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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 6, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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break news a bay area man is now in custody for stealing his two week old son. >> father and son, pleading guilty in a massive fraud case. hearing from victims who will not be getting their money back. >> aftermath of a heinous kriechlt a passenger set on fire while riding the bus. tonight police are asking for two good samaritans to come forward. >> and mystery solved. google breaks a silence on the barge in the bay. new at 6:00 tonight the tech reporter who first broke the story. a missing bay area infant has just been found in mexico.
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good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> a state wide amber alert issued this morning after police say the baby's father, a 22-year-old took his son henry, then took off, captured at arizona-mexico border. abc7 news reporter vic lee is live where his mother lives. vic? >> reporter: that is right. good news within the last hour, here at the sunnyvale police department z by the way the mother has been told that arrangements are being made for her to be reunited with the baby. let me show you where this went down today. now, mexican authorities this afternoon stopped the suspect in a check point just across the border from lukeville, arizona, about 300 miles from san diego. police say the two-week old is safe and are apparently unharmed. police say he threatened to harm himself and the baby, if the
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mother told police, well, when she did report it, police issued an amber alert last night. the search today was actually in san diego, where there are sightings of the suv around that city. as well as a cell phone ping in the suburbs there. >> they stopped him in a border check point within mexico. based on interview was him, they called the u.s. border patrol at lukeville. gave them the name. he ran the name and discovered there is a warrant for arrest for the child abduction. >> well, now, the big question of course is how american border patrol officers or agents missed him. what with the amber alert and all of the media exposure on the story. border patrol agents have to check to find out there
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was a warrant for arrest. i'm sure questions will have to be addressed in coming days. >> thank you very much. >> its touted as largest investment fraud case in california history. today, the case against walter ng and his son kelly ended with. >> today, the latest on this, >> the investors just devastated 2000 lost over $700 million in the bonds they doubted they'd get money back but wanted ngs to face criminal charges. >> do you have feelings about what happened? do you apologize? >> reporter: in the plea deal, walter ng and his son pleaded guilty to keeping cash withdrawal drauls under $10,000 to avoid attention. walter ng
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serves five years probation, no prison time. 57-year-old kelly will serve time in prison. at least two and a half years but will be determined in march. >> this seems like pulling bernie madoff over for jaywalking. as opposed to what happened. >> there have been suicides about it. at least one. it's shocking and sad. >> this should be a real punishment here, people go to prison for very minor cases compared to this. they're sort of getting off scot-free. i don't think it's right. >> reporter: this after a massive investigation two years, hundreds of interviews. prosecutors apparently left the statute of limitations run out on a serious charge of securities fraud. >> there are blatant actions that would co-have been brought to light and never where. unfortunately at this point, it's too late. >> reporter: investors filed a
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class action lawsuit against wells fargo for its part. walter ng going through a bankruptcy. the process continues until the end of the year. >> are there words for investors? >> we'll talk after sentencing. >> reporter: many lost their homes and more. >> we invested money in a wrongful death suit against when our son died and we used that money to fund a program at childrens hospital. that money vanished. >> after the bernie madoff scandal there is a new irs rule that let's investors write off losses but the investors may not kwaul fichlt one irs told me there will be angry investors. >> yes. understandably. >> yes. >> it's a shame. >> it s
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in oakland police looking for whep a more -- with a horrifying case. an activist seft on fire on an ac transit bus and badly burned. laura anthony is live with the latest. >> reporter: the 16-year-old suspect may not only be charged with a hate crime but as an adult. that will be up to the d.a.police want very much to talk to two other passengers on the bus. police say they could have well saved the victims' life. >> i wish people would wake up and realize life is too short. >> reporter: a neighbor took this video on his cell phone moments after reporting a passenger had been burned monday evening on the 57 line near the
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intersection of mcarthur and ardly. the 18-year-old luke fleeshman was asleep on the bus. when police say a high school student let his clothing on fire. fellow students know him as sasha. >> luke is an excellent student. at this point we're respecting the privacy of the family. >> reporter: the mother told our media partner fleeshman did not identify as a man or woman, but as binary gender and feels comfortable wearing a skirt. a 16-year-old oakland high school student has been arrested for seth fleeshman on fire and could be charged with a hate crime. >> they tried to stomp out the flames. >> police putting out a plea for two other passengers seen to come forward. >> you can see that the citizens
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had a difficult time extinguishing flames we want to reach out to them. our investigators would like to talk to them. >> reporter: roger lives next door to the family. >> my neighbors is one of the best hearted person in the -- i mean, as a neighbor and i know him for a long time. and his kid is very polite. >> fleeshman is being treated in a burn center. the suspect being held in juvenile detention center n oakland, abc7 news. tonight relatives of a missing vallejo woman told abc7 news she has been found dead the family of the 29-year-old filed a police report after she disappeared on sunday a spokesperson tells us police called and told the family the body had been found on a beach. no other details have been released. >> a san francisco sheriff ross
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mirkarimi reveals more details about hospital patient lynn spalding, found dead in a stairwell in the hospital october 8th. we're live where mirkarimi released new details. wayne? >> reporter: we can report at this point this case remains amiss in the foernl the family but sheriff's department and san francisco general hospital. if you're a personal injury attorney, however this, case represents a field day. >> reporter: in your opinion what did the sheriff accomplish today? >> not particularly much. >> reporter: one lawyer's opinion but he represents the family of lynn spalding, he listened as sheriff ross mirkarimi read from a careful script describing how the 57-year-old patient disappear from theed bed, only to be found dead in the hospital stairwell october 8th. >> that was directed to search
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stairwells. only about half were searched. >> reporter: the report details how the staff described miss spalding as african american, then, asian. more perplexing a report from an engineer on october 4th. >> someone told the staff person that they, there was someone laying on the landing in the third or fourth floor of the stairwell eight. the communications center staff responded, we'll take care of it. there is no indication that anyone was dispatched to that stairwell. >> reporter: but why? who? the sheriff says his staff would attempt to answer questions but did not stick around long. or varied from the script. >> reporter: sheriff mirkarimi did not touch upon where the family has yet to receive an autopsy report.
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>> i think it's just the kind of rhetoric that you expect to hear, we're sorry. we're looking into it. we're going to do all we can so it doesn't happen again. it doesn't help two kids left without a mother. >> reporter: this afternoon, san francisco general hospital weighed in on the story. they're launching an independent review. they're retraining the sheriff's deputies who work there and may increase the private security they use. they also had this to say, quote, it must be difficult for lynn spalding's family and friends to heart news we owe it to them and current and future patients to strengthen our security services. live outside san francisco city hall, wayne freedman abc7 news. >> wayne, thank you. google finally broken silence on the mysterious barge its working on in san francisco bay. its a four-story structure
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moored at treasure island. there is now a second barge. the two have similar markings. a third barge has been spotted near portland, maine. a statement from google today addresses the speculation, rampant speculation of floating data center, wild party boat, a barge housing last remaining dinosaur. sadly, none of the above, it says. things may change they're exploring using the space as a place where people can use interactive technology. that could include google glass and self driving cars. >> this program in particularly the google barge project was driven or at least directed by google's co-founder. and google what they're known for is self driving cars and google glass. >> google has been able to conceal the true purpose by constructing on barges instead
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of on land where permits would be required. you can take a look at them, perhaps. >> yes. >> still ahead tonight here on abc7 news wall street is atwitter about twitter ipo. where will the money go once the company goes public? >> a $300 million freeway project now in jeopardy s caltrans building a road to nowhere? >> later tonight a million dollar question. can silicon valley technology help prevent the next sandy hook tragedy?
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tomorrow will be an interesting day on waut street. twitter hopes to generate nearly $2 billion. who gets that money? how will it be used? david louie has answers david? >> well, dan, twitter has a lot of high profile users including president obama and the pope. but it's not profitable. how, ipo could do good for start ups and under funded schools. it's pay back time for those investing in twitter when no one knew power of messages limited to 140 characters. some of the $2 billion raised will go into other start ups. >> early investors putting money to twitter, many will achieve liquid ti and much of the profit will be able to be invested into new start ups many local, through other
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venture capitol firms. >> ipo will give a stash of cash that will give it freedom to make deals or offer new services or they can just sit on it the way apple does. >> kind of money gives them options they may not have anything to spend it on today, but something may come available tomorrow. >> twitter moved into san francisco's mid market area. a crew cleaned windows today, the twitter presence starting to clean up market street from 6th street to vanness the owner of sam's diner says there is more foot traffic. >> when the twitter is other businesses coming into the area. it's generated more foot traffic in the area. >> ipo expected to mint millionaires, too among twitter employees the city gave twitter a tax break for locating in mid
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market. the mayor intends to talk to them to support housing needs. >> people will benefit from that ipo sale. they're going to probably look for investments and i want to make sure that i got my fill throppic arms out. >> this is a good year for social media stocks. linkedn is up 92%. some are concerned about how much faster twitter can grow, and how soon it will turn a profit. that is fascinating to watch. thank you. and in anticipation of the debut tomorrow, stocks return to record highs today. the dow jones average rose 129 points, now up more 20% since the first of the year. s & p 500 closed up, but tesla is down after disappointing earnings report,
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yesterday. a san francisco building getting a new lease on life. united nations plaza building dedicated after a six-year renovation. most of the original arc tech you're was preserved. >> it allows people to feel connected to the outside. it just makes people happier. >> here is something else that will brighten spirits. part of the voof now a garden with native plants helping maintain temperatures signed of the building. becoming a refuge for bees, butterflies and birds. >> very nice. a nice night out for birds, butterflies, bees and people. >> nice and mild looks like remaining that way for a while before getting a change of the pattern. we have clear skies now in the bay area,
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high clouds moving through but they haven't kept it from getting mild into afternoon. it's mild at this hour, after sunset here is a live view from our roof top camera here looking along embark daro temperatures into mid 60s, low 60s at los gatos. 54, half moon bay. another live view looking west across the bay, temperatures in 60s at santa rosa, napa. 60 degrees in fairfield. 63 concord. and one more live view, beautiful view out over san francisco. for sutro cam now. forecast features, clouds increasing overnight. mild pattern staying with it into the weekend. there is a chance of rain. not much. of a chance. i shouldn't say much, not much rain with this chance coming up next week. here is our radar composite showing this big ridge of high pressure still dominant feature, keeping us into this mild, dry pattern throughout the
7:21 pm
weekend. now, let's take a look at very different weather, powerful and potentially super typhoon towards central philippines packing winds of 175 miles per hour this, is super typhoon category 5 storm. gusts over 200 miles per hour. moving at about 18 miles per hour. and if it stays on this track, passing across central philippines tomorrow, friday, in this time zone. and will be down graded slightly to a category 4 but this is potentially dangerous storm. so keep they're eyes on that. here on sunday, we'll see a cold front approaching late sunday and by monday, late monday into tuesday, there is a chance of showers from this system. it's a weak system falling apart once moving inland. not expected to make it out to seera. then, behind that front, after falling on tuesday, we get clearing. but
7:22 pm
may get a light rain from that late monday into early tuesday. tonight a few clouds continuing to pass through the bay area skies will he temperatures mainly mid-40s. tomorrow, high temperatures south bay into low 70s up to 70s on the peninsula. mid-60s on the coast. low 70s in the north bay. upper 60s to around 70s on the east bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. mild weather, again remaining with us through saturday cooling down sunday. further cooling monday, veteran's day. we have a chance of rain late monday into early tuesday. clearing out partially early tuesday. late tuesday is what i mean, after early tuesday rain. mainly sunny, getting milder wednesday. so we're not having dramatic changes just shifts here and there. >> thank you, spencer. >> coming up, frightening information about that meteor that hit russia.
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40 hiroshima-type bombs a member of the international research team from nasa ames says that provides a great educational opportunity. >> it's by far the best-observed meteor entry, ever. there are so many videos of the event. each, seeing this thing from just a little different perspective. >> a member of the team from uc davis says if humanity doesn't want to go the way of dinosaurs we need to study this event in, detail. >> well, tonight's money matters final curtain falling on blockbuster. dvd rental chain says it will close 300 stores left and end it's rent by mail service. 2800 people will lose jobs blockbuster has been just run out of business by online services like net flix. amazon making an offer to
7:27 pm
independent bookstores sell the kindel e reader and get a 10% cut of the digital books that are down loaded by your customers. walmart had trouble with its web site because of a technical error, thread mills listed for $33, computer monitors $nine walmart did not say whether it would honor the prices. >> there is more still to come here at 6:00. only on abc7 news a troubled northern california freeway project. how caltrans underestimated the project. >> and it's hurting the economy. it's making health insurance less affordable. >> on the hot seat, again. how the obama administration is now defending it's bungled
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controversial north coast freeway project hits a snag. army corps of enginrs is threatening to suspend or revoke the caltrans construction permit the freeway being built to bypass the town of willett. tonight it appears caltrans is coming up short whit comes to protecting the environment. for nine months caltrans crews have been working to turn this federal wetlands into this. first phase of a four-lane freeway project, six miles long, estimated cost of $300 million if it's ever finished >> at this point they're not in compliance with permit conditions. >> reporter: that permit is supposed to protect the environment. caltrans needs it to keep building. >> we're trying to give them every opportunity before suspending the permit but it's approaching that point. now.
7:32 pm
>> reporter: caltrans is filling 60 acres of wetlands. there is serious impact to streams, 100 year old trees endangered plants and fish. impact so severe, caltrans required to compensate by restoring or improving 2000 acres of wetlands and creeks damaged by past human activity there is solid progress on freeway construction, caltrans missed deadline after deadline on the environmental plans >> they bully, delay and they drag their feet. they basically don't do what the agencies are asking them to do. >> reporter: caltrans spokesman disputes that. >> we're going to follow requirements by our permitting agencies. >> he showed us stream beds where caltrans is working to improve fish habitat but this is a tiny fraction of what is required. >> it's a complex project. >> reporter: expensive. caltrans spent $16 million to
7:33 pm
buy land for environmental improvements now they need a contractor to do the work. they just took bids estimating costing another $13 million. they were way off. >> it came in at $39 million. >> reporter: that is $26 million more than expected caltrans doesn't have the money. so now, they're taking a look at the bids. >> maybe there is a misunderstanding on our specifications maybe our specifications need to be tweaked a little bit. >> reporter: $26 million is a lot of tweaking when they're still macing problem was another part of the plan. back in september, two state environmental agencies sent 40 pages of questions and concerns. they're still waiting for a response this, is happening against a back drop of constant protests and a divided community. highway 101 is the major route north from san francisco to you're yeeka. the freeway will go around the town.
7:34 pm
the council of governments supports the project. >> this is for the benefit of goods movement and traveling public. and people in the bay area coming up here on their weekends or vacations. >> reporter: over 20 years, traffic has been flat or down. environmental groups asking the governor to intervene and scale fwok a two-lane freeway. >> and save money. probably wetlands, save money. >> reporter: caltrans insists it's too late to go back. >> most impacts have occurred by this point. >> reporter: as baren as this look, the army corps of engineers says it may be possible to bring back wetlands. >> we'd need to do a evaluation to determine that there is a decent chance of success. >> reporter: one of the governor's aides met with
7:35 pm
environmentalists, but that was before caltrans came up short on funding for the vinyl plan the governor's office did not return our call. >> san francisco man accused of master minding an online marketplace for illegal drug sales denied charges today. the 29-year-old was flown to new york to face federal drug charges accused of operating the silk road web site. agents say illegal drugs were sold using bid coin. his attorney described him as someone never in trouble and denied allegations he was ordered to remain in jail until next hearing in two weeks. opponents of a high-rise condo development setting sights on the new warriors arena. the condo plan was killed yesterday at the polls. voters said "no" by a margin of 2-1. those behind
7:36 pm
defeating that condo are now gearing up to stop next big water front project calling for a 175 foot condominium complex. two hotel towers and 100,000 square feet of retail space analysts take a look at the results to try to determine whether this could hurt the warriors water front plan. they say not necessarily. >> while there are similarities they're two different projects with different benefits and different sets of draw backs. >> warriors will present an updated version of the plan next week. president obama has taken his campaign for affordable care act on the road. going to texas in a town naul dallas he encouraged texans to participate in the health care marketplace and says his administration is
7:37 pm
working to get the health web site fixed by the end of the month. >> and insisting problems are improving. abc7 news has that part of the story. >> reporter: senate finance committee chairman says he believes in the affordable care act. >> i warned if implementation didn't improve, marketplaces might struggle. >> the woman behind the launch tells senators today, problems are being fixed. health and human services secretary says people are signing up, and with better results. >> a month ago, viewing and filtering plans took minutes. today, took seconds many consumers used to see a blank screen at the end of the process today they can see whether they're eligible for financial assistance. >> she's people are citing figures for premiums she says are 16% lower than had been
7:38 pm
estimated. some senators don't see savings, citing millions have been notified policies goring away. >> these cancellation notices are a wake up to american public. one who's support the law. it's hurting the economy. making insurance less affordable. >> republican senator orren hatch called the promise that people could keep their current plans simply untrue. >> in fact this is on october 30th. gave us four pinocchioos, the highest level of untruthfulness. >> one more note. the official in charge of information technology announced his retirement. a spokeswoman only saying he decided to move to private sector. >> coming up next a million dollar competition. >> efforts to find a solution to >> efforts to find a solution to help prevent woah, this kitchen is beautiful!
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just launched a competition >> anyone with ideas how to make guns safer will be given $1 million. that is just the beginning. >> abc7 news has the story. >> last december 14thth had an affect on silicon valley entrepreneurs, 3,000 miles away. now, more than 40 are ready to invest millions to build smarter guns. >> we want to hear ideas. that is what we're here to do. to see what ideas come through, then let markets determine which are the most viable. >> competition announced in an event put on bycompany, a magazine. nicole's son was one of the 20 children shot and killed. six adults also died that day. >> we found ourselves walking halls of congress. >> reporter: knowing laws and
7:43 pm
policies have done little to solve the problem, parents sought out unlikely allies well known angel investor ron conway flew to meet with parents them told him technology could play a role in solving the gun epidemic. >> he said i want in. it's typical way said he gave us money and said i want to help you guys i believe in what you're doing. and that is where the relationship started. >> since then, silicon valley has once again assumed role of ultimate problem solver. >> there is everything from making ammunition smarter. how you grip a gun. there is stuff looking at biometrics on fingerprints. and a host of other solutions we're curious to see other things we've haven't heard of yet. >> the latest $1 million challenge created by smart tech foundations fostering innovation to reduce gun violence.
7:44 pm
>> we'll continue to grieve for our lives but it's not about inaction. it's what do you do through this? to make something positive happen? >> she wants sandy hook to be remembered as a place where real change began. in san francisco, abc news. >> coming up a shock for some college students who sought big problems were behind them. >> up next bad news about spring semester that is upsetting students and professors. back in a moment.
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a surprise from the member of abc news family. elizabeth vargas entered rehab for alcohol addiction. releasing a statement saying she's becoming dependent on alcohol. and abc spokesperson says the network is proud of the steps she's taking. >> students were surprised a new round of cuts are in works because of a budget short fall.
7:48 pm
>> today teachers and students sounded off, angry about the university's plan to cut jobs because when voter as proved prop 30 it was supposed to put an end to cuts at state university. >> goal was to trourn a base line budget. >> a meeting held today to outline the situation. class offerings would be slashed to deal with a deficit of $3.8 million arguing the move is a routine adjustment and should not be seen as a cut. and many weren't buying that. >> classes will not exist. >> we asked straight forward questions and didn't hear straight forward answers >> he says he and students were
7:49 pm
caught off guard by plans >> numbers are fine. how about asking how does this affect people? >> that is a question he was asked in the meeting she didn't answer, and students and won't answer for me, either. >> they won't give me answers i want to talk to who decided to cut courses. rather than cu funding for student union. >> the budget cuts will be system wide. the university isn't saying how many classes they plan to slash. caught in the middle will be professor who's may see colleagues lose jobs. and students sign up for classes the university may decide to cut. >> spencer christian is back now. >> updating a gorgeous look at the forecast. >> it's true. our dry, mild pattern continues. high clouds passing through the bay area. despite clouds, mild conditions and tomorrow, state wide there will be expansive area of high
7:50 pm
clouds there will be filtered sunshine and a mild day. highs into 70s. 82 down south in los angeles another mild day coming our way here in the bay area. high temperatures mid-60s on the coast, upper 60s to around 70s near the bay. low to mid-70s inland and a big game tomorrow night at stanford. the cardinals take on oregon ducks. those are fast ducks from oregon. carolyn chuckles. game time is 6:00. will be mild about 59 degrees at the start of the game. sun sets at 5:05 and cooler as the game goes on. accu-weather forecast mild weather throughout the weekend clouding up hon with a chance of rain late monday into early tuesday. monday is veteran's day. >> that is right >> thank you >> new information about a scandal involving miami dolphins. >> surprising very so-to-say. more fallout including former stanford player jonathan martin. shocking comments from the
7:51 pm
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yeah. i heard about progressive's "name your price" tool? i guess you can tell them how much you want to pay and it gives you a range of options to choose from. huh? i'm looking at it right now. oh, yeah? yeah. what's the... guest room situation? the "name your price" tool, making the world a little more progressive.
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good evening. the nfl appointed a special council to investigate possible misconduct among miami dolphins. at the center is jonathan martin who left team apparently because he felt he was being bullied the aggressor, ritchie incognito the interesting twist today is that dolphins players come together defense of incognito. >> if you would have asked john martin a week before who his best friend on the team was was ritchie incognito the first guy to stand up for jonathan on the field ritchie was first guy there. >> that is interesting. incognito spoke yesterday, won't comment saying only he's trying to weather the storm. another
7:55 pm
perspective from terrell pryer says locker room leadership and teeming teammates in line, in his view is the quarterback's jobs >> i'm in the trying to put down or say dolphins quarterback isn't doing. that i don't know i'm just saying answering your question in terms of i believe that the quarterback is very responsible for in-house locker room things and deals and quieting situations down. >> jim harbaugh said he had spoken to martin or anyone involved but he says he has a lot of respect for martin. >> i know him to be a fine person and his family. great contributor as a student and athlete. epitomizes the student
7:56 pm
athlete model. and a personal friend. so i support jonathan. >> let's move on the field now. biggest game of the year coming up tomorrow night. stanford hosting oregon with conference and national title impolitics on the line the challenge is enormous. ducks averaging just over 55 points per game. closest game was a victory by three touchdowns but last year, stanford upset ducks on the road, 17-14. so goal here is keep the game close. keep pressure on. >> still a tight game going into 4th quarter. a lot of times they have blowouts you know? big time leads they seemed shocked by it. we made plays to win last year. >> they made plays we didn't. we gave opportunities to stick around. and that is what they did. so i think this year, we'll come out way, way more focussed than last year.
7:57 pm
>> the warriors 4-game road trip continue was a stop in minnesota. t wolves to have a 3-1 start just like warriors. harrison barns his shots not shy about going to the basket. kevin love averaging 26 and 14. wow. david lee moved up four in the first. lee closed it down a sifts steph curry. with steph, leading 16 points. nice pass with authority. clay thompson with the warriors first three of the night. to open a nine-point lead. they'd just gone to the 4th quarter and golden state is leading playing well on defense in this game. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. >> back to dolphins incognito thing. interesting to see what
7:58 pm
happens in the nfl as a result of this. >> i think this is just one situation out of control. i don't think anyone in dolphins organization realized that martin felt he was being pushed over the line. but this, you're talking about grown men who are little kids at heart. >> right. >> violence, so you're talking about trying to get that out of people. they went too far, clearly. >> join me tonight at 9:00. twitter millionaires and how much ipo will mean to guys who founded the company. >> then, michael finney taking a look at the new way thieves can unlock your car without touching it. >> that is wild. and our prime time line up tonight here on abc7 consists of the 47th country music awards. and remember, you can also see it online with watch abc app
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>> our coverage continues now on >> our coverage continues now on twitter at abc7 new
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