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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  September 30, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. >> happening now at state of emergency at uc berkeley. campus evacuated after electrical vault exploded tonight injuring a number of people. that ex mroeing motion comes after power went out open much of the campus early tonight and copper thieves may to blame. >> we have team coverage from uc berkeley beginning with nick smith on the cal campus tonight with the very latest nick? >> new information. power is slel starting to return to the uc campus. in fact parts of the campus his power and look over my shoulder you can see parts of the campus remain blocked off and blacked out to all non-essential personnel. uc officials are investigating today the explosion and writ now they believe it's relateed to copper theft. this is what we know. 4:30 this afternoon
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power outage on campus. 2 hours later while maintenance maintenance workers restoring the power to the campus an explosion. that caused a massive power out am across campus and witness describe seeing flames 2 stories high about as wide as 2 lane tree. there was subsequent fair in underground steam tunnel. now that fir was put out about 8:15 there were minor injury one person required medical attention and traps importanted to area hospital while at legislature 4 other people experience minor burns but did he children to see a dock are to. it's not medley clear if those who refused medical attention are affiliated with the campus. now emergency crew just before 9:00 p.m. about an hour ago officials started returning power to different buildings on campus. of. >> so far things are proceeding. we did have one breaker about half hour ago 45 minutes ago but not explosion. nobody was hurt. no manhole covers launched off. so just have to see.
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>> power outage also caused 20 people trapped in el l vaitor. all freed just before 9:00 p.m. . people using slow approach to restore power to the campus. to keep a close eye on the campus power grid. they are calling this an act of vandalism. again, parts of the campus remain blacked out. i tell you people who were stealing the copper they were affiliated with the campus and that was not stolen from the campus. that was from remote secure location. they will be using different investigative tool to figure out who is responsible for the theft. i can tell you that classes may not be returned for tomorrow. still working to determine if they will have power throughout the campus the big personnel return to the campus. will notify all by text cell phone or e-mail. my colleague has
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been on the other side of the uc campus talking to students also had to tale with the situation. >> we are seeing the power pop back on around the international house dormatory. got their power back within the hour this created a lot of panic across the campus because as you can immanuel so many students fend ept on the electronic did he advice and computer and make things worse many of them were studying for the midterm exam this week. >> fire emergency has been reported in the be. >> police have been turning students away from campus all night. some students began receiving this evacuation text message about 8 minutes after the explosion but other students didn't sign up for it or didn't check the phones. for many it's the tonight
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before midterm exam about before the explosion before 7:00 o'clock most everyone had already experienced the campus wide outage at 4:30. but some students began experiencing partial outage as early as 1 11:30 this morning at groveer hall. >> everybody in the class lit the board and continued our lecture so we didn't know what was going on at the time. >> tonight at the international dormatory students had candle light dinner. >> thankfully the generator still working. able to preserve all of our thousands of pound of food and working area but where we keep our foo food. >>reporter: on the campus of uc berkeley, 7 news. >> latest development on the uc berkeley vault power and power out a building our coverage continues now on twitter and 7
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news bay area. we track more breaking news tonight. >> rate now federal government is shut down. no agreement was reached before the midnight deadline 9:00 p.m. our time so partial shut down is now in place. john has the latest from capitol hill. >> lawmakers from both sides of the aisle dug in their heel no. last minute wrangling could get congress to stop a partial government shut down. first since 1996. >> the house has voted. to keep the government open. >> they should be ashamed of what the congress has become. >> the house again passed a bill that would fund the government through mid december. and delay parts of the president health care law for a year. that bill went over to the accept at where it quickly was rejested. >> they have lost their minds. >> the clock kept ticking. despite the stern warning from president obama today. >> shut down will have a very real economic impact on real
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people. throw a wrench. >> 800,000 federal workers deemed non-essential forced to stay home tomorrow. social security check and medicare medicaid benefits will still go out as will the u.s. mail. but all natural park museum monument will close. this middle school student from colorado said out loud what so many americans are thinking. >> i think it's very disappointing to me because it's kind of sending a message that the government cares more about their party and bipartisanship than they to us the american people. >> this battle went down to the wire and another one quickly looming around the corner. in just 2 and a half week the nation reach the credit limit and even less agreement amping republicans and democrat over how to fix that one. this is capitol hill. >> closure of alcatraz one visible example of the government shut down in the bay area. federal buildings will remain open but with far fewer
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employees. lillian is in the newsroom with that part of the story for us. lillian. >> there are nearly 170,000 federal employees in the bay area. many of them are deemed non-essential which means they won't be working tomorrow. many employee left san francisco federal be not knowing whether they are working tuesday. carol bullock budget analyst for the federal protective service. >> we were told to come in tomorrow and from there they let us know. >> have a good time. >> there is less than certainty at national park. all closed in the event of government shut down. which means san francisco people wishing to good the alcatraz out of luck. this is already camped out at yosemite they get a reprieve. visitors using overnight campgrounds for instance given 48 hours to leave. still small consolation for this couple who booked the site 5 month ins advance. >> we have been coming to this park for 35 years. this is not
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fun if we have to get booted out. >> first government shut down since 1995-96. that one went 28 days. no telling how long this shut down will last but people expect central service to kin he cannily delay for things like passport and tax returns. him if he had employee from us straitd even those whose position deemed essential. veronica works for the department of justice. >> some people captain come to work it's in the fair. >>reporter: whether furlough workers paid retroactively is up to congress. members of both house and the president will continue to collect the paycheck. lillian kim abc 7 news. >> and stay with us for the latest development on the government shut down on air and on line at 7 also get breaking news updates any time by following us on twitter at 7 news bay area. >> affordable care act commonly known as obama care starts tomorrow. that's when insurance exchange across the
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nation open including california. representative of cover california told us what will happen next millions of consumer. >> october one is the beginning of 6 month open enrollment period. consumer can enroll until december 15 and coverage starts january 1. the real starting line is january 1 that's when the new rules kick in. that's when coverage starts being effective. start shopping now. come to our web site call people on the phone. learn more. people have plenty of time to make the right choice for them. >> our team insurance experts and staff from cover californians your questions about the affordable care act. if you have any additional questions you will find helpful link on our web site. just lack under see it on tv. >> father of hayward police officer suspected of sexually abusing several girls says his family will standby him. 38-year-old richard mccloud arrested saturday. police say
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he assaulted the girls while working as teacher at kid zone after school program in livermore. happened over the course of nine years. before he became a hayward police officer. police say the bus starred when the girls were in middle ask and same girls into high school. >> nothing was forced or anything leak that. it was built on being a friend. being amen tovrment i'll take care of you and then there was some fondness with the young girls who got, an adult male giving me a lot of attention. >>reporter: we spoke to mccloud father tonight who said his son will have his day in court. >> hayward police believe couple lured a man to atm then shot him to death in the middle of the night. officers arrested these 2 people today. the shooting took place near a bank of america atm on industrial boulevard. police found the victim after he crashed his car saturday morning. he died yesterday. our immediate contract partner the hayward review also reports the suspect and victim spoke on
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the phone before they met. turns outing in was stolen. >> next. family of 16-year-old student killed in horrific crash speaks tonight as we learn more about the woman police say is responsible. >> new breast cancer drug approved by the fda. different than current treatment. >> surrounded by pack of bikers and chased through new york city, what happened when those bikers caught up with the driver of this black suv. >> live look right now. visibility good. wake up weather and pat he were changes weather and pat he were changes that will [ laughter ] he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15,
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>> tonight first time the father of san francisco teen killed in a horrendous crash spoke publicly about losing his son. 16-year-old kevin sand was heading to hay school friday morning when driver slammed that the mom minivan. now growing vigil at the corner of poon and golf where killed. kevp mother remains in a coma tonight. his sister is in serious condition. kevin's cousin translated for his father tonight. >> every day family wakes up and we shalls it was all just a tonight mare. and we can still hug and see kevin warm smile. >>reporter: 58-year-old jen chu booked on gross vehicular manslaughter charges on friday. she was going 80 miles per
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hour when she slammed into the van. she was currently out on 300,000 dollar bail. >> fda has approved the first medicine to treat breast cancer before surgery. the drug is called here women with early staenls of breast cans we are having the cancer spread. doctors hope using the drug early will shrink tumor making them it's year to remove and some cases the treatment could allow some women to avoid having mastectomy. >> look at one family terrifying encounter with a pack of bikers in new york. all caught on video. during a ride in new york city sunday one of the bikers stopped suddenly. man driving suv ran into him. he stopped for the accident but bikers became hospital. >> he had his wife and 2 rerld in the car. group he took off rather and group attacked. driver knocked over several bikers in the process breaking one man's leg. the other biker continued to follow him until he financially hit a red late then as you can see the bikers
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pulled him out of the car and beat him. he was not seriously hurt. police have not made any arrest. >> california rocket launch over the weekend caused a rash of uso reports. 10,000 miles away. commercial rocket company launched the rocket from central coast sunday morning. hour after that launch people in southern africa started reporting this strange glowing or be in the tonight sky. this is video of it. it was the result of rocket dumping the extra fuel. sun late caught the resulting crowd creating what you see here. >> dan is off tonight because he is so busy raising money to help send kid to camp who otherwise couldn't go. he hosted the 17 annual friends of camp concord golf tournament. 160 golfers tee off at the will you be in alamo. this year event laced more than 80,000 dollars to send the can id to camp concord in lake tahoe.
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that gives 500 kids a year traditional summer camp experience. for mr. information on camp concord and helping kids attend just go to our web site and click on this site. >> muggy today but decent golf weather. let's check in with sand why and live doppler 7hd. >> humid today but the humidity has come down from our camera looking at the sunset tonight at 6:54. clouds started parting and gorgeous sunset there. hope had you a chance to enjoy it. let's check out live doppler 7hd that other than a few clouds around it's clear. radar on mt. st. helens that did track rain. most is in north bay. saint helena, eight00 in santa rose and fairfield and the mount here the other sites zero those are the official weather service sites. we just see trace amounts at sfo oakland airport
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and even some higher elevations in the east bay hills picked up measurable rain so we did have some tamp roadway earlier today. hangup the umbrella from the sutro tower cam are exploratorium sparkling tonight and 58 agrees. 63 in oakland. 62 in san jose. temperatures starting to fall half man bay 57 degrees. visibility terrific right now. temperature mid 50's santa rosa upper 50's novato, napa still pretty mild in antioch. 62 in concord and 63 in livermore. east bay hills camp are we have a little bit of a breeze tonight. that help keep the atmosphere stir up. patchy morning low cloud sunny mild next few day with warmer weather friday saturday brin bringing fair weather concern i'll talk about that in just a moment here. here the cold front that came through. it fizzle dump whole lot of rain across the pacific forth west. heavy rain in northern california. far northern california. here though just fizzle but did bring the
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increase humidity. hummed ty going down as i mention to him a little more comfortable for us and sunny for tomorrow as well by friday we look at high pressure building in dry wind pattern down sloping winds bring increase fear danger for your friday saturday team period and warmer temperature as well. tomorrow not a warm start in the morning upper 40's to upper 50's. make sure you grab your coat or jacket in the morning. it's going to be crisp and cool. night longer days shorter. so we are definitely feeling the autumn chill in the air. all these areas sfup and million piece. peninsula sfichlt palo alto 68 degrees in san mateo o. sfup redwood city. 65 here and 66 in downtown san francisco. 71 santa rosa and breezy at the coast. inland spots cooler than afternoon. mid 70's concord life more accu-weather 7 day forecast. a little warmer each every day warming you up in the low 90's by
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saturday inland low 70's coast side. beach weather. cooler for the second half of the weekend. >> all right [ female announcer ] made just a little sweeter...
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>> took one extra day to determine the final spot in the american league play off texas host tampa bay for the second wild card spot in a do or tie tie breaker. fans pumped up before the game. won't look the outcome. third inning. launches 200 homer off perez. 32 of the season. ray ahead 3 nothing. then in the sixth. dejesus. double to right. that scores him and 4-1. david price went the distance. ground out to short to end the game. tampa advances to face cleveland in another tie or 2 -- could or die game. 5-2 the
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final. celebration begins for one day any way. >> i watch david pitch like he did tonight. very tough day against difficult team for him. really they care for one another. that's our coon of game. >> now oakland a host detroit friday night game one of the alds 5 sears friday tonight start. saturday night 6:07 starting pitcher tomorrow and a's go with kloep in game 1. starring quarterback her lasted only one game. started yesterday against the redskins and still had symptoms from concussion last monday was declared inactive. one man doesn't make a team but about ridiculousie tight end to give the raiders a 14 nothing lead. statistics fought bad. david emerson. trigger 24 unanswered points for the redskins. he
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was sacked 7 times. stayed in the pocket. today the coach talks about his team performance. >> couldn't get anything going. didn't think matt was effective as he needs to be. protection wasn't as good as it needs to be. those are the things we have to work to improve on. another great opportunity this week. we have san diego coming in here. we look forward to it. >> all right monday night football. love the sants fans. both teams 3 and o but saints stay perfect. 13 yard. new orleans up 21-10. he threw for 4 touch downs and new 4 h o. 4 td pass and tie a record with the 9th straight 300 yard gam
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game. this is sports report by river rock casino all you fans get out there and cheering on the a's because detroit knocked them out the last 2 times. >> it's their time. >> third time the cha remember? all right good deal thanks. >> coming up on 7 news. we have update for you
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>> you will sea patchy low clouds in the morning and don't forget your jacket. light winds. temperature upper 40's to mid 50's at 5:00 a.m. staying in the 50's at 8:00 a.m. 4:30 to 7 with updates. >> thank you. before we go we want to give you another update on this evening he can motion massive power out am at uc berkeley. look at the video posted by the daily cow smoke rising moments after underground electrical vault exploded. crew have slowly begun to restore power to the campus. their effort will continue throughout the ni


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