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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 31, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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breaking news, a bay area flight makes an unexpected stop. we will bring you a live update on the threat made on this plane. only on abc7 news a civil rights claim in the death of a santa rosa teenager. tonight, the first response from the deputy who shot him. and we will follow up on a vicious dog attack in antioch last night. the search for the owner and what could happen to the dog that survived. and why a popular ex-49er could be spending time next year in a federal prison. that breaking news is in phoenix right now, where united airlines flight from san francisco to san antonio, texas, has been diverted because of some sort of threat. >> the nature of that threat has
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bought knot been released, flight 6573, which is operated by skywest airlines, landed at sky harbor airport in phoenix, where passengers were evacuated from the plane. >> police are now combing that aircraft as they investigate this threat. officials say even though you could see the plane sitting on the tarmac it is not delaying other flights. airport operations continue. the passengers are all being rebooked to san antonio right now. and good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. we have new information tonight about the sheriff deputy who shot and kill addison nome ma county teenager. his lawyer spoke with abc7 news today. 13-year-old andy lopez was carrying a toy gun that looked real when the officer opened fire. deputy eric goalhouse's lawyer says he feels terrible about the loss of the young man but he believes he had no other option but to fire his weapon. vic lee in the newsroom with more for us. vick? >> reporter: abc7 news has learned that andy lopez's family has filed claim against sonoma county and the sheriff's office. here it s it was just filed
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today. now, the county has six months to either accept it or reject it. if that happens, the family would most likely file a lawsuit. the claimant is andy lopez mother. the claim says the 13-year-old was killed unjustifiably and charges that the sheriff's office failed to develop adequate training policies for the use of lethal force. it does not specify an amount for damages. deputy goalhouse has been placed on paid administrative leave during the investigation. >> we feel for the loss of this young man's life. he feels for the loss for the family, for the community. >> reporter: but deputy eric goalhouse's lawyer, terry leone, says it doesn't minimize the threat her client faced that day. >> an ak-47 with no markings that it was a replica gun, that was pointed in his direction, those weapons, they pierce body armor, they pierce -- they go
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right through patrol vehicles and this was a residential neighborhood, with homes all around. deputy goalhouse ordered one or two times for mr. lopez to drop his gun. >> reporter: santa rosa police are heading the investigation of the shooting. they now say it was only ten seconds between the time goalhouse radioed the dispatcher and the time he fired the shots. goalhouse told his lawyer he fired when the boy turned when the barrel of the toy rifle raised toward the deputies. >> so once the lethal threat was posed, once deputy goalhouse felt in fear of his life, for his safety. he had no other option but to use his firearm. >> reporter: a police accountability expert says the investigation by santa rosa police and the district attorney is not enough. >> in every single department, there should be some oversight of that department. there should be independent
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investigations of misconduct issues. there should be a way for the community to have input. >> reporter: now the fbi is also conducting its own investigation. the sonoma county sheriff's office is also investigating a complaint by a motorist who claims goalhouse pulled his gun on him during a traffic stop two months ago. now, goalhouse's lawyer says she could not comment because it was a pending personnel investigation r but leone did tell us he would only draw his weapon if there was a need for it based on his training and expertise. vic lee, abc7 news. >> all right, vick, thank you. police are searching for the owner of two pitbull dogs that attacked four people. it happened in antioch on larksburg drive. one of the animals was shot and killed by authorities. abc7 news reporter alan wong is on the story. >> these were mean, nasty dogs. >> reporter: the two pitbull dogs bit through brian morgan's jacket on both arms and ripped
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two gashes in his hand. >> the bad one is here, the one they had to stitch up. >> reporter: he was walkhis two dogs on this path in antioch around 8:30 last night when the pitbull attacked two dogs. >> i hit it on the back of the head and that didn't have any affect except it upset the other pitbull who then came after me. >> reporter: morgue answers 5-year-old weimer a runner has severe bite wounds. his 13-year-old dog ran away and was later found. morgan said if it weren't for the neighbors, they would be in much bad shape. >> i guess it protected me. i was ender my brother's car. >> reporter: he hit the dog with the lawn tool but he fell and started getting mauled by the larger male dog. the younger brother watched it happened. >> he built his face, he clamped on and then my brother, like, kicked the little red one and then punched the big run and it ripped. >> reporter: the boy's older brother, who was also burnt, kicked it away and jumped on the father's car and turned on him. >> he kicked the dog off the
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car. he saved my dad. >> reporter: the battle went on for at least 10 to 15 minutes before antioch police arrived and shot the female twice with a shotgun. the male ran off but was later captured and taken here to the pound with the puppy. police say the absent dog owner isn't facing any criminal charges, just a fine and a challenge of convincing authorities the surviving dog is not vicious. if no one claims it within ten days, it will be euthanized. in antioch, alan wong, abc7 news. a san jose man is under arrest after police say he left his children alone in a car overnight. julio reyes was taken into custody late last night. milpitas police say an 8-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl were left inside this car on north hill view drive for 14 hours. he called police to report his car and his children missing. the chp has issued a traffic alert for next tuesday, november 5th in rohnert park because a lot of cars are expected for the
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opening of the grayson resort and casino. as many as 10,000 additional cars are expected on highway 101 during peak hours. the chp is asking drivers to give themselves plenty of time, therefore, as they travel in that area and to be familiar with alternate route. major changes coming for transit workers that should make the rails safer. the state public utilities commission approved a set of emergency safety rules following the death of two b.a.r.t. workers killed on the tracks earlier this month. here is abc7 news transportation reporter, heather i shall marrow, with more on this for us. heather? >> reporter: the cpuc has been developing new safety rules since the 2008 b.a.r.t. fatality. it was just getting ready to approve those new rules when the latest accident happened and it realized it needed to make some adjustments. today, it left open the possibility of more adjustments once the ntsb investigation is completed. when two men doing b.a.r.t. track maintenance were killed by a train in walnut creek two
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weeks ago, b.a.r.t. and the cpuc realized they had inadequate safety rules. >> to me, it's just unbelievable that that accident occurred the way it did. and that that kind of work practice could go on. >> reporter: in response to that accident, the cpuc today ordered new emergency safety rules for all 12 transit agencies that regulate. >> unfortunately too often takes a tragedy for us to realize where the gaps are. >> reporter: the b.a.r.t. workers who died october 19th were on the tracks with what's called simple approval, where workers are basically responsible for their own safety. b.a.r.t. has already done away with that process. the new cpuc rules include three-way communications between central control, the train and workers on the tracks. new safety training program and standardized personal protective clothing. b.a.r.t. says it's fully supportive of the new rule. atu and seiu are reviewing the
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rules. those unions had said that was a top priority in contract negotiations, a point not lost on san francisco transport workers union president, erik williams, when he heard about the b.a.r.t. accident. >> sad, because the unions spoke on safety and nobody really want to hear that. >> reporter: he came to the cpuc today to tell them muni workers have been desperate for training. >> like any other profession, we should be trained, updated yearly, not biyearly, not just sitting in a classroom for eight hours and talk about war stories, it is about actual getting back out on the platform and actual training on any mode that you're working currently. >> reporter: muni says it will comply with the new regulations. all agencies have to give project reports to the cpuc in a year. heather i shall marrow, abc7 news. >> b.a.r.t.'s two unions spoke tomorrow on the deal that ended their most recent strike. that new contract would give workers a 15.4% raise over four
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years. they will pay $129 a month for health care coverage, that's up from $29 and also start contributing to their pensions. voting ends at 10 tomorrow night. we should have the rules for you on abc7 news at 11:00. as they are voting, an or ribbon da city councilman voting to ban future b.a.r.t. strikes will turn in petitions with 20,000 signatures. as he put it the petition is longer than a ten-car b.a.r.t. train. former 49er bubba paris could spend the next year in federal prison for not paying his tax. paris played nine years for the niners and won three super bowl rings in the process. since 1985, he has been the ceo of his own business, paris enterprises, yes does motivational speaking and sell photographs but according to the u.s. attorney, he failed to pay tax on $182,000 of income from 2006 through 2008. paris, whose real name is william h. paris jr. pleaded guilty to three misdemeanor counts and will be sentenced in federal court in february. well, small group of protesters held what they call a trick or treat protest in
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oakland today. they claim congress is tricking low-income families by cutting their food stamp benefits. abc7 news reporter carolyn tyler has the story. >> reporter: some dressed in costumes for halloween, but say the real trick comes tomorrow for more than 47 million americans. a temporary hike in food stamp benefits put in place in 2009 during the recession goes away. in california, more than 4 million people will be affected. 67% will be house hordes with children. a maximum monthly food benefit for a family of four will be cut by about $36. for a single person, it will be $10 to $11 a month. here's john wilson's plan to cope. >> well, i can probably fasts for two days. $11, that's about two, three days of food stamps. >> reporter: congress is curr t currently debating a new farm bill that includes even deeper cuts and more eligibility restrictions for food stamps.
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the house republicans are backing it. the vice chair of the california gop says she is sympathetic to those who need the benefits but blames the president for what she considers misplaced economic priorities. >> see leadership from the president what is he willing to cut to make sure there's more money in this program, not an endless system of writing checks. >> the drop-in benefits will likely put the squeeze on food pantries like this one, the south hayward parish. ralph morales expects more people will show up needs to make up for what they can't buy. >> a tight stretch. the worst case would be instead of giving people food for three days per week, we might only be able to give them for two days per week. >> reporter: nationwide, one in seven americans relies on food stamps. carolyn tyler, abc7 news. >> and we want to thank the south hayward food -- parish food bank for their help on our story. they alerted to it at an abc7
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listens meeting hosted by laura anthony and the management team. we hope to learn about the issues facing bay area communities. your organization like to host one go to and 7 and click on our community page. valuable resource for all of us. >> we hope to hear from you. still ahead on abc7 news, can silicon valley correct the obama care website's problems? coming up, the people about to trial. a major milestone tonight for tesla. now you can drive their all-electric cars the entire length of the pacific coast. i'm spencer christian, following a sunny and mild halloween day, we have more sunny and mild weather coming our watch i will have the accuweather forecast in a moment. >> thanks, spencer. the first game played in the 49ers new stadiuiuiuiu
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[son] all right,she has no idea. [man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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the obama administration has recruited software experts from two bay area tech giants to help fix its troubled health care website. one of those engineers, mikey dickerson is a site reliability engineer on leave from google. he is now working directly with the general contractor hired to upgrade the website was down for the second time yesterday because of technical problems. it's been plagued with glitches ever since it launched. oracle ceo larry ellison spoke about his company's efforts to fix the site at today's shareholders meeting. >> we think it's our
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responsibility as a technology provider and technology industry to serve all of our customers and the federal government is one of our customers. we are helping them in every way we can. >> also today, republican congressman darrell issa of southern california subpoenaed health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius, demanding couples to and information related to the website. the bay area's own tesla motors just gave drivers of its high-end electric car an extension cord, of sorts it is a key network of its new super charging stations built especially for road trips. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom, has the story. >> get the charge cord. plugged in right there. >> reporter: since dawn gordon wylie got a tesla model s, there's one place she hasn't been in a while do you miss gas stations at all? >> not one bit. >> reporter: the highest end model s can go 265 miles on a charge. that's about from here to san
7:18 pm
luis obispo and yet, there's a pair of tesla sedans making a trip longer than that. >> driving from san diego to vancouver using our recently opened network of super chargers. >> reporter: super chargers what tesla calls the big contraptions that charge up the car's battery at super speed. you can get three hours of driving time by plugging in 20 minutes. >> our chargers are way faster than anything else out there. >> reporter: it means you can charge your car. >> you pull into a charging station. you plug into the car. and go have lunch, have a cup of coffee. >> reporter: keep right on going. >> yesterday, we start downed in san diego. >> reporter: the super charges are listed on the car's built-in google maps 100 miles apart from mexico to canada. >> demonstrating the ease at which you can charge at tesla super chargerers and take free road trip in model s. >> reporter: free if you happen to own one of these $70 to $80,000 cars. it is an investment for tesla, eliminating the reason people hesitate to buy an electric car.
7:19 pm
ranging an anxiety. >> the lowest we got is 13 rated miles left, about as low as you want to go >> i have gotten home to my own charging station with 14 miles left and breathed a little sigh of relief. >> reporter: have you ever gotten caught short? >> not yet. >> reporter: teslas don't need a super charger, they can charge other outlet, a good thing, here in san francisco, there isn't a super charger. the nearest someone fremont near tesla's factory. the free chargers at chrissy field take several hours to charge a tesla. see a super charger here at chrissy field? >> think about it, that is probably good idea. >> reporter: first, tesla wants to finish the route from new york to l.a., then boston to miami. [ horn honking ] in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> the tesla is becoming as popular as it is pricey is in affluent areas. according to, the tesla is the number one selling car in these bay area cities. it is no coincidence these are
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among the most affluent places in the country. keep in mind, tesla is the number one selling car in norway. another vision of tesla ceo elon musk has taken a big step forward tonight. musk has proposed building what he calls the hyper loop, which would shoot you through a tube in an air conditioned capsule between san francisco and los angeles in half an hour. sounds crazy, but a group of engineers, designers and entrepreneurs has signed on to this idea and they have now formed a business called hyper loop transportation technologies inc. the company said today that several high-tech firms and the ucla school of architecture have been enlisted to help with this project. trick or treaters hit the streets early today in san jose to get a head start on halloween. pirates, princesses and, of course, super heroes head out to the willow low glenn shopping district for this event. businesses on lincoln avenue handed out candy in front of their stores. one stop, kids were able to pick out a free book instead of
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loading up on even more candy. weather is perfect for them tonight. >> absolutely. perfect companies in the afternoon. nice and sunny and mild. as it gets dark it will take a while for it to get chilly outside. trick or treating weather left. here is a look outside. you can see on our radar image, we have clear skies across the bay area, than way all night. here is great view of the western sky from mount tam. the skies are clear and temperature readings right now, 60 in san francisco, 63, oakland, upper 60s, san carlos, san jose, 57, half moon bay. emeryville, golden gate, also clear skies, nice new 67, santa rosa, mid-60s, napa. novato, 67. upper 60s, concord and livermore. one more live view from the east bay hills camera. looking over at mount diablo, eastward, the sky is still bright. the forecast features, clear and
7:22 pm
cool for trick or treaters around anyone else who is around tonight, some chilly spots during the overnight hours, especially in the north bay valleys, mild tomorrow, milder than today, as a matter of fact, but it will be a little bit cooler over the weekend. our satellite radar composite image shows a large, expansive area of high pressure that will be the dominant pitch earth next several days, dry pattern we have now will extend into next week. it will get cooler. what a dry october we have had. dry octobers in san francisco this month, no measurable rainfall at all. 4 1 4th occurrence of a completely dry october in san francisco since 1849. the last was in 1980, no indicator of what kind of rainy season we are going to have. some of our rainiest rainy seasons, some of the driest rainy seasons following dry octobers. interesting information though. ghosts will disappear overnight and we will have clear skies, chilly conditions up in the north bay, lows dropping into
7:23 pm
the upper 30s, low temperatures most other locations, mid to upper 40s, tomorrow, sunny skies again and even milder than today. in the south bay, see highs ranging from 74, san jose, 76, los gatos, 77, gilroy. the peninsula, highs, 72, san mateo, 73, palo alto, 73, redwood city. 68, half moon bay. the coast, mid to upper 60s, downtown san francisco, 67 in the sunset district, 75, santa rosa. east bay you highs of 72, oakland, 74, free moment. inland east bay, 76 at fairfield, antioch and livermore. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. a little cooling down on saturday, not much, it will be very pleasant. set the clocks back saturday night, sunday morning, fall back to standard time. cooler weather on sunday and monday, still dry, turns milder again on tuesday and wednesday. not going to have much change over the next seven days. >> nice, perfect. coming up next, how google's
7:24 pm
mysterious barge in the bay is quickly becoming a tourist attraction. >> what are they doing out there? tonight at 11:00, a bay area politi who had a very public meltdown is finally telling the whole story only to abc7 news i team. a sex tape, a drug addiction and her famous husband's surprising response. dan noise has the exclusive interview tonight, only on abc7 news at 11:00, but we will be
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news at 11:00, but we will be you got to love the weekend. it's like everyone came to, "if it's good, let's save it for the weekend." so here's to the kfc ten buck weekend bucket. ten pieces, ten bucks. any recipe. just ten bucks every saturday and sunday. today tastes so good.
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federal authorities discovered a tunnel used to smuggle drugs between the u.s. and mexico complete with a rail st. the tunnel stretches from tijuana all the way to san diego's otay mesa industrial area. we have video to show you inside the tunnel. it runs about a third of a mile at a depth of 35 feet. authorities seized more than eight tons of marijuana, 325 pounds of cocaine in connection with this discovery. >> in flight, you can feel it kind of shimmy and making noise. i kind of dozed off in between. >> we apologize. that is the wrong sound but we were hoping to bring one of the agents describing that tunnel. more than 75 of them have been found on the u.s./mexico border since 2008. the tunnels primarily connect to arizona and california. google's mysterious barge in san francisco bay is becoming a
7:28 pm
tourist attraction. tonight, that barge is holding white storage containers wrapped in construction mesh. there are fences all around it and security guards on the pier. dpoogle will not admit to building the barge, but does say it will let us know what it is when it's finished with t google has patent application for a floating platform-mounted computer data center so we are guessing what could be at work here. >> the meantime august lot of publicity and interest about this. >> oh, yes. coming up next on abc7 news at 6:00, the new rules for electronics on airplanes. pretty soon, you won't have to shut off your iphone or your kindle but there will be some exceptions. also tonight, new revelations on an fbi bribery sting against california state senator with hollywood aspirations. plus -- >> get your home's interior designed for free. i'm michael finney.
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the next time you fly, you
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may notice a very big change. you know how irritating it can be to turn off your ipad or other gadgets for takeoffs and landings. today, the federal aviation administration lifted those restrictions. abc7 news business and technology reporter d takes a look at the change. ♪ >> reporter: burlingame-based virgin america just released this new safety video but the admonition to turn off devices soon will be moot. tablets, e-readers and mobile phones can stay on before takeoff and landing as long as they are in airplane mode, making cell phone voice calls still will be banned. we asked industry analysts why it took so long for the faa to change the rules >> the faa is a very conservative organization. safety always comes first. but we are now at the point where the devices are safer. the technology on the airplanes are safer and the way the
7:33 pm
airplanes are built make this more possible. >> reporter: each airline must submit its device plan for faa certification so the rollout of the policy may not be instantaneous. an estimated two-thirds of passengers carry mobile phones or smartphones on board. 40% have tablets. what the faa didn't make clear is whether video calls are allowed when using wifi allowed on some airlines. >> some of the airplane's wifi systems can't support video chat, whether it is face time or other video services. so, if you use that, you slow down the experience for everybody and on some systems, you may even be booted off. >> reporter: one passenger wound officers even more devices will be carried on board. >> who knows what the next thing for kids is gonna be. could be a little bit noisy around the plane after a while. >> reporter: there are two exceptions to the new rule, laptops need to be turned off before takeoff and landing and in low-visibility situations, the crew may ask for all devices to be shut off. in san jose, david lieu which,
7:34 pm
abc7 news. we now know a lot more about the fbi's case against a powerful california lawmaker. in june, acts raided the capital office of state senator ron calderon, an fbi affidavit reveals the raid came after 14 months of investigation and alleges that he accept a accepted more than $60,000 in bribes from an fbi agent pretending to be a hollywood producer. here is our reporter, john meyers. >> they were all over us. they fed us tips, information. >> reporter: they are b-list movies co-produced by a company seemingly run by this man, an undercover fbi agent who posted this twitter photo with his target, state senator ron calderon. >> my intention at this point is to do my job that i was elected to do. >> reporter: that was calderon in june, hours after fbi agents raided his capital office. this sealed affidavit leaked to the cable news network, al jazeera america lace out several damaging fbi allegations. it includes that ron calderon
7:35 pm
took money in exchange for legislation to change california movie production tax credits. calderon says the fbi document has a film called mvie executive funnel some 27,000 bucks to his daughter for a job that didn't exist. any help you could do for my kids, calderon is quoted as saying, that's diamonds for me. and the tax credit legislation, calderon, i can make that play. but the capital play failed, the bill went nowhere. even so, ron calderon's relationship with the agent pretending to be a movie boss continued. a relationship the affidavit suggests the senator knew was trouble. we cannot have a conversation we just had, calderon is quoted as saying to the agent. we cannot a have a quid pro quo conversation. the alleged exchange of money and favors continues. a $4,000 vip table at this concert last halloween at the bellagio in las vegas, way beyond the legal gift limit
7:36 pm
calderon could accept. then this past winter, the affidavit says calderon gave a legislative staff john to the movie is producers a girlfriend who also was an undercover fbi agent. al jazeera america confronted calderon at a golf course, not surprisingly, the senator wouldn't talk. the sealed document includeds even more allegations. calderon, working with his brother, former assembly man caldercal der accused of taking money from a health care executive to help a new business avoid set it regulations. we have been keep him in business four years he confides to the undercover agent. then $25,000 donated by the undercover agent to a plight al action committee, then transferred to a non-profit organization controlled by the calderons. the goal of funneling money to the non-profit alleges the affidavit, we can pay ourselves, it says ron calderon confided, all of this while unproved
7:37 pm
legally has a much worse impact for everyone under the capital dome. >> what that is going to do among other things is make voters think even less of politics and politicians than they already do. >> reporter: in sacramento, john meyers for abc7 news. just ahead here tonight on abc7 news at 6:00, it has been called a cool new way too help athletes and others recover quickly from injury. >> some are giving it a frosty it's great having at&t u-verse high speed internet. walter likes to download fix-it videos... and watch "boardwalk empire." it helps sam with math... [ beeping ] ...and online gaming. and suze loves her smartphone for "social" studies... like video-chatting with sara. hi, ms. kelly. hi, sara. [ male announcer ] call to get the fastest internet for the price -- $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. on our newly expanded advanced digital network,
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some athletes are turning down the thermostat to help them recover from their workouts, using a technology called full body cryotherapy which applies ultracold to affect the body. it may look like a sauna, but it is actual the reverse, a super cold treatment known as cryotherapy. >> it is like an ice pack or ice pack. >> reporter: the treatment originated in japan in the 1970s for rheumatoid arthritis. clients spend two to three inconsistency a cryosauna that takes skin temperature down to 30 degrees fahrenheit, so cold, clients wear protective clothing. >> go out, underwear, a ear muffs. like standing outside in the snow with shorts and a tank top on. >> reporter: runner mckenzie hill says it helped her get back
7:41 pm
to competition after a torn hamstring while mare yin clayton says it helped her return to exercise despite arthritis. >> i'm able to do my water aerobics. my yoga. >> reporter: in fact, cold has back hot topic in sports medicine. some experts now believe that lowering an athlete's body temperature immediately after exercise can alleviate inflammation in muscles that have been pushed to their limits, speeding recovery and lessening the pain often associated with exercise. but the biology was complicated and debates how different methods of cooling affect the body. physical therapist andrew pritikin has worked with the cryotherapy chamber and says he has seen results. >> we really want to get all that inflammatory process going and getting it moving along and getting it out. with this cold, it really does that. >> reporter: others are more cautious. stanford biologist craig heller helped develop a device that trains heat from the palms of athletes' hands called core control blood, now commercialized. ice baths can accomplish some of
7:42 pm
the same benefits but he is skeptical of the short exposure to cold used in the cryosauna. >> just a few minutes in very cold air or gas is not going to do much to lower your body temperature. >> reporter: he does believe the reaction to the short bursts of cold will undoubtedly produce a shock to the system and supporters believe the body's reaction to that stimulus alone also produces the benefit. >> body interprets that as pain. so in order to counteract the pain, the body will release endorphins. >> reporter: according to the company web site, the cryosauna has not been evaluated by the fda and the agency doesn't offer advice on its use or effecti effectiveness. -- number of sessions purchased. well, just ahead here, home design without paying a dime. >> it's great to have the design professional, if you can get it for free, too, why not?
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>> yeah, why not? seven on your side's michael finney on the free new service being offered by some popular retailers. and it's throwback thursday around since it's halloween, we are posting photos of members of the abc7 news team in their childhood halloween costumes. facebook, twitter around instagram, go to our pages to make your guests. make your guests. we will reveal the name of this [ laughter ]
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fashion for a well-designed home. not everyone can afford a high-priced interior design. amanda hippie of san francisco was shopping in emeryville for a couch when she was enticed to do more when she was offered a free in-home design. >> it always helps to have a extra kind of professional eye there. i mean, i feel like i have pretty good aesthetics, but it's great to have a design professional, if you can get it for free, too, why not? >> reporter: the good news is that many furniture stores now offer free in-home design with no minimum or purchase required. grace mann works as a design. >> we assist our clients, whether they are looking for decorating ideas, simple party planning, even like a whole new home project. >> reporter: ethan allen, lazy boy, pat pottery barn and eq 3 are a few of the stores that offer a free in-home design service.
7:48 pm
not all stores have design consultants. lesle uses trained designers and employees who know the merchandise and have good design sense. ethan allen says they only hire professional trained in-home designers. megan kearney works in their corte madeira store. >> i am an interior designer. i did go to college for interior design. >> reporter: all the stores include design elements in their plan beyond furniture, like accessories and wall color suggestions. many suggest items from other stores. >> if there's something that we don't carry, we absolutely would direct them to another store. >> reporter: the manager of lazy boy in emeryville says lazy boy has more than recliners and can design all the rooms in a house. both stores have partnerships and sister stores. west elm's parent company is williams sonoma >> we can design with west elm, pottery barn, rejuvenation. >> reporter: all the stores have
7:49 pm
send out designers to take measurements and get a sense of their customer's styles and needs. >> what i like to do first is get into the home, interview the client and then set up my floor plan and do some measurements. >> reporter: at the end of the process, clients end up with a floor plan with furniture and accessory suggestions and where to place them. all these services are free. now, of course, the stores would like to you buy their furniture, but you have no obligation. >> that is a great tip. >> could you buy a few things. a little awkward, isn't it? >> a little bit. let's get another check on the forecast. perfect for trick or treaters. >> spencer christian is back. >> could not ask for a better day for trick or treating. clear skies. no clouds around the bay area. take a look at our drought monitor. we showed you this a couple weeks ago, the state of california is covered mostly in orange indicating severe drought for most of the state. and one area of red is down here in the south central part of the
7:50 pm
state indicating extreme drought, so we desperately need rainfall here, none in sight the next few days tomorrow. sunny and warm across virtually all of california and the bay area will be mild to warm tomorrow as well, with highs ranging from mid to upper 60s on the coast to mid-70s some locations around the bays to mid to upper 70s inland. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast, we will cool down a few degrees on saturday but still nice and mild, set aturday night or sunday morning, we fall took standard time, the cooling will occur on sunday and monday, start getting milder weather on tuesday and wednesday. temperature variations pretty sharp one way or the other. >> sounds good, thank you, spencer. we are ready to reveal the answer too this throwback thursday halloween riddle. we showed you this childhood photo a few minutes ago and posted it on facebook, twitter around instagram. >> did you guess it, abc7 news reporter heather i shall marrow dressed as fortune term. you can see the before and after here side by side. >> how much fun is that?
7:51 pm
>> now we love to see your halloween photos, throw back thursday or maybe this year. make a face like that. you reported or share them on facebook, twitter or instagram with hashtag abc7 halloween a lot of fun. >> make that face all the time. >> often. jim harbaugh is smiling like that jack-o-lantern. aldon smith back on the roster. the question, when will he suit we all have our little tricks.
7:52 pm
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alden smift is back. the all pro linebacker activated to the 53-man roster, figures to be back on the field next game. a bye this week, play november 10th against carolina. smith has a couple of very large legal issues looming here. dui charges and a felony weapons case stemming from an incident back in 2012. the 24-year-old smith had been on the non-football injury list, even though he has missed the past five games, aldon smith still leads the niners in sacks. season total, four and a half.
7:55 pm
the nfl, at some point, likely propose a u.s. is pen ises on smith, but typically waits until it place out before ruling on smith. conceivably, maybe play for the rest of the season for the 49ers. the raiders hosting the eagles sunday at the coliseum, phillies ten points, problems at quarterback. offensively struggling, despite the second best rushing attack in the league. dennis ellis said philly may be 3-5 but still quite dangerous. >> i look at the whole body of work, not just the last couple of weeks. i mean, this is a -- this is a -- an explosive offensive football team that can gain a lot of yards and put a lot of points on the board so we got to understand what we are dealing with. >> got to to guard desean jackson. first game at the 49ers levi's stadium will not be football. soccer, a match between the earthquake and sounders, august 2, 2014 just prior to the start of the 49ers preseason schedule. the quakes beyond excited for
7:56 pm
the opportunity to kristen the new stadium in santa clara. >> we think is a great spring board into our new stadium which is going to open in 2015, a great way for people to experience in a world cup year a great competitive soccer match. the rivalry between seattle and the bay area a pretty big one. you see it with the niners and seahawks, with the sounders and the quakes and this is a great way to carry that forward. the warriors looked very impressive in last night's season-opening win against the lakers. quick turn around tonight squaring off against the other team from so cal, the clippers. seth curry only 10 points, didn't have to score, clay thompson was lighting it up against the a depleted lakers squad that looked like a d-league team. play went off for a career high 38. >> there's no secret that clay thompson is phenomenal shooter. and i don't think enough credit is given to them. and he is a heck of a basketball player. not only did he shoot the lights out, but he defended.
7:57 pm
>> you know, when he is feeling it, getting good shots, so, ride that wave as long as you can and that's pretty awesome. it is a two-man race on the champions tour, kenny perry and bernhard langer, the only two that can win the charles schwab cup championship, comes down to this final tournament at tpc harding park in san francisco. seen on the right here, just needs to finish in the top five to win the schwab and the million bucks that comes with t here is perry, tied for 8 at three under. the pressure on langer needs to win, perry tied for fifth or worse, this is a fantastic putt on 13, langer, 4 under 67, tied for fifth. four back of the leader, peter senior. abc7 sports report brought to you by orchard sun ply hardware. >> good golf weather out there. what a great golf course >> nice and mild for sure. >> larry, thanks. tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv
7:58 pm
20, the proposal that turned into a lawsuit. why can neigh west and kim kardashian are going after one of the founders of youtube. at 11:00, a bay area politician tells the story of a very public melt down, a sex tape, drug addiction and a famous husband's surprising response from dan noise, with an exclusive interview tonight at 11:00. our primetime lineup here on abc7 starts with the classic halloween special, "it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown" followed by gray's anat mir, scandal and see you at 11:00. >> that does it for this edition of abc7 news. our coverage of breaking news continues right now on twitter at abc7 news bay area. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. for all of us here, thank you for watching. we appreciate your time. have a good night. you got to love the weekend.
7:59 pm
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