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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  July 30, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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andy, andy, the hose! -- captions by vitac -- captions paid for by abc, inc. and touchstone television espionage today with a possible sentence of 136 years is a case with parallels to the pentagon papers more than 40 dwreers ago. good evening, everybody. the man who leaked the papers daniel elsburg sat down with john austin tonight at his east bay home. what's his reaction? >> reporter: he believes the laws manning was convicted of breaking are unconstitutional and he says the case was designed to put a chill on investigative journalism that
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digs for the truth. he's not the only one who thinks justice wasn't done. a few dozen people rallied at market streets in san francisco pleas pleased that bradley manning was not found guilty but upset at other charges. >> some charges were initially designed to punish spies. manning on the other hand was a whistle-blower. >> it was a mixed verdict for the 25-year-old private first class. the judge cleared him of aiding the enemy but convicted him of 20 of 22 charges including espionage, theft and computer fraud. he revealed a video of u.s. troops firing on civilians in iraq and downloaded thousands of documents he gave to wikileaks. >> this is the first ever espionage conviction against a whistle-blower in the united states. it's a dangerous precedent and an example of national security extremism. >> he's been convicted of
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charges that i was faced with 40 years ago. >> east bay resident daniel elsburg leaked the pentagon papers which showed how the u.s. government lied about the vietnam war. >> journalism and the free press and democracy dodged a bullet today when the aiding the enemy charge was dropped but they are still under attack. >> reporter: former cia director hayden said manning harmed national security. >> the most significant leak of classified information in the history of the republic. we put real people at real risk. >> reporter: the sentencing phase begins tomorrow. oakland police could have more leverage against protesters who have been vandalizing downtown businesses. they want to disarm the protesters. city council plans to vote tonight. abc 7 news reporter allen hwang is live with what is happening. this proposal is controversial. >> it is controversial because some people just don't trust the police to follow the intent of the law. this is the last item on the
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agenda tonight. the council has yet to discuss it. if it is passed, the ordinance would allow the police to detain any demonstrator caught with a tool of violence or vandalism during a demonstration. vandals used hammers and bike locks to shatter windows in downtown oakland after a florida jury acquitted george zimmerman in the death of trayvon martin earlier this month. the proposed ordinance will allow police to arrest protesters before the damage is done. f you are there for a demonstration and in possession of those items we can cite you for them. it is a misdemeanor. >> it may have prevented a waiter from being hit in a head from the hammer used to smash b windows where he works but some say it is too broad. >> if i'm a carpenter or plumber walking down the street with my colleagues and i have a wrench,
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is that considered demonstration because i'm gathering in a group of two or three people? this ordinance could be used and abused. >> reporter: noelle says it is time to get tough. >> these individuals come whenever they want to to trash my city. they laugh about it and they leave and want to sue me. it's not going to work that way. he says the lawyers have reviewed the ordinance and are willing to defend its use in court. in oakland, abc 7 news. also happening now, oakland city council waiting to vote on a plan to expand surveillance in the city using $2 million in federal funding. the program will link hundreds of cameras in the city along with license plate gunshot detectors, twitter feed and alarm notifications. it would go to a center monday tord by police and firefighters. critics argue it could lead to an invasion of privacy.
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larry reid stood up for his youngest constituents. protesters interrupted him while he was honoring young people involved in the police league. >> i hope you would be respectful of these young kids that are here. so i certainly hope you don't jeer but applaud the work these officers are doing. >> reid represents much of east oakland, an area where police and residents struggle daily to fight street crime. road rage in santa rosa. police say a driver, who couldn't stop arguing with a bicyclist hit and injured the cyclist and sped off. this happened near jennings and early avenues. the cyclist yelled at the driver after a near miss and the driver backed up to continue the argument and hit the cyclist. 22-year-old matthew hamilton ditched his car when they arrested him. the cyclist has several broken
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bones. they are still talking but don't appear to be getting far. b.a.r.t. officials and union leaders plan to return to the bargaining table tomorrow but the two sides don't agree to the progress. that means the threat of another strike is very real. the union accused b.a.r.t. of lying about an offer to raise i salaries. the unions must give 72 hour's notice if they plan to go on strike. for the first time a representative of a san jose gentlemen's club announced what will be really going on behind the blacked out glass doors. attorneys say they don't know what the fuss is all about. we have new details tonight. >> reporter: the signs are up, the job seekers are here and downtown san jose's only gentlemen's club is set to open in nine days. >> i'm trying to get a job as a dancer again. it's a new club. so i'm excited. >> reporter: heather henderson is glad that gold club will be a
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bikini bar. nudity is not an option. it wasn't a voluntary chains choice. there is a law against it. but they will strip down to bikinis and give lap dances. >> touching is not allowed and everything will be on the up and up. >> sam lacardo doesn't believe it. he wants more attention on touching, kissing and alcohol. >> they have an impact on crime in the community. >> it is a bikini bar and should have no more restrictions than the local hooters. >> reporter: right now a.j.'s is the only bikini bar in town, unlike the gold club surrounded by restaurants and condos. a.j.'s is in an industrial area where neighbors don't mind them. >> over the years i haven't noticed any issues or things going on. >> reporter: the rules in open government committee will hear the list of regulations on august 7th. that will be the public's first chance to comment on the gold
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club. in san jose, abc 7 news. we are following developing news in mound view where pg&e crews are working to repair a gas leak. it was found in a line under independence avenue. gas was shut off two hours -- or rather it was shut off two hours ago. nearby businesses were evacua d evacuated. no homes were affected. no word how long repairs are expected to take. a driver smelled natural gas and noticed a bull nj the road who reported the leak. goodwill says a bed bug infestation at two warehouses will have a massive financial impact. exterminators will be at the warehouse tomorrow. they were at 11th and mission street yesterday. workers had to throw out most of the donations. nearly 80% of goodwill's funding comes from the sale. it is believed to come from previously donated items. a student will receive more
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than $4 million after law enforcement forgot him in a holding cell. 25-year-old daniel chung announced a deal to settle the lawsuit. agents told him he wouldn't face any charges but he spent four and a half days in a holding cell without food or water. he had to drink his own urine to survive. it appears agents forgot he was there. >> hall louis cases, basically the whole time trying to distinguish what is real from what is not real. trying to fight your logic. >> reporter: he spent five days in the hospital suffering from dehydration and kidney failure. he lost 15 pounds during the ordeal. his attorney says no dea agents were disciplined for what happened. new at 11:00, a familiar face returning to the public office after a special election in the south bay. former san jose city council meeting cindy shah visit captured 55% of the shoet to win a seat on the santa clara county
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board of supervisors. the latest returns show she defeed ail var rad doe to replace the former supervisor. >> we kept talking about this community. we kept believing this community was worth not only fighting for, but creating a place we are all so proud that we were part of back at the time we were there, right? >> reporter: she left office in march after accused of corruption. he is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to charges of misusing taxpayer money and campaign funds. coming up, more new rules for planes coming in to sfo. >> delayed three hours today so far. >> an airline pilot tells abc news why your flight may be coming in late. surf riot, robbing, looting, fighting. one arrest that stunned everyone. cloudy skies from our camera. we will look at the wakeup
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weather and let you know when it will warm up around here coming up. want a smart solution for your commute? check out abc 7 right now and you could drive away with a new smart car. we'll announce the lucky winner august 2nd on abc 7 morning news. be smart and
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side-by-side landings are off limits for foreign airlines in to sfo and this could lead to more delays. it is a common practice, planes landing alongside one another. now the faa says foreign carriers must come in one at a time. the change is weeks after the deadly crash. a commercial airline pilot who flew in to san francisco today said the new rule decreases the number of flights landing in an hour from 60 to 45 in people will go to another airline thinking it is just us as an airline. that's where it is difficult to balance between safe and logical. >> reporter: in a statement the faa said they haven't seen significant flight delays since
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the change. they say the flight delays today were due to the weather. cab drivers expressed outrage at the ride services in san francisco today. the cabbies fear services will drive many of them out of business. mayor supports the idea of letting people use their own cars to give people rides created through smartphone apps. >> they are creating new jobs and fulfilling needs. if the customers didn't like them they wouldn't have to use them. >> private cars operating as unregulated taxis and it's devastating the cab industry. >> late today, a judge decided to let the ride sharing services continue to function as long as they complete additional paperwork. the public has 30 days to comment on the policy before it is official. a man in newark has been arrested for petty theft of a
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7-year-old's prized possessions. a neighbor donated this to the girl after someone stole hers from the front yard. the girl has autism and the ornament was her favorite toy. following an investigation, police arrested a man who they say confessed to the theft. an off duty firefighter is among the rioters arrested in that melee following a surfing contest in orange county. the firefighter works for the city of fullerton and has been placed on leave. a riot broke out after on sunday. we are dealing with haze around the bay. look at the east bay hills. you can blame the wildfires in oregon for our lack of visibility. unlike yesterday, no health advisory was issued to today. >> what's to come as we look at the accu-weather forecast? >> we are looking at more smokey skies in to wednesday afternoon.
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right now doppler 7 hd showing you high clouds moving up to the you kie ya area and the usual low clouds, fog, not just over the coast but the bay. check out the dramatic time lapse from our camera this evening. you can see the low clouds. stacked on top of the low clouds you can see the second layer there. that's the smoke. that smoke, as carolyn just mentioned, originating from the fires. the smoky pattern continues as we head in to tomorrow. the air quality for tomorrow moderate across the entire bay area. by friday, we are expecting a shift in our weather at that time pattern. that will bring better air quality, most areas by friday heading in to saturday looking at good air quality. tonight, as you look from our camera, the top of the transamerica pyramid is barely visible. 54 san francisco. 57 oakland. still pretty mild, 55 in half
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moon bay. giving you a nice view of 80 there. and you can see just how gray it is already. temperatures santa rosa 53 degrees. upper 50s for concord, livermore. here's a look at the view from our kgo roof camera. the embarcadero not terribly busy out there. mostly sunny and hazy afternoon due to the smoke. a little warmer by the end of the week. here's what is bringing us cooler than normal pattern. it's an area of low pressure just off the pacific northwest coast. that's going to keep us below average the next several days. you will see the temperature trend for san jose and see what i'm talking about. the week ahead, 79 tomorrow, dip on thursday. numbers aren't where you should be this time of the year until next week. you should be in the low 80s for san jose. tomorrow morning, count on temperatures in the 50s, clouds,
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fog, smoke. give yourself more time to get to work as the fog will drop your visibility in spots. afternoon high 79 san jose, 70 santa cruz. on the peninsula, mostly sunny and 75 in palo alto. 60 pacifica and the fog will linger. same thing in daly city. san rafeal 74. not where you should be but a nice looking day in the east bay. 69 oakland, breezy at times. 73 newark. inland spots. 83 fairfield and livermore and 80 pleasantton. our seven-day forecast featuring cooler than normal conditions. by friday we warm up to the mid-80s inland. saturday about the same. by sunday, we are getting closer to normal. upper 80s inland, low 60s coast. i think at this point most of you will take that for the weekend. >> absolutely. >> we will take it. thank you. the watch abc live stream is
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now available in the bay area. >> watch abc is a new way to experience abc anytime anywhere fur at home or out and about you can enjoy your favorite newscast and smoes on your smartphone, tablet and computer live and on demand. it is brought to you by abc, comcast, charter communication and at&t u-verse at no additional cost. go to our website to find out how to access it. log in with your tv provider and search watch abc to download the app. >> rough times for the giants off and on the field. >> bad day at the office for the giants and the a's. they couldn't get out of their own way as their four-game win streak
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the first round pick, didn't like what they saw and he is a los angeles angel traded for alberto. blue jays in town. a's looking for the fifth straight win. first pitch, like his style. impressive. jose bautista takes them deep. solo shot, his 25th of the year. toronto leading 2-0 in the fifth. emilio little guy with big pop. that is gone. 5-0 game in the 7th, edward down the right front line. full sprint. doesn't make the catch but catches lowrie's knee to the head. on the replay looks like this is a certain concussion for reddick, but he was out for a few minutes, tough guy, stayed in the game.
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other a's news, on friday when oakland hosts texas it will be a page out of the brewers book. big heads racing. somebody will be on ricky. former giants closer wilson a three-time all star but missed most of the past two seasons due to surgery. he signed a deal with the dodgers. the 31-year-old inked a one-year deal for a reported $1 million after leaving the giants. 48 saves and 81. prior to his surgery he was considered one of the best in baseball. giants and phillies apparently some people can sleep anywhere. barry zito on the road. off his fifth in to right field. young will score. tied at one. two 2-1 game in the third. sandoval lunging. a bloop to right.
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zito grooves a fast ball for carlos and makes him pay. 0-7 on the road. phillies win 7-3 ending an eight-game losing streak them giants losing streak five games, 11 back of the dodgers. contract extension for $30 million will keep him off the free agent market next summer the 29-year-old has 150 goals, 186 assists and 479 career games. he saved his best work for the postseason with 24 goals, 26 assists and 74 career games. this abc 7 sports report, brought to you by river rock casino. of course i'm in for larry. >> if if the raleighs big head wins, i'm calling for
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here a look at the wakeup weather. give yourself plenty of time. 50s and 60s we will track the fog 4:30 to 7 a.m. brian wilson signed with the dreaded dodgers. fans are understand blie outraged. >> he became famous for his wicked arm and wild beard. the fear the beard days are over but the t-shirts being sold on-line expresses how many giants fans feel now. it is sheer the beard. the creator says it is in the name of a friendly rivalry. >> thank you for joining us. have a great evening.


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