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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 8, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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mystery at sf general. a woman missing for weeks turns up dead in a stairwell. we're live to sort out how it happened. >> what is that smell in the air? reports of the odor of gas trigger a nervous reaction throughout richmond area. >> a's fight to advance towards world series the city of oakland advancing a plan to keep the team from leaving town. >> from michael finney tonight so, do you have to pay your cell phone bill if it's lost or stolen? this is a woman who disappeared from her hospital
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room missing with out a trace, until today. her body was discovered on a fourth floor stairway. thanks for joining us i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. she did not get far buttit took so long to find her is the key question tonight. lynn spoulding -- spaulding missing two and a half weeks. she was found in the hospital where she was being treated. wayne? >> that is it in a nut shell. we're trying to figure out details. lynn spaulding had been missing from her room 17 days the subject of a search by friends and family. today she turns up in a stairwell. the hospital has been sparse with details here is spokesperson rachel capen. >> what would you tlik know? >> there are plenty of questions. just ask david perry a friend of lynn and her family. >> there are a lot of questions that, is the case
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san francisco general swril to answer. not only for family and friends but people who come here expecting safety. >> lynn spaulding yerntd for treatment of an infection, saturday morn, sometime between 10:15 and 10:30 she disappeared. >> we have been dismayed, disappointed and frustrated not only by the lack of information, the lack of a sense of urgency. >> sheriff deputies cordoned off the stairwells as a crime scene. the hospital produced no explanation today and apparently miss a body on the same premises. >> it's very concerning this body was found. we're distressed and don't know what happened. that is our top priority to find out. >> that is the hospital's last word on the subject that. was at about 12:00 noon today.
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maybe 11:00. so it's 6:00 or 7:00 hours later. that investigation continues in san francisco, wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> wayne, thank you. bart and unions still negotiating issues tonight. commuters trying to make plans in case of a strike. the court ordered cooling off period ends thursday. we're live with the very latest. heather? >> we've had a chat with bart chief negotiator tom hawk. he'd come out to get fresh air because apparently rooms don't have any windows. there is very little we're atloud report but he thinks 48 hours is time to get the deal done. we know they spent the afternoon working on the very difficult generals, wages, pension and benefits questions
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the mediator had to ask everyone not to talk about what's happening inside. all we know is that they're still working on a deal, and to avoid a strike. >> things are moving but i would say not very fast. >> no word how long they expect to have to be here tonight but they do plan to be here tonight. last night it went until 9:00. >> other union members rallying to show solidarity with unions in talk was bart. the rally started in oakland about an hour ago. the group says there is a sense of urgency to end negotiations before another strike happens. and some of them have gone through similarly tough negotiations. >> this is same old dance, we've been ready to negotiate for months.
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it's usually dragging along. and this is down to the last hour looft strike brought traffic to a crawl. today the bay area council wants employers to be flexible. >> for employers we asked that you allow employees to telecommute or allow employees to telecommute more often or request them do that if it doesn't work we ask you relax policies about core work hours to avoid peak morning and evening commute times. >> the group says the strike occurred while a lot of people were on vacation. now, if there is a strike you can go to abc 7 to find out about nalt tiff options and traffic maps and our waze traffic app.
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>> a natural gas pipeline raising safety concerns will remain shut down in spite of objections from pg&e. california public utilities commission ordered to keep pipeline closed off while it investigates whether it poses a danger. officials persuaded a judge to step in and order the pipeline shut down after a memo expressed concerns it could explode like the situation in san bruno. the pipeline runs between highway 101 and interstate 280. >> students had to shelter in place today after residents reported a strong smell of gas. it was reported in large parts of north richmond. employees waited outside fr an hour, the fire department
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could not find a source. >> i have a feeling whatever it was is something that may have been a ship. it's hrd to speculate. that is gone. >> 90 workers found out across richmond they can't find the cause, either. >> in sunny vaim a man on charges of child sex abuse at a day care center. police identified the man and this alleged abuse occurred on south wolf road. he has been living at the home and related to the owner. he's been charged with sexually abusing two children. investigators looking into whether there may be more victims. a teacher at kennedy high has been arrested on a misdemeanor charge of molesting a female student.
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a parent called to complain the student had been touched inappropriately. >> the fbi has been called to investigate discovery of several explosives in a home in petaluma. a man described as despondent was reported armed with a gun. he was arrested with out trouble and in searching the house authorities found four devices so far. last report they were still at the scene. >> and a san francisco man has been guilty of murder nay cold case from more than three decades ago. the 67-year-old convicted in a stabbing death of artist jenny reed in 1976. re of the ed found raped tide skup stabbed in her studio that. crime went unsolved until 2009. evidence had been saved linked the crime to mayfield. he was arrested outside of a church where he was a deacon.
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he will be sentenced in december. >> the a's just lost game four of the five-game series and on the way back for the last game in oakland on thursday. the team is looking for another win, oakland mayor is already feeling like a winner because she may have the money for an ambitious sports and entertainment complex. we're live now with ricky's sports bar. the plan has plenty of critics this, is a good sign. >> these fans would consider a winning move. this afternoon, late this afternoon, the city council took it's first stop finance a new sports complex. >> oakland vision of building a new home for its professional sports teams may not be the pipeline dream cynics predict. mayor jean kwan is cheering a group that wants in on what is called coliseum city. >> there is a third largest
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developers in the world so they have deep pockets so. we think that this is a very important step. >> project calls for shops, homes taintment and separate facilities for a's and raiders. another for the warriors. >> just do it and just win. baby. >> dr. death and other oakland sports fans were urging a committee today to extend exclusive negotiating agreements for the city approved development team. and allow them to bring in the new investors. heavy weight colony capitol and a dubai financier. warriors plan to leave for san francisco and a's pushing to move to san jose, the group of fans and community leaders sewn as save oakland sports believes new money men might change minds. >> once they got the ducks in a row and able to start putting shovels in the ground i find it hard to say we don't
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want to stay. >> mayor kwan calls the project trance forma tiff. this committee agreed. now, the counsel votes next week. >> we're going take awe board a work space where a mission to help launch new start ups being told to weigh anchor and leave. >> also we're going take you through a bay area facility, largest free hotel in the country for veterans under medical care. >> isolated showers tomorrow in the accu-weather forecast. >> thank you, spencer and later tonight an invention soaking up the sun and could revolutionize solar power industry. look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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i could go for some cake. [ male announcer ] switch and add a wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. san francisco is a haven for start ups and groups that house them, one may take prize as the most unusual and now, it could have to shut down. abc 7 news explains how an office is home to half a dozen companies could soon be evicted bit port of san francisco. the sunny september afternoon you might findion strolling his boat. watching him, you might guess a lot of things about him but you'd never guess this. >> i'm not a boat person. believe it or not. >> what is he dwoing a
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remodeled icelandlandic ferry boat? open the hydraulics and you'll find a full shipment of entrepreneurs working on start ups in a space that has become known as the ice breaker. >> ships optimized for large work spaces collaboration and teamwork. that is why it works well for a start up gather on coaches or long table they work on inventions like this 3 d camera. and a service helping you order supplies like paper cups. >> makes it fast. you can do things like we're out of paper towels. >> they're going places though on board a vessel that doesn't move shaechlz working engines and navigation tools it never set sail. that creative energy stays here at pier 50. that create aid problem with
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the landlord. port says owners have rent aid parking space. now they're taking issue with how they're using that space same way your landlord might not like you living in a garage. spokesperson says it does not include office space, or living aboard the vessel and have given the end of the month to move the start ups or move the boat. >> if they understood, they'd want us here. >> he's hoping to work out a compromise before the deadline. >> we'll let you know whachls a man has been aested for punching a safeway store manager. you can see what happened. here on abc 7 news last month. the manager is knocked to the door floor with a blow without provocation. the video applaud -- aplowe
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aplowed -- allowed police to arrest the man responsible but did not release his booking photo pending what they say is further investigation. >> workers securing the region water supply reached a milestone. miners connected two ends of a funnel. san francisco public utilities commission provided this video. the stretch will be lined up with a pipe to carry water for million woz use water from hetch hetchy system. >> it's aa home away from home. a new motel for veterans being treated at va health care system. best part is that it's all free. vic lee has the story. it took seven years to this ribbon cutting today, billed as nothing short of a five-star hotel. the 34,000 facility with 53
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suites had accommodations. each suite two queen beds one for a patient, other, the care giver. the va and it's polly trauma center serving veterans from all over western united states. >> cindy serves in the naif skbreek treated for cancer at the va hospital. >> any time i tried to book a hotel there, it's booked up. and never room. so we can stay. very chemo, too. you know? so i'm happy this is opening up. a stur vai found 11,000 patients had to find temporary housing and many had to drive 50 miles to wait for treatment in palo alto. others gave up hotels in the area are so expensive so some might have chosen not to come or perhaps would have been sleeping in cars.
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>> for guests, it's tree. the project is a partnership between department of veterans affairs and chairitable donors. >> we don't want to you have to worry about costs that may otherwise to your treatment here. >> those who worked on the project say it's a way of thanking veterans. >> we cannot thank them enough. >> that is a great project. thank you. >> look who is here. >> spencer. >> yes. like fall. pleasantly. not chilly just cooler than yesterday. high clouds around mainly sunny skies. doppler 7 hd illustrates what i just said. mainly sunny skies here is a
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beautiful live view looking north. a gorgeous sky we v readings 61 in san francisco. 70s across the bay in oakland. 66 san carlos. 69 los gatos. another live view of the golden gate bridge under blue skies. 72 degrees in santa rosa. napa, 66. fairfield, 75. one more live view of the western sky from our camera. gorgeous. features cooler and breezy a slight chance of showers in the south bay z south bay mountains. snow will heighten high sierra tomorrow. this ses tim is a cold low pressure system dropping south ward may have produced showers neert bay area tomorrow, will
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produce snow over the sierra. at 7:00 this evening during overnight hours, low dropping south ward. maybe a spot or two of shower activity here. perhaps down into santa cruz mountains and into sierra a winter weather advisory from 5:00 tomorrow morning to 5:00 thursday morning. south of highway 50. two to five inches of snow. bay area tonight chilly in the north bay valleys. lows dropping into mid-40s there. low 50s for the remainder of the bay area. tomorrow, pleasant weather. high temperatures around 70s. maybe some isolated showers highs around 70 degrees low 60s on the coast and breezy. downtown san francisco, 67
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tomorrow, low to mid-70s, 74 santa rosa. east bay highs 70 in oakland. inland east bay highs low to mid-70s. and here is the accu-weather forecast. so we'll be in this mild and steady pattern throughout friday. then warming up over the weekend. saturday through tuesday highs ranging from uper 70s to near 806789 and. >> you can look at this. >> look at that. >> my picture. >> beautiful sky with setting sun reflecting off bay waters. >> that is spectacular. >> that is amazing. it is. >> they just saw that? >> i think they did.
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>> thank you. >> coming up next a monumental day. a birthday party at coit tower, live.
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the president of the san carlos school board has
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resigned last month the superintendent craig baker took out a bridge loan so he can buy this $1.3 million house and move to san carlos from redwood city but it got the loan a day before the school board took action to approve it. the board did agree to create a time line on what happened, the president resigned when her colleagues refused to offer a more complete audit s she served nearly 20 years on the board. >> the sm people will have an opportunity to say an emotional farewell on the old bay bridge before it's demolished, inviting families who lost loved ones on the old span to have a memorial for them on the bridge that will happen november 9th. officers will escort family members on to the span, take them to the scene of the loss and have time to reflect.
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>> there was a party today from one of san francisco's most famous landmarks. on this day 80 years ago the construction of coit tower was completed. today a small crowd celebrated the tower. family members attending say more needs to be done to preserve the tower. >> it needs museum status and that will happen. >> coit tower listed in 2008 on the national registry of historic places. last year voter as proved a measure aimed at protecting historic murals inside coit tower. >> more still to come at 6:00 the game of chicken now being played in washington. why the president's wife will not be coming to the bay area this weekend.
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>> you'll hear from jimmy carter on the government shut down. >> and a good look at the new $100 bill in circulation. quite a hit in the newsroom. stay with us chls more still to come. too big.
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♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant first lady michelle obama has been forced to cancel a trip to the bay area because of the government shut down. she was supposed to appear at three bay area fund-raisers but democratic party insiders said it might not look so good while thousands of employees are on furlough. on that subject in, washington today the president said he's willing to meet with republican leaders but only after the government shut down ends. republicans say the only way they'll pass a bill to raise the debt ceiling or one to end the shut down is if it addresses the health care act and budget cuts. >> this isn't about me and it's not about republicans. this is about saving the
7:32 pm
future for our kids and grandkids. only way this is going to happen is to have a conversation. >> we're not going pay ransom for america paying its bills. that is something that should be nonnegotiatable and everybody should agree on that. >> as the shut down stretches into its 8th day next big deadline now just nine days away. the nation set to reach the debt ceiling on october 17th. >> former president carter talked about the government shut down in san jess yeah today. he skb his wife spent a day, a second day, volunteering with habitat for humanity. abc 7 news reporter david louie was a reporter sitting down with president carter afterwards. the 39th president of the united states arrived with a sachel with tools prepared to work. he turned 89 last week. for 30 years and rossa len carter donated a week of time. this video shows the former president volunteering in houston 15 years ago.
7:33 pm
in san jose, mr. carter focused on creating a new front door frame but his labor interrupt wtd a couple who live here arrived. the wife is a nurse's assistant, the husband, a machinist. the family lives in a one bedroom apartment. >> it's hard to buy house in san jose. it's expensive but we're blessing and just i want to say thank you, habitat and jimmy carter. >> the couple can't believe this home will be theirs. >> this is a dream. >> the dream has come true. others are still struggling. i got to sit down with mr. carter and asked whether the government shut down is making it difficult for families to achieve homeownership. >> first of all they get hit hard with the present, democrat and republican members of congress don't have lobbyists and big money to pay during the campaign. so average person in trouble
7:34 pm
is the one good that gets hurt. >> it's the recession and subprime loan crisis helping meet growing demand for affordable housing. banks donate repossessed homes habitat will build, or rehab, 100,000 homes this year. carters now off to denver, then new york city and new jersey. and are says carters inspired three million others to join the cause. >> bloomberg news reports president obama will nominate janet yellen as chairman of the federal reserve. announcement planned for tomorrow. yellen was president and ceo of the federal reserve bank of san francisco. >> the pilots of asiana flight 214 blaming mechanical failure for the crash at san francisco international airport in july that killed three teenagers. the "wall street journal" says
7:35 pm
the toilet told investigators the plane speed control system known as auto throttle disconnected with out warning before the crash. the national transportation safety board initially didn't find any mechanical problem was the plane but one expert tells ap there have been previous insy dments which auto throttles on some boeing planes have disengaged for no reason. >> fire destroyed a pair of homes in santa cruz mountains this morning and left half a dozen people looking for new places to live. it started at just after 1:00 a.m. in aptos. neighboring houses were evacuated. the fire damaged a third house and skroi destroyed two vehicles and burned an acre of vegetation. firefighters believe would it have been worse if the fire started during a red flag warning. and in san jose, sky 7 shows you a massive lumber yard fire that started burning about 7:45 this morning. the fire destroyed three
7:36 pm
structures as well as all of the lumber. crews had to shuttle in large quantities of water because there were no fire hydrants near buy salmonella outbreak is complex according to federal officials involving serious strains of the bacteria. the cdc now says contamination involved seven strains of salmonela, incluing some resistant to antibiotics. chicken from three plants sickened 278 people in 18 states. most fully california. 42% of those cases required hospitalization. inspectors are searching for the cause and chicken is still being sold. >> the bad chicken could be linked to a salmonela outbreak your first thought is what? >> very to return it. and i don't want to get anyone sick. >> foster farms said the
7:37 pm
products are safe to eat if properly handled and fully cooked. >> tonight money matters a possible merger in pharmaceuticals industry. stocks at mckesen rose 3% after the "wall street journal" reported it's in talks to buy a rival company in germany for $5 billion. hewlett-packard has quietly enacted a policy requiring workers to work out of offices instead of home. accord together business blog all things dhp has 80,000 people that work from home because of a lack of desk space. a wall street research firm says apple is rung out of new customers. according to a new analysis the number of first-time iphone buyers is shrinking and apple needs to make better in roudz rhodes in china in order to compete. and here is how yahoo has resigned -- designed it's free e mail service. now resembles g mail. that may not be a coincidence. yahoo ceo helped design g mail
7:38 pm
when she was in goog yelling. >> the -- google. >> the $100 bill got a face lift. officials showed off the redesigned bills. there is a copper 100 and liberty bell and blue ribbon that shows a 100 and a bell when moved. >> it's awkward for them to have to look for the water mark by holding it up to the light so they asked for a feature that would help them in the normal process of taking occurrencey to better determine authenticity. >> the back of the bill has a big orange 100 to make it easy to distinguish in foreign countries that. is important because two thirds of the u.s. occurrencey ends up overseas. imagine that. >> yes, really. >> coming up next what are your responsibilities this gadget should go miss something.
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so, if your cell phone stolen do you have to pay the sfwhil. >> one woman did not like the answer she got from her provider. >> michael? >> if you're under contract, you do have to pay the bill that. is the terms of the contract. but a woman was not under contract yet her carrier still found a way to charge her. bonnie was having a nice afternoon with her niece. unfortunately, that is when someone snatched her phone right out of her purse. >> i had too much in it. it was sitting on a side table by the, where we're having tae. it just vanished. >> she called verizon to report phone stolen june 23. two days after the phone was stolen. she said her contract had expired. and was being service on a month to month basis.
7:43 pm
verizon told her she'd are to continue paying the bill. >> i said i zront a phone, i am not under contract. >> but till bills continued to come, she was charged $10.21 for a bill covering june 29th, six days after she reported her phone stolen. verizon charged her a fee to suspend her service. then, the following month, they charged her $17.51 for taking the phone out of suspension. so she can transfer to another carrier. >> i was angry. >> we showed the with bill to mark tony executive director of the utility reform network. >> there is no justification for that. that is a rippoff. >> tony says consumers need to take complaints to state regulators. >> this is a rip off. i am owd money bark. i want you to help me get it. >> bonnie turned to 7 on your
7:44 pm
side for help. we contacted verizon. the company immediately called her. >> when you have someone from corporate call me they said they'll refund the money i. in the seen it. >> verizon told us we did not meet our own stand skbrard reiterate our apoj asking them to confirm a refund would be coming. verizon would only say for confidentiality services i cannot share details other than to say we're working to resolve this to customer satisfaction. >> i thank you. i may get the money back. it's not a lot but i would appreciate that. >> sure, now, i ill keep track and let you know if she elevens -- receives her money. >> thank you. >> sure. >> coming up next, a bay area invention soaking up the sun. >> sure is. it could revolutionize solar power industry. we'll be r
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solar pou jer becoming important in america's drive towards renewable energy. now a company is working to make solar systems more powerful with by lending a helping hand. abc 7 news has the story for matt, a chal swrempk keeping lights on. >> it's about 30% of the energy that alameda county uses is here at the jail. >> that is why the county invested in solar energy along with a he tech innovation. the device ais a robot. the detail soaking up unsite lite. >> by doing that, you produce more energy. >> the founder says it gauges
7:49 pm
the position of the sun as it moves. at the company test track we watched latest generation as it slid from panel to panel. then stopped to adjust the angle and orientation. >> so robot knows where it is in relation to trackers and knows where it is in terms of the globe. >> designers envision their use in massive solar farms. >> just to give you an idea, each robot is able to do one third of a megawatt that. is enough to power 70 homes in california. >> cutting bills for bigger users. >> systems being deployed around the world.
7:50 pm
age of solar had just begun. >> remarkable. >> yes. >> so interesting. >> yes. it is. >> we'll start with a time lapse view on the roof of our tower camera towards golden gate. high clouds now a look and just reminder our radar located high atop mount st. helena. there is a chance of isolated showers in the bay area tomorrow, certainly a big chance of snow and showers moving down the southern coast. partly cloudy skies, showers in the mount hamilton area, we have several mild, dry days getting warmer into the weekend.
7:51 pm
high temperatures by monday near 80 degrees inland. >> thank you very much. >> we love seeing your a's pride. take a look at this, that is so cool. >> yes. and you can share them with us. a's didn't but let's thop they will win at home. >> champagne on ice. is this interference? turned out very big. sports is coming up next.
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7:54 pm
good evening. a's trying to finish of tigers in detroit. trouble will leave them staring at a familiar foe, justin burlander. a's came out swinging. a's up and here it comes there
7:55 pm
it goes deep to right. then, in the fifth, a launch back to the wall. three run homer. a's regain the lead in the 7th. a base hit up the middle on a relief. a score, 4-3, a's. victor martinez josh redic looks like he might have a play but fans reach out sh touch the ball. call was home run. here are is the rule. spectator interference. home run appears to be the right call, then, austin jackson, andy dirk scores from second. nobody out in the 8th. then, swinging in a not knot
7:56 pm
terrible pitch then they don't score, tigers bad their lead in the 8th. a's score bringing a tying run to the place. tigers force a game five. here is the reliever and a bull pen. >> as far as doolittle, just hit the ball out of the ballpark. next run comes on head of jackson's. and then just weren't very good after that. >> game four red sox and rays. boston with a victory. a great opportunity they load bases in the second.
7:57 pm
double play to keep this game scoreless. on to football david shaw up w.set and steve sarkisia sn.. defenses are looking for ways to stop the clock. sarkisian claims cardinal players were faking injuries. >> we don't fake injuries and never have, never will. i don't allow it. anyone has a problem with that, they should direct it towards me because i run the program. i was given instrucks on how to run it. we do things right way and well. >> us being stanford guys you'd think we're trying to do that maybe we'll weed throw in our third defensive captain. we can't take that stuff too lightly. we played hard and would never do that. >> david, not happy.
7:58 pm
abc 7 sports game five thursday don't know if a's goring to start. we'll find out tomorrow. >> thank you. >> join me tonight at 9:00 halloween costumes proving popular, but are they acceptable? then at 11:00 bound to come back into style. squeezing to a thin waist but it safe? at 11:00. >> and in prime time tonight here on abc 7 we have agents of shield followed by goldbergs and scandal. >> check it out. >> that is it for this edition of abc 7 news. our coverage continues on twitter. i'm slairl jengs. >> from all of us here, see >> from all of us here, see you at 9:00 and 11:00. look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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back in our day, we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted. yeah, our birthday entertainment was a mathemagician. because if there's anything that improves magic, it's math. the only thing he taught us was how to subtract kids from a party. ♪ let's get some cake in you. i could go for some cake. [ male announcer ] switch and add a wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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