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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 1, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> good evening. here we are day one of the government shut down and tonight both side are digging in giving little hope for quick resolution. karen is live in washington tonight with the very latest on the shut down. >> good evening. after day one of the government shut down congress no closer to getting things up and running once again. there has been very serious disagreement right now in the house but lawmakers are
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making statements today while the shut down is having serious implication for many americans. >> republican try a piece male approach. put forward measures that improve funding for national park. district of columbia. veterans. >> in the military we don't leave people behind on the battle field. we shouldn't do that at home either. >> but how house democrat said no way. want full spending about toil get the government back up and running. they took hospital substance shutting down the government and releasing 1 hostage at a time. s. >>reporter: all 3 measures failed. day one of the shut down there was no progress no end in sight. 800,000 federal workers across the nation forced to stay home. no work means no pay. >> about real people lives being affected and ruined and thrown in chaos. >>reporter: republican
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leadership coerce senate democrat into negotiations this table is about if the there on the other side. >> senator the reid said it's too late for that. we have good day of anarchy. why. because the government is closed. >>reporter: growing chorus among the republicans that the house leadership needs to cave. nearly a dozen come out publicly to say put a bill on the floor that gets the government back up and running. ignores obama care. congressman king said there's enough support in the house to pass it. >> i think shut down is bad and i want it stopped. >>reporter: boehner won't let the house vote on. that conservative insist on hard line and so farther getting their way. reporting live from capitol hill, abc news. >> thanks very much. >> shut down means immediate closure of variety of national park facilities and many of them in san francisco. heather has that story.
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>> people passionate about their dog and right to walk them at the fort not at all happy about the closed parking spot here. >> it really makes me mad. >> there was still much more limited roadside parking along sky line but it can take some time for spot to open up. this woman is angry with congress. >> this is my haven. i come out here. my dad just died. my dog just died and this is my place i come. i love it out here. people are great and we need this. >> this is among the many national park clustered in and around san francisco. park got word to shut them down and secure them. then about 1 80 of the golden gate national park 250 employees were sent home. >> all employee were his requested to come in today to shut down the work space, secure everything to make sure that if there is an extended action, everything will be saved. >> while most of the presidio in the hand of the private
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presidio trust and unaffected by the shut down, the parringing lot and restrooms are closed at the field and shut down sign stood in front of locked gate at the road to 4 point. there was disappointment at alcatraz landing where an average 5000 visitors pass through every da day. >> very disappointing come from australia to see this special event in san francisco and it's not open. thanks very much politicians. >> golden gate national park service says furlough employees were not given an estimate on how long they would be out this is 7 news. >> we want to show you what tourists near the golden gate bridge saw as they try to go to fort point today. closed sign and gate block off access. on foot not better. pedestrians gate was also closed. tourist don't stop to take pictures but some were very angry because the bathroom even were closed. >> if i would be a government worker i would think of the
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people who come here any way shut down or not. at least the bathroom is open. >> i feel in like some one showed up with their ball and went home because they don't want to play any more. wept the ball. >> we heard that a lot. closure continue affect the golden gate bridge visitor center itself. roads parking lots have been closed off workers at the federal be only collected personal belongings. one told us she may have to fill for unemployment. at the federal housing thrt they weren't to shut down home business loans. same for the veteran administration. the safety board was closed and that delayed the investigation into the asian airlines crash at sfo. >> one of the biggest federal employer if the bay area is nasa and its facility at mountain view closed today. and we have a recording when we tried to call. >> government suit down 401
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national park including yos michlt park want 123 birthday no lessment only drivers passing through to the other destination for this is with reservation for the next 2 nights were allowed in. everyone will have to pack up and leave by thursday afternoo afternoon. at least 6 60 park workers have been furlough because of this. check this the google doodle. salute to yosemite 123 birthday. ironically click on the doodle one of the first search results is for the national park service. page explains that yosemite and other parks are closed because of the federal government shut down. >> investors see no reason to paining. stock fish up. dow gaining 62 points. this suggest investors do not anticipate the shut down will severely disrupt the economy. let's hope they are right about that. >> stay with us for the latest development on shut down on air and on line at our web site
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including a list of the agency that are closed. you can also get breaking up dates any time by following us on twitter at 7 news bay area. >> shut down didn't stop the people from signing up for affordable health care today but california new insurance site may have. we have more on this coming up at 9:30. stay right here. other news. massive man hunt netted 3 people for the death of 8-year-old girl at summer sleep over in oakland. alicia was inside an apartment when someone fired through the door killing her and injuring her friends. grandmother and 2 children. we have the story. >> you went and did a murder xhait murder and retaliation was the fact that i got to lose my daughter. >>reporter: mother of this girl came to court today to see the man police say is responsible for killing her daughter. smiling 8-year-old nickname lady bug shot and killed answering the door at friend house while attend ago sleep over. 3 others were also
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hit but survive the injuries. police believe the shooter went to the house in retaliation for an earlier shooting. >> at the end of the day we have the bad guys and that's all that matters. i'm ready to go home and celebrate. >>reporter: alameda county district attorney office announced charges have been filed against 27-year-old joe carol and 22-year-old darnell williams both of oakland. carol was arrested in texas and extradited to california. >> we interview witness and we got intelligent able to come up with the sketch. >>reporter: williams identified by investigators using this sketch released by oakland police in september is being charged with two counts of murder, 3 counts of attempted murder and one count of shooting at inhabited dwelling. they say he is the man who pulled the trigger. >> darnell williams discuss openedithout any consideration of who was standing at the door or what was going to happen. >> no credit for killing a kid. >>reporter: she was a third grader this year and will attend every court appearance until those responsible for her
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daughter murder are convicted. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> police in pinole reopen missing person case gone unsolved for more than 25 year years. 7-year-old amber schwartz vanished from her home in 1988. case close entered 2009 after serial killer anderson confessed to kidnapping and murdering amber. in prison at the time for the murder of another girl. fairchild. anderson isn't dead but schwartz family says they have always been skeptical about his confession because of the lack of physical evidence linking him to this. investigators say they have inform reason to doubt the confession but theory opening the case because the body has never been found. >> hayward police officer suspected of sexually abusing several girls pleaded not guilty today to chilled positive less station charges. judge denied bail. 38-year-old richard mccloud. police say he assaulted 3 girls while working as teacher at kids dome after
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school program in livermore happened over the cows of nine years before he became a hayward police officer. police say the abuse started when the girls were in middle school and continued into high school. >> well it's official. stolen copper from a sub station caused a campus wide outage at uc berkeley last night. that was before an explosion and fire caused he vabling asian. dozen buildings still without power. explosion happened in underground vault outside california hall. lee ann has the story. >> i heard a loud boom and heard some young woman scream. >>reporter: this was the scene last nature shortly after 6:00 o'clock. an explosion that sent flames shooting up into the air. it occurred independence one of the campu campuses 14 electrical vaults near the chancellor office. >> we saw one person on the ground by the blast. some were concern. some ran forward. some people your honored everyone to back off. in
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general the crowd backed off and retreated to north campus. >> uc berkeley spokesperson said it all started after pg&e crew discovered someone had stolen some electrical grounding copper wire laid last week. from off campus manhole that feeds into the university system. investigators now say that by stealing the copper wire the person did more daniel than they had initially thought. >> our system here is underground. that led to power outage yesterday at 4:30 p.m. >> explosion occurred as crew were trying to power back up. some students say the university alert system called to warp them didn't work the way it should have. >> didn't get any text messages for half hour. >> community of 50,000 people. so we need to see at some point does the distribution of information fail to reach all the people it could have. >> there's definite chance of my classes being cancelled tomorrow and we have a mid term monday so might be missed as
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well so don't know it's up in the air. >> late this afternoon power yen ritor put in to bring power to those affected buildings. at uc berkeley abc 7 news. >> still ahead tonight. high demand and major glichlt millions sign up for affordable health care but a lieutenant of people could notment we explain y.also milestone tonight. for lee vichlt up close experience you will have once the new seats are installed. spencer is here with the weather. >> accu-weather forecast center with weather make you smile. make me smile. you will lake it too. my accu-weather forecast is coming up. >> thanks spencer. woman who dared to make an video for her dared to make an video for her boss, i
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to thoseworried...ited... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at
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>> bay area public transportation officials get rid of pricing loop hole that allow some ride investigators chea on the fare. in the past people could purchase a card with cash for as also as 5 dollars then use the cardinal it was negative by as much as 10 dollars. the people would throw the card away at that point costing the system 25,000 dollars a month. well, starting saturday bar no longer use them to exit with a negative balance. >> excitement for sports fans
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in oakland. a's are in the play offs as you know. some major investors appear want to redevelop the coliseum complex. we show you the current stadium and the arena. plans call for transforming that area with shopping center and luxury hotel. this proposal also features new homes for oakland 3 major teams. a's. raiders and the warriors. this is exactly the kind of investor we wanted and we are right on target to take this council to the approval. >> back on the field. the a's practice today for upcoming play off series against detroit tigers. fan gather outside city hall earlier today for pep rally to root green and gold and request for world series title. go a's. >> and huge construction milestone today at the san francisco forty-niner new home in santa clara a.first of 4 45,000 seats installed in the
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lower bowl at levi stadium today. red seats made right here in the bay area by plastic industry in hayward. the company certainly ecstatic to win the contract to manufacturer the thousands office seats for the niner new home. >> generate so many jobs for the project for us and bring revenue through the local economy. >> now it will take more than 17,000 worker oh, towers install the seats and once that happens the stadium has the largest lower bowl in the nfl. it will bring fans closer to the field. that's a great idea for fan experience. >> yes. i like it. >> like the hear the crunch of the helmet. >> wearing the helmet. >> all right. won't hit too hard. look at live doppler 7 hd. things looking mainly mostly clear tonight. few about high cloud then high
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cloud moving through the bay area. pat he were today as well. lovely around the bay area. as you can see clearly on this view from emeryville looking out over the bay temperature reading 60 greets san francisco. oakland skoochltd san jose 62. 63 san carlos and 55 half machine bay. another view from our roof top camera. along embarcadero. it's 61 degrees right now in santa rosa. 60 in napa. novato. 66 antioch. concord and livermore and 1 more live view from sutro tower looking out over san francisco on this moon lit night. moon out? it's bright night. these are our fosh feature. partly cloudy overnight. breezy mild tomorrow. warming up by week end. here's a look at our satellite radar composite imag image. here's big active weather system moving down out of the gulf of alaska to the pacific northwest. cool air and jet stream there. not really going to have much of a cooling effect on our weather but will provide with breezy
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weather pattern tomorrow but debts pay the the breeze it's mild. we will see more high cloud overnight early tomorrow but painly sunny day certainly by afternoon breezy mild at the coast and $1 million to warm just about everywhere else. animation further. by the end of the week we see high pressure about centering itself up to our northeast and provide us with warm dry offshore flow which will add to the big warm-up coming our way at the end of the week. tonight few thin high cloud and continue to move through the bay area but skies mainly clear. low pressure generally in the mid 50's. bit cooler in the north bay valley santa rose napa low dropping to the upper 40's. tomorrow afternoon south bay sunny mild with high ranging from 75 and san jose up to 80 at morgan hill. peninsula high of 71 at san mateo o. 74 poupt view. breezy mild at the coast. pacifica 64. half machine bay 67. downtown san
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francisco high of 69 tomorrow. 66 in the sun set district. up in the north bay breezy at the coast. mild air. even milder inland with high in the upper 70's pt santa rosa to nap. east bay high at 72 at oakland 73 at newark. castro valley inland east bay 80. fair field walnut creek antioch and here is the accu-weather 7 day forecast. start warming up to the end of the week. by saturday inland high in the upper why is to near 90. mid 80's around the bay mid 70's at the coast which is great beach weather for fall weekend and start to cool down a little bit on monday tuesday. just few degrees. sharp drop of temperatures and basically have mild to warm and dry weather in the 7 day period. >> perfect. very nice. >> thanks very much. >>look at them with. that u-verse wireless receiver.
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>> new study find that women who suffer from mid life stress may have a high risk of dimensia. divorce. bereavement. job loss mental illness in the family 18 stress factors that lead to a 21 percent high risk of alzheimer's 15 percent higher risk of any kind of dimensia and swedish researchers say the higher the number of stressors the women experience the greater the risk for dimensia. >> business news. macy boosting holiday hiring over last year and hiring 83,000 people across the country. that's about 4600 people who will be hired here in the bay area. amazon also gearing up for the holiday. hiring 70,000 full-time seasonal workers this year. up 20,000 workers from last year between the 2:00 a.m.
9:25 pm
son and macy are hiring the equivalent of population of hayward. put that in perspective. >> mr. to come here millions of people seen up for health care on this thursday oven rollment but isn't so easy. glitches and kink that kept some people out of the system. >> also thieves getting caught green handed. the glow in the dark spray that helps solve crimes. >> delevoping story in jacksonville nrashtion where officials shut down the airport ♪ [ engine revs, tires squeal ] [ male announcer ] since we began,
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'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. >> good evening again. for the first time in 18 years the u.s. government is partially shut down. republicans are revving to make a budget deal unless there are changes to the health
9:29 pm
care law. they tried to push through legislation that would have reopened some agency but failed to give the necessary votes. the shut down put 800,000 non-essential government workers on furlough. many will work but not get paid. now they could possibly be compensated back pay most expect. the workers will last about 1 billion dollars a week in pay important the time being but the shut down could have a bigger effect. economist for this analyst company said shut down lasting longer than 3 week will cost the economy 55 billion dollars. last shut down in 1995 lasted 3 weeks. >> part of president obama health care overhaul plan kicked in today even with the federal government shut did you know. on line insurance exchanges now open for business. on line marketplace gannen rolling americans at 5:00 o'clock this morning our time. consumer will have a 6 month open enrollment period to sign up for coverage. federal web site helping americans seen
9:30 pm
up has just been swamped today causing delay and other technical barrier made the enrollment experience slow for some people. maybe you have this happen to you. no way indication that the budget impasse affected the roll in and out any way just the number of people that tried to seen up and of course technical problems. tried to sign on california new health insurance peb site might have experience add problem. many visited this web site and many ran in glitches on the site. officials took down enrollment section of the web site tonight at 9 p.m. to fix the problem. it's expected to come back up some time tomorrow morning. 7 news reporter david louie has more. >> complaints of pages and long wait for customer service calls marred the launch. complaints on twitter and freelance artist told us by skype that he gave up waiting to talk to someone on one of the calf call snivrment i hit hour and a half
9:31 pm
mark i gave up. at that point. >> so are you looking forward to doing it again or not. >> yes. yes i'm excited. probably going to get some snack out and drink and so forth. >> she doesn't have insurance but need to good to the web site. she had as a big concer concern. >> hard because you need to think about the income and what if you can't afford to have and income isn't based on. that as students a lot of us aren't even working right now. >> experts say health care plan will need high enrollment to succeed especially among young people who think they won't get sick. >> i'm not that young but i'm relatively young. so i feel in like i'll be okay stuff like that but unforeseen things happen all the time im glitch tied to high demand on the first day. the consumer used to fast reliable on line service. gary is chairman ceo in mountain view. >> reason company like, ebay successful is they figure out how to make
9:32 pm
what they market and sell work for consumers. like to think we have done a similar thing in the health insurance world. that's the challenge the government exchange has and i hope they figure it out. >> useful tools are there to help them determine if they qualify for subsidy ab answer wide range of questions. >> it's pretty good. in the hard to find things. the question and answers are very good. if then you get tutorial pretty quick in. san jose, david louie abc 7 news. >> now if you have any additional questions on the affordable health care act find hint at our web site just look under see it on tv. wealth of information on there 4. >> developing news. authorities have now reopened jacksonville international airport after rae manufacturing what they call destructive device. the airport was shut down for 5 hours after 2 suspicious packages found. one in a parking garage. the other inside a terminal. one of them
9:33 pm
had component that had to be taken off site and rendered safe. authorities not said what that was. this all started when man said he had a bomb. he had been taken in custody. nobody was hurt. passengers on inbound flights were bused to off site hotel. >> second motorcyclist has turned himself in to new york city police after outrageous road rage incident that was caught on video. look what happened here. started on sunday afternoon when driver of range rover got into an accident with member of motorcycle group. dozens of bikers surround the the suv and slashing the tires. 3 33-year-old driver ram through the crowd to get away crushing the leg of one biker and hitting 2 others. bikers eventually caught up with the driver. pulled him out of the range rover and beat him while his waive and young child looked on. family one of the injured bikers spoke today saying he's now paralyze and in a coma. >> all of his ribs fractured. his lungs are so bad about they
9:34 pm
he's on ventilator. >> family calling forth driver of the range rover to also be prosecuted. >> thieves getting green hand entered this case. glow in the dark spray that is almost as good as fingerprint solving crimes. pl we explain how it works. >> look at this mug shot. with lights off. now look again. release the image. what made him glow in the dark? new crime fighting tool. police say man broke in car in london he was sprayed by invisible paint. under police light he turned green. case closed. now watch it in action undercover sting in florida. detectives the equipping decoy car with a spray. watch as the burglar take the bait. >> he open the door. he grabs something on the front seat. and then he starts to rifle through a wallet and that is
9:35 pm
when he's sprayed. >> take month of scrub to go get the paint off the skin and chemical can stay on for years. shown here in video from the company. you can't see it or smell it. can you tell that this leather jacket has been sprayed? it has. smart water csi says several hundred law enforcement agency across the country now use the product and it's not just for police. people are putting the spray systems in their homes and cars. and get this inis visible paint can be used to mark wchs or i phones. l special dna like code in the paint and used to fine the owner. this has led to a lot of convictions worldwide hasn't it. >> yes in fact over 1200 conviction in the uk and europe alone over the last 17 years. >> that in london found out the hard way and was convicted. athis is abc news new york. >> how wild is that.
9:36 pm
>> police cruiser dash camera captured dramatic moment when a police officer jumped into action to rescue young woman trapped inside a burning car. watch. >> paramedic of here. paramedic over here. >> rodriguez educates did not hesitate to run toward the burning sedan to save the 22-year-old driver. she crashed the car and got trapped in the driver see. hear from the audio from the camera as the officer started to free her and ask for an ambulance. victim was taken to the hospital where she is recovering but alive. >> class third graders in oakland received big surprise today. office max delivered 1,000 dollars worth of school supplies to world economy on 28 avenue. each student pencil box loaded with goodies. they benefited because the teacher was one of educators selected
9:37 pm
as winner in a day made better contest. >> i'm still shocked i'm shaking and i'm honored and just feel so lucky. i feel in lucky to work in the community and this was an amazing ceperien >> congratulations. the principal at world academy nominated her because of her extraordinary effort in the class ramp. office max sponsor the program to help teachers who buy every day essential lick pens and pens it's for their students. so often with their own money. >> well. how much time do you spend making appointment. find out about a clever new smart phone' that can help you get ♪
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try new fiber one cinnamon coffee cake. >> apple plans to build a new iconic foster shape
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headquarters in silicon valley as soon as tomorrow. today cupertino city council discussed massive complex that includes 4 stories and almost 3 million square feet of work space. it's expected to house more than 14,000 employees. concerning to "the new york times"planning document hope apple helps to limit public input to make sure the inventions are secure. >> talking about people who do high tech things, calling to make appointment with doctor or hair stylist maybe a plumber often leads to haggling over what time you are both available. now bay area company is promising you never have to do that again thanks to free i-phone app that you can down load start thanksgiving coming thursday. here's pl jonathan bloom to explain what my time is all about. >> there you go. >>reporter: it's not every day we enter have you someone in the middle of getting a massag
9:42 pm
massage. but that's about the only time serena sits still. she work force a start up. who knows when she will have time to get her haircut. >> yv time to sit the down in 5 different salon do you have an appointment at 2:00 p.m. especially the day of. i don't know my schedule tomorrow. >>reporter: like every appointment serena booked this massage at the last minute. but not over the phone. she's one of the first users of the service call my time creator making a bold claim. >> i don't think anybody will be calling to make appointment 5 years from now. >>reporter: founder showed the app that line up your calendar with electronic calendar of dog groomer car mechanic and who is available at the time you are free. >> click book purchase done. easy as using transportation or open table to get restaurant reservation. >>reporter: just lake those services this is rave and review and. >> law come out in the last couple week about 20 percent.
9:43 pm
>>reporter: but own brand of review. >> one thing i like about this you can leave the review after you have had the appointment so you can't fake it. no gaming. >> charge business as commission very first time new customer walk ins the door. for business owner also often is fine because those are spots that would have been empty. >> wake up in the morning and a little present on your schedul schedule. you know. that we didn't have anything to do wit with. it's complete surprise. >>reporter: for sarah massage is like a night receptionist. few month of testing my time found nearly half appointment booked at night we know pistols are closed. which is about the only time serena has to herself. >> i love it. so convenient. >>reporter: we'll let her get back to the massage now. this is abc 7 news. >> about coming up next. woman popular i quit video gets millions of hits but now the company she left
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for over 60,000 california foster children, extra curricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team. getting help with math. going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal, when you can't do the normal things. to help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that, for most kids, are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child. to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way.
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>> you hear about people searching for jobs these takes but here's the very different kind of phenomenon you mate like to see. if you had a frustrating job fant sizes about quitting maybe in a spectacular way. one woman did. abc news reporter says she is the poster girl for walking out the door. >> the screen past 4 in the morning and she has a message for her boss. dancing to kanye west it's her way of saying i quit. which gets her approaching 6 million hits on you tube since saturday. and pages and pages of applause. and confirmation that the art of the quit is a dream that lives inside us all. there are songs about it. >> take this job and shove it.
9:48 pm
>>reporter: johnny paycheck singing well take your job and shove it. home made clip is its own you tube hart form. man shows up with chorus to say he's out of there. then joe who brought a band and said this to his boss. 2 years later joe has 4 million hits. >> i medley start getting messages from all over the world. >>reporter: in this job market yet which is about what exactl exactly. escape. independent. dilution. revenge. certain poetic justice to it. the company where she made the video is a company that make video. they said it doesn't understand why she's mad at them but while she said the company is awesome she also complained it only cared about how many views each video gets. now the with nearly 6 million view for this, maybe she should
9:49 pm
be running the place. too lat late. lights are out. she's gone. this is abc news washington. >> about and check this out. by the way. former employer next mead why animation posted response on you tube. reporters dancing to the same muse that i can she used. their way of letting everyone know that they are hiring. thaes pretty funny stuff. >> go back and talk to spencer on the weather. down loading kanye west earlier. i don't know what that means. >> i may leaving but not quitting. time lapse view from our east bay camera this afternoon. east bay hills look at 2 thin high clouds on the bay area schaad o. lovely day and clouds added to the loveliness. satellite to live doppler 7hd radar image. mainly clear skies across the area right now. high clouds
9:50 pm
and giving way to sunny day tomorrow. sunny skies state weighed tomorrow as well as here in the bay area. high pressure will rise that the mid upper 60's on the coast. breezy on the coast. 70's around the bay. up to 80 in warmest inland spot. here's 7 day forecast. warm-up to upper 80's inland. by saturday next warm weekend coming our way and temperatures moderate a bit early next week. >> i'm pushing you out the doo door. which may happen. >> thanks very much. >> it has been a great month. can't help with you that. we will help push. >> oh, yes? no. we are kidding. >> about [ laughing] season has arrived. a has rotation and arrived. a has rotation and pirates first
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. decade old case back open tonight. why pinole
9:54 pm
police are once again investigating the amber short disappearance. >> keepsake and memento or just junk? controversial clean up at arlington national cemetery. those stories the and more coming up over on channel 7 at 11:00 o'clock. but larry is here with all the sports. >> all right. baseball. baseball post season is here. giants fan. in mourning. you are looking for national league team to root for this post season. check out the pittsburgh pirates. about they hosted wild card game tonight and the park electric. they waited whole lives for this. under 21. last timent buck won apply off game. about play off home run never until there. first post season at bat in 12 year career and takes johnny deep few minutes later martin does the same. pirates with a quick 2 nothing lead on them. fireworks and ton tonight. bomb away. about second of the game here. baker and reds are
9:55 pm
about there. jason gets him to ground out. 6-2 the final. pirates advance to play st. louis in the national league division series. are they happy you think? in pittsburgh. i would say these guys are happy. fill manual 21 years between play off appearances. oh, yes. celebration time. now year ago about cologne on the outside hacking in wishing that he could pitch in the play offs but suspended because of steroids use. now back and this year he's at age 40. he will start game one of the division series for the a's against detroit on friday nigh night. cologne stunned everybody. record of 18 and 6. best season since he one the cy young in 05. a's experienced pitcher and game 1 friday night. >> we have that present lead us off we didn't have that last year even though we were, our
9:56 pm
guys well suited to perform regardless. all i think rookie last year in the play off started but now off guy that vet run guy that pitch plenty of games and pitch in post season and looking forward to to leading the twhai year as well. >> remember now last year the tigers beat the a in the first round of the play offs. there's aj. we hear from him momentarily. come back to me? about wait. it will come up. any way last year uses continue was great in game 5 of division series for detroit. shut out eliminated the a. see him in game 2. this the is an a's team not loaded with household names. but mr. griffin will tell us. filled with confidence. >> we are looking at surprise people about you know we really believe that we have puff know long way to go. game 1 is the
9:57 pm
first step to getting to a place where we want toychbility that place will be sold out. it will be rocking. surprising move by the 49ers today. releasing third string quarterback dj daniels. he was seventh round pick played well in the pre-season. fichlt make change with the back up back up but daniels is kind of similar to kaepernick. strong arm. niners going with veteran skelton as back up. maybe to the practice squad but so many teams in the nfl lacking for quarterback somebody will take the flier on daniels. safety in the nfl. check out the hit. about dante lower the shoulder not helmet to helmet. made contact with the helmet of chris and cost him 21,000 dollars for that hit. fourth quarter ram game. nfl cracking down on all helmet to helmet contact and hit to the upper
9:58 pm
body. he will appeal that hefty fine. stanford getting better and better. this is frank cardinal off thrashing of washington statement host washington on saturday. both teams 4 and o. kevin 9 and o starter for the cardinals. new target. devin 2 touch down catch this saturday and more touches and remind everybody hall of fame dad. >> there's no question. we see a lot of practice. he has those moves. he has that dna course go through his vein he can do those things. still young running back. we know where he shows the exiting we keep giving him opportunities. >> government shut down has built over in the sports world air force navy football game army versus boston college scheduled for saturday may have to be cancelled the if they have the if under to travel and to my those games because of
9:59 pm
the government shut down. hockey back. chicago blackhawk stanley cup banner raised to the rafter. chicago in washington. alec the power play won high scoring game. on the rebound here. blackhawk go on to win 6-4. nhl is back. thanks larry very much. >> that is this edition of 7 news. here on tv 20 for all of us here, i'm dan ashley thanks for watching. 7 news continues right now on line on twitter facebook and all the mobile did he vase was our new abc 7 news app. see you at 11:00 on app. see you at 11:00 on channel 7. good night. pierce! hi!
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hi! hi, pierce. oh... hi. hey. happy new year, you guys. do anything fun over break? baby ben got to be baby jesus in our church's nativity play.


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