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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 7, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> it is a monster storm. so massive and so powerful, super too typhoon could become the strongest to hit land in
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recorded history. just look at the tide of this thing. 300 miles wide. as it made land fall in the philippines. packing wind gust in excess of 200 miles an hour. it is a massive killer. good evening. reports out of the philippines say the storm has cut communication and down tree or blocking roads in the center of the country. some video emerge showing extreme storm conditions. authorities in some areas could not be reached and the philippine weather service has lost contact with its staff in the windfall area. in addition there has been wide spread flooding. the pictures show a street under knee deep water with floating debris. many more pictures in the hours and days ahead. 10 million people who live in the region and they are most at risk tonight. we check first with 7 news weather anchor spencer christian trackinghi this. this is enormous. >> it is a powerful dangerous storm reaching havoc in the central philippines right now. we start with the super typhoon
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yesterday just west of paw and west ward up through the central philippines this evening and packing maximum sustained winds right now 185 miles per hour. winds even high earlier. 1 navy. gust up to 225 miles per hour and moving rapidly towards the west at 20 miles per hour, 25 miles per hour in fact. if it continues on the track we expect to it did so it's back out over the open water tomorrow morning 4:00 o'clock our time and still be category 5 storm. continue on this west ward path and make land fall yet again on saturday and vietnam as category 3 storm and continue inland where it will weaken steadily tropical storm strength by sunday. this is a massive powerful historic super typhoon and of course it is wreaking havoc in the central philippines. >> thanks very much. bay area second largest philippine american community in the country after los angeles.
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many people here of course the family in the philippines. experts predict the storm will cause catastrophic damage to several remote area. casualty expected. many bay area residents worried about the loved ones directly in the path of the monster stormed. >> my brother sister are still there. so their houses, not that strong enough to handle this. >> the government has been ready for it. preparing for it with shelters and food distribution. >> now if you would like to help out those affected by the too typhoon there will be many affected you can find link to 2 local organizations accepting donations on our web site just click on see it on tv. >> our reporting continues right now on twitter follow us at this web site. up taste on the powerful storm on twitter and of course on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. we focus on other things for the
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moment. twitter made huge splash on wall street you probably heard instant millionaire out of dozens. perhaps hundreds of employees. the stock closing this afternoon at just under 45 dollars a share. 72 percent premium from i p o price of 26 dollars this morning. sent the value of the company to about 25 billion dollars. at that level twitter now more valuable than company like kellogg and whole foods. business technology reporter david louis has the story. >>reporter: this was one day twitter employees probably wanted to be at the office early while the doors closed to us we got inside look at i p o day from the tweet and photo posted by employees. this is the mound of do nut awaited them. super charging them with sugar on top of adrenalin rush of the opening bell in new yor york. they scuvrj together to watch the ceremony on tv monitors. one think was clear early on. the 26 dollar per share i p o price set last tonight was conservative.
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underwriters trying to gauge supply demand fell on 45 dollar opening price. 73 percent higher that meant twitter could have raised over 1 and half billion dollars more. ceo of yelp says setting the price isn't easy. >> it's not a science. simply app art. in the room at end of listening day and long couple week and do your best to deliver value to both your own existing shareholders and new ones and try to be as fair as possible. >>reporter: while investors jumping in certified financial planner didn't see an appetite among smaller individual investors because of certain risk factor. >> any i p o from the trading vehicle in the first few day and it's getting game how much the company eventually will be worth. nobody nose. screws doesn't have a track record. there may be some revenue but don't know what the possibility is going to be. just a host of unknown. >>reporter: twitter played a conservative aming weak spot projecting confidence about the future. >> very cautious. took a very
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meticulous approach to approaching this big i p o day and they have been talking very candidly about their growth. they have been talking about their slower growth. talking about how many reallyen gamed users they have. >> whether you watch from said lines or put the cash on the line twitter is having in just 8 let ears good day. >> we are watching a star be born. always exciting. >> twitter now has 2 billion dollars to expand the company. t money into the stock today they have to wait for the company to turn a profit. at turn -- twitter headquarters this is 7 news. >> well not everyone is cheering twitter success. several protest took place today in front of the company headquarters and organized by affordable housing advocate who believe twitter is making san francisco too expensive for working class residents to live in and criticize the city decision to give twitter sizable tax break to move into the old jewelry mart building.
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>> you come here make your money here and effect you have is very negative for low income people for poor people nrs being forced out of town. being pushed out in record numbers. that's not right. >> spokesperson for san francisco mayor ed lee says the criticisms misguided saying the tech company have created thousands of jobs in the city and kept local economy robust in the face of global recessio recession. >> rape on south bay college campus being investigated tonight as possible hate crime. student was attacked in bathroom at the college in cupertino. we learned that her gender identity may have been part of the motivation. vick lee has the story. >> she has been sexually assaulted. >>reporter: student andrea read the e-mail that the college sent last night to all students and staff. she regularly uses the restroom where the sexual assault happe
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happen. >> now that the rape happened i just, i don't know whether to youth restroom. >>reporter: it happened monday in the easterly afternoon here at the women restroom on the first floor of the media learning center. victim reported the attack to police yesterday vl. >> we believe the suspect is also a student here. he's male between the ages of 18 and 20. >>reporter: students couldn't believe the violent assault could happen in the middle of the afternoon on a busy school day. >> you would think if hundreds of students run in and out every day. >>reporter: we spoke with a friend of the victim who says the 19-year-old student believes she was attacked because of her gender orientation as pan sexual person. they say they are always vigilant. >> i make sure all my female friends have this whistle. >>reporter: some students get free rape whistle at the clinic today. others showed us the pepper spray can stivrment i have been carrying it for awhile. just being a girl fv
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just as precaution. >>reporter: police believe this was an isolated incident. they say the attacker knows the victim. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> coming up next. 16-year-old boy being charged as an adult. accused of lighting another teenager on fire. the reason police say he gave for the attack. >> also dance party. how bay area doctor turned frightening operation into a celebration. spencer is here with the weather. >> dan we have very mild conditions now as you know. hint of rain on the way but it might not make it. i have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thanks. clothing company rethinking the policy of selling clothes only to selling clothes only to attractive people. 7 news
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female narrator: sleep train challenged sleep train challenged its manufacturers to offer even lower prices. but the mattress price wars end monday.
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now, it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with big savings of up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing, plus free same-day delivery, setup, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save. mattress price wars end monday at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ 00. >> 16-year-old oakland boy stand trial as an adult charged with hate crime for deliberately setting clothing of another high school student on fire. victim luke sasha flesh man is recovering from surgery at san francisco burn
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center laura is in oakland where the suspect family dame to his defense after brief court hearing. >> i'm very sorry for what happened. >>reporter: as they left the courtroom after brief hearing the family of escape-year-old richard says thomas is not a hateful person. despite what the charges against him might indicate. >> what kind of boy is he. >> he's a good kid. very good kid. >> what do you think happened. >> i don't know. >>reporter: junior at oakland high school thomas charged as an adult with felony assault at mayhem hate crime to both charges. >> that means if you get convicted of the underlying crime and you pet convicted of it as a hate crime then not only will you get the punishment for the crime itself whatever the law requires for that but then you get more time because it's a hate crime. >> police say thomas lit another passengers on fire while he was asleep on the bus monday afternoon. flesh man
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was wearing a skirt. victim parents say the 18-year-old was not identified as either male male or feel mail. the officer enter have you gone thomas said during the suspect interview the suspect stated he did it because he was homophobe ick. is he didn't want to appear on camera but thomas mother told us i'm very sorry for my son's actions. i did not raise him that way. my son is not a hateful person. he's a kid. kids joke around. >> flesh man under goes treatment at the burn center, richard thomas scheduled to be back in court here next tuesda tuesday. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> sunny vail mother reunited with her infant son the subject of multi-statham ber aler yesterday. investigators for the da office today escorted patricia romero to the airport where she flew to arizona to be with her child two week old henry. baby was ab dbingted by father when he learned patricia a was moving out of state. 2 were captured at checkpoint in mexico yesterday. now the
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father 22-year-old man will have extradition hearing tomorrow in tucson. he faces two felony. kidnapping and parental child abduction. well tonight sounding the alarm about binge drinking at local college. we found so many ambulances are being sent to the cal campus it puts your family at risk. you are shocked at the accident of the problem. it's not what you think. dan has i team investigation right after scandal. hope you can join us for that. it's really powerful eye opener about what is happening on that campus. probably others as well around the area and country. >> spencer is here following the too typhoon very closely just such a brutal horrifying stovrment nice weather here. >> devastating storm in the philippines. we have mild almost summer lick weather going into the middle of november. unbelievable. live doppler 7 hd mostly clear sky and mild conditions even at this hour on this november 7th
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all across the bay area and few thin high clouds that's right otherwise clear. check out this view on our sfo camera looking at mainly clear skies. high pressure around the bay area compared with the average high for this day in the same location and third column how much warmer every location lower in santa rosa, 9 degrees warmer than average in san rafael. 6 degrees warmer in san francisco. so even closer to the ocean and bay we have mild conditions. look from the roof top camera along the embarcadero 57 degrees at this hour in san francisco. 60 across the bay oak land. 56 at redwood city. 58 san jose. 55 half man bay. otherwise view from the sutro tower cam are looking out over san francisco. clear sky. 51 in santa rosa. concord and livermore and one
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more live view along the bay bridge from the south beach camera downtown san francisco partly cloudy overnight to mainly clear and slight chance of rain early tuesday. high pressure still dominant feature and keep news the dry mild pattern right through the weekend and even through the weekend. set up this motion and few cloud sunny skies tomorrow sunny skies on saturday and looks like it's mild dry all the way through the weekend but as we further animate that starting on sunday cold front approaching the bay area and much of northern california. through the weekend pretty much falls moving inland overnight monday into tuesday. so looks like rain chances are diminishing and probably have dry start next week but cloud may increase. overnight tonight mainly clear sky. low pressure generally in the upper 40's to low 50's then tomorrow another spectacular early to mid
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november day mainly sunny sky was mild to warm conditions. high pressure will range from mid 60's on the coast to upper 60's around 70 on the bay and low mid 70's inland from north bay to east bay to south bay high in the 70's tomorrow here's accu-weather 7 day forecast dry mild on through the weekend monday we see i hope creasing clouds and a little bit cooler inland monday by the way veterans day. look like dry day despite the cloud and slight chance of some early morning rain on tuesday but then clearing drying out in the afternoon and more sunny mild weather thursday friday so don't see an end to the pattern yet not in the immediate forecast future. very unusual but pleasant weather for early tomorrow. >> well it is wonderful. will come to an end. not too much longer and really worried. >> that's right. we are going to drop the situation right no now. state wide desperately need the rain. nobody complaining about the weather. >> thanks very much. still to
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come. getting into any car accident obviously is bad. we show you fender bender went from bad to unbelievably worse. just a matter of seconds [son] all right,she has no idea. [man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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[people clap and cheer] >> this is abc 7 news. >> all right. you have got to see this. video showing bizarre series of crashes is going viral. 19-year-old chicago man behind the wheel of this black suv. all right. after he rear ended a cab he apparently refused to exchange information with the driver. when the angry cab driver tried to smash the driver side window the suv driver plowed into another cab backed into a parked car. right. watch thi this. side swiped the original
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cab. there's that. hit one more car. before speeding awa away. suv driver arrested about a block away. police say he was driving stolen car and had no license or insurance. or a clue evidently. >> 62 i-pad lab top stole friend the san jose school being replaced. 7 news learned that safeway donated 31 i-pad to the river glen school. thieves as we reported to you pried open a door and stole 31 new i-pad from 31 new lap top from the school in october. school district will replace the lap toll top using money out of the general fund. stolen items valued at more than 72,000 dollars not enough to meet the district insurance deductible but all is well that ends well there. >> teen clothing retailer says it will begin offering larger sizes. comes 6 months after the chief executive suggested the company clothes were made for attractive kids and not for fat people. they don't offer sizes for women above large.
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that will change this spring when it offers more sizes more colors and shoes. company just reported the seventh quarterly decline in revenue and warned decline in revenue and warned of a tough holiday coming up next. major health alert. government saying ingredient found in the food we all love to eat is unsafe. >> this is perfectly blue pair shape tear top shape but huge. >> came from the sky. hundreds of people said. meteor that streaked across california. >> and who was that 9-year-old girl who helped launch 25 girl who helped launch 25 billion dollar i p
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>> important news about health what we eat. increased risk of heart disease and stroke and today the fda announce plans to reclassify partially hydro-oil from trans-fat as possibly unsafe. essentially the first step in limbo natureing them from our food supply. nick smith has the story now from oakland. 8. you just roast it. >>reporter: diane has no need for anything pre-made. this conscientious shopper pleased to learn the fda proposed a measure to eliminate trans-fat. artery clogging sfans that is mainly contributor to heart disease found in most pre-package goods. >> i never fought in the habit of it. >> california already gone after trans-fat at fast-food spots in restaurant menu. as cardiologist i'm happy people
9:29 pm
don't consume trans-fat. >> they have slowly been disappearsing. the agency wants to finish the job. celebrated by health advocate like this cardiologist from the medical center. >> you can start with very healthy oil like peanut oil or modify them to make them more solid at room temperature. this modification makes them better. >>reporter: concerns are this process that make liquid solid. it's banned from the panel goods we find on our store shelves every day. common brands of cereal and ever popular ice cream. so what the shoppers do if you see anything other than a zero trans-fat line on nutrition label health experts say put it back on the shelf. >> i feel better when i see bake prepared goods from someone else, it's nice to have
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confidence they don't have trans-fat. >> it's everywhere. look at the favorite this fine print on the back. you may not need a magazine any fire to know what instance is good to eat. this is abc 7 news. >> president obama is apologizing to americans for losing health insurance plan he says she could keep. for years the president said if they like the current insurance they can keep it. but millions of people have received cancellation notices in the mail. tell advised interview he says the administration will do everything it can to help people who are in a difficult situation because of these cancellations. >> tesla share drop after another one of the cars caught on fire. this time it was model sedan in tennessee. the front end was engulfed in flames after car hit debris on road there. third tesla car to catch fire in 5 week. on the
9:31 pm
heel of earlier fire the shares shy of 140 dollars. there is disappointment early this week. since then it dropped 21 percent. >> ball of fire streaked across the sky over southern california last night. hundreds say they saw it. tonight we learn that meteor hitting the earth are not as rare as we thought over the life city. david rice has mor more. >> this is lights and sparks in the sky. >>reporter: look. up in the sky. meteor. >> about 10 miles off the highway. went through the rough area. >>reporter: shooting star lit up 911 call centers across the south west. >> moving across the sky. armageddon movie, right? how worried should web? how big does it need to be before we put bruce willis on
9:32 pm
space shift. i presume it has to be big enough to walk around on. >> average meteor strooem streak left by something no larger than maybe half the size of a pea. >>reporter: fiery rock from space big enough concern that un has just started considering a plan to create an international asteroid warning network. astronomer not too worried about the big stuff like meteor that killed off the dinosaur that one was the size of mount everest. what scares them more are meteor like the one that hit russia earlier this year. that one hate hous house. could it flatten a cit city. 90 percent of those smaller meteor are not on astronomer radar screen. astronomer thought a strike like the with nub russia was likely to happen once every 100 years. now they say more like once a decade. vast joringt cause only local damage. we don't even notice them. >> most water if not it's
9:33 pm
uninhabited. >>reporter: next time you see a shooting star make a wish, that we'll all be okay. david wright abc news los angeles. >> san francisco city officials lost campaign to get you to stop this. campaign called eye up an phone down. workers handing out the blue card to to riders. urges them not to walk and text and keep the phone stored away while they are on the bus. >> i know that sounds almost im football do but we need to have a goal like that in order to challenge everybody to pay attention because when you have the eye up and phone down you are unaware of surroundings. >> police deployed more officers on bus in anticipation of the holiday shopping season and showing results. robbery dropped from 51 in september to just 9 in october on muni. theft fell by 2 third. >> pg&e top executive is calling for an investigation of his own company management. utility has come under harsh
9:34 pm
criticism from the state public utility commission and could face 17 million dollar fine for poor record keeping on pipeline in san carlos. p uc commissioner called deliberate dishonesty and pg&e chief executive tony wants to find out whether that's true. he says pg&e credibility is essential and has therefore asked his board of directors audit committee to investigate the company's top management. >> the bill as amended is about passed. >> senate today voted to ban workplace discrimination against gay lesbian bisexual and transgender americans. senator boxer calls the pass annual historic. no indication the house is going to take it up. >> california high speed rail authority hope veterans with disability get back to work. authority and state department of veteran affair signed new partnership today promising small business opened by disable vet if they would be awarded contract on the
9:35 pm
multi-million dollar bullet train project. >> great partnership. for all of us to have especially the folk who are returning or committed to california, committed to vision, much bigger than themselves. >> new state audit released recently found the state is failing miserably when it comes to helping vets find jobs once they leave the military. audit found thousands of veterans takened job fair but only 60 were actually offered position positions. >> still ahead tonight. buyer beware. types of insurance that is rarely worth the cost. michael shows you when our little girl was born, we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru
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is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) motor trend's two thousand fourteen sport utility of the year. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> car and health insurance protect us from paying out-of-pocket if something goes wrong but some other kinds of insurance that can be just a
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total waste of money. michael is looking into that. >> i have car insurance. i have renter insurance. i have life insurance. >> those are the basic insurance that most experts recommend. but what about all the other ones. take mortgage life insurance versus traditional life insurance? >> this is a product that pays your more than in case that you die. the difference is you just bought term life insurance and you died you could spend that money on whatever you want more than or something else. >>reporter: joe is a consumer servicemanger for the non-profit consumer action. he also thinks accidental life insurance isn't always worth it because it only pays out if you die from something other than disease or age. >> you are better off just getting a cheap term life insurance policy and don't try to gamble on whether you will
9:40 pm
die in certain way or another. >>reporter: another popular insurance for travelers is flight insurance. >> just look at the numbers. over the last decade 15 deaths per year for u.s. airline crashes versus 30,000 a year on auto crashes. if you have a term life policy then you will be covered in either case. >>reporter: if you lose your job or become disabled involuntary unemployment insurance pace your monthly minimum credit card payment. but you mit want to think twice before you buy it. >> if you are paying about up to 1% of the credit card balance which is what you are going to be charged for the product you are better off paying that toward getting the balance down in the first place rather than planning for the worst. >>reporter: be very wary of credit card loss protection. >> federal law says that the most you can be label for is 50 dollars. in fact credit card company waive that first 50 dollars so if facing no liability whatsoever. >>reporter: mary from san jose
9:41 pm
has been very happy with her pet insurance. >> if they need surgery or shots then it's less expensive. >>reporter: the insurance for pet may not be great value for all pet oerns owners. >> they have maximum pay out over the life of the pet if that often can be 20,000 dollars or less so once your pet has serious problem the insurance company may stop paying for any treatment if the pet is in need of it. >>reporter: in california though department of insurance does a pricing survey where you can find out why your insurance company charges compared to other insurance company. check it out go to our web site. . that's 7 on your side. >> coming up next. the 9-year-old may license county girl front and center at twitter wall street debut
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[son] all right,she has no idea. [man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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female narrator: sleep train challenged sleep train challenged its manufacturers to offer even lower prices. but the mattress price wars end monday. now, it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with big savings of up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing, plus free same-day delivery, setup, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save. mattress price wars end monday at sleep train. ♪ sleep train
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> twitter got to choose who would ring the opening bell on the new york stock exchange today instead of having company executives do it as so many outfits do 3 of twitter top users had the honor. on the left actor patrick stewart of star trek. next generation fame. on the right is boston police public information officer cheryl dabing who used 20th tore keep the community informed during the boston marathon bombing and in the middle 9-year-old vivian har fourth grader from marin county. why was she there?
9:46 pm
carolyn tyler has more on vivian and why she's such a twitter star. >> rippinging the bell at the new york stock exchange is an honor not many people 7. vivian har is in the select few and only nine years old. we first met her last year fighting to end child slavery one glass of lemonade at a tim time. >> honey that's a lot of lemonade. >> already donated over 100,000 dollars and now her stand has gone into a bona fide business. twitter offers her bottle organic product to employees and now sold in 150 stores including this market in her marin county hometown of fairfax. 5 percent of all gross sales go to her cause. >> we can't keep it on the shelf seem see the truck outside sometimes they come in is she here they want to meet her. >> today the fourth grader took to her twitter page to share
9:47 pm
her new york stock exchange experience. here she is wearing what she tells me is a custom made tutu. pose with patrick stewart of star trek frame and cheryl of the boston police darept. here with twitter co-founder jack dorsi. vivian tweeted today i rang the bell for hope and freedom. her twitter account has over 22,000 followers. and in fairfax just about everyone knows the lemonade girl. >> i think it's a wonderful idea that someone so young can inspire people who are years older than her. >> her company called make a stand has an eye catching marketing tool. this car. her best friend says pre-k is part of the team. audrey had not seen this morning bell ringing. >> but i think it's really cool that she gets to do that kind of stuff because i think it's kind of just her style of thing
9:48 pm
to do. >> this is abc 7 news. >> twitter extraordinary i p o launch was something to see and fun facts you may or may not know about the company. first tweet was sent by one of the company founder when jack dorsi tweeted just setting up my twitter. that was in march of 2006. most followed twitter user is singer katie perry and popular tweet was 4 more years sent by president obama when reelected last year. retweeted 800,000 times. according to new book about the company it was originally going to be called friends daughter until it was ruled out a bit too creepy. >> breaking news. another meteor sighting happened at 9:25 according to people who called in to the newsroom. it was quite bright and seen in the western sky. it captured captured on video please send it to us at this web site
9:49 pm
because we would love to get it on the air and show people what you saw. >> spencer here pretty mostly clear night out there. >> could you see this. great view from the sky. here are some thin high clouds moving out over the central valley right now but we are clear in the bay area. tomorrow state wide look like another sunny and mild to warm day with high pressure interior parts of the state well into the upper 70's. all the way down south to 78 m los angeles on the coast mid 60's monterey and bay area we have another mild to warm day as well. high on the coast mid 60's upper 60's to near 70 right around the bay and low mid 70's in our inland location from the north bay valley to east bay valley to the south bay. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. this dry mild pattern remains with us through the weekend. becomes cloudy cooler on monday veterans day. here's a slight slight chance of light rain early tuesday after that clearing and mild
9:50 pm
again next week. looking really nice can't believe this is november but it is. >> facing double mastectomy with grace take as lot of courage obviously. facing one with courage and joy and sense with courage and joy and sense of fun is extraordinary. watc that's exactly what deborah did yeerday right before surgery to have a double mastectomy. she's in ob-gyn and mother of 2. she held a dance party with her medical team in operating room at ucsf. 6 minute long video of celebration posted on you tube and shows deborah just if busting serious move to beyonce get me bode. she asked her friends to make video to watch them during her recovery. really if of to face that adversity with that kind of humor. >> were they all under
9:51 pm
anesthesia at that point. very cool. >> great moment. i can't believe they pulled it off. >> it's stunning what happened tonight. shocker on the farm. stanford beat oregon. the wild. end of the game was pretty wild at farmers, we make you smarter about insurance.
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because what you don't know, can hurt you. what if you didn't know that posting your travel plans online may attract burglars? [woman] off to hawaii! what if you didn't know that as the price of gold rises, so should the coverage on your jewelry? [prospector] ahh! what if you didn't know that kitty litter can help you out of a slippery situation? the more you know, the better you can plan for what's ahead. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum♪
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jeans. >> coming up tonight at 11:00. we follow one of the biggest storms in recorded history that is slamming into the philippines right now. hear firsthand accounts from evacue evacuee. >> big problem facing berkeley. dan noyes investigates the increasing number of cal students ending up at the hospital after binge drinking. how it is putting you at risk. you will be stunned at how much it is happening. those stories and more at 11:00 over on channel 7. but sports director larry beall is here. with a
9:55 pm
defeat for the ages. >> nobody thought this would happen or could be done. maybe only the card nationalities themselves and coaching staff. shocked the world upsetting no. 3 oregon. didn't just beat the duck. they pull verizoned the them. el l way in the house tonight. no. 7. retired at half time. first quarter fourth and goal duck lose. incomplete. stanford answer with drive of their own. threw for 103 yards. 47 rate here. to michael setting up the 96 yard drive. 7 nothing stanford after one quarter. score again early in the second quarter. hogan read option up the again 11 yard. in theen soechbility upset in the making. school record 45 times for 157 yards. 15 yard run sets up one of the field goal. 26 nothing. look like he was over but blocked
9:56 pm
field goal returned for touch down. then brown on fourth down 26-20. onside kick and stanford recovers. secure the victory the final 26-20 hand the duck the first loss. rush the field. will stanford move up in the rankings now? >> smart team. good team. only worry about the next game. let the people talk. i told our guys we might go down in rankings after that fourth quarter whh is fine. which is fine. we can't care. >>reporter: go up to number 4. top 10 match up no. 10 oklahoma and no. 6 baylor. second quarter. rice pump and fire 24 yard touch down. 24-5 baylor they could score so quickly. norwood kind of lonely out in the back of the end zone. 2 04 yards and 3 td again going up the field.
9:57 pm
baylor 41 to 12 over oklahoma. they may have a say in who plays the bcs title ultimatel ultimatelyly but the schedule getting tougher over the course of the next few week. 49ers come back from the biweek and hot panthers team on sunday. expect smith to make his return for the red and gold. practice filling up with familiar faces that's good thing. manning coming back from knee surgery he's moving nicely. michael crabtree rehabing still look like he's away from the field. and there is smith. rusty but expect to see some action against the panthers. >> after 6 week lay off may not be ready. position wise. game take time in own personality. how many play you are playing. how many play you are playing in a row. houp play you are playing in different packages so this is a fluid situation. >> just when the raiders kind of thought they had turned the corner look at this touch down torched by the eagle last
9:58 pm
sunday. this week new york state of mind as the raiders head cross country to play the giants. raiders 3 and 5. flashes of brilliance but the silver and black are inconsistent. he says the raid versus to stay focus and not panic after the huge loss. >> we know what the problem is and we have to stick to it. i think that's what it is at the end of the day. you have to handle your own independence work within yourself do your job and we'll be fine. a lot of football left. >> so hosting the canuck and crazy goal early on as thornton shoot and bang somehow up and over the top the of the net and goes in. 1 nothing team teal. second period. kevin of rip i it. deflected by zack. yet get pulled after 4 goal 13 sho
9:59 pm
shot. right now canuck lead 4-two in the third period. so great night for stanford. >> that's good stuff thanks. >> that's this edition of 7 news on the tv 20 for all of us here, thanks so much for watching. we appreciate your time as always. 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook and all the mobile devices. have a good night join us again in one hour night join us again in one hour over on channel 7. ean reminding you
10:00 pm
that among your school's prestigious alumni is mr. luis guzmán. celebrated actor and model puerto rican-american. this friday, we will be dedicating a statue of guzmán, and unveiling our brand-new school song. so, boy, i don't know about you,


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