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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 28, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm katie marzullo in for a.m. ama daetz tonight. police are searching for a shooter. gunfire erupted just after 7:00 tonight. a man was shot at 29th and geary. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. also tonight, a man is likely to face charges after allegedly causing a car crash that killed a woman in san
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leandro. the deadly crash happened at 2:30 this morning on washington boulevard. keira talked with neighbors about the 57-year-old woman who died. >> very caring, went to church every sunday. >> neighbors and family spent the day consoling one another after their beloved neighbor was killed and her husband was left fighting for his life following an early morning head-on collision. >> they were very, very nice people. very sweet. they would barbecue for everybody. >> they were driving north on san leandro and another car speeding at hundred miles an hour hit them head-on. moments before that, the police saw the driver speed past him but lost sight of him. >> as he pulled off on washington and made his turnaround on the blind curve
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the vehicle had struck another vehicle head-on. >> the early morning scene shows the car totaled. front of the car crushed. they pulled the man speeding from his car moments before it caught fire. he in the subpoena hop in the serious condition. driver of the other car is in critical condition but his wife died at the scene. they were investigating the crash eight hours later. investigators still don't know if the speeding driver crossed the line into oncoming traffic but they do believe alcohol was found. >> if it is found that he caused the collision and alcohol was a factor he could be facing a d.u.i.. >> it will take a few weeks for alcohol tests to come back. >> ama: police in hayward is looking for a suspected thief that wounded two store security officers. he tried to walk out of home
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depot without paying for items. he was confronted at and the suspect shot one officer in the shoulder and pistol whipped the other. across the street, police found a bloody shirt and what looked like human hair. protestors in berkeley are camped out to fight the sale of a post office. about 15 people spent last night in tents set up in front of the building on austin way. postal officials say they need to sell the building because the postal service is in bad financial shape. berkeley post office was built in 1914 errand it is on the national register of historic places. it's also one of hundreds of post offices across the country slated to close. >> how long are you going to do this? >> as long as we can until we can stop the sale of the post office. it's the will of the people and representatives to save this post office. it's not necessary.
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>> berkeley city leaders are doing what they can to prevent the sale of building. police have not asked protestors to leave or remove tents. >> all bart trains are running on time after an electrical fire in richmond earlier today. fire happened this morning in a substation in bart's maintenance yard. trains couldn't move. the richmond and fremont line was shut down for about a 45 minutes. they are looking into the cause of the fire. bart officials are confident the monday commute will be northerly. sticking with bart, contract talks are set to resume tomorrow. both sides have until next sunday to avert another strike. yesterday they discussed some issues including worker safety but not the major are sticking points like salary and benefits. progress is being made and optimistic that a strike won't happen. four-day strike halted
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service earlier this month. demonstrators rallied in support of pro democracy supporters in egypt. today rally was sponsored by the group jismgss against the cue. morsi as first elected democratically official. death toll in the clashes is up to 80 a. >> still ahead, how a new documentary may have sparked a boycott against sea world. plus, a little league team from the bay area moving on to the regionals, we'll let you know. how a national audience responded to fruitvale station, the movie about the oscar grant shooting. >> i'm leigh glaser. it's been a cool weekend but we are going to warm up the we are going to warm up the upcoming workweek. the thing is bee,
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new zealand is moving on to the finals of the america's cup series. they beat the italians by more than three minutes. it completed a 5-0 sweep for new zealand. they will face artemis racing of sweden in early august and the winner will race next month and whoever possess emerges victorious will take on olympic team u.s.a. >> it makes a lot more sense to use the time between now and then to make changes. that way we can control and
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how we use our time in the water. >> after the race, new zealand team, tom cruise arrived at san francisco bay. you can see wearing sunglasses but no helmet. in the ve can see him wearing a medical met taking turns working the handlebars. >> they have a huge reason to celebrate. the little league team won the championship in roseville this afternoon. proud parents have the video of the final how the. they beat the santa cruz americans after a grueling three-game series. now, they head to san bernardino and go head to head with teams from southern california, arizona and hawaii. congratulations! >> coming up next on "abc 7 news" at 9:00, scientists are buzzing about the return of
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species of bumblebee to the pacific northwest. leigh glaser is going to tell us how much it will cool 60 this week. >> the giants continue to struggle and raiders hoping to rekindle the commitment to excellence and find the winning formula. we'll talk to the ball coach coming up in sports. >> for all commuters, drive the smarted way. check out abc7 dtcom right now and you can drive away with a small new smart car. ♪
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animal rights activists protested at sea world about the mistreating animals. they asked the public to boycott the park of keeping orcas in captivity for life they say it is inhumane. a new documentary black fish. two trainers are featured in the film talk about safety with staff that work with whales. >> it increases the stress level and stress leads to frustration and it leads to aggression. >> sea world criticized the film calling it misleading. they went on to say sea world is proud of what it does to support marine science. a bumblebee nearly wiped out has made a return.
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western bumblebee has been spotted several times in western washington. they are the first sightings in decades. it was one of the most common bees before the decline. scientists believe the pesticides may have decimated the population but they are excited about the reappearance of the bees that suggests conservation its have given them a chance to repop late. watch live stream is now available in the bay area. abc7 is the first local station and abc is the first broadcast network to bring you a live stream of your local news and all of your favorite abc tv shows. now you never have to miss a minute of the shows you love. you can bring it along with you where you want to be. go to to find out how to access watch abc.
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just enter your account information and log in and get the watch live stream or search watch abc to download the app. time to get a check of forecast. let's check with leigh glaser. >> temperatures are running about 5-8 degrees below where we should be for this time of year. you can see why. live doppler has a great shot of all the low clouds and fog with a strong westerly winds. that is pushing it through the golden gate, angel island seeing dense fog. made its way over to richmond san rafael bridge. this marine layer is substantial at about 2,000 feet. so that is high enough that it will move inland up and over the east bay hills. a wicked wind out of southwest, gust to fairfield, 36 miles per hour.
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southwest napa will gust to 24. any time we get the strong westerly winds, low clouds and fog will influence temperatures for your monday afternoon, meaning cooler temperatures for you. live doppler roof cam, san francisco right now, 58 degrees. san jose is sitting at 63 degrees. mist and drizzle on the golden gate bridge. fuzzy shot because of low ceiling on the deck there. 59 in fairfield. los gatos holding a little bit of heat at 68 degrees. if you like the forecast highlights, mist and drizzle tonight. another cool day for monday afternoon and then high pressure will start to build in. we will start to warm things up. lows tonight as the low clouds and fog continue to move inland in the 50s. widespread 50s across much of the bay area. once again, the point is area of low pressure that has
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deadly off our coast. speculation around the low counterclockwise to bring in the strong southwesterly winds and bringing in the low clouds and fog and cooler air mass. tomorrow lab cooler day. then we'll start to warm things up as i mentioned by mid-week. if you are heading to the hawaiian islands, tropical storm flossie, 60 mile-an-hour gusts about 70. you will notice tomorrow by 2:00 in the afternoon it should start to move over the big island. winds about 50 miles per hour and proceed out towards the pacific by tuesday. we're talking about copious amounts of rainfall expected. we're 10-12 inches of rain expected in those locations. here is a look at 11:00 tonight with the low clouds and fog that really pushes out to the delta by early tomorrow morning. then slowly burns back to the
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coast. low clouds and fog will more than likely sit at the coast throughout tomorrow. 67 for morgan hill. menlo park, 69. san francisco a cool 62 degrees. does near the coastline. 72 for petaluma. sonoma at 72. oakland, 67. brentwood 80 and concord 77. accu-weather seven-day forecast, get through monday and tuesday. coolest days of the week and warm back up into the low 90s by next week. >> looks good. nothing to complain about there. sports is a different thing. [ laughter ] a's, angels five-run lead. taking three out of four of the series. we're going to stay with nerd power. parker gave up four runs in
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the first inning and this base hit, up 4-0. a's make it 5-4 and cespedes, this should are the third out but he loses it. 5-35 game. now bottom of the sixth, he collides with a team made josh hamilton. game tied at 6. here is base hit and we're going to call this nerd power including his teammate, a's win 10-6. giants and cubs, how cute is this little girl. don't eat the peanut off the ground. she did it. and by the pitchers, travis wood had this home run off the lincecum. giants tied at 1 and in the 7th, gone!
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lincecum, four hits and seven innings. they fleece the giants with 2-1 victory. g-men are ten back of the dodgers. >> raiders went the team from 8-89 to 4-12. he is trying to turn this team around in 2013. they put on the pads for the first time in napa. with so many starting spots, things are going to get testy. there was pushing and shoving and couple of fights. alan doesn't want to see anyone hurt but hitting is must in practice. >> it's football. we can't hurt our team, but you to have practice football. you have to practice it tough. you have to practice it physical. you will never be able to run the ball if you don't come off and try the knock the heck out of people.
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>> stanford, aggie facing her opponent. they recovered in the second on nice drop shot. third and final set, took an early lead but came back to make it 5-4 and here is the fifth match point. she will rip a crosscourt winner right there, come any technique is leading sets. >> canadian open, thompson tied with the lead with brandt snedeker. he is done and brandt snedeker cruises. par on 18 for a win. >> they staged their finals with every driver thinking of former media director who passed away from stomach cancer earlier this year.
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>> sean beat his classmate to take the at 240 miles an hour. and funny car finals, 311 miles an hour in four seconds. his 40th career win. he dedicated his win to john cardinale. >> i wanted to dedicate the win, great guy and instrumental in a lot of things that happen around here. just to suesed to see his face. i was sad not to see him. >> and indianapolis, brickyard 400, jimmie johnson dominated the race. with 27 laps to go he needed to pitted. kid from south bend, gets to kiss the bricks of indy.
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what a thrill. >> another posey, his brother jeff. we'll talk to both of them. >> thanks, shu. >> up next at 9:00, fruitvale station, movie about the station, movie about the shooting of oscar grant has goodnight. thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french)
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weekend. wolverine follows the events of x-men last stand. international setting may have helped audiences overseas. it racked up $88 million to claim the top spot. conjuring pulled in second place. did he piss cable and grownups. and fruitvale station came in tenth playing. >> thanks for watching. that is going to do it for abc news at 9:00. we'll see you at 11:00. [ male announcer ] on vacation, you want more
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