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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 25, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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high fire danger out there tonight. this blaze in burlingame burning next to the railroad tracks. because of it, caltrain experienced major delays during the evening commute. the winds if that area very strong, but firefighters were
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nonetheless able to contain it very quickly. let's get to christian with more on this red flag warning effect. >> gusty winds problematic and they'll be with us for at least another day. as you know, it's mainly dry across the bay area right now, but before i get to the winds, i want to point out that we do have some areas of moisture near vacville. there is certainly some wet weather over there but it's isolated, certainly not enough to reduce the risk of fires in the bay area, and here's our red flag warning from 11:00 tonight until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. this covers the diablo range. we can expect gusts of 35 to 45 miles an hour in the highest peaks. humidity is below 30%, so these elements combine to give us concern about high fire danger. right now we're looking at gusts to 33 miles an hour in the bay,
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and gusty winds, many other conditions, but some locations are on call right now. that may change overnight. i'll have more on that. dan. now to one of the greatest comebacks in sports history. oracle team usa coasting across the finish line 40 seconds ahead of kiwi, winning the america's cup. it's really an unbelievable moment on the bay today. and after being just one race away from losing the cup to new zealand last week, billionaire larry he will sellison's oracle is here wrapping up the race. wayne friedman was there. >> reporter: it may have been the most watched sailboat race in history. tens, if not hundreds of thousands of eyes, millions in front of television screens
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riveted on two high-speed boats racing neck and neck, do or die. as they headed up to where two split the coast, new zealand heading farther out to alcatraz. with every cross, oracle extended its leap. >> i don't think they even had to dunk at that stage. it's about a three boat length gain. >> reporter: a near disaster for oracle once again. the boat nearly capsized. by the time new zealand reached the same mark, oracle had a 500-meter lead, the victory all down wind from there. a little more than an hour later, team oracle took the stage and accepted this trophy, the one they never had to relinquish. experts call this the greatest comeback in yachting history, and it's right up there for sports, too. how did the oracle boat gain so much speed? ellison would not say, but this is what he told reporters, he told the team after the race. >> i let them know that you know
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what you guys did? you know what you guys did? you just won the america's cup. i just wanted to make sure they knew that. you want to know what i said when i got on the boat? that's exactly what i said. you know what you guys did? you just won the america's cup. >> reporter: so now the question, was san francisco bay's first america's cup also its last? larry ellison wouldn't say, except that he'd like to bring it back. he has a house here. >> what a great comeback. thousands of fans on waterfront came out to witness team oracle's victory. you can see by far the biggest crowds the entire oracle cup. as they crossed the finish line, cheers and chants of usa came out from the crowd. kool and the gang's celebration blasted from speakers. fans were thrilled to catch the latest comeback in the history
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of sports. >> a fantastic achievement by larry ellison and the whole crew. they did a great job. they did something that nobody thought was possible. >> as wayne reported, organizers say at least 25,000 fans were at america's cup park for today's race. that does not include the fans along the waterfront and at marina green. right now larry ellison is likely celebrating his victory on treasure island. this is a live picture. it's a yearly event scheduled as part of oracle's annual convention which is in town this week. maroon 5 and the black keys are performing tonight, and after the america's cup's big win today, you know that is a party there tonight. a group of republican lawmakers urged brown to call a special session of the legislature to prevent a bart strike. they want to force a bill for bart not to strike and continue
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negotiating. they called on the governor to take swift action to ensure this labor dispute does not create a transportation nightmare. the governor responded saying that management and the union and not lawmakers, that most lawmakers thought it wasn't the right way to go in this instance. instead the governors called upon the parties to get serious, make the concessions needed and keep bart running. abc 7 news nick smith has more on the plans in the works to keep bart moving in the ooereve there is a strike. >> reporter: they talked bay contingency plan in case bart walks off the job next month. >> we sharpened our pencils and looked at what we really could be doing to handle the strike. >> reporter: nbc believers the cost this time around will be greater because traffic peaks in the fall encounters 30% more rider ship from their summer numbers. they were hit hard last time the
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train stopped running. they took this couple for a ride. >> $95 to get to san francisco airport. >> reporter: to prepare for a possible strike, bart is considering offering limited train service through the trans bay tube while they'll charter 23 buses on the runs between east bay and san francisco. but one board member says, not so fast. it will cost taxpayers a lot of money just to get those buses rolling, money they will not get back. >> now we're stuck with all these bus and we can't cancel them, so essentially $9,000 just vaporizes. >> reporter: he believes commuters may have to suffer and it would be better for management and workers to solve their issues, even if it takes them through the weekend with no service. employee unions and management are at theargaining table now. and even though the two groups remain divided on the financials, they're closer than they've been in months. >> that's hundreds of millions
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of dollars for bart is not remotely true. there is a deal to be made. >> reporter: but reaching a deal may be easier said than done. >> we're all in it together, and i think everyone should have a fair bite of the cherry. >> reporter: the negotiation teams have until october 10 to reach an agreement before the state-ordered 60-day cooling off period ends. they meet again on friday. nick smith, abc 7 news. they're investigating three and one presumed case to be e. coli. three of the four people live in tiberlon, one in inverness. officials are trying to figure out if there is something common between them, like eating at the same place. e. coli is by eating food that's contaminated, so that's where they'll start. symptoms are intestinal problems. robbers held up a group of carpoolers while they waited for their rides sunday morning.
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one was a 17-year-old boy who was a football standoff in oakland. officials with the court system confirmed the teenager, john ford, is being charged as an adult. he and the other suspect, dante johnson, is being charged with 7 counts of armed robbery. meanwhile, a shocking killing of a san francisco state student who was shot monday night after getting off a muni street car. 27-year-old justin valdez was a sophomore at southern state. he was originally from garden grove in southern california. investigators say he was shot in the head between brandon and bright streets in the ocean view neighborhood for no apparent reason. police released camera footage of this man, a suspect in the killing, and today police arrested 30-year-old niko nikon ticasem, a man near the crime scene. they do not say if he was the man on the security cameras, but that is perhaps the suspicion. they'll release a news
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conference tomorrow. they have at least one suspect in the person who was involved in a home invasion that left a man in a coma. he was with his wife and two daughters at their home on middleton place when he went outside to check out loud noises in a field nearby. his wife found him severely beaten in the street. police say the four individuals have been identified and they are cooperative. investigators say the 18-year-old who does not live in pleasanton is not a person of interest in this case. the minors are witnesses. a man who was caught taking pictures of girls at a santa cruz school has been arrested on child pornography and stalking charges. police arrested 31-year-old joshua paul james after a report he was photographing or taking video of girls at pacific collegiate school on swift
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street. investigators believe he's the same man who took picture of student athletes at santa cruz high school the day before. they're asking anyone with information to come forward. a bay area college student in a coma after being struck ba. 21-year-old christina chesterman was riding her bicycle home from the library at chico state when she was hit. she's from livermore, and as 7 news reporter lu ann melendez found out, she was well loved. >> friends and neighbors knew her as tina. they gathered for a vigil outside her parents' livermore home. stephanie cornett is her cousin. >> i'm not mad, i'm just sad. it's a big loss for my family, it's a big loss for -- last night we had a candlelit vigil here, and you could see everyone she touched here. >> reporter: police say the 21-year-old was returning home after studying at the library at
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chico state when she was hit by a very intoxicated 19-year-old. his name, riley hoover. her friend said she and christina had been studying together for hours. christina was a nursing student. >> she would have made the most amazing nurse. caring, loving, hard worker. >> reporter: her parents issued this statement through the hospital. it is incomprehensible that the reckless act of a falling-down drunk could cut short the life of a beautiful, talented person who had so much to contribute to our world. the parents have decided to donate her organs. roxanne whitehurst is a neighbor. >> there's really no rhyme or reason. there's frustration of someone taken from us. >> reporter: the family had gone through another tragedy in february after her brother was badly beaten at chico while he was visiting her.
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recently, christina and her mother were interviewed after the man who punched her brother was finally convicted. >> reporter: the family is asking that the man police say killed their daughter receive the maximum sentence. of course, a court would have to find him guilty first. in the newsroom, lu ann melendez, abc 7 news. when you get cited for a traffic violation, you end up paying a lot more than just a fine. next our exclusive investigation reveals how your money is being spent. and going off the grid. the people who have no
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when you get cited for a traffic violation, you end up paying a lot more than a fine. tonight an investigation reveals how your money is being spent. an east bay man is fuming over the fines he had to pay to clear a traffic violation he didn't even know he committed until a notice arrived in the mail. and derek neal is not alone. as our media center for reporting found out, fees for traffic offenders have jumped dramatically as they look for revenue. >> the fee was outrageous. >> reporter: derek neal didn't even know he had run a red light months earlier in san leandro until a notice came in the mail
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with a link to a short video. >> it showed my car braking with a taillight on, or blinker, all the way up. i came to a stop. i was doing about a mile or two an hour, but there was not a single car around, and i rolled through it. >> reporter: neil conceded he did the crime, but it was the fine that blew him away. >> $548. i haven't had a ticket in 20 years. >> reporter: in neal's case, the fine was the base for running a red light. add to that the city assessment of $120, county assessment, dna fund, court charges, state charge, emergency air transportation, court operations, convictions assessment, $1 to help pay for night court, plus $59 for traffic school. the total: $549. >> we don't get a breakdown of that at the time of the ticket. >> reporter: alan mendelson is a lawyer who defends bay area drivers in red light cases.
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she thinks. high fe -- she thinks the high fees amount to a high tax. >> it falls disproportionately on people who may not be able to afford it. >> reporter: and most of the money collected doesn't even stay in the local area. how much of that does the city of san leandro get. >> the $100 that you saw is the portion we get out of it. >> reporter: neal went to traffic court to ask for the fine to be reduced. but the judge wanted nothing of it. >> nobody in the room got a reduction. >> reporter: neal paid the ticket. money he had to pull out of his savings. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> that is a lot of money. >> it is. weather surcharge, forecasting tax, the graphics fee. >> i'm afraid to make a mistake now. here's a look at live doppler 7. things look pretty good. we have a pleasant evening
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around the bay area. skies are clear, windy, breezy, gusty in spots. a little on the cool side. over in tahoe in the afternoon and now into the evening, nighttime hours, a little mix of rain and snow showers. they're light and in the higher elevations. still, let's get back to the bay area. we've got interesting weather, too. looking from our rooftop camera here, under clear skies. 57 in san francisco and san carlos, 60 in oakland, 56 las cados. another live view looking out over san francisco under clear skies and breezy conditions. 59 in santa rosa and at napa and nevada. 60 apiece in concord and livermore. one more live view from our south beach camera, downtown san francisco looking along the bay bridge. these are our forecast features. it will be turning warmer tomorrow. this warming trend will continue right through the weekend. a red flag warning is in effect for high fire danger over higher
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terrain in the bay area. you'll see a low pressure system pulling away from us. in fact, as far away from us or across the great basin. there has been some active weather in the northern most part of the state as a result of that low causing instability in the atmosphere. showers up near sacramento and redding. they'll be winding down overnight and into tomorrow as well. we'll start the forecast. 11:00 tonight and in the overnight hours, we'll see a different pattern setting up. tomorrow we'll see a warmer, dryer flow of air coming down from the north. that will begin our warmup that will continue right on through the weekend. but the winds are going to be gusty. starting 11:00 tonight, we'll see the strongest gusts around the coast or near the coast with substantial gusts but weaker inland. overnight we'll see that pattern shift, and by 5:00 tomorrow morning, the strongest gusts will be out in the delta area near fairfield. 41 miles an hour. then by late afternoon or
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midday, we'll see more in the area. later tonight, low temperatures under breezy and clear conditions will be mainly in the low 50s. tomorrow's highs in the south bay, mid-70s, 74. at san jose, mid-70s in the peninsula. we'll see a high in downtown san francisco, 71 degrees. mid to upper 7 ons, 76 in santa rosa, 76 in napa. highs generally in the mid-70s. and the east bay will have highs in the upper 70s. ears the accurate weather forecast. warmest will be saturday with inland highs in the mid-80s that day, up to 80 around the bay and upper 60s on the coast. temperatures taper a little bit but hold steady right through the remainder of the forecast period. it will be mild to warm starting tomorrow and continuing through the milddle of next week. the milddle of next week. >> very nice
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24% are households with in connection with less than $30,000 a year. you can't afford a new tesla? you can now rent one. hertz is making the high-end electric car available in san francisco. it will be part of its dream cars service which also offers aston martins and porsches, by the way. rental cost is $500 per day. chilling new images of a mass murderer at work. you'll see him roaming the halls of the washington navy yard where he killed a dozen people. also a question a few people have asked about obamacare. what if you already have medical coverage? we have some answers for you. and the image scientists believe may be the
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there are chilling new images from inside the washington navy yard tonight. the fbi has just released video showing the gunmen in realtime roaming the hallways, wielding a sawed-off shotgun as innocent americans scramble for cover. abc news reporter thomas takes you through that video. >> reporter: this is aaron alexis, armed with a sawed-off shotgun, hunting innocent victims. it started as a routine monday at the navy yard. alexis shows his pass and is waved into the security yard just before 8:00 a.m. security cameras show him driving into a parking garage and walking into the door of building 197. he's working as a civilian contractor. no metal detector, no body
9:31 pm
check. we see him peering around corners, checking for doors, for anyone he could ambush. look. he sees some people and ducks behind a wall. and today the first official explanation of why. >> it was a mentally unstable individual. >> reporter: this shotgun is the primary murder weapon. on it he etched a number of carvings including, "enter the torment." "better off this way." he had been hearing voices and believed he was being bombarded by microwaves, something naval authorities knew b. >> there are multiple indicators that alexis held a delusional belief that he was being controlled or influenced by extremely low frequency or elf electromagnetic waves. >> reporter: and in his computer files, the fbi found this. >> a document retrieved from the electronic media stated, quote,
9:32 pm
ultra low frequency attack is what i've been subject to for the last three months. and to be perfectly honest, that is what hasn me to this. >> reporter: and so what shufsh a routine day, alexis killed 12 people. mothers, fathers, sons, daughters. they never had a chance. and still no answers as to why so many red flags were missed. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. the senate has begun debating the house funding bill after a delay of 21 hours and 19 minutes. that's how long senator ted cruz of texas spoke. he started yesterday afternoon and finished at noon today. immediately after he stopped, the senate, including cruz, voted unanimously to move the bill to debate. the bill also defunds president obama's health care law. both sides agree it will not get through the senate. congress must pass a funding bill by monday night to prevent most federal agencies from
9:33 pm
closing on tuesday. well, under obamacare, everyone in the country who doesn't have health insurance must get it starting january 1st. but how will the affordable care act affect your coverage if you already have it? that's the topic of part 3 of our series this week on health care reform. here is 17 news anchor karen johnson. >> reporter: people who have medical insurance haven't made changes to their policies in years. but when annual oech enrollment starts in the next couple weeks, everyone's plan will look a little bit different. that's because the affordable care act goes into effect january 1st. kaiser permanente insures nearly 9 million californians. most of its patients get their insurance from their employers. beginning in january, everyone will have to choose a new plan based on the government's new insurance categories. the health plans are categorized as bronze, silver, gold and platinum. with these new plans, your costs may go up or down. depending which plan you choose,
9:34 pm
your medical insurance will cover anywhere from 60 to 90% of your total costs. >> it's like what you do in other industries where you're looking at car insurance ask you' and you're saying, what kind of deductible do i want to pay? >> reporter: those deductibles have been standardized. they range from zero to $5,000 depending on the level of care you choose. if you already have medical insurance, you won't see much of a change in the medical coverage you have now. >> i don't believe for us there are many cases where people will have less benefits. >> reporter: but there are other changes mandated by the affordable care act. insurance companies can no longer deny coverage for preexisting conditions. and if you do get sick, the act makes it legal for health insurance companies to arbitrarily cancel your insurance. when it comes to rate increases, they can raise your rates if you do get sick, but insurance companies are now accountable for those. as for doctor choice, the law protects that. and when it comes to essential health benefits, the law ends
9:35 pm
lifetime and yearly dollar limits. the affordable health act also guarantees your right to appeal any denial of care. >> benefits will get better, generally. >> reporter: blue shield of california insures about 3 million people. >> part of the insurance plans now offer preventative coverage, and that includes adults and children. >> reporter: for many people rates are likely to go down, because they offer policies to cover preventative care, which means vaccines, obesity screenings, and mammograms. it covers prevent tavb care in children as well. the government has provided a comprehensive list as what they must cover as preventative care. we have a link to the insurance exchange for people who are not covered by their employers. a lot of information on our
9:36 pm
website there for you. well, they say that honesty is the best policy, of course, but it may depend on where you live. reader's digest conducted a behavior lab where 192 wallets were left unattended across 16 cities worldwide. the city with the highest number of returned wallets was helsinki, finland. dubai was second, budapest, h g hungary and new york city tied for third. the one with the least honesty was lisbon, portugal. google today began to take on amazon but with one big difference. google does its shopping at local stores, helping the brick and mortar places. abc 7 news business and technology report david liu on how it works. >> reporter: palo alto's toy shop has been in business for
9:37 pm
eight years, but it's only been able to lately offer this service: same-day delivery. >> this will allow us to compete with amazon. is. >> reporter: google just launched shopping express, so people who are on the web are now in the shopping and delivery service. >> we're a technology company not necessarily known for driving trucks around town. that's why we were in beta for a full year learning a lot, and a lot of our beta testers helped us work out the kinks. >> reporter: they were so busy from san diego to san jose that we couldn't provide one. google said you place an order using the google app and schedule a delivery time. >> finally instead of shopping all day, i could stay home and watch soaps instead. >> reporter: google hasn't figured out what to charge after that. during the test phase, google shopping express is 10% of its
9:38 pm
sales, a healthy increase coming from customers outside the area. in mountain view, irs says people are buying a variety of items from backpacks to keychains. >> i actually saw an order yesterday for a bicycle tube. hard to come down here for just one tube and to be able to have that on their normal delivery route is definitely going to save the environment. >> reporter: participating stores include a mix of large chains and small merchants. google says it's not cleollecti data or an lit i cans on shopper's buying habits, but they do hope more will be bought on google. this is pretty wild. scientists have found the oldest face, and it's a fish. this ancient fish lived about 419 million years ago in a chinese lake. the findings were released today in the journal of nature. the discovery provides a link between two groups of fish previously thought to be unrelated changing long-held
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one young man's major league dreams has brought pure joy to the dugout of his favorite baseball team. his own challenges have become an inspiration to players and fans as well. nbc news reporter chris connellly and e-60 has this terrific story. >> reporter: 30-year-old petty cramer is a diehard cincinnati reds fan whose sheer enthusiasm has electrified his team. >> if you're mad and you see
9:43 pm
teddy, there is no way you can be mad ever again. >> reporter: at burke, teddy was diagnosed with down's syndrome. a geneticist spoke to the family. >> she said you might want to think about institutionalizing. >> we weren't going to do that. we were not going to do that. >> reporter: with their constant support, teddy grew up with the love of sports as big as his perpetually upbeat personality. sometimes people, they can be mean sometimes. >> i just walk away. walk away. >> reporter: at a charity event, an item in the silent auction caught the kramers' eye, honorary bat boy for his beloved team reds. they bid for it and won it. >> i was so happy. i was so happy. >> reporter: teddy's love and enthusiasm hyped up the team.
9:44 pm
>> reporter: it ran that night and the teddy story kind of blew up. >> he believes when he's here we're going to win. half of winning is believing. >> reporter: and believe he did. when the reds asked him back to the dugout a second time. >> i'm going to be hot tonight just because of you. >> reporter: that night after todd frasier struck out in the second inning, teddy offered him in couragement. >> he showed up in the dugout, and i said, todd, it's okay. >> reporter: then with frasier due up again, teddy had something to say. >> i said, what's up, ted? he said, i love you. really, i love you, too, brother. he said, hit a home run. i said, you got it. >> center field, and that one will fly out of here! >> i looked out of the corner of my eye and he's waiting there at home already. >> look at teddy. teddy is excited there for todd frasier. he's more excited than todd is. >> i gave him a big bear hug in the dugout.
9:45 pm
he jumped on me like i just won the world championship. >> that little life who no one thought would do anything has done something. >> reporter: inspiring a team, a team he now works for with his ir irresistibly good attitude. >> told you it was a great story. coming up next, twitter, the music video. music video.
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today twitter is much more than just a social network and a micro blob. now it's a musical. ♪ dairy tell you what i eat ♪ i will show you pictures of my
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feet ♪ ♪ walking down the street, that twitter ♪ >> just under 3 minutes, people dance, sing and poke fun at twitter world. they even manage to convince a skeptic that it's a good thing to know everything about everybody the exact second that it happens. you don't want to be the last sucker on your block that doesn't know. let's go back and update the weather forecast. spe spencer christian is here. >> this weather is something to tweet about. we've got clear skies, breezy conditions and relatively pleasant but cool conditions across the bay tonight. this area and to our northeast, a little bit of moisture in the atmosphere. some sprinkles, perhaps, out near the winters area and just north of vacville. statewide tomorrow we'll be looking at dry conditions. generally it will be fair and mild across the state and that includes the bay area, which
9:50 pm
will be warming up a little bit tomorrow. sunny skies, breezy conditions, temperatures from the 70s on the coast to upper 70s inland. 70s forecast warming up over the weekend and holding in a mild but warm pattern through the middle of next week. >> perfect weather. >> looks good. are you ready for some football? 49ers day on abc 7 is almost here. we'll carry the nfl network's broadcast of the miners versus the rams game tomorrow. coverage begins at 4:00 on abc 7. we'll have sbespecial content a larry beil, mike buehler take over at 4:30. they'll start with a pre-game show and they'll be here for after the game as soon as the game ends in ft. lewis. all coming up 49ers day tomorrow. >> the playbook is ready.
9:51 pm
you studied, you're ready to go. >> i like it wing it. i'm like peyton manning, i'll call my plays at the line of scrimmage. >> likely barry zito's last
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, bay area police issuing a special warning to concert goers this weekend, the sometimes deadly activity that has become all too common. at emergency information when you need it the most. the changes coming to twitter that could help you during a crisis. a lot more coming up at abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7.
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barry zito kind of a weird scene in the fifth inning here with barry. hopes of catching the best record in all of baseball and home field, the playoffs slipping away for the a's. they were beaten this afternoon in anaheim in the al west. if you watch the highlights regularly, you don't want to test the arm of josh reddick here as j.b.schuck learns, you're outta here. josh hamilton grounds to first, steven vogt just missed the ball. one up the angels. eric ibar on dan stralie. trying to tie it in the 6th. opposite gerald weaver and schuck was able to fight the sun and get that ball. but the a's fall 3-1, so they're two games behind boston for the
9:56 pm
best record overall with three to play. in zito's final game with the giants, couldn't quite run it down. everybody scores on the abreyo. big, sweeping curveball to strike out the pitcher, ricky alasko. zito allows two runs. a guy in a black shirt moments earlier missed the ball, and he flagged that one. zito exits the mound and sees stunned to learn that manager bruce boche is taking him out right then and there even though he was in no real trouble and giants had the lead. he clearly wanted to stray in, and they look to have what appears to be an uncomfortable situation. that's the last we see barry
9:57 pm
zito as a giant. the oracle comeback will be this. race 13 took place last friday. the team was ahead and that would have been the ninth win. then the wind died. new zealand crossed the finish line first, but because it took them over 40 minutes, that meant it didn't count. 40 minutes was the limit. and that set up all the drama we've seen the last few days. winner take all. pretty close early, winds at 16 knots and escalating. the kiwis were slightly ahead. at gate 2, they headed offshore. that allowed oracle to take the lead, and you have to take your hats off to the oracle guys, because whatever they did to the boat, they got it tweaked just right. they won by 44 seconds, a comeback in a series that began in 1851, a long time ago. the niners in st. louis tomorrow, thursday night football. you can catch the game over on
9:58 pm
abc 7. while a lot of focus on the niners' back to back losses have sput tered on the offense, the defense has had several issues. the niners have turned it over themselves seven times. you look at total plays, 104 for the niners, 137 for the foes, meaning the off fence not on the field that much, and the offense losing the battle. >> it's no excuse. we have to find a way to get off the field, get turnovers and get off fence to put the ball in the end zone. and i think we could eliminate the scoring regardless of how many fans are here, make them give them press time. >> the players union is looking into whether the raiders followed proper protocol after
9:59 pm
pryor's concussion monday night. pryor didn't show signs of a concussion before the fourth quarter and that's why they kept him in for two more plays. >> i feel confident we followed the protocol and did what we were supposed to do. i think we all understand the emphasis placed on player safety, specifically in this regard. we don't ever want to put a player out there in danger. so when the medical personnel feel like he's fine and he's cleared to practice and play, then he'll be out there practicing and playing. >> if pryor can't go, then matt flynn will start sunday with the redskins. thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. see you in one hour over on channel 7.
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boy: why did i go greendale? so i can keep my job and get busy with my education. to meet different people. because greendale's a slam dunk. so why should you... why should you go greendale?


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