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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 13, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> breaking news in fremont where a police department employee collided with a fremont police officer. employee was riding her motorcycle on fremont boulevard at 3:45 today when the officer cruiser slammed into her.
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>> the police car struck the back of the motorcycle. motorcycle rider was thrown to the ground. and then the motorcycle impacted the back of the truck. the police officer and driver have no injuries. >> employee in serious conditionth officer was respond to go call but didn't have lights and sirens on. writ now the north bound liens of fremont between thornton and alder closed during the investigation into exactly what happened there today. >> good evening i'm dan. meantime bart officials are warning to prepare yourself for another potential strike now. agency also revealing back up plan to keep some trains rolling by having manager operate them even if workers walk off the job again. latest from laura anthony. >> we are looking at it very seriously. >>reporter: first time mentioned during the prosecute longed talk between bart and the union. possibility that manager might operate the trains in the event of lengthy
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strt striking. >> that's a planning exercise right now. not sure that we are able to do that but i will say that that's something that we are looking at. >>reporter: came from bart assistant manager speaking to the metropolitan transportation commission about the district plan if there is another strike in october. last time bart manager operated the train with passengers on them was in 1979 when the union went out for three months. p back up bay area freeway. and now contractually bart couldn't begin to train any of the 200 manager until after strike began. >> i would be extremely concerned if if think about having manager run trains. >>reporter: at the time local president of the transit union which represents bart 400 train operators. >> our train operators go through 16, 16 week period of training in other words for them to be certified. they still have to have a 90 day probation on top of that 16
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week l to operate a train. >>reporter: whether or not manager operate the train during strike bart does plan to increase bus service by 20 percent up to 100 buses. still only about 1 eighth of the buses needed to replace bart. bart and union expected back at the bargaining table monday n.lafayette, abc 7 news. >> tray to do on line banking you might be having problems. wells fargo banking customers across the country can't withdraw deposit or manufacture money and they go to twitter to complain bit. some customers were complaining that the credit debit card weren't working either. wells fargo has confirmed there is a problem and that they are working to fix it. bank customer service twitter feed was buzz with customer complaints this afternoon. police are still searching tonight for whoever was involved in a shoot out outside marriott hotel in downtown oakland. we were overhead and took these pictures of the ohio state football team and many fans staying at the marriott
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for tomorrow game against cal and they could not get in while police processed the crime scene. ball players and fans there. cab driver was unintended victim shot in the leg as he stood outside his taxi drinking a cup of coffee waiting for a fare. 4 of the bullet went in the exterior of the hotel. one witness in his office when he heard the gun show. after everyone got up and ran over to the window pretty quick. sfl we noticed the marriott panic and marriott then we saw the two gunshot hole that we saw from our window. >>reporter: taxi driver is expected to be okay but scary moments certainly downtown oakland today. >> men time happening now near the port of oakland evicted owner of trucking facility revving to leave. stand off with the state and developer all day. if wayne has more on that. >> in west oakland today truck truck everywhere and p.m. old
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oakland army base. truck service center that is overstayed the welcome. >> not so he was manufacturing to another yard. and we are coordinating if the stuff is manufacturing but cut it short and he vibingtd us before the time we are ready to go. >>reporter: he runs oakland maritime support service and pl he said they are the victims. >> basically now all my customers want to fire me. plus i'm going to have to pay st rental on all the equipment that i was supposed to get in today so basically they put me pretty close to being out of business. >>reporter: back story even more complex. developer has closed the deal to turn the 17 acres in a massive complex with thousands of truck that service the port every day. f-250 million dollars pledgeed to get the project running but the deadline started in december 31 and mr. boot has yet to move.
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fichlt think it's biscuit and dry and made it pretty clear that the citya]5m entitled to possession of this property and under agreement to mav forward with the project and do it now. >> captain have more people. >> on the streets of oakland this afternoon truck with nowhere else to park. they are stacking up one is happy. >> i'm no place for them to go. what washington do you expect them to do. >> abc 7 news in oakland. >> late today governor brown and hay ranking chinese official signed landmark agreement to fight climate at change. signing took place in downtown san francisco. memo of understanding calls on china and california to curb car bop gas. reduce energy consumes and invest in clone technology china produces more green husband gases than any other country. governor brown says cheap a pollution problems however are also californias. >> green house gas is huge.
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spread throughout the entire world. green house gas comes from africa, china, california, texas, great britain all over. >> chinese government republic representative says the agreement is vital to meet the clean energy goals. task force meet periodically to if share information. >> victims of domestic violence have more protection. raw signed by governor brown will allow domestic violence victims to conclude social media as part of restraining order. new law signed to protect victims from on line harassment. >> back in the day there was physical injury. that just isn't the case. there are many, many ways for somebody to intimidate and to arrest somebody and now the social media its such a common thing it's just t-somebody bad intent that's one of the tools they use. >> state legislature also approved controversial will to
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give california drivers license town documented immigrant. that and other if areas. >> banner year for immigrant living in california illegally. since congress if won't pass immigration reform state legislature sent governor numerous proposal helping the millions here. >> does reinforce the washington for reform. >>reporter: among proposal headed to the governor cracking done on consultant saving a place in line fo and another measure who passes bar exam like garcia. listening line even if undocumented. >> also the trust act prohibiting law enforcement from turning over immigrant from the federal. big one gives them a driver's license to the to be shevld for the year. in the meaning of the
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govern wednesday night the and his failure to sipe a license. >> what are you talking about. send me the bill been waiting forth billy want to sipe it. so we thought this was important and strike while the ivrp was hot. >> last minute friendy getting driver's license bill to the governor desk. surprisingly that and other pwls got republican support. comes at time when the parties try to makeen road with latino. >> federal government filled to do so for 25 years. >>reporter: cherry farmer surround state senator says california must do what i can. >> i'm in a state office but we have to react what the federal government does or doesn't do he this was something we could do. >>reporter: governor brown told the sacramento bee he changed his mind and supports drivers lip bill it becomes clear that they won't impact any time soon. thinks 7 news. >> scary moments in san francisco financial district
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during this morning rush hour. you can see what the fuss was about. this window washing scaffold hung unsafely at angle from one embarcadero scaffold. nobody there when spoken to. area reopened 10 after after the mood came and gone. potential was there for a real problem. didn't happen. >> well it has been one day if twitter public offering and now speculation that it is mounting about all the times of what million nairts what does it in san francisco. we have the story. >> looking for home in san francisco for 5 most. they made offers but so far no luck. >> frustrate. hard much in competition. spend all cash out of a house you know that's har. a lot of money for somebody to put down. >> realtor say get situation
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over wires and facebook may of 2012 bought new he ville waition and same thing after 20th 0. >> all pen up demand and if you add the twitter people in there we expect that the drive of real estate market for months if not years to come. >> here's how get activity market is now. 2 unit open liberty hill list willed at 1.4 million yochbilitys it sold for 2.2 million. 800,000 dollars over asking. market street if san francisco employee kept mum about the i p o filing but in the neighborhood we reaction is mixed about the anticipated i hope flux of millionaire. mission district has already seen much fan impact. >> nravr of the neighborhood changes a little bit. i don't
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know it changes how how people live here see it. >> considering when i first novd san francisco experiencing an economic downturn in the early 2000 would i rather see money than people without money here. >> morbiding war and too familiar scene in san francisco. 7 news. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. situation in colorado is dire tonight. death destruction rescue across the state. 2 women safe after being stranded 14,000 feet up. plus. >> new video tonight. we share with you of yesterday attack on the u.s. consulate in afghan stachbility the weekend. spen spenter is here with the area but autumn like changes on the way. accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> thanks. going undercover. why seattle seahawks fans better be nice to anyone
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better be nice to anyone wearing a 49ers
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>> we have new information and new video of brutal attack on u.s. consulate in afghhappenede city of harris no. americans killed. but this mark another attack on u.s. consulate coming just one year and a day after the attack on the consulate in benghazi libya that killed a bay area native and 3 others. here's t martha. >>reporter: the truck bomb was so powerful it not only blew out the window of the consulate but others nearly a mile from the blast. afghan security forces rush the wounded and dead f.then it begins again. american contractor barry reid tweet from his nearby roof top huge attack. lots of explosions. i'm safe. many but then more powerful blast. 5 suicide bombers detonating
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vest. 7 including those protecting americans but an hour later he tweeted life for afghan went on normally like nothing happened. how do they do that? it has been a hard year for afghan security forces. 100 killed week sense the u.s. troop draw down began. more than 55,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan but by this time next year the majority of them will be gone or on their way out. this is washington. >> unfortunately more rain headed to colorado where flood killed 4 people destroyed homes and we should out part of interstate 25. mane freeway in the state. thousands have been evacuated. in boulder county some areas were hit so fast people just could not leave. crew used zip line to rescue this person. stranded at home in the park. >> floodwater make it hard for
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mm. craw certainly. this fire truck was hit head open by flash flood. look at the water just hitting the front of the car. he was not hurt now stranded people, 2 stranded people emergency cur you you remembering this family and dog was pulled from the home on a raft. one man sleeping when the water and debris slammed into his house trapping him inside. >> wall of water coming out so we went outside and climbed up above our house and heard a big roar and that's probably when it came down. buried the hous house. filled the bedroom full of mud. luckily came up fv here. >> president signed a federal emergency declaration to help pay for the stories. >> same story in california with an ice storm. for two days these 2 women were hunker down in a tent white out
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conditions. flooding around them and cell phone shy. the experienced climber tested they needed help and provide coordinate of the location. park service was organizing another rescue effort for them today when the 2 women hiked out on their own. they kept their head. >> before forecast nice around here but changes coming. >> fall lake changes coming our way. >> still mild summer lick but getting cooler soon and maybe a hit with ran fall in our 7 day forecast. all is quiet right now. roof top camera at ab 7. under mainly clear sky just coastal fog beginning to push in towards the bay. 57 degrees right now in san francisco. 60 oakland redwood city, 64 awise in this area. 57 at half moon bay. golden gate bridge from the golden gauge bridge. other
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readings are 61. 59 novato. 77 antioch. slow to consolidate down. concord liver mere 62 degrees and live view from the camera east bay looking west we see a hit of coastal shock off there and see fog near the coast. warm again tomorrow and slightly cool her on sunday. look at the satellite image. some active weather systems near us and right now the bay area is in the narrow ridge of calm quiet rather as we look ahead. follow the time line into sunday monday of next week and low pressure system dropping down out of the gulf of alaska moving in north west trailing cold front out of the low and squeezeing in our direction. bring us choice of rain in are weekend by friday of next week. of nature tonight no rainfall likely. fog at the coast and
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pushing holly across the bay inland. low pressure in the mainly upper 50's to the rate around 60. another sunny mild warm day south bay sunny sky was high in the upper 70's to mid 80's up to 79 san jose 84 morgan hill. 83 down in gilro gilroy. peninsula 74 degrees tomorrow at san mateo o. 78 at redwood city and mountain view. coast nice and mild. high at 52 degrees. 67 half moon bay. 68 agrees. 65 sunset district. north bay about santa rosa and napa 83 at sonoma and 85 calistoga. east bay high of 71 oakland at castro cell and inland east bay nice warm and summer like with high up to 86 at walnut creek. 85 concord and p.m. 86 livermore. 7 day forecast. nice mild safe pattern through thursday of next week then temperatures
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drop rather sharply on friday l a little cloudy we make change and l at the moment looks like. >> coming up. we tell you what may unlikely every the 13. criminal who tried to steal millions of dollars
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computer with at the vase known as a keyboard video mouse switch. would have allowed them to remotely gain control of the computers to transfer cash from the comfort of their open home. passengers booked optic thin air nritd today could have been for given having sex while travel. it's unluckiest flight ever. it's flight 6 6 6. destination annual port and it departed today friday the 13th ize in a point of humor. disney lapped. without any problems. >> well friday the 13 thought to be unhere but in numbers considered to be just as lunl. in china pronounce of the word is similar to the word and any buildings in china skip fourth floor many do just as you was builders sometimes commit 4 13 n.japan no. 9 feared because it
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sound similar to the word for tour torture. italy some folk inner ji but this oying. pwr beat the trant from latin to me my live is of. no. 39 bad rap in afghanistan. another dead cow also known get the license plate until they were the other way. traumatic for any young student. 3-year-old with autism left stranded by her bruise driver. plus the paint industry under pressure in the courts tonight get the lead out. yours could be one of 5 million home to do it. >> history in the maceing open
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>> authorities have a warning for rowdy fans going to football games this weekend. think twice before picking a fight with a rival jersey. we flip how seattle police try to keep the peace at forty-niner seahawks games. >> after years the fans attacked at nfl games sometimes violently as seen on you tube for cheering the wrong time. seattle police going after holligan right where they sit. uncore didn't change gear.
9:32 pm
this is the 49ers. >> pa people coming to the game people don't know if this is a fan. not really a talk. >>reporter: often drink easy and dangerous we come up on gaze on van stay and thought he was good do. >> very reason other teams launch similar sting. crack down on violence but fans can end a game without abc. >> barry bonds released a statement short time ago in fact. he says he is dispointed but asking to begin serving his sentence of 30 day house arrest and 2 year of probation last weej. fons convicted two years ago on obstructing grand jury
9:33 pm
into investigation if he used tear i'd. his dvt shark function but the port rorl route miss for vin it's as redistrict this statement saying we are gratified by the court decision and believe just has been sponsored if i'm not realty on 3 hour spented 2 year probation detail for the sake of each opposite tonight. you awe want than u.10 california cities hear 1 billion dollars to klaeb up homes. david explains what is at stake. >> the use of led xwaid pans way in project more than half
9:34 pm
an meevrn miss pro protect it's damage russ. it supported education and prevention programs however 5 company are being sued by 360 and as i have couldn't but say that nose enough. >> they don't relead the let pay him from home so until you t poyts open. that is the recommend we seek in the law site. >> oakland san francisco and bay area counts of can't clare, alameda, so kano are xwrul of law sued back you attorney jej of the naibing strategy other states have failed. >> fear other substance very same kevd the same andñi in every.
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>> over 1 bail to remanufacture couts since addressing loom tam anything for years yrs r after mo la growing oe shat to show roo mediation of method of putting something every satellite and of course always the come points remanufacture. >> closing argue scheduled week from monhere in san show. dump has a.b clothing. >> personal prop to posing as schedule circumstance is and cracks under car chld drive 50 feet while knowledge him you "on clean up remote wear juan yes siedell happening east of the sierra nevada. grob map
9:36 pm
found a group of especially training volunteer that work in most in excess i have part of the my stew steel and other yards. prison in sill investigation how gauge girl died after, in a exterior cash sfoubd in the back of ear pretty gair. left her in the car because had earlier plan he found her in the afternoon. information right after school. >> our initial exam f without fichlt scuv did not have a phone food or walker. suns mother. 30 year path stop is that duran the on the hers day
9:37 pm
thon to ill scoot because driver wrong a look at the wrong school. second driving after taking had bus company and school service can't explain how it happened. >> to 93 that abc had goten just a moment yes nair ick response to our indicate we'll might know about this and we'll look into it it's our safety concern. >> second largest school bus operated in the country. it is investigating. >> well so many start up born he.e they need more foam lj
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>> north carolina man only got about 300 miles after trying to be the first person to cross the atlantic using a cluster of helium filled balloons. technical malfunction forced jonathan trap to touch down in newfoundland 12 hours into the flight. 39-year-old says disney pixar film up inspired him to attempt this. he's in the sure if he will try again. >> that's a crack up. looks like the movie. >> well stanford is a university known for students who start company. in fact we have covered a lot of them here over the years but now the university is investing in the interest present measure in a totally new way. jonathan bloom explains. >>reporter: in the parking lot of the aol building in palo alto big leather couch being wheeled and voice in the futur future. couch many young entrepreneur have slept on if they made it that far. >> sleep under the desk system
9:42 pm
systems. tl just like f code code code for 15 hours straight and lay down on the floor and sleep for tl sleep for a couple hours and back up. >>reporter: that kind of passion make a perfect fit at the start up accelerator born out of stanford university. learning program for entrepreneur who are passionate about an idea. >> i say passionate i don't mean they think it's cool. it's that they can't sleep at night because they are thinking about it. >>reporter: at the funded start up two years ago. this is your desk. messy of all. >> yes. pivshtion now he's packing his things. not shutting down far from it. after helping to hatch 136 start ups including the toy company for girls and a braille label machine for the blind they have out grown the space to get off the ground. and now with a 3.6 million dollar grant from the university and the hospital it's heading out on
9:43 pm
its own. >> entire space used for our company. >>reporter: more money to rent more space nobody will spread out and newtown feet up. working shoulder to shoulder made them so successful. >> we probably take this out and p.m. we have 10 people sitting here. >>reporter: sitting in close quarter creates team work. you overhear and i can help with that happens all the time. >>reporter: stanford part of the team work and contribute 10% of any venture capitol and mit say investment in a different sort of education. >> already have if this but it's a ultimate. >> in palo alto, abc 7 news. >> while on the subject of creative thinking. up next f.unique way to get if his daughter to change the way she daughter to change the way she dresses. is ate sho
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st ♪ we wear short shorts. >> that commercial from the 1980's. who wear short shorts these days it mit sprays you. we have the father who has fashion advice for her daughter has gone viral. >> fashion statement no team daughter wants her father to make. >> i know it sound weird to try to embarrass her and her to know fishingts daisy duke to teach his daughter a lesson about the virtue of modesty. when his 19-year-old daughter wore longer shorts to the weekly family night he took a
9:48 pm
pair of scissors turned and an old pair of jeans into this. >> are you kidding me. >>reporter: his wife first reaction. >> i was embarrassed but i was hoping it would be a good lesson. >> don't want to see a 52-year-old fat guy walking around in short shorts. >>reporter: he wore them playing miniature golf. >> snicker pointing. >>reporter: 24 hours posting the image viral. >> what the father did was excellent way to get this message across. it was creative. it was funny. it engaged the family and it engaged the teenager. >>reporter: lesson couldn't have been too painful this got 130,000 on lean comments she posted. >> how much he loves me and that he really cares about it. >>reporter: lesson work. >> got the point across yes. >>reporter: hopes to remember the motto. >> modest pistol proudest.
9:49 pm
about modest is hottest. >> good dad right there. another good dad experience back with the forecast. >> now billy ray if too. here's doppler 7 hd clouds at the coast line mostly clear sky inland location and tomorrow state wide looking at sunny warm conditions across california hi in the 90's chico sacramento fresno yosemite and thunderstorms rocking over sierra a.quite a few with 1,000 lightning strike and mr. tomorrow. in the bay area tomorrow all quiet and all mild about to warm on the western front. look for high in the 60's at the coast upper mid upper 70's around the bay and mid upper 80's in the inland location and here's accu-weather 7 day forego. we have nice if steady $1 million pattern through next thursday but by friday increase in cloud temperatures drop sharply and might have some late summer pre-fall rain. next friday. >> interesting the thanks
9:50 pm
spencer very much. sports director larry here to talk baseball tonight. >> exciting game. a's hit the long ball if texas then hold on for dear life. in the f
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ready? happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in! this is my favorite one. it's upside down.
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oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> we are all going to watch. that coming up tonight at 11:00. what happened on the popular stanford university path police issuing a warning. >> google getting in trouble overseas with a street driver has them launching an investigation. >> more on channel 7 at 11:00. larry has all the news. if. >> very entertaining. can't garren teeth sportscast. fit
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for first. a's open a 3 game series in texas. as they were cruising up 9-2. fan showing newspaper force. 1st inning. not mine. thanks for paying attention in the show. 3 run homer. if nobody gets away unscathed on friday night. josh donaldson. fv i don't have a nickname for him or catch phrase. 3 rbi. oakland coming in tonight tied with the league lead. 9-2 game. if runner at second gets the profile looking to end it. a's hang on for a win. up on texas in the miles per hour league west. two week left of the season. primary food group at the ballpark. all sugar.
9:55 pm
ut in 6truck out 6 in 6 inings innings. him if surrendering 2 runs in the sixth. former giants what is your profession remember when he used to did this become in 2010. world series team and clayton shut out the giants and pl knocked in two rns part of 3 run out burst by the giants. take a lead. giants lead 4-2 and in the eighth in la if you magical numbers in sports and baseball you have dimaggio 56 game history. in golf the number 5 59. game only sixth player in pga tour history to shoot a 59. about second round of the bmw on the back 9. 9 stroke off the lead. making up ground fast. par 4 15 that is for eagle. he was 8 under first 9 hole on the day. birdie putt on 18 to finish back side on 3
9:56 pm
12th hole of the day big putt. everything going in for on fire jim except for this. one par putt on 14. take bogey. birdie 8 then on 9 the final hole birdie for 59. 60 approach. to this for his 11th birdie of the day 59. tied for the lead with grant medical. cheering for him both under 1100 for par ichltd send i don't sweep whether good or poorly i run back to the moments in the day i have to im paragraph. note much i could improve on today so i think i'll sleep well. >> about final mainly of the year for the lpga. of in pari paris. france. rain postponed fears round yesterday so started today if with this woman leading f.big fight
9:57 pm
tomorrow night in vegas people leaned up for hours just to get in to see them weigh in. mayweather escape of the sport. 44 and o is good as. 150 pounds at 23. 42 o and 1 record then the up comfortably close stare down if you ask me. doesn't speck a lot of english but this message for floyd. >> are you ready. >> i was born ready. born ready. fichlt that may have been rehearsed is what i think. college football cal host number 4 ohio state. buckeye quarterback situation up in the air bracket to miller questionable because he hurt his knee last week against san diego state. whether he plays or not cal defense doesn't play any better than this. they give 4 30 yard if important save in the first half and they are in trouble. >> defense has a lot of pride and they want to get it right
9:58 pm
so we will we will get it right. a challenge. make very, very good offensive football team best over the country. great measurement stick for us. >> high state number 4 stanford no. 5 and west point new york to face army tomorrow on the bank of the hudson refer. cardinal coach has great respect for the army players on off the field. >> we were playing on hallow ground. west point is special to our country. and him if i come from there. have done unbelievable things him if thi this. so i take it as a huge sipe of respect from us and i can't wait to get there. >>reporter: i tell what you david shaw has things in proper perfect speck. >> i love this guy. didn't forget to tune in to lexus after the game. we come on after the notre dame purdue football game and new san jose
9:59 pm
football coach ron. >> class act. >> yes. >> all the way. >> i was born ready. >> may, may. >> he was certainly ready for this. >> i think soil. thanks very much. that's this edition of 7 news here on coffee tv 20 for all of us here thanks for watching. appreciate your time as always. 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook and mobile device any time you wish with 7 news app. see you wish with 7 news app. see you on
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dennis: oh, it's just so doggone thin. sweet dee: oh, it's incredibly thin. yeah, it's thin, sure, but i got to say, i don't care for it. charlie, the thinner the tv, the better the tv. i mean, that's just a straight-up fact. guys, guys, guys! check it out.


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