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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 10, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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president obama, tonight, pitches a limited strike against syria for its use of chemical weapons. >> what kind of world would we
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live in if the united states of america sees a dictator brazenly violate international law with poison gas and we choose to look the other way. >> president obama had a three-pronged attack tonight. first, he spoke directly to the american public. second, he laid out the case for military action against syria. but at the same time, the president is vowing to pursue a diplomatic solution, from russia over syria's kem wachemical wea. abc's news karen travers has more. >> reporter: tonight, president obama said america is not the world's police. but this time, the nation cannot stand by on the sidelines. >> our ideals and principles, as well as our national security, are at stake, in syria. >> reporter: syria said today it would turn over its chemical weapons. president obama said these are encouraging signs. but it's too early to tell if they will succeed. the u.s. is now working diplomatic angles.
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but the president insists a strike option must stay on the table. but nearly two-thirds of americans oppose military action. spectors of iraq and afghanistan loom large. the president insisted this would be different. >> i would not put american boots on the ground in syria. this would be a targeted strike to achieve a clear objective. >> reporter: administration officials have made direct contact with nearly 450 members of congress. but the sales pitch isn't working. in the house and senate, more members oppose a strike on syria than support it. president obama said he is sending secretary of state john kerry to europe this week to meet with his russian counterpart. and his administration will work to get a resolution through the u.n. security council. >> i've therefore asked the leaders of congress to postpone a vote while we pursue the
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diplomatic path. >> reporter: that part gives president obama more time to try to gain support for a military strike. but if diplomacy fails, he may find himself coming up short. reaction to the president's speech is mixed. nancy pelosi says, quote, the president justly made clear tonight that the threat of military action remains on the table, as we continue to work to prevent the use of weapons of mass destruction. as for the gop, the head of the republican national committee says, quote, the administration's handling of the u.s. response to syria has been so happen hazard it's disappointed the president's most ardent supporters. as for people in the bay area -- in san francisco last weekend, protesters marched against u.s. involvement in syria. richard becker was among them. and even with a possible diplomatic breakthrough, becker is skeptical. >> but the reality is, they're trying to spin a situation in
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which they took an initiative and have been pushed back by the people. but we believe that the people have to keep pushing back in order to stop a new war. >> syrian-americans demonstrated last weekend. one man said assad's use of chemical weapons deserves a military response. >> i understand we're tired of war and we don't want to start another war with false pretense. i believe this is different. this is like stopping hitler from committing the holocaust. >> polls show an overwhelming majority of americans want no part in this conflict. that's the latest polling coming out today in this. moving on. firefighters say they have gained the upper hand on the clover fire in shasta county, southeast of redding. 80 structures are destroyed, including 30 homes near happy valley. the fire is at this point 40%
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contained. but it is threatening 500 homes. evacuations are still in effect. the fire broke out yesterday in 100-degree heat and gusty winds, perfect for spreading fire. the exact cause has not been determined. fire crews in the east bay are getting closer to containing it tonight. they took advantage of cooler weather there to confine it to a canyon near the summit. and they've dropped their simt from last night as to how big this thing is. fire officials say it's burned more than 3,200 acres and is 60% contained. but homes are still threatened. the fire almost jumped morgan territory road last night. the flames were nearly blown directly into a subdivision. terrified neighbors watched the whole thing happen. >> winds just swirled up. it jumped to a huge tree on this side. and blew up. and then, it just went down this whole meadow, like a river of flames. it was just intense.
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it was just horrible. >> the fire started sunday afternoon. as firefighters in walnut creek were fighting the morgan fire on sunday, thieves, believe it or not, watching the stations houses back home and they took advantage. they broke into two different stations. at one point, they stole two wedding rings, wallets, watches, ipads and cash. completely shameless, obviously. at the other station, a captain was sleeping there and heard someone trying to pull the screen from a window. he called police. but the would-be thief ran away. with a court order hanging over the state to release thousands of prisoners to county jail, san francisco's district attorney says its jails are capable of handling more innovates. vic lee explains why. >> reporter: prosecutions for possession of drugs in san francisco are down by almost 70%. that may be a big reason why a lot of the county jail cells are empty.
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>> we're probably the only urban county today in the state that's running consistently at about one-third vacancy. >> reporter: the district attorney says his office is diverting drug users to community-based services, where they can be treated for their addiction, rather than incarcerating them. they include split sentences, where addicts serve a portion in jail and other treatment programs. he says if other counties did the same, the state's prisons would not be overcrowded. and the governor would not have to release prisoners as the the courts have ordered. >> if we can deal with the drug use problem, we're likely to reduce all of the other criminalities. >> reporter: he says the state should change the law to make possession of drugs for personal use a misdemeanor, rather than a felony. lenore anderson heads the group, californians for safety and justice. she agrees that a prison-first approach is not working. >> we know that's resulted in
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high resid schism rates. and it's been costly. >> reporter: a half to two-thirds of inmates serving time for drug procession, ends up back in jail in three years. the head of the police union is a former narcotics officer. >> if you reduce it to a misdemeanor, all officers in the field will have to cite and release those individuals purr the policy of the san francisco police department. >> reporter: and he says they wouldn't be forced to go through diversion programs, making it more likely for them to reoffend. vic lee, abc 7 news. google lost a bid for its privacy on its street view mapping effort. it apologized for collecting data from wireless home networks as it drove around. today, a three-judge panel with
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the ninth circuit court of appeals ruled that google is not exempt from federal fiwiretappi laws. it claims the information was up for grabs because the networks were not secured. the california privacy case can move forward. a big announcement unveiling not one by two new iphones. one cheaper than anything we've seen before. and the other, faster than anything we've seen before. and this time, there is a technological twist straight out of science fiction. it's pretty cool. abc news reporter, neal karlinsky explains what it is. >> reporter: for the first time ever, apple's latest and greatest isn't a new iphone. two new iphones. >> not one. but two new designs. >> reporter: the new iphones sport better cameras and more power for games and graphics. the singular key feature for apple this time is security. something called touch i.d. >> just touch it. >> touch it.
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and you get the feedback right there. >> reporter: it's all about security. instead of entering a code or a pass word, all this requires is a fingerprint to remember who you are and unlock the phone. seems cool. but other companies are racing ahead in the bells and whistles war. samsung has a phone that can literally react to your eyes, watching the screen. the killer app for apple's bottom line may be the iphone 5c. a cheap version for the masses. while apple remains strong at home, it's being trumped by android phones overseas, including the holy grail of emerging markets, china. >> a big acknowledgment that they need to provide a low-end, affordable solution for a much bigger market. iphone 5c for china. >> reporter: all part of the never-ending race for dominance in the smartphone wars. today's product reveals did not move investors today.
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ale shares dipped below $500, closing down more than $11. at $494 and some change in trading today. a lot more to come this tuesday night. coming up, the environmental costs are mounting for the rim fire near yosemite. still ahead, the price of restoring its natural habitat. an airport police officer whose training paid off in a big way. he doesn't want to be called a hero. spencer christian is here with the weather. >> our cooling trend continues. and our winds are kicking up. i'll have the forecast in a moment. moment. and wild animals, wild tv unbelievable.
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on a single charge. it's a car. it just doesn't take gas. [ farrar ] so think about where you go in a day. do you really need gas to get there? [ male announcer ] the 100% electric nissan leaf. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a 2013 nissan leaf for $199 a month. ♪ there's an effort underway to ban hunters from using lead ammunition in california. environmentalists say it would protect endangered species. but opponents say it's an attempt to stop hunting altogether in the state.
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>> reporter: how to save the majestic california condor? the use of lead in ammunition is already banned for hunting in the bird's main habitat between san jose and los angeles. but lead continue b leading cause of death for the endangered species. >> i do urge the governor to act on behalf of my feathered constituents. >> birds are voting in some of our districts. >> it's the rules of the house not to speak in a disparagining manner of other members of the house. >> reporter: lawmakers had a contention debate, beginning to not use lead bullets. lead-free ammo is difficult to find and expensive, opponents say this is a back door attempt to get rid of hunting in california. >> the original intenlt was a hunting ban disguised as a ban on lead ammo. >> the growth of california's
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cities and roads can each be responsible for increased access to lead. >> reporter: but supporters insist the ban helps wild life and the environment. researchers found when hunters leave behind the animals they kill, they will ingest the bullet fragments and die. >> it's a neurotoxin for human beings. it just makes sense to protect our environment. there's no evidence that the bill will limit hunting or increase costs for hunters. >> reporter: in the end, lawmakers sent the controversial measure to governor brown who has about a month to act. if he science it, california will have its first state-wide ban for lead bullets for hunting. investigators are trying to determine the cause of a deadly overnight fire at a berkeley apartment house. 56-year-old andrew goodwin, a media studies professor at the university of san francisco,
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died in the blaze. investigators say goodwin was found in his third floor apartment near telegraph avenue around 1:30 this morning. he died at the hospital. the older home was engulfed in flames when crews arrived. neighbors say goodwin was a smoker and liked to burn candles. but no official word on a cause of the the city manager of e is calling it quits. after a 44-year career of public service, she anounsed plans to retire by december. she has been the top administrator for six years now. she started her career with the city in 1969 as a part-time recreation aide while she was in high school. also in san jose, a police officer's quick thinking likely saved the life of a man who suffered a heart attack at the airport this morning. rob dayo was assigned to a checkpoint when a 43-year-old passenger suddenly collapsed and
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went into cardiac arrest. officer grabbed the nearby defibrillator and went to work. it turns out rob, a 25-year veteran was the force was the right man for the job. >> i'm a cpr instructor. i've been teaching people for ten years to do these things. it's the first time i've experienced a save. i was thrilled at the training i had was able to help somebody save their life. >> the 43-year-old man survived. he was taken to a hospital for treatment and was later released. rob says he doesn't consider himself a hero. he was just doing his job. but he did that job oh, so well. that's a reminder to get some training in cpr. that's a good thing to have. i did it years ago. i need to update. don't collapse now. i may not be able to help you. >> the pressure on this forecast. we've got some interesting changes in our weather going on right now.
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the fog is getting thicker. there's a little drizzle in the coast. the winds are picking up. here's a look at the live doppler. and you can see the fog. along the coastline, but just beginning to push out over the bay. and will make a further push in the overnight urs. right now, we're looking at winds gusting up to 38 miles per hour at fire field. 21 miles per hour at concord. and we do have a wind advisory in effect until 3:00 a.m. for the delta and carquinez strait. south to southwest 20 to 30 miles per hour with gusts up to 45 miles per hour. if you're out in that area, be on the lookout for blowing debris. and driving may be difficult as a result of the strong, gusty winds. let's look at our emeryville camera. the low clouds on the coastline. haven't made a move yet but they will. it's 63 degrees in san francisco. oakland, 66.
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redwood city, 58. 67 in san jose, los gatos. and another live view from our high-definition rooftop camera, looking at the skyline of san francisco. the transamerica building in the foreground. 62 at santa rosa. 66 at antioch. 66 at livermore. and a live view of the golden gate bridge, where it's pretty good. there's evidence of some fog there. and this is looking at our forecast features. low clouds and fog. and spotty drizzle overnight. it will be cooler tomorrow than it was today. and today was sharply cooler than yesterday. and eel have a warmer pattern developing by the end of the week. now, our satellite image. this is water vapor. that ridge of high pressure up there with the warm air that's dominated our weather picture or had dominated the weather picture. and the ridge is getting chipped away by two centers of low pressure. it's getting cooler out there. follow the animation. clouds moving inland and pulling
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back in the coast tomorrow. mainly-sunny skies inland tomorrow. lingering fog at the coast. and the cooling will continue as the onshore flow continues. and temperatures will continue to drop. over in the sierra, we'll have scattered thunderstorms tomorrow. the weather will be calm here in the bay area. and overnight tonight, with a little bit of drizzle along the coast or near the coast, i should say. and fog creeping locally inland, we'll see low temperatures mainly in the upper 50s to right around 60 degrees. and tomorrow, highs in the south bay, in the 70s. mid to upper 70s. 78, san jose. on the peninsula, mid-70s. low to mid-60s on the coast. downtown san francisco, a high of 67 tomorrow. in the north bay, low to mid 70s. cooler than a couple days ago. low 70s in the east bay. and low 80s in the inland east bay. here's the seven-day forecast. tomorrow, the coolest day in the forecast period. warming up on thursday. and mid-90s on friday. and we cool down over the weekend.
9:22 pm
and beginning of next week, the temperatures will be in 80s midland. and mid-60s on the coast. a pleasant week of weather ahead. >> not extreme at all. thank you, spencer, very much. some people watch the super bowl just for the ads. now, a new
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all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. san francisco base twitter is helping to break new ground in the world of advertising. it has to do with coke's new commercial on romanian tv, the
9:26 pm
campaign is due to many not sitting together eating meal. they integrate live tweets as the commercial appears, coke said the twitter followers increased by 15%. in fact, the people waited for the commercial to air so they could watch their tweets live. coke may air a similar ad in the united states, and others may follow that if it appears to work. and cal rubington bombarded people with his commercials, wrestling a tiger, even standing on his head to get people to buy a car. david wright suggests how he did this. >> reporter: calvin coolidge worthington was the original cowboy. in a suit. always that jingle, always a furry side kick, his dog, spot.
9:27 pm
which might be a tiger, or a grizzly bear, or even shamu, the killer whale. here in southern california, cal's off the wall antics made him more famous than the cars he sold. he claimed to sell more than a million. >> super prices are insane. >> that is what cal worthington did for cars. >> i am going to give you this to keep the sun off of you. >> cal's legacy lives an. >> specializing in the dead animals everywhere. >> reporter: in viral videos like this one. >> look at that antelope driving a car, or this one. >> reporter: for arlen's transmissions in burbank, created by hipsters who said they were inspired by cal. >> the reason we made
9:28 pm
commercials like this, we always loved the art form of the commercial. >> reporter: shifting cal worthington's crazy legacy forward. to youtube and beyond. david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> one of a kind, well, a lot is under the hood while we're talking cars at one bay area high school. and what is under the hood of this high school auto shop? students at washington high school get all greased up to find out. >> that story is next, plus your energy bill may be about to change. why people who go solar could be hit hard. also, the truth about those
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>> now, from abc 7 news. >> good evening, once again, conservation groups are beginning to worry about the environmental impact of the rim fire near yosemite. it is still listed as nearly 80% contained, but the cost of fighting it has cost nearly $100 million, and the tab for restoring the habitat could be even more. >> reporter: the rim fire recovery will be unlike anymore. >> wildfire is part of nature. but this is a catastrophe wildfire. >> reporter: these are tuolumne trusts along the river. they say it was 90% within the river. today, they launched the
9:33 pm
recovery campaign anticipating the costs in the tens of millions of dollars. >> undoubtedly, the recovery part is bigger than the tuolumne tribe. this will take multi-agency responses. >> reporter: the rim fire began more than three weeks ago and is now more than 80% contained. it is being called epic, the third largest fire in california, and the biggest ever in the area. the tuolumne river trust is working with the federal burn area emergency recovery team to do the assessment and come up with a plan for restoration and recovery. >> they are looking at the hot spot areas that need restoration areas. >> reporter: the san francisco puc says that the infrastructure is secure and doesn't expect
9:34 pm
water rates to increase as a result of any repair costs. >> people are worried about the ash. it is not a concern, and also come next spring, we're not expecting any erosion into the area. it will be very small, if at all. >> reporter: it will be another week before they finish assessing the damage to the roads. abc 7 news. and pg&e confirms tonight it has reached settlements with all but two people who filed suit over the san bruno pipeline explosion. as you know, the blast destroyed 38 homes and ruined the neighborhood in suspend bruno. the lawsuit between 50 victims were settled. one lawyer told bloomberg news that pg&e agreed to pay amounts that finally made sense. in a regulatory filing, pg&e says it expects to pay $60 million in claims and expects to
9:35 pm
pay at least $2 billion in fines. many bay area homes and businesses could see an increase in electricity bills, so watch out for this, thanks to reform regulation. it topped it more than a decade ago. the legislation would allow the public utilities commission to increase rates for people who live in coastal cities, and decrease it for people who live in inland areas, the puc will decide how much rates go up or down. the puc will also be able to charge a ten dollar monthly fee, even to those who use alternative energy sources. supporters say the fee is to make sure everybody pays for infrastructure, and maintenance. the legislation will also require utilities to generate more power from renewable sources like solar and wind, the senate approved the legislation today. the assembly and governor are also expected to approve it. and gas prices have jumped
9:36 pm
as you may have notice, as much as 20 cents a gallon at some bay area gas stations. and tensions over syria and crude oil prices are not the only reason drivers are paying more. according to our partner, the san jose mercury news, the cuts in production trickled down, going from 3.63 in august, to 3.83 a gallon at some local stations. san francisco city attorney dennis herrera followed up on a threat today, filing a class action lawsuit against the state of nevada. the suit claims the hospital improperly discharged hundreds of patients and put them on buses heading out of state. according to the lawsuit, 20 of them land understand the citied in the city of san francisco costing the city thousands for medical care. herrera is suing to get the money back and wants to make
9:37 pm
sure it doesn't happen again. and as we continue again, brown versus brown, in the name game for the bay bridge. plus,
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9:40 pm
governor brown went on record today opposing a new name for the old bay bridge. we're talking about the western span of the bridge, the state senate is expected to take up a resolution tomorrow to rename it after former san francisco mayor willie brown. governor brown says the bridge should keep the name it has had for 77 years. but he may not have much say in the matter. the governor cannot veto a
9:41 pm
legislative resolution, we'll see what they do in sacramento. and every year, families throw away food often relying on the expiration dates for guidance. we learned what those dates really mean. >> reporter: we all do it, open the refrigerator and wonder if the food passed its prime is safe to eat. we took our question to gina roberts, an expert at the national food lab. turns out if you think you have to throw out the food in your refrigerator because the expiration dates have passed, think again. the only food that federal law says must have a use-by date is infant formula. some states also have their own rules on dates for food like milk. but the rest of the dates are
9:42 pm
voluntary, with the manufacturers telling you when the food tastes best, not when it makes you sick. >> the best buy dates are all there for quality reasons, not there for safety reasons. >> reporter: gina and i paid a visit to this home near san francisco. to get real appearannswers abou more important dates in their refrigerator. eggs, you can make the omelet three weeks past the date on the carton, just make sure you cook them all the way through. as for meat, she says toss it on the date of the package, unless it is frozen. >> bacteria is not going to grow in them. >> reporter: as for the pantry with the dry and use by food. >> many of them can be used six months out. >> reporter: good news for
9:43 pm
jennifer, who gets to keep theñ crackers in her home, and more money in her wallet. and coming up next, high school auto shop classes are something most of us have only seen in the movies, but in one bay area city they are making a
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9:46 pm
we didn't speed this up. this is road racing in ireland. it is part of the finals there. these guys are going more than 180 miles an hour. wow. for those watching, they just stood by in awe, can you imagine? >> well, we'll take you down
9:47 pm
memory lane when high schoolings offered auto shop as part of the curriculum. remember those days? well, today one high school in san francisco is revving up those programs and urging people to sign up. >> reporter: few schools in the bay area encourage high school students get down and dirty to repair cars. george washington high in san francisco is reintroducing car shops as part of its curriculum. >> i just like the feeling of messing with cars and you can tweak cars and all that. >> i feel like girls should know if your car breaks down on the side of the road, you should know how to get out and fix that. >> reporter: here are other pictures of the auto shop that closed in 2006 after the teacher retired. the last time i saw high school auto shop was in a movie. and there was even a catchy song that went with it.
9:48 pm
>> oh, yeah, i love that. >> so why now? why reintroduce something that many considered long gone? many educators are finally realizing that there should be other options for students other than college. >> it is not simply an issue of sending kids to college. it is really preparing our students to be ready for the world. and it is college and career. >> the trade unions and toyota gave most of the money to restart the program at washington. today, there is a competition among auto dealers to secure good mechanics. many predict there will be a shortage of technicians in the near future. according to the bureau of labor statistics, the nation's demand for auto mechanics is expected to grow about 17% from 2010 to 2020, adding more than a thousand jobs. >> if you succeed in that career you will be very well compensated. job security is there, because like i said the number of cars
9:49 pm
is not getting any smaller. >> somebody starting out as a maintenance technician earning almost $18 an hour, or $36,000. a more experienced master technician can earn six figures. that can be an attractive proposition for many of these students. abc 7 news. all right, let's go back, as the socket wrenches out, he has the forecast. >> i'll fix my flat, here we go, low clouds, fog at the coast. mainly clear skies inland. you probably noticed how much cooler it was yesterday. here is a look at the 24-hour change, yesterday, 79, 25 degrees cooler, santa rosa, 24 degrees cooler, nevada, concord, 20 degrees cooler. the one location that went against the trend, san francisco, two degrees warmer today. statewide conditions tomorrow,
9:50 pm
mainly sunny and warm, over in the sierra, we'll probably see isolated thunderstorms. here in the bay area, the cooling continues, highs in the low-to-mid 80s, in the very warmest spots we'll see 70s along the bay and 60s along the coast. the seven-day forecast warming up again towards the weekend. friday, mid-90s, cooling down over the weekend and temperatures will moderate by the beginning of next week. so the ups and downs of the temperature ranges. >> the vissitudes. >> thank you very much, our sports director is here, with baseball. >> only one dollar words, even that, that is a struggle. the a's had a chance. in the al
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>> coming up, hear from firefighters who say they can't believe somebody would commit such an outrageous act while they tried to protect the public. and diana nyad and what she had to say about the critics regarding her swim from cuba to florida. >> they're making her swim laps, can you even swim? that is ridiculous, isn't it? a great feat. >> a's in good shape to make the playoffs, will their bull pen hold up once they get there, the green and gold lost out on a great chance to gain ground in minnesota. souvenir for the little guy here, he wonders what does the baseball taste like? let's get a look at that. jared parker, unbeaten in 18 straight start, dating back to may. josh willingham, ten year games
9:55 pm
against the a's, seven home runs, number six, which means you get one later. so albert oh caespo, a's up, 3-2, here it comes, there it goes. willingham again, and ryan cook knew it immediately. minnesota, with a 4-3 win, now texas, second place, lost to pittsburgh, meaning oakland stays two up in the west, with 18 games list. and air time in the highlights tonight. how about dad with the little guy in the baby bjorn and making the catch there, nicely done, hunter pence, plans for a new contract. three-run homer, his 20th on the year. the reverend giving the giants a 3-0 lead. scutaro, the wheels come off of
9:56 pm
ryan vogelsong. michael cuddyer, a three-run blast. the rockies have tied it. and now gone ahead, leading 7-6 in the sixth. you know, there is an expression you hear in sports sometimes when one scene crushes another one, the losing team is getting boat race. well, in america's cup, oracle off to a good start, taking the early lead, leading on legs two, but on leg three they made attacka tact tactical decision on when to attack. kiwis won easily by a minute and five seconds, oracle reeling, deciding to postpone the second race, they can do that, postpone the card. new zealand needs just five wins, oracle needs ten wins to
9:57 pm
retain it. >> we just have to go and win it. that is why we played the card. we just really needed to regroup and have a good look at the video and what is going on out there. we'll get out there again tomorrow and try to improve. and like i said, we can beat these guys. we'll show them we can. >> somewhere, larry. team usa is going to brazil, talking soccer now, the u.s. team qualified for their seventh straight world cup beating mexico. hernandez, and mexico, on the outside looking in right now. landon donovan back from an absence, ed johnson, look at the passing, nick discaru, great name. donovan shoots and scores. 2-0, the final, team usa, world cup bound for seventh straight time. mexico, in a little trouble here, goes into a playoff with
9:58 pm
new zealand. members of the golden state warriors are coming into town, getting resident for training camp, starting this month. grew up in a hurry in the playoffs. but the warriors acquired another all-star forward, andre iguodala, who may push barnes off the bench. is that a problem? >> it could be a problem, but regarding as far as starting when i come off the bench we have a chance to make a serious playoff chance. >> i love harrison barnes. and quarterbacks colin kaepernick and russell wilson will not bet any money, instead, an eyebrow, they appeared in a promo, the winner will get to keep his face intact. >> you know what we should do? whoever loses has to shave an eyebrow.
9:59 pm
>> all right, hope you going to like your eyebrow. >> we'll see how it turns out. lions defensive tackle in trouble again, the league fined him $100 for his low blocking, nfl rules prohibit blocking below the waist after a change of possession has occurred. another note on the whole eyebrow thing, on the interview today, russell wilson said maybe they will lose the eyebrow digitally. how lame, you got to commit. >> as jim harbaugh says, you come with knuckles. >> knuckles. >> not digital. >> well, that is our report. eyebrows in fact, we'll see you at 11. good-bye for now.
10:00 pm
mac: how are we supposed to scale back our energy costs when you're filling this generator with gasoline? dennis: yeah, gross. since when did you start running the bar on a gas generator? about a week ago. i've been doing it for about a week. why would you do that? well, because, you know, electricity's so expensive, man. so i figured let's get a generator and, you know, run the bar on it.


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