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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 27, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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>> getting paid nearly $400,000 to represent b.a.r.t. and is also a vice-president of viola transportation, that company was paid $30,000 to provide shuttle bus service during the strike according to the unions which filed a formal complaint with the b.a.r.t. board of directors. >> thomas hawk is the vice-president of labor relations and these invoices indicate he has a financial
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interest in the occurrence of a strike, and perhaps could even gain -- his company could gain from a prolonged strike. >> we have a contract with the company. we used east bay par -- paratransit to accommodate passengers. that bill comes back to us through viola and has an administrative fee. that's not a big issue. >> the b.a.r.t. spokesman denies there was a conflict of interest and says hawk was not involved in the choice of transit companies to pick up the slack during the strike. at this point b.a.r.t. says there are no talks scheduled for tomorrow or monday. they're supposed to wrap up again on tuesday, but that 30-day extension is coming to an end, and a week from tomorrow there is another threat of a possible strike if both side don't get the job done. live in oakland, abc7 news. >> people in an oakland
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neighborhood have hired private security to patrol their streets. here's why they have taken such a drastic step. >> i could afford it, but the thing is, you have to protect your property. >> joe has agreed with more than 150 of his neighbors in maxwell park to pay for a private security firm to patrol the streets. today a meeting was help with the firm. he says he is fed up with the increase of crime friday oakland and doesn't want to back victim. >> it's going to be me next or my wife or my kids or my neighbors. >> maxwell park resident says she thinks it will help. >> there's been two or three cars have been stolen in the neighborhood, and there have been killings in this park. >> you think this will help? >> i do. >> the killings are the shooting deaths of an eight-year-old as
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she opened her front door in the diamond district. then just last week, less than a mile away, 66-year-old woman was shot to death in her car. residents say they've been working on finding extra security for more than a year. it's a move council member regrets that the neighbors have to seek help from outside the police force. >> it's the city government's responsibility to make every neighborhood safe, regardless of whether they can afford supplemental patrols like this one. >> first alarm's chief administrative officer says the fee is $15 a month to have a house put on the first alarm patrol list. she says the officers will only care defensive weapons like radios, cell phones, and tasers. the council member says the city plans to hire 36 more civilian employees for the police department and adding 75 more police officers in the next two years. she says she hopes that makes oakland safer so communities won't have to rely on private security in oakland, abc7 news.
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>> tonight a teenage girl has been added to a wrongful death lawsuit in the death of a 15-year-old saratoga girl. last year, audrey potts hanged herself a week after passing out at a party. she says she was sexually assaulted at the party and pictures were circulated at the high school. three 16-year-old boys have been arrested in connection with the and all now the new female defend is accused of lying ask trying to cover up what happened to party. >> friends and relatives of a missing 21-month-old daphne webb of oakland are not giving up hope. they're continuing to blanket streets and homes with fliers about staff knee. today they consent daphne. today they concentrated on the area where the father lives. >> some things the police can't share with us and we respect that. we're just waiting to hear
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anything right now, any information, anything that gets us closer to finding her. >> daphne was last seen july 10th in the back seat of her dad's car. he says when he came out of a convenience store she was gone. >> four men are under arrest after running from park police after their boat crashed ashore in santa cruz. this photo shows where the boat landed. the men were placed in custody shortly after they tried to run away. a state parks official says several bundles were found inside the boat but did not reveal what is in the bundles. the department of homeland security has been called in to the investigation. >> crews have contained a brush fire that burned four acres in pitburg. the fire broke out last night near fire station 87. that station was closed last month. calfire crews were called in to assist since the area is a fire threat zone. crews got the fire under control in a half hour.
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an investigation into the cause continues. >> crews patched this water leak that turned part of foothill boulevard into a river early this morning. east bay mud says it was a six-inch main that broke. it took workers an hour to turn off the damaged main. some neighbors went without water for a while as the problem was fixed. >> 60 years ago today the united nations and north korea signed an armistice surrounding the -- suspending the korean war. today ground was broken for a future korean war memorial at the presidio. the ceremony was attended by sever veterans of -- several veterans of the war. one was proud of his accomplishments. >> what the forces did, primarily the americans, they made a democracy that is just so thriving and if we could have their subway system here in san francisco, it would be great.
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>> the korean war was an undeclared fight that lasted from 1950 to 1953. 33,000 american soldiers died and 100,000 were wounded. that is often called the forgotten war. >> still to come at 6:00, what a chp officer did in public that got him arrested and fired. plus, a look at the charges a boat operator will face after killing a bride-to-be and injurying the groom-to-be, and the city of san francisco, looking a little gloomy today. why it was transformed into a post apocalyptic wasteland. post apocalyptic wasteland. >> more cooling ant
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you play? yeah discover a mobile app that lets you bank more freely... and feel at home more quickly. chase. so you can. >> a speed boat driver faces charges after a crash of the boat. the driver of the boat was not the groom-to-be. the boat slammed into a construction barge in the river 20 miles north of manhattan. searchers spent the day for another passenger, he was going to be the best map at the wed --
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best man at the wedding. police believe the boat driver was drunk. >> three people died in a bush crash. the bus was bringing teenagers home from a church summer camp in indiana. 26 other people were taken to the hospital. the bush crashed a mile from its destination in northern indianapolis. firefighters had to free five victims trapped inside the wreckage along interstate 465. a local tv station reports the driver told witnesses his braked failed moments before the crash. >> the chp officer is on administrative leave, accused of sexual misconduct at a sacramento mall. security officers say theser pictures of the officer hurrying to his car after the alleged encounter. investigators accuse him of inappropriately touching a 22-year-old disaged man in a department store bathroom while off-duty. the security cameras caught the officer driving into the mall. >> got the car when it was coming in, got the license plate
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so we pretty much had an idea who the individual was the very first day. >> i just can't believe that a police officer, someone that is supposed to be protecting people, would turn around and touch someone. >> he was a a year department victim and is said to have exposed himself while assaulting his victim. >> coming up at 6:00. san francisco transformed into a hollywood set. the big budget movie shooting on city streets today. >> and the next few days could cool down even further in the bay area. coming up, leigh glaser tells us when the warm days will return. >> nfl training camp in full swing. 49ers but on the pads for the look at 'em.
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>> meet meat eating plants took center stage in sacramento. some of the plants featured serrated edges. others have sticky leaves. a show organizer called the
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display of hungry flowers, quote, spectacular. one woman was searching for a venus fly trapp. 500 plants were on sale. >> hollywood came to north beach in san francisco today. check it out. this police car is part of the soonry for the new "planet of the apes" movie. drivers may face detours when the filming is taking place, and you might find less parking as the scenery and production equipment is taking up parking spaces. >> cool to see it up close like that, though. for an upclose look at the weather let's going to leigh glaser. >> leigh: live doppler 7hd, if you were at the coast today, very cool. low clouds and fog, mist and drizzle across most of the region, and you can see a wall of fog just pushing through the golden gate bridge, heading over towards oakland and parts of san francisco, now towards the embarcadero and the bay bridge,
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and all of this will push further inland overnight tonight so get ready for the low clouds in fog. i want to show you the high sierra. they have been getting hilt with spotty isolated to severe thunderstorms. earlier this afternoon you can see them down towards yosemite village, tahoe and reno, and in the last few frames, sun starting to go down, and they're starting to dissipate. if you're heading to the tahoe area tomorrow we could possibly see a repeat performance of isolated thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon as well. okay, gang, high temperatures today all over the place, from 101 in ukiah to 62 in san francisco. antioch, 93. morgan hill, 89. and san jose, 79. half moon bay today, little sunshine. 62 degrees. you can already see -- this is from the exploratorium cam. the low clouds are already stretching towards the east bay. berkeley and oakland.
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so, that is a pretty good indication that we have a very strong onshore wind component. san francisco, 59. 70 in mountain view. the golden gate bridge has been socked and and mist and drizzle there. it will be on the increase overnight tonight. novato, 77. fairfield, 81. 82 in livermore. san jose, sunshine, and here's a look at the forecast highlights. low clouds, fog, mist and drizzle, further inland tonight. cooler day for sunday, and then after that, the model says temperatures will remain a little below normal. especially in through monday. fog will be on the increase, about 2,000 feet in depth by early tomorrow morning, which means it will be able to get up and over the east bay hill. for those towards the delta, antioch, pittsburg, could see low cloudiness and fog. overnight temperatures in the 50s. we have area of he pressure just
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off the coast, counterclockwise fashion around the low is what is helping to generate the strong onshore winds where all the low clouds and fog will move inland so more cooling through sunday and monday as well, and here's the temperature spread, tomorrow, 83. and then monday, the coolest day, and then we'll start to warm things up by wednesday, thursday, and friday. if you're going to the garlic festival tomorrow in gilroy, get ready. should be pleasant with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70s. san jose, temperatures a few degrees for you. 72, cupertino, at the coast, cool, upper 50s. san francisco, oakland tomorrow, 68. and interior east bay, come down a few more degrees. 85 brentwood and 82 for fairfield. the seven-day forecast. monday, the coolest day in the 70s and 60s and 50s, and then we start to warm things back up wednesday, thursday,
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friday, in the 90s. >> so we can look forward to that. thank you, leigh. >> mike: a little baseball? a's trying to pad their league in the american league west, hosting the angels in their retrouniforms. takes me back to my youth. i'm old. i'm not sure about the halo on the cap but they jump out to a 1-0 lead. a's starter tommy milone, a fat one to josh hamilton, blasted to the right. a's offense struggling until the seventh. derek norris pinch-hitting. lines to left. barely gets over the wall. oakland now have a four and a half game over the rangers who are playing, with a 3-1 victory. >> the 49ers put on the pads for the first time today in training camp and that's when you fine out who is a football
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player as everyone look goods in shorts you. don't want too much hitting in camp but jim harbaugh wants to see collidings to see who is the real deal. a guy we don't have to worry about is the former cal bear who joined the 49ers hoping to play in his first ever post season game. >> definite lie different culture. the whole environment is a lot more positive, a lot more upbeat, and it's true optimism. it's not like, all the 32 teams in the league just coming to say, this is the year, we're going to win the super bowl this year. it's coming from a real place, and so never been around that and just really good locker room. >> meanwhile, the raiders with the new offensive star running back darren mcfadden hoping former success. last year, scored only two touchdowns. he was frustrated with offensive coordinator and the zone block scheme but now there's a new
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coach and the they're going to try to get the ball to their best player. >> they try to get the ball to some of the playmakers hands. and they're going to try to get the ball, and do whatever it takes. >> we have a lot of new faces and new offensive scheme and a lot of new things going on. not concerning ourself with last year. looking forward to this year. >> mike: story of the day, i'm hand ought the husband of the year award to hunter mahan who was leading after two rounds at the canadian open but withdrew after his wife went into labor in texas. he was on the driving range when he got the call himself wife went into labor three weeks early. he withdrew with the lead. and dustin johnson makes that for eagle. 9-under 63 on the day. three shots back at 11-under. the leader, brandt snedeker, shot a 9-under 63. a birdie putt on 11 goes down. then another on 16.
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nine birdies no bogeys. leads by one heading into sunday's final round. >> the third round of the senior british open in southport, inningland. 2010 open charm bernhard langer has the lead heading into sunday. he is 9-under for the tournament. >> wnba all-star game in connecticut. a little kaepernicking right there. candace parker playing in the first all-game. she was voted in last year but had a knee injury. but coast to coast with the reverse layin. parker 23 points, helps the west win 102-98. >> bank of the west tennis semifinals at stanford. dominique, facing -- takes the first set. then wins 6-0 on match point.
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>> this sports report brought 0 to you by orchard supply hardware, at 9:00 and 11:00, giants, cubs and hot rods in sonoma half. see you then. >> you make it sound good. up next, we'll look at the cutest profession you'll ever see. marching through the bay area this weekend. >> hey, everybody, i'm on the abc7 news morning news traffic reporter. drive the smart way. check out slash contests right now and you can drive away with a brand new smart car. we'll announce the lucky winner friday, august 2nd, on abc7 morning news so be smart, enter now,
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>> join us at 9:00 tonight on cable 13. we'll tell you how fans of the horror movie are terrorizing the people at the home where it was filmed, and then at 11:00, an emotional reunion, family reunited after an 11-year-old is missing for hours. a good samaritan helped find the boy. >> an annual right of passage
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took place at the san francisco zoo today. the zoo provided these pictures from the march of the penguins. visitors cheered as five penguins, chicks, graduated from fish school. the birds then marched to penguin island. that's where they joined the zoo penguin colony, home to many of their parents. the zoo has been very successful in breeding penguins since the island opened back in the 1980s. >> mike: what it's like to graduate from fish school? >> only the penguins know. i don't think we should question that. it's it for us at 6:00. for leigh glaser, mike shumann, thanks for joining
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[ bell ringing ] [ whistle blowing ] >> what? are you out your mind? you just don't do that! the man's like 80 years old! [ both shouting at once ] >> hey! hey, what is going on here? >> cora, i was out there trying to electrocute justice. >> execute. >> whatever it was, i was doing it. >> ugh. >> cora, your daddy just took down the health teacher. i haven't seen a tackle like that since i started coaching here. >> you ain't seen no tackles since you been coaching here. that's why y'all's sorry and ain't never won a game and ain't gonna never win a game 'cause y'all's sorry. [ gasps ] >> i'm sure he had his reasons. >> and my guess is he was dropped on his head as a child. >> and my guess is he is with child. when you gonna have your baby? >> what you mean? you need to just calm down! >> would you just please stop it now? just stop it! >> you can't tell me nothing! >> officer brown? >> huh? >> i just got a call from mr. spencer. he said that you attacked him and knocked out his two front


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