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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 31, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> we begin with developing news. united express flight to san francisco to san antonio diverted because of threat this authorities came from on board the aircraft. flight 55 73 landed in phoenix with passengers and crew were he have been ateed. bomb squad police dog searched the aircraft and luggage to make sure the plane was safe. united now working on getting
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the passengers on to another flight to their destination. >> good evening. new information tonight about the sheriffs deputy who shot and killed a the sonoma county teenager his lawyer spoke with 7 news today. 13-year-old andy lopez was carrying a toy gun that looked real when the officer opened fire. the officer lawyer says he feels terrible about the loss of the young man but believes he had no other option but to fire his weapon. vick lee has more. >>reporter: claim anti-lopez mother. claim says the 13-year-old was killed unjustifiably and charges that the sheriffs office failed to develop adequate training policy for the use of lethal force. it doesn't specify an amount for damages. deputy has been paid on administrative leave during the investigation. >> he feels for the loss of this young man life. he felonies for the loss for the family for the community but
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the deputy lawyer says it doesn't minimize the the what he face that had day. >> ak 47 with no marking that it was a replica gun pointed in his direction. those weapons pierce body armor and go right through patrol vehicles this was a residential neighborhood with homes all around. the deputy ordered one or 2 times for mr. lopez to drop his gun. >>reporter: santa rosa police head the investigation of the shooting and say it was only 10 seconds between gale house radioed dispatcher and the time he fired the shots. the officer told his lawyer he fired when the boy turned when the barrel of the toy rifle rose to the deputy. >> so once the lethal threat was posed, once the deputy felt in fear of his life for his
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safety, he had no other option but to use his firearm. >> she's a police accountability expert who says the investigation by santa rosa police and the district attorney is not enough. >> in every single department there should be some oversight of that department there should be independent investigations of misconduct issues. there should be a way for the community to haveen put. >>reporter: now the fbi is also conducting its own investigation. the sonoma county sheriff's office is also investigating a complaint by a motorist who claims the officer pulled his gun on him during a traffic stop two months ago. now the officer lawyer said she couldn't comment because it was a pending personnel investigation but did tell us he would only draw his weapon if there was a need for it based on his training and expertise. vick lee, 7 news. >> san jose man arrested after
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police say he left his 2 children locked in a car for more than 14 hours. 29-year-old julio reyes arrested after reporting his car and children missing more than 24 hours after police say he left them. just after noon yesterday police found an 8-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl locked in a car on north hill view drive. police say they had been there since 10:00 p.m. the night before. the children are now in protective custody. >> tonight police are searching for the owner of 2 pit bull dog that attacked 4 people. it happened in antioch on larkspur drive. one of the animal shot and killed by authorities. allen is on the story. >> these were mean nasty dog. >> 2 pit bull dog bit through bryan morgan jacket on both arms and ripped 2 gashes in his hand. >> the bad one is here. that's the one they had to stitch up. >> he was walking his 2 dog in antioch around 8:30 last night when the pit bull attacked his
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dog. >> so i hit it on the back of the head and that didn't have any effect except that it upset the other pit bull who came after me. >>reporter: morgan 5-year-old dog also has severe bite wound wounds. 13-year-old dog ran away and was later found. morgan says if it weren't for the neighbors they would be in much worse shape. >> came at me. i guess it was protecting its puppy underneath the car. >>reporter: her father hit the female dog with this lawn tool but fell and started getting maul by the larger male dog younger brother watching it happen. >> bit his face he clamped on then my brother like kicked the little red one and punched the big one it ripped. >>reporter: the boy older brother who was also bitten kicked it away and then jumped on his father car when the dog turned on him. >> then the dog kicked the dog off the car and saved my dad. >>reporter: the battle went on for at least 10 to 15 minutes before antioch police arrived and shot the female twice with
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a shotgun. the male ran off but later captured and taken here to the pound with the puppy. police say the absent dog owner isn't facing criminal charges just a finance and challenge of convincing authorities that surviving dog is not vicious. if no one claims it in 10 days it will be euthanized in antioch, abc 7 news. >> at least 52 stanford students recovering from what may the flu. university says today that 4 of the students had to be treated at the emergency room. they were that sick. all of the students live at the hall dorm and felt sick yesterday complaining of symptoms similar to the stomach flu. not clear yet what caused the outbreak. santa clara county public health department is looking into it. >> state public utility commission today approved new set of emergency safety rules for rail transit workers in california. both measures come in response to death of 2 bart workers killed doing track maintenance two week ago. new
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rules, 3 way communication between central control, the trains and workers on the trac track. new safety training programs and standard personal protective clothing. the rules aplay to all 12 transit agencies regulated by the cpuc including muni and bart. muni union says the members have been asking for this kind of safety change for quite some time. >> look at muni in itself. so many things gone wrong can be preventible within safety aspect and training. the training here is so antiquated. far behind what other agency and other cities have in place. we are far behind. >>reporter: agency have 90 days to implement most of these new rules. >> bart 2 union mean time vote tomorrow on the deal that ended their most recent strike. new contract would give workers a 15.4 percent raise over 4 years health coverage and start contributing to the pension.
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voting ends at 10 tomorrow night. we should have the results for you on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. and as they are voting city councilman leading campaign to ban the future bart strike will turn in petition with 20,000 signatures. as he pit addition is longer an 10 car bart train more to get to google mysterious barge on the bay is quickly become ago tourist attraction. >> new bus service from here to los angeles for a dollar. there is a catch. christian is here with the weather. >> late night chill chase away the ghost and goblin and mild weather again to. i have the accu-weather forecast coming up accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment >> thanks. also a major milestone tonight for tesla. now you can drive all electric car the entire length of the pacific coast. 7 news at 9:00 co
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>> bay area own tesla motors just gave drivers of the high end electric car an extension cord. key network of the new super charging station built especially for road trips. is jonathan has the story. >> since she got a test la there is one place she hasn't been in awhile. >>reporter: do you miss gas station at all. >> not one bit. >>reporter: highest end model can go 265 miles on a charge. that's about from here to san luis obispo and yes there's a pair of tesla sedan making a trip much longer than that. >> driving from san diego to vancouver using our recently open network of super charger. >>reporter: tesla call the big contraption that charge up the car battery at super speed. they say you can get tremendous hours of driving time by plugging in for 20 minutes. >> our charger are way faster than anything else out there.
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>>reporter: it men charge the car. >> pull into a charging statio station. you plug into the ca car. then keep ongoing. >> yesterday we started in san diego. >>reporter: super charger listed on the google map 100 miles apart from mexico to canada. >> the ease at which you can charge them and free road trip in model s. >>reporter: free if you happen to own one of the 80,000 dollar car. they are investment for tesla. eliminating the biggest reason people say they hesitate to buy electric car. >> lowest we got was 13 miles left which is probably about as low us a want to go. >> i have gotten home to my own charging station with 14 miles left and a little sigh of rehalf. >>reporter: have you ever gotten caught short. >> not yet. >>reporter: of course tesla can charge at other outlet that's good thing because here in san francisco there isn't a super charger. nearest one is free mont at tesla factory.
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free charger here take several hours to charge up. will we see one here. >> if you think about it that's probably a good idea. >>reporter: but first tesla wants to finish the route from new york to l.a. then boston to miami. in san francisco, jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> away they go. tesla is by the way becoming as pop already as pricey in affluent areas. according to the tesla no. 1 selling car in these bay area cities. listed here >> these are also on the most affluent places in the country. keep in mind tesla is also the no. 1 selling car in norway. >> while talking transportatio transportation. los angeles for a buck how does it so you know. new bus service began rolling today offering rides from the bay area to southern california for just 1 dollar. brightly colored bus first stop
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in oakland this morning. both bus offer 3 daily round trip to los angeles and east bay pick up passengers at the west oakland bart station in san jose and stop at the station here. >> most stops are here on to different bus systems or trains or whatever always around the main area of travel. >> the dollar promotion ends on sunday however. regular fare to los angeles cost about 14 dollars. still very reason. power outlet free wi-fi and it's affiliated with greyhound. >> shorter ride. check out this driver ready to pick up passengers. what's wrong with that picture. the company has make up artist at the san francisco office dress up 50 drivers as zombie. drivers giving away treats worth up to 100 dollars in lift credit. happy halloween.
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>> you may have heard about the mysterious google barge out on the basement a lot of folk curious about it. a few are driving to treasure island to get a closer look. lee ann was one of them. >> people stop to look at the concealed barge holding white storage container wrapped in construction mesh. you wonder what the antenna for. if that's what they are the. some take pictures. there are fences all around it and security guards on the pier. idea are just floating around. >> i have an opinion what it is. >>reporter: go ahead. >> i think it's the under water system that geeling working on ocean bottom things lake that and why build something on a barn. >>reporter: i asked patrick what he thinks. he's a contract or on treasure island who has been watching the operation for more than a year now. >> they are filling them full of stuff. shipping them off.
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and. >>reporter: have you seen what's inside. >> not really seep what's in the containers. some are electronic gear. some are empty. >>reporter: google has patent application for floating platform mounted computer data center. some think that's what they are building. now a second barge in maine completed after the one here is finished. google has met twice with san francisco bay conservation and development commission. that's the agency which hands out the permit to use the bay. >> what we think it might is a way in which google described to us a way for the bay area to learn about technology. that is as much as we know. >> with answers so vague i decided to go in undercover it's halloween. >> i'm i want permission to go inside do you know who i could
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talk to. >> i have no idea. you have to research that because i have no idea, i don't know what it is back there. >> all we know now is that google has promised to release information once the project is completed. with construction still ongoing that may awhile. on treasure island, lee ann, abc 7 news. >> we keep trying. well it is throw back thursday and since halloween we post photo of the member of the 7 news team in the childhood halloween costumes to facebook twitter and instagram. go to our pages and make your guess. tell you who this young lady is just ahead here. throw back thursday kind of fun. >> well talk to spencer great night for the trick or treert. >> it was indeed. lovely afternoon and really nice fechbing. it's cool now and hope you have enough clothes to keep you warm. here's the
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skies around the bay area. temperatures drop in some spot spots. but it's not cold out there here's a live view from the mountain tam camera that the bay. 59 in san francisco. 58 in oakland. upper 50's san carlos and san jose. 55 los gatos and 48 half moon bay. that's pretty chilly. leif view from our emeryville camera east bay and other temperature readings for you. 53 right now in santa rose upper 40's at napa and novato. 50 fairfield concord livermore and one more live view from the high definition east bay hills camera west ward out over the bay. forecast feature clear cool overnight. chilly in the north bay valley and we have mild weather tomorrow but get a little bit cooler over the weekend. satellite radar composite image shows that we maintain this dry pattern we have rate now with high pressure expansive ridge in control for the next several days. the dry pattern and cool down a little bit before the beginning of next week. now lets talk about dry october.
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this has been a dry completely dry october in the city of san francisco no measurable rainfall just this no rainfall in october and since 1849. last time we had was back in 1980. this is not an indication by the way of how dry or how wet our rainy season will be. we have had some of the rainiest and driest seasons after dry october like this. so on we good. overnight tonight. ghost goblin disappear or just go to sleep. low pressure will drop mainly to the mid upper 40's except chilly up in the north bay valley where low drop into the upper 30's. high tomorrow south bay in the mid upper 70' 70's. 74 at san jose. 76 morgan hill. peninsula mid 70's. 74 at redwood city and mountain view and mid to upper 60's on the coast at pacifica and a half machine bay. around sfran high pressure right around 70 downtown. 71 south san francisco. 64 over in daly
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city. north bay high on the coast mid 60's bodega bay and stinson beach. santa rosa napa and sonoma and on the east bay look for high of 72 at oakland and hayward. 73 union city. 74 free mont. inland east bay just a little bit higher 75 walnut creek. 76 at fairfield antioch and livermore. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. milder forecast period tomorrow. cool down a little bit on saturday. a little bit more on sunday by the way. sunday the beginning of dinner time take our clock back some time over the wean. start to warm-up again a few degrees on tuesday wednesday and then cool down again next thursday so we won't have too much nruvrngs asian in the temperature range one way or the other. >> check your clock monday before work. >> still to come 7 news at 9:00 pro-pose that turned into a lawsuit. why kanye west and kim kardashian are going after one of the founders of you tub tube.
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>> and tonight at 11:00 o'cloc o'clock. bay area politician with very public melt down is finally telling the whole story only to the abc 7 news i team. sex tape drug addiction and famous husband surprising response. dan noyes has the exclusive interview only on abc 7 news at 11 over on channel 7 7 news at 11 over on channel 7 but
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>> cash kardashian and can way west are suing co-founder of marriage proposal posted on line. lawsuit filed today. it claims chad hurly violated confidentiality agreement when he posted the footage on the new web site called mix bin.
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video shows the at&t park proposal and the celebration that followed. and the giant ballpark. kardashian and west seek unspecified damages from hurly and his company. >> trick-or-treaters hit the streets today. businesses on lincoln avenue handed out candy in front of the stores and at one stop kids were able to pick out a free book instead of loading up on more candy. no doubt plenty of candy by the end of the night. coming up next. story affecting anyone who flies. new rule on gadget asked to turn off during take off and landing. also obama care. wouldn't tell us how many people have enrolled but you are about to hear how bad those web site crashes have actually been. >> and on this halloween. haunted houses. what do you do if you own one and need to to
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>> for years we have heard white attendant tell to us turn off the phone and mobile did he advice on take off and landing. guess what. the rules are changing. those restriction in place for 37 years out of fear that the electronic devices might in some way interfere with cockpit technology. business technology reporter david louie more now on the long awaited change. >> estimated 2 third of airline passengers carry a smart phone or cell phone. 40 percent carry a tablet. so fliers are happy about the faa decision following a year long study but
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if it comes it comes that's great. >>reporter: in san jose, david lou, abc 7 news. >> now to obama care and the troubled web site. reports out tonight that say just 2 48 americans, 2 48 were able to sign up in the first two days after the program launched. obama administration has said it did not have reliable numbers but documents released l committee show computer crashes limited most people from accessing that site. >> to that end obama administration has recruited
9:33 pm
software expert from 2 bay area tech giants to help fix the troubled health care web site one engineer is a liability engineer on leave from google. he's not working directly with the general contractor hired to upgrade health web site was down for the second time yesterday because of technical problems. it has been plagued with glitches as you know ever since it launche launched. oracle ceo ellofson spoke about his sew effort to fix the site at the shareholder meeting. >> we think it's our responsibility technology provider and industry to serve all of our customers and federal government is one of our customers so we are helping this in every way we can. >> also today republican congressman ice of southern california subpenaed health human services secretary kathleen civilia demanding document and information related to the health care web site. >> federal authorities have discovered a tunnel used to
9:34 pm
smuggle drugs between the u.s. and mexico complete with rail system. tunnel stretches from tijuana all the way to san diego jose mesa industrial area. this is video shot in the tunnel. look at this thing. like it was built by utility or something and runs about a third of a mile at depth of 35 feet. authorities seized more than 8 ton of marijuana and 325 pound of cocaine connected with this discovery. >> passageway is four feet in height. approximately 3 feet wide and equipped with an electronic rail system and elaborate electrical system. swelts ventilation system. >>reporter: more than 75 drug tunnel have been found on the u.s. mexico border since 2008. tunnel pray mayoral connect to arizona and california. >> well owners of the new lap top made by del are raising a stink tonight literally complaining that pricey new
9:35 pm
commuter smell lick cat urine. appears to be limited to the new latitude 6 4 30 u model. it's not like assembled in a litter box. del says tonight the smell is related to a manufacturing process which has now been corrected. you can have the offending part replaced by calling del technical support if you bought one of those stinky model. >> grating card maker hall mark apologizing after changing the lyric to popular christmas song on ornament. the line is from the song deck the hall but instead of the word don we now in gay apparel hall marked changed it to fun apparel. backlash on facebook and twitter accusing the company of making a political statement. others say it showed up homophobe ick bias. hall mark said the gay is open to interpretation but now hall mark says quote we never intended to offend. or make political statements with the product and in behind sight we
9:36 pm
relevantize we shouldn't have changed the lyric. hall mark has no plans to stop selling that ornament. >> all right whether you believe in haunted houses or not it can be a real estate nightmare. so what happens when the house is actually declared haunted how do you sell the thing? david wright on getting the ghost out so new family can move in. >> for sale. this mansion in sin city. marble floor. celebrity neighbors and a ghost story. >> inside this mansion lives an entity that has physically attacked the former residents. >> reality show ghost adventure para normal investigators here confronted the ghost of a mob hit man is that made selling this property a real nature mayor. who are you going to call randall bell that's who. >> i have been called massive disaster. dr. damage.
9:37 pm
>>reporter: property haunted by tragic events. for instance the condo where nicole brown simpson was murdered. his advice the owner changed the facade. this horror house ended up channelinging the dress to sell. haunted houses are tricky. >> had house of real personality. >>reporter: real estate agent on modern family can attest. is they found no evidence of murder or mobsters. you are significant it's not haunted by ghost. haunted by reality tv. >> i hadn't thought of it that way that's a good way of putting it. >> bought the place 100,000 dollar discount and. >> ed it up. >> will you mick money when you sell it. real estate flipper and ghost buster. is this is
9:38 pm
abc news las vegas. >> coming up next. bay area organization helping people with disabilities sell brit the big million stone. how the non-profit changing lives. 7 news
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[son] all right,she has no idea. [man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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[people clap and cheer] >> this organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities is celebrating 50 years. what began as a shelte shelteren variability for the children of 12 family in palo alto grown into a place that fosters community inclusion. today assignment 7 report ability united through the eye of one of its clients. here's carolyn johnson. >> for 33-year-old michael brodhurst painting has always
9:42 pm
brought him a sense of peace. >> i find it relaxing. >>reporter: passion for art is reflected on the wall of ability united non-profit palo alto serving people of all ages with range of disability. what's your favorite of all of these would you say. >> my lyon. >>reporter: he's very nice. >> talent fostered by ability quantityed work exhibited and sold throughout the bay area and beyond. >> to michael it's a huge self-esteem build for him so now he knows he's an author in his own right and people everywhere, he has sold internationally. so it's like it's huge. >> executive director linda steel says michael 35 ed with independent living skill coach. >> we take for granted like going out shopping. cleaning our place or doing a budget those are the skills that we tray and keep so that the people that we are serving can be successful in the community.
9:43 pm
>>reporter: tell me about what the program has helped you wit with. >> become independent. help my social skills and very impress with my skills. >>reporter: his skills are impressive. he now his a job at menlo college working in the cafeteria where the boss quoo quite pleased with his employment. >> as soon as we got someone to the point where they are able to interview for job and hold down a job successfully in the community that turns their whole life around. >>reporter: his uncle chester marvel at the change he has seen in his nephew. >> i don't think michael would have the appreciation for himself if he hadn't been involved with aibility united he has lot of pride now and a lot of self-esteem is that he didn't have before. >>reporter: the new found confidence has helped him grow
9:44 pm
from accomplished artist to proud employee and home chef. >> what's your favorite meal to prepare now. >> baked chicken. >>reporter: nice. >> my uncle loves it. >> i can envision him not living with us at some point. >>reporter: you would miss the chicken. >> oh, yes. he would have to come home and cook once in awhile. just so we wouldn't miss him. >>reporter: in the mean time michael relish the gainful employment and his artistic expression. >> thanks to carolyn for. that more of the original work of art or support abilities united go to our web site and look under see it on tv. do great work. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. halloween at the white house. first couple passing out to the great american novel.
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>> the president and first lady hosted annual white house halloween event tonight dressed in orange and black appropriately. first couple emerge to greet zombie wizard and super hero all wait to go hear what the president was saying to their trick-or-treat. treat of course. packages of jelly bean, drid fruit and white house sweet dough butter cookie. return of favorite tradition scrapped last year because of super storm sandy. very cute. all right one last check on the weather. let's go back to spencer. white house
9:49 pm
sweet butter cookie. >> sweet to me. should have had one of those for dessert. here's clear sky across bay area on this evening. noaa turns out this is monitored and show virtually owl of the state of california is under severe drought conditions writ now and this one area in red down in south central california under extreme drought conditions rate now. we desperately need rainfall in this state. we won't be getting it tomorrow but probably won't complain about the weather. warm conditions across the state and that includes the bay area tomorrow. sunny sky here. high pressure on the coast and mid upper 60's. low to mid 70's right around the bay and mid 70's in our inland location so it's a lovely day. here accu-weather 7 day forecast. very nice over the wean as wel well. cooling down on sunday. sunday is when we should set our clock back saturday night to standard time again. 2 full
9:50 pm
day sunday monday warming up again on tuesday wednesday and cooling down thursday. not much of a change one way or the other. >> perfect thanks very much. >> we showed you the photo few minutes ago. member of the 7 news team can you guess who it is. that's lisa check out before and after. looks very similar already. that picture as a teenager. >> she was 5. >> sports doctor is here. is dressed up for halloween. >> the orange any way. lisa lacked like cleo pat are. very regal and classy. >> look that is way now. >> yes she does. you are right. >> warriors all smiles last night. different story tonight in l.a. an drew and jordan.
9:51 pm
[uncle]this is hopscotch,okay? uncle go one,two,one,two,one two,one. [niece]okay!
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[uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah?
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situation. coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. bay area politician tells the story of very public melt down. sex tape. drug addiction and her famous husband surprising response. all from dan noyes with exclusive interview tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> and then vampires. where do they come from? in a preview of digital exclusive story we travel to the also nope place where some believe those blood sucker originated. perfect for halloween. more at 11 over on channel 7. hope you can join us for that. great transill pennsylvania. >> i don't know. i have no idea where that is. >> all right. in sports coming off opening night warriors paid a visit to l.a. to face the clippers. quick transition. to reality. only game 2. getting to know you.
9:55 pm
about jordan push and shoving first half. 16 point 2 assist. putting it up. jordan. this is with authority. up by 13 at the half. third quarter. like a minimum it and post up tomorrow so that. i pour it on too. 25 points and 12 assist. we are not even done with the third quarter. doc rivers doesn't like the name lob city. the three times in a row. blow out in progress. clippers in the third. 5 week after leaving the 49ers to enter a rehab facility smith is back. all pro line backer activated to the 53 man roster and presume back on the field for niners next game november 10 against carolina 9 percent a
9:56 pm
bye this weekend. 2 legal issues dui charges and felony weapon case from 2012. 24-year-old smith has been on the non-football injury list. he still ladies the 49ers statistically with 4 and a half sack so obviously they need help getting to the quarterback. nfl will likely impose some suspension on smith at some point. the league waits until the legal process plays out. smith play play for the rest of the season. raiders hosting the eagle subpenaed at the coliseum. billy lost 2 a row scoring 10 points. quarterback issue. the struggling 0finance i feel in despite a great rushing attack. second in the league. allen raiders head coach say 3 and 5 but still considers them kuwait dangerous. >> i look at the whole body of work not just the last couple weeks. this is an explosive offensive football team that can gain a a lot of yard and
9:57 pm
points on the board so we have to understand what we are dealing with. >> this is crazy time. bengals dolphins spectacular. somehow escaped here. buried sanders like. going the or way. has the block. cut it back. if 35 yards. ran 80 to score on a 35 yard play. tied at 17. go to over time. bengals on 8 yard line. dawson turned it over 4 times. crashed by cameron in the end zone. losing or game winning safety depending on your perspective. third time it happened in nfl history and dolphins win over cincinnati. first gamers. it's soccer. san jose earthquake versus seattle sounders august 2nd, 2 2014 before the niners start the present season. quake beyond excited for the chance to christen the new stadium in santa clara. >> we think a great spring board in the new stadium that open ins 2015. great way
9:58 pm
forever people to experience world cup year and competitive soccer match and rivalry between seattle and the bay area is pretty big one. see it with the niners and the seahawks. see it with the sounders and quick and great way to carry that forward. >> 2 man race on the champion tour. perry and bernard. the only 2 that can win the championship. also comes dup to the final event here in san francisco at harding park. barry on the right and need to finish on the top 5 to win the cup and comes with a surprise. tied for 8 way upped par. needs to win and also has the tie for fifth and on 13. 4 under 67. 4 become of the leader peter senior. world golf championship in china. rory 7 under 65 leading by 2 stroke. just see what happens
9:59 pm
to nicholson here. one back on 8. with the goal. hits it into the water then take a dro drop. fifth shot open the par 5. it won't stick. ball just take the off rolling rolling rolling to a water grave. for quadruple bogey 9. for 28. >> can change quickly. >> thanks very much. that's this edition of 7 news for all of us here, thanks for watchin watching. happy halloween hope watching. happy halloween hope you have had a fun safe day
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