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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 3, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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next at 6:00 a grieving mother speaks to abc 7 news team about her daughter killed riding a bike in san francisco. the case now sparkedír a lawsuit. the i team gits new police poll sni response to ak sayings of racial profing what officers are no being instructed to do. >> evening commute is underway on the new bay bridge if you can see from the live picture what people are saying about the drive on day one. >> and look at the new san like you've never seen it before. on bcycles. the grand opening awill youing bikes and pedestrians on the
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bridge for the first time. >> what was going through my daughter's mind? >> a mothera daughter lost in an accident in san francisco it's a case sparking friction between bicycleadvocates and san francisco police and now the subject of lawsuit. the fami of that woman has now filed a wrongful dea lawsuit against aood distribute skbror truck driver. >> lawyers are criticizing how police handled t case, especially the chief. >> i team reporter dan noyes is here now with an investigation you'll see on abc 7 news. >> the famil attorney told me before any charges are filed to allow hear to gather evidence, cuments get lost, memories fade this has been a loss for the family.
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>> jesse sred her 24-year-old daughter with us today. a picture when she graduated from usc. the last note amelie left for her mom and her birthday picture just three days before she died. he mother found out what happened with a ca from san francisco general. >> i answered they said your daughter is in critical condition and surgery. >> jesserushed to the hospital but her daughter was gone. >> and at this point she was still warm. i could touch her hands. they said she'd had severe head trauma and blood coming out of her ears i put a sign of a cross on my hands to remember her, forever. >> the family filed this wrongful death lawsuit today against daylight foods from milpitas and the driver a 45-year-old. attorney micha liberty says
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alcentar drove too fast to make a safe right turn during rush hour on folsom street. >> he failed to get into the bike lane which is proper procedure when ch is the proper produre. >> liberty says the police report initially blamed amalie but a bicyc advocate tracked down a surveillance video showing what happened, police police changed the report saying the driver was at fault. during a photo op the chief announced the staff was forwarding the case to prurters that very day. >> tt is ing presented to the district attorney today. that is the standard procedure for them to make a charging decision, if any. >> but the case has not gone to the d.a.. >>t appears inspect's reports have not been concluded. the case is not been sent to the district attorney's office. to the best of our knowledge.
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>> the d.a.confirmed in an e mail the case has not been presend formally. the8 office had brief discussions. the sfpd isetermining how to proceed them.. the criminal cases play out, hemily is dealingith their loss. scattering some ashes under the golden gate bridge. >> pouring her ashes over it was i've been divorced 10 years but when two parents lose a child, it's bringing you together in lo for that child.. >> i made several calls and sent e mail buzz n comments from the chief, the food company or the driver today. the attorn asking or for anyone who s what happened to contact the office. >> and late today a federal jury conyou can ducted steven
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tanabe of conspiracy as well as counts of wireraud and exrtion. the bust targeted thousands of investigator clients going through divorces. tanabe scheduled to be sentenced i december. >> we're into the first evening commute on the new bay bridge. here is a look at traffic on the tunnel traffic moving into the city steadily. on the rye side of e screen you can see heavy outbound traffic. the idge approach is a parking lot. the cars on the left side of the screen trying to get on to theay bridge there has been traffic on and off all day lock this, is video of the toll plaza today. about 11:00 a.m.
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chp says sme of the traffic is from people who just twoobtd drive over nut bridge for the very first time. >> if you look, you can see the cars. driver manage to pull up on to theshoulder which is a feature for the span. chp issuedtern warnings making sure drivers knowit's not okay to use those shoulders to take photos. officers made the first dui arrest overnight. >> another grand opening on the new bay bridge. bicycles and pederians are allowed on the span. the group is gathering right now at the west oaknd station to take a ride on the new bike path. these are live pictures of the event. ab 7 joins us now live with the story. >> good evening, those
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bicycles when they get here going up that way maybe three quarters of a. crew we're on today, w're out and back. >> you watch, waited and anticited now... >> i just want to go to san francisco, now. >> it is. >> how often can you say you walked on to the bay bridge? >> any day, every day, westbound walking distance of passing cars and almost spinning of the old eastern span, take look. we used to drive on that? >> i'm looking from outside now. >> and you realizeow old it s from outside looking in. >> new walkway lane stretches two miles along the bridge's
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southern side does not yet exnd to yerba buena island. if you walk long enough, far enough... >> i wanted to get a rib on or sothing you don't get those but you do rea the end of the lichblt -- line. this will remain the end of the line until they get that out of the way. that thing also known as the s-curve. >> we'll build the rest the bike pat >> it's just one request, however, there are others regarding old structure. that may have less priority. >> now who got this fit. >> when you use the enough path you'l notice it's named after alexander zuckerman, 86 years old, an advocate of bicycle frtz east bay, riding on the bay bridge when closed for seismic receipt proe tro
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fitting. he lost his life, his family was here to honor him today. live from the eastern span of the bay bridge abc 7 news. >> how trr there are two entrances. next to the entrance to the ikea shoing center, another in west oakland. from either area, it takes two miles to get on to the eastern span. so an eight-mile round trip. >> a lot of motorists who have driv over the bay bridge called it spectacular. some compared the new tower to driving through an open air cathedral. kind of looks like that. the biggest beauty isn't the only aspect of the project that is breath taking. so, too, is the final cost to build it. abc 7 news is live with a look at the true price of the
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spectacular new bdge. carolyn talking about sticker shock! >> well, yes. it works like this, you know how if you buy something with a credit card if you don't pay it off, you accrue interest and finance charges. well that is the same thing with this $6.4 billion bridge. you know the saying. time is money. the sty of the new eastern span. a8buñ
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>> we've got watch that. >> commuters paying lion share accord together metropolitan transportation commission about 69% are coming from tolls. while $6.4 million is staggering, the final final is likely to nearly twice as high. $12 billion by the time wondz are paid off in 2054. >> that is the total package. and much the same wa that... you know if you take out a $500,000 mortgage on a
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home. >> same with the bridge. >> exactly. the same with the bridge. >> we c vest in the community better than it's spending thamuch money. >> shocked by the price tag say this new eastern span is spectacular. abc 7 news. >> a lot of people want to take photos and videos of the span. tracy strapped a camera capturing this video and tracy waited near the onramp in san francisco showing she can be one of the foirs cross the span. heres the view from her helmet cam returning to san francisco durin the first morning commute ross the bay bridge. >> neway bridge is becoming an attractionor amateur photographers. not far from where tourist goes to snap pictures of the skyline.
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>> a lot of people dive together bridge people trying to cross it for the sake of doing so. abc 7 news transportation reporter on change that's drivers should ab ware of. >> there is more still to come here on abc 7 news at 6:00 nearing third anniversary of one of the worst gas pipeline disters in u.s. history. e push by the mayor that he says could prevent a few tour blast. >> drons not just for surveillance. how they've been helping firefighters bate that massive blaze near yosemite. >> i'm spencer christian aichl drier more comfortable day today but now getng ready for serious heat i'll hav the accu-weather forecast coming up. >>nd a big penalty for one of e america's cup teams justhead of the finals. how it could impt the race.
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next month will be the three r anniversary of the pipeline plosion and fire. that plosion killed eight peop destroying nearly 40 homes. now, the mayor is renewing fight he believes what happened thereill never happen again. >> crest moore has become a
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naibld of contrasts. you can see a l of the big homes here that is that rye place those destroyed but empty lots. sortf a reminder of the awful, awful evening. residents here just want to return to normal. but it may take a while. the past still haunts them. >> what do you do when there a boom? a jump, everybody -- what is that? what is that? you know? >> the evening september 9, 2010. a pipeline exploded causing an enormous fire in the cre moore neighborhood. eight people we killed, 66 injure 38 homes destroyed. 17 others were badly damaged. the blast destroyed a neighborhood. >> aer this work we're finding out it could have been prevent ootd mayor says he'l continue pushing for stricter
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regulations and reforms at the state public utilities commission which he believes has a cozy relationship with pg&e. the mayor wants utility to be fined $4 billion more than the $2.25 billion that cpuc wants to impose. today the scars are still visible. but there are signs that the neighborhood is healing. nearly half of the homes skroi destroy ha had been rebuilt. of the homes damaged, almost al have been repaired. but nehborhood is still in a state of transition. >> nice to see houses come back. also sad when you look around the neighborhood and you can see that there are substantial numbers of properties that haven't been built on. >> on monday, the cit will hold a memorial serce here to mark the three-year anversary. vic lee abc 7 news.
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>> the massiveim fire near yomite park is now 57% contained. this afternoon, acuation advisories lifted for pond rosa hills in area asong south side of highway 108 but the section along highway 120 from buck meadows is still under evacuation orders. the rim re has now burned 235,000 acres since breaking out two weeks ago. 111 structures hav including 11 homes. >> firefighters battling the blaze in yosemite have been getting help from an unmanned aircraft. the national guard predator drone is being redeployed to send back realtime information on ho spots. >> so it appears worst is also over when it comes to threatening pouer and water pplies. three generators feeding power to the city back up and rung now they had to be shut down
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as the flames spread which also p the hetch hetchy servoir at risk. but today, officials gave the all clear. >> so i can say today i can say tomorrowhat our water quality is the same as it was before the fire. >> two of three electric substations in the area were daged. there will be work needed to repair them. a full assessment can't be completed until the fire is contained but what alose call that seemed to be. >> kre. and nice they've made great pro with temperatures changing now. >> yes that. is a big part of it. >> they're doing a heroic job. there is a thunderstorm neert fire today but not close enough to impact it. let's take a look at conditions here in the bay area. live doppler 7 shing sunny skies across the bay area. but we do have some low clouds but over near the rim fire not very, very near there is just
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a little spot of precipitation now. this afternoon there was a thunderstorm. this green we're picking up is smoke over the fire area. that is not precipitation. we'd like to have some precipitation falling there. back to the bay area a live view looking down on tothe way. blue skies degrees now in san francisco. temperatures into 07s in oakland and los gatos, 66n half moon bay. we have temperatures in the 70s in napa, novato, antioch, concord, vermore, one more li view from our sutro tower camera showing another viewf the low clouds over the bay. so patchy fog in the morning mild to warm a a hot pattern by the end of the week continuing throughout th weekend and into next week.
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a stream of moisture which gave us a little bit of a humid feel yesterday has now shifted. following forecast anation, we'll see sunny skies building in tomorrow. and all areas from coa to inland it's going to be a warm day. continuing to forecast animation through wednesday, into thursday, into friday, we'll see a center of high pressure setting up to our north. that is going to give us a wind pattern pro dugs hotter conditions a lotofing throughout the weekend. high temperatures getting close to 100 degree mark in locations. during a spell of hot weather. overnight patches ofow clouds locally inland. tomorrow, sunny skies, high temperatures from upper0s to mid-80s.
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84 in gill anyone slarks highs mainly in upper 70s. mid to upper 60s on the coast and pacifica and half moon y. 70 degrees tomorrow, 66 sunse district. north bay highs minly low to mid-80s upo 82 a napa and sonoma. east bay, oakland high 75. 77 castro valley and fremont. friday, sarday, sunday, close to 100 in spots. tapering off gradually. the heat going to be slow to recede. >> yes.. >> it's near -- here, thank you. >> another phone shall benefit of going green >> incentive from lawmakers to >> incentive from lawmakers to ge more people
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california lawmakers extended a program allowing drivers in fuel he fish yenlt vehicles to use carol lanes even if driving solo. state legislature passed two pilesoday available for plug in hybrids and electric cars because they'r often more expensive, sales have been slow despite credi. lawmakers hope cess disaster lanes may persuade drivers to invest in electricars.
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>> california has always been leading the way when it comes to lowering carbon foot print enticing californians to utilize the most environmental friendly vehicles. >> a san francco supervisor wants to brighten up the city by focusing on broken street lights calling on a hearing to find out why ma aren't working saying abt 6,000 of the 45,000 seet lights burn out each year and ne to be replaced and wants utity companies to adjust street lights so they brighten up the roadnd sidewalk. >> damage limited to a shipping and receivi building when fire broke out early today. y 7 above parking lot. you can see items from gork lucas's famous studio. the fire are started just after 4:00 a.m. the sprinkler system did go off, firefighters estimate
7:28 pm
damage at abou $25,000. >> well there is more ahead in our next halfour of abc 7 news at 6:00 it's been open less than a day thousands of people areriving over the new eastern span of the bay bridge you can see in this live picture but do they like what they see? >> also, efforts to fight accusations of racial profilin new plan by police. >> and accusations of cheating in the america's cup race. the big penalty one team is going to have to pay, how koit make the race more for over 60,000 california foster children, extra curricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team. getting help with math.
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good evening, tonight is th first ever evening commute of theridge. >> you can see traffic heading into san francisco there on the left-hand side of the screen. drivers are going east into oakland slowing down traffic. here is a live loo chp says traffic has been fluid with the only back ups cause bid
7:32 pm
people that wanted to drive for the first time. >> and anotherirst for those who got bike across the tempary passenger path today. pedestrian, path that, is. >> well, this new span hasn't been open 24 hours, but so far, so good. abc 7 news has more tight on how things are going to have and reviews. >> bridge might have opened last night but plenty of people waited until today to come check iout. >> very nice. i like the lanes easy. now, nice part is when i return to oakland i'll have a great view. >> chp says morning commute nt well. bridge tourists might have contrited to a longer than usl back up. so beautiful. >> this family came just to experience the bridge. >> i like it. it's open.
7:33 pm
it's, you can't tell it's a bridge. just reabr >> chp had been concerned about the new bridge being a giant cause for lots of distcted driving but officer hill was surprised by little bad behavior. >> i was just expecting people to do things we're expect to have happen. nice to see commute went well. he i was expecting the worst. >> she was 15 when the old span opened in 1936. >> it was just like thrk erybody in a uproar. >> it's magnificent. yes. yes. you can't take it all n it's wonderful. >> demolition has begun.
7:34 pm
abc 7 news. >> now we want to know what you think of the new bridge. join the conversation. and shareour thoughts. >> san jose working on alan to put more police officers on the stets. city has been losingops of 100 per year after pay and benefit cuts. city council members have come up with a $50 milon proposal to fill vacancies restoring wage asks adding 141 new officers. the mayor thinks the city can find $30 million but may need to imposa sales tax. >> kit allow us to restore pay cutso it's important whether or not the public will support it is the b question. >> not everye is in favor of the increase, residents say there are other priorities.
7:35 pm
police officer asciation has already given it them thumbs down. >> san jose may be the first ty in the nation to document every time an officer temporarily detains someone on the curb or in the back seat of a patrol car. this is after years of complaints officers were profiling certain racial groups. >> david remembers when a police officer ordered him to sit on the curve. >> never feel goods to be qutioned like that when you didn't do anything its been a complaint police he been battling for years. one has been brought up by the independent police auditor. handcuffing and putting a detainee in the back seat of a car for a limited time. >> we saw moreommunities of color this issue being raised and sent many was voice that
7:36 pm
persons felt it was demeaning. >> officer must report the result of the stop the race whether a search was conducted and people invold and an officer will report it or call it in to a dispatcher. >> the goalf our limited tention policy just to increase transparency ask accountability withithe police department. and to bter our relationship with the community by doing so. >> the program put into affect by retiring chief in january. but it was quicklyuspended while the operational issues were handled. >> we didn't ow what is going on. you know? to fi outfit is profiling it's a good thing. >> police department did not say whit would start releasing da once collected. it will be a matter of public record. >> congressional support is
7:37 pm
growg for the president's plan to -- obama administration tried to convince lawmakers, the president picked up support from john mccain and lindsay graham. many are hesitant, including ndress gres woman jo laufgren. serious prop snigs congress. and we need to do what we're doing before we do it. >> one group disrupted the hearing. >> if t united states of america doesn't do this, senator, is it more or less likely that assad good i it -- does it again. do you want to answer that question? >> i don't think it's no. i thk it's unknown.
7:38 pm
>> senator, it's not unknown. >> a revised resolution was submitted to the senate barring the usef u.s. ground forces for combat operations in syria. >>racle team usa will start final twoz races behind the opponent aft being penalized today. a jury found team oracle me illegal modifications to catamarans use in previous races and fined $250,000 star wing sail trimmer banned for the series and three others face suspensions the team lost two poin, each race is worth one point, putting the team behind by two before the series begins. >> this is indeed the harshest penalty being metered nout cup story but it's -- it's apopriate. if people cheat, they should be hit, hard.
7:39 pm
>> the team says the jury was thorough is decision does not change awhat it nes to do, win nine ras. america's cup finals begin on saturday. >> still ahead wt could be a big clue aboutthe next iphone. >> yes. possible hidden meaningin the invitations that went out today. [ male announcer ] at sizzler... it's back for a limimited tim! fire grilled steak and golden all-you-can-eat shrimp for an incredible $9.99! only at sizzler!
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a major legal defeat for a popularyster farm. ahree-judge panel ruled the inteor department had the authority not to renew the lease of drake's bay oyster company, the court removed a preliminary injunction to allow drakes to continue operating. drake's has not yet decid wld to appeal the ruling. >> apple sent out invit taigs to a bg event next week. and the invite could hint at the new colors of the next ipho. the invitation seen here features a tag line this should brighten everyone's day, hmmm. rumors suggest they wl unveil two new iphones. leaked images suggest it could come in blue, green, yellow,
7:43 pm
pink and white. a chinese web site had this photo of what is believed to be iphones boxed up, ready for shipping. >> more money maers now. google naming its latest operating system after kitkat candy bars. the tech git known for naming it's systems after desserts has chosen a brand name candy for the version expected to launch this fall. kodak is out of bankruptcy but don't expect cameras. the company announced it's exited chapter 11. ansays it is now a commercialmaging company focusing e on packages and graphics. delta airlines began service todabetween san francisco and los angeles. the airline is offering 14 daily flights operate b delta connection partner compass airline autos a tiny fish is proving to be more useful than mice in trting
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certain genetic disorderses in people. a discovery made by a researcher looking to treat a syndrome that causes daily seizes in children. giving zebra fish andhuman trials will be underway ortly. researchers say they can be used to treat all sorts of coitions. >> it's kind inform a way dending on personalid medicine. your child has a gene mutation, we model that gene mutation then look for drugs just for that child, just for that mutation. >> another advantage of the fish is that they cane bred quickly. that let researchers do 10 years worth of experiments in just two years time. very ficient. >> yes. >> coming up, the owner the a's puts on a different act today. >> yes. how he ent the day helping how he ent the day helping
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volunteer serving the hungry. abc 7 news reporter explains it's a gesture to give back to community rallying ash the winning team, and a team could soon pack skup leave. >> they're not counting hits, runs or sales. lou wolf and fami are taking the day to give back. >> this is america. i don't think anyone in america shouldo hungry. ever. >> here they serve 800 meals pe day on average. he says he's here to set an example donating $5,000 to school splies and giving away tickets to anyone donating $50 or re. for donating time? >> i'm not doing much hard work people who work here are just unbelievable. a lot of them are fans, too.
7:49 pm
>> soon, home run balls may not be the only thing leaving e coliseum. wolf has been looking into moving the a's to san jose. we haven't seen a plans like these for a new oakland ballpark. insisting a's can't move because of a agreement. t san jose says they should be should allowed to move and the city filed a law ut to make it happen. so wolf found himself in a pickle. right now, wolf is focused on lettuce than pickles. >> i'm just going to enjoy the ra that. saul i'm going focus on. >> an event thatight not be happening if oakland didn't
7:50 pm
have the a's. >> let's get a check of the forecast. >> going to get steamier. a butiful camera looking north you can see a finger of fog there. not very impressive marine layerbut a marine layer nonetheless. sunny skies and a bit of low clouds at the coastline which may push locally inland. a warm to hot day. 89 in sacramento. a thunderstorm or two ming into nevada side. back in the bay area tomorrow, sunny skies from coast toin lnld. mild to warm with highs up to 70 degrees in san francisco tomorrow. mid to ucher 80s inland. friday, saturday, sunday inland highs in upper 90s.
7:51 pm
mid-70s on the coast and tapering off. heat going to be with us but will be slow to recee. >> yes. september. >> warmest month. >> yes. >> college football to talk about. >> yes larry beil is here with that for use cal suffered first loss of the season. the second is a se
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
7:54 pm
stanford tm do kick off on sarday night hosting san jose state. the cardin will be the last team to start this season stanford ranked top fivethis year. coming off a rose bowl win so expectation are huge but remember they barely beat san jose state last season. and the quarterback will test
7:55 pm
stanford's defens once again. >> the bal comes out quickly and accurately. it's going to be one ofhe guys nfl is going come calling. >> his presence ismportant. not looking ba backwd or forward but staying in e moment. make goods decisions then rows accurate passes so those are things outstanding quarterbacks have. >> justice served for chris mccain after reviewing this play. the junior has been reinstated to play in this weekend's home game against portland state. mccain ejected from the opener and disqualified for fllowing game after this hit. it's like a tackle. that is what it used to be.
7:56 pm
but technical failure after thaturred play never reviewed on field. >> the moment just have to deal with it. you know? take it like a man. overturn is what they did. so i'm excited right now about it. >> because he going to play buthis is terrible news for cal. losing junior safety for the season. you'll recall sebastian was rushed to the hospital. cal playing saturday. >> brandon moss hit 364, four homers and 11 rbies. a's went six and one to tie texas last week. and since 2012 french open
7:57 pm
serena williams won 95 mtches and lost only five. pure domination, toght quarter finals were the same. leonardo dicaprio getting a good laugh out of david schwimmer. and. bal, bagel. 2001 openhamp laigt onhewitt making a nice run. he's gothe ground stroke taking a lead up 4-1 in the fourth set just fell apart hitting shots all over the place.
7:58 pm
now abc 7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> join me tonight at 9:00. coming up then, company perks touted by facebook but workers reveal the worst things about live at the social nwork. >> then at 11:00 pulled from shelves reason a popular yogurt maker doesn't want products ending up in your refrigerator. >> those stories and mor coming up at 9:00 and 11:00ment buthat is this edition of abc 7 news at 6:00 >> from the entire abc 7 news team thas for joining us.
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