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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 8, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> tonight the giant typhoon in the philippines. one of the strongest to ever smash on land. waves kicking up 95 feet high. the crew of barge rescued and devastation and death everywhere in its wake. good evening. reports now say the storm has killed more than 100 people and injured 100 more. it made a direct hit in
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the central philippines before sweeping west toward vietnam. and it is still packing destructive wind. this is not over yet. abc news reporter chuck silverstein reports. >> sustained wind of 147 miles per hour typhoon screamed the way across the philippines. here's gust whip wave so high they rock the barn like a toy. plunge the craw natural angry waters only the life jacket kept the head above the waves. long enough to be plucked from the klouchs of the sea. the super typhoon packed whipped gust up to 2 35 miles per hour. faster than any u.s. storm. >> whenhe wind sped do go up the damage does go up expo tension nationally that's why we are talking catastrophic damage. >> waves as high as 19 feet. miles of power line mangled and dangling an millions in the dark and out of touch. nearly 750,000 people pull up stake
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and in one case the whole house flee the path of the storm. some weren't by water and some started off on foot. others ended up that way. >> evacuee cramp shelters where they waited out the storm. >> tl we feel safe here said this woman. even if it is evacuation center we are okay. one saving grace typhoon moved through quickly. >> it has spared the island one of the major danger to floodin flooding. that's where most of the fatality occur. >> now heads west to vietnam. with potential for more devastation. chuck, abc news new york. >> well nearly half million filipino americans live in the bay area and of course many of them are anxiously awaiting word from relatives in the philippines. bay area relief group asking for help as donation begin to pour n.about filipino channel in redwood city if channel has foundation asking people to donate money to help the victims. also be
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relief drive for people affected by the typhoon this sunday from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. at rnc motor car on el camino real in san bruno. this event organized by project pearl. more information at abc 7 under see it on tv. the storm is still a threat. abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian tracking it closely. hear to give us an idea where it is now. >> let me give you a look at the image on the radar. storm has passed through the philippine as you know. this is where it was 24 hours ago moving through the east central fill pains and of course it was category 5 storm when it first hit. it's now out out of the south china sea. exited the philippines leaving extensive damage behind now category 4 storm. maximum sustained wednesday 130 miles per hour gust to 160 miles per hour and now it is moving rapidly west ward towards the coast of vaet am in. expected to make land fall tomorrow as category 2
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storm then quickly move in land and weaken by sunday morning to a tropical storm but it has devastated portions of the fill pens and still dangerous storm and could wreak havocwhen it hits vietnam tomorrow. more later. >> okay thanks very much. >> 300 firefighters battle brush fire in lake county. fire burned 1 good 50 acres destroyed one out building and threaten dozen other structure in the area no. road closure or evacuation at this moment. now 30 percent contained. fire which break out just before 2 this afternoon is burning east of highway 29 near the town of lower lake. >> fraternity at uc berkeley suspend tonight because of concerns about hazing and drinking. the final straw huge party this fall on this campus on chaning way at this from a tevrnlt laura from fraternity row in berkeley.
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>>reporter: motto is men of principle but the men of the this fraternity without a chapter at uc berkeley fravt ternt national organization decided to close it for failing to clean up its act in terms of hazing and under age drinking. uc chapter was supposed to reorganize police itself but in an e-mail the students parents alumni beta national secretary wrote this behavior ultimately culminated this fall in unauthorized party that also disregarded all form of reason and required risk mappingment. beta members still living at the house would not comment. >> things have increased alcohol consumption and under able drinking specifically. >>reporter: jays open pwlngs to another fraternity at cal. >> i think a lot of it comes down to leadership within fraternity in general because every from a certainty has their own executive committee. they have leadership and it's berkeley. smart kids here. a lot of people are intelligent people. poor decision-making. >> we found a limp body of
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passed out students being lugged out of frat house. >>reporter: thursday our i team showed how binge drinking at cal out of hand not just at fraternity but dorms. apartments. other police where is students party. >> if not guiding them then what do you expect? >>reporter: but this student says the immediate why and uc administration shouldn't just focus on binge drinking but what ladies to it in the first place. >> some of the peer of mean going through tough things that nobody is highlighting. and the fact that this is getting more attention than the struggle is a little surprisin surprising. >>reporter: as for bit a that it a pie the students who live there can stay until the lease expires. the cal chapter can apply for reinstallment but not before 2013. this is 7 news. >> antioch police want to hear from anyone who saw an attack on 2 librarians. happened yesterday just before 3:00 o'clock at the antioch community center. police say 21-year-old kenneth johnson assaulted the workers took a wallet attacked pay the run who
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tried to intervene. officers arrested johnson after he took off running noyvrp is going to be okay. all victims fine. police hope witness will come forward to learn more about what happened and it will shake their investigation. >> san jose police look for this man chavez of loss gattoes who they say held up 2 people at again point and stole the dog. happened last month after police say he answered a posting on ebay. they say he met the sellers. asked if he could hold this 9 week old pomeranian then instead of paying he pulled out a gun and demanded their car. seller jumped in the car and quickly took off. police say the man left with the dog. >> several east bay school show support for teenager litton fire and prosecutors are pursuing now is a hate crime. 18-year-old luke flesh man was wearing a skirt on board ac transit bus when investigators say 16-year-old richard thomas lit the skirt on fire. police
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say thomas told them he did so because he is homophobe ick. today teachers at the area school tied rainbow ribbon around bus stop pole to show the support for sasha. in berkeley the classmates at the hay school tack part in tl wear a skirt for sasha day. >> you know everyone is very upset of course. sasha closest friends are extremely upset. but it's obviously something we have never had to deal with before. it's pretty bizarre. >> students at oakland high school where the suspect is a student holding a if you said raising drive to support sasha. the teenager is recovering at san francisco burn center. >> well the need for help is greater than ever this holiday season. they wait for hours to deal with the sacred heart give away they arrived at 3 in the afternoon. more than 150 volunteers registered students who will be able to pick up the
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food and toys before thanksgiving and christmas. >> having to choose between essential. one of the reasons why we give out food is we never want people to choose to not feed their children. >> we sing praises to sacred heart and to others that donate to the community and helps me so much to have something that is tradition over years for thanks giving dinner. >> sacred heart needs more donation of toy and food and if you can help please go to our web site and click on see it on tv. >> all right. we have a lieutenant more ahead for you this friday night on 7 news at 9:00 coming up pig running amuck and over money people spent on the yards. uses to see it turn out lick this. >> new image obtained by 7 news reveal what google really has in mind for its mysterious barge on the bay. and weekend is here spencer has the weather. >> all right dan frontal system approaching the bay area with hint of written fall but will it written? i have the accu-weather
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forecast in just a moment. >> thanks spencer. >> possibility of life on so many planet. billions of them in the milky way. remarkable discovery made by astronomer at uc berkeley and his colleagues. i have a chance to talk with him today and you have that him today and you have that interview as 7 news
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we learned there's a big shake up at san francisco general hospital after lynn spalding a patient went missing for two week only to be found dead in the stairwell. now there's an investigation into how this happen. here's 7 news reporter vick lee. >> it may look good on paper. it is may appease people at certain level in government or in city hall. >> but harris the low pressure for lynn spalding family is not appeased by the sheriff shake up. resignment come on the heel of the sheriff news conference this week when he apologized for his department slow and shabby search for the 57-year-old woman. spalding body was found october 8 in locked hospital stairwell 17 days after she disappeared from her room. at wednesday briefing he promised to make thorough review of hospital
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security. >> assessment will include resources to provide 24-7 law enforcement services. >> we learn today that 4 people have been transferred out of the hospital security unit. civilian dispatcher 2 senior sheriff's deputy and one sergeant. the unit now unthe command of captain reports directly to him. 2 add until lieutenant. 2 sergeant to compliment 3 others still ther there. and 2 new senior deput deputy. hospital security unit xrised of 28 deputy and institutional officers will now have a total of 31 members. harris says this is just changing personnel and not real reform. >> you don't change the protocol and if you don't have the people that make sure they do these people do their jobs. it's no different than it was before. the shake up is more for look than it is i think of any real substance. >> the sheriff's office tells
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us there will be more staff changes next week. abc 7 news has also learned that federal investigators have been at the hospital all week conducting their own probe. they are from the agency that controls the funding of medicare and medicaid to hospitals. they can fine even shut counsel hospital if they find problems that aren't later fixed. vick le, 7 news. >> wild pig continue to cause all kind of problems in san ramone. just today they were seen trotting through a gateed community and in another neighborhood on west side drive they keep destroying lawn look at the daniel. this week yard assault marked the tenth time the front lawn west side drive have been torn up. hired tra trapper has already captured 12 of these non-native pig in san ramone but the problem persist. homeowner have given up trying to repair the lawn. they hope a rainy winter can repair them but always looks like a piece of equipment has done that kind of damage. wild pig believe it or not.
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>> new details tonight about the mysterious google barge docked on treasure island we keep trying to get answers for you. documents revol that when it is con it will feature dint sails and move from port to port. 7 news reporter lillian kim is reporting now from treasure island. >> artist rendering don't seem to disappoint. people we talked to giving the google barge a thumb up. >> i think pretty cool i think it will give sort of a new look to the bay. >> document submitted to the port of san francisco say when done the barge will be a quote unprecedented artistic structure. sales rim necessary interest of this. the 250 foot long floating studio will be moore add various spots in san francisco bay for month at a time. to be used as interactive space where people learn about google product. >> show case. it's a floating museum. for google t.sci-fi stuff and what better way to get attention. >> proposed location include several san francisco pier angel island national park in
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rich mon. the barn may also travel to other west coast port but when exactly is anyone guess. port of san francisco says google hasn't even applied for permit yet and work at treasure island appears to be at standstill. then a question of interest. if they build it will they come? >> it looks interesting. it's probably enough for me to decide to walk down here more often. >> usually when on this pass path i'm exercising that's my focus i'm not trying to stop and relax or anything like tha that. >> despite what some people may think now the pwaeshing of the barge promise it's unique addition to the waterfront. open treasure island abc 7 new news. >> if we'll find out sooner or later. cal-trans begins demolition of eastern span of the bay bridge next tuesday. crew begin by removing 1400 pet of the upper deck of the cantilever section that will take about 6 weeks. next year crew will take down the steel involves kuving cutting it in half. entire demolition take 3
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years and cost 240 million dollars. but compared to that brand spanking new span next door, nice to get rid of that eye sore. >> it will be. >> spencer is here with the weekend forecast. i can not believe it's almost mid november. >> i know. unbelievable. this mild weather just keeps going on and on. >> lovely. we have mostly clear skies. at this hour with few patches of low clouds near the coast. that's all we see overhead just patchy low clouds near the coast. view of the moon. clear view looking across the bay under clear sky 53 degrees in san francisco and mid 50's mid low 50's in oakland redd with city and a half moon bay which is the cool spot at 50. at least on that the cool spot how about these readings we look from the east bay hills camera westover the bay 45 santa rosa and napa and novato. set going chilly up in the north bay and 50's mid 50's fair field concord and livermore. on we go to live view from the sutro tower cam
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are looking out over san francisco again under clear skies. we have mainly clear sky overnight. mild day ahead this weekend. partly cloudy a little bit cooler on monday veterans day but then we get mild weather again by the middle of next week. satellite radar composite image show same pattern all week long and continue right into the weeken weekend. big ridge of high pressure dominant weather feature in our weather picture at the moment. no big changes coming this weekend but well sea some cloud bumping up against excuse me the coast line on sunday. here's our animation starting tonight going through tomorrow that is sunny day and into sunday then you see the low clouds pushing up to the coast late sunday afternoon. but still going to be mainly sunny day then as we look even further ahead farther ahead we have cold front approaching. late sunday see cloud increasing on monday which is veterans day and if there's enough moisture left as the front breaks up we could see sprinkle or 2 early tuesday painly in the north bay but looks like it's basically going to be sunny dry day on tuesday.
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rain expected to evaporate with chance of rain figuratively. over tonight tonight mostly clear sky chilly conditions up in the north bay valley. low pressure cping in the upper 40's santa rosa and napa. again few little patches low cloud near the coast but mostly clear sky inland. generally low temperature mid upper 40's over tonight then tomorrow sunny once again and mild once again in the south bay. see high pressure ranging from low to mid 70's. 72 at san jose. 74 at morgan hill. on the peninsula, high will range from 67 at san mateo to 70 at palo alto. 71 at mountain view. mid 60's on the coast and pacifica and a half moon bay. downtown san francisco 67 degrees tomorrow. 65 in sunset district. north bay on the coast low to mid 60's inland we see 74 at santa rosa 73 nap a.east bay high 70 at oakland. 72 fremont. inland east bay 74 walnut creek 74 livermore 74 at fairfield and here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. mild weather through the weekend. just few
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grows cooler on monday no big change there. happy veterans day. tuesday maybe sprinkle or 2 early in the morning then clearing by midday and sunny mild wednesday thursday friday pattern changes little over next 7 day hard to believe this is the weather in mid november. maybe even at thanksgiving. >> pattern not change. ain't broke don't fix. >> that's it. >> still to come tonight 7 news at 9:00. halloween left over sweet treat handed out today at sweet treat handed out today at the zoo. stay with us
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sweet treat handed out today at the zoo. stay with us to thsuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at
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>>. >> popular sand castle competition at san francisco ocean beach is tomorrow.
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cancelled last month because of the government shut down. this is you tube video ofless year competition. local architect and construction workers will gin more than 20 local elementary schools. this year theme is master piece in sand. more than half the money from the contest goes toward leap youth art advocate organization. so it is on this year. held tomorrow at ocean beach. lots of fun. >> halloween is over of course but some halloween left over are going to very good cause in oak land. animal oakland zoo get some sweet treat thanks to thousands of left over pumpkin. truck load of donation from local pumpkin patches arriving at the zoo this week not just for eating. also used as food containers for the animal. puzzles. for cat and toy for tiger enjoy tearing the pumpkin apart as much as they do eating them. >> stay with us coming up her nextth disabled parking in san francisco. new plan to
9:26 pm
dramatically i hope crease the number of spaces and why many already want to curb that proposal. >> also. new concern tonight about 3d printing technology. company says it has just printed out a metal gun. weapon first test firing. >> and bill ypsilanti of planet with potential for life. i talk with the man who is part of team that made the remark a&m al discovery. he tells you what comes next. stay with us the about.lf hour of 7 news
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>> if you think it's hard to find a parking spot in san francisco, try being disabled. tonight there is a new plan for easing the shortage of disabled pashling parking space what is
9:30 pm
does it mean for everyone else? people with disabilities are concerned with some of the proposed changes as well. 7 news transportation reporter heather explains. >> transit first city of san francisco is aiming to reduce parking generally. but will be asked to increase it for disaged drivers who say not all of them can take transit and they need more. a lieutenant re. nearly 500 more handicap spaces for starters e.we have more people aging into disability. we have more people with disability living longer. so just a need in general. >>reporter: placard holders park for free and no time limit at the blue zone and regular meters. placard misuse by those that don't need them is rampant. 23 regular parking spaces on this block in china town. this afternoon 19 of them were filled with cars with handicap placard. there is a medical center on the block but woman who works at adjacent building and don't weren't to be identified says she doesn't think it's patients parking
9:31 pm
with the placard because those cars are there all day. >> i weren't to be charitable but the fact is there is simply not enough parking and not enough turn over for everybody. right. and no enforcement. >>reporter: special mayor committee will be asking the city and the state to add at least 4 70 new blue zone. 70% increase. to improve enforcement of placard misuse and over use of placard approval and reason time limits for placard parking and remove the meter exemption. committee member pall plant says the recommendation include asking the dmv to link placard numbers to digital photo of the placard holder. >> so that way they could scan the number and if they see my name is bob plant and you are getting of the car they know something is wrong writ away. >> the board votes november 19 to supervisors on the 25th. they cohen counsellor pressure from the able body who think there must be a better solutio solution. >> can't find parking whether
9:32 pm
handicap or not. >> if the city guess for it the state has to consider changes at the dmv. this is abc 7 new news. >> former santa clara county supervisor headed to jill tonight. judge sentenced george tl junior to one year in jail three year probation. he was medley led away in handcuffs in san jose. in march he pleaded guilty to the misuse of more than 100,000 dollars of public money. today his defense said he suffered enough and did not need jail time. however the prosecution argued he had to be punished for deceiving the public. >> this is meant to show others that may thinking of violating the public trust that they will be prosecuted and held accountable and sent to jail. >> he is also banned from seeking public office in california for life. >> texaco says it has made the first metal gun using a 3d printer. the company solid concept which provided this
9:33 pm
video says it was able to fire 50 shots from that weapon. the gun was made from stainless steel parts using high end 3d printer. in a blog the company says it was not their intent to make firearm cheaper and more accessible but the company says it does proof that 3d printer isn't making drink it and yoda head. cost of the printers is dropping this one would be out of reach for most people. however the concern for law enforcements is future in which criminals could cvrping out untraceable weapons without having to even leave their homes. moving on. staggering conclusion from strap messrs. at uc berkeley the number of planet in our galaxy the potential to support life. so-called golde lock planet not too warm not too cold number in the billions it turns out. earlier i spoke with app astronomer at cal who led the study. >> the plan receipts are roughly the size of earth so between earth size and twice the size of earth and they
9:34 pm
receive about the same amount of star light from the host star so like earth in that respect but don't know anything more about the planet other than the size and rough temperature so we don't know if they have the liquid water. don't know if they have life. or intelligent life. but certainly raises the if number of planet that could possibly support life as we know it on the earth. >> are you surprised by the number. 8.8 bill i don't know golde block planet just in the milky way are you surprised. >> i am surprised. the number before keepler before this analysis was entirely unconstrained so while there was reason to believe that the sun is typical star so why shouldn't other subpoena have planet like the earth? really just no evidence so while we might like to have thought planet like the earth were comcommon throughout the galaxy we didn't know. this is first step to pinning down the number. the number is 22 percent of sun like star with
9:35 pm
plan it roughly earth size and roughly earth temperature. now there are around 200 bill i don't know stars in the galaxy and about a quarter of them, 25% r-sun that gets us down to 50 billion. you add in the 22 percent figure that's more like 10 billion that's where the 10 billion earth size planet in the zone comes frichlt i have to tell you these numbers are staggering. >> yes that's indeed pretty astounding. it's one planet per person on the planet earth. >> what's the next step. >> great question. i think the future is phenomenally bright so we have identified the fraction of sun lake stavrments earth lake planet in the inhabitable zone but don't know which one are nearest they are brightest and easiest to follow-up with the telescope so new mission called test which is going to identify which of the nearest stars have plan it like the earth. that's going
9:36 pm
to be scheduled to be launched in 2017 and i'm very excited to work on that. >> i'm grateful to you for coming in to talk bit. >> thanks for having me. >> mind blowing stuff. entire entire interview open our web site. just click on see it on tv. you will learn a lot watching what he has to say. >> mean time astronomer discover a quote weird and freak asteroid flaring off at least 6 comet like tail. thinks image from the image nasa space shuttle and it's described as rotating sprinkle sprinkler. good way to understand what they are talking about. scientist at the ucla lab that did this work say literally dump founded when they saw it. even more amazing the tail structure changed dramatically in just 13 days. they think the tail might have been triggered by the gentle nudge of sunlight that spins the asteroid to the point whether dust is falling off.
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>> on line daily deal turning into daily dud. 7 open your side michael finney on agreeing number of people unable to redeem the voucher they purchased. this happen to you?
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>> you probably see them pop in the inbox every day. daily deals from company like group on offer discounts on everything from dining to yoga classes. but how reliable are the deal vouchers. 7 on your side michael finney look noose that. >> sunnyvale was eager to get the scrapes and dirt off her weathered suv. >> after living here for 20 years my car was in dire need
9:41 pm
of tlc. >> daily deal offered by amazon local caught her eye. she would get 200 dollar auto detailing package for just 99 dollars. the the company of santa clara would do the job. >> wax job. polishing. they would wash the laevrt. >> my daughter sits sound neevt was disgusting. >>reporter: up in hayward jennifer summers car needed a cleaning too. she found a similar daily deal from living social. >> shampoo of the inside which was what entice me the most. >> get 150 dollar kailing by the company for 69 dollars. both women got the voucher. both tried to use them. >> he said i'm booked for several months. you know. i won't have anything until august. >> i couldn't even see you before october 2nd. that's the first opening. >> is he couldn't get an appointment until after the deal would expire. skyen ferry couldn't either. they said diablo polishing kept delaying
9:42 pm
the date then refused to do the job at all. >> sorry we can't honor the voucher get your money back. >> he said i won't do your car. >> sandy and jennifer cop tacted 7 on your side and we contacted diablo auto polishin polishing. owner didn't want to go on camera. tells us the daily deal company didn't compensate him fairly for his work. he has stopped honoring vouchers and tells customers to get a refund the deal sellers so what if you buy a deal but don't get it. >> still the wild west with respect to understand what you get into when you enter that the daily deal program. >> attorney ramos says buyer should get the money back from the daily deal company itself. >> go after the company this sold you the deal because that's who you haveyo contract with. >> indeed living social amazon and other daily deal company post the terms and conditions pages ought fine print you agree to when you buy a daily
9:43 pm
deal. amazon local refund policy says if you have trouble redeem ago voucher police contact us. it doesn't promise a reif you said but spokesperson tells us amazon would like the opportunity to provide a refund. it did give sandy her money back. the living social policy says you get refund if merchant goes out of business. however spokesperson tells us if a business won't honest a voucher living social would refund the money and indeed it gave jennifer her money back. >> yes thanks for that. big daily deal company are treating voucher as gift cards in california gift cards can not ex peer. however the way they interpret the law the amount you paid never expires or the added value of the deal itself can't. if you have trouble redeem ago voucher contact me through our web site 7 news .com. this is 7 on your side. >> coming up next. 7 news at 9:00 unlikely stars topping the charts on i tuchbilitys you
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is come from behind kid. up from of young singers who wouldn't take no for an answer. the new video has been viewed by more than 7 million times on you tube. abc news anchor dianne sawyer has the story. >> look at them. 5 kids. just started singing together and when the world said no. they believed in yes. the ♪ tonight we are young ♪ the set the world on fire we can go
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higher ♪ version of we are young and proof that they are school friends and technical geniuses who love to make music anywhere. airport security. how about sitting around on sofa. if when they decide to do beyonce t.♪say my name they do all of bee son say. ♪ great to know that something wonderful can not be stopped. wonderful can not be stopped. about 24.7 we are on the radio. 5 kid on the radio and at the top of the music chart. about celine and
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not bad for lead singer rejected three times by "american idol". >> this world is so full of no. i know you will hear no your whole life then i got yes. >> never for getting to be grateful doing it in part for the people who believed in them. nasty too that they are doing it for parents who sacrifice so much for them. through illness, financial struggle and the son of doctor who couldn't believe their child her a strange gift. >> song goes. i got hooked. i mean like hooked. ♪ and tonight no stopping the unlick super stars. who believe that music can give you strength. >> one of the most unbelievable gift to give somebody. if ♪
9:50 pm
someone please carry me home tonight. >> who believed that music is their give it to you. >> i carry you home tonight ♪ ♪. >> they son sweet. they will appear at the fox theatre in oakland on february 22. sound great. one last check on the weather. go to spencer. sweet sound from the weather department. >> yes i didn't want it to stop. >> it's beautiful. >> may not have the weather ending either. satellite live doppler across the bay area right now. mild pattern all week long. tomorrow state wide mild again to warm. sunny sky high pressure well in the 70's over most interior sections of the state and down south in l.a. hear in the bay area. we have high ranging from mid 60's on the coast to low 70's around the bay mid 70's in the warmest inland spot and nippers at home take thing open the carry loin
9:51 pm
a panthers. game time 105 sunny mild temperature in the upper 60's game time. nice football weather. 7 day forecast mild through the 7 day period change if you agrees consolidator on monday that is veterans day. lovely week ahead. can't beat it. sports director larry here. a lot of hoop to talk about. >> college basketball season starting tonight in the bay area and warriors could they win in san antonio without curry? final second. andre. do or die? next in
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[uncle]this is hopscotch,okay? uncle go one,two,one,two,one two,one. [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah?
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female narrator: sleep train
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challenged sleep train challenged its manufacturers to offer even lower prices. but the mattress price wars end monday. now, it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with big savings of up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing, plus free same-day delivery, setup, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save. mattress price wars end monday at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ next in sports. >> this is 7 news. >> coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00. late breaking details on the armed robbery of 3 local middle schoolers mother of the victim says it could have been prevented. >> and what you thought were private pictures and post now made public. the facebook function that allows anyone to
9:55 pm
see what you are up to and guess what, there's not really very much you can do about it. those story the and more coming up on 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. but larry is here. >> i'm not up to my stuff. da days away. from what you want. >> asleep in 5 minutes. >> yes. nothing thrilling there. >> yes. >> there's a show here. warriors the curry bone bruise on the left ankle probably cost him the win. this is relevant an ugly defensive grinder kind of game. curry spectator rematch of last year my off. warriors haven't won in a regular season since 1997. nice ball machlt here. green knock down a 3. parker magnificent. 18 point. the other tiny kept the warriors alove. douglas off 21 off the bedroom. that should have been a 4 point play there. spurs led by 12. vintage parker here. you can't let them go left because he tlovts pull up
9:56 pm
in the jumper. were yours chance to tie down 2. it roll off the rim. 76-74 spurs. warriors manufacture on to memphis tomorrow. will see if he plays. college hoop season here already. stanford opening with the buy son of buck 28 games last year. first half dwight powell with the steal at half court. big guy. 1 on 3. out of my way up and in. strong take. stanford up by as many as 8 then powell hooping. with randall. big guy on the big guy. handling around. steven casper here. drills the 3 and 1 point game. but if steff puts it away for the cardinal. to anthony brown who hits from downtown and stanford wins the opener 72-68. how about cal. opener mike montgomery. smiling. that is
9:57 pm
the last time you see that this season. facing cop and state and could be the break away. freshman bird to richard solomon. hooping. lob city north. cal fans enjoying this. bird freshman from richmond. there's the first hoop as golden bear. he's a big time player. and callus leading at this point. 40 to 25. they are at the half. on to football where stanford feels great. florida state thrilled because they are locked in at no. 2. door to the national titles is open undefeated team like ohio state and baylor. all this after the cardinal stunned no. 3 other again last night. cardinal control the pwawchlt they really control the whether he will game. stanford held for 42 and a half minutes compared to duck 17 and a half. 42-17. crazy. stanford came up with big turn over. newly rallize heismann marcus. duck only 62 yards rushing. 2 69 below the
9:58 pm
average. 2 69 below. okay. after some prodding stanford quarterback kevin admitted yes this was a really big win. >> you have now beat oregon twice. >> it's another win. >> really just another win. >> it's a big win. it's good for our school. good for our school. happy but we have to keep going. we can't celebrate too much. celebrate tonight but we have to the tough one down in l.a. next week. >> playing usc next week. kansas state and texas tech at 9:00 a.m. on 7 live well network digital channel 7.2. comcast 195 and 7:15. loon up on 7. nebraska michigan at 12:30. newscast at 4 then 5 notre dame and pit. all the highlights after the game. 49ers the bringing owens back after sending him to the eagle 10 years ago. honorary captain for sunday game against carolina back to celebrate the
9:59 pm
performance in the 1999 play off in the epic catch with young to beat the packers in the wild card game rank fourth greatest moment in candlestick history. tiger woods he watched stanford beat oregon at 3:30 am in turkey. teed off in the open at 8:30 am. so you can see where his priorities were. par 3 second. four feet to set autopsy birdie. tiger with a 9 under 63. 1 back of foursome that includes poulter and henry stenson so tiring immanuel hefty appearance fee to show up in turkey and so he's like i'm watching the stanford game. i don't need to sleep. >> somebody wake me. >> get the popcorn ready. >> yes. >> he's no the playing just going to be an hop hear. >> stale show. that's this >> stale show. that's this edition of 7 news
10:00 pm
a small, fading remnant of a star. a white dwarf. that's right. i used a memory technique. dwarves hate being called midgets, and midgets are small. and what does a star turn into after it collapses?


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