.


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