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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 1, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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and ask about adding the wireless receiver, only from at&t. maybe u-verse was made just for. yes! didn't you build this wall unit here and then realize the tv outlet was way over there? without the... [ both ] wireless receiver. yes! i would look foolish. i know. yes! that's the missing piece! [ male announcer ] rethink possible. >> this is los angeles international tonight where officials are still collecting evidence after today's deadly shooting rampage. police believe this is the man behind it. 23-year-old pall dance. he is suspected of shooting his
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way past security checkpoint using semi-automatic rifle. within the hour the tsa officer killed has been identified. he is gerard hernandez. 6 others wounded. lil i don't know live now from lax by cell. >> this is terminal 3 where it all happened. it is closed and will remain closed until further notice. hundreds of officers have been here all day collecting evidence. pesting together what happened. video shows the chaos after gunman shot his way past security at material national 3 had at l.a. xvl. he's 23-year-old pall dance and tsa officer shot and killed by the suspect described as long gun. also 3 other people were injured and confirm there is only one shooter who is now in custody. >> it was loud bang. i mean boom. it was a loud one. from
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there we all just duck down. next thing i know nothing but girls around me when i grab all the big luggage and then i stack them high. >>reporter: first report the shooting came after 9:30 this morning. almost medley fears responders set triage location and man wearing a blue tsa uniform could be seen coming out holding up the arm sustained with blood another man wheeled to ambulance by police. news of the shooting came to some passengers from air lane official. fichlt huge response from aircraft local police. officers could be seen entering the terminal with guns drawn. term national 1, 2 and 3 at lax all closed and travelers evacuated. exiting any way they could spilling out open to runway. >> lake a scene on tv. can't believe you are the one hiding behind a county doesn't seem real. >>reporter: authorities say bag he was carrying canada one page handwritten note saying he
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wanted to kill tsa mye who believes conduct so itches that violent his constitutional right. this is abc 7 news. >> the lets talk for a moment about lax operation. all day long we saw long lines of passengers carrying their bags by themselves from one terminal to the next trying to get out by other terminal. what's it like there now. are things beginning to get back to norma normal? >>reporter: well with the exception of terminal 3 things are pretty much back to normal. cars were allowed to reenter the airport couple of hours ag ago. travelers however are still dealing with delays and cancellations. that will take some time to work through. >> all right lillian thanks very much. lillian kim reporting live by cell technology from los angeles international airport. thank you lillian. >> we know about the agent killed in. it's girard hernandez. 13-year-old worked as behavior detection officer so his job was to identify
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possible terrorists. hernandez had recently transferred from montana head of the tsa will visit his family in los angeles tomorrow. this man tl girard hernandez the first tsa agent killed in the line of duty. >> we hear very traumatic accounts of whether happened today. many of the passengers came face-to-face with the gunman as he opened fire inside terminal 3. f we have more from the airport and some shared stores of terror. >> passengers in terminal 3 remember the gun shots. some remember the sight of man they will never forget. >> we were at the check this counter. we heard a very loud gun shop. kind of thought keys laytor had fallen in or collapsed then i realize there was a shooting. pop pop pop i saw bodies flying over the counter i grabbed my son and we ran for cover under pl the counter with jet blue agent and if i think at that point we thought that the gunman was
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right in front of us that's how if it felt. i heard gun shots. all just wept did you know to the ground. and few seconds later i saw him coming up the el have itor and walked by 10 feet away with the gun if. >>reporter: in the commotion nick the fires escape at emergency exit on to the tarmac says authorities initially thought he was the suspect. >> i just saw an emergency exit and i went out the exit down to the tarmac and ran. i left my suitcase and the key and everything and then police came rushing toward me and said get on the ground get on the ground hands up. drop to the ground and they laid me down. handcuffed me and then left me on the tarmac. >> i went to the floor and a lot of people started running and like going over but leaving the luggage there. and finally the cops came and told to us go downstairs. >>reporter: passengers say they were told to run. evacuated the terminal 2 and then to terminal 1.
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>> i'm a cancer survivor and got throughout that. if but this was way worse. >>reporter: 7 news reporter if and all together 27 flights between the bay area and lax cancel. and continue to be delay tonight. virgin america tweeted that it is cancelling departing nraits throughout the evening. january thon continues our team coverage from sfo. >> even though they caught the guy it is worrying. >>reporter: that's why she is just fine waiting around 3 hours to fly in orange county instead of logical a. >> we have to drive to orange county westwood far away but it could be worse. >>reporter: far worse for entire plane full of people from new york who expected to land in l.a. but diverted to san francisco. >> we ran state out of the airplane to friend that dmut front of the line. already starting to wrap around. hell
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hello. i was like some people here to help us. so short listening flight from new york for short weekend so if want to go. see my family. sit by the pool and hang out but it's not happening. >>reporter: virgin america travel disruption police out of the same terminal where the shooting happened. >> julie was just about to take off. >> pilot comes on and says there will be a slit delay because the security breach at the airport. and so i got out a bang started reading lookedp and somebody had the tv screen on. shooting at lax. plane stuck on the ground for 4 hours faa stopped all traffic at lax. only a short term operation but obviously it has ripple effect so we are seeing delay and cancellation from his other carriers as well. extra san francisco police officers patrolling the airport. decision made what they call an abundance of caution. sfo standard procedure when something happens at another airport until they figure out
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what is going on. >> isolated incident, other airport will continue to follow their normal protocol and thus far that's the path we have been going down. airport says it will gradually reduce the number of police officers on patrol as it becomes i hope creasingly clear no threat here. virgin america east doing what it can to keep passengers from having to spend money as a result of the incident. putting them up in hotels over nature to fly out first thing in the morning. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> the now to san jose international which became one of the fall back position for air wlens no place to land with their planes. passengers on those planes went to at will have anxiety not knowing what was happening on the ground. here's david louie with more now from san jose. >> the airline passengers literally left up in the air. how to get to the destination when told mid flight about the lax shooting. >> came over the will you do speaker on the plane and just said that there had been a
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security breach at lax and that they had decided because the airport was closed to. >> the flight had tv and wi-fi and learned what was happening. >> we were just following live as it was happening and found out exactly what it was and so we were kind of put at ease a little bit to know that we would be okay with about, wasn't anything would affect us. >>reporter: san jose international was impacted flights bond to lax had to land here in steady. >> virgin america told us they could have us to about 5 flights to here and southwes air lines were hearing they have at least one. >>reporter: san jose had to deal with delay and cancelled flights. total of 6 carrier fly 29 flights daily between san jose and lax. 3 arrival 2 departure cancel. tsa beefed up security in the the he remember national prior to checkpoint for departing passengers. police canine unit also increased security check
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in the baggage claim area and other public section of the terminal. because of whether happened at lax, passengers began to wonder whether it will mean security check will have to be done earlier in the check in process. >> i think they may have to move security to pl line up people before they even get into a building. just when we are getting some of our things where we can use our tablet and stuff, when we are taking off and landing, and now we have to get screened for everything else. >>reporter: in san jose, david lou abc 7 news. >> at least 3 celebrity were at lax when the shooter opened fire. actor james franco posted this picture of himself on instagram on board a flight exploratorium resident if myth buster gunshots running to the door not sure if anyone was hurt. tweeted this picture of passengers on the tarmac being shuffled away from the term until. co-star grant tim
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tweeted this photo now look at the red circle there in the bottom listened of the screen. you can see the shooter weapon lying on the ground. he was that close. now if you want to keep up with the new development of the lax shooting over the weekend did you know load our free news app. check it out on abc 7 slash apps. >> well, trouble on the ground here in the bay year. traffic is back to normal tonight after frightening scene unthe tunnel through the oakland hill. car caught fire in the east bound the area filling the opportunity well smoke. confusing and scary. but we are glad to tell now serious injuries. l laura was on that story. >>reporter: i think people were pretty much calm. if kevin the 2 third of the way through the tunnel when it filled with smoke and people stopped instead of jumping out of the car. >> it was hard to breathe. i did not have a scarf or anything put my shirt up over
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my face and people had scarf around the mouths and breathing mask lick a dust protector mask. >> officers fire department responded to the scene with vehicle fully engulfed and tunnel guild smoke. we calmly cleared everybody out of the vehicle and out of the tunnel. >>reporter: watkins video shows people with smoke pouring out of the tunnel from the west side. 8 people were transpor transported to area hospitals to be checked out for possible smoke inmalaysian but no serious injuries. tl cars backed up on eastbound 24 for more than 90 minutes. >> if 5 minutes stuck an hour and a half. >> lucky i wasn't in the tunnel i think. >> by noon cal-trans was able to remanufacture the burned car and several others undamaged but left behind by their owners. in oakland, low pressure a anthony abc 7 news. >> we have a lieutenant more ahead on 7 news at 9:00 coming
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up next. death of santa rosa teenagers. you hear from a member of the family for the first time e.also bart workers voting on the new contract proposal. one that tended the strike. will it be in you have to prevent another walk out? >> and spencer is here with the weekend weather. >> yes. today mailed and quiet but we have strong gusty winds coming our way. look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast in just a moment. >> all right thanks spencer. >> plus look at the north bay casino that opens next week and why a select few have been invite there had tonight to gamble. 7 news at inspect:00 gamble. 7 news at inspect:00 back [ male announcer ] it is more than just a new car... more than a new interior lighting system. ♪ it is more than a hot stone massage. and more than your favorite scent infused into the cabin.
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>> parents of 13-year-old boy say they will federal will you suit will be filed monday in will you suit against the officer that killed their son. we hear for the first time from the 17-year-old brother of this young man andy lopez. he was shotless week october 22nd
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while holding a toy gun that looked lick an ak 47. assault rifle. 7 news reporter wayne has the story. >> it keeps growing. what began as vigil with if you candle now has enough to spell out the name andy. what gap as simple cross now has more permanent struck take your. tl painted it white. >> that represents the angel in andy. >> lopez family has yet to speak out formally today andy older brother anthony told us how they are if doing. they are hanging in. really hard open everyone. the house isn't even the same any more. >>reporter: how soil. it's just quiet. felonies like there is a void in the house. >>reporter: void since week ago last tuesday when sonoma county sheriff's deputy eric mistook a pellet gun for the real they think and fired 7 shots into andy. killing him at the scene. since then the family filed a claim against the county and sheriff's office. deputy communicated
9:18 pm
only through his attorney. >> this is a terrible situatio situation. it's tragic. we all personally feel for the family and for the community but that doesn't lessen the threat that was posed in this situation. >>reporter: one that has unified this community and yet also caused division in terms of the trust of law ep forms. 10 days ago lopez little brother was just another kid. tonight andy lopez is symbol. >> shock. really overwhelming as well. too much to say all at once.what do you think andy would say about all this? >> he would want justice. >>reporter: in santa rosa, wayne friedman abc 7 news. >> san francisco man accused of killing a woman with city vehicle has been fired by the parks deputy. 58-year-old thomas burn the man on the left there charged with felony vehicular manslaughter and hit-and-run. city had previously suspended him
9:19 pm
without pay t.he's accused of driving over and killing 35-year-old christine if who was sun batheing in holly park last month with her child. >> happening now bart workers are voting on whether to accept the tentative contract agreement that ended their strike recently. the management and the union reached the deal last month after labor dispute that stretched on for months and bart 2 strike 1 in july and one in october now union leders say thief good feeling that the contract will pass. meanwhile one orinda city council member getting 20,000 signatures to state lawmaker for a ban on future transit worker strikes. >> riders and commuters have to say no more. we don't want this any more. this is not reason. and try to get our political leaders to be responsive. >>reporter: voting by the 2 union will continue until 10:00 p.m. if they ratify the contract the bart board will vote on it at meeting later this month. the results for
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you tonight. have it for you on 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7 and of course twitter feed 7 news bay area. >> spencer here with the weekend weather forecast. same wind is coming hope not like the other day. >> no gusting over the hills but not anything close to the 75 miles per hour high ones last sun. in the hills it's breezy. not tm but by sunday we expect that. here's a look at live doppler 7hd mostly clear sky across the bay area. lovely mild day today but we have a wind advisory m effect beginning tomorrow night saturday night at 11:00 o'clock and it will be in effect until monday morning at 7:00. this is for the bay area mountains and hills. gust as high as 45 miles per hour during this time period. possibility that these wind strong enough to knock down power licenses with trees so bear that in mind with higher elevation. skies are clear. temperature readings of 63 degrees at san francisco. 59 in oakland. 59 san carlos.
9:21 pm
58 los gatos and 48 at half moon bay. another live view from the high definition roof top camera. embarcadero 58 in santa rosa rate now. 50's napa and no have the o. 51 fairfield and concord 60 livermore and one more live view from the south beach camera downtown san francisco bay bridge and forecast feature are these mostly sunny mild again tomorrow night. quite mailed and pleasant. breezy cooler on sunday monday. chance of rain next friday. we really do need the rape fall. let's root for it. satellite radar composite image of big ridge of high pressure. obviously the domestic innocent feature in our weather right now. continue to do so for the weekend and here comes the front bring us few cloud. forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight during the day tomorrow and high cloud pass by and more clouds and cooler weather and breezy year conditions although it will still be mainly sunny day. speaking of sunday football time coliseum. raiders hosting
9:22 pm
philadelphia eagles game time 1:05. partly cloudy to mostly sunny that time of the day. temperatures in the low to mid 60's during the game. so overnight tonight bay area mostly clear skies. cool and low pressure in the mid upper 40's and then tomorrow high pressure upped mainly sunny skies with few thin high clouds. reach into the low to mid 60's on the coast. upper 60's near 70 writ around the bay and low 70's milder inland locations. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. first don't get forget to set the clock back saturday night or sunday morning falling back to standard time. high pressure in the upper 60's inland on sunday. mid 60's around the bay. milder and if tuesday wednesday cool down again on thursday and on friday chance of rain in quite some time and we really need it. extremely dry across the state and
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certainly in the bay area as well. >> maybe late next week. >> yes. >> thanks very much. >> still to come 7 news at 9:0 9:00. world largest snack maker mixing tweet with the salt that [father]c'mon,buddy,you can do it.c'mon,reel it up, you gotta reel it up now,buddy. reel it up.
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while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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>> chocolate covered potato chip main extreme. fret ole the nation largest salty snack maker plans to roll out wavey potato chips dipped in milk chocolate. chips only sold at target stores and only through the holiday at least for the time being. smaller brand already have chocolate chip on the market. product is a success lay could offer other
9:27 pm
flavors including dark and white chocolate and pepper mint potato chips how about that. >> british inventor ice cream glow he in the dark. gets the green sheen from version of the protein that makes jelly fish glow. activated when you lick it. catch not cheap to make. cost 220 dollars a scoop. not going to sell a lot of that. company lick me i'm delicious has also made a gin and tonic sorbet that glows under ultraviolet light. at those prices won't see it around too much i suspect. >> coming up next. attention back to the shooting rampage at lax. shooter among the wound en route to the hospital but who was he? >> also. girl or boy? why and where a third option. >> and up in the air. apple i-pad launch interrupted in the bay area. stay with us another half hour of 7 news at 9:00
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los angeles international slowly returning to normal tonight after a solitary gunman shoved his way through security and shot his way through killing a tsa screener. incident over in less than 10 minutes causing chaos at the sixth busiest airport and disrupted thousands of flights across the country including many here in the bay area. >> police say the tsa agent killed in the shooting is 3 39-year-old girard her nap did he say. he recently transferred to lax from montana a.suspected gunman identified as 23-year-old pall anthony dance a new jersey native living in los angeles. but who is he really and what made him snap as he did today?
9:32 pm
pierre thoims on this story. >>reporter: police say the suspect apprehended in shooting is pall dance age 23. tonight you can see in the video police converging on the suspect former new jersey home. abc news spoke with the police while police there can not confirm that he is the shooter they offered details on the young man state of mind. call came in today to police from concerned family>> younger chile from pall stating that there was some comments in there about his well-being and he wanted to the possibly take his own life and at that point pall his father called me and i went over there and i made some phone calls to lapd to rye to get a well-being check on him. >>reporter: that's pierre thomas. ar 15 used today is america most popular rifle. it is at the center of the debate on gun control. it was the weapon of choice for james holmes in aurora, colorado and
9:33 pm
adam in newtown, keingt. under california law it's considered an assault weapon. >> all right. recapping what we know on this story tonight. one person tsa agent girard 0hernandez killed. 6 people were wounded. one in critical condition. shooter has been identified as 23-year-old pall dance in note he expressed disappointment with government and particularly apparently tsa security. airport officials say 7 46 flights were affected nationwide by this one inciden incident. lax is now slowly returning to normal and reopening inbound flit rum flying into that airport tonight. ripple effect of this will likely at any for the next day or so. >> manufacturing on. concord food bank looking to security after thieves targeted the building under construction. police say someone stole 18,000 dollars in building supplies and tools from the new monument chris's center on market street
9:34 pm
tuesday night. project foreman says workers forced to share tools which could delay the scheduled opening which was set for late december. >> it was heart breaking come in to work and the doors are open and all of my personal stuff was gochbility literally every tool i own is gone. you don't think you get it back. you don't know when you get it back so just kind of drug you down. >>reporter: monument crisis center help thousands every month with food and other programs violates services. volunteers hope complaints and other supporters help replace the tools and supply that is were stolen. as of today germany is the first european country to allow babies born with characteristic of both sections to be registered neither male nor female. that mean parents can now leave the gender blank on birth certificate and that's creating a new category called intersection. goal is to
9:35 pm
eliminate quick decision for new burn. 1 in 2000 people have characteristic of both sessions. >> well henl fund company are apparently on big hearing spree and get this. new report finds that entry level position eastern average 3 53,000 dollars a year including bonuses. this is an increase of as much as 10 percent from last year report also shows that the average compensation for port foley why manager at large hedge fund is 2.2 million dollars. good work if you can get it. apple latest version of the i-pad went on sale this morning. it's the fifth edition of apple full size tablet sense 2010 when introduced. weighs just one pound. 28 percent lighter than the previous full size model. prisons start at 4 99 dollars. while long lines were reported at some stores worldwide the i-pad bay area launch was fairly subdued. in this photo only about 20 people waiting at
9:36 pm
apple retail store at the shopping center early this among. people wait in line at the apple store do you want walnut creek look out for gushing tower of water look at this. several stories high. happened after big rig cut a corner at man street and mount diablo at 8:00 a.m. and sheared a fire hydrant there. firefighters shut off the hydrant and working to put in a new 1. >> happening now. if you select people get the chance to try out the bay area newest casino great resort casino just off highway 101 in rohnert park. officially opens next tuesday it's the largely east indian casino in the bay area at 320,000 square feet. about 2,000 workers have been getting cat seen ready to go and tonight is what they call a soft opening. when few people able to try out the gambling table and machine and take home their wedding. >> today we have i hope have ited special guest and help to us continue to test a way
9:37 pm
that allow to make sure everything is ready to go. >> opponent say it will cause traffic jam and over burden the local water system. see what happens when it open next week. >> come up next. big new gun show at the cow palace and governor veto that is allowing it to happen. 7 news at 9:00
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big gun show this weekend since the governor veto a bill takened all gun show at the venue. the show becomes even more controversial with the shooting today at lax. vick lee has the story. >> cross roads to the west gun show attracted over 400,000 customers. >> cross road of the west is billed as biggest gun show in
9:41 pm
the country. this is state property. state has no problem with the show. let the decision-making. >>reporter: state senator leno proposed a bill that would have required both san francisco and san mateo supervisors to the approve gun show at the cow palace. both board are already went on record opposing the gun show. so if the bill became law they would be banned here. legislature passed the bill. but governor brown veto it. show owner templeton says the bill was no the good for the statement would have cost taxpayers about 1 million dollars to replace the revenue the gun show generates for the state. >>reporter: show is in the wake of the shooting in los angeles. gunman fired an ar 15 rifle killing a tsa agent and wounding several others. now again the question of banning high powered weapons. he says it's not about gun. >> until we can address theer under laying issue of mental
9:42 pm
health we are not going to be able to get a handle on stopping these horrible tragic mass shootings. >> gun rate advocate argue really boils down to second amendment he shall. purchase and simple. congresswoman spear sponsored several gun out spoken advocate on gun show and assault weapon. >> nobody wants to take the anyone's gun but nobody need an assault weapon. >>reporter: show open this is weekend as usual. cow palace parking lot is filled. thousands will attend. this the is abc 7 news. >> if first phase of 1.2 billion dollar plan to build a new hub for transporting cargo in and out of oakland kicked off today. ground breaking at the former army base which sits adjacent to the port of oak land. that's where the new oakland global trade and logistic center will be built. new 500 million dollar center that is expected to make the
9:43 pm
port more competitive. at the ceremony the governor says having a democrat in the white house gets the project fund. >> obama was there and had had was there you have money for oakland. that's been crude offer one of those characters. forget it. wouldn't be here. >> it's to reduce truck pollution and generate several thousand new jobs. many jobs lost when the base closed in 1999. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. this weekend solar eclipse. how you can see it thanks to man who lives thousands office miles away. that story [ male announcer ] it is more than just a new car... more than a new interior lighting system. ♪
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. >> celebrated chinese artist and political dissident planning major art exhibition on alcatraz. currently working with the national park service and other local agency to get approval for the project. if it is approved the show can open some time in the fall of 2014. so far there is very also information about whether exactly the artist is planning at alcatraz. artist was jail by chinese authorities np 2011. he's made several art piece about his his time in prison and would like to add to that body of work. >> tesla ceo is taking a page from fellow zuckerberg and may wrist records show the billionaire paid 6.5 million dollars last week to buy a house across the street
9:48 pm
from massive estate in belaire. speculation is that she will tear down the smaller house that sits on elevated lot with spectacular view. home once owned by actor gene wilder. both zuckerberg and meier recently paid millions as we reported to you to buy property adjacent to their bay area homes. >> solar eclipse coming on sunday and no matter where you are in the world you will be able to see it thanks to the internet. it will be visible firsthand on eastern sea board southern europe and africa. for those in the bay area if you want to see it live. astronomer in kenya will live stream the event. it begins at 3:45 am pacific time just after you have adjusted your clock for standard time and we have a link to the site on our web site. just click on see it on tv. >> well the moving our clock back one hour we gain an extra
9:49 pm
hour of sleep but that time change can also cause health problems bilick headache and sleeplessness and expert says try to avoid it. behavior sleep expert try to get a head start on saturday by shifting the activities earlier in the day. limit alcohol caffeine and nicotine ncaa intake which impact your ability to fall asleep. and get as much daylight and exercise as you can to pwingt your mood and energy levels before the time change. >> well we should have a nice weekend for. that spencer bac back. i don't know but but every time the tame changes it does take a few days to adjust. >> it does. a little disconcerting disorienting he should say but we catch up to it. catches up to us. here's clear skies across the bay area right now. we have sunny skies tomorrow as well. across almost the entire state. let's get high clouds moving down from the north tomorrow but mainly sunny day. mild through most of the state and certainly mild here in the bay year. high clouds passing in the midday afternoon hours mainly
9:50 pm
sunny sky high pressure mid 60's at the coast to upper 60's writ around the bay to low 70's inland location and a little bit cooler on sunday and don't forget fall become wants again daylight saving time ends tomorrow night set the clock back one hour. 2:00 a.m. on sunday. 7 day forecast. breezy cool on sunday monday and wind calm down milder on tuesday wednesday and starts to consolidate down again on thursday friday. by the way next friday we might have some much needed rainfall. >> we need it. >> thanks spencer very much. >> sports director larry he doesn't know this but omorrow nightsked he show up at 2:00 a.m. and notify us that the time changes. >> i'll be happy to call new. >> tweet me your number i'll call you. >> i'll be up. doesn't matter to me. they guys are -- if raiders big game coming up on
9:51 pm
sunday. fryer facing a coach he almost signed to play for in
9:52 pm
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>> all right coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. we'll of course update you on the lax shooting. new details of suspected shooter. hearing tonight from his roommates. that to you. hidden charges on your credit card or phone bill. they may there and most people don't even notice them. michael explains how you can spot so-called gray charges and what you can do to get rid of them. not have to pay. larry is here with all the sports tonight. >> all right. let us start with a lack ahead to nfl sunday. coming into the season the raiders look like a team that really might go 4 and 12. you think they go 4 and 12. i said on television they will go if you are and 12. don't
9:55 pm
listen to me. silver and black 4 and 4 at the halfway mark of the season on sunday. it's remarkable. turn around. especially for frir. everybody gnaw he could run but dr. matcly improved as passer as well. of remember back in college day was sues pepped at high state left the school drafted by al davis and supplemental draft open sunday face the coach who really wanted him in college. fv seriously about becoming a duck one thing held him back. >> oregon is pretty far. my mother licks to come watch me play and obviously i couldn't afford to have her transportation flight to get out there. >> normally when you hear about bullying it's a story about kids. it has become an issue in the nfl with jonathan martin abruptly leaving the miami dolphins apparently because of bullying. 24-year-old martin
9:56 pm
second year in the nfl. he left after teammate were fee feesing him in the lunch room on monday reportedly now being treated for emotional issues. dolphins head coach dressed the situation today. >> any player with injury or ill need our primary concern for the health of the individual and with respect to i don't know thon he has been excused with non-football illness. our concern and support with him without question we have a team first and accountability and respect for one another. >> tough year for the football team. 1 in 7 training to snap a 6 game losing streak tomorrow afternoon in berkeley. hosting arizona. cal biggest problem? everywhere. but especially on defense. giving up 44 points and 500 yards 5 40 total offense yards game worst in the country. couple we go ago head coach said his team confidence shaken as you can see. here
9:57 pm
against washington. touch down after touch did you know but the bears have in the given up. >> everybody from us stated. disappointed. at the same time i think everybody of sees the reason to keep working. keep grinding and optimistic about the future. >> clem football tomorrow on abc. we have michigan fears virs state at 12:30 in the afternoon. newscast at 4:00 o'clock and then at 5:00 p.m. minimum and no. 3 florida stat state. great battle in the sunshine state followed by all the highlights after the game at 8:30. mountain midst of the dunk fest last night clipper victory was the odd side lane confrontation between head coach jackson and clippers forward griffin. second quarter griffin goes over to inbond the ball and steps on jackson foot and the coach gives him a little shove with the right hand. up the court and then few minute later
9:58 pm
face-to-face. now if you remember jackson the player this is new york. rate. argue newspaper new york not becoming down. make his case and you cap see reading his lips come on really? warriors and clippers already don't lick each other and this is more fuel to the rivalry. second round charles championship and night fell at the park. no. no. back to me. there it is. i had confidence. a little. if i way fred couple par 3 11 out of the bunker to within 3 feet and fred belly putter. save par on the 16. love this approach shot. back spin here. and the sets a birdie. ladies the turnment. 2 better than first round leader. people just love
9:59 pm
fred couples. crowd favorite. his swing is smooth and entire career playing. >> hadn't won the tour this year. 4 second place fep issues. >> he trains well. >> he's close sew is trying to close it out obviously 36 more hole to go unfortunate thing you remember when he was on the pga tour random player. always bothered by back he shall. now he has neck and back pain. trying to play through all that this weekend. >> all right wish him well. >> mark jackson thing. that's our report. for all of us her here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. see you appreciate your time. see you at 1 hour on 7 news at 11:00.
10:00 pm
[bells tolling] good morning. many of you are halfway through your first week here at greendale, and as your dean, i thought i would share a few thoughts of wisdom and inspiration.


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