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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 29, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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tonight the bay area distinction in a major fbi sting a rests and rescued from a child sex raid. >> pilots under new orders that should make landings safer, why they applied to foreign pilots only. >> a live picture from shores of maui. flossie is moving in right now. spencer christian puts live doppler 7 hd to work. >> forget about spying. work of a local videographer shows how a drone can enhance the art of film making.
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>> good evening, everyone. we begin with a massive prostitution sweep organized to rescue children. >> fbi calls it the biggest operation of its kind, ever. 150 people arrested in 76 cities more than 100 are children. abc 7 news is in the newsroom now with video only on abc 7 news. vic? >> the fbi said there were more children rescued here in the bay area during this sweep than anywhere else in the smaigs nation. the task force included dozens of local law enforcement agencies. in all, the task force rescued 12 children. this 13-year-old girl was so scared she began hyper vent lating. an officer tried calming her
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down with breathing exercise and assuring her she'd be helped. we were told she ran way from a group home. patrick mimms is with an add vo ksy group that helps girls like susan. >> foster homes and group homes they're leaving these places as fast as they're sent to them. >> this 15-year-old was scared and asked if she can call her mother. this 17-year-old told them she was from a small town in sacramento. >> what did you come here with intention of doing? >> conversation. >> just conver sigs? >> the task force arrested six female adults and two pimps friday night. there were operations in other hotels and on the streets of cities across the bay area. at the hayward hotel, fbi set up a command post in one room,
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one person monitored cameras, set up in each room where police decoys rate waited for hookers. >> there are 98,000 ads just from the bay area. >> others contacted escort services through ads on craig's list and redbook. they set up appointments throughout the evening. once a woman sets a price, officers would get alo go head to arrest her, prostitution is a lucrative business for the pimps. >> they may be running three to five girls at any one time. >> fbi agents told us this man arrested for pimping lived in the hotel with his hooker and her 4-year-old child. officers searched their room. they looked for drugs, weapon asks other evidence.
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those arrested face charges related to human traffic and prostitution. one footnote. the youngest rescued in the sweep was nine years old. >> vic, thank you. the faa mandating new rules for commercial airline pilots in san francisco international airport. concerned about an unusual number after borted landings at the airport. abc 7 news joins us at sfo with what some feel is a double standard. >> well, it is. because the new rules only apply to foreign flagged airlines, pilots will no longer be allowed to fly fl visually and land airplanes. they're going to have to relie on gps. airport got concerned about the number of plane that's could come into sfo and would
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have to pull up, and try again. those are recorded. asiana flight 214 called for a go around just seconds brit slammed into the sea wall at the end of the runway. airport noteddation and other carriers had an unusually high number of go arounds since the airport's instrument landing system went down for repairs. so now faa requiring all foreign flagged pilots to use a second system based on data based on data. >> that is since they're establishing a double standard saying some are not as good as others well that is not a good thing for those who buy tickets on airline autos he said the faa and foreign carriers should demand all pilots can meet the same standards. >> i think each has to be looked at individually and training standards and skill
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levels have to be individually. >> mike says the faa is acting out of caution. >> i think faa just making sure everyone is on the same page and following proceed your autos but does it remain a double standard. rules only apply to foreign carriers until landing system is up and running again in august, pilots from airlines based outside of the u.s. will be told they have to fly gps into sfo. >> a bay area health advisory issued today because of smoke in the air. local officials pro dikted particulate matter would reach unhealthful levels this afternoon. smoke being drawn in by off shore winds. it's expected to be smoky and
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hazy tomorrow as well, but not unhealthful. >> now, to my home state of hawaii tropical storm flossie is dumping rain on islands now. this is a live shot near the main airport on maui high winds and heavy turf spencer latest conditions. >> well, you can see here there are wide spread rainfall across the area in terms of structure appear to be falling aport. this is the center of the storm. most heaviest rain hitting southern edge of the big island. there are other areas of scattered heavy rain as well. strongest wind gusts just over 30 miles per hour so wind damage is not a concern. rain is hefy and rather wide
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spread. here is the exacted track of the storm, it's a weakening. continuing to weaken. a tropical storm moving west towards maui. and continues weakening as well. tomorrow, it probably will not be a very big deal but there is concern at the moment as it's about to make land fall. >> this is causing big problems. at least 22 flights have been affect bid the storm. 12 cancelled today, six departing and six arriving and people heading on vacation to hawaii despite storms say they still expect to have a fantastic time. >> better waves for surfing. if we can get there. >> sun, sand, tanning. we may be doing more than -- the kindel than we thought.
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>> there are four flights cancelled today. >> a bay area man killed in hawaii over the weekend. a 50-year-old from benicia died snorkling with his family on saturday. paramedics unable to revive him. he was a environmental reporter for contra costa times 12 years. the driver of a jeep that slammed into a car in san leandro is now charged with vehicular man slaughter and dui. police say he was driving 100 miles per hour early yesterday morning when his jeep hit head on into another car. the woman died in the crash and her husband in critical condition. >> bart and ruin unions continue negotiating today but two sides are running out of time to reach a deal to stop another strike. this video shows a group of protestors interrupting a conference attended by grace
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crinik nismt. today two sides say there has been some progress on smaller issues but if there is no deal reach bid sunday there could be another strike. >> what we're afraid of is that we only have now four more days. and we're very concerned that the issues are complicated. they're big. they divide us. >> the main discussions over wages and benefits are set to take place tomorrow. >> go back, make progress. just quickly as we can. >> officials will meet to discuss their options if there is a strike. >> still no opening date for the new bay bridge. we can confirm this, it won't be labor day weekend. as you know discovery of 32 broken bolts delayed completion until december. a panel said the bridge maybe
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could open while crews complete a fix for the bolts. caltrans left that decision up to the federal highway administration. but a spokesman confirmed that a labor day opening is quote off the table. >> t a story first reported here on friday. officials in sonoma county using eminent dome yaib to ka r.fl paying and the own assessment puts the value that have land at more than $400,000. tonight mark reports county officials continue to rescind their owe ever to pay $279,000. >> still head tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 opening of a gentlemens club in downtown san jose ai. city councilman tells about the strict new rules he's hoping to impose.
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>> there is a less expensive way to get down to los angeles we'll compare your options next on 7 on your side. >> and i'm wayne freedman. in downtown livermore little league central. not just california but nation this week. we'll tell you with about it when we come back. >> and
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downtown san jose's controversial new gentlemen's club now has posters up advertising the date with katie morgan hosting a dult businesses are banned downtown but the gold club got approval because women will not appear nude there. one council member is concerned about this image it will create. >> we don't think one business is going to change perception of downtown. it's a bikini bar. rtaient uses here. e've g a lot of concerns from business communities and residents. with he know businesses may be impacted because people don't want to walk on a block that has a will you be like this. >> there are proposed regulations for the gold club and any other similar club. he wants clubs to pay a special fee to cover police in the area. he wants to ban touching of a
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performer and restrict alcohol minimum lighting yenss and standards. and wants the clubs to close at mid night or earlier and few you're clubs would have to keep a distance from schools, libraries and parks. >> well, forget about at ask t park right now. center of the bay area baseball world this week is livermore which is posting little leaguers from around north america. we're live and wayne is going to be wall to wall baseball this week. >> it is. from around north america and around the world. let me show you first video from just moments ago here on first street in livermore. a parade of little leaguers not just kids from pleasanton
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and it's the next several up, intermediate. livermore tonight they're primed and ready to become the center of the little league universe for a week. >> one of the things of the town. >> are we talking like hundreds of small boys? >> well, 10 teams of them and not so small, either. these little leaguers are wide eyed teenagers. >> never good enough to play from other countries. just awesome. >> it's a thu level for a 13-year-old. the intermediates on a slightly bigger diamond. >> they're regal. >> some as far as japan, livermore hopes to make this an yearly event. it does have facilities and attitude. >> norman rockwell feel of it.
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>> and this week, sets center stage for back stories. these kids have played together most of their lives but fell just short of their last shot. >> we're going to try to redum -- redeem ourselves. >> if 13 seems young, then you've never played little league baseball oob kind. friendly. and have fun. >> and play ball. >> not only play ball but they're likely to spend mb and make money in livermore. no official estimates but figure 48 parents other family members and friends filling up two hotels and television audience for the final on espn 2. and yes, baseball is big in livermore this week. they want to make it permanent.
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>> i can tell you little league officials are pumped about this event. the game will be televised monday at 4:00 p.m. >> the giants visited white house today to celebrate last year's world series win. the president said the team is making a habit of dropping in. the president made an announcement about a new project underway. >> i'm proud to announce they're planning to turn bleachers into awhat is believed to be the first ever edible garden. in a major american sports facility. with rows of kale, strawberries and egg plant. >> here is a look at the design plan in order garden. that garden will be available for demonstration autos i can get a cha cha bowl, right? it doesn't have to be kale. >> yes. anything you want. >> i will admire it.
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>> i want a platter of kale, brussels sprouts and broccoli >> there dwo >> take a look at ehere is live doppler 7. and this isn't an edible garden here, we've got low clouds and fog. just west of medford they've been throughout the bay area producing dim minute yishd air quality. here is a look at hazy foggy cloudy skies from our camera. 65 in oakland. mountain view. 57 in half moon bay. readings 63 in santa rosa.
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66 in napa and novato. 72 fairfield. and one more live view looking west and there is a little area of sunshine there more areas of cloud and fog tonight. warmer patterns by the end of the week. pleasant weather coming our way, satellite shows cool air riding jet stream into our direction. tomorrow as well, overnight tonight wide spread areas of low clouds and fog low temperatures into loado mid-50s overnight. wide spread fog and low clouds. and some lingering clouds near
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the coastline. highs from low 60s at the coast to 70s around the bay. into low 80s, red 70s through pal yes alto to mountain view. mid-70s in north bay. upper 60s to midz 70s, inland highs upper 70s to low 80s. here is the accu-weather forecast. we'll see temperatures bouncing up to more seasonal levels by friday. inland highs into upper 80s. that tolds throughout the skbeekd into next week. warmer weather rifz for the weekends. >> still to come tonight warren buffet's newest fund-raiser. >> like a kid m a candy sfor
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san francisco district attorney says he's making progress in trying to prevent cell phone thefts. last month he took nart a cell phone antitheft summit in new york city today told us apple ask samsung are now working on antitheft security feature autos we're testing some of the software we're bringing on board n case of samsung it's a combination of hardware software still in developmental stages but we're assured both will be released before the end of the year. police say half of the robberies in san francisco involve cell phone autos labor rights group accused a chinese company of overworking
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employees. apple says it's committed to providing fair working conditions in dhina. saks fifth avenue will be soon under new ownership and has been purchased by hudson bay company of canada. the oldest company in north america and parents company of lord & tailor. amazon plans to add 7,000 new jobs across the country but rising costs of filling and shipping orders is eating into profits. it's stock fell 2% today. and for the first time in its history the zagat is sharing ratings and reviews for free, now own bid goog skbrel today unveiled an app incorporating the guide into google maps. >> nebraska billionaire warren buffet has come up with a new fund-raiser. you know he auctions off a lunch date every year benefiting glide church now he's planning to auction a all
7:28 pm
you can eat tour of a see's candy factry. his investment company owned sees since 1972. preez promising to demonstrate how to eat a bonbon. >> like the episode of "i love lucy". >> there is more still to come. what pope francis had to say today that many are hailing as a leap forward for the can catholic church. >> the snake bite solution of a researcher that could save lives. >> how you can catch a ride to l.a. for just $1 and in more cut!
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pull yourself out!
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hope francis raising eye brows after taking on the issue of gays and lesbians in the catholic church.
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abc 7 news has the story. >> after a hugely successful tour of brazil celebrating world youth day, pope francis surprised journalist was a q and a aboard the plane trip asked about homosexuality of priests in the vatican. many see the answer as including gays in general. >> if someone is gay and searches for the lord and has goodwill who am i so judge? and remark that's one calls a great leap forward. >> comments are a step in changing the tone of the dialogue and comments humanize gay people before the church. >> the pontiff did not veer from official church doctrine but the tone seems to be a change. we talked to parishioners leaving mass in san francisco.
7:33 pm
>> he's a very loving hoax i hope we get more of the message of love. >> remarks were welcomed. >> i think that this is in line with pope francis. his very human, very kmas compass knit, open armed embrace of the world. >> what he had to say today about women was very disappointing to maureen. she was ordained last may, in a ceremony not recognized by the vatican and today, the pontiff kept the door closed on female priesthood. >> only thing impeding us is not theology, not god but a tradition held by men that is impede prog gres of women order nation. >> still, both critics and supporters believe this is a pontiff who has potential to rat kad -- change the church.
7:34 pm
>> a discount bus service has arrived in the bay area. >> tonight whark you need to know. >> we're going to save you money. you watch. this company is called megabus. you may have seen the new buses. it provides service from bay area to sacramento, reno and los angeles with fares as low as $1. so, we decided to check into it to see if the service is as good as advertised. there is little doubt why people are tracted. a stream of passengers boarded for the trip to los angeles. the gonzales family made l.a. to san francisco round trip for just $33 each. >> because of the price. that was major consideration. >> i found it and it was $33 going down and $36 coming back. >> tickets were $15 for one way. >> fares fluctuate according
7:35 pm
to the demand there is at least one seat available for $1 mike waters is with megabus. >> if it's slow booking it may hold down until getting full or booking rates speeds up. >> megabus began service in december. and didn't take long for greyhound to respond now offering fairs with faster service. >> we rolled out our express service back in may, 2012 we've seen 25% increase. >> we compared fares using three itineraries from san francisco to los angeles. we found fares were comparable if you booked as little as two weeks in advance but could be twice as high. we did find one, $1 fair available on a trip that got in at 2:00 in the morning.
7:36 pm
discount bus service has been popular on east coast for years. a safety crack down has led to the shut down of several other bus companies on the east coast. >> in cases it's drivers and maintenance. two primary issues with the operators that have been shut down. >> we've checked with california public utilities commission and were told it has never received any violation in this state. but the service crashed on the interstate last year killing one person, and injuring 47 others. megabus is too new in california to compare its safety records to greyhound. it does not have a bus terminal picking up passengers curve side and only sells tickets online.
7:37 pm
both offer wi-fi, and power outlets. one called the service spotty for wi-fi but will continue to ride it. >> i'm not here for wi-fi. >> why are you sneer. >> it's cheap affordable and convenient. >> megabus in the bay area from across the street at the dear don train station near west oakland bart. again, just curve side. hang out see if the bus comes by. >> thank you. >> sure. >> still ahead images taken from a drone.
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this beautiful image of lake tahoe is result of an innovation helping photographers get aerial shots without hiring helicopters. they're doing witness small drones like this one equipped with cameras that can be flown by remote conroll. more now from a drone photographer who cap tufr add mazing shots. >> there is qirt a buzz about
7:41 pm
what eric chang is doing with this little helicopter. last week capturing this striking video of surfers in the santa cruz. within hours it was all over the internet. >> it's an angle you rarely get to see in surf except during large competitions. >> chang says the video shot in minutes but the result of months of preparation starting with an ordinary radio controlled drone. >> it comes ready to fly out of the box with a radio and a battery. >> but that lasts only four minutes into the air because of what is attached to it when flying camera stays level. >> this electronic gimble keeps every shot smooth. and a radio transmitter let's him see what he is getting. >> they're small enough to
7:42 pm
take risks. >> chang says what struck is how easy to create beautiful image that's would have otherwise been impossible. >> i feel like there is potential for beauty to be associated with this word, drone. >> what is more beautiful than nature? he spent years photographing sea life underwater. the next project swril a different point of view. >> wildlife ignores it. you can hover above something maybe five feet up they act as if it's not there. >> going where a full sized helicopter can't he snees it's powerful technology that could bring us a new perspective. >> what a gorgeous shot. >> mesmerizing. >> they are. >> coming up a major step forward in treating snake bites. bites. >> a save, cheap and
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when you smoke, addictive ingredients like nicotine pull you in. every day, over 1200 people die from smoking-related diseases.
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don't sink deeper into addiction. pull yourself out! bay area doctors made a break through that could save tens of thousands of lives in
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other countries the number of people who die from snake bites is comparable to that of aids. a ground breaking experiment could revolutionize snake bite treatment its been two years since this major research expedition was launched at the philippine autos academy doctor yaz waz in charge of keeping them safe. >> unfortunately we've hatd experience prior to my arrival that one of the scientists died from ana bite. >> it was 10 years earlier but there have been no advances for decades f you can't get to a hospital fast, outlook kk bleak there are five million snake bites per year and 100,000 death autos in the only is a global problem probably the most neglects of the neglects tropical
7:47 pm
diseases. >> matt made emergency kits but knew they would be doifl use. >> what it did have was a lot of needle autos lucky floirks one was bitten but on the way home he started thinking he had to come up with something better. and it came to him. using a nasal spray. >> new trick for old drug. >> he started talking with colleagues and they came up with an experiment. >> in funding and just kind of invented this. >> some snakes kill with a neurotoxic that paralyzes the victim and keeps them from breathing. a drug has been showned to reverse paralysis but would it work as a nasal spray? >> they're absorbed through the nose quickly. >> the team had to find a volunteer. it was done at uc san
7:48 pm
francisco with extensive safety precautions. the volunteer was monitored as given a drug that paralyzed him sim tloor affect of a cobra bite, then, doctors administered the spray. >> and we didn't need to do the measurements. change was so dramatic. >> it worked. the results were so exciting matt gave a talk on it at a medical convention. he revealed result autos you were the first person to see this. >> one doctor in the audience joined the collaboration. he was in an indian hospital with a nasal spray tried for the first time on a snake bite victim. matt got the news a short time later. >> i got an e mail saying we've done a reversal. so i was in tears. >> the patient is fully recovered. the spray still in
7:49 pm
experimental stage and won't work on every type of snake bite but could be the start of a safe, cheap, easy way to save tens of thousands of lives. >> update on breaking news there is a car fire and this fire is out. the car is burned this, is interstate 680 in san ramone. you can see it's moving fairly decently. and you can follow our coverage on abc 7 news bay area. >> we'll start with a live doppler 7 hd showing low clouds and fog across the bay. and into deserts, in the bay area after mainly sunny skies
7:50 pm
tomorrow into afternoon. some fog and clouds linger, temperatures ranging from upper 50s and low 60s at the coast to 60s and 70s around bait to low 80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. a pleasant below average conditions ask temperatures for next three days then warming up on friday. and that warmer pattern holds throughout the weekend. >> thank you. >> we want to encourage to you try the live stream its a new way tochl peer yens abc 7 programming any time, anywhere. brought to you at no extra cost sheer what you need to do. go to abc 7 and enter your account information and
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then go watch abc live stream or you can watch to down load at pp. >> i'm in for dan. shu in for me z a nice treat for giants today. >> they are headed to the white house. we're going to talk college football. new sheriff in town from south new sheriff in town from south bay the thining is be,
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be gaints making their second visit to the whits white house. i don't remember being invited after 49ers first super bowl championship in 1982 or maybe i wasn't included. >> congratulations to the san francisco giants on their second world series battle in three years they're making this a habit. they've got a world series ball and bat. you should know i can't read any signatures. but it's greatly appreciated thank you so much. >> you ever tried to sign a baseball? president making note and
7:55 pm
buster posey, remember he was injured when the team visited in 2011. college football around the corner defending champion stanford cardinals will be looking to repeat that down on the farm and two bowl appearances. early predictions have them as a top five team. sunny dykes has yet to pick a starting quarterback. >> coaches think they know everything. sometimes, we don't. sometimes we make bad decisions sometimes, the right zpigs a kid can't handle it. there are many things in play. >> it's been going through a lot to get to where we are. >> san jess yeah state has a new boss the morgan hill
7:56 pm
native played at ucla. the main goal making this his program. >> i know. i followed before kech harbaugh. i need to be true to myself. i'm in it for the long haul. >> 49ers look noorg go to guy for quarterback collin kaepernick. and now vernon davis could expand his role from tight end to slot receiver and wind up as wide receiver willing to do whaefr takes to get to the super bowl its a good thing i get that opportunity to work with those guys because of not only helped me as a wide receiver position but as tight end position because my feet can get quicker. route running.
7:57 pm
better. >> going into the 72 hole at senior open championship yesterday, wasn't enough. a double bogey forced a playoff. it's like two holes yesterday before darkness. langer with a chance to win it on the third sed set first one played today. but just missed a 12-foot birdie putt. on the fifth try we'd be putt are for birdie. online. not enough. and now, langer the 2010 senior chap needed to answer with that 10 footer and mark weeby is your senior open champion. and i had to call four former teammates. >> yes. yes. >> good news is that you weren't invited so it wasn't
7:58 pm
like you forgot. >> right. right. >> poor sh u. thank you, shu. >> coming up, mystery of monday yog my. why sit we want to pair up and stay together. >> then on abc 7 news at 11:00 hawaiian vacations grounded how flossie turning dream vacations into bad trips. >> and in prime time bachelorette followed by miss stresses and then, stay tuned for abc 7 news at 11:00. but that does it nor edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here at abc 7 news have a good night.
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