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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 11, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> tonight crisis in the philippines. region ravage by one of the most powerful storms ever to hit that part of the world. philippines government put death toll at 1700 but authorities believe the number will rise much higher than tha
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that. >> in the mean time the relief effort overwhelmed by the scale of the devastation as many as 10 million people affected by the storm. u.s. has already committed 20 million dollars in aid. more probably coming and bay area communities are reach out to help any way they possibly can. there is a race against time now to save the family caught in the aftermath of this typhoon. we are seeing new images of the moment of impact and hearing astonishing stories of survival. gloria is in one of the towns that took a direct hit. >> we joined the chopper with bag of rice below us devastation. home after home shattered. family living in rubble without food or water. relief can't come fast enough. this is why. new image of the monster up close. witness the moment of impact firsthand. >> it blew hard. it blew for
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hours and didn't let up. >> at one point jumping into a swimming pool to dodge the deadly wind. hurdles debris through the air. others clung to the roof. rescue family floated on mattresses. waves smacked the coast. and the wall of water pushed inland. reaching 20 feet high. obliterating everything in the past and tanker ship into the town. the city in the bull's eye. 18-year-old american simon cruise from colorado was there with local host family. >> truck load of dead bodies like hundreds and we were talking to friend that lives in the neighborhood next door and yes apparently like 50 little kids got sucked away. just horrible. >> very also here to help the survivors. people taking what is left in the now leveled supermarket hoping it's enough. fear of what is coming next is
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on every face. we are told actually used to be a road through what is now that destruction zone now the smell of gas in the air. this smoke slammed on the side or upside down. you see these everywher everywhere. >> we made our which through the shattered streets. to the airport. this was the airport before. this is it now. throngs of survivors desperately wait at the gate for more food and water. >> we are so very hungry and thirsty. >> inside a woman kab can not wait fore vac asian. swam clung to post during the storm. now in the rubble she gave birth to a little girl. the gloria abc news. >> much-needed moment of hope. well as you can imagine so many people in the bay area mobilizing to help the relief effort in the philippines because so many people in the bay area have family there. 7 news reporter lee ann has that part of the story song
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recognized by every filipino. it talks about wanting to get back to the philippines. country that now needs the help of the bay area. >> disheartening. it's hard. >> volume up tears from the filipino community center spent the day in downtown san francisco collecting monetary donations. many tourists stopped to help including rogersers from canada. >> we have a lot of filipino family where i'm from and just devastated we are uses happy to support in any way we can. >> or organizations like the west bay filipino multi-service center ask people to bring in bag of goods. >> all i know is that they are desperate for foodnothing the eo power. there is the no medicine. >> another organization will pay to ship these items to the affected areas. something that can be very expensive.
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>> totality of the devastation is going to be, you know unimaginable. >> first time i could not really believe it. >> she was in manila when the typhoon hit. left the following morning for planned trip to san francisco. she feels a little guilty not being in her country to help. >> all i can do do is pray. and typhoon donation. >> over the weekend church and other organizations held several food drive for the victim of the typhoon n.san francisco, abc 7 news. >> 400 nurse in standby ready to be dispatched to the philippines to the help care inform the sick and injured. local nurse association are fundraising to pay for transportation supplies and other resources needed once they arrive some of the hardest hit areas of the philippines. many who volunteered speak-live
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in the bay area. >> it's already very under served population and i desperate times people did desperate things that's why we good out there and help them. >> uss george washington also ordered to help with relief effort. defense department announce late today sending aircraft carrier from hong kong directly to the philippines. carrier and 5000 sailors are expected to arrive in about two days if you have friends or relatives in the philippines like so many do, google may able to help you locate them. go to slash people finder. use the typhoon yo land a that's what they call i it. link and then click on the box that says i'm looking for someone perhaps you will be able to get information about someone that you care about. now to contribute to the philippines relief effort go to our web site and click on see it on tv. find link to number of local relief organizations and on the subject one of the
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things that always happens in the situation like that we rush in to help. want to contribute and try to make a difference but we have ton careful. michael has a warping about donate to go charity that offer to help the victims of this typhoon. before you donate consider first giving to established charity you can trust. among the charity recommended by charity navigator are the american red cross catholic relief services america cares and convoy of hope. consider your donation to good to the relief effort for victims of typhoon why lapped a and avoid giving to unsolicited telemarketers. you don't really know how much of your money the telemarketer will keep for themselves. people will prey on our good nature. be very careful. >> coverage of typhoon continues on our web site and on our facebook page. also follow us on twitter at this web site. keep you updated on that. move to other news
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tonight. the new fourth bore caldecott tunnel set to open in next week or so. first it has to pass a series of safety test. once open the fourth bore leaf 88th a lot of daily congestion through the oakland hills on highway 24. commuters desperate for years. 7 news reporter laura anthony has the story. >> we have a knock on the car fire. we plug into the standby system writ now this week cal-trans several east bay fire agency running through a series of scenario in the new tunnel. range from animal loose inside the tunnel to major fire or explosion. in this mock scenario there's a smokey fire in the tunnel. unlike the old bore water is available for firefighters. people can escape through doorway inside the bore and illuminated signs to let everyone know what is
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going on. >> we need to pass and we need to be confident. all of the systems are open rigsal no just individual but in tandem with each other. >> as shown on the cell phone video. this car fire on the tunnel earlier this month proud some frightening moments for drivers similar incident should play out differently. thanks to all the high tech safety systems. >> camera. carbon monoxide detection. heat detection. ventilation system. evacuation agencies. >> safety continual in there which are very, very clean. there's the high volume fans that are going in there. extremely noisy but they will did a fantastic job of evacuating all the bad product in the air. >> cal-trans hopes to open new bore as early as next monday. but only if it passes its
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safety test. and the weather stays dry. at the continual, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> suspected burglar in custody tonight after stand off with santa clara police today. police surrounded a house on eisenhower and burke drive. sky 7 hd shows the intersection shut down at crew negotiated with this guy. police s.w.a.t. team also ready just outside the house just in case things turn violent. that didn't happen at 2:15. man turned himself in without a fight. police have been searching for this man since burglary few blocks away at 9:00 o'clock this morning monday night abc 7 news at 9:00. keeping students safe. local company detecting gunfire at schools. >> notice the smell of burning plastic in the air. continuing fall out from weekend fire at peninsula recycling plant. spencer here with the weather. >> clouds thickening. moisture closer so when and where will
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>> oakland charter school will be among the first schools in the country to use technology take detect gunfire. installation comes in the wake of several mass shootings in schools across the country. vick lee has the story. >> intruder begins shooting outside the building. shots spotter dedetectives not only the location of the shots but fired from an automatic rifle. active shooter nowen the building. he fires more shots. star on the floor plan shows he's in the recreation room. sensor placed in every room and common area of the school pick up every shot. the alert come in to shot spotters incident review center. gunman starts moving counsel the hall into
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other rooms. he fires off more shots. sensor show he's now in a lab area. suite 210. shot spotter says say time is of the essence. >> 2 to 4 minutes before calls have been made to 911. every minute really does count. >> police are notified. developing information hits police car computers screens ininstantly responding officers know exactly where to good and what they are up against. >> we can tell you how many rounds were first and if it sounds like multiple gunmen. >> surpriseless life saving information but also be helpful. it cost 15,000 dollars to set up the sensors. 10,000 dollar per year fee in each school. but former san francisco police chief tony rivera equates this with successive fire alarm sprinklers in school. >> in the last 25 years with the exception of dormatory fires no children have been
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killed in school fires. >> officials we spoke with say the cost doesn't seem like much. if it helps save lives. this is 7 news. >> well, you might be among the people around the bay area many smelling acrid odor in the air. all started yesterday when fire broke out at metal management in redwood city on seaport boulevard near 101. and it's not the first time there have been problems there either. here's wayne. >> here was the good news along seaport boulevard redwood city today. 4 jogger out for the lunch time exercise gulp air and not the worst for wear but not perfect air. >> you could tell something was burnt or burning previously. >> he still smelled the remnant of this massive fire inside the sims metal mappingment yard. piles of scrap metal on fire and heavy smoke blanketing the area did you to inversion layer that kept it down.
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>> concentrated and didn't move. >> smoke so thick that county agency ordered resident to shelter in place. concentrated amount spread as far south as san jose. cloud that one air quality official described as a witch brew of toxic material. the legal standard for 24 hours is 35 parts per billion. 1 hour alone yesterday the particulate matter reached level of 114. and it wasn't the first fire at the plant. >> this is probably the larges largest. other fires were very similar. >> sims has had previous violations. >> this particular facility experienced violations in 2007. air quality violences. i don't know what they have experienced since then but it's very dirty business. >> took 50 firefighters 6 thundershowers contain the blaze. they remain most of the night. no direct comment from sims today just a statement
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released through the company p.r. agency in new york city. sims metal management takes every incident of this nature seriously. we engage in regular fire prevention training and inspect our facilities on ongoing basis. unknown cause for now and the fire department says it remains under investigation. in redwood city, wayne friedman 7 news. >> the alameda county fire partment relessed some helmet cam video tonight showing what it is like fighting a fair. we share this with you. really intense. this one happened lags monday in san leandro. you could see the firefighters turn the hose from one window to another trying to put out the flames. they were able to rescue 5 dog from the house. and the owner escaped with minor burns. they also found 50 marijuana plants. but kind of up close look what it is like to fit a fire from their perspective. we admire what they do. >> absolutely. >> spencer is here hope you
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took time to honor the veterans who served our country. >> great day for that. despite the clouds smoke in the air pleasant day and many more ahead. increasing clouds in the bay area right now. sickening throughout the evening as you can see. we have areas of moisture offshor offshore. now much is not expected to actually hit the ground. it will evaporate in the air or pass over in the kalou. could be some light showers sprinkle developing in parts of the north by. large massive amount of moisture farther north west that is not expected to mav through the bay area but we see what develops overnight. looking back at san francisco sky line temperature readings at this hour. 57 san francisco. 60 oakland and upper 50's at redwood city san jose mid 50's los gatos and a half machine bay. high definition emeryville camera. back across the bay and temperature readings now in the low mid 50's from santa rosa a
9:20 pm
to napa to no vat o. concord livermore and 1 final live view of beautiful view of san francisco looking down from sutro tower. these are forecast feature. mostly cloudy overnight. maybe some light showers possible more likely if they develop at all in the north bay northern sonoma county then cry mild weather for the rest of the week. now satellite radar composite image show what is going on in the atmosphere. cold front approaching not powerful. pushing some clouds thickening clouds in the bay area. it's cloudy overnight and once again may sprinkle or 2. start forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight and we could get some light showers up in the northern most part of our viewing area but expect to get at least partial clearing relatively early tomorrow with partly sunny to mainly sunny afternoon tomorrow. on we go with more animation. starting on tesuy. we see high pressure large ridge remaining of the weekend and friday shift
9:21 pm
in the wind flow. dry wind pattern flowing offshore that means mild conditions but very dry conditions as well. possibly gusty winds. that could elevate the risk for fir fire. overnight tonight. thick clouds. maybe shower or 2 up north. low pressure generally in the low 50's tomorrow. partly to mainly soychbility high pressure in the south bay by afternoon. low to mid 70's. 72 at san jose. 72 at cupertino peninsula we see high ranging from 69 at san mateo to 71 redd with city and 71 at mountain view. on the coast 65 half moon bay. 66 degrees tomorrow in the north bay we see high in the north bay valley in the low 70's santa rosa to calistoga and nap a.east bay high 69 at oakland. 72 at fremont. inland east bay 74 walnut creek and at fairfield and antioch and here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. it's mild all the way through the forecast period. temperatures will drop-off just a couple degrees over the weekend but not very much so it's a dry mild pattern
9:22 pm
with very little change all the way through next monday. only a little bit of punch here the chance of showers overnight in the parts of north bay. mainly northern sonoma. >> nothing significant. >> nothing put a dent in the rainfall deficit we have. >> all right thanks very much. >> well still ahead tonight. big surprise san francisco forty-niner has in st when our little girl was born,
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welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at us. pass postscript. >> here's something to ponder. what would you do if you found nearly 100,000 dollars in cash? connecticut rabbi and his wife bought a desk on craigslist and when they couldn't fit it through the door, the couple pulled it apart and found a plastic bag filled with cash.
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they opened it. counted 90,000 dollars couldn't believe it. couple medley decided that they 0not keep the money and called the owner. >> i saw a money bag there and i sort of saw 100 dollar bill. this is money this is pretty heavy. we brought it to the table and counted it occupy. my gosh. so. >> oh, my gosh because dash oh, my gosh. >> she was speechless you have to remember she stuffed her inheritance in that desk. >> some 49ers did some fine-tuneing today but it had nothing to could with football plays. they team up with the non-profit turning wheels for kids. help build 49 bites for deserving children throughout the bay area. tight end davis says the bike will be big surprise for the kids during tomorrow football camp and wellness fair at lake mill park. >> we are diagnose it tomorrow. they don't even know we walk
9:27 pm
up and surprise them and extremely excited i can't wait. i don't know if i'll get a chance to be there but i'm hear about it. >> vernon left yesterday game with concussion following this catch and tackle. pretty good shot. head hit the ground. he's being evaluated and hopes to play in sunday game in new orleans. we team up with dave thinks season to bring you vernon view weekly post game interview will you see only on abc 7. >> welcome up next. veteran day around the world. >> complete coverage as the bay area honors it's veterans. also you hear from rosie the rifter. women who work in the shipyard during world war ii. they tell their story at the white house. >> i was told that i have breast cancer. >> live television health screening ladies to on air diagnosis. member of the abc
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>> today veterans day of cours course. across the bay area americans are paying tribute to those who served. at the sunset cemetery in el cerrito 6 dozen boy scouts put miniature american flag on the grave stone of the military men and women. and one of the bay area largest veteran parade took place in downtown san jose. crowds lined market street to see band and veteran group. david learned that spectators had powerful and different reasons for being there. ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ after that stirring start to the day one unit after another
9:32 pm
passed reviewing stand to show respect and appreciation for those who served. veteran john martinez brought his grandson to watch this year parade for one simple reason. >> i want them to know what it is to really be an american citizen. what the flag really means. what our freedom is about. and on this special day this is the day veterans day the reason why we have freedom. >>reporter: parade unit reflect service as early as the civil war but one man had a photo of his brother killed in vietnam in 1967 to remind people of peace and impact of war. >> i don't think people really understand what happens to a family. they talk about what happens to the troop. that's a good thing people understand that. but they don't know how it definite states the family. >> for one man the procession rebehinded him of the need to take care of the returning vet. >> a lot of people went into the armed forces because they couldn't get jobs. and now that they come out, we are
9:33 pm
going to have an interesting situation. the this is 95 year for the san jose verans day parade. while lots of crowds leaning market street some people notice the crowds in some areas are a little bit thinner than usual. this vietnam vet noticed the small turn out. so did another vet pete tivrment a lot of people getting older that captain make it down here. handicap and i think a lieutenant of the american people are disgusted with the government and don't think about coming to something like this. >> whether that was the case or not spectators enjoy scouts and school band and scottish bag pipe unit. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> magnificent celebration there. wonderful pictures. veteran day tradition in the south bay included special honor for 2 south bay men. more than 150 people gather in milpitas to honor the military men and women who served their country. event include as veteran of the year award and
9:34 pm
went to lou who served 23 careers in the army. also serves in the milpitas community in many ways. >> you hope you will be recognized when you are. just really hits you down there. l it's very proud moment and it's still, i'm still nervous about it. >> way to go lou. another veteran received a special honor. hen roadway mott was not here to see the plaque and dedicated to him in veterans plaza died early this year at the aiming of 91 but his son tells that you say this honor means a lot. so well deserved. >> your help is needed tonight to help a group of local marine veterans memorial honoring those who fought in the korean war memorial foundation in san francisco is halfway to the gel of raising 3.3 million dollars. it wants to build a life size bronze sculpture depicting a battle that marine found themselves in when they landed
9:35 pm
in south korea in september the 1950. south korea government committed to 1 million dollars in matching funds but unless donor in the u.s. help out the monument is in danger of not being built. >> we have not been able to raise any money from major american corporation. we have to do that because we can't him if small donation. >> find out more about the memorial link on our web site continued see it on tv. >> the president obama says that taking care of america veterans is a mission that must endure. president spoke at today veterans day festivities at arlington national cemetery where he laid a wreath at the too many of the unknown. president obama reassured veterans that they will not be forgotten long after the battle are over. >> we keep improving veteran health care including mental
9:36 pm
health care so you can stay strong. making sure veterans not covered by the va can secure quality affordable health insurance. >> president also paid tribute this man. 107-year-old richard overton who is believed to be the oldest living american world war ii veteran. >> on this veterans day special salute to group of women who work behind the scenes in the bay area during world war ii. they were known collectively as rose the rifter and have inited to the white house. 7 news reporter carolyn tyler has the story. >> tell me about that call. >>e's a talker. >> vice president was calling to praise phillies for her role as rosie. these were the women who worked during world war ii as welders pagers pipe fitters and electrician to support the military when the man went off to battle. thinks her employee badge. >> hired at kaiser shipyard
9:37 pm
richmond, california as one of the first 6 women welders that's pretty impressive kid. >> i really was. >> i believe you. god love you. >> i think we are great example of what women can do. >> she's now 92 years old. living in fairfax. we caught one some of her former co-workers at veterans day treb newt rich mon. pre-sill a is 93 and electrician during the war. >> they did forget for many, many years didn't talk about i it. men never talked about the war. >> over the years the rosie role has been recognized and saluted. trail blazer for women in the workplace. now there will be a trip to the white house which still amazes 87-year-old marian winn. >> poor little girl from the depression. only had 2 blouses or 2 dresss to wear to school and now i'm going to the white house?
9:38 pm
i can't believe this. >> i think it's about time that somebody just gave us a big party. just the kind of strutted us through washington, d.c. and let everybody know we are still alive and kicking th the. >> 5 of the rosie and their help hope to make the trip in april to dc. it's not free and they plan to start a fundraising campaign soon. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> one more note on this. phone call between phillies and vice president biden is really fun to hear. listen to the whole thing at abc 7 under see it on tv check it out when you can. >> as united states observes veterans day our friends across the pond and other condition try recognized armistice day as they pay their respect to the men and women who serve their country one deserving veteran in particular had a moving tribute. 99-year-old about
9:39 pm
harold percent value died few weeks ago. unmarried no children so the director of funeral home put note in the local pair saying had he no one to attend his funeral. the request went viral. it was teethed and rae tweeted. many times over. 500 complete strangers showed up to attend. some from hundreds of miles away. and they waited in the rain to is a will you tell and to thank percent value for his service. fitting farewell and one that showed that people really do still care. that not incredibly powerful. strangers honoring someone who served. >> coming up next. good morning america amy test on the air to raise awareness for air to raise awareness for others. might
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>> this is in croatia. watch what happened as firefighters tried to secure some metal panel. he's okay but the wind sent him flying right in the side of a building. that area is experiencing some of the worst wind in a decade. wild picture. >> abc news is report ago tremendous outpouring of support tonight after emotional announcement by a correspondent on good morning america. >> words i never expected to hear i was told that i have breast cancer. >> gma staff gathered around amy after she made the announcement. she agreed to get the mammograph as part of the awareness show last month. she was diagnosed last week. >> little did i know i would be a walking example of having a miami grav gram save my life an
9:44 pm
having you who pushed me to do this to say you can do this. you saved my life. >> she will have a double mastectomy thursday. hardest part was telling the children at you can imagine. amy hopes experience will help other women get mammogram and save lives. we wish her the very best. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. violence in the movie. new report that says we are getting too much bang for our buck. what parents should farmers presents: fifteen seconds of smart. so you want to drive more safely? stop eating. take deep breaths. avoid bad weather. [ whispers ] get eight hours. ♪ [ shouts over music ] turn it down! and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪
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so you want to drive more safely? of smart. stop eating. take deep breaths. avoid bad weather. [ whispers ] get eight hours. ♪ [ shouts over music ] turn it down! and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪ report show movies rated pg-13 now more violent than r rated movies of the 1980's. parents rely on the rate goes to decide what movies the children can see might be surprised at what is really
9:48 pm
happening on the screen these days. here's david wright. >> shoot them up blockbuster like first of the die hard movies. original terminator. used to be rated r. but the modern day sequel pg-13 even though you now get a lieutenant more bang for the buck. researchers at the university of pennsylvania looked at the top grossing movies of the past 60 years. from cinderella tl all the way down through the hunger games watching in particular for the level of gun violence. >> our conclusion is that the rate of gun violence in pg-13 category has gone up like three times since it first started. >> 1985 the average pg-13 movie had less than one shooting per hour. 2012 nearly 3 shootings per hour. sex and swearing will still earn an r rating but
9:49 pm
gun violence more likely to be pg-13. >> top grossing r rated film of today will have less gun violence than pg-13 top gros grossing film today. >> motion picture association declined comment on the study. others dispute the suggestion that hollywood is if making a culture of violence. gun violence in the movies may have increased but in real life vailt crime at all time low. hollywood abc news. >> new report says that more water agency in california will turn to cloud seed thanksgiving year to help with boosting water supply. sacramento bee reports that dozen world trade center sheds now have cloud seeding projects under way. many began last week. cloud seeding involves spraying silver iodine into clouds that cause water drop let to form ice crystal and turn into snow flake. estimated that cloud seeding project generate 400,000 acre feet of additional
9:50 pm
water annually in this state. >> so it has come to this spencer. seed the clouds to get rain around here. >> let the seeding begin because we need it now. here's live doppler 7hd we have moisture overland area right now but nothing being reported as hitting the ground yet. much hangup in the clouds. up to the north west some actual rain over the ocean but may not be moving in our direction. for tomorrow we look at mainly sunny skies by afternoon clouds early in the morning. maybe couple scattered showers overnight but not looking very likely. accu-weather 7 day forecast mild weather remainder of the week into the weekend and even as it cools down a little bit sunday monday still remains pretty mild just have a few degrees change in the temperature range. maybe sprinkle or 2 that's about it. >> nothing to write home by. not at all. >> thanks very much. mike is here with all the sports. >> a little bit of everything. look what ails the niners raiders offense. got become on the field after week of locker
9:51 pm
room drama. richie incognito and january thon martin to
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coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. thousands without food or water in the philippines after super typhoon slams the country. what bay area groups are doing tonight to help those struggling to survive. give you more information on that evident. >> and keeping an eye on your home while you are away. michael takes a lack at do it yourself surveillance kit to protect you and your family. a lot more options now than they used to be. that's coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. we have all the sports at the 49ers. >> local team have you believe from. 49ers offense non-existent against winning team. 3 losses this year all against teams with winning record. they have combined 19 points yesterday only 151 yards of total offense. nine yards passing and after you subject trbingting 6 sack 46
9:55 pm
yards passing. kaepernick and 3 losses zero td passes an 5 interception. losing dave is to concussion huge as a team only 5 first down in 65 net yard after he went down. entire team not pleased with their performance. >> as a unit 2 negative play in the game. loss of yard plays. penalty, sack, turn over. we didn't do good enough job. >> we have to get better as team. fv we have to move on. go down to new orleans and get a big win. >> unacceptable. again offensively we didn't do what we needed to do. >> we have to execute better. and all around. we just have to good out and make plays. we had a good week in practice. everybody was ready. just didn't execute when we did. >> raiders carbon copy of the
9:56 pm
49ers. this is a young developing team they need to learn how to close-out games big 6 against both manning brothers giving raiders lead at the half. butt offense struggled. 107 yards passing. 2 of 12 on third down and playing on sprained right knee with this interception less than go ahead touch down. they need to learn how to seal the deal. >> a lot of plays in the game where we pick up the 4 points that we needed to get or more to make that a win and those are things we have to work to correct. i like that locker room in there. those guys tip to fight. they continue to compete and we are going to get this thing turned around. >> now i'm sure the dolphins couldn't wait to get back on the field after week of locker room drama with incognito and martin affair. hosted by tampa
9:57 pm
bay looking for first we know of the year. warren zap honored and retired as number nichbility let him score. 340 pounder on the tackle. check out this the dump by the big guy. 7 nothing dolphins 2 rushing yards in the game. luckily matthews had receiving yards and 2 td with maim a lead but tampa wanted first win badly. bobby with 80 yard drive and win first of the year 22-19 the final. all right hoop third rank stanford women the huskies stanford conference record 10 back to player of the week award with 30 point 14 rebond game saturday against boston college. use con unveiling the eighth national title banner on pre-game. amber led wait with the cardinal. 22 point. earn them all stanford down at the half. tl tone held at 16 and had no
9:58 pm
answer defensively. hartley the long 3. goes one-on-one and come up with two and the foul. 20 points for her. they crush the cardinal 76-57 the final. men hosting byu. david shaw in the front row. senior powell putting on a dunking clinic. not done in the secon second. another 2 handed jam. byu looking good. beautiful move lays it in. second half rate now score byu 90-72. highlights at 11:00. >> tennis ending season with world tour final and 19 all time meeting in the final for them. they each won 9. check out the point. all over the court. both players finally at net novak drop it in. took first set and loving it. on championship point. djokovic straight and nadal end the year
9:59 pm
rank no. 1 in the world. finance wish play of the day check out the 5 and 6-year-old from miami pulling off the statue of liberty play. trick play. perfectly executed. look at them. football as big as their head. they get it in. start young. a lot of fun to watch. >> they are just adorable. >> they are. >> all right are you t that's how i started ended about then. same age too. >> that's our report. for all of us here thanks for watching appreciate your time see you at appreciate your time see you at 11:00 over on the big 7. our spanish nombres.
10:00 pm
there will be-- what's this? it's okay, it's okay. do it. [laughs]


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