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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 28, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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tonight a threat and an urgent appeals from authorities. >> northern california we'll survey damage from overnight wind storm we've had. >> and records that show a history of alcohol related offenses against a driver now charged with killing a couple as they walked their dog. >> 7 on your side teams up with consumer reports to bring you reliable automobiles of the year. good evening, what a storm
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it was. a lot of people still cleaning frup a wind storm that hit the bay area overnight. here is a picture sent to us by way of you report. this shows a front porch awning. the sand was blown ashore. they gave no estimated time to reopen. here is what it's like drivinging on interstate 5 yesterday. >> i'm trying to try to get distance between the car in front of me. >> this video taken near tracy just over the pass. where wind gusts reached hurricane strength. hi, carolyn. >> if you're out, you
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certainly felt the power of the storm. biggest casualties were the trees including a redwood in dan valueville. -- danville. gone was the wind is the story of this redwood nearly caving in the roof above a girl's bed room. she's okay. the house, red tagged. an ordeal for the family. >> so dealing with insurance, that stuff. >> look at the branches in antioch. after a tree that firefighters say was dead collapsed last night. one man was injured. blame the wind for toppling this tree. sky 7 shows how it tore up a sidewalk as it fell n san francisco, the gusts whipped up sand on ocean beach leading to closure of the great highway between slope and lincoln. and either slow going or no
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going along the altemont pass last night. in a shopping center in emoriville a facade was ripped off. the kind of weather that kept certain businesses like terry's tree service jumping. >> we probably went to four houses last night. >> and advice? keep your trees trimmed. so wind can blow through the branches. southern california got hit by high winds as well overnight in palmdale, winds uprooted this tree, 60 years old, 60 feet tall. >> so crazy. my landlord said are you okay? >> her kids are taking it in
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stride. our winds died down, things should be calmer as the sun sets. spencer, a sign of sprinkles. >> we had sprinkle that's disappeared now. looking live on to the bay, we'll take a look at the peak wind gu.s strongest winds occurring and 62 miles per hour gusts, gusts over 50 miles per hour at sfo. and golden gate bridge. looking at our friends, -- winds you can see we don't have powerful damaging winds we had last night. gusts at or above 25 miles per hour. and open 32 miles per hour gusts at nappa. calmer, lighter winds in other locations and taking a look at live doppler 7, calm, mainly dry weather but still areas of showers over in the sierra.
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this is little snow above 5,000 feet. >> thank you. >> we have new information tonight about the north bay sheriff deputy shot a 13-year-old andy lopez carrying an replica of an ak 47 when the deputy opened fire. more from the deputy that pulled the trigger and growing backlash against him. >> we have more and heard from the sheriff of sonoma county this, story keeps growing, changes and keeps evolving like that memorial over my shoulder, candles burned out. some flowers wilted in the spot where a deputy shot and killed a 13-year-old andy lopez last week but the story remains fresh. begin with sieging anger of the latino community. >> maddening what they did.
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>> today's sheriff stepped forward to answer general questions. >> i don't believe racism is involved in this case. many people know the sheriff's office and me have done much in the past three years to build bridge was the latino community. >> six days after the shooting we learned about the deputy who mistook a pellet gun for an ak 47, putting seven bullets into, and through, andy lopez. the sheriff deputy has a name, a history. his name, eric gels house. he's a firearms instructor, a national figure. a writer on the subject of deadly force. in s.w.a.t. magazine, a tait article he took a tough stance on threatening situations wrote in part, today is the day you may need to kill someone in order go home. if you cannot turn on the mean
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gene for yourself, who will? you need to turn on that mean gene. he told investigators he feared for his life when the 13-year-old turned and pointed the toy gun. >> seem like a trigger happy, guy that just makes me more mad. >> he's having a difficult time now. >> police revealed little more about when they've learn ntd investigation thchl did he make a request, however, that at future demonstrations people leave rep pri ka guns at home. >> what is the point? you can. >> where is the rule saying you skrnt a bebe gun? >> the logic, ever passionate, even after a week. >> a big fire damaged five buildings and displaced dozens
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in san francisco mission district this afternoon. sky 7 hd was overhead showing you the blaze. flames shot out of the roof of a three-story rez yi yil -- residential building. the building was destroyed and has been now red tagged. two adjacent buildings weres also damaged. two others saw minor damage. the red cross says it's helping 50 people find another place to stay tonight. a firefighter received a cut but is going to be okay. the cause of the fire is unknown. a criminal grand jury handed down a felony indictment against george shirakowa june year kusing him of impersonating a city council candidate on bogus mailers that link thord a communist government in vietnam. saying his dna was found on a stamp of a mailer claiming to be from the council candidate.
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he will be he jents forward lying on kafr yain finance forms and gambling away public funds. >> the brother of the woman charged with running over and killing a menlo park couple says his sister was struggling with alcohol and drug addiction for a long time. we've learned she has a long rap sheet. vic lee is live in redwood city tonight with more on this story. vic? >> reporter: the suspect was supposed to be arraigned today but the judge saying she was in the jail medical ward. her family tells us she was complaining of chest pains this is her rap sheet about two pages long. felonies but mostly minor infractions like driving with out a license, a drug paraphernalia and her car. a lot of drug possession. this shows that there are a lot of red flags.
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unfortunately no wake up calls. >> must have had a melt down. my mother pass wade last year, she's been on a downward spiral. >> her brother, ronald wants to give condole wrenss to the family of the couple run over in the tragic accident on thursday night. >> i have more grief for them my own sister. the simple fact they lost someone. she's still here. >> reporter: the driver has been charged with vehicular manslaughter under the influence of alcohol, and felony drunk driving. the district attorney says she was intoxicated, almost twice the legal limit. >> we have a preliminary blood alcohol level we know well over.15. >> police say her car plowed into the sings, then clipped another car crashing into a tree. ronald visited his sister and he says she doesn't remember
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what happened. >> kept telling her you killed people. she said i didn't kill nobody, someone cut me off. the whole thing bit, she don't remember nothing. >> she has a long rap sheet going back a quarter sentry. she's been arrested dozens ever times on misdemeanor drug offenses, and driving violations. but only once, for a dui. that was last november. >> she was convicted and on probation for that at the time that she committedded these felony autos she was able to get a license back. >> for a person going through the drunk driving offender program, and completes it can get their license back. she did that the family members were in court today. but they wleft out speaking to reporters. >> we're taking a look inside tonight at the mess left behind when elderly residents were moved out of their castro valley care home saturday.
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it came after a stafferer's call to 911. the attorney disputes claims residents were abandoned. >> that is right. that attorney told us owners just trying to dot right thing. they were trying to find new homes for about 14 low income residents. but they couldn't do it in time, at least not before the sheriff arrived. >> there are slippers on the floor, and unmade beds. but the attorney for the facility says the rapid evacuation by the sever's department was an overreaction. oren says three staff members caring for patients and the owner would never put clients in danger.
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>> other facilities refused to take folk that's can't afford to pay $3,000 on. >> last week manuel notified by social services her license was temporarily suspended effective thursday, allegations included hiring staff without background checks and mishandling medications. about half moved out by thursday, but 14 remain. and saturday a staff member called 911. >> we just find 14 people with nobody really there to care for them. so paramedics plus ambulance transported them to the hospital. a spokesman says the state had a staffer monitoring valley springs. quote at no time was there a time these residents were unsupervised. this woman took over a care
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facility that had been owned and operated by hilda manuel. >> there were eight people without care. there was no heat no. water. no food. no kitchen. >> as for valley springs, adult protective services is now working to find new homes for the 14 residents. >> still ahead can the world's biggest technology company live up to rep cue taigs? >> the celebrity chef had a lamborghini stolen. witness for the prosecution. >> the historic agreement signed in san francisco west coast governors line up to fight climate change. >> a change of climate in high sierra tonight. first signs of winter are upon us. a lot more still to come.
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it's quarterly report card day for apple. there is a troubling sign growth may be slowing down. stock went up, but has fallen in after hours trading. abc 7 news reporter david louie is live at apple headquarters to crunch numbers here for us. david, it's interesting. >> reporter: it is. good news first. positive news is that iphone sales were up 26% compare td a year ago. however, ipad sales flat, and quarterly profits, down for the third quarter.
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apple talked about passion to come up with great technology. it has new iphones ready for the holiday season but has to ply to wall street. just as consumers vote with dollars so do investors and apple stock down about 25% from the high of $705 a share just over a year ago. expectations high to create another break through at the ipad with three years ago. it has been doing incremental improvements. >> if you stand back and realize they've come out on the phone, differentation between products are big. >> today, it posted an increase in revenue thanks to selling about seven million more iphones than a year ago. apple ais going after consumers in china, making 60%
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of revenue from international sales but also getting pressure from investor carl icon, would like to see apple spend $150 billion for stock buy backs. he argues could double the price. apple quarterly profit lower than a year ago. >> there are more tablets out there than in seven when apple came out with iphone. but i think apple continued to release a product that is high quality, that people want. that exceeds or is equal to competition that is out there. >> a storm hit us overnight came yuft as officials were concerned about a possible drought. with the wind came early season snow. 14 inches fell overnight.
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trucks had a difficult time getting through. and take a look at this picture. snow machines fired up. they're helping to open november 22. squaw valley plans to open 27th of november as well. >> looks like koit open tonight. >> i know. it's a winter scene out there. >> yes. there is areas of light snow falling right now. tapering off a bit. but a winter weather advisory remaining in affect. we're dry at the ment. here is live doppler 7 hd. you can see some moisture there that is over now. dry here, then there is a freeze warning in fokt for areas north of clover dale in effect from 2:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. so chilly thaup way.
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more rainfall near monterey bay. an inch at mount toro. then mounltins of the south bay, that is just about it. looking west from our cam remark temperatures 55 degrees in san francisco now. oakland, 56. mid to upper 50s at san carlos. and half moon bay. looking live and east under partly cloudy skies, we have 61 degrees in santa rosa and one more live view looking south ward, bay bridge, these are the forecast features, chilly, breezy overnight. cool weather and nice and dry, even mild for halloween on thursday.
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a cold low pressure system and chilly conditions and sprinkles here and there. the bay area nice and dry, sunny days ahead and chilly nights as well. overnight tonight, chilly and lows dropping into upper 30s to around 40s. most of the bay area will see low temperatures mid to upper 40s overnight. still cool. tomorrow going to be cool as well. clouds around and breaks of sunshine. calling partly cloudy. high temperatures only into low to mid-60s around the bay and in our inland loks. highs ranging from mid to upper 50s on the coast. so cool day around the bay area, here is the accu-weather forecast. warming is on the way by thursday. looks like going to be nice, mild and dry for trick or
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treating on thursday. friday mildest day in the forecast period. with highs inland and around the bay mid-70s and mid-60s on the coast. temperatures tapering off over the weekend. we fall back to standard time. >> looking forward to brighter mornings. >> yes. >> and not looking forward to dark afternoons. >> i know. >> coming up next noisy backlash against jimmy kimmel. >> what brought dozens of
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our network issued an apology for a segment of jimmy kimmel live with you but that wasn't enough to stop 150 from profitesting outside abc 7 today this, group identifies itself as 80-20. a child on jimmy kimmel joked about killing people of china to help erase u.s. debt. the protesters called for a boycott of abc and jimmy kimmel to be fired nchl a letter to the group, abc says it would never purpose fully do anything to upset the asian community and the segment would be edited out of future episode airings of this. >> well, tonight's money matters a corporate control
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victory for founders of google. a judge gave google permission to create a new class of stock. they have 56% control of the voting power. on wall sfreet, jc penny rofrted improving sales and stock rose pt almost 9% today helping send s and p to a new record high. the dow lost a point and a third today. and there is good news for burger king. the company says the satisfies are attracting more customers. >> there is more still to come here tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00. west coast governors line up to fight global warming. the plan of attack to beat climate change. >> also exclusive new footage from abc news of a carnival gone awry.
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governor brown and other ghofs signing what are calling a historic climate change plan. abc 7 news has the story. >> climate change brings phone shall for sea level rise, something held acutely in our coastal cities. the leaders of california, oregon, washington and british columbia gathered to sign a pacific coast action plan on climate and energy. >> this is significant. >> the plan requires all four jurisdictions account for costs, and where possible, link programs to grow the low carbon economy.
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brown says one challenge working on a problem we can't see yet. >> we have to take action before seeing an experience. all problems we're dealing with. takes imagination and vision. and courage. >> there are a range of predictions. the bay development commission says it's study shows a phone shall rise of 16 inch business 2050 and 55 inches by 2100. sfo and oakland airport might be inundated. >> we found at 55 inches, up to 280 square miles might be inundated. >> they say it's concentrating to reduce carbon emissions but that is only one piece of the puzzle. action plan leaders recognize the problem is bigger than region can take on, alone.
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>> if only org ork, california, washington and british columbia, nudging is going to happen. you've got to get everybody, china. india. you have to get texas and alabama. >> the plan require man for paris in 2015. >> alaska air lines found a way to save fuel and reduce emissions from planes. they're putting new winglets on the fleet that can lower fuel consumption saving the airline $20 million and cutting emissions by 57,000 tons. that is equivalent of taking 12,000 cars off the road. >> police have identified a woman accused of driving drunk and killing her friend by backing over her. authorities booked monica johnson into jail.
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police say johnson was behind the wheel of this ford escape whit crashed into the garage door of a home this morning. her friend who had been in the car just minutes before the accident, was pinned between the suv and the metal frame door. this morning's death was san jose's 34th of the year. and the 21 involving alcohol. >> a san francisco parks worker accused of sunning over a sun bather will have limited driving privileges while out on bail. the former san francisco rec and park gardener can only drive to lk for work, take children to school and attend counseling. and is fashion charges of hit and run, accused of running over a 35-year-old last month in a park. a former bank manager ordered to replay $2.5 million she stole from five elderly
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clients. the 62-year-old former president of the montclaire village association broke down and sobbed today. was fired when thefts were discovered. investigators found she had stolen from another bank. >> new video of the accident on a ride at the north carolina state fair. this is the ride just jolted into gear going back up while passengers were still trying to get off. some people fell as much as 20 feet. prosecutors say the worker is responsible for that accident. there is he in court. the 46-year-old appeared in court today facing three counts of felony assault with a deadly weapon. that being the ride. investigators say someone tampered with the safety systems on that ride. >> celebrity chef guy fieri testified in the case of a
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teenager accused of stealing his lamborghini and later trying to kill two people. he said he never gave permission to lose the lamborghini. it was stolen while undergoing maintenance. police found the car inside of a storage facility. >> we'd get calls all the time saying i just saw the car on the freeway. i'm like there is more than one yellow convertible lamborghini in northern california. and people would call and we'd get reports. well, finding out he was driving it. brave kid. >> wade face as tempted murder charges for allegedly shooting at a class mate and her boyfriend. >> now, a major step on the road to recovery tonight. ellis i'll yantd reopened after super storm sandy shut
7:37 pm
it down. >> this main building is the sewer, electrical, water food service and air conditioning that were wiped out. >> costing us $21 million to get the building back. you know if there is another hurricane sandy. it's going to cost a half million dollars. >> the baggage room was fine, but one floor filled with eight feet of water. that knocked everything out. you're looking at heart of ellis island this, is where names went into the book. to get to that room and come up from baggage room you had to go upstairs that were a medical test. immigration service officers were around here watching people with their bags as they came up. and checking to shether or
7:38 pm
not they were limping or had an eye problem z if they did, they would mark clothing with chalk. these benches are original. each person had to have an exam if they were are marked with chalk taking about 90 seconds. right now kigs post and elevators are still off limits. visitors made their way here, they didn't seem to find. -- mind. >> i'm french. >> you're french? that is great. >> this is the first day reopened. >> yes. >> you knew? >> yes. >> they were cute. i told them bonjour and thanks for the stalt yu of liberty. again this is free but there are no elevators and no food. bring snacks. they hope to be 100% by may. >> let's hope so. >> yes. >> just ahead at 6:00 is anyone thinking about buying a car needs to check out. >> consumer reports run down of the most-reliable cars. is it a good time to buy
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american? stay with us. [son] all right,she has no idea.
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results of consumer reports auto reliable are in tonight. >> japanese auto makers did face stiff competition. >> yes. cheryl jennings has the story. >> reporter: this is the most reliable new car you can buy. 2014 subaru forester suv according to consumer reports just released survey to. find out which cars are least likely to give trouble, consumer reports asked if they've had any serious car problems in 1212 month autos we gathered responses on 1.1 hillin cars and use that had huge sampling to predict how new cars will hold up reliable? lexus, toyota and ak curea. something new this year. >> they're giving japanese some tough kpet tigs in 4th
7:43 pm
place, aweddy. and solveo jumping up to number 7. gmc was named top american brand at number nine. but news for ford and lincoln not so g. >> ford and lincoln had trub yil. the problem rate is still too high. >> ford ended up near bottom of the new car reliability rmpkings and very bottom cars from miney had the most problems in consumer reports survey. consumer reports says the 2014 subaru forester is the most reliable vehicle you can buy. >> the ford energy plug in hybrid named least reliable model. >> coming up next, samsung is at it again. >> yes.
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efforts to go toe to
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samsung continues to move in on apple's territory in the innovation hub of silicon valley. apple reporting quarterly earnings samsung held out an event straight out of apple's play book. >> good morning. >> holding a developer's conference in san francisco is something you do if you're a big company in the smart phone world. apple does it so does google. now, samsung. >> you know silicon valley is the heart of innovation. a lot of it is seeing all of the energy and thought it would be a perfect plis with 13 people people there are no big product announcements instead focusing on how developers can make exist prog ducts do cool things. the app uses a pen to scribble on virtual business cards. >> you sketch out notes about people.
7:48 pm
>> an app uses a pen and tweets while you watch tv. >> big idea is can we create user experiences? but providing an experience users can say, wow. >> samsung sells two tvs every second and can run apps that do things like video chat. >> one person could northbound california. another person in new york. as you're watching live content. >> this is part of a bigger move to set up a presence in silicon valley. the home of google and biggest rival, apple. on the very same day, apple announced to build its new campus, samsung broke ground up the road daib yug its developer's conference the same day apple reported quarterly earnings now samsung competing for talent. start ups need to be inspired.
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>> hopefully, they can say i never thought of that. maybe i should explore it and come up with the next big thing. >> a vacant lot left behind from the central freeway has a purpose tonight. take a look. today was grand opening of the pairy helen roger senior housing complex. the building has 100% low income apartments. 20 set aside for seniors. >> san francisco is very difficult to build affordable housing. you've got to care for seniors and those who need help. >> these come with views of the civic center. beautiful location. all 100 have been rented and there is a thousand people on the waiting list to rent an apartment there. so it's a big hit.
7:50 pm
and well needed. >> things looking calmer tonight than this hour last night. here is a look at winds calming down quite a bit. scattered moisture moving through now. scattered areas near scots valley but not much to that. it should disappear. tomorrow's date stayed -- state wide, mainly dry conditions. along coastal south, showering down near san diego. showers passing by central coast as well. tomorrow, partly cloudy skies sm. periods of mostly cloudy skies. highs around bay and inland only into low 60s. mid to upper 50s on the coast. here is the accu-weather forecast. mild, dry thursday, milder friday with highs into mid-70s and 60s on the coast. cooling over the weekend.
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set clocks back to standard time. >> thank you. >> okay. >> well, talking about sports and news coming out of the raiders camp. >> yes. >> i don't think i've seen it. raider was a win yesterday. attention on a raiders coach and his reaction. never seen knit all of my years. we're covering it. next in sports. it's great having at&t u-verse high speed internet.
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handing out the one finger salute to officials in a win. he apologized and will be disciplined by the team. came after mike jacobs called to this supposed hit to the head. it appears he was fighting for the ball coach allen stood by his coach. >> i think he's done an outstanding job defense. i think he's a fiery guy. that is what is i think our players have really taken to
7:55 pm
that. of i think they've embrace that had. offense outscored their last opponent in the first half. raid yirs led at half time yesterday with only 35 yards of offense and one first down. the defense has been out standing this season. >> it's not always about how pret redoes it look? we have a defense playing out standing in the football game. only chance to get back in the game was for to us make mistakes and give opportunities. >> the trade deadline is 1:00 p.m. tomorrow there has been talk la michael james may be on the block. he shared his dissatisfaction
7:56 pm
on social media. 49ers just got back from london. we'll have another edition tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. vernon's view only on abc 7. stand ford moved frup six to number five thanks to a win on saturday they're also number two oregon, november 7th. now .s will be trog see what happens if we have four defeated teams at the year's end. oregon jumping over florida state. ojai yes state coming in fourth. warriors open regular season wednesday night against lakers. the team saw plenty of each other in the preseason. this is the first year seth
7:57 pm
curey come into the season healthy. >> i'm in the mistaken they lost the two home openers. >> helps not having nagging injuries. >> tiger woods expecting a great time. today in china for an exhibition patch. you know they got paid. rory won last year against woods. you know he wanted this match. not enough for woods. and both taking home $1.5 million. this abc sports report brought to you by orchard supply,
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hardware. >> wow. >> yes. >> they want two. >> join me tonight on cable channel 13. new technology and how it's used to track down crime mals. >> and then a san francisco fire truck driven by a suspected druk driver. tonight new details on a lawsuit against the driver of the truck and city and county of san francisco. >> we have "dancing with the stars" and "castle" with the new watch abcapp. and join us again at 11:00. >> but that does it for this edition of abc 7.
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>> for all of us here, spencer, schuman, larry beil, we appreciate your time. hope to see you again at 9:00 and and you got to love the weekend. it's like everyone came to, "if it's good, let's save it for the weekend." so here's to the kfc ten buck weekend bucket. ten pieces, ten bucks. any recipe. just ten bucks every saturday and sunday. today tastes so good.
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