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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 29, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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tonight you'll hear from the wife ofe/ >> and reaction ofñr hundreds o students to aç police shootingf a north bay teenager on the day of his burial. >> does hollyed with need new san francisco? >> health insurancezv affordabl and it's free what. itç7s tao qualify, ahead on seven on your side. >> should oakland be just next
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potential? that would be something. satisfying. >> she's holding out hope her late husband's dream of a better oakland will be the result of his murder. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> liz boyar was in court when a judge ruled a 16-year-old boy will stand trial for killing her husband. off duty paramedic, quinn boyar shot to death in oakland last april. abc7 news laura anthony spoke with his widow about the tragedy. >> a police sargeant testified the young defendant in this case admitted firing the single shot that killed quinn boyar. burton's attorney says the confession was coerced and meantime, boyar's widow told us, in this case, there are no winners. >> it's travesty all around. there is no, i don't see where it's going to have a happy ending. >> reporter: the widow ofzvç n
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boyar, liz boyar says she came to court to seek answers as to why her 34-year-old husband became a random victim on an oakland oakland street >> i'm concerned with how it came to pass in the first place, opposed to really pinning hurt or focussing on a punitive solution for us. there is no satisfaction. with we don't get quinn back. >> liz and a group of family friends and fellow paramedics appeared for a preliminary hearing for the 16-year-old the head. >> an independent witness basically told police the shooter had a white baseball cap. and the witness is sflot describe my client with a jean jacket on. >> reporter: prosecutors argue burton was on a crime spree
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caught partially on video surveillance. later, prosecutors say the same group approached boyar on the side of keller avenue. and that the teens intended to steal his car, and iphone. >> best thing thacould come from this situation is for people to remember quinn, things he believed n one of which was he loved this city and wanted to see it reach it's potential. >> reporter: a judge ordered burton held for trial as an adult f convicted he can face the death penalty. >> north bay, a day of anger and heartache. family and friends laid to rest a young man, shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy one week ago today, carrying a replica ak 47 when the deputy opened fire. anger made clear during another protest over his death. this one, largest so far
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as you can see from sky seven hd, over the sheriff's office today where the march ended. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman is live with the story. wayne? >> reporter: for people that didn't know andy lopez he has a name and a picture. today it came home in the form of a cop wheeled in by friends and family about a half hour ago. thev: serviceñr! continues, overflow service for more than 500zv peoe inside. it concludes a day in santa rosa unlike any people around here have seen in a long, long time.<  it's a mefk and te hours since the shooting death of andyko lopez he's gone frk just another neighborhood kid to a symbol nationally. >> the system is killing the youth. it has no future. >> reporter: lopez was 13 years old, walking with a pellet gun made to resemble an ak 47 rifle.
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last tuesday, sheriff deputy the gun, then when he felt threatened put seven bullets into and through the young man, killing him at the scene, andñr inflaming this community. >> there is a racial profiling. it's discrimination, bias. >> they could have shoot him in the lp?;móleg. >> would they have done that to a white çymkid? i bet not. >> reporter: that is one of thd hearts of the issue. v:xd perceptions. today'sç march ben at court house square andymñrzvd with another at santa rosa junior college. >> we have a responsibility to all children in santa rosa. >> reporter: from there, 1500s to 2000 people moved down the center of mendocino avenue in front of the fortified sheriff's department. emotions ran high. violence nonexistent. message? ó delivered. >> what we want is for sometng
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to change we want something tangible in terms of policies. to change. we're tired of being looked at as a threat to the police they're here to proet yekt us. protect us >> police are hoping it will track down a gunman, here saturday morning. police say the video shows four people entering the club. this started when a security guard asked someone to turn down the music. guard shot, but expected to survive. the i team has details on a lawsuit filed against the sdpi county of san francisco. that firefighters suspected of operating a rig while drunk. >> it's been four months since that crash. no charges have been
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filed against the truck driver, a 43-year-old michael quinn. the d.a.says they're still working the case quinn and city and county just have been slapped with this lawsuit. the surveillance video obtained by i team shows what happened. the fire÷ú5a÷ú truck howard street. frasier has retab taned a lawsuit.q to file this the firefighter at the wheel. the firefighter at the wheel. thea >> this is a huge case normally we don't put a dollar amount on the complaint. but this is an eight-figure case in our view. >> the suit says michael quinn )r depa under the influence of alcohol. quinn is under criminal
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investigation for driving a ladder truck under the influence of alcohol. he was caught on a bar surveillance camera just after the crash chucking water the i team reported that the fire department is investigating whether other temperatures tried to help quinn avoid a dui arrest. test results hours after the crash found whim a.13 alcohol level. frasier suffered broken leg, ankle, foot and neck and back injuries his recovery has been difficult. he's been twice rehospitalized since spending a month in the hospital. from initially after this accident. >> reporter: attorneys say jack frasier hopes this will bring about needed change in the fire department with long history of drinking in station houses. >> he's concerned about this issue. and would tliek see something done. >> reporter: the city attorney declined to comment because they're just reviewing it. on
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the criminal side his attorney told me he doesn't believe this firefighter will be charged but evidence isn't çthere. the blo test came seven hours after that crash. >> dan, thank you. a san francisco supervisor introduced a ballot measure to place a tax on sugary drinks taxing all sugary beverages at $0.02 per ounce. meaning costs of soda would go up $0.24, raising estimated $31 million a year for health and nutrition programs but small business owners say a tax like that could hurt their sales. if approved the proposal could wo go on november, 2014 ballot. staying in the city, nearly half of a dozen film productions from movies to television series have been shot in san francisco this year. and one supervisor wants to keep that momentum going. the plan is to boost the city's rebate program providing financial incentives to hollywood. we are live at city
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hall tonight. it's lights, camera, hearing there tomorrow. isn't it? >> that is right. and think about this.çóe1 blue jazzmen, m bpprodu the film rebate program. tv series are included and now, one supervisor wants to keep up with what he calls an evolving industry.. san francisco has a film legacy. these days places like new york, new mexico, and vancouver offering big bucks and in san francisco, they have to compete. cat lansberg is a producer of a series called "looking". most action is in san francisco. and the city's financial incentives are a draw. the program rebates up to 600,000s ndz fees paid for things like permits and stage rentals. >> being able to access that
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rebate, we are able to put more on screen than if we hadn't. >> reporter: the program began in 2006 and scheduled to expire in 2014. supervisor mark farrell wants a year extension, proposing that net flix hit "house of cards" be included >> if you think about categories we'bev able to rebate, we want o stay nimbler! i want to us stay nimble here. to make sure we can the market. >> reporter: he's proposing to increase total cost fromñi $2 million to $3 million which the surperç visorlp considers )÷+mature. >> i'm not sure if we need to increase the amount there is still money in the rebate program that hasn't been used >> the film commission says perks are working. from 2006 to october of this year, 4ji÷tcity paid÷ú out about $1.7 million i incentives andi]q productionsir generated about $42 million in spending. eight film makers
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signed up last year, five thisx year. with more in the pipeline. in san francisco,q abc7 news. still ahead a launch spectacular. looking into the video game industry changing of the guard. what one leader is doing to earn your loyalty. >> tonight a fire displaced dozens of renters. why they're questioning theqrp landlord ability to rebuild. >> you're going to take a look at damage wild pigs are doing to a golf course and drastic measures that may be taken to stop it >> clear skies and temperatures dropping. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. for over 60,000 california foster children,
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extra curricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team. getting help with math. going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal, when you can't do the normal things. to help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that, for most kids, are a normal part of growing up.
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not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child.
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making a video game is like producing a movie. sometimes a hit smshgs times a flop. on the peninsula, a chatter that is all ort to at electronicjf arts. the video game industry is bigger than the movie business now. day here at electronic arts. it just wrapped up a big party to celebrate the launch of the newest game battlefieldç four. also earnings day today and a reported $1 billion in revenue. same as a year ago at the time.
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it's wok9g very hard to adjust to a fast-changing game business.fá÷ú electronic arts ua flyover of fighter jets to launch a next generation war fair game battlefield four. it's fighting its ownñr battles tryi to change with newçi-i technol and how people play games. ea zynga and smart phones became devices. ea had to change but hasn'tuñsxvgone smoothly . >> they had 80% of revenues coming from nonconsole games. so it's just not enough revenue to keep them on the expansion path. >> reporter: revenue dropped 31%, daily users dropped 45% more change in the game industry is coming. as you look around
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this room, you can see game industry is going through a changing of the guard. old guard making way for a new young group of people. inventive people, some are from overseas. start ups from china and south korea here, prototypes of new virtual reality game systems set for release next year. more choices, more competition for game developers. >> just never happens because technology wasn't ready.;ñf hee are now. it's here. so legislation of a lot of people. >> that means established game producers need to be nimble. >> there are new shifts in technology leading industry but most important thing, which is players ability to play the game, it's going to be at the center. >> reporter: some want to play on the run, other s, home and others online. ea and others will be fighting for attention. david louie abc7 news >> there is a sad end toie search for aymzvçó peninsulaç
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morris's wife reported him missing yesterday, when he failed to return from a walk. he was an avid walker the area is several miles from the burlingame home. police are still investigating but say there are no signs of foul play. >> the search underway for a san jose man who went on a mining expedition in the sierra. the 65-year-old left home on wednesday, supposed to return yesterday. but never showed up teams from six different agencies are searching for him now in nevada county,c on the ground, and by air. tenants of a burned-out apartment building are appealing a permit to rebuild. the units destroyed by fire the tenants accused the owner of disconnecting alarms prior to the blazet/mv they blame on an improperlykxinstalled water
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heater. city councilñi will hea the appeal tonight. he spent several years in prison for human trafficking. humans after poisoning in a billing he owned in berkeleynyhñ >> san jose city council could change a firearms ordinance in order to deal with a wild pig problem what. a problem it is, too. this is a look at damage done to the almaden golf ask country club. feral pigs did $10,000 damage to greens this week and tearing up lawns. right now, san jose does not allow firearms to be discharged within city limits. they want the oerd ers. >> thousands of dollars around the city people complaining they're scared to take kids trick or treating. there are 30, 40 running around. they're large. they haven't caused any problems as far as hurting anyone. but you never know. >> a trapper told abc7 news he
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has to take pigs outside city limits to kill them. city leaders say it's dang with russ to take them into anotherç habitat in case they cgq:(phe. >> if you're a police officer hoping to make cash, try santa ç cla clara. you'll make $55 an hour, but only needed 10-12 times per who other special events such as concerts or super bowl. santa clara police department isn't big enough to staff the stadium on its own. city council expected to approvemy $200,000 conduct background check s. >> pretty good money >> yes. i like super bowl idea >> maybe they need a weather cast scombrer news people. >> give me a call >> we're available. >> how about weather? starting off cloudy. it got
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sunnier. now, clear skies around the area. here is a look atç dopplerñi sevenk/dhd. lingering clouds, but not many. so post sunset[ skies looking good. speaking of post sunset going to get chilly during overnight hours. a frost advisory in s8 until 9:00 a.m from north bay mountains low temperatures dropping into low to mid-30s and of course that poses at( possibility of damage to sensitive plants. bear that in mind here is a live view of a beautiful sky over the bay here. it's 56 degrees in san francisco right now. 59 across the bay. we've got upper 50s in san carlos and los gatos. 54 half moon bay. another live view from our emeryville camera looking at post sunset sky across the bay. 61 santiç rosa. 60 livermore, 5s in çónapa, novato and concord. another live view from mount tam looking towards san francisco. over the bay, forecast features
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clear skies and cool tonight. chilly and dry, mild halloween. cold low pressure system brought us wild and wacky weather sunday nightb. and showers is showing very little movement but pushing eastward and will continue to do so tomorrow. at 7:00 tonight, by this time toerj the low will be east, going to leave us with milder days and chillycé beginning tomorrow. actually, tomorrow morning. overnight, clear skies. may see passing clouds hereymñr andv: there. co region up in north bay valleys lows upper 0s an÷]ç mid to up 40s in other bay area locations so will be chilly to, cool across theñr region, tomorrow, %-pa couple degrees. mid to upp 60s the peninsula, highs 64 in çwok
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mateo.ym 66ç redwood city. on coast, 59 in háçpacifica.lp 61 moon bay. north xgnzvgrbay, not around san francisco, highs tomorrow. now, up in the north napa. east bay highs 64 at oakland. 65 union city. inland east bay highs mid to upper 60s here is the accu-weather forecast. it will get milder on thursday. which is halloween. nice day for trick or treating or evening for it. friday, high temperatures mid-70s around the bay and inland. by the way, this weekendç setting our clocks ba. >> thank you. reminding us >> yes. we need reminders yes. >> thank you >> have you tried this?
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coming up a new cometic strip app >> how you and friends can appear on the facebook funny pages. so what can i get you?
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tonight google steps up competition with facebook. google plus unveiled technology turning pictures andemó videos o
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movies. google claimszvc 300 million people are usingxl it. wall street banking on another six months of stimulus programs the dow went up 100 points today setting a new record high as did s & p 500. apple fell after reporting a decline inb earning yesterday. kodak ready to get back into the game. emerging detectives. on ñrfriday,xdç ko stock will return toñiç new yo stocko[ exchange z southwest airlines expanding it's deal with dish network. passengers in chicago,á denver ask oakland wl beq abler> to checwi out añr d you won't be able toñiçó reserve in ñiadvance. san francisco main artery. city officials onñi hand to kick off the demolition located on the corner of vanness avenue and
7:28 pm
gehry boulevard. a new california pacific medical center. it will have a nine-story medical office building. it will of course be built to withstand a major earthquake. >> thezv mechanical system that arexd life critical in anyç building becomeym hyper considerate dmal a hospital project. >> it took years of negotiations to get the hospital approved. union nursesok protested possibility of job losses and sutter health had to guarantee it would rebuilt st. luke's hospital in mission district. both open in 2019. >> just ahead tonight a special report on the anniversary of super storm sandy. how one town is having to force people into >> michael finney examines health care coverage that some people are already receiving underçw?ht obamacare. >> keeping flame alive. president ñikennedy's arlington
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progress. on this day, sand being taken out of the bay to build a dune on the beach. look at the marshland there in the bay. the roof of a house is a
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grim reminder of what is lost. not that anyone needs a reminder. some left, most stayed. like chris. this was his house the day of sandy. this is his house now. 12 feet higher. >> majority of the people understand risks of living. but you have, that is offset by beautiful sun sets across the bay. sun rises on the ocean z so that is what we deal with. >> that was phil lipoff reporting from new york. >> new informaon now tonight that the obama administration was given warning a month before the launch of its troubled health care web site it was not ready to go live. that is accord toing a report obtained by cmn. one warned the main contractor didn't have access to necessary monitoring tools. officials testified today on capitol hill she didn't foer see this problem. medicare and medicaid chief made an admission >> i want to apologize the web
7:35 pm
site has not worked as well as it should. >> critics of the affordable care act says the web site is just one of obamacare flaws. >> problem isn't just the web site. it's the whole law. i heard from hundreds of constituents who are seeing their premiums rise. >> health and human services secretary will testify about the web site problem tomorrow, and is expected to vow to fix issues. >> much has been written about new ab siddized rates. important is the free care now available to more people under medical. >> this is a huge part of the story that largely is going untold. i'm glad we have an opportunity to talk about this, affordable care act expanded eligibility for medical by millions of people in california. estimate of 2
7:36 pm
million and could save patients a lot of trips to ergency rooms. laura is getting blood sugars checked this, care is something she might not have done in the past. >> i couldn't afford it. so that is really causing a lot of problems in the family. it's not just me. it's my family. my husband, my kids. my grandson. >> reporter: nora is one of estimated 2 million patients now eligible for medical under affordable care act. it used to be limited with families with children incomes below poverty level. for a family of four, $23,000 a year. now, hates been expa it has been expanded to qualify of a family of four with less
7:37 pm
than $32,500. life long medical care has 15 clinics. >> this is huge. this is really huge. i mean, because there are a lot of people who have not had anyway of accessing care. at all. >> reporter: ship says those without insurance were forced to go expensive emergency rooms where, by law, everyone must be treated >> a lot of the people will now be eligible for insurance to help them. mainly, medical. >> reporter: to determine your eligibility go to a community health chinic or contact covered california through it's web site or hot line. those that don't qualify for medical may qualify for sub-sidized health insurance. >> now, at this point i really happy because through medical i will have, you know, everything. ten benefits of the affordable
7:38 pm
care has it, in the act. >> reporter: about 26 states including texas and florida decided not to expand the programs. u.s. supreme court upheld legality of the affordable care act but said expansion of medicaid was up to the state. to help determine your eligibility we have a link to covered california web site. it's -- covered ca-anyway. we have that available. take a look. to to our web site abc7 click on seven on your side we've got the link. >> glad you looked into this. thank you >> just ahead tall cans reveals a timetable for the next bay bridge project. >> what it's
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caltrans confirms demolition of the bay bridge set to begin any day now. a spokesman did tell abc7 news crews will remove a thousand feet of the upper
7:42 pm
deck. that is the old relic near the suspension span. before torn down, patrol promised to escort families to mourn relative who's lost their lives on it. >> well, internal flame that marked a gravesite of john f kennedy has been restored to the proper site. it's been burning as a temporary location so original burner could be upgraded today with 50th anniversary of the assassination coming up in just three and a half weeks the flame was transferred back to the spot where it has been burning since 1964. the work supposed to have completed more than six months ago >> local history now. the house where steve jobs grew up and built apple computers is now a historic property. the his storal commission gave the house
7:43 pm
a december nation. they've been considering the proposal since jobs died the home is where jobs and his partner built their first 100 apple one computers the family moved into the home in 1968. it's now owned by steve's sister patricia. >> wow >> coming up next how a facebook smart phone app can turn you into an online cart
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if you haven't heard of bit strips there is a good chance you've seen them. character that's look like a lot of your friends. it's an overnight sensation, maybe too popular for makers to keep up. >> just another day on the news deck des being all i can think about s dinner having later tonight. the boss sent me fishing for a story about a story called bit strips so i headed down to a coffee shop where people who know about apps tend to hang out. >> do you use bit strips? >> no >> gregory explained they're
7:47 pm
colorful cartoons featuring characters that look like themselves >> people love it >> love is an understatement. it's topped 11 million down loads making it hottest app. there is so much demand it crashed the company's web site, sending them scrambling for a fix. ceo told us we've been overwhelmed and have our heads down working to keep things up and running and add they're ecstatic about the popularity but how does it work? i came face-to-face with a user. >> just jumped into it. >> he explained genius of bit strips is that it's quick. artists drawing every day. just pick one, put yourself in it and say something witty. >> me on a train on the way to work. >> first design your avatar. you can make it look like you or younger, thinner version of you. every detail is on the table.
7:48 pm
bushy brows to super hero shoulders. it's social. you can put your friends with you. at a speech bubble, you're done. jaded might argue it's too easy. >> some people are night. it's all they do. use bit strips. as their personality. >> reporter: your friends turning into cartoon zombies? now that is news worth reporting. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> they're getting quite a reaction on our facebook page. we invite to you read comments at news >> well, internet still abuzz about a secret barge located at treasure island that can be seen from the new bay bridge standing four stories high. reports indicate it was built by google. the company won't confirm or deny that. techies point to a patent in 2009 for a floating
7:49 pm
data center using waves for water and sea water for cooling. a similar barge has been spotted in portland, maine >> it's wild. exploratorium is expabd panning beyond it's new home. one use twoz discs to let people whisper in ears while 50 feet part. another is a bench playing music when two people sit together and hold hands. it's very cool. idea to againer yat business, making sidewalks fun. >> people are more inclined to use spaces installations or other features that would allow them to sit and explore spaces. >> project part of a new initiative by the mayor to put science in public spaces throughout the city. >> it's a great idea. >> it's fun.
7:50 pm
>> absolutely. let's check on the forecast. >> here is live doppler seven. a few passing clouds today. they've dissipated tomorrow, sunny skies ask. on halloween eve, nice and mild and south and n -- on the coast. high temperatures around the bay, inland mid to upper 60s and about 60 in some coastal locations. how about our trick or treat forecast for thursday? mild at 4:00 p.m halloween. temperatures upper 60s. at 6:00 p.m cooler then once the sun sets it will be dark and chilly. haha! >> i was hoping you're going to come through with that again, spencer. >> nice evening for trick or treating but not hahaing >> children avert your eyes
7:51 pm
>> yes >> oh, spencer. >> i'm in the sure if that was dracula or count chocula. >> plus, what is colon
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good evening, 49ers enjoying a buy this week for a chance to get healthy. there is some immediate business to attend to. that is, trying to figure out what to do with la michael james? a fourth string tail back. rarely gets on the field he's not happy about it. as much as coach is happy about the return of the injured players he's not thinking about that now. >> no. we're just been focussed on what we have, you know? this week. and you know, those being the best available players and get la michael in the mix. just too good of a football player not to be playing.
7:55 pm
>> nfc west-leading seahawks holding out for a win over st. louis. they lost receiver for the rest of the season. rice tore his acl. third with 15 catches. back to niners they got back from london last night. as we continue our exclusive series with tight end vernon davis today. vernon with one touchdown catch. in this week's edition of vernon's view, asked about the collin kaepernick we don't get to see. >> you know with the media, he's really kind of short and kurt. doesn't give a lot about himself. but i understand he's a lot of fun in the locker room. >> he is a lot of fun. i try to pick on him as much as i can. >> like a big kid? >> come here, cappy. hey, little cappy. he's, he's a lot of fun, man. he's what you want in a
7:56 pm
quarterback. you know? he's just a great guy. great person. he's quite a character. you know? every day i doum work i look forward being around cappy we talk about football. we talk about life. you know? we joke around you know? we just play like kids. you know? it's a beautiful thing when you can develop that relationship with your quarterback on a different level other than just being out there, and him doing passes me, catching the ball. it's a great thing. he's a genuine guy. love being around him. >> good stuff. for the full interview go to our web site abc7 he's not the only teammate davis talks about this week. use loss for stanford
7:57 pm
football team, ben gardener suffered a muscle injury, out for the rest of the season. gardener wrote an open letter to fans saying the party in the backfield never stops let's beat oregon and keep this rolling. warriors tip off tomorrow night at home against laker was expectations. warriors made it into second round last year. now, a warrior says racking up wins is fine, but peaking at right time is more important. >> being one of the best teams in the league, top teams in the league when playoffs starts. that is important. you know? last year we had a great record but didn't play well going into playoffs. >> season tipped off with miami heat receiving a championship ring. derek rose with bulls back after missing last year recovering from an acl surgery.
7:58 pm
nice move there but lebron, nicely done, going sports with a 17-0 run. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. sit okay doi what vernon davis does and go danny? >> absolutely oochlt yes >> okay >> join me tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv 20, yahoo ceo's mysterious real estate purchase, why she's buying a property that includes a funeral home. >> bad news for wine drinkers analysts say there isn't enough to go around. why they think we're in the mid yefl a world wide shortage. >> spencer looks glum. and remember, all abc programming available online with watch abcapp >> but that does it for this
7:59 pm
edition of abc7 news, thanks for joining us. >> from all of us here, thanks >> from all of us here, thanks for watching.
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- after all these years, i finally have it all. i'm gonna miss this place. that's how you do it. it's two lines.


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