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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 8, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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was how to subtract kids from a party. ♪ let's get some cake in you. i could go for some cake. [ male announcer ] switch and add a wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> she vanished from hospital room without a trace. that was 2 and a half weeks ago. missing person. then today her body is found in the same hospital. good evening. strange mystery. 57-year-old lynn spalding found dead san francisco general hospital in a
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rarely used exterior stairwell on fourth floor. of wayne with his developing story. >> what about the missing woman. >> plenty of questions actually. just ask david perr perry. friend:00 lynn and her family. >> i think a lot of questions if that's the case that that san francisco general has to answer not only to the family and friend of lynn but the people who come here about expecting safety. >> she entered san francisco general hospital on september 19 for treatment of infection. on saturday morning the 21st some time between 10:15 and 1 10:30 she disappeared. for 17 days the family has been in limbo boy. we have been dismayed. disappointed. frustrated. not only by the lack of information coming out of san francisco general. lack of sense of urgency. >> sheriff's deputy cordeny off the stairwell did as crime scene. hospital produced no explanation today about how it could lose a patient. also
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apparently miss this all on the same premises. >> very concerning that this body was found f.we are distressed didn't know what happened. that's our top priority to find that out. >> a lot of questions. not a lot of answers. first missing woman. now a body. and an investigation. in san francisco, outside san francisco general hospital wayne, abc 7 news. >> we will bring you the latest development on that story as it continues to mav forward. well bart and union are still trying to reach an agreement on new contract. about heather spoke with bart chief negotiator tom hock. he says he think there is plenty of time still in the next 2 day to work out remaining issues. negotiator work on wages pension medical benefits and key issues. and here's what they said tonight. >> we can fought again tee anything. we are working as we have from the very beginning very hard to get a deal that
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will be are the fade by our members and ensure. >> we could get it done in. i'm ready to good home. >> last night talk went until about now, 9:00 o'clock. as on the calendar just 2 day left before the 60 day court ordered cooling off period ends. >> other union members rally tonight to she solidarity with the 2 union currently in talk with bart. they rally in the plaza in oakland and march to the cal-trans building where the negotiations are ongoing. group says sense of urgency t toen the negotiations before another strike. we have gone through similarly tough negotiations. >> this is like the same old dance we always go through. we have been ready to negotiate for months. sitting did you know at the table and as usual we get dringd along to the very last hour. right did you know to the last hour. >>reporter: last striking in july brought traffic to cruel as you may remember. today the
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bay area council of business group wants employers to be flexible if the trains stop running again. >> so we ask that you allow employees to tell he commute or employees to tell he xhoount commute more often or request them to do. that we ask that you relax your policy about core work hours so that employee can avoid the peek morning and evening commute times. >> group says the strike this month would be worse because the july strike occurred while a lot of people of course were on summer vacation. >> if there is a strike you can go to our web site to find out about alternative transit options. also find real time traffic map and our exclusive way traffic app and follow us on twitter at this site. for breaking news update. >> moving on. police arrested oakland man suspected of attacking a store manager at san leandro safeway. video from last month we showed you
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clearly shows the attacker asking the manager something then suddenly hitting him in the head. manager was rushed to the oh, was serious injurie injuries. police arrested the suspect charles johnson on friday. viewers called in tips after seeing this video on tv. search continues outside petaluma a home after explosive did he invests found there. fbi and local police at the house on quarry street. road closed as we speak. police first called to the scene last nature when man described as despondent armed with gun while searching the house officers found 2 live bomb and 2 partially constructed at the vases. the man 30-year-old being held on 1 million dollar bail. officers say there is no current threat to the neighborhood but of course they continue to search the house and all safe. >> students in richmond shelter in place after strong smell of
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it was and first defected at 2 this afternoon. reported in large parts of iron triangle. smell so strong employee at lighting manufacturer waited outside for an hour until it dissipated. fire department hazmat crew patrolled the city but couldn't faint the source. >> i have a feeling whatever it was is a puff from something could have been a ship. hard to speculate but the blue kind of with the wind direction kind of went that way and it's gone. >> 90 borkers span out across richmond but couldn't find the cause either. chevron said it was not the source of the smel smell. >> well while the a apartments make their way through the play off the mayor felonies lick a winner because she may have the money now forum bish us sports entertainment complex. critics are there but as carolyn explains, this is a big first step. >> oakland building new home for professional sports teams
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may not be the pipe dream cynic predict. mayor kwan is chairing investor group that wants in on what is called coliseum city. >> third largest relevant estate developer in the world so they have deep pocket. we think this is important step. >> project calls for rebuilt colonel see wum shop home entertainment and separate facility for the a's and raiders and another across the 8 80 freeway for the warriors. >> just do it and just win maybe. >>reporter: sports fans were urging a council committee today to extend the exclusive negotiating agreement for the city to prove development team and allow them to bring in the new investors. heavy weight colony capitol and did you buy financing. even though the warriors plan to leave for san francisco and the a's are push to go move to san jose, the group of fans and community leaders known as save oakland
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sports believes the new money men might change their minds. >> once they got all the duck in a row and start putting shovel in the ground i find it hard to believe we don't want to stay. >>reporter: mayor kwan calls the project transforming. this committee unanimously agreed. >> the full council will vote next week. in oakland abc 7 news. >> more to bring you hear on 7 news at 9:00. coming up. milestone just reached to ensure the safety of your drinking water. >> we take you aboard unique san francisco work space for mission to help launch new start up now being told to weigh anchor and leave. >> spencer is here with the weather. >>reporter: here in the accu-weather forecast center where we look at chance of isolated showers in the bay area and greater chance of snow the sierra i have the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> thanks so much. we show you the new 100 dollar bill now in the new 100 dollar bill now in circulation as of today
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>> tonight water display for millions in the bay area closer to the being protected from major earthquake. workers connected 2 ends of massive tunnel today in the east bay. only abc 7 news was there when it happened. >> hundreds of feet below
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ground workers tore through the final bit of earth to complete the 3 and a half mile long tunnel. video provided by the san francisco public utility commission shows the moment when minor drilling from fremont met another group from pinole. >> came together in the middle of the mount about 2 miles in from behind us. >> minor call it pulling through. 227 million dollar project is part of massive plan to secure the waters for more than 2 and half million customers in 4 bay area kontsd. this new tunnel will ultimately replace a pipeline built in the 1930s. mining here was tough back then as you can immanuel. it still is today. workers crossed fault loans. ripped through tough soil and ran into pockets of ground water. every single fat of this tunnel was different. so that presented many, many challenges and how to approach the ground and how to actually main the ground.
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>> we had to men through with over 7 medical pound of cement. >>reporter: voters approved this ballot measure in 2000 2 to repair and replace the aging hetch hetchy water system. engineering maryville cell at the time. pipes and reservoir carries water 167 miles from yosemite national park across the central valley and into the south bay before going up the peninsula son fran. one major step cholesteroler to being completed. >> roughly 80 percent done. if we have quite a bet of work to do on the surface. >>reporter: tunnel scheduled to be completed by next fall as you can see. mammouth jaering job. >> san francisco is haven for start up an group work space that house them but there's one start up incubator that may take most unusual and could have to shut down. jonathan
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explains how office that is home to half dozen company could soon be evicted by the port of san francisco. >> on sunny september afternoon you might fine him strolling the beck debing of the boat docked on san francisco world trade center front. watching him this way you might guess things about him but you would never guess this. >> i'm not really a boat perso person. believe it or not. >> what is he doing with this remodelled ferry boat called the marathon? open the hydraulic hatch and you find the cargo. full shipment of hackers and engineers working on start up that is known as the ice breaker. >> ships are operate m um for large work space, collaboration and team work. that's why ship work so well as place for start up. >> gather on couches on the main deck or at the long table down below they work on invention like this 3d camera. >> we made few years ago.
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>>reporter: under water robot and service that helps order supplies like this. >> fast and easy. we are out of paper towel. >>reporter: people are going places even though on board a vessel that doesn't move. she has working engine and full set of navigation tool this ship never set sail. all creative energy stays hear at pier 50 this created a problem with the landlord. in short port of san francisco says the opens of the ship basically rent add parking space. now they take issue with how they are using the space same way lapped lord might not like you living in the garage. we were told the lease doesn't include office space or living abore the vessel and given them until th theen of the month to either move the boat or start up off there. he says it's a big mess understanding. >> if they understood who we were they would want us one and we would probably be able to meet the requirements. >>reporter: he's willing to work out a compromise before the dead lane. this is abc 7
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news. >> who knew start up on the water working away. spencer is hear with the accu-weather forecast. you notice outside cooled off. >> cooling down in someplaces down right chilly overnight period is past. we have mainly clear skies on the bay area rate now. few high clouds around much as we had during the daytime hours and that's all the cloud we see. live view from sutro tower cam out over san francisco on this cool crisp and lovely evening. temperatures rate now 57 degrees at san francisco and oakland and san carlos. 58 san jose. 56 los gatos and cool at 48 half map bay so we have a couple locations dropped into the 40's already. live view from emeryville camera back at the bay bridge. novato 54. 63 fairfield. 59 concord. 58 livermore one more live view of the golden gate bridge and forecast feature indicate cool
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breezy of night period with slit chance of isolated showers in the south by mountains tomorrow and snow will whiten the high sierra just a couple inches but snow nonetheless. satellite radar composite shows low pressure system of north moving south ward and as it drops it has an effect on our weather. 11:00 o'clock tonight during the overnight hours south ward plungepossibly some s tomorrow afternoon in mount hamilton area and beyond and higher terrain. snow over in the sierra. as a matter of fact there is a winter weather advisory for the central sierra including lake tahoe area from 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning to 5:00 o'clock thursday morning except for area south of hawaii 50. 2 to 5 inches of snow above 5000 feet. could be slippery road. bear that in mine. traveling out that way or know people who are. chilly
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up in the north bay valley an overnight low drop in the mid 40's in some spots and all across the bay area please aptly cool with low generally in the low 50's. coastal location see low also dropping that the 40's. then tomorrow mainly sunny sky. few clouds will hang around. especially in the south bay and chance of isolated shower or two won't be wide spread. won't be heavy. vast majority of the bay area will be dry tomorrow. on peninsula park mainly sunny high pressure right around 70 degrees or so. 70 at palo alto on the coast breezy but cool. 61 pacifica. 63 half machine bay do you want san francisco high of 67 tomorrow. north bay high mainly mid 70's coming for santa rose and napa. east bay high right around 70 degrees. high in the low to mid 70's and here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. warm-up a bit over the weekend and hold in that steady pattern through tuesday of next week at least. inland high upper 70's to near 80
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around the bay mid 70's on the coast mid 60's that's really nasty pleasant mild mid fall weather pattern. >> tough to beat right there thanks very much. >> still to come at nip. happily married? dr. farmers presents: fifteen seconds of smart. so you want to drive more safely? stop eating. take deep breaths. avoid bad weather. [ whispers ] get eight hours. ♪ [ shouts over music ] turn it down! and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪ when ouwe got a subaru.s born, it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up.
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so you want to drive more safely? of smart. stop eating. take deep breaths. avoid bad weather. [ whispers ] get eight hours. ♪ [ shouts over music ] turn it down! and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪ e.having a happy marriage may depend on your gene not the kind you wear. uc berkeley researchers wonder why some are in tune with the marriage emotional climate and others oblivious. some were more sensitive to the state of the marriage. >> lack at the mairms over 20
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years. if the emotions were positive, happier and happier. emotion were his negative, they got less and less happy with their marriage. if you have the other genes emotion just didn't get to you. >> researchers say the findings don't mean you are hard wired to have a happy marriage but more sensitive to the emotional quality of it. they say the link between genes emotion and marital satisfaction strengthen as we age. >> 100 dollar bill got a facelift and easy to spot the changes. officials from the federal reserve bank in san francisco showed off the redesign bills today. there's a copper 100 and liberty bell that change color when the bell is tilted there. also blue ribbon woven into the bill that shows 100 and bell and lap. changes made to help purchase p stop counterfeit. >> awkward for them the very to look for the water mark by
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holding it up to the light. so they ask for a feature that would help them in the normal process of taking situation better determine the authenticity. >> back of the bill has big orange 100 to make it easier to distichbing continuing wish in foreign country. two-thirds ends up overseas. >> now to super hero in action open the peninsula. we spotted "spider-man". bat map. and superman. that's how this hospital at establish ford in palo alto this morning. what were they doing? well, you can say the enemy is grime on the face. they are open a mission to bring smiles to the young patient inside as they two about their work. they two about their work. that is a great idea. coming up next. to the brink. stock market tumble as washington moves ever closer to a critical deadline for paying our debt. >> also. actor tom hanks health challenge in his life
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>> week 2 of the government shut down sending the market into a nosedive. dow falling 160 points and now not just your 401(k) in the cross hairs with 10 days before an even bigger crisis. jonathan karl explains what could happen even before we good over the fiscal cliff. is. >> d day for default 9 day away but already the market spoochblingtd dow down 900 points over the past 3 week. could get a whole lot worse by
9:29 pm
the middle of next week. just look what happened theless time congress flirted with default. america credit was downgraded. dow had its sixth biggest drop ever. over 600 points in saying el day. huge hit to 401(k) and college savings pla plan. also warning as we inch closer likely to see higher interest rates on new mortgages and car loans. nobody knows exactly when economic disaster will strike but the pain would begin with the ferry of default before it actually happens. >> insane. catastrophic. chaos. these are more polite word. buffet says it's a nuclear bomb. weapon too horrible to use, even some house republic caps say the warnings are exaggerated. >> it's a big deal but it's not an economic collapse. >>reporter: economist disagree warning congress it is playing with fire. and the impasse is already caught the attention of chin a and japan which together
9:30 pm
open 2.4 trillion dollars of u.s. debt and both warned today u.s. deal with the issue quickly but the divide between the 2 sides deep as ever. president saying again today no negotiations before the debt ceiling is increased. republicans demand spending cut first. >> president said today was if there is unconditional surrender by republicans of he will sit did you know and talk with us. that's not the way our government works. >>reporter: the only hint of progress was the the president and boehner spoke on tuesday. it was a brief 10 minute phone call but when the call was over the 2 men hung up the phone exactly where they were before the call. neither willing to budge. this is a pwch c news the white house. >> well meantime president obama is expected to nominate janet yelling for chairman of the federal reserve tomorrow. she's current vice chair of the feds but knows the area very well. professor at the
9:31 pm
university of california berkeley and she served at the ceo of federal reserve bank of san francisco from 04 to continue. he will make announcement noon pacific time. she will be the first woman to cheer the federal preserve. >> now to one of the biggest and most admired actors in the world. tom hanks talk about his health and what he said affects millions of other americans too. it's about type 2 diabetes and weight. we have the story. >> tom hanks battle pirates in the new high sea drama. behind the scenes the star confronting a personal battle. secret he revealed on the late show with with david letterman. >> i we know to the doctor he said you know those high blood sugar numbers you have been dealing with since 36. well, you graduate witnessed. you got type 2 diabetes young man. >>reporter: 57-year-old actor now one of the nearly 18
9:32 pm
million americans facing a new reality. type 2 diabetes. it's most common form of disease. blood sugar level surge and lead to wide spread organ damage and joked about his condition with letterman. >> my doctor said look if you can weigh as much as you weighed in high school you will be completely healthy. not have type 2 day beats. i said to her well, i'm going to have type 2 die beats. >>reporter: we have all his weight fluctuate on the big screen. he gained 30 pound for league of their own. dropped 30 the next year for philadelphia. and for cast away began somewhating 40 pounds over weight befor beforelessing 50 to play a map left stranded for years. extreme hollywood verify of the yo-yo dieting many americans experience. that in itself doesn't cause diabetes as long as you don't let the extra pounds stay with you for long. >> what you are saying is the clock is ticking. >> it is ticking if you have
9:33 pm
excess body weight. the body will adopt the higher body weight and you are talking a year e.probably about a year depending on the individual e-tonight hanks tweet yes, i have no. 2 die beats. type 1 is very serious. type 2 icap manage with good habits. i shall. this is abc news new york. >> the almost a weak after opening the state health insurance exchange officials are calling coverage california nothing short of phenomenal. more than 16,000 people have completed applications for health insurance. another 2 27,000 have set up accounts. more than 9 78,000 people have visited the web site to check it out. and 59,000 calls were logged at 2 of the 3 call centers that are currently staffed. clearly a lot of interest. >> 9-year-old men society boy who hopped a flit toless vegas without a ticket apparently has been in trouble before. newspaper report says the boy's mother works at minneapolis saint pall international airport where he got through
9:34 pm
security and on to delta airlines flight last thursday. miniapp police star tribune says the boy arrested recently for driving stolen car on interstate 35 and c p s investigated this family 4 times since december of 2012. tsa still trying to figure out how the boy made it on to the flight without a ticket. >> bay area scientist claiming major breakthrough in the goal of achieving self sustaining nuclear fooition fusion. working at the facility in the lab cop deducted experiment last month using world most powerful lazer. lab provided this animation. during the test amount of energy released through the fusion reached reaction exceeded amount of energy being absorbed by the fuel. this was the fears time this has been achieved at this facility anywhere in the world. about it provides unlimited
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cheap source of energy. fascinating work. >> coming up next. should you have to pay yourself -- cell phone bill if your phone is stolen or lost. >> every lost it or had it >>look at them with had it that u-verse wireless receiver.
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>> second nobel prize of the year announced in sweden this morning. the men won the prize in physics for the discovery of god particle that gives mass to the universe. no bell for chemistry anortherned tomorrow. then peace later in the week. >> apple to make i-pad announcement two week from today. they are expected to unveil new version of the i-pad
9:39 pm
and i-pad mini. they report the fifth generation i-pad is expected to feature a thinner lighter design and better camera. mini will likely have tl this display. >> here's a question. if cell phone lost or stolen, you still have to pay the bill. one bay area woman didn't lick the answer she got from her provider and michael stepped in. >> having a nice afternoon with her niece. unfortunately that's when someone snatched her phone right out of her purse e.i have too much in it. it was sitting on a side table by where we were having tea. just vanished. >>reporter: she called verizon to report the phone stolen on june 23rd two days after the phone was stolen. she said her contract had expired. was being svs ed on month-to-month basis. they said they would have to continue paying her bill. >> i don't have a phone i'm not
9:40 pm
under contract. i have no service from you. that is ridiculous. >>reporter: but the bill continued to come. to the charge 10.21 for a bill covering the period beginning june 29, 6 days after she reported her phone stolen. verizon charged her a fee to suspend her service. then following month they charged her 17.51 for taking her phone out of suspension to transfer her number the another carrier. >> i was angry. i was angry. didn't think it made sense. >>reporter: we showed the bill to executive director of the utility reform network. >> absolutely no justification for that. that's a total rip off. >>reporter: tony says consumer need to take the complaints to state reling regulators. >> this is a rip off. i'm owed my money back. i want you to help me get it and stop them from doing this. >>reporter: she turned to the us for help and we contacted verizon. company medley called
9:41 pm
her. >> when you have someone calling they did they said they would refund the money i'm not seen it. >>reporter: verizon told us by e-mail we didn't meet our own standard and reit ate our policy to our customer. we asked them to confirm that refund was come. verizon would only say tl for confidentiality purposes i can't share details other than to say that we are working to rae solve this to our customer's satisfaction. >> thank you for getting attention from verizon corporate. may get the money back. there's not a lot but i would appreciate. that. >>reporter: about well keep track and let you know if she receives hader money. >> good job. coming up next at 9:00. people who are just too busy to get everything done in busy to get everything done in a day. how about how about
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>> do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your own schedule. maybe by clutter. by list of things you have to do. well the new service lets you rent what you may dreaming about. husband or wife to fix your life. cecelia has the story. >> lisa is a high powered public relation exec with no time to tackle everything on her to do list. starting with this closet. she called in this everybody needs a wife. >>reporter: enter occasional wife. jennifer roach is some one whether comes in does it all an makes life easier. >> basically we are purpling. obstacle course dressed in the morning. doesn't have time to dress. i want to move. so i came in and i help marriages. i do as an occasional wife.
9:46 pm
>>reporter: non-stop always on the go no time to check off the list world we live in company like these are popping up from coast to coast. offering services from organizing and event planning to running errand. is that what you are doing for people giving them time. >> yes. >>reporter: they are paying for my services so they have time for their life. >> it will cost you 50 dollars an hour for wife to organize a cabinet 25 app hour for husband to paint. >> occasional wife like jennifer say the name is in good fun. >> this is for working women. this is actually the biggest feminist company because we want to help. >> the result? what was once the work out room the. >> this dream closet this is the shoe wall. >>reporter: and messy shelves traps formed at the happened of occasional wife into the perfect closet.
9:47 pm
>> i think we both might marry you. we'll both fight over you. >>reporter: this is abc news los angeles. >> temperature of prank sister turned new york coffee shop into a horror show to scare customers unbelievable. >> get away from me. just get away from me. if. >>reporter: look at this special effects team series of wires and remote control furniture. watch this actress present 10ed to freak out sending stunt man flying up the wall with super natural power and manufacture tables and chairs with her mind and pictures flying off the wall. prank created to publicly sizes the thriller carie. >> that's a great prank. watch it all night. spencer. >> love to could that with clouds rape and times lapse
9:48 pm
view this afternoon from high definition east bay hills camera looking at the setting sun moving clouds across the bay area sky with beautiful evening across the bay area. we see few high clouds around but mainly clear. closing in to show you the location of our exclusive radar. high mount saint helena and active weather tomorrow. not only some showers moving down along the southern coast of california and some snow showers around lake tahoe maybe couple isolated showers here in the bay area. close in on bay area conditions tomorrow partly to mostly sunny generally and cool at the coast with high near low 60's upper 60's to low 70's near the bay. low to mid 70's inland but south bay mountains chance of couple isolated showers tomorrow afternoon so bear that in mine. stay on the mild pattern through friday warm-up over the weekend and warm pattern within land high
9:49 pm
upper 70's to near 80 for saturday through tuesday. mid 70's around the bay and mid 60's on the coast. can't ask for much better fall weather. this is lovely. >> perfect. >> thanks very much. >> celebration today for one of san francisco most famous landmark. small crowd attended 80th birthday party for the coyote tower. on this date in 1933 that construction of the convenientable structure completed. built thanks to the general rots ty of hitchcock coyote wealthy socialite left a third of her estate to beautify the city. family says more needs to be done to keep the tower around for decades to come. >> it definitely needs museum status and hopefully that work will come st and that will happen. >> coyote tower was listed on the national registry of historic places in 2008. last year san francisco voters approved a non-binding ballot
9:50 pm
measure and protecting that measureal inside coyote tower. landmark. >> all right talking about pictures and things to see. look at this young lad. we love this. also guy decked out in a's geevrment he has to wear the shades. green bow time. e-mail fan photo to us at u report at this site and share them with us on facebook or twitter. >> and as it turns out the a's coming back thursday for game 5 of the series. you will be at the coliseum. >> start time on that is thousand confirmed. 5:07:00 p.m. start. >> they win at home. >> that's the good news. >> tl let's hope it works out that wait a minute josh is 100 percent sure he would have caught it he never got the chance. you make the call. is the fan inference rate here. game
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for over 60,000 california foster children, extra curricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team. getting help with math. going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal, when you can't do the normal things. to help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that, for most kids, are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child.
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is. >> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. late breaking development. biker road rage case. why an undercover police officer is under arrest tonight. and restricted breathing. all to shrink your weight. controversy over cosmetic procedure using corset. all coming up tonight at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> 3 more minutes. i can breathe. a's trying to finish off the tying they are afternoon in detroit. got off to great start but ran into trouble late. that will leaf them staring at game 5 situation and rather familiar faux remember lasyear. justin came out playing avco could crisp led off with a triple and he was tremendous today. jet knocked him in 1 nothing a in the fifth. he has
9:55 pm
a play but that is totally gone. didn't allow a hit through 4 innings then in the fifth. a's go back in front in the seventh. cress in the middle of everything. base hi hit. steven voice comes in. josh thought he had a play on it. 100 percent confident he warm front caught it if the fan didn't reach out and touch it. now the question is whether he got up high enough or would have they called it a home run. it's not fan spwerns tied it at 4. reddick captain get there. load the bases in the eighth. nobody out. relief.
9:56 pm
reddick but live drive out so they get nothing out of that. tigers in the eighth omar with double. they open up a lead. score in the 9th. taking run at the plate then smith completely baffled by watching this strike out to end it. tigers force game 5 thursday in oak land. 8-6 series even at 2 appease and struggling bullpen. >> as far as with doolittle and martinez. ball out of the ballpark is next run comes on and good pitch. then after that weren't very good after that. >> no they were not. all right game 4 between red sox and ray's. boston needing a win to clinch. ray up 1 nothing. wild pitch. if tied at 1.
9:57 pm
moments later. about chop tore short. throw to fears not in time. jacoby and final out strikes out evan so the red sox win. they move on to the american league championship series. series starts in boston. shark face nhl tonight chase lund quist of the rang percent a bar ran of gold. thinks unbelievable tonight. start in the first period because if when they start the game. edwards shorthanded tie at 1. 1st inning goal and 3-1. this kid unbelievable. 4-1 shark. if 5-1 shshing and hurdle again who score not once not twice but fourth, 4 times
9:58 pm
he's a rookie are you kidding. i don't know what that is. tell me >> 4 times. >> 4 times thank you. stick with. that 8-2 that's the family looking on. love hurdle. comet highlights of that game later at 11:00. >> l 20 seconds after i needed it. the stanford coach shaw pretty calm usually not today. upset with washington coach saying they were faking injuries saturday night. even is using no huddle offense but defense allegedly will lay down and fake injury and he claims that's what the cardinal players were doing. shaw says not true. we don't fake injury never have never will i don't allow it. directly to me because i run the program. the president obama was handed to me and given strict instruction on how to run it and we run it
9:59 pm
with integrity. do things the right way and could them well. >> you wochbing if we were trying to did that maybe we throw our third defensive captain if we want somebody to good did you know. these all i have to say we can't take it too lightly. we mid hard wouldn't do that the. >> stanford the this week. >> i often fakeger. for sympathy. >> that is our sports thanks larry we appreciate your time so much. for all of us here, thanks for watching abc 7 news at 9:00. joan us again over on channel 7 at 11:00 o'clock. twitter face back and all twitter face back and all mobile devices goodbye for now. greendale is r by two separate,
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yet equally important types of people: the goofballs that run around stirring up trouble, and the eggheads that make a big deal out of it. these are their stories. you'll be better off without her. she was perfect. warm, smart, beautiful.


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