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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 12, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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home for practically just your signature. sign. then drive. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends december 2nd. for details, visit today. >> brace yourself. price to cross the golden gate bridge business to go up as officials look for ways to close 140 million dollar short fall. >> good evening. they say there are two things you can count on in life. death and taxes. if you cross a bridge
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in the bay area, you can add a third. that's toll i hope crease. golden gate bridge district considering raising the toll on the same span to 8 dollars per trip. 2000 dollars a year if you drive it ever day. wayne is on the story. he. >> once you see it you will have a realizeship with it. whether a tourist taking pictures or a commuter almost taking it for granted. until you pay the toll of course the. >> generally people prefer not to pay more for something if you don't have to. >> in the case of the golden gate bridge it appears they will. executives now have 5 options which could raise toll to as much as 8 dollars within 5 years. >> sundz like a lot. >> why do they need to raise i it. they said when they raised it to 6 dollars that was going to be it. >> good question. district manager knew it would be comin coming. >> things cost more today than they did 6 years ago. we spend about half of our toll to fund transit. bus operation. that takes one and a half lanes of
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traffic off the bridge during rush hour. takes thousands of cars off the street every day and helps with mobility. >>reporter: or in 6 words capitol reserve doyle drive transit and infrastructure. from repainting towers to fi fixing access to the ferry boa boat. and parking at larkspur landing is an issue too. >> would i actually be willing to pay a little bit for parkin parking. >> 5 dollars a day. 8 dollars a day. >>reporter: how far have we come? did you know that when the brim open entered 1937 a toll ticket cost 50 cents? if you adjust for innrition that's 8 dollars today. one of the toll amounts they are considering. talking about a fare higher than the bay bridge t. >> yes. >>reporter: feel guilty about that. >> no. >>reporter: why. >> there's a need for toll increase to help us fund the transit system which in turn keeps 25 percent of the traffic that would have to cross the bridge off the bridge in the morning. >> next step. presenting the
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options to the district board then series of public hearings. expect an earful. >> raise to it 50 dollars? then you don't havetory would. the won't have a deficit. >>reporter: if only it were that simple. from the golden gate bridge, abc 7 news. >> new details tonight in the police chase that ended in serious crash in richmond. officers say they lost the suspect car moments before the crash would he were over the scene. 2 people seriously hurt when the cars slammed that the vehicle around 4 this afternoo afternoon. police arrested 2 people in the suspect vehicle passenger and driver. officers say is gang member wanted on several felony warrants. third suspect is still on the run tonight. >> the now to the latest from the philippines. u.s. state department says 2 americans are among the victims of typhoon killed in the aftermath of the storm. almost 250 members of the u.s. military are in the
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country now helping in any way they can. tonight the official number of killed stands at 170 1700. but expect it to the rise. nation president says the death toll will likely be around 2500. far lower than earlier estimates of 10,000 which would be especially shocking. >> survivors are struggling to stay alive. clean water food and medical suppli very short supply. united nations issued an urgent call asking for more than 300 million dollars in emergency aid to be sent directly to the philippines. abc news reporter terri reports now from the har hardest hit city there. >> sunrise in hell. is day 5 for the survivors of typhoon and the desperation is deepening. everyone wants out. and few flights a day from the airport here are turning in frantic mob scene. aid effort are rampping up. but the scale
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of the they think is so vast. the need so great. at times it seems only a trickle of help has come here. filipino starting to fault the government and do it themselve themselves. the neighbors just loaded up a truck with rice and can of fad and went looking for people in need. >> just trying to lack for a town that really needs help. >>reporter: survivors are so desperate for water they are straining it through the t-shirts. disease is a huge concern now. for so many any shelter will do. the president said he thinks the death toll far lower than the original estimate of 10,000 but still bodies everywhere yet to be found. can smell them rotting in the tropical sun. official death toll stands at 1700 plus. americans here who were caught in the storm fury tourist students long time residents missionaries they are getting out too. we met some of them when they landed at manila air base lick missionary john safe
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now but still shaken. >> i just sat there and watched the water level preceding that it would not go any higher. >>reporter: among the anxious americans watching state side steven vick of boulder colorado saw the 18-year-old son simon on world news. >> like 50 little kids got sucked away. >> my god. >>reporter: happy ending for one american family but for so many filipino living in this landscape they need so much. and in 5 days they have seen so little still. there is no end in sight. abc news, the philippines. >> let me show you before and after photo of the city. the picture was taken in february of 2012. now here's the same area photographed two days ago after the storm. contrast between the 2 pictures is obviously dramatic. and heart breaking and kahn see the utter devastation. >> if cash donation force
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typhoon victims are pouring in from around the world but here in the bay area food drive is also under way because shipper has agreed to transport the goods for free t.david went to san jose state where the donations are being collected. >> matter of minutes donation began pouring in. non-patienceable food shipped to the philippine to feed estimated two million people in need. >> food is very important. anything that will help lift the spirits like i think one really important need is to know that we are, there are people like in the united states and elsewhere supporting them that are trying to help them out. >>reporter: 5 campus groups including fraternity sorority and student organization banded teing. food cash donation turned over to peninsula group already active in helping the poor in the philippines. one major foyx is meeting the needs of pwebs. >> we had boxes specifically just for baby items like we had
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a love diapers. we had a lot of pl baby solution. stuff like that. so we year trying to emphasize any type of toiletry and sanitation things. >>reporter: philippine government estimates over a quarter million people in need are pregnant or new mothers. >> so i think it's an opportunity for everybody to step up and it brings, builds community. this campus is fabulous. in terms of people helping people so i'm just glad to dot. i'll make a bunch of trips day, the vivid image motivated students to do what they can. she gave up lunch money to donate to the victims there. >> it's really hard. watching something like that. and makes you want to help. doesn't really matter how much you give as long as you help out. >>reporter: even for stunt that's quite a sacrifice to give cash. >> it's just lunch. >>reporter: because of success of today drive it's extended through thursday. outside the event center on the san jose state campus. in san jose,
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david lou abc 7 news. >> if you would like to help go to our web site and look under see it on tv for link to various typhoon relief organizations. move on for the moment. >> san francisco forty-niner lane backer smith faced a jumping in court today on felony weapons charges. smith pleaded not guilty to the owning 3 assault weapons which are illegal in california. the lee ann has the story now from the santa clara county courthouse. >> it took only few minutes for smith attorney to enter a not guilty plea on benefit of his client. smith also signed a document allowing his lawyer to continue with the court proceedings without him. this way the linebacker for the 49ers can continue playing for the team. brian buck the deputy da in the case. >> not uncommon to work around someone schedule and a delay like this in the beginning of the case. >>reporter: tease because the incident happened in june 2012. smith is charged with owning 3
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assault weapons that are illegal in california but not in other states. sheriff deputy were called to his house during a party after shots fired by smith and by another guest. smith himself was stabbed according to investigators by gang member who crashed the party. deputy found the rifle in his home just outside the san jose city limits. >> i'm not at liberty to any questions at this time however he is very interested in answering to these charges. and you have to understand that this is a process. >>reporter: da office says it is too early to talk about a possible plea bargain. >> once they have seen all the information seen all the discovery we have a menegasful discussion and figure out where to go next. >>reporter: smith will be back in court on november 19 on dui charges. investigators say smith crashed his car into a tree in a neighborhood in san jose back in september. now since then smith has been in
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rehab and noticeably absent from the team until last week when he played against the carolina panthers. he's expected to be on the field this sunday. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> pl pair of small earthquake perhaps you felt them minutes and males apart jolt across the bay area today. first 2.9 magnitude reported this afternoon in san ramone. 5 minutes later across the bay 2.8 magnitude reported near broader moore north of pacific pacifica. look here. the quake recorded and spike when they hit there. viewers tweeted the abc 7 news room with reports of feeling the earthquake in danville, san ramone and across san francisco from sunset to marina and outer mission. very small quake but certainly get our attention every time. >> we have a lot more ahead for you tonight on 7 news at 9:00.
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come up. new plan for keeping oakland teenagers off the streechlts but will councilman curfew cause more problems than it solves. >> also crew again taking apart old bay bridge piece by piece. why it will take years to finish the job. >> spencer is here with the weather. >> sunny mild weather returns to the bay area tomorrow but weekend may bring significant changes i have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> that's woman who says she was driven to her own exorcism. the strange ritual she was zñ
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>> in oakland tonight a controversial plan being considered that would require anyone under 18 to be off the street from 10:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. on school day and to crack down on teenagers involved in crime. but there are a lot of critic. we have the story. >> streets of oakland are not getting any safer for young people. police say this year 11 minor killed in gun violence and more than 600 armed robbery were committed by juveniles. oakland city councilman asks where does it stop? >> we need to really take
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ownership of our kids. >>reporter: proposing strict occur if you for those under 1 18. every tonight from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. and on school days 8:30 am to 1:30 p.m. he says some teens who violent occur few cited fined or everyone arrested but that's not his goal. >> cost a lot for me to lock kids up in juvenile hall then come out they come out dumber. so for me it's a better dollar of investment in trying to help kids now. >>reporter: he wants university center establish where occur if you bricking teens could get counseling and support. but create he can say occur if you don't work. at one of those centers youth uprising director call it a bad use of police resources. >> take in account all the different circumstances of the situation people face out here i think it could create more barrier or challenges in people life rather than supporting them to become thriving adults. >>reporter: leonard just turned 18. >> it will give the police more
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excuse to pull kids over. young kids. the pull them over car late night walk coming back from anywhere, other teens like the ideaism during the week they should have some type of curfew keep them in school off the street. >>reporter: third curfew proposal oak licensed has seen in the last three years. others have failed to win approval. councilman is willing to try again. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> work crew took big step forward today in the effort to tear down the old eastern span of the bay bridge since no longer needed. excavating machine rip up section of the old upper deck in the video that we took today. they will take out hundreds of feet of concrete and rebar along with steel floor beam holding up the deck. crew try to keep the rubble as tiedy contained as possible. new bridge close to the old one in spots that flying debris could be a threat to motorist and environmental concern. >> the bridge has paint on it. who knows how much gasoline and
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oil has spilled on the deck over t 77 years it has been in use. and then thirdly can't blow it up because there are bet that is postscript through her. >> entire bridge is supposed to be gone by 2016. >> people from the midwest to the atlantic woke up today first snow fall of the season. heavy snow made messy conditions in indiana where lake effect snow warning is in effect. the farthest authorities in pittsburg say slippery conditions are to blame for collision between big rig versus salt truck. salt truck driver wept to the hospital with minor injury but 'tis the season we start to see the picture around the country. but hear at home the weather continues to be lovely. we need the rain but dent sound lick spencer we have any t.10 joy mild weather. >> absolutely. $1 million for awhile. let's look at live doppler 7hd and we have clear sky around the bay area. start the day with clouds. scattered
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sprinkle. went away quickly. sunny sky now given way to mostly clear nighttime sky. live view from emeryville west ward across the bay. 61 in san francisco. 56 in oakland and redwood city. 59 san jose. the 54 in los gatos and 52 in half moon bay. live view from the tower cam are looking out over san francisco on the clear night. 54, 49 fairfield. it's chilly there tonight. 53 concord 56 at livermore and looking along the bay bridge all lit up wonder from south beach camera here downtown san francisco mostly clear cooler than last night. sunny mild tomorrow then cooler pattern settles in for the weekend with wind picking up a little bit breezy on friday saturday here's satellite radar composite image fizzle front this brought us early morning sprinkle today but it's all gone now. what's left of the front is offshore. high
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pressure already building in there. start our forecast animation 11:00 o'clock this evening and mainly sunny skies to. maybe some cloud passing along the coast line and back to the sunny mild and dry pattern so pleasant weather but we desperately need rainfall here. moving on forecast animation through thursday and friday t.we'll see cloud moving in as storm system moves to our north. bring us cooler and breezy conditions but will not at least at the moment doesn't seem that it will bring us any rain fall that we could certainly use here. overnight tonight clear cool low pressure generally in the mid upper 40's or writ around 50 in some bayshore locations then tomorrow another sunny $1 million day with high pressure in the south bay and low to mid 70's up to 71 santa clara. 72 at san jose. peninsula 69 san mateo. 70 palo alto. 71 redwood city. on the coast see high of 62 at pacifica. 65 at half map bay. downtown san francisco 66 degrees. 64 in the sun set district. north
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bay coastal temperatures. 62 bodega bay. of course mild inland. 72 at santa rosa and sonoma. 73 at napa. east bay high 69 at oakland. 70 san leandro. newark. inland east bay high in the low to mid 70' 70's. 73 at walnut creek and fairfield and 74 at livermore. 72 at please app ton and here's accu-weather forecast so couple more mild days coming our way. cools down rather sharply on friday and even further cooling occurs on saturday. few more clouds in the sky. wednesday pick up a little bit on friday saturday as well but still no rain in the forecast. temperatures actually take a turn for the milder side on monday tuesday. once again weather is lovely but we really could use some rain and like to see it come sooner rather than later. >> still to come 7 news at 9:00. music video shot on the new bay bridge.
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>> ♪ tv you are looking at what we think is the first music video shot on the new bay bridge but the production kim to an abrupt end. san francisco group tau get down stay down got permit from cal-trans to film the video on new bike pedestrians path but chp shut things did you know because it turned out to be too distracting for drivers causing traffic back up. still the group got enough footage to put together a music video and there it is. >> about deserving kids in the south by treated to big
9:26 pm
surprise today. courtesy of some star san francisco 49ers. 49 bike hand made by several players were delivered to 49 kids during today football camp wellness fair at lake mill par park. turning wheels for kids as well as the help service company to assemble the new wheel and today the non-profit delivered this i used to have a bike then i grew out of it and the wheel popped so i had to get a new bike but i never got a new bike now i goat get one. >> sweet smile on the faces. many kids said the bake were the first one they had ever owned. how nice to see them so happy. >> another half hour of news comes up here next on 7 news at 9:00. as we continue new guidelines for preventing heart attack. should you be taking statin drug sns. >> plans for new war why are arena in san francisco shrink again but are the critic buying this new proposal? >> and love is in the numbers.
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[ hans ] toaster strudel! [ angelic music plays ] don't overthink it. [ hans ] warm, flakey, gooey. toaster strudel! >> good evening. new health alert that could change the way your doctor treats anyone at risk of stroke heart disease. more than 30 million americans take statin to lower the cholesterol perhaps you do. the number could double. dr. richard vesser on what you need to know about this. >> life saving drug. best we have for lowering the risk of heart attack and stroke. statin. today new guidelines dr. matcly expand the use to one-third of all adults. >> we have always treated people that have had a heart attack or stroke. now we treat many millions more people who
9:31 pm
have not yet had a first event. that's a very big deal. >> among the changes statin now recommended for all people with type 2 difficult beat. age 40 to 75. regardless of cholesterol. the old guideline recommended statin risk of having heart attack over the next 10 years was 20 percent. new gid lanes look at race and sex. if 7 and half percent recommend statin. yesterday 5 55-year-old african american woman with normal cholesterol and high bloop would not go on statin. today she would. >> trading -- treating more people makes sense. important however that we treat the rate people. >> now dr. vesser says statin are very safe but there are side effects to know about like muscle pain and increase risk for diabetes. and there are many drug interactions as well. >> well the government is now inviting you to try obama care web site again. 275,000 people tried but failed to create an account on the site. health
9:32 pm
care.govern when it day but last month. spokeswoman says the majority of the problem with the site now fixed. e-mails going out to people who couldn't get through and administration sticking by the promise the site will be working movely by the end of the month. senator feinstein mean time said today she received 30,000 messages from people facing policy cancellations or increased premium. she announced her support of the bill requiring insurance company to continue offering all individual policies that still exist at the end of this year even if they do not comply with the affordable care act. >> some pr news for airline travelers. mainly merger step closer. justice department gave green light to u.s. air which and american to join forces to become the largely east airline in the world. could happen by the end of the year. >> golden state warriors are stream lining arena they want to build in san francisco. new design includes more green space and over all foot present
9:33 pm
of the reason a itself actually smaller. however these changes are not doing much to convince the critic. here's carolyn tyler. >> so there's natural progression of building heights that take your eye did you know to the water. >> architect is showing sketches of the latest warrior arena. version the team owner call 3.0. this design shows the sports entertainment facility along pier 30 32 more open space than originally planned. >> they do take in account what the community is saying and most importantly what regulators and bay conservationist say. >> wren a has gone from 7 71,000 square feet to 695,000. and the total open space from 50% of the site to 60 percent. but the san francisco waterfront alanes calls the changes window dressing. >> doesn't matter how many feet they shave off the design the
9:34 pm
or include tiny bit more open space, it's really all about the location e-mayor lee has described this as his legacy project and hopes the new site is now get people on board. >> version 3 is more welcoming and exciting. increases the open space. >>reporter: 3.0make no changes to the rest of the were your billion dollar project. which include 2 high-rise hotel and 175 foot high condo complex. on what is now a parking lot across the street. january who lives owns busy south of market calls the whole they think an apocalypse of bad urban planning. >> when you already have grid lock and you don't have transit infrastructure that can support it, this is going to be it really is going to be a city wide nightmare. >>reporter: warrior and create he can are weighing the possibility of going to the voters. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> work is under way on another
9:35 pm
san francisco sky scrape her. ground breaking took place on 53 story tower on fremont street. 802 foot building will go up across the street from the new transbay terminal. 181 free mont shops office space and ultra luxury condo. it will be taller than the millenium tower next door. in few years the corner has 2 of the tallest buildings on the west coast. >> one of only 2 project with direct connection to the transbay terminal both on ground flar and fifth floor a bridge to the wonderful 5 acre park that will be on top the transbay terminal when completed. >> construction of the tower will take three years. when it opens it's the tallest mixed use building on the west coast. until the transbay tower completed few years later. >> well we get the first detailed image now of what apple new headquarters may look like in and out. in the tall lick a sky scraper but spectacular nonetheless. they will receive final approval from the cupertino city council later this week to build future
9:36 pm
campus. the central building resemble a ring with circular hallway. 90,000 square foot cafeteria. spills out into the park land. apple product launches will take place in underground autotor um beneath glass pavilion. project is estimated to cost 5 billion dollars. >> well for some couple in love today is the day to say i do. sequentialal date like 11, 12, 13 hav happen 11 nims a centur century. 33 couple took the vow today at san francisco city hall. some say they called 2 month in advance and even though only few appointment were available forever this date. 11-12-13. people from texas got married here today. >> it is 11-12-13 figure it's lucky and we love san francisco so we came to city hall. >> it's been about 17 years we have been waiting for perfect date. so this is a perfect date.
9:37 pm
>> next date with cop executive numbers will be next december 12, 13, 14 but falls on saturday when couldn't offices are typically closed. congratulationss to the happy couples today. >> woman claims she was driven to her own exorcism. up next bizarre ceremony she was put bizarre ceremony she was put through and how police finally
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>> father son in jail after bizarre kidnapping involving exorcism in stockton. sheriff's deputy say they tack the man ex-wife against her will thinking by demons. here's nick with the story. >> they were saying i had, 3 devil inside of me. >> 41-year-old woman still
9:41 pm
having hard time comprehending exactly what happened to her. saturday morning her estranged husband and son convinced her to meet them at this wal-mart in north stockton saying she wanted to talk about failing marriage at nearby coffee shop then coaxed her in this truck and took off. she medley knew something wasn't right though. she tried getting out. she says they held her down in the back seat while a pastor she knew drove. they drove for hour and a half. 47 miles from sack ton all the way to another church in bay point. >> they start bathing me. they made me i started throwing up. pastor says you have a devil. get off of her get off of her until i fainted. >> obvious question is why? she and her estranged husband 42-year-old jose ferrari have been separated since january. she saw someone else then. >> they thought i was crazy.
9:42 pm
that what was going on because i'm not with you. i have the devil. >>reporter: but the story weapons getting stranger. at one point before the exorcism she texted her boyfriend saying that she had been kidnapped so stockton police were looking for her. after the exorcism everyone got back in the truck and drove back to the family home in stockton where cops were waiting. >> regret this? that's the only thing i said until we got here. i just got out of the truck and took me to a deputy. i got in his car and i didn't know anything also. >> on the spot the father and son arrested for kidnapping conspiracy to commit a crime and false imprisonment. >> it hurt me. because still my husband not being with him sense january and then my son following the steps of the dad. >> nick reporting. no torture involved but the woman was found unharmed. the priest involved will not face any charges.
9:43 pm
>> coming up next abc 7 news at 9:00. couple inviteded the jungle the great american novel.
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>> how about a lyon open your sofa. maybe a few of them. leopard in your bed while at it. one couple says the ferocious creature are family pet like dog and cat to you and me. alex on a home with a wild things really are. >> looip open the loose. 130 pound of muscle and razor sharp teeth bolt that the house. hop right up on the counter. >> she knows the house it's hers. >>reporter: 10 month oldest a house cat which in a way she is. receives raised in the kitchen. >> if she wanted to she could
9:47 pm
over power any of us. >>. >>reporter: everywhere you look there is a different animal. who sleeps with you. >> the leopard. the mongoose and the cat here. >>reporter: how do you fit in the bed. >> it's difficult. >> you don't mav or roll don't rollover. >>reporter: the guest farm is open to paying customers. she and her boyfriend helping conservation effort through education. you have people coming out here who don't have the opportunity to get out in the wild and experience them up close. >>reporter: experts say these make no difference and more about the money. then there's the potential danger. quick nip sevened as reminder of how deadly the cat could be. >> the evolution to become adapted killer and don't make good pet.
9:48 pm
>>reporter: but no fare. >> i trust him. they trust me. >>reporter: trust the predator haven't broken. at least not yet. abc news south africa. >> beautiful animals. i don't know if i trust them that far. they go on instinct turn on new an instant. >> i don't have that level of trust. i don't trust you that much. >> here's a look at time lapse view from high definition east bay hills camera. we saw cloud streaming across the bay today but clear out. nice sunny late afternoon. clear skies right now. i trust you dan. we have nice season day tomorrow state wide with mild warm conditions certainly in the interior parts of the state down south high of 88 los angeles here in the bay area lovely day coming our way tomorrow. you can trust me on this. sunny sky just a few then hay cloud manufacturing through from time to time. high range from mid 60's near
9:49 pm
the coast to upper 60's says if in the bay mid 70's inland. here's 7 day forecast 2 more miles and cool down on friday. further cool on saturday. cloud thicken and breezy on friday saturday but no rain likely then we start to warm-up again on monday tuchlts i absolutely completely trust dan. >> you turned on me faster than the african cat. >> sometimes we do that just for humor. >> thanks. >> anything for a joke. new record tonight for the highest price ever paid for an artwork at auction. bidder payed 142 million dollars. 1 from million dollars for frn situations bacon 1969 pre-study of lloyd at christy auction. there were apparently 7 bidders going for the thing. surpasses 120 million paid at soft by in 2012. for edward the scream. that's an awful lot of money
9:50 pm
for painting. >> workers assembling a tree sculptor at palo alto city hall plaza. they can't quite tell now but it's on its way to become ago life size weeping willow with 40,000 interactive lights. tree will be on display for year after unveiling on november 16. visitors able to interact with the sculpture with smart phone or tablet. city says it's police for people to gather interact and get in expired f.project was spearheaded by school children who work for 2 years to make it a reality. now that is a piece of artwork. >> like it better than the painting. l if here. 1 million. 1 million. >> original biel. >> i will take 500,000. but it will go fast. wait around and you get nothing. >> you snooze you lose. >> warriors back home. >> phone line are open. >> waiting for them. i dial
9:51 pm
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bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant . >> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. attempted kidnapping east bay school. how a stranger was allowed to wander around campus and what the mother of young girl targeted had to say about the whole ordeal. >> plus disaster devastated japan and radiation still spawing that the ocean. are we in danger? the ticking time bomb in the pacific and new threat that no one seems to want to talk abou about. we'll explore that. those stories coming up at 11:00 over on channel 7 but larry is here. sports. >> piv a bid. it's a little low. >> sealed bid. >> lower than i had hoped but bidding is just getting starte
9:55 pm
started. i can make whole bunch of them. were yrs become home after 4 game road trip hosting rebuilding detroit pistons. pre-game energizer dance koord maytor. warriors dm natured wire to weary and inside to an draw with finish. andre has thrown spectacular passes early in the season. bounce pass hand the back to david lee. warriors up 35-16 after one. second quarter. behind the back again on the are town lee for the throw did you know. 62-41. curry spin move and reverse lay up. 25 points. 8 assist for steff here he finds barns writ down the middle with authority. joe goes i own this. it is mine. own a painting. step up. 11 113-95. college pa hoop. denver first half everybody is
9:56 pm
passing fancy between the leg to matthews. with 6 assist at last check. here to david the with 11 at the first half. and 35-18 at the brick. wallace. added 20 pound to his frame in the off season. put back dunk cal crushing the pie near from 10 verify. 68-45. no. 1 kentucky. no. 2 michigan state in chicago big show down. martin start the gym on a 10-o run. day sochbility i would like a dunk please. kentucky big come become. tie it up 66 but keith before pure. 22 michigan state holds on to win 78-74. coach wonders what happened there no. 5 kansas and number 4 duke with freshman barker. this guy nba ready. one handed. finish with 27 poychbilitys he will be the first second pick in the fba draft depending on whether an
9:57 pm
drew guess first for condition says. flying in for the 2 hand slam. it was points. show down gym between guys that are 1 and done off to the fba. so much fun tonight as condition says pulls away 94-83. to at the time ice now having lost 5 in a row. shark decide to mix it up a little bit with alex day lock starting second time this season tonight in calgary. check it out. that's a good look. we have to bust that out on the set here. sharks dominate first 40 minutes. marlo power my. top shelf ending 7 gym scoreless. only face 13 shot. pad luck off thornton. stick to mike tied at 2 activity time in last 6 games over time. with thornton with shot deflect it off brad stewart in front. >> 49ers with receiver williams
9:58 pm
today. with michael crabtree on the way back. williams dropping on the depth chart. niners needed roster spot. davis hopeful to play this coming sunday despite concussion from loss with the panthers. vernon seen earlier on this spoke to mike and said if it's up to him he's playing this sunday. >> still okay still okay but not up to me. item up to the jock. i have to wait if the middle of the week to clear me and get back to work. i feel like i can play i feel like i can my but again i have to listen to the experts. it's their job. >> hopefully you can go. win over oregon manufactures stanford up to number 4 in the bcs rankings. cardinal could manufacture closer to spot at the rose bell with victory this saturday at usc. cardinal coach shaw said today he wishes there was a play off on the horizon instead of the 14 system beginning next year. ned nation. love this. focus
9:59 pm
on few things difficult put my glasses. that's one. 2 trying to win theless 3 regular season gems and 3 would be the work at stanford. up working on the computer program. >> we lick to have fun. that's the thing. tl we lick to enjoy ourselves have good time and embrace. rope we kim here to stanford and embrace the fact that we are after lets and students at the same time. so i wouldn't look, wouldn't take it too seriously but just have fun and embrace that identity. >> we'll be carrying stanford and usc saturday night over on abc 7. kick off at 5:00 o'clock followed by after the game with all the interviews and the highlights from los angeles and sc playing very well. >> that one is for you. >> just crank it. >> just for you. >> i'll take it. >> if oh. that's our report >> if oh. that's our report for all of us here, what any sa:
10:00 pm
"make sure she's dead." stop me if you've heard this. would've been nice 27 minutes ago. the housekeeper says, "we don't have a pool." and the guy says-- peltogood morning, greendale. just a reminder, our debate team will bring home


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