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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 16, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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breaking news just hours before a midnight deadline governor brown has stepped in to avoid a strike. >> will bart and unions strike a deal? increasing frustrations among bay area commuters over the constant theft a strike. >> and looks like the shut down will come to an end tonight. but cold comfort for many. >> a house fire in the east bay set cars on fire as well, everything destroyed. the family gets good news about their missing pets. >> governor brown took steps
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to avoid a possible strike by ac transit workers. the bay area facing a midnight strike deadline. good evening, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> and talks taking place now. a strike could have stranded hundreds of thousands including thousands of school children. >> ama daetz joins us wlif details. >> reporter: for now a strike has been averted. i spoke with the spokesperson for ac transit. he tells me he's relieved that the governor has stepped in, at their request. the governor saying quote, because a strike will, if permitted to occur disrupt public transportation services and endanger public health, safety, and well fare. also rels are ac transit riders. 181,000 people ride daily,
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including 30,000 school children. johnson says there is frustration because two previous agreements were later rejected by members. >> we have not heard why. we have not gotten demands. we have not gotten any proposals to so we're in the dark as to what move we ought to make next. >> reporter: negotiations between ac transit and unions did get back underway at 5:00 despite an immediate threat has been averted. so here is what happens now. governor brown has appointed a board to investigate the strike notice. labor dispute they have seven days to look into it and report back to him. and then, if he deems it necessary, he can petition a court to order a 60 day cooling off which is what we saw with bart. live in oakland abc 7 news. >> thank you, ama. speaking of bart, trains are running for now. but the marathon talks between the transit agency and unions really starting to wear on
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commuters who don't know from one day to the next if there will be a strike here is the latest on the negotiations to keep bart trains running. bart and unions in talks now. union leaders guaranteed the public will know by 10:00 if there will be a strike tomorrow. >> bart spokesperson says ridership has been down by 85,000 trips on friday, monday, and tuesday because of the uncertainty. there is word on a controversial negotiator. >> well that would be thomas hawk. yes, is he back inside of the building. ' arrived about 2:30, 3:00 and had been gone a couple days. unions seemed happy about that. other than there there is no update on negotiations, both sides seem to be abiding by the gag order we did see them
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arriving start agent 10:00 in the morning, including the bart general manager and lead negotiator what has within been the object of the a lot union ire. the promise from one union to deliver information earlier about whether they'll strike tomorrow. >> bart phones are ringing off the hook. e mail submissions are sliding with concerned riders and people from the bay area frustrated we not tell them before midnight if the trains are going to be running tomorrow. >> we guarantee a announcement today because of the co concern. no later than 10:00 so people can watch it on evening news f we can do this earlier, we will do this earlier. >> that is one of the leaders of the largest bart union just
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moments ago. we talked with the president of atu. she said she hadn't talked about that 10:00 promise so. it's interesting that unions are apparently on the same page. fdiu promising to give a notice by 10:00 whether trains will be running. last night we learned at 10:20 trains will be running so perhaps minutes earlier. we'll be here with developments. >> obviously earlier the better. and abc 7 news live in san francisco with that part of the story. wayne? >> one of them said it's beginning to feel like groundhog day. he wakes up, doesn't know what he's doing and getting tired of it.
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bart taking a public relations stint whether they strike or whether they don't strike. >> reporter: you're looking at ground zero in the bart negotiations. the area outside of it. the place where hanging on words feels like clinging to a trapeze. >> reporter: we've reached a point where no news can become big news exhausting having to wake up, check the internet see if they're striking or not. >> reporter: call it a by-product of the internet age and a ground swell of resentment from commuters. now, this heated up mysterious 15th floor negotiations reduced them to hostages. >> i think they're going think more of the public, keep us in mind. >> should it be over now? resolved?. >> it should never have happened. >> they make money.
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people don't have jobs anyways. >> others use bart to keep jobs or get them. julian works in dublin. bart provides transportation. now, julian doesn't know if tomorrow she'll be coming, going, or staying. >> it's stressful. very to count on other people to try to help me out. >> reporter: will the trains run? or strike? it's uncertain. bart continuesto carry riders at this hour both agency and unions run a risk of losing their faith. >> they should just get to work and just do their job. >> you can find out if there is a bart settlement or a strike. down load and allow for push notifications and you'll get
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breaking news alerts. abc 7 news morning team will have labor developments and if there is a strike we'll bring updates to try to make the commute earlier for you. join us on abc 7 morning news. now it appears 16 day shut down will be soon offer. the senate approved a bill to end the partial shut down just hours before the ceiling deadline. the president praised the vote. >> i want to thank the leaders for getting to us this vote. once arriving on the desk i'll sign it immediately. we'll begin reopening our government immediately. >> the bill now moves to the skmous is expected to pass, funding the government until january 15th extending dead limit but this is only a
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temporary fix. the battle is far are from over. >> this deal allows yet more debt, more deficit, more spending. >> we achieved our goal. same place where we started. but a cost. it never should have been this i way. analysts shait down cost the nation billions of dollars. >> looks like the shut down is coming to an end, budget agreement not going to end anger or frustration among many people. we're live with that part of the story. vick? >> reporter: if congress approves the deal, alcatras cruises will resume tours tomorrow. but because of the shut down, boats have not been able to cruise on the island. i'm told these boats carried
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about 5,000 people per day to alcatras so it hurt their business, disappointing tourists. >> disappointed. yes. >> reporter: a double whammy for brett from new zealand. not only did his team lose america's cup, america shut down his tour to alcatras. >> yes. big for me. yeah. i heard about it, seen init on tv. i want to go there. going to get close. >> reporter: so, he and the group were cruising around today instead of landing on it. >> we furloughed and are not like government employees. our people are not going to get paid. >> reporter: foreign tourists were in disbelief this could happen here nrkts united states and would last this
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long. this, as well as other recreation areas has been closed. >> one of the most powerful countries in the world have you a shut down? you're like wow. >> reporter: federal building was like a ghost town. we also found nick morales here. he wanted to pay back taxes before friday deadline but couldn't. the ir so.s was closed and he was angry. >> in washington, d.c. they don't care. they got money. they get paid. >> reporter: the owner of a popular gourmet carousel says they lost 20% of the business. >> before you come here it's busy. now, quiet. >> reporter: damage of the shut down has been done. vic lee, abc 7 news. end of the shut down will be good news for tourists
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prevented from visiting national parks, coming up, how soon those places might be able to reopen. >> two parents thankful after their children were sound after when a car theeft sped away with the family suv. her children were sleeping in car seats and seconds later a woman jumped in and sped away in the mission district. >> we're screaming our kids! i think a lot of the people on the street kind of when they heard me screaming people were like coming up, giving me hugs. >> one moment my eyes locked eyes with the woman driving the car. she just had this look of death. a neighbor found the stolen suv a short time later on sweeney street in the bay view. police have not made arrests. imagine how scary that is.
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>> no kidding. >> frightening house nir a home and why made people feel like they're trapped. >> new hahn in charge of america's largest community college sis anymore the task he faces to save it. >> mild weather continues for now but there is a gradual cool down coming our way. >> high tech spoon helping >> high tech spoon helping keep things steady when a [ male announcer ] you got to love the weekend. it's like everyone came together and said, "if it's good, let's save it for the weekend." so here's to the kfc ten buck weekend bucket. ten pieces, ten bucks. any way you want it.
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just ten bucks every saturday and sunday. today tastes so good.
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a family safe tonight as investigators look into why their house caught on fire, triggering their cars to explode and this was caught on video. abc 7 news with more from pleasant hill. >> reporter: this fire raged 13 minutes before the family of three sleeping inside, woke up to noisies coming from the garage. >> the family got lucky and did a good job of getting out. >> reporter: an 11-year-old girl and her parents escaped and rang a door befl a neighbor. >> i saw just across the street the house looked to be engulfed in flames. >> reporter: the house and two cars all on fire. and at one point, exploding. >> they're burning that and that created explosions and openings. >> reporter: firefighters had to deal with a power line. they eased up on water soit won't trickle down to live
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wire. a firefighter was asigned to watch the power line, making sure no one went near it. the downed line made residents at the top of the cul-de-sac feel trapped as they watched the fire burn. >> scary. so, and then, i was thinking well, we need just to run down the street. we can't drive. i had dogs leashed up. yeah. >> reporter: the homeowner went into recovery mode locating two of the three cats ask securing a hotel room for the family. watching this had an impact on the neighborhood. >> i know when it's someone living in your neighborhood it's so close. really hits home. it's tragic. >> reporter: the homeowner tells us he had a pile of rag was oil he used to stain his deck off to the side of the house. where the fire started. investigators told him they likely come busted and started this fire. in pleasant hill abc 7 news. in sm anxious moments for san bruno residents.
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pg&e doing maintenance in 2010. it killed eight people. the work included venting a line that sent smell of gas into the neighborhood and got people frightened. residents said they were nervous. they used a filter to try to kipt to a minimum. 63-year-old arthur tileler will head up the college fighting to regain accreditation. tyler is a former add minute strailtor in houston, sacramento and los angeles. he contracts with the city council of san francisco runs for next two years the chancellor addressed the question almost immediately. >> yes, we'll get accreditation done. yes, we will find a way to continue to be the best economic engine for this city, and the surround rounding region. >> city college will lose accreditation next july unless
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able to make financial and man gear yil changes. tileler will report to special trustee robert agrella trying to impose the change autos turn together forecast now. it's been beautiful. >> yes. it has. >> there are times mild weather is followed by a sharp drop of temperatures. any changes will be gradual. so this is pretty nice. sheer look at live doppler 7. clear skies with thin, high clouds with this dry system. not going to bring us rain, thus, dry. 73 degrees in san francisco, oakland, 82. 79 san carlos. 68 in half moon bai. over san
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francisco, under under blue skies, this, 75 degrees in santa rosa. and one more gorgeous view of the setting sun, and this is our look at our forecast features, clear tonight, chilly during overnight hours gradual cooling into the weekend there is no rain for the next seven days. on we go you can see high pressure is still a controlling factor but it's a dry front bringing us high clouds. for the seven days ahead here is a look at temperature trend in san jose. dropping back into upper 70s sunday, monday, turks down to mid-70s wednesday. so that is indictive of the
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gradual change we'll see around the bay area over next seven days. chilly conditions where lows will drop into mid owe to upper 80s, mid to upper 40s other locations and some spots like palo alto and san jose, lows around 50 tomorrow, sunny skies, highs upper 70s to low 80s. 82 in morgan hill. on the coast, mild at pacifica. high temperatures low to mid-70s. downtown 74 degrees to. 80 in calistoga. 77 oakland, union city. inland east bay upper 70s and low 80s in livermore and antioch.
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and here is the accu-weather forecast. not much change between now and sunday. then, tuesday, wednesday, another couple degrees, that is the change i was talking about. so we'll ease into the cooler weather pattern. >> yes. >> slowly. >> just head our first look at one of the most highly anticipated new vide
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attention gamers our cameras got a preview of the play station 4. it doesn't launch until next month but says preorders are beginning to pile up. it is according to the company the most powerful gaming machine now on the market. play station also features state of the art sound stage. live music is recorded for video games. play station uses bands to create the right mood for games, last year journey recorded a song for the game and earned a nominee -- grammy nomination uk see first ever toy story film made for television.
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>> toy story of terror, wood yeerk buzz, and the gang taking a trip and keep getting interrupted by a series of scary events. >> this is a seek cell of sorts to toy story 3. animators and artists at pixar spent thousands of hours fine tuning the film. toy story of terror airs tonight at 8:00 here on abc 7. >> there is more still to come in our next half hour possible end to the government shut down, taking a look at when yosemite and other national parks will reopen. >> crunch time in silicon valley tonight. moving forward on their new digs only miles apart. >> a promising sign for job seekers record
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>> update on the bay area's sticky transit situation starting with the governor stopping at possible ac
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transit strike scheduled for midnight tonight. >> this afternoon governor brown appointed a committee to investigate the situation. that prevents union from striking seven days, the first step towards cooling off period which would probably be a 60 day cooling off period. >> workers voted down two contract deals negotiated by union leadership. as for bart, it's unions and management talking right now trying to settle their contract standoff. union leaders have guaranteed they'll let the public know by 10:00 if there will be a strike. one yinin said thachl the other has not confirmed it. worker says they do hope to have a deal by that time. >> riders are getting more frustrated with the situation. according to bart ridership dropped by 85,000 trips on friday, monday, and tuesday. and they attribute that to the uncertainty of people going to sleep in the knowing whether trains will be running.
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>> hundreds of national parks preparing to open, including yosemite. reporter sarah sandrik tells us how quickly they can be aloud back in. >> reporter: park rangers ready to take down these closed signs the minute the shut down ends. visitors will immediately allowed to enter, and nearly 700 furloughed employees will be coming back to work. >> we have a lot of employees that live here, just outside of the park so folks were asked not to go far. we're just very excited. >>. >> reporter: the company that operates many facilities is preparing to bring back 1100 employee who's have been without jobs for more than two weeks. >> it's nice. i mean, employees love yosemite. we miss our guests. we're just looking forward to welcoming everyone back. >> reporter: officials say curry village could open right way ask all camp grounds
7:32 pm
should be ready within 24 hours of the reopening. but some dining services could take an extra day because food must be shipped into the park. >> we have been having conversations in advance but there is this transition of reopening that will be a phase add approach. >> reporter: staff nebs know time is of the essence, the shut down forced tourists from around the world to cans yeshlgs or change plans. >> ruining the first leg of the trip but we've been stopping where we can. >> reporter: howie is hoping a last minute reprieve will allow him to keep his reservation for thursday. >> if they're open tomorrow, we'll be here, yes >> reporter: park officials are expecting a busy weekend that would good news for the surrounding communities which are losing $1 million in tourism money per day.
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>> tonight congressional deal sent stocks soaring. dow closed up 205 points to 15,373. nasdaq up 45 to 3839. s and p rose 23 to 1721. other news, billionaire mark cuban has been found not guilty of insider trading. he sold shares in 2004. the jury found the securities and exchange commission failed to prove cuban traded on nonpublic information. starting today facebook let teenagers share like skpupz dates with the public. previously teens could only share with friends and friend's friends. they'll also show a warning reminding if a post condition seen he by anyone. apple and samsung moving
7:34 pm
forward with projects just down the road from one another in silicon valley. the city council approved plans for the new apple campus 2 near 280 and north wolf road about a mile and a half from the current campus. today rival samsung broke ground moving in on apple territory for the first time. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom has the story. >> reporter: there were no guilded shovels at this ground breaking. >> our definition is we're knocking down walls. >> reporter: land developer is wasting no time to put up a new research campus for samsung here in mountain view. >> we're excited to join top technology companies. >> reporter: just two miles from google headquarters which has one city council member thrilled. >> we're glad to have a company that didn't bee begin with "g" not that we don't
7:35 pm
love google but they become pac man. they've been gobbling up, bought two buildings next door. really for the economic diversity of the community it's great to have samsung coming in. >> reporter: samsung isn't the only company moving dairnt in silicon valley. at the same time, apple taking the stage to talk about its new headquarters planned for cupertino. >> it will be a place for best teams in the industry to innovate for decades to come. >> reporter: apple ceo stood with steve jobs presented his plan for a giant space ship like campus in the cupertino city council just four months before he died. >> the best office building in the world. now, i do think architecture students will come see this. >> from that day when steve came here, our staff has worked night and day on this project to bring us to the
7:36 pm
place that we are today. >> reporter: that day, two years ago. apple still dominated smart phone market. now, samsung is on top and moving in up the street. apple hopes unique work space will help it continue to innovate. >> steve would be very, very proud today. >> reporter: in mountain view, abc 7 news. bay area job market looking more promising, emplo employers are hiring again. that is evident today. abc 7 news explains why prospects for unemployed are improving. >> you can apply online, right here if you like. or by vote. >> reporter: this is the largest of 10 job fairs. 1200 people showed up to meet 60 recruiters april yeefring to be a reflection in a rebound of hiring you need to have a sharp skill set to find
7:37 pm
the best job. but i do think there is employment out there. that has been turning and changing. >> reporter: the region added about 9600 jobs per m last year accord tg a report. that puts at 3.3 million jobs, before the recession, calling just short of the 3.6 million jobs at height of boom in 2001. >> it's always nice when you can have an event like this, you can meet someone face-to-face. and have a conversation. >> reporter: face-to-face recruiting fell out of style. >> we're on the cusp. i do believe if we continue to grow here in the silicon valley ear like we have been, i do think scales will turn and that employers will have to rethink about how they
7:38 pm
attract, and retain talent. >> reporter: bay area counsel study seems to indicate we're recovering job wise from the recession faster than expected. early predictions were that it would take until 2015 to restore jobs lost.ou know showrm furniture can take abuse. >> one woman says the couch she bought didn't hold up as well as one in th too big. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's
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oh, a green! ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] cheerios. with flavors your heart will love. breaking news from washington, d.c. a live shot of the u.s. house floor in session right now. debating the bill ending the government shut down and avert a possible default. the bill passed the senate earlier this evening, expected to pass in the house as well. >> if it is approved by republican-led house legislation will go to president obama who says he will sign it into law immediately. john boehner has said he is willing, ready, rather to put this whole shuft down behind him now this, is barbara lee from the east bay who is speaking right now. >> yes.
7:42 pm
we'll continue to monitor the developments in our nation's capital and reminder you can get latest breaking news on twitter another political note we've learned democrat cory booker won a special election for u.s. senate in new jersey giving democrats a 5-seat majority there. >> let's move on to consumer news. the best way to buy a couch is often try it out on the showroom floor. >> a woman thought she'd found the perfect couch until she got it home. michael finney tells us what happened next. >> you've seen those furniture on showroom floors? pretty beat up. well, qidz sticky fingers grown ups putting up feet. this viewer saw a beautiful couch that looked great. so she bought one. let's just say hers didn't do so well. >> mary loved this coach from the moment she saw it at jc penny. >> comfortable when you sat in
7:43 pm
it. >> the couch sat in the showroom, kids jumping on it. grown ups climbing on it. >> it never showed signs of wear and tear. i just decided to get it. >> the sofa cost $3500 mary figured it's worth it, comfortable and sturdy. or so she thought. >> july 17th, 2012 they delivered it. and by october, it started to fall apart. >> mary showing us what happened, cushions clumped, lining dropped stuffing came out and arm came loose. >> so i would go down to jc pennies and they gave me a 800 number to call. >> the warranty company. >> they told me there is nothing i can do, i had to go back to the store. >> mary said she pushed stuffing back into the couch and sitting on it carefully. >> it comes loose.
7:44 pm
so if you sit there and don't move your material won't move. >> mary says that is no way to curl up on a coach. >> the couch is to lay down on. you know? sit in. you know? should be able to move. >> a technician says the frame was never attached and the couch should be rebuilt. jc penny ordered parts and mary waited. >> and nothing comes. >> we contacted jc penny. the retailer found out the company that made the couch was going out of business. the parts were never delivered. penny's offered to let her pick out a new couch but she didn't find one she liked so penny's refunded all of her money. a spokesperson saying we intended to go through with the repair. but the supplier was not able to provide the parts. we are focused on great customer service and certainly don't want a customer to go through this kind of frustrating experience.
7:45 pm
we're glad mary is happy. hopefully she can get another couch at jc penny or elsewhere. >> that made me feel good. >> i want to thank jc penny. mary appreciates efforts and says she's trying every couch on the floor. >> that is best case scenario. >> yes. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> yes. >> coming up high tech spoon intrild a start up helping people who suffer from tremors. >> it keeps things steady. even when hands can't.
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arks r. for millions of people suffering from trem years simple tasks can be a struggle. now a start sup hoping to change that with a piece of engineering. for jeff deciding what to have for breakfast is routine. hard part comes when he actually starts eating it. >> very frustrating. this is why people with tremors don't like to eat in restaurants. >> he suffers from a condition that affects an estimated 10
7:49 pm
million americans. >> because it's embarrassing. when you can't keep food on a spoon if you like soup, or salad you can't keep salad on a fork. >> but a start up believes it's come up with a solution in the form of this spoon. and you when assembled can do what hands cannot. hold food steady. the found yir says the device could help millions suffering from a range of conditions including parkinson's disease. >> they can scoop up jelly beans. and you can see that my hand is shaking it's working to keep the spoon steady. >> reporter: the spoon known as lift wear make as just manies to compensate for tremors. challenge according to the designers was to get the spoon to distinguish shaking from normal movements of eating. >> if i'm lifting up that, is slower so it allows that to exist.
7:50 pm
>> reporter: engineers married motion sensors to a compete computer, using algorhythms to determine ranges of motion. the difference is dramatic. >> it's dampening my tremors. >> reporter: the unit field tested at university michigan as well as patient groups. national institutes of health provided funding offering patients the hope of achieving what most of us take for granted. >> the spoon is a life safer for those of us that can't get food into our mouths. >> the company has begun accepting preorders several advocacy groups added information for tremor sufferers on their web sites we have links to them for you on ours. just go to abc 7 and look under see it on tv. >> amazing technology. >> right. >> does a great job. >> let's take a look at the
7:51 pm
forecast now. >> yes. >> our current pattern reminds me of the movie "groundhog day". taking a look at conditions tomorrow, sunny skies like today. upper 70s on the way and notice the pattern doesn't change until getting to weekend then temperatures dropping off a couple degrees sunday and monday. so we have more fine weather coming our way. >> sounds good. >> not overwhelming confidence after utah. talking football jim harbaugh descriptive looking head to the titans game znlcs, will the titans game znlcs, will dodgers be able to punch the [ male announcer ] you got to love the weekend.
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this time last year giants faced a deficit for cardinals. we know how that finished. the dodgers in a similar hold
7:55 pm
trying to extend their season and move back to st. louis. gorgeous day. l.a. with no homers through the first four games of the series felt it, too. today. this in the third gave dodgers a lead there it goes and in the 7th aj ellis with a solo blast. and gonzales in 8th. cardinals making it interesting. representing a winning run caught looking for a strike. 6-4, dodgers game four of the alcs underway in detroit. tigers red sox and off the bon -- boston.
7:56 pm
and st. louis blues forward has apoll jidz to sharks defenseman dan boyle after a brutal hit in the histry. the national hockey league wants to see la peer in person was of a hit that knocked boyle out. boyle carried off the ice on a stretcher will miss the game in dallas and perhaps after that, as well. sharks head coach talked about the hit and aftermath. >> you breatheh of relief. then from there, you play the game again. the best news is that he's in the hospital and alert and fueling okay. >> 49ers taking on gritty 3-3 titans. should be a test. titan was a defense good at stripping the ball creating
7:57 pm
turnovers. tennessee's d forced fumbles so expect plenty of doses of frank gore on sunday. >> let his guard down. and... we're not -- when that happens you're not going to sneak up on frank again and hit him over the head with a bag of dung a second time. >> there is an image. >> good to know. thank you, jim. earthquakes need to win their last two games to battle for mls cup. not going to be easy. including a come from behind win in june. now they've got to face a crime but keeper john bush tells us quakes are focused
7:58 pm
and ready to play their game. >> we're going to play and we need three points we understand that. but we're used to it. >> all right. abc 7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> coming up tonight at 9:00 and on abc 7 news at 11:00 we'll have latest on the bart talks. not this insect. unions will announce if they plan to strike. >> this is a mosquito. the hunt is on for this bug in california why officials want to stop it before it spreads. >> a halloween costume controversy. critics sthai outfit sends the wrong message to girls. >> that is going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news at 6:00 our coverage continues on twitter abc 7 news bay area.
7:59 pm
>> thanks for joining us everyone we'll keep you up to date on bart negotiation autos have a good night. ñáçwçñ
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i have an announcement to make. as you may have heard, carol and i broke up last week. - hang on. why do you have a cat... and a fanny pack? and your ponytail, it's being held up by a chip clip.


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