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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 15, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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you know j.d. power ranked passat the most appealing midsize car two years in a row? i bet, uh, dan here wishes somebody found him most appealing two years in a row. ron: it's ron jc: ron... exactly. vo: get 0 down, 0 due at signing, 0 deposit, and 0 first month's payment on passat or any new 2014 volkswagen. >> good evening. developing news in the bart talk. bart workers could walk in a moment notice but first time tonight they are at the bargaining table right now without the pressure of a strike ultimatum.
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here's what he know at this point. talk resume this afternoon after marathon session overnight that lasted more than 5 hours past midnight strike deadline. thomas the chief bart negotiator is not at the table tonight. bart executive director grace is and leading the process is george cohen a federal mediator sent in from washington with a track record for resolving high profile disputes. >> we are work to go try to bridge the gap. still a lot of work to be done on the economic issues and rules but the good news we are back. progress last nature and hopefully we can continue to tackle the big remaining issues tonight. >> we are diligently working to get contract for our members and get the riding public not hostages because they are held by the district notch word on whether bart service in the morning. we have craw standing by at the talk. if they develop during this newscast obviously bring it to you medley and on twitter at this web site. >> it seems that both sides of
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the bart stand off began talking again shortly after that federal immediate 80 tori mention george cohen arrived in town 48 hours ago. so who is this guy sf does he actually have what it takes to broker a deal? if we have been looking into that question. >> i'm george cohen. >>reporter: world of resolving labor dispute it's clear federal mediator is a heavy hitter. >> that's all i have to say at this moment. negotiations are continuing. >>reporter: sfain-year-old cohen appointed by president obama arrived in oakland sunday to try and broker a deal. bitter bart talk. to keep the train rolling. >> he's brilliant. >>reporter: assembly woman skinner sat in on talk until 3:00 a.m. saw firsthand how cohn coax and today joel both sides into talking again. >> really kind of calming down prevailing, keeping cool heads and i really think if they follow his the sort of guidance they will be able to get to ye o
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yes. he's just very good. >>reporter: george cohen has been in the middle of number of high profile disputes between the faa and air traffic controllers. sports world between the nfl and nfl player association. cohen even helped resolve the nba lock out between players and owners dispute which almost scrapped the 2011-2012 soychbility it's now 5:45 am. >>reporter: some say he resor resorted to sleep deprivation keeping both sides at the table until dawn. >> if you have momentum you don't want to lose it. people maybe very tired but he wants to push the momentum so people will get to a point where when they break there's something has been accomplished and the details need to be worked out but the principals are closer to resolution. >>reporter: but will it be enough momentum to end the grid lock and reach a deal. for now hope this man can do it. >> thank you for your time and attention. >>reporter: this is abc 7 new
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news. >> so here we are still. bart riders facing day-to-day uncertainty during the negotiations to prevent a strike. the we asked riders how they feel about the constant doubt over whether trains will be running the very next day. >> the very stressful. i work in sf and this week i work a lot i have no idea ever day what is going to happen. prepare the night before or fished be worried about it. >> i basically have to check every night the around midnight to see if it's a strike or not because i have classes in the morning. >> i can only get over to the east bay by bart because i'm a bicyclist if i get trapped on the wrong side of the bay then the bart strike then i'm tl hanging out on couches for couple days. >> thanks to those folk for those comments. tell because how you feel about the bart dispute. send us a video on twitter at 7 news bay area or on instagram or facebook and use the hash tag if you would dear bart. mean time chp on
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standby and ready in a moment notice in the event of bart strike. chp says it will have all available officers patrolling high traffic areas and you may have already noticed the new enforcement hours for many car pool lanes. 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. until preparation for possible strike and chp tells us that officers are selectively enforcing the extended hours right now already. if you have to drive during a bart strike officers have a bit of advice. >> we are asking everybody to ensure that the vehicles are prepared. that they are prepared. that they have gotten rest. not irritable because the commute will be longer. so they need to have a positive attitude. fichlt extended car pool hours on most interstate running through the bay area as well as state route 84 and 92. >> we can let you know medley whether a striking or settlement just down load the abc 7 news app and breaking news alert whenever news happens. >> tomorrow morning at 4 a.m.
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eric thomas and christian traffic reporter leila has latest on negotiations how the bart situation is affecting the morning commute. >> on top of all of this ac transit wants the governor now to step in and prevent possible strike by its workers as the governor did for bart with 60 day cooling off period. the east bay bus agency is in contract talk with the union that represents drivers and mechanics. the union is threatening to walk off the job tomorrow at midnight affecting in other words, the thursday morning commute and doesn't get better offer. ac transit manager were surprised by the declaration though they were prepared for it. board of director set cooling off request to the governor a week ago just in case. >> strike would severely impact about life in the bay area as we know it. and i'm sure he's well aware of that. certainly he's a resident of oakland and he certainly has good idea of what transit strike would mean to the immediate city and the
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region. >>reporter: union leader screws told us that the major road block is how much employee will pay for health care coverage. ac transit wants them to pay 2 83 perfect family per month. union thinks that's too much. 100,000 people ride ac transit every day. >> about whether strike or bart strike or bus strike we have a complete list of transportation alternative for you at our web site and down load the exclusive abc ways app to navigate the traffic in the area. be sure to follow breaking news development on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. we'll keep you up to date on line on air and on all the mobile devices. >> well let's move next to the crisis in washington. u.s. is on the brink of historic default tonight with its credit rating on the line. house republicans appear ready to vote on plan today but then postponed. that now the senate is working on a deal. in the mean time global credit rating
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agency fitch warned that the united states was on the verge of a rating downgrade. and the u.s. treasury says it only has 35 billion dollars in cash on hand. that is expected to the last until at least thursday with more on all of this here's of karen situation. day of wheel spinning on capitol hi. and after it was all said and done it was back to square one. the earlier today senate majority leader reid was optimistic. >> we have been engaged in productive bipartisan negotiations ins the senate. >> best chance for avoid ago default and reopening the government rests in the senate. minority leader mcconnell continue to work on deal that reopen the government but only until january 15. avoid default by extending the nation credit limit but only until 15 seventh. here's the key. no major changes to the health care law. house republicans try to developmental alternative plan that included tweak to obama care but it died
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this evening before it even came up for a vote. key party republican opposed it because it didn't go far enough interview today with if w abc president obama says there have been times when he and speaker boehner have agreed. >> then he goes back and turns out that he can't control his caucus. >>reporter: the president was optimistic that the senate would avert a crisis. >> what we have seen on this t-among senate democrat and republican is a recognition that there are ways for us to do that doesn't damage the economy. >> wall street is worried. market were down at cholesteroling today. and tonight a credit rating agency says that the usa triple a credit rating now under review for possible downgrade. karen, abc news washington. >> asian market moved into positive territory tonight as hopes grew that the talk in washington would lead to deal that would avoid a default. in the mean time the ripple affect the shut down now forcing livermore lab here in the bay area to shut down and send its
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6000 workers home without pay. they began shutting down research project and furloug furloughing its employees. >> we are just getting started. coming up next on 7 news. bus crash that stalled traffic tonight on the bay area freeway not our neighborhood. one san jose community fight to go keep a charter school out. >> spencer has the weather. >> accu-weather forecast center. mild afternoon. followed by chilly overnight. how long will this pattern las last? answer to my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thanks. quick break and as we go away for a moment, watching for new development in the bart strike. as soon as anything happens we will let you know. stay with [ male announcer ] the founder of mercedes-benz once wrote something on a sheet of paper ♪
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>> bus crash slowed traffic for hours tonight. it's blocking 2 south bound nrains milpitas. officers say the bus and pickup truck collided 4 people on the bus and person in the truck were rushed to the hospital. 12 uninjured bus passenger finished the trip on another bus. you can see from the helicopter how bad the traffic was result. >> we know exactly how an america's cup sailor died during training race earlier this year. autopsy to reveal
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this. andrew simpson was killed when the 72 foot catamaran capsized on the bay may 9. medical examiner says he died of blunt trauma with drowning. the report didn't say whether simpson was unconscious when he went that the water. he stayed below the surface for 10 minutes as the fellow sailors tried frantically to save him. toxicology found on caffeine in his bow. tragic accident. >> construction work has resumed at levi stadium in santa clara where worker killed yesterday. grieve counselors visited the site today and project manager met with the crew to discuss the accident and the safety measures on the job site. victim 60-year-old edward lake junior of vacaville died after truck load of rebar fell on to him as he was unloading it. >>reporter: fbi agents raid add home suspect of being part of a dangerous drug cartel just steps away from a day care center in pittsburgh. agents say they found cocaine inside the home of vl pine 0avenue
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6:30 this morning. other raids took place in concord antioch and oakley. owner of nearby day care center tells that you say some parents didn't want to drop off the kids understandably because of all the police around. junior high school is also located on the same street. >> the south san francisco police are wanting business owners to bee aware of a billing scam that took 2 local company for more than 40,000 dollars. police say the thieves september the company phoney bill after getting information through e-mail account or over sea vendors. unname company pay the bill through wire transfer before they realize they were scammed. >> the group of parents and some neighbors from one san jose community are fight to go keep a charter school out. they have won the case before. superior court judge. now it's up to the san jose city council to decide whether that school should be built. vl lee ann is
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in san jose. >>reporter: open spaces like this one are hard to find in san jose washington community. >> this is always to be public park land. >>reporter: that is brent a neighbor and parent who wants to keep it that way. so i imagine his surprise when he heard that a well known charter network called rocket ship wanted to build another school here. rocket ship spokesperson jessica garcia colt says parents are begging them to open more schools. >> we are currently in the top 5 percent of schools serving pre-dominantly low income students in the state of california. >>reporter: that argument convinced the santa clara county office of education to grant rocket ship request. they had hoped to open the school this year. >> one of the role the county office of education has is try to support and facilitate their ability to open schools in areas where historically there may not have been great academic achievement. >>reporter: some in the community argue there are
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already 2 rocket ship school one traditional public school in the small neighborhood. >> pretty gross im balance in the number of elementary school seats we have compared with the number of children that live in the immediate why the neighborhood. >>reporter: neighbors like tony fear a third school will bring in more outsiders. >> and noise and also the kids coming to the school are not in the school, the kids from this area. >>reporter: superior court judge heard their argument and stopped rocket ship from moving forward. parents from the traditional public school say the issue has divided them. >> they bring a lot of competition that is the school are supposed to work together for the community because this is as well as their community it's our community, too. >>reporter: now rocket ship hopes to convince the san jose city council to grant them a zoning exemption. that vote is expected on october 22. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> puff heard of the phrase
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chamber of commerce weather. look in the dictionary. see spencer picture. that's what we are enjoying. >> that's a wonderful tl story. this is some of the nicest pleasant weather. is here's live doppler 7hd. coast to inland and mild throughout the day but cooler during the overnight hours. lie view from emeryville towards the bay bridge under clear sky and 66 in san francisco which is higher than many of our difficult time high. 70 in oakland right now. 64 san carlos. san jose 68. half moon bay 64 agrees. another live view from our roof top camera at abc 7 along the embarcadero. under clear sky. more temperature right now 56 degrees santa rosa getting cool up in the north bay. napa 56. 63 fairfield 63 concord 61 livermore and one more live view from our sutro tower cam
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are lacking out over san francisco forecast feature will see clear skies overnight and it will be cold in part of the north bay in the early morning hours. a little bit cooler but still pretty mild. see mild warm conditions over the weekend. now the satellite radar composite image shows high pressure which has been the dominant feature in our weather last couple day was clockwise circulation brings us offshore flow which warms us u up. the flow is weakening as the high pushes eastward so the mountains a little bit into wednesday thursday see that center of high pressure moving inland and lose the offshore flow and get on shore flow which give slightly cooler weather tomorrow but not sharply cooler. overnight tonight temperatures drop into the mid 30's up in santa rosa and napa. clover dale upper 30's. see mainly mid upper 40's over much of the remain dear of the bay area. tomorrow nice pleasant sunny afternoon south bay high mainly upper
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70's, 77 at santa clara, 78 san jose. upper peninsula 78 palo alto. low to mid 70's on the coast at pacifica and a half moon bay. in and around san francisco look for high of 75. downtown 73 in the sun set district up north bay see high of 80 in santa rose and sonoma east bay high mainly upper 70' 70's, 78 at oakland 79 san leandro and fremont and inland east bay high approaching 80 grease mainly upper 70's but probably see 80 at livermore antioch and fairfield. now here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. mild certainly through suchbilityd inland high up around 80 degrees. upper 70's to near 80 around the bay. upper 60's to near 70 on the coast and cool down monday the tuesday with if you high clouds passing by but still no rain in sight and no sharp cool down at least for the next 7 days. so the weather is looking great and remain that way for at least a week moving into late
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october. >> keep coming. >> indeed. >> thanks vichlt before there was a smart phone there were intelligent androids. couple. "star wars"and scientific "star wars"and scientific reality. see it all
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>> "star wars"science meets imagination. lucas film proud the traveling display and features more than 70 costumes. prop and other item used in the star war film. exhibit designed to get kids excited about science. open on saturday and runs until february. that look like something fun to see. l.
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>> japanese company offering wine especially designed for cats. it's true. called until new release the company says it came up with the idea after getting request from customers who wanted a drink for the cat for birth indicate celebrations and christmas. the wipe did not actually contain alcohol but packed with vitamin and trace of cat nip and juice made from the cabernet frank wine grape. cat wine went on sale today. cost about 4 dollars per bolts if you can believe that. we'll see if there's any interest in wine country here if they start producing that for your cat. >> we have a lot more ahead tonight. teams from the union bart management still talking right now. update on the negotiations. >> also from 7 on your side michael affordable care act made health care less affor affordable for thousands of californians. >> and warrior went above and beyond the call of duty. video that captures few incredible
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moments of bravery. another moments of bravery. another half h
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>> now from abc 7 news. good evening once again. thanks for being here. we begin half hour with the bart talk which continue. we have a live camera in front of the cal-trans building in oakland where the talks and negotiations continue f.and when anything to announce this is where we expect it to happe happen. bart and 2 of largest union at the bargaining table tonight as we speak still going at it. they resumed talk at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon after marathon all night session last night. bart trains are still running tonight but we are still waiting to hear from the union whether they will keep talking and whether train service tomorrow. parties made some
9:30 pm
progress and sticking points salary and worker contribution to their health and pension plans. >> we keep you updated. one reason the republicans are so adamantly against obama care because it's driving individual insurance premium up and with the affordable care act now kicking in the bills are coming due. here's michael. >> cynthia james thought her family would benefit from the affordable care act. the author of several young adult become says her family will see a minimum 11 percent increase in her premium with blue shiel shield. but that is not what bothers her the most. >> we would have to pay out-of-pocket for all prescriptions until we reach that 9,000 dollar family deductible. >>reporter: the plan does include 3 doctor visits with 60 dollar co-pay and free wellness check but prescription drug are not covered until she pays a huge deductible. that's
9:31 pm
critical issue for cynthia. because she suffers from migraine. dent it will cost her another 330 dollars a month to upgrade. she makes too much money to gulf for subsidy. >> i wanted the act. the problem is it's in the affor affordable. >>reporter: you have to understand that health insurance is not cheap. we are really trying to make it affordable but it's not going to be inexpensive. >>reporter: that is dana howard of cover california. state agency implementing the affordable care act here in california. he emphasizes 2.6 million people qualify for assistance in the state. another 2.7 million will be able to take the advantage oven hansed benefit such as elimination of the current cap on benefits toward guarantee maternity care. president of the industry group california association of health plans says this. >> the fact is over 1 million people are going to get subsidized coverage. some people don't get subsidy.
9:32 pm
those are the people who make more money. >>reporter: that's little consolation to a woman who september us her notice from kaiser with premium increase of 106 percent. she too disnot qualify for subsidy. under the law anyone who has to pay more than 9 and a half percent of their income for health insurance is exempt from having to purchase it. >> this is a good system to make sure that those that need help get it and no one pays such a high amount that they could be bankrupt. >> if how many will have to pay more for the coverage no, estimate. but the state says it's smaller percentage than those who see enhanced benefit. >> people are begin teed that they are going to be able to get insurance and on top of it being guaranteed meaning pre-existing conditions are now out the window. >>reporter: cynthia sees the benefit of the ac act but think it need to be tweaked.
9:33 pm
>> i do want to emphasize that i don't want the act repealed. there's too much good in it. fabulous first step. >>reporter: issued stress both consumer mention the story and don't qualify for the if program and must pay full cost. the those with subsidy help shouldn't see this type of increase. >> rescue effort continue with fill pains where powerful earthquake killed dozens and topple historic churches. 7.2 quake struck in the hole but causing extensive damage in the nation second most impoant city. 110 people are reported dead and hundreds more injured. mud slid in the coastal town buried homes killed at least 18 people there. bell tower in the nation oldest church collapsed. any other buildings damaged. ron sashing work at daly city and called his family
9:34 pm
after the earthquake hit. >> earthquake. someplaces that very if dangerous. every year there's earthquake in that are area. >>reporter: tourist areas like chocolate hill were severely damaged. at least 5 after shock measured above magnitude of 5.0. >> well now to story about what it takes to be a hero. medal of honor awarded to soldier out numbered and out gunned and video captured the carnage of what came next. here's martha. >> the sun had not yet risen when captain will swenson and men made their way into an afghan ville annual. that's when it happened. >> we start receiving fire. >>reporter: ambush. pinned down. swenson returned fair for 90 minutes. his men hit. sergeant first class kenneth west brook bleeding from the neck. losing consciousness.
9:35 pm
bullet all around him. enemy so close they call out to the americans to surrender. he run to west brook lobbing a grenade and carrying him the length of 2 football fields. helmet cam captured the moment. that is swenson. his helmet off risking his life by being out in the open. using his orange tarp to guide the helicopter i in. he helps west brook on to the helicopter. making sure he is secured and then this. watch. so quickly so instinctively swenson gives west brook a tender kiss on his breast before racing back to the battle where he would help rescue others. >> i wanted to convey to him that i'm proud of him. and that his fight was over. that was an act that showed the bond that every soldier every sailor every marine has with their
9:36 pm
fellow service member. >>reporter: the story of the heroism was lost for years in tangle of army bureaucracy. but what he did that day in one of the deadliest region in afghanistan if we have seen him take place before had to be recognized. the man swenson helped to the helicopter would eventually die. but what it house today his family and family of the others captain swenson tried to help were there to honor him. soldier who risked everything for his brothers. martha, abc news, washington. >> wow! well police now believe 2 dry ice explosion at los angeles international airport were triggered by disgruntled employee and not an act of terror. showed you live picture of the police search of this last night from al -- lax at 9:00. nobody was hurt but police treating it as seriously fast pipe bomb. robert has the
9:37 pm
story. >>reporter: it appears that someone who works behind the scenes at lax is tout create a disruption at one of the world busiest airports. that's the working theory from the lapd as investigators are trying to figure out who is planting dry ice bombs in the airport restricted areas. >> rate now the devises have been in secure areas not where the public is. so we are kind of focusing on that aspect by looking at who hats access to the area. >>reporter: at news conference earlier today lapd commander said that one such ice bomb exploded near the tarmac at la lax. another one exploded at employee men room. disruption sunday night delayed nraits for about an hour and last night airport mye found unexploded ice bomb in restricted area near terminal 4. >> when they blow up they are they can cause significant injury to people that are around them. tl they can blow up with as much force and much
9:38 pm
damage to an individual as peep bomb. >> this is what it looks like when ice bomb goes off. these you tube video demonstrate how loud it can gechlt pressurize plastic bottle explodes. investigators with the lapd criminal conspiracy division believe the ice bomb may the handy work of disgruntled employee and they might be connected to ongoing labor dispute at the airport. >> we will catch the people involved whether they be interm or external to the airport and prosecute them vigorously. >>reporter: no one was hurt in the blast and the police department says the traveling public was never at risk. still, some passengers were concerned. >> as long as a bomb i'll panic. >>reporter: investigators review video from the restricted areas where the ice bomb were found and airport police stepped up patrol in the area so far no arrest no suspect. reporting from los angeles international airport,
9:39 pm
robert deen abc 7 news. >> all right just ahead here. one less pl thing your mm. need to do. >> as we continue. the buzz around the new app that nag you around the new app that nag you to sit up straight. don't
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>> we have update on a story before the break breaking news in southern california. police made an arrest in the case of those dry ice bombs at los angeles international airport that we just reported. it is as expected an airport employe employee. some sort of disgruntled employee. authorities said from the start it didn't appear to be any kind of terrorist act but angry employee and now one has been arrested in southern california. >> well moving on. if the
9:43 pm
parents ever nag to you sit up or stand up straight as a kid you probably understand the have of gentle reminder now and then. i need one as i tend to slouch sometimes. now bay area company is inincorporating that concept into a new device sdaind to improve your posture. here's carolyn johnson. >> if you sit at your desk for eight hours a day chances are you slouch once in awhile. but consistently bad posture lae to go back pain or other issues you might need help to straighten up your act. >> stood up from the chair right now if this well also stand up. >> enter the avatar posture coach at the heart of app base system employ wireless sensor built into flexible waist belt and transmit information about your posture and body position directly to i-phone as you move. if the message isn't good the did he advice answers back. in this case with the help of a company volunteer.
9:44 pm
>> so if he starts slouching in the chair he knows that and he gets sad and gets a little vibration pull. vibration isn't painful or uncomfortable according to co-founder chang. he says it's designed to coax the wearer into straightening his or her posture over time like a nagging personal trainer who is always on the case. >> we try to simulate the muscles and say you should be sitting in different position. >>reporter: he was inspired to develop the product by his own struggle with become pain. while he admits item not a cure in itself he says correcting posture is one of the common recommendations for many patients. this follow growing field of app base health fitness coach such as fit bug and fit bit that track everything from calorie and heart rate to hours spent exercising. >> put it on my participant and got feedback from them. >> she's a researchers from development laboratory at stanford university. she
9:45 pm
studied the effectiveness of app base feedback did he advice including this and they all have plus but suffer from the same basic challenge. >> there is a fatigue factor with the did he vase so about 2 months into it is general time frame. people get teared and they get fatigue with looking at the numbers. >>reporter: but clients who do stick with the program for a year can change ingrained habits. tragedy is correct posture relipted pain and other problems lick retraining the body. >> over time people building muscle memory to sit better and stand better over time. eventually they won't even have to use the low back. >>reporter: device track sleeping position hour standing and walking. like the slouch alarm it will tl ask you to stand and give your posture a stand and give your posture a break. carolyn johnson abc 7 news. >> a little strange.
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>> 7 news at financial:00. new flight simulator take control of f-16 fighter jet.
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>> one last time check on the weather forecast. spencer is her from the weather center watching very closely. >> yes we are dan. a lieutenant to watch. mostly clear sky across the bay area we see here on live doppler 7hd no fog or clouds around. and same picture will be with us tomorrow. state wide. sunny skies tomorrow with warm conditions in the interior section mild to warm on the coast and that applies to the bay area as well. after chilly early morning start in some spots mild afternoon conditions under mainly sunny sky. high pressure in the low 70's. low mid 70's to the coast. mid upper 70's around the bay upper 70's to low 80's in the mildest
9:50 pm
inland location. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast this mild to warm pattern will stay with us through the weekend with high pressure inland 80 grease or above. 80 around the bay and 70 on the coast cool down monday tuesday as few cloud that the picture but we are not expecting any rain fall. we'll soon i suppose. >> why. >> yes we will. >> you are lacking for really build out of this world experience next time you are in southern california new flight simulator lets you take the controls of f-16 fighter jet. new arcade if los angeles set up f-16 flight simulator to test your top 51 skill. tech total ji is the real deal. >> if how can you experience figure like this. you feel isolated ahone in the air and sound effects through the head phones is incredible. >> also bring your depends and have simulated dog fight. cost is 89 dollars for 20 minute lesson and 50 minutes of flight
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time. how about that fun. >> about very safe the got to be like x box. mr. controlle controlled. >> you can tell it looks like queasy. about don't tloyp on your friend. >> shark win again. >> good tip any time. >> scary. head injury and >>look at them withury and that u-verse wireless receiver.
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with qualifying bundles. when ouwe got a subaru.s born, it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school.
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(little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the two-thousand-fourteen subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. you come up tonight at 11:00. following ongoing bart talk. some progress made but strike is still on the table. we have a live report with the latest for you. >> 12-year-old commits suicide after being cyberbullied. now one sheriff says enough is enough. his message to children and their parents. we have those stories and more come up on 7 news at 11:00 over on chan. >> we have all the sports with larry. >> on the ice tonight and shar
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sharks t.with a 6 and o record the focus is on dan boyle who left on a stretcher. show you what happened in the first period. face first in the board. nhl is crooking down on boarding if rest ept years and that's perfect example. shark player very agitated at that. boyle carted off reportedly alert and rae responsive on the way to the hospital. hopefully okay. about id way through the first shark and top shelf third of the year. shark up one nothing and minuter later 5 on 3 vng for the men in teal. joe side angle. the made it 2ing in game. shark go on to win it sex-2 and stay unbeat ep now 6 and o. won't make a's fans feel better but the proof is justin is beatable. game 3 of the american league championship series but need shut out from the pitcher and
9:56 pm
one big swing. power outage for 17 minutes in the 2nd inning. john for boston. 6 and two-thirds scoreless frame frames. struck out 8 and verlander who did it to the a's con again in game 5 did have a scare in the fourth. ortiz big popy thinking i'm popy but dirk make the catch in front of trader joe. then mike nobody catching this. this was verlander 100 pitch and that is a goner. only mistake is pitcher on the mound. red sox up 1 nothing. runners at the corner. if gets him swinging and apparently japanese for bad man. ends it and red sox lead the series now 2 games to one. game 4 donors hoping to heat it up. cardinal swinging the heavy. nasty with this. try.
9:57 pm
that matt holiday crushes one off ricky. former after let wick a blast. cards up 3 nil. dodgers rally in the fourth. aj ellis and andre scores. donors down 3-2. add the lead in the seventh. pinch hitting robinson would lack like 140 pound somehow muscle up and go up 4-2. st. louis closer. and trevor and they end it 4-2 cardinals. take a commanding 3-1 series lead. last year before the giants came back to win it. o the world series. stanford fifth to 13 in this week ac rankings undefeated ucla coming to town on saturday. 9th in the country. cardinals defense off balance all day long in salt lake city. big my out muscle at the line of scrimmage.
9:58 pm
final second. power running game they are known for throw to the end zone twice. fwol curious my call here and get nothing. lose 27-21. no time with the pwrawns coming into town. >> we have been here before. teams with grit khshing. teams bounce back. bounce back and fight harder and play better that's our charge. 5 conference games in a row and notre dame not easier. tough all the way and if we have the team we believe we have our gu guys will have smile on their face and say okay it's time to good. >> schedule is brutal for stanford down the stretch. wash yours week long trip to china, 2 games with the lakers. within beijing and curry addressed the fans before the game the. >> want to say if look forward
9:59 pm
great show tonight. >> which means thank you. curry to lee high 31 points and 6 rebound. fourth quarter. warriors down 3. not any more. curry can make it with his eyes closed. fans going crazy. andre will enjoy watching him this season. the right here. warriors beat the lakers still without bryant 100-95. no time table on when kobe comes back from the torn achilles tendon. >> thanks very much. >> that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00. for all of us here, thanks for watching. here, thanks for watching. appreciate your
10:00 pm
so cellular mitosist? i miss troy. wrong, and stop guessing that. annie. i'm worried about abed. he hasn't left the apartment since troy moved out. he won't play in the dreamatorium. sorry, not play, render imaginated dreamscapes. we just finished retaking biology all summer.


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