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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 23, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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developing news a big scar for passengers after a bart train caught fire in the middle of the evening commute and it is still effecting service tonight. good evening i'm dan ashley a. fire broke out under note a car of a pittsburgh train as it was picking up and dropping off
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passengers at the bart station platform just after 6:00 tonight. video sent into the abc 7 newsroom but our viewers shows all the smoke it put up at the height of the evening commute. sky 7 hd was overhead after passengers on the ten-car train were forced to evacuate. the platform was closed quickly. alisha troft said it may have started on in a conductor box under the train. passengers smelled the smoke for miles before it pulled into the station. >> we smelled smoke in oakland but thought it was breaks. when we stopped, someone who exited said there was a fire and everyone rushed out. >> reporter: a. >> this means lengthy delays. they are single tracking because the train that caught on fire is still on one of the tracks. no one was injured during all of this and we'll bring you any developments here on abc 7 news and on twitter at abc 7 news bay
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area. the national transportation safety board wrapped up the accident that killed two. they are hoping to learn more why engineers were hit by a train while investigating a report after dip in the track way this past weekend. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has story. >> reporter: these two mannequins dressed in safety vests and helmets are meant to represent the two bart workers killed saturday. in this ntsb reenactment, each has a back to the eastbound track as investigators believe they did when they were struck. >> the responsibility of safety is on themselves. the inspector and consultant were required to remain together for the duration of their activity, and one of the pair is to be designated as the lookout. >> the ntsb said chris sheppard and larry daniels went out on the track saturday after getting with the bart safety manuel
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calls simple approve. as one man works, the other is a spotter safely off the tracks constantly looking for an oncoming train. >> when you get a simple approval, you're asked and all workers know you have to pro skbried your own protection, not interfere with main line or yard operations and an additional read back you have to expect trains from any track any direction at any time. >> reporter: it appears neither sheppard or daniels was acting as a lookout. this is one part of the investigation and the rest will be conducted in washington d.c. >> the ntsb took custody of all recording equipment on the train. >> reporter: the full investigation could take several months. in walnut creek, lorrie anthony, abc 7 news. today's reenactment left a stretch of tracks out of service for several hours. a bus bridge was set up between
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noon and late this afternoon providing connections for bart passengers trying to get between the stations and the walnut creek station. full train service through the area has been restored. in the meantime, ac transit workers will not be allowed to strike until christmas at the earliest. a court judge ruled today a transit strike would be too disruptive. the judge granted a 60-day cooling off period in the negotiations. just as the judge did during the bart labor dispute. ac transit drivers and mechanic that projected two tentative agreements, one giving them a 9.5% raise. the 60-day cooling off period expires at midnight december 22nd. a gut wrenching investigation after a sheriff's deputy shot and killed a 13-year-old boy he thought was carrying an assault rifle. it turned out to be a boy. it happened in san to rosa. wayne freedman talkeded to with
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a witness. >> reporter: it is a certain sign of tragedy, the memorial to 13-year-old andy lopez gaining size by the hour in a suburban santa rosa field. the controversy how he died after being shot three times in broad daylight by a sheriff's deputy. >> this boy is not a criminal. he is not a criminal. he was a boy with a toy. >> reporter: the one on the right, an ak-47 semi replica that shoots plastic pelts, not bullets. if you were a sheriff's deputy and saw one of them pointing your way after you told the suspect to drop it, what would you do? >> he was holding the weapon in his left hand. he began to turn toward the right in the direction of the deputy and in so doing, he moved the gun toward the direction of the deputy and the deputy's mind set was that he was fearful that he was going to be shot. >> reporter: santa rosa police lieutenant paul henry is an investigator on the case achlt among the witnesses he heard from, one had seen the boy
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carrying the rifle and warned him to put it away and in his rearview mirror watched events unfold. >> he pulled over to the kid walking, to the kid walking side and he just opened the door and shoot him, three shots on him. >> reporter: did he warn the kid to put the gun down? >> i don't hear anything like that. i'm like 50 feet away from them, but i'm stopping when that happens. >> reporter: you're watching? >> i'm watching. >> reporter: he says the incident took all of ten seconds. police investigators it did unfold quickly. in the community, there is outrage and acquisitions that young andy lopez never had a chance to drop the weapon. >> he's really a kid. he wasn't bad. >> if he would have been told, freeze, you know, put your weapon down, if they thought it was a weapon, you know, he would have done that. >> reporter: he was a good kid? >> he was a good kid. he was a kid. he was 13 years old.
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he di like a . you know, andy, he was a boy. >> he was in fear of his life, the life of his partner and community members in the area and that's why he responded the way he did. >> reporter: wayne freedman reporting for us. the sheriff released a statement, as a father of two boys, i cannot begin to imagine the grief this family is going through. this is a tragedy on many levels. that statement from the say know ma county sheriff tonight. the city gardener accused of running over a woman at san francisco -- in a san francisco park was charged today with felony vehicular manslaughter and felony hit-and-run. christi was sunbathing on the grass when she was run over and killed by a city truck and for the first time, we're hearing the gardener's version of what happened. here is lee ann melendez. >> reporter: 25 friends and family members entered the
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courtroom to show support for the 58-year-old city gardener pleaded not guilty to running over and killing a woman at holy park in san francisco's berno heights neighborhood. >> he's a man of integrity and i feel in my heart it was an accident. i spoke to him sunday at church and i told him we'll be here for him. >> reporter: inside the courtroom, his lawyer said he was driving on the asphalt when an unleashed dog darted in front of him. he then tried to avoid hitting the dog by swerving to the right, and driving down the grass si hill. >> the dog pered out from underneath the car and thought it was okay but started to think maybe he hit something else because he mentioned that he had seen a baby about 45 feet to the right. >> reporter: his attorney says at the time his client didn't know he had run over 35-year-old christine. she later died. >> the right thing to do would have been to come to a stop, not to go over the lawn and not to
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continue to drive over the lawn and after you feel you bump and you run over something, to stop and see what was going on. >> reporter: his attorney did not say why his client did not stop. instead, he drove off. he later told the supervisor he thought he ran over something. neighbors continued to put flowers in the area where she was killed. some want to put a bench here. >> you know, as nice as this is, this is only temporary, and we want to remember her always. >> reporter: her husband was not in the courtroom today saying it was still too painful. at the hall of justice, lee ann melendez. state regulators have reopened the investigation of the first death of the niners new stadium. don white was killed at levi stadium on june 11st when an elevator's counter weight hit him. he did not originally give the subcontractor a notice of violation. that could change now.
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the decision comes two weeks after another death at the stadium on october 14th, edward lake jr. was kill when had a bundle of steel bars fell on top of him. coming up on abc 7 news at 9:00, the e lex battle heating up and proposition battle that could change san francisco's waterfront forever. plus, east bay tenants unite against the lan lord over an infestation of bedbugs. we'll show you what they showed us today and spencer christian is here with the weather. we're looking at the development of pockets of dense fog overnight plus a little bit on a chill in some spots. i'll have the weather forecast cing up. i'm sitting next to this guy i would have been fighting on another yard. >> getting down and dirty at
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nice car. sure is. make a deal with me, kid, and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it. ♪ ♪ so, what do you say? thanks... but i think i got this. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new cla. set your soul free. overnight road work on highway 84 between university and el camino real. the upcoming off year election next month is not expected to draw big voter turnout but in san francisco
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there is heated battleover two propositions that deal with the same issue. we have a look at the competing campaigns over a waterfront project. >> reporter: you've probably seen the dualing commercials over 8 washington. >> open up the water front, vote yes on b. >> lets not build a new wall on the waterfront. please vote no. >> reporter: the plan would turn this space now a private tennis and swimming club with a private parking lot into two high rises with 134 multimillion dollar condos. the opponents include art adonos when was mayor in 1990 to tear it down. that has opened up the waterfront. >> the old freeway was 70 feet. this is going to be 136 feet, almost double the size. >> reporter: agnos and other critics call it a wall on the waterfront. supporters including supervisor
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scott consider that hyperbole. >> that's inaccurate. that is next to the center which is four times the height of this proposed project. >> reporter: as part of the deal, the developer would pay the city $11 million for off side affordable housing. >> we have some people saying no, no, we hate millionaires so much we've got to turn down these 50 to 55 affordable homes. any other city in the united states would look at that and say that's an amazing deal. >> reporter: but detractors see it as anything but. they worry it would open up the door to massive development. >> do we want to see luxury condos along the waterfront like miami where really the access to the views of the bay are limited to those who can pay the premium dollar? >> reporter: the project will revitalize a stretch of the project with open space. >> and it will open up this area for more pedestrian use, retail and park uses. >> reporter: critics call that an exaggeration.
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>> the 2/3rds of the so-called open space comes from rooftops, comes from ver rverandas and decks. >> reporter: they are covered by proposition b and c. if you support washington you vote yes on both if you don't, you vote no on both. caroline tyler, abc 7 news. residents at a concord apartment complex filed a lawsuit against their landlord over an out of control bedbug infestation that they say is endangering their lives. they say they have complained endlessly for months about the growing problem of bedbugs, cockroaches and other rodents. they say not enough is being done to eradicate them and hired an attorney to force the landlord to clean the property up. >> as a human being we're tired
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on it. we're living worse than animals. at nighttime we cannot sleep because we get bitten by animals. i got marks all over my body. >> the owners of the complex have not returned calls from abc 7 news seeking comment. all right. let's turn our attention over to spencer christian in the weather forecast. we get -- you can tell a little cooler out there tonight. >> it is indeed and cooler tomorrow than today but we'll warm up for the week end. good news. live doppler 7 hd fog at the coast and pushing locally out over the bay and we yonbeyond t coastline. for now, but we do have a dense fog advisory in effect for a wide expense to the bay area that includes the north bay interior from 11:00 tonight to 11:tomorrow morning and the san francisco bay line from 3:00 a.m. to 11: 00 am tomorrow. it has the driving conditions obviously are a possibility. so please bare that in mind.
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now here is a nice clear view from the high-definition rooftop camera looking along here in san francisco. we have temperature readings in the low to mid 50s, in san francisco, san jose and half moon bay. we also as we look at the skyline of san francisco from the explore tore yum camera, under partly foggy conditions, 50 in santa rosa and 49 napa and we have mid 50s. looking along the bay bridge, under mainly clear skies looking in that direction, these are all forecast features we'll see areas of dense fog, tonight, of usually. cool to mild. the next two days and little warmer this weekend. onto the satellite radar showing a ridge of high pressure forming a blocking ridge lifting the jet stream or deflegting it to the north so no weather disturbances which means no rainfall. speaking of no rain, how dry has this year been? in san francisco, january to
9:19 pm
october that ten-month period has been the driest january to october on record in san francisco with only 3.9 inches of rain since january 1st, shattering the previous record in that same period of time in 1976. now, let's talk about rain down along the southern pacific coast of mexico. yesterday it was hurricane raymond pounding the coastline with heavy rain. now it's tropical storm raymond pulling away from the coastline, weakening and as it continues to move westward, of course, weather conditions will normalize along the coastline for mexico. back to the bay area. mainly clear skies, dense fog here and there and low temperatures in the mid to upper 40s and tomorrow sunny skies in the south bay with highs in the low 70s. mainly sunny by afternoon, and upper 60s to around 70 and mid 50s around the coast and down ton san francisco tomorrow and low 70s from say know ma, santa
9:20 pm
rosa to napa and inland east bay low to mid 70s and the ac accuweather forecast. mid 70s around the bay and the coast won't warm up much and will cool down sharply with a few more clouds in the sky but despite the cool down and increase in clouds, no rain in sight for awhile. >> okay. >> for awhile. >> for awhile, right. >> thanks, spencer, very much. still to come, the royal christening and historic turn that today's event took. beautiful baby. and more people than ever are turning to tablets to get information but now tablets are taking the lead in an unusual place. we'll explain what they are being used
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a royal baptism today for three-month old george, son of prince william and kate. the future king of england was christened before family and friends. marcy gonzalez has more on how his parents choose to break from tradition. >> reporter: britain's prince george in his father's arms arriving at st. james palace dress in a replica of the christening grown worn by royals for more than 150 years. the original retired in 2004 when it was deemed too fragile by the queen. >> the queen had to die the lace in tea to make it have that kind of color. >> reporter: today's momentous ceremony not held in the music room of the palace but this intimate sething a place of great significance.
9:25 pm
>> it was princess dianna's last resting place before she was buried. it was where her coffin laid. >> reporter: with just 22 people in attendance, it's an important family affair for the first time since 19 1894, four generations of royals photographed together, the queen with the three heirs to the thrown, charles, william and george. prince william and kate are also breaking from tradition in a number of ways including with their choice of god parents. no harry of pippa. in fact, only one member of the royal family was choicen, william's coasten. the other six god parents are the couple's close friends from school and trusted advisors. >> i think this is very much about the couple making sure george is going to be raised as ordinary as he possibly can be. >> a private tea party with guests dining on slices of christianing take, which is a tear from kate and william's
9:26 pm
wedding cake. check out this royal bling. this impressive coin was made to commemorate prince george's christianing. it's worth a whopping 80,000 u.s. dollars and contains more than 2 pounds of gold. prince george is the first baby to be honored with christening coins from the mint. you can buy these coins. is there a fix for the obama care website? is we being said about the problems and the future? cleaning up after the strike, the damage, surveillance video and now who is under arrest. the actor set to take over the role of the 50 sh"fifty shaf the role of the 50 sh"fifty shaf grey" movie and his connect
9:27 pm
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good evening once again. we'll start this half hour with the obama care website and it's becoming infamous for many problems. the president cabinet member in charge is defending the site but everyone wants to know when is it going to be fixed? maybe you've logged on to try it. karen traverse has the story. >> reporter: the obama administration says it's doing everything it can to fix the technical problems. last night on "anderson cooper 360," kathleen sebelius stated the obvious. >> it could be easier to access. >> reporter: it opened on october 21st. so far there are confusing messages, broken kak lay tomorrows and missing information and long delays in time outs. >> i'm having to be up until,
9:31 pm
you know, 12:00, 1:00 in the morning trying to fill out this application. >> reporter: today secretary sebelius and other top administration officials met with insurance company ceos at the white house and talked about exchanges and. >> the group is expected to discuss on going efforts to fix technical issues. >> reporter: before the website's launch insurance companies expressed concerns about possible technical glitches, a test run before october 1st shows warning signs. critics want to know exactly what went wrong, who is fixing it, how much will it cost and when will it be finished? >> when it comes to october, clearly there is an awful lot that needs to be held accountable. >> reporter: secretary sebelius has no answers. >> we asked contractors to look at the teams on the ground and bring in their absolute a team. >> reporter: secretary sebelius was asked twice in the cnn interview if she considered or offered the president her re
9:32 pm
resignation. she refused to answer. some health care plans are criticizing california's health exchange for not posting quality ratings. cover california says it only has reliable ratings on a fraction of health insurers. tomorrow consumer advocates and kizer will try to persuade the five-member board to use it. they will reward lower performing insurers and force consumers to focus on price alone. >> he had to decide between giving incomplete and possibly misleading information to consumer. >> the recommendation to with hold the ratings, means the earliest quality rating for california health insurers will be released in october of 2015. kizer will close it's pediatric hospital unit in hayward next month and that could certainly inconvenience some families in the east bay. kizer says there are not many
9:33 pm
young patients hospitalized in i ward. those who are there will be moved to a new facility in oakland and while the hospital portion will close, the pediatric clinic that serves most for checkups will stay open. kizer has not decided what to do with 21 nurses that work at the hayward hospital. l it will close november 17th. a settlement tonight for the former police officer who pepper sprayed students during an occupy raleigh at uc davis. a judge approved a $38,000 worker compensation claim for john pike. you remember this video. the 40-year-old officer was fired after this video went viral in november of 2011. pike said he suffered from depression and anxiety after receiving death threats. the work to clean up graffiti is just getting underway tonight. it was done while the station was closed during the strike. bart says they had to wait until tonight to clean it up because that's when crowds will be
9:34 pm
reduced and crews available. in all, nine stations were damaged and defaced. here is nick smith. >> reporter: edwardo has been working since daybreak to remove thick heavy paint from the walls of the bart station. this and this have been reduced to this. bart police are investigating more than half a dozen instancens of graffiti by vandals during the four-day bart strike. >> very annoying, yes. >> reporter: annoying and costly. the cleanup of the station is moving along one stroke at a time, at san francisco's park and glen park station it's a different story entirely. everywhere you look, a surface is marked with paint and benches, wells elevators and even the train's dreaded third rail, much of the damage done in areas that can only be accessed when the trains don't run. >> nobody wants to vis a bart
9:35 pm
station and see paint on the walls. >> reporter: that's why they are using surveillance video to help identify those responsible. on day two of the strike, police arrested these men, 23-year-old hernandez and 25-year-old borders for suspicion of felony vandalism at the richmond yard. >> ultimately, it's the taxpayer and patrons that bare the coast. >> reporter: it will take many days and many dollars to repair. >> that's frustrating because it will come out of our cost. we have to pay for the damages. >> reporter: just one more reminder the strike may be over but the effects continue to linger. >> just incredible amount of damage done to the stations. police are asking anyone with information to call them. we have that number on our website under see it on tv. if you drove across the bay bridge this morning, check out what you'll see on the way back. these two palm trees were planted. they are the first of 30 palms that will go up on the eastern
9:36 pm
side of the bridge. they picked palm trees because they will not block views and they can stand up to some rough pay area weather along the waterfront. each tree will cost $15,000 to buy, transplant and maintain. that's per tree. the planting will continue into next year but they should look very nice once they are all done. still to come, the world's highest earning celebrities even they are no longer with us. we have the numbers. and why the pope suspended the
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lavish remodel saying it involved ten different construction projects, many on his tore rick l buildings. the pope expects bishops to live simply. michael jackson is still at the top of the charts in terms of money generated even after his death. forbes magazine says the pop singer is the highest earning dead celebrity. he earned $160 million this past year. much comes from two shows using his music and elvis came in second still with $55 million followed by peanuts creator. elizabeth taylor came in fourth and bob marley rounded out the top five. an irish actor who lit up the small screen on abc will soon tiake on the big screen. he starred as the sheriff will take over as christian gray in the upcoming "fifty shades of
9:41 pm
grey" movie. he'll replace charlie who dropped out two weeks ago. production is expected to begin next month and there will be a lot of hype when that hits theaters. still to come, the successful project
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we have a story for you tonight about second chances and a truly surprising idea to help keep prisoners from returning to jail. it starts with a patch of soil and hand full of seeds. bit ritter takes a look at the program right here in the bay
9:45 pm
area at san quinton. >> reporter: it one of the toughetough est prisons in the world. he's been in and out of the season since he was 15 but for the first time in his life. >> okay, rasheed. >> reporter: he has a diploma. >> i can connect with something as simple as a garden. >> reporter: dozens turning to gardening as authorities rethink about warehousing prisoners instead of rehabilitating him. take dennis, he's serving for burglary and becoming an expert in soil composition. >> i'm sitting next to this guy i would be fighting on another yard and amaze me i can prune plants and dig in soil and that's what it really touched me. >> reporter: these gardens represent a kind of back to the future movement. just a few decades ago prisons had gardens and farms. >> if i can find humanity here, i can find it anywhere.
9:46 pm
>> reporter: she's a former city kid who found refuge in soil planting tulfetulip bulbs with grandmother. >> we believe everyone has a heart and transformation. >> reporter: six out of every ten ex conns will return to prison but few of hers come back. instead, most get jobs and pay taxes. >> for a lot of us, once we get out we feel like this is nothing to go to. we feel like there is something to go to. >> reporter: inch by inch, row by row, what beth and her garden project are harvesting here goes beyond fruits and vegetables, and in that way she's keeping america strong. bill ritter, abc news. well, tablets are taking over in the bedroom. a lot of people watch tv before bed, maybe you do but now fewer and fewer actually turning on the television. more people are switching on their smart phone, tablet or ipad for a few minutes of
9:47 pm
bedtime viewing and motorola says, 41% of people watch tablets. people are watching more tv shows than ever before. the survey found people are watching about 19 hours a week, compared to 10 hours just two years ago. they are just watching on different devices. if you're looking to get a new tablet, you can trade in your old ipad for a new version. the retail giant offers shoppers up to $300 in credit. you can use it to purchase the ipad air or mini which both sell for over $300 as a starting price. well, obviously, starbucks conquered the world of coffee but now taking on tea, too. they will open the first specialty tea house in new york tomorrow. a new specialty tea bar is called teabonna. starbucks bought the companies
9:48 pm
last year but only sold tea leaves and accessories. starbucks will open a second tea bar in seattle next month and more than 1,000 in the next decade. which means, spencer christian, as we go to update pot r cafore need to learn tea lingo. >> no more lattes and cappuccinos. a time lapse from this afternoon. east bay hills, camera looking at fog rolling across the bay and it is pushing locally across the bay as we speak and filling in some of our inland valleys, especially in the north bay as well. high temperatures today, span a wide range from 53 at the coast, pretty chilly to 84 inland at livermore to 88 up north. more than a 50-degree range from coastal highs to inland highs. we're looking at live doppler, the fog pushing beyond the coast, tomorrow statewide we'll see mainly sunny skies, mild to
9:49 pm
warm in the interior sections of the cooler along the coast and temperatures high 50s around the coast and 60s around the bay and here is the accuweather forecast. we'll warm up with inland highs both days around 80. mid 70s around the bay and not much milder around the coast and cool down sharply next week and get more fall-like prewinter like weather. >> okay. thanks. twin panda cubs at the atlanta zoo finally have names thanks to an online poll by good morning america. >> the names are may loon and may laun. those are the names. >> they were revealed live on good morning america this morning. the show teamed up to let viewers decide and they chose the names which means the giant panda cubs are indescribably beautiful and magnificent. the twins are 100 days oldment according to chinese tradition
9:50 pm
that's when giant pandas are given names. >> that's often what we say about shoe man, by the way. >> thank you very much. glad you didn't wait 100 days to figure that out. >> 20 years. >> the world series finally got underway tonight in boston as the red sox facing the cardinals were feeling comfortable. big
9:51 pm
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9:53 pm
coming up tonight, growing outrage after a north bay sheriff's deputy shoots and kills a 13-year-old holding a toy gun. why authorities showed us they had to act and a south bay country club's golf course turn s ed into a pig sty. why uninvited guests acted like animals. that's coming up. the world series underway? >> that's right. in boston two of the most storied franchises in baseball,
9:54 pm
the red sox and cardinals this is a rematch of the 2004 series, when the red sox swept the cardinals but st. louis is looking for the second world series title in four years. fenway park rocking for game one. spencer used to hang out here. bottom of the first, david ortiz grounds to second. this should be an inning ending double play but can't hang on to it at second. this is originally out but the umpire would reverse the call. now bases loaded next batter. mike napoli doubles to the gap and 3-0 red sox after one. bottom two, 4-0 sox and bases loaded and unloads on adam wainwright and grand slam? no. carlos beltran first world series. great catch. beltran left the game with a bruised rib after the catch, big papi gets revenge in the seventh. this one definitely not coming back. two-run shot. big papi three rbi and the red sox take game win. 8-1 the final.
9:55 pm
>> again, we were able to go into the game with our approach. i thought we had a lot of quality at-bats that we were able to build pitch counts against wainwright. always getting the first one out of the way is a good feeling, to continue to try to build momentum but i thought we played a good game all around tonight. >> little football. 49ers preparing to face the jaguars sunday and they have a built in tour guide. the london native is quite an athlete, played and took up the discuss at 18 represented great britain at age 20 in the 2012 london olympics. the 22-year-old was signed as a free agent project having never played football. 6'6" and 310 pounds. he blew out his knee. he's excited for teammates to visit his hometown. >> i was grateful for everyone here to get a piece of our culture, our country. i'm looking forward to it for
9:56 pm
everyone. >> what can these guys expect from football fans in london? >> a packed crowd and even excited and people like the game. the more games, the better to grow the sport and the sooner the game can become a global brand the better and get people from all over the world to watch the game. >> anybody bugging you to be the tour guide over there? >> i think everyone will enjoy themself and everyone is focused on the game, as well. we have to make sure we get a w against the jaguars. >> what part of the country are you from? >> south london, should be nice. >> so all your boys will be there, right? >> i get to see my friends and family. cool for me. it will be great to go back home. you know, the team is excited. >> normally, you're creatures of habit. you have a routine, getting out of the routine and on the road for 11 days. how tough is that for athletes to get out of the mind frame? >> the top guys can handle it and perform under any
9:57 pm
circumstanc circumstances under any condition and we have the best team so won't be a problem for us. >> all right. 49ers seen here practicing today shaking off the jet lag riding a four-game win streak and facing a winless jacksonville team, which makes you wonder if this game in london will be a distraction for the team. this trip takes them out of the comfort zone. coach harbaugh, as always s, disagrees. >> there is many positives. the team really can spend more time together, everybody has a story. a chance to spend time, more time with the coaches to watch tapes. you don't have to drive home. don't have to drive into work. you just come right down the elevator or the lift. >> the lift. all right. the raiders will host the steelers sunday by the buy week. good news the game is at home the bad news, the past ten
9:58 pm
years, the raiders are 0-10 after the by week. getting sacked ten times with three turnovers and hopes to remedy that sunday in this battle of two and four teams. >> i got to take stuff off of them. it's not all on them. i got to inspire those guys and keep on inspiring them and be a leader to them and, you know, it's not all on those guys that played the kc game. they will be better and i'll be better on sunday. >> preseason hoops, warriors and kings in sacramento. mike malone with the king's head man. second quarter andre iguodala for the alley-ooalley-oop. hope to see a lot of that. led all scores with 24 and reverse layup and warriors up one point by 17 but the kings roar back in the fourth. the three, got it. seven seconds remaining and
9:59 pm
kings will win it 91-90. i mentioned earlier, i went to the first trip in the nfl, st. louis football cardinals. >> wow. >> that's how long ago it was. played against minnesota. the jet lag was so bad it was one of the worst nfl games ever. they go a week in advance. >> from the west coast, a nine-hour difference. >> ridiculous. >> all right. >> and west, evidently not helpful for the raiders after the by-week. >> not at all. we'll see. that ends this edition of abc news. for all of us here, i'm dan ashley. thanks so much for watching. we appreciate your time. connect with us online, twitter, facebook or your mobile devices.
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