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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 8, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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builter sweet return today. abc7 ne at 6:00 starts now. >> ama: sk 7hd is live above one of two large fires burng in the bay area tonight. just look at that smoke. this fire is threatening homes and forced evacuations in contra costa county. the other has burned structures
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sonoma county. we have live team coverage from both fires as crews battle hot weather conditions to put out the flames. the fire in contra costa county spread to at least 400 acres. right now it's burning near clayton in mt. diablo state park. lillian kim has a look. >> there's a thick layer of smoke over mt. diablo. all the activities on the other side of th rim. flames have moved south and that'shere there is an evacuati order. this started at 1:00 p.m. on the northeast side of the mountain, three miles south of downtown clayton. no reports of injuries but so far 400 acres have bned and 250 firefighters ve been called to work this fire. an immedia evacuation has been ordered for oak hill lane at curry canyon road. residents ve been told toll evacuate to diablo view school in clayton. residents on morgan territory
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road have not been told to leave their homes. the flames are moving a. from that area. but nobody is takingnything for grants. >> it's lky, there's no opinion, but it's that manzanita i worry about. it can burn really hot. but right now looks like they got enough helicopters. in the next -- by nightfall, probably have it under control. reporter: it's been diffilt getting an update from firefighters. since we have been hre commanders have been unable to break away from the radios. last we heard the fire was 10% containedment we have seen heavy earth-moving equipment transported here, presumably to use to build contament lines. li in clay top, lillian kim, inclines inclines. >> ama: here's a twitter photo that lillian shot as she and her photographer raced to the fire. shows the plume o smoke.
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our viewers are tweeting pictures. jason sent this picture, showing a closer hot 0 -- shot of the mott die an blow fire. the fire burning in sonoma county spread to 30 acres around a pallet factty. sir quintana is live. >> right now the go news, it's about 60% contained. but you cn see there's still quite a bit of activity. in fact just beyond those trees is where a lot of this fire was burning when we arrived on scene. there e still a few crews here on hand, making sure that things do not get out of hand. this is a fire that started just before 1:30 and quickly spad from dry brush to a pallet factory. ten structures were damaged, some pretty badly. the problem for fire crew the factory has lumber so the fire was ableo hop around on the yard easily, thanks to a lying
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breeze and dry conditis. the california highway patrol blocked off several roads and streets and say one officer saw when the fire started. >> the officer was falling a tow truck, pulling a vehicle on a tow dolly. sparks were seen coming from the tow dolly. e officer pulled the vehicle over. by that time the sparks had gone into the dry brush and it took off from there. reporter: several fire departments are sll on scene, including crews from calfire, there nor injures and right now, like i mentioned, this fre is abt 50% contained. crews willeep monitoring any flareups, and including the fire damage, tre's a powerline right there. and in fact some crews here from pg&e. they do tell me that there are a few homes that are without electricity becaus of that damage. also, there is still a pretty
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significant traffic situation because a lot of these streets are blocked off so that these fire truck can get around to keep an e on the coining fire -- contiing fire. sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> ama: this weekend's high temperatures made for dangerous fire conditions. tonight the ba area is cooling off. is is a live look from our exploratorium cam. let's check in with leigh glaser. >> leigh: we have cooled off, pecially at the coast and the peninsula, as much as ten degrs today across much of this locations. the reason why is this strong onshore wind component. you can see th fog banking near the coast. schellville, we'll show you the current readings, 82, relative humid, 39%, and not lot of wind inland right now. the diablo fire is a lot hotter there. temperature, 94.
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relative humidity, only 17%. very dry there. winds out of the north at 11-mes-an-hour. and here is a loo at today's highs. we still had excessive heat inland. the cooling too place, san francisco today, down as much as ten degrees. 68 was the high there. much here cooling n we expect in we'll look at the seven-day forecast coming up. >> ama: a teenage boy from sunnale is dead and two friends injured afte their car ran off the road and smashed into two trees. the boys' car went off state highway 35 last night for unknown reasons. the car hit a tree, overturned, hit a second tree and burst into flames. the paengers have serious injuries and the driver died. >> contra costa county investigate investigators are looking into the cause of a fight at the paradise skate
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roller rink this mning. deputies found a 31-year-old woman and two men with gunshot wounds. the woman died at the hospital. the others are expected to survive. the rink was holding an adult skate jam when the incident happened. >> the san francisco sheriff's department need your heap to identify man found unconscious in union square. he has brown hair and brown eyes, between 30 and 40 years old, 165 pounds. no taoos or distinguishing marks. the map was discovered at 5:00 this morning wit head injuries that suggest a fall. he is in critical condion and authorities are trying to locate his relativ. a man diedoday outside candlestick park. a man in his 30ness was walking on a pedestrian weak away when he fell. he was rushed to the hospital but depend survive. witnesses sayhe man was intoxicated. >>any fans had a safe and fun day cheering the niners.
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some fans said it was a bittersweet day. cornell bernard is live from candlestick park. reporter: niner fan are heading home but ty got a niners ctory over green grebe, but a bittersweet day, though, knowing this is the last season tier he beloved 'stick. touchdown! >> t 49ers are back, playing and winning a close game against green bay. for the fans, emotions were running high, knowing it's the last season for the team at the 'stick. steven grew up here. >> my grandfather bought season tickets when they built and it saw the niners at kezar. >> candlestick parked opened in 1960 and cost $15 million to build. >> to be weird, not pying in candlestick. all my life i've been gng to these games. >> hopefullyext year i'll be
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iving to santa clara and visit -- >> levi stadium. >> that's right. >> new rules for fans. bag security screening in effect. many items had to be left outside. this nfl approved clear bags are okay. >> no big deal. >> while green bay fans savored the cheese, nineer fans savored a rare nny day at the historic and beloved 'stick. >> of course, we'll have all the niners and raiders highlights coming up in
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>> ama: oracle team u.s.a. won the second race of america's cup but new -- the defending cup champion squeaked out by eight seconds. which is an eyelash in sailing. nezealand now has three victories. the first team to win nine races gets the cup. races five and six areuesday. >> full nelsons are back in the olympics. officials decided to bring bag
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wrestling. citing uninteresting matches caused them to drophe games. committee members then admitted their mistake and restored them thugh the 2020 summer games. >> up next at 6:00, an update on the fire that forced evacuations in cona costa county. and how hot will it get torrow? leigh glaser is up next with the forecast. >> anquan bolin
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>> ama: a returno our breaking news. a live look from sky 7hd over the fire burning on e slopes of mt. diablo. this is in contra sta county. leigh glaser is checking on the weather conditions. it's very hot and dry. >> leigh: you can see from the live shot here, aost that smoke coming up in a column, which means there's not a lot of wind out there. we tell you the fire itself will generate its own wind. in the last 30 minutes-starting to pick up a little bit with a few gusts, but really we're lucking that we don't have
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excessive wind. we ha the heat and the drycondi. but the fact w don't have as much wind probably is helping those fire efforts there at mt. diablo. live doppler 7hd showing you just kind of the wall of fog that continues to press inland. it was very dense across mh of the peninsula as well as the coastline earlier today, and that same scenario wille with us this evening as a reay strong onshore wind component ha developed in the lt 24 hours and will add to the cooling mechanism as we head into tuesday, wednesday, thursday. winds picking up now. gusts to 21. out of the northwest. around theconcord area. livermore, winds in the last 15-20 mines out of the northwt as well. up to 14 miles-per-hour. s.f.o., 23. right now he's a look at the 24-hour changes. temperatures came down thks to the marine influence.
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san francisco international, down 11. novato, down nine. santa rosa, down nine. and san carlos, down 13. inland locations held quite bit of hit from yesterday as well. san fransco right now, 60. san jose, 83. los gatos, 88. from the mt. tam c you can see the fog and ve high heat, antioch stil in the 90s, such as concord as well, 91. livermore, 94. here's a look at the forecast highlights. we'll go wi the low clouds and fog at the coast and the bay tonight. more heat inland. one more day, tomorrow, and then we'll all start to cool down on tuesday andednesday. high pressure will continue to dominate. it will bring a lot of heat once again tomorrow inland. still a hot day there. but the cooling and marine influence will be with us near the cot tomorrow. and expect temperatures to come down. here's you highs. 87, sanose, 89.
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83, menlo park, 64, half moon bay, san francisco, 68. look for 84, petaluma. soma, 86. 79, hayward. still hot land. brentwood, 9 95, atioch. tuesday, wednesday and thursday, you'll see the trend, much cooler, the fog returns, temperatures by thursday and friday, back to normal. >> ama: let's go back to lillian kim with an update on the fire in contra coa county. lillian? >> the smoke above mt.iablo has gotten better but the's still a thick gray laye of smoke hovererring above. flames broke out at 1:00 p.m. o the northeast side of mt. diablo. since then the fire has moved out and there's an evacuation order at curry point,ak hill lane and curry canyon road. those residents have been told to seek shelter at clayton communityibrary, 6125 clayton
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road. no suctures reported damaged ando reports of injuries but 400-acres have been called and 250 firefighters have been called in to work the fire. last we heard the fire was son-in-law% contained. -- only 10% contained. >> ama: thank you. >> this sports rept brought to you by orchard supply hardware. ama daetz colin is here. >> colin: shu will be back. clay matthews, going to hi 49er quarterback hard and often. harbaugh may have been looking for clarification on protection of his quarteack. 20 yards, for the 7-0 lead.
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imentioned matthews wanting to get his licks on kaepernick. look at this. full extension, full lunge, and that gets everybody boiling. joe staley, offsetting penalties. they replay third down. next play, cap to anquan boldin, a huge day. third qrter, tied at 1. first and goal. kap to davis. 98 yards, 21-14. aaron rodgers doing what aar rodgers does. 330 yards passing. game tied. fouarter, eddie lacy, packers lead 28-24. niners answer. five plays, 80-yard drive. frank gore in from a yard. after a three and out by green bay. niner driving again. harbaugh goes for it on fourth and two. right call. bold, gain of 15, ledo a field goal. 34-28 the final.
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kaepernick, 412 yards passing, boldin, 208 and a score. >> you never know when your number isoing to get calle so you have to be prepare every game isn't going to be like this. i'm not going to be targeted as much as was today. you just have to be prared. >> niners playing seattle next week. seahawks opening again the panthers today. russell wilson, 43 yards, the go-ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter. wilson, 25-33, 320 yards, hawks hang on for the 12-7 win in charlotte. terrelle pryor in indianapolis. a one-man wrecking crew. 0 colts. pryor, hesitant in the pocket all game. his willingness to run kept the colts defenseoffbalance. second quarter, 29 of his tea can leadin 112 yards on the ground. mcfadden, one yard and in. pryor goes for the chest bump
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but head coach, you're too big for me. fourth quarter, 11th play. pryor pass to moore. colts rally. weaves 19 yards, colts lead. 31 seconds left. third and goal. pryor locked into rod streeter. never a saw anquan buffet. colds get the win 21-17. >> alex smith making his kansas ty chiefs debut. smith, 21, 34, two touchdowns. second one. to junior hemingy, no picks for smith. efficient as usual. >> baseball. the pennant chasing a's gng for a third straight win home against the lowly astros. colon, third inning, one of his seven strikut victims. colon improve to 15-6 on the season. bottom half of the third.
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2001 touchdown a -- touchdown and point after for the yays. a's win. oakland, one and a half up on the rangers in the west. >> star wars day today a at&t pa. yoda and leah. madison bumgarner, gets the no-decision, then pagan singles. giants winn walkoff fashion. serena williams facing second seeded rival victoria azarenka in the final. straight to match point. azarenka's backhand long. wind was a huge factor. serena, wins her fifth open title. this sports report broht to you by orchard hardware. tonight, mike shumann's
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>> we're following breaking news out of contra costa county tonight. sky 7hd shs a fire burning at mt. diablo state park that has force eat vac situations in the area they have been ordered for residents along curry creek road an oak hill road. the fire has burned more than
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400 res. we'll have updates at 9:00 and 11:00. also tonight a 9:00 on cable 13, eight high school runners were hospitalized at a california race. and then turning your smartphone into a personal otection device. the phone cover that giving some people peace of mind, at 9:00 and 11:00. the weekend after labor day is usuly the slowest of the year, and studios rarely release new movies. this weekend, though, universal stios took a chance on riddick and it paid off. the third installment in the low-budget sci-fi series topped the box office. diesel found independent financing for it. cost $38 million to make. it earned 18.7 million this weekend, and edged out lee daniel, the butler, and
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instructions not included, was third, we'rehe millers, and disney's planes round out the top five. that does it for us at 6:00. i'm ama daetz, for leigh glaser, colin rus mike shumann, who was at the game. thank you for joining us. we'll be back at 9:00 and 11:00.
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