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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  October 1, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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back to work tomorrow. >> tonight no deal in sight. the government shutdown moves into its second day leaving thousands of bay area employees wondering when they will get back to work. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. abc7 news south bay reporter lisa amin gulezian is live with a look at the immediate and long-term impact of the shutdown in the south bay. lisa? >> dan, people started leaving the federal building behind me at about noon. that's when they got their furlough notices. activity will continue tomorrow and all week in that
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far building over there. that's where the courts are. the majority of people who were furloughed work right over there. the furloughs are in full affect . at san jose's federal building, the courts are still open, but it doesn't mean things are running smoothly. >> i feel bad for the staff. i am an administrative law judge so i am holding hearings, but don't have staff to support me. >> those working in nonessential apartments telling them to go home. the signs went up and the websites were changed. in menlo park at the u.s. geological survey parking lots are empty. only a handful of people researching volcanic activity are still on site. >> we were told to come back from the field. >> usgs research geologist has been furloughed and he is in shock. >> it is sad to see everything shutdown and everything gone because it is a collegial
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atmosphere. >> reps in cyst earthquake and thunderstorm measuring equipment are still operating and if there is a seismic activity it will be taken off furlough and called in. the last government shutdown lasted 21 days. they say a long shutdown could imply government insta -- instability which would not be good for sill silicon valley investors. >> hiring plans could be put on hold and consumers don't buy as much. >> 50 members of the leadership group are in washington right now. they are meeting with members of congress and hoping to change their minds about the shutdown. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> a shutdown means tourists must leave yosemite national park by thursday afternoon. drivers can only enter the park if they are passing through or if they have a reservation to stay there tonight or tomorrow evening. >> visitors can't reserve
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alcatraz. many reserved months ago and they can get their money back from the tour boat operator. >> and an area that attracts a lot of dogs and their owners and some enjoyed the cliffs and beach despite the closure jie. so many affects. it forced the national transportation safety board to close and that has delayed the investigation into the asiana airlines crash at sfo. >> and there is no end in sight to the shutdown. republican, house speak and the senate majority leader have no plans to talk. the majority of house republicans say they will not compromise unless the health care law is changed. but 12 house republicans say they will support a budget deal if the democrats will agree to negotiate health care later on. >> in a tweet, california congresswoman nancy pelosi blamed them for the shutdowns saying today is the 123rd anniversary of a national treasure, yosemite. sadly the gop shutdown says it is closed today. she also altered today's yosemite themed google doodle
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by adding a closed sign. stay with us for the latest developments on the government shutdown on air and on-line at you will find a list of agencies that are closed there. you will get breaking news updates anytime by following us on twitter at abc7 news bay area. and happening now, cover, the website where californians can sign um for obama -- can sign up for obamacare to fiches some glitches. it was the first day to sign up for health care through the affordable care act. th is what you will see if you try to visit the site tonight. it was back up and running after being shutdown for much of the day. as of 3:00 this afternoon, five million people had visited the site. it has been down most of the day , apparently just coming back on-line, but a lot of people have had trouble with it. and cover california call center throughout the state also began fielding phone calls from perspective insurance enrollees today. did this happen stow? happen to you? some ran into busy signals or long wait times. >> the wait time was about an
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hour i think. i had it on speaker phone and went about my business. i was on for almost an hour and 15. during that time i searched the rest of the site and checked out different things. then i was just like, maybe i should try again another time. >> officials say they will address the problems to get state residents ensured as quickly as possible. >> police in pinole announced they are reopening a missing person's case. the disappearance of 7-year-old amber schwartz 25 years ago. the case was closed self-years ago after a cereal killer confessed, but her body was never found. john alston spoke with amber's mom who is elated the case has been reopened. >> there were hugs of support for kim after pinole police decided to reopen the case of her missing daughter. >> excited. i am totally excited. i feel like maybe my days of running into brick walls is over with. >> amber schwartz was 7 years old in 1988 when she was
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abducted a -- as she jumped rope in front of her home. they though -- they focused on a man who killed another young girl. in prison anderson confessed to kidnapping amber schwartz and leaving her body in arizona although it was never found. anderson died a month after making that statement. the case was closed in 2009 and to this day the police chief says there is no evidence to challenge his confession. why the sudden interest? >> we want to make absolutely certain we take advantage of the advanced forensic science we now have. >> there was a petition asking the police and fbi to revisit the case started by those who provided daycare for amber. >> we have it open. now let's see what happens. >> amber's mother thinks the confession to the fbi was a lie to get off death row. >> he said all of the things he said which he could have
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made up. >> amber's mother drives by the house where it happened 25 years ago. she says now that the case has been reopened as weird as it sounds she says she considers herself the happiest mother of a missing child. it marks the 20h an -- anniversary of the kidnapping of polly klass. he broke into a slumber party and tied up the friends and kidnapped the girl and then assaulted and killed her. he wants people to remember his daughter and davis is on death row awaiting execution for polly's murder. a 21-year-old livermore woman killed in a drunk driving accident saved the lives of three people with organ donations. kristina was a nursing student at chico state. she was riding her bike back from school last month when a car hit her. a drunk driver was at fault.
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she says two babies in the bay area were given parts of kristina's liver and a family friend received one of her kidneys. >> all classes at cal will resume after an explosion forced an evacuation. it exploded injuring five people. authorities blame copper thieves for damaging the power system. crews connected the back up generators to 11 buildings that lost power. they won't be reconnected to the grid until after the investigation is completed. >> new at 11:00, bart's union sent a counter proposal to the counter agency as both sides struggle to reach a labor deal. bart has not responded and the unions are staying tight lipped as to what the proposal contained. they are threatening to strike at the end of a 60-day cooling off period. both sides will be back at the bargaining table tomorrow.
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starting on saturday you cannot enter the bart station with a negative balance on your clipper card. right now you can buy a card for as little as $5 and then ride bart and exit with a balance as much as negative 10. that loophole costs bart about $25,000 a month. and police are trying to track down a man who displayed what appeared a detonating device to rob a bank. it happened around noon today. this man according to police pulled out a silver device with a red button and then demanded money. police are not sure if it was real. they got this photo of his face when he threw away his mask. and from jacksonville international airport which is back open after authorities removed what they called a destructive device. the airport was shutdown for five hours of a two suspicious packages were found. one in a parking garage and the other in a terminal. one of the devices was rendered safe. authorities have not said what it was.
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this started when a man said he had a bomb. he was taken into custody during that -- custody. during that five hours no one was hurt. >> and two bay area dogs killed and their bodies burned and this is all legal. was it justified? why no charges will be filed. >> are they keepsakes or clutter? the controversial clean up at arlington national cemetery. >> and the a's head to the post season there is talk of a new display. the deep pockets pushing for the ballpark. >> i'm sandhya patel. a pattern change that will [ female announcer ] these are the crescents you love on a holiday. and these are the ones you'll love on a school night. pillsbury crescent dogs.
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face charges of a beating a pair of dogs and then burning them and burying them. the dogs broke out of their backyard. a few miles away they attacked a man's livestock killing 40 chickens and turkeys. the man killed the dogs using a shovel and then burned and buried them. his father says his son was trying to protect his birds. >> the dogs charged him and he defended himself. the dogs are murderers in my eyes. they destroyed all of those birds.
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>> what happened to them was wrong and they didn't deserve it, and for this man to have done something like this so unconscionable. >> the owner will not face charges because it is legal in california to kill a dog if it attacks livestock. families of troops who are killed in combat are furious after officials at arlington national cemetery started throwing out their momentos. in august crews started clearing out objects left at gravesites for those who died in iraq and afghanistan. crossers, letters were thrown in the trash and significant items went to storage. they said that section was too disorderly. if it happens it could be exactly what oakland needs to keep the team's sports teams. an investment group is proposing a massive new sports and entertainment complex from the stadium to the estuary. alan wang has more on the grand plan. >> the city is showing its
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colors tonight because the oakland a's are in the major league playoffs again. it is also a glimmer of hope after the mayor's announcement at a pep rally. >> we pulled in a major investor. >> mayor gene quan says an investment team with deep pockets wants to breathe life t. it is what many considered a pipe dream. >> do you know why oakland and the a's go together? people try to count us out every time and every time we surprise them. >> as they practice for the playoff games their owner still had not changed his mind about leaving oakland for silicon valley. but the city leaders hope coliseum city with restaurants, shops, a skating rink and hotel will entice him to stay. still, some of the most loyal a's fans think he wants more. one vapg would be laid out on several -- one advantage would be laid out on several acres of property owned by the
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city. >> in general it will generate thousands of new jobs and a lot more taxes for the city of oakland. >> the news has fans feeling like they hit a homerun. the colony capital investment group is the world's third largest pry spretly held investment -- privately held investment firm. the other is from dubai. in oakland, alan wang, abc7 news. a milestone for the stadium in santa clara. the first of 45,000 seats were installed in the lower bowl of levi stadium. the seats were made in hayward and when all of them are installed levi stadium will have the largest lower bowl in the nfl. the army hopes the clothes of the future will never have to be washed. scientists at the soldier research center in massachusetts are working on clothing that will never get dirty in the first place. it is called an omni-phobic
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dusting. why is the army interested in limiting laundry? a million soldiers with five uniforms per soldier equals a lot of washing clothes. >> it is hard to believe that will repel smells like body odor. i have a hard time with that one. >> if it works think of the laundry duty we will save at home. >> let's check the forecast right now. >> sandhya patel is here. >> dan and carolyn, let's check live doppler 7hd and we have a few clouds out there and this is ground clutter. we are not seeing moisture there. we have our own radar on mount saint huh lena and it is not picking up rain right now, but it will watch for any changes coming and we will be seeing changes. as we look down the embarcadero the winds are light and the temperatures are falling, 59 in san francisco and 61 in oakland and san jose and it is currently mid50s for los gatos. check out this view from the exploratorium cam. a stunning view of san francisco, the financial district, visibility is good. it is 59 in santa rosa and 57
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in napa and low 60s in antioch, concord and livermore. here is the view from the sutro tower camera. a cool morning and partly cloudy sky. looking at breezy and mild weather tomorrow afternoon. warm conditions on friday and saturday with fire danger increasing. you will see why in just a moment. we have this system moving in the pacific northwest and taking the cooler air there. we will see a breezy pattern developing in the bay area as early as tomorrow. let me show you the computer animation. you will see the high clouds for the start of the commute. some patchy low clouds out there and that will insulate us a little bit. we had low 40s this morning. form afternoon, sunshine, breezy weather for your wednesday, and as we look beyond wednesday this is when things are really going to change. the high pressure builds in and the pattern changes to dry and gusty over our hills. the hills could see gusts as high as powter miles an hour
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and that is what is going to lower the humidity and this down sloping wind which will mean increaseed fire concerns. the winds are gusting 45 to 50 miles an hour. the higher elevations will be gusty as well and really going into wednesday nighttime period. still windy near the coast and not as windy over the inland areas so we will be watching for the air mass to dry out and the increase in the fire danger ace mentioned for friday and saturday time period. tomorrow morning you will still need a coat or jacket. upper 40s to the mid50s and you will notice a lot of high clouds around making for beautiful sunrises tomorrow. 75 in san jose and sift 4 -- 74 in santa clara. mid70s redwood city and 64 in pacifica. breezy at times a little coast. 66 in the sunset district and 69 in downtown san francisco. north bay communities upper 70s santa rosa, sonoma, vallejo.
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east bay, low 70s, san leandro, oakland, a mild, sunny day. inland spots are going to be mild as well with 80 in walnut creek and 79 in livermore. a look at the seven-day forecast and we will feature much warmer weather. gusty conditions in the hills, friday, saturday, 70s coast side and midto upper 80s inland. fire danger increasing and we will cool it of on -- cool it off. temperatures drop back to average next week. >> lovely. thank you, sandhya. >> let's turn our attention to baseball. >> the playoffs have arrived. the last time the pittsburgh pirates won a playoff game we were much, much younger. sandhya may have been in the crib. i don't know. the eternal wait is over, and no
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if are you a giants teen in mourning looking for a team to root for in the post season maybe check out the pittsburgh pirates. celler dwellers for the last two decades they hosted a wild card game. pnc park was electric. it says they waited their whole life for this. less than 21 years old because that was the last time they won playoff game. this is his first career post season at bat as a 12-year career and takes cuedo deep. a few moiments later later and -- a few moments later and russell martin. here it comes and there it goes. the second of the game and this is a monster shot to left. dusty baker and the reds are toast. 6-2 is the final as the pirates advance to play st. louis in the national division league series. it is your time to pop some bubblely. a big shower celebration.
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oh that is nice. we had one of the best quotes of the baseball season. he said "i'm still fat, but that don't mean nothing. true and true. colon will start with detroit on friday. you decide what is most surprising here, but colon is still 40 years old and throwing 94 miles an hour. he went 18 and 6 this season or that he is doing this presumably clean after serving a steroid suspension last year. he will face the tigers' strikeout king in game one on friday night. >> we have the veteran presence. our guys were well suited to perform regardless. they were all rookies last year when the playoffs started, but now you have a guy that is a veteran guy that is pitching games and pitching in the post season and is looking forward to leading the way this year as well. >> a curious move by the 49ers. daniels played well in the
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pre-season. it was like a kaepernick, junior. the word is the niners will sign a veteran to serve as back up. the niners safety is not happy. he was fined $21,000 for this hit on givons in the rams game on thursday night. he will appeal. he has gone so far as to make t-shirts that read hash tag, legal hitner. hash tag, good luck with that. the defending stanley cup blackhawks and chicago in washington and owe chef kin and the -- owe very -- ovechkin as the blackhawks win game four. the sharks open up on thursday against vancouver. abc sports brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> hash tag thank you. >> up next, skip the resignation letter. >>
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>> patchy, high clouds, crisp and cool. temperatures in the 40s and 50s and make sure you bundle up. mike nico will be tracking the weather changes with live doppler 7hd. carolyn, dan? >> thank you very much. the hits keep coming for an on-line video showing a woman who quit her job in style. >> ♪ uh, oh >> she dances to kanye west's "gone" in the" i quit" video. >> she says her old company is, quote, awesome. ironically it produces news videos. she complained that all of the firm care bed is how many hits each video got rather than the quality. >> didn't i see larry downloading some kanye west? that's our report i'mda


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