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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 20, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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is. >> well there it is. clouds are gathering as the showers approach on the last weekend of summer. good evening i'm dan. here's what it lacked lick right now from the camera on the roof along the embarcadero you can see the skies are getting a little more clouds
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n.let's get to sandhya who is monitoring the showers from live doppler 7 hd. >> few sprinkle being reported around ukiah we look at live doppler 7hd writ now. nothing is measuring in ukiah so far and a little bit of moisture showing up right along the marin sonoma county border. here's where most of the moisture has been. up in the northern portion of california we even see lightning strike around redding. moisture still about to come to the bay area is off the coast line. now i do want to show you a computer animation of when you can expect some written in your area. 11:00 p.m. tonight you will see the rain in the north bay really scattered in nature farther south and east of the santa rosa area then hear comes the next batch. this is what is going to bring us heavy showers 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we may even be talking about thunderstorms potential so don't be surprised if you see lightning bolt across the sky especially if you are going to be up in the north bay and early plans tomorrow morning. make sure
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you grab umbrella showers don't end here. back with the rest of the weekend forecast in a few minutes. >> okay thank you. police arrested members of notorious street gang that they say ran in dog fighting ring in san francisco. investigators confiscated the video and vick lee has it. >> video too violent and disturbing to show in the entirety. 2 pit bull are fighting as the owner and bystanders provoke them to fight harder. inspector dan silver with the gang task forc force. >> slap punch yelled at and back at each other and fight pretty viciously for 5 minutes >>reporter: police believe this dog fight happened in march at the housing development in hunters view. they arrested 3 men who police say are documented members of the westlaw gang. >> robbery. murder. rape. drug deals. >>reporter: police say perkins owns one of the dog. they say
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matthews junior is the owner of the other pit bull. german jackson was apparently a bystander at the dog fight. but being a spectator at dog fight is also a crime. when police searched jackson home they found pit bull mom and 3 pups and also a bullet paragraph vest and ammunition. inspectors silver also recognized 19-year-old rice from the video. he was shot to death three months after the dog fight at this bus stop in the bay view. it was that irony that reece was the victim of almost fatal mauling by 2 pit bulls when he was only 11 years old. places found other video of pit bull in perkins cell phone this one showed 2 of them apparently being trained to fight. by attacking hanging tires. silver suspects pit bull street fateing goes on more than we know. >> it's not uncommon practice at all. l it is exactly under reported practice, i believe.
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>> still verify told us street gang use dog fighting as means of controlling their turf. >> just creates f-increasing air of intimidation and arrogance. >>reporter: police believe one of the dog may have died but they would like her help in finding them and if you recognize anyone else in that video also lake to know who they are. vick lee, 7 news. >> frainers saying tonight that it's up to the nfl to decide what punishment all pro linebacker will face. he was arrested in san jose this morning. on charges of driving unthe influence and marijuana possession. hears booking photo from the santa clara county jail. taken in custody east foothill of san jose few miles from the home. later posted bail and joined his team mates for practice. now we have team coverage tonight beginning with abc 7 news reporter david louie. >> just about 7:00 a.m. when neighbors in the up scale silver creek neighborhood heard what sounded like a vehicle
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accident. dodge pick up truck with smith at the wheel smashed into the tree. on to the property of kim with the engine racing the wheel of smith pick up gouged rut on the lawn and left dirt skid marks. smith appeared asleep at the wheel. >> i see a lot of smoke and then at the time neighbor come out and tried to knock the door and he turn off the engine. >>reporter: police say field sobriety test and arrested smith for dui possession of marijuana. >> cooperative and the officers were able to conduct their investigation then ultimately booked him into county jail. >> smith lives 8 miles away. nobody know why is he was here. fellow forty-niner teammate mcdonald lives just down the street from where smith crashed his pickup. mcdonald not home this afternoon. smith made bail and release from county jail in a matter of hours. he then showed up at the niners
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facility for practice. number 99 in the video of earlier practice. smith second dui arrest. first was in south florida in january of last year. this is his booking photo from that incident. first offender charges were reduced to reckless driving. then in june of last year smith and another man were stabbed in party here at smith home in east san jose. shots also fired two party guest ensued smith for their injuries. a month later smith apologiesed to team mates. >> i feel in like after the incident that happened and expectation set for me i feel i let fans and everybody kind of look at me down. i'm really focused more than ever. not to say i wasn't in the beginning but just focus more than ever i'm ready to go. >>reporter: in san jose, david louie abc 7 news. >> within hours of the crash smith showed up at practice at forty-niner head quarter investigators work out with the team. heather picks up the story from there. >> 49ers head coach harbaugh
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says today the team was focused on great practice not on number 99 the smith arrest. harbaugh says he talked to smith about what happened and encouraged him to kilometer to practice. >> disappointed and the felt like l he needs to go to work. face team mates. and if soldier through it. >> whether smith plays against the colts this weekend has yet to be decided and he under discipline is to the league. >> there will be consequences. there always is good or bad. we all have consequences. >> davis says the team will not be distracted by smith arrest. distraction are nothing new. >> i don't think it really affected the team because lick i said before we just have to remain focus no matter what happens. we have things going on all over the place. >> teammate rodgers says as young nfl player self
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discipline is one of the hardest lessons to the learn. >> you just got to say no. >> court appearance on november fourth. >> pittsburgh police need help this evening finding a man link to shotgun blast outside courthouse. at least one round struck the courthouse at the pittsburgh civic center around 7:40 this morning. detectives don't believe anyone in the building has been targeted. appears the gun went off when man picked it up nearby bushes. if the acknowledge captured the man getting into this red suburban and driving off with the gun. looking for him tonight. >> rude awakening for several residents in san francisco portola neighborhood during police chase of suspect the bank robber that led to roof of nearby apartment building. >> we did hear scuffling in the laundry area above us. we didn't foe quit with it was so we left our door lock. we heard the plaintiff shout to our neighbors there was a bank robber on the roof.
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>>reporter: police say tvl startled bank robber trying to break no an atm machine at this bank of america on san bruno avenue. man took off then climbed on to the roof of 94 by building but pl misstep september him crashing through the roof into the top floor of the building where police finally arrested him. >> belmont police mean time looking for the vandal or vandal who painted elementary school with gr fit think week. fox elementary among 6 schools in the district just remodelled over the summer at cost of 63 million dollars. several buildings tables and playground were tagged. him if pictures provided by police so far no suspect in the case. police hope someone will come forward with information about this tl senseless vandalism attack. >> well as you heard new i-phone on sale today and a lot of eager apple fan flood nude stores to be among the first to get their hands on one. 250 people in line forth new i-phone 5 s and c when the
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apple store opened at 8 this morning brit and early apple ceo cook 3 is. showed up shaking hands with loyal customers to say that's he was impressed he said by the turn out. first people in line were from the organization gift of vets which helps veteran in need f.bought one for a veto use a new app that helps him deal with cognitive issues he has because of brain trauma. >> he is pvl thrilled. excite excited. he cried. he can't believe that somebody was willing to do this for him. >>reporter: biggest disappointment for buyers at stores today was shortage of gold colored 5 si phone. knew they would be a big seller brand new. available on line but will take several days to ship. all is well here but in southern california i-phone sales did not go so smoothly. here's spm more. >> get out of the way get out of the way. >> outside the apple store in
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pasadena police storm in argue 2 men. later 2 women fate it out on the ground as the boyfriend face off in an angry con tron taetion. one of those men ends up running in the street throwing himself against a passing truck. he too was detained by police. violence unfolded as hundreds of people stood in line for hours. handful of them for several days wait to go buy new i-phon i-phone. long lines routine every time apple sales new i-phone but this time the leap was packed with 80 to 100 people from skid row. >> it balloon quickly and huge group came in behind us. >>reporter: witness say the people were driven in to pasadena by this man who promised to pay them 20 dollars in exchange for each i-phone claim ticket they handed him. >> i buy phones. i buy phones. then i resell them. the it's not illegal. not against the law to buy them at full retail price. >>reporter: it's not illegal but apple corporate caught wind of the man plan and refused to
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sell him more than a dozen fochbilitys he refused to pay the folk would waited in line. that is when the chaos erupted. >> all i know is is that we tl sat here we is the here and now we are not being paid. >> spend the night out here. no money nothing. >> what i want my 40 dollars rate now. >>reporter: man was later con fronted by a crowd demanding money tl. police drove him away for his safety. apple fans who brave long night in anticipation of getting their hands on the phone watch in disgust saying all of it seemed unfair. >> it is annoying. all this ruckus all night. yelling. tl it wasn't fair for them to sit out here but it happens. it's life. >>reporter: the not very nasty thing for the man to do that was our sister station kebc in los angeles. now if you got a phone today down load exclusive watch abc app. use this to
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watch abc news and all the favorite abc tv shows live and find out how to down load it for free and watch this web site or search for watch abc in your app store. check it out when you can. >> coming up next. dramatic day at america's cuple won tl at of luck today. oracle ceo ellofson taking a multi-million dollar pay cut. >> and the final seat at candlestick. michael shows us what it takes to get into one what it takes to get into one of those last games him if
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there was a lot of drama team new zealand thought they could finish things off and bring home the cup. but lick they say not over until it's over. wayne reports now from the waterfront. >> as of tomorrow it will be springtime in new zealand. men time her at san francisco we have the summer yachting event that does not seem to end. just ask your typical devoted kiwi person by the m wren a green. >> p-2 races later it's clear
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the man is not just a fan but also approve it. >> are they racing. >> not sure hard to tell at this point. >>reporter: race one in the fog and experience from the get go light wind and before long a huge lead for the kiwi. seemingly insurmountable. american fans watching at the field resignation. >> doesn't look good. >>reporter: until it went from worse to much better. him if translated this means it took too long. race exceeded the 40 minute limit giving oracle a reprieve. >> we got from despair to tl -- to hope. and elation. race 2 turned to oracle early on with this. >> this is going to be very interesting. >>reporter: from there they turned early deficit to big lead. hour earlier the cup had seemed gone. hour later.
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>> lick key wee messed up a little bit. we got ahead. and racing tomorrow. >>reporter: almost foregone conclusion big whip for the oracle boat racing past america cup pavilion. khaering about for the home team. change the rest vision once again. for the kiwi. what a difference between the 2 races. first one light winds and exceeded the limit of 40 minutes. the second race 27 minutes and even those winds were light just 13 knot and yet those boats reached speeds of 39 miles an hour. from the america's cup pavilion, wayne abc 7 news. >> tough sailing for oracle and tough sailing for the ceo. larry taking 18 percent dmut compensation after the company missed internal financial target he did he cleaned the annual cash bonus. the salary is 1 dollar but he earns substantial amount in stock option this year he will get by
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with 78.4 million dollars don't feel too bad. oracle himself mr. ellofson has personal fortune of about 41 billion dollars. he's doing okay. >> all right. let's manufacture on to the accu-weather forecast for the wean. spencer off. sandhya is here. real change is come. >> seasons are being khing. early preview of some rain. trace amount. santa rosa ukiah now. let me show you live doppler 7hd cold front coming on shore and we begin to see some changes. not whole lot in terms of rain but you will see here on our radar that we are seeing a little bit of moisture showing up in the north bay. let me close you in a little bit closer here. guerneville fort ross out to this area very late returns. you see that just moving now. you know you can tell when it's starting to moisten up. today we saw cloud cover. breeze came in. temperatures l fell quit bait this afternoon. cooler. mid
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60's to low 80's and i'm sure you notice if you were out and about from emeryville camera l stacking up at interstate 80 exploratorium 65 and 67 in oakland. san jose. san carlos 68 degrees. still in the 60's in los gatos half moon bay 59 degrees. the view from the sutro tower cam are clouds disappear at least you can see the moon. temperatures mid 60's santa rosa napa antioch 67 in livermore and from our roof cam are here you can see showers will be moving in soon just clouds now. chance of up up thiser going into your saturday. 1:44 p.m. sunday and mild weather next week so we do have changes coming that will be very noticeable as we head that the wasn't. here's the cold front that is coming on board like i said and here's the area pressure. 2 way of showers. this is timing in the atmosphere. this is where you really see the rain coming in potentially some thunder and that means first half of the weekend plans will
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include wet weather. north bay seeing some showers. scattered in nature for the rest of the bay area. tomorrow morning the second wave comes in and at 10:00 a.m. you can see some moderate rainfall here in the north bay shift at noon time. looking at the heart of the bay area lacking at some moderate rainfall as well and showers continue that the south bay and east bay. really starting to wind down by evening so make sure you have your rain coat with you. if going to the cardinal game or going to the a's game tomorrow umbrella also a necessity. we head that tomorrow gusty winds as well and red flag warnings continue along with light wind advisory. if you are going up there mix of rain snow, snow level above 8,000 feet and not expecting whole lot in terms of accumulation. couple of inches at best. pass will be okay. written fall total l through saturday night lowest in the south bay as we expect. about
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moisture locked up hear in the north bay. less for the coast bay and inland spots than north bay. over nature temperatures milder with the cloud cover. few showers out there mid 50's to low 60's. tomorrow cooler breezy and wet temperatures mid 60's to low 70's. make sure you have your rain gear with you and for your saturday give yourself plenty of time to get to your plans. slick roadway due to the dry weather for awhile. oil getting autumn 1:44 p.m. sunday i garren tea see some sun out there. should be guarantee. mild weather into next weekend 60's to 80's to beautiful for the week. >> can't believe fall is here. >> me either. >> thanks very much. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 9:00. here's way to show your bay area pride. biggest clean bay area pride. biggest clean up of the year. happen
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this may not be the smileest apartment in san francisco but it's the smallest currently available. it's just 2 64 square feet. most of which is taken up by the kitchen and the bathroom. but mostly rent is 1200 dollars. thaty apartment located at sixth and howard south of market area. last year the city board of supervisors as we reported put the minimum size of apartment at 220 square feet so this is just barely l legal. >> well help is needed tomorrow for the largely east one day volunteer event to clean up the state coast line. it's coastal clean up day in davl. volunteers are inhave ited to come out to any of the big beaches to collect trash. more than 65,000 people around the state turned out last year to
9:27 pm
collect more than 700,000 pounds of garbage. event kicks off at 9:00 o'clock tomorrow morning and typically ends at noon at most beaches up and down the state. so if looking for something to do help the environment and community that might be it. >> well coming up next. strongest storm on the planet rate now. monster typhoon that is making a bee line for hong kong. >> delay cancellation. why airlines forced to pull almost half its fleet from service. >> and frainers fan alert why ticket prison have gone sky high this year. 7 on your side is your guide to the cheap seat at candlestick park. stay with at candlestick park. stay with us another half hour
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>> good evening again. we begin this half hour with monster super typhoon aiming at hong kong. you it's west pacific area with peak winds of 150 miles an hour. that's equivalent of category 4 hurricane just monster storm. it's down from the 160 miles per hour wind that were recorded yesterday. but this mammouth still very much a threat. continues on collision southern taiwan and lakely hong kong. it's now the strongest storm to form on earth in 2013. >> speaking of storms back in washington. house senate inch close to government shut down net because the senate revving to defund obama care. today the house passed funding legislation that will allow the government to pay its bills after the end of the month. however the bill also calls for eliminating money for president obama affordable care act.
9:32 pm
republicans say it's time for the senate to get on board. >> our message to the u.s. senate is real simple. american people don't want the government shut down. and they don't want obama care. [applause] at auto plant in missouri president obama said the house vote is just a vindication and vindictive slp at him and nothing to do with the budget. >> focus on politic f.focus on l trying to mess with me. they are not focus on you. the. >> senate democrat contract and republican both agree the bill will not be passed and that will send it become to the house. where the cycle may start all over again. >> if flying alegion on air over the next few day expect delay cancellation. carrier inspecting evacuation slide on many of the planes after learning the slides are supposed to be overhauled every year. company had been doing it every 3. so the airline grounded as many as 30 of the
9:33 pm
md 80 planes. that's about half of the entire fleet. it will affect its plate out of oakland. so here's the deal. airline announced that if you are delayed less than 4 hours they will give you 100 dollar voucher. 150 dollars for 4 to 6 hour delay. 200 dollars for 6 or more hours and full refund and 200 dollar voucher for out right cancellations. >> emmy award will pay special tribute 5 television stars who died in the past year one of them is cory montieth. as we report people are slamming the decision to include the glee star and leaving out entertainment legend. >> emmy award celebrate best in tv. hotel wad biggest stars taking home the statueett. >> it's overwhelming. >> now controversy pwrawing over sunday special tribute honoring those who have passed away. >> there's emotional component to this that is really become
9:34 pm
part of the discussion. >> on top of the normal is a memorial segment seen here in 2012 5 people single thought year for longer tribute. including the soprano star james gandolfini. jean stip el ton, sky than thon winters and producer david goldberg and glee cory montieth who overdosed at 31 years old earlier this year. >> why should we worry. >> he doesn't have the buddy of work that the other 4 people v. people lick larry has gone man and jack including man who certainly i think have had more resonance over the years. >> but emmy show producer are standing by the decision with this statement by ken to younger generation corncaa montieth portrayal of hudson was highly admired. producer felt he should be included. >> they felt demographic it's smart tv to include cory significant tribute. >> every year there are complaints of stars being left out. but reputation expert
9:35 pm
believe there is more behind this decision. >> if younger viewers are watching then that's where the money is. this is a charity. this the is a business. >> while has gone man fans show it anger on line they will honor him with own special tribute saturday that would have been his 82 and birthday. abc news fichlt count down on for the final game san francisco forty-niner will play in candlestick park. fvl superbowl excitement has put a premium on ticket prisons. michael explains what it will take to get in the stadium. >> excitement runs high in the pack frainer stadium. >> let's go niners. >> the financial season at candlestick park cutting off spectacular run at the super bowl. only ratchet up the drama. love to good. love to good. great memory of being at candlestick. >> love candlestick. the. >> demand for ticket running as
9:36 pm
hay as the excitement and so are the prices. >> forty-niner tickets up significantly this year. >>reporter: that's ceo of the company that track ticket prison force all teams on the secondary market. he says the average resale prison for niner home games has nearly doubled since last year rising 85 percent. biggest jump of any team in the nfl. >> the fact that we the prison resisting lake we have is exitment for 49er fans. >> tickets now run average of 2 32 dollars on the secondary market. that compares with average of 125 dollars at the start of last season. frainers don't set them. they are set by resaleer and brecher depending how much fans are willing 0to pay. some games month inner demand than others. most expensive 14er home game this season is the ballots between the atlanta falcons two days before christmas. tickets
9:37 pm
on the secondary market average 3 41 dollars. 195 dollar seat in the upper deck is the cheapest. 2300 dollars the most expense i have to sit in lower box. second hot equity game is against the seahawks on december 8. ticket prisons average 30 1 dollars. if you can get in for 134 or pay 2000 dollars to sit near the field. then this is the bargain. >> cheapest ticket this year for frainers game is 62 dollars against the rams. you will be upstairs but you are there. >> detectives forth ram average 178 dollars. however you can get in for 69 dollars and most expensive seat is 7 14. fans had hard time finding those cheaper seats. >> icap only find 4 or 5 or 6000 dollars. >> way to get in there is get season tickets cheaper for me to good to tampa watch them
9:38 pm
play the buck. >> home game may cost more than the 49ers, only 12th in the league for ticket praise. which team fetches the most of all? >> maybe not we know the soup bell but it will be good entertainment and people excited about spending their day out in the frozen tundra. >> yes. chicago bears. fans there 4 33 dollars per seat on secondary market and sit in the freezing cold. candlestick look like a nasty cozy bargain. most expensive single game was the niners against the seahawks last weekend. those loud fans paid an average of 5 09 dollars a piece to be there. of course l they are 43 on tv when they battle the ram in st. louis. air that story writ here on abc 7. this is 7 open your side. >> come up next on 7 news at
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9:00. what happened when 9:00. what happened when little boy stood up for his
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a little boy and early christmas gift he got for his sister. has people all over thinking about how to reach up and out and stand up for one another. here's josh elliott with amazing story. >> dear santa. >>reporter: beloved ritual for millions of kids come winter. that all important letter to santa clause. this year l karen asked her 8-year-old twin ryan and amber to write their letters early. she's a single mom. wanted to get a jump on the christmas shopping. but instead of toys for himself, ryan asked for something very,
9:43 pm
very different. >> do me a favor ryan. read your letter? >> dear santa i want remote control car and i didn't want that any more. kids at school are still picking on amber. i pray that tl they will stop but good is busy an he needs your help. >> karen was heart broken when she head it. she herself was bullied as a child. >> yes they pick on me sometimes. i feel in like i want to difficult or leaf me alone. my heart stopped. >>reporter: fl kids mean to you. >> yes but i don't know why. they like say i'm fat. i'm stupid. i'm ugly. and i'm hideous. i don't really believe them. >>repoer: karen shared his letter on facebook with family
9:44 pm
close friends but quickly made its way around the social mead why globe. making little hear 0out of both. what is it lick having ryan as a brother. >> he protects me. >>reporter: do you wish people would mess with you instead of him. >> yes. >>reporter: ryan asked santa for a little something else for amber. chance to meet her favorite band big time rush. somebody actually did get this letter early. guys. l. >> hi. hello. >> hi josh. what's up? how are you. are you all righ right? >>reporter: if ecstatic. amber had a moment in time at long last the best of dreams. if ♪ early christmas gift for a brave and most deserving young girl. courtesy the best
9:45 pm
gift of all. twin brother like ryan. >> wonderful kids. that's josh elliott reporting. amber mom says ryan letter shed new light on her daughter situation an she plans to speak to amber teachers and the parents of the bullies at school no. doubt they have already seen the report. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. singer germane jackson in san francisco tonight. what brought him here and why is he woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! um... where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all.
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woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour.r. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! um... where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. >> musician germane jackson in the bay area cementing his support for ending the world water crisis. jackson is the brother of course of lit michael jackson at the hotel steve nens san francisco union square where he sign his name in cement on the sidewalk just
9:49 pm
few hours ago. jackson visit was in support of san ramone base vaet 0water pledge to build fwhels communities around the world that lack clean drinking water. something we take very much for granted here but real desperate need in so many parts of the world. >> one last check on the weather. sand why is here talking rape. >> indeed. if you are going to committees tall clean up day tomorrow you want to make sure you have the slicker and umbrella. won't ruin the whole clean up of the beachesth as you look at live doppler 7hd atmosphere just moisture engine up. few sprinkle lit return on live doppler 7hd more organized showers expected for your saturday. temperatures will be much cooler looking to the low 70's and really cooler weather for this time of year. heading to the niners game by then showers long gone. sunny afternoon take on the colts at candlestick park. low mid 60's for the sunday afternoon game so looking good.
9:50 pm
of course we have all the details on that and a little warmer -- sunday for the arrival of fall at 1:44 p.m. then just go nice range. keep it in the 60's coast side. 80's inland. i don't think we have a whole lot to complain about when we consider what was once hurricane manuel hitting mexico. we have tie fan getting troed hit chin a. >> monster. >> monster tie fan. >> speak of the devil. nobody wants to talk about football but distraction. >> ultimate distraction. 29-3 loss with seizure and andrew luck coming to town. not easy. the teammate of smith react to another run-in with the law. a's in play offs and leaving no
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>> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11. new details about boy attacked by pit bull over the summer in antioch. turns out he was not the only one injured. what is next, the dog. new place identity thiefs target to get your debit credit card information. those stories more at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. hope you can join us for that. collin has all the sports and again, all of a sudden the 49ers making head licenses in a way they don't want to. >> about there is so much to talk about and ramifications for the team. ail start with the a's. everything goes to form the a's could be the champion tomorrow night. magic number down to 3 as of this moment. a's should have fireworks every night. sell out at coliseum. loving it. play of the night. lack at this catches the foul ball. guess for the high 5 and hot dog. deserve. that he deserves this
9:55 pm
25 home run of the year. 1 nothing a's. move to the fifth. 4ing in a's. grit guy stopped by edward and throw gets away. third error of the gym for minisociety here comes everybody. 3 runner or. always all the tame right now. 11 nothing. texas lost tonigh tonight. a's win and drop the magic number to 2. first time all star miss the game in the bronx due to illness. better late than ever for tim. 1500 streak out career in the second inning tonight. after loading the base was 2 outs in the seventh. rodriguez gone and major league record 24 contrary grand slam for a-rod. scoring there 5-1 yankees get the win. we told you earlier in the newscast frainers lane backer smith arrested in san jose this
9:56 pm
morning on charges of driving upped the influence of and marijuana possession vl release from jill after posting bond and joined team mates afternoon practice. 24-year-old has had numerous issues with the law since being drafted by the 9ers in 2011. considered one of the top pass rushers in the gym. less season second in the leg with then and a half sack. head coach harbaugh expects smith to my sunday at home against the colts. also expects smith to be disciplined by the nfl. >> they have exclusive right to the consequences. there will be consequences. if there always is. good ored about. we all have consequences. >> felt come in as young guys hi to go through some things but if it comes to a point you have to really just say okay. this is it. i have to get myself open the right track. shape up. and just did the writ thing. so i think as young guy he will learn. he
9:57 pm
will learn. >> we just heard davis the niners tight end he haentd practiced all week after hamstring injury against seattle last sunday nature. listed as questionable for sunday gym against indianapoli indianapolis. he does have serious motel vision to my and touch on that in a bit. remin reminder we have another edition of sunday night and sit down for one-on-one confrontation with mike. only on abc 7 news. to motivation. lining up opposite vernon sunday. he's starting quarterback for the colts and says vernon always a great inspiration. >> he's lick a father figure. role model. he always been there when i need him. call and talk to him. i look at my brothers as my older brother, father. i'm excited to see him on the field sunday. >> i'm sure would he lick to make a few catches. niners are hopeful that smith gets to play sunday. he should. colts with big hole in the defense leading tackle will not play due to
9:58 pm
ankle injury. turning our attention to the college rank. the only match up of top 25 teams this weekend with stanford host arizona state. sun devil off a wild 32-30 win over wisconsin. i don't know if you saw this. this the game one of the craziest finishes you see. coing kneel down time winding down. time ran out. sun devil 43 points per game. >> no brick. in other words to have a chance to win the conference you have to understand that. every week you better bring the best game. find way to scch and crawl and get the points. >> i will be at stanford tomorrow night contributing post game interviews. larry and mike after the game mc mc donald'sly following texas and kansas state. 8:30 and double dipping saturday night. texas team on abc 7 and
9:59 pm
providing bonus game on digital channel at 7:15 both game start at 5:00 p.m. second round of the tour championship. play like best player in the world. all summer. 4 stroke lead into tomorrow third round. win and play the fedex conference 10 million dollar bonus and larry promised me the best video of the year. >> who. >> good stuff. >> all right thanks very much. that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00 here on tv 20. for all of us here, we appreciate your tile. see you again at 11 on tile. see you again at 11 on channel 7. twitter at bay aying speakers]
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remember, you guys can have dip, too. and don't be afraid to play with the [spookily] rubber spider! i'll ask again, are you sure i can't bring anything? i don't understand. we're having a party, before we're going to the real party?


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