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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 13, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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tonight, three workers hospitalized in tesla. we're live with injuries. >> the controversial new head of the university of california system silences critics with a surprise new policy on fee increases >> tonight an investigation reveals dangerous signs of radio activity. can anyone guarantee the area is safe? >> and the tax consequences of same-sex marriage. >> here is writ happened three workers burned by hot metal today at tesla car factory
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in fremont. good evening, everyone. >> this mishap is the latest accident involving tesla. now this industrial accident. we're live where the victims were taken for treatment. how are they doing? >> i can tell you off the top good, news, there were three people brought here for burns. one of them has been released now, a spokesperson toll tells me a call came in and they learned it was an industrial accident and all were brought here, take a look alt the video. we were over the scene just moments after the call came n now, we learned that just after 12:00 this afternoon whshth call to 911 reported an accident to the fremont plant, the initially thought it was a fire, now, tesla has not told us who workers were. they have, however, released this
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statement. there was a failure in a low pressure aluminium casting press three employees were injured we're making sure they receive the best care. >> any time there is any kind of industrial injury, in the city of fremont, we required to notify osha, which is what we do, within 24 hours. >> one hr person has been here almost from the beginning. in support of employees and families other than that, there hasn't been any more visitors at this point. >> it's not clear where today's accident took place. the fremont fire department tells me burns range from moderate to serious. after getting the victims to the hospital their next step to contact state safety regulators.
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and we're told the expected to come here to visit two workers who remain in the burn unit. one of the three has been released. a muni metro train pulled away without the driver. it happened at the castro station the driver was left behind. muni surveillance pictures show the train taking off. there is an investigation underway to determine if the driver followed procedure. >> protoco slchlt getting off a train and we're in the process
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of verifying whether or not that was applied. >> one rider pulled the emergency brake. a mechanic was informed the train stopped. and arrived a short time later, then drove safely to the forest hills station. >> cruise keeping watch on a walnut creek home. this shows what the home on st. louie road looked like. firefighters arrived just before noon. you can see garage engulfed in flames. just ininferno. here is what is left about two hours later they searched twice to make sure no victims were inside an elderly woman was later located unharmed the focus turned to determining the cause of the fire and extent of the damage. >> smoke, fire damage throughout the building. throughout the home. and it appears to be in almost every room. >> do you have ideas where it
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started? >> no. that is under investigation. >> when the fire first started the flames shot high enough to be seen from our east bay hills camera. take a look. welcome news for university of california students and parents. tuition will not gobbing up for the school year. that pledge from the new uc president but the board needs to give it's approval. we're live tonight with reaction. cornell? >> hi, carolyn. you know, some good news for students here on the campus. tuition freeze for next year. but, not everyone is a fan of the new president. protestors chanted inside of the meeting. some calling for the removal of the new president janet napolitano because of her former job as homeland security secretary. and enforcing immigration laws
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>> she has no legitimacy leading largest institution in the world. >> missing from the middle easting, students opposing tuition hikes because next year, the president is calling for a freeze. >> i think that the combination of a tuition freeze plus financial aid makes this extraordinary education the students get. >> napolitano wants a new policy to keep fees low for entering freshman, to ensure they won't be hit with spikes during the span of their education. tuition is high enough for most students. >> it's one step in the right direction. tuition used to be cheap. used to be a public university living up to that mission statement for the public, and for everyone. now, it's becoming less and less about that. >> whatever happens to the next classes we don't know. and to be honest things are getting more
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expensive. i won't be surprised if this is a very temporary thing. >> she wants to make it easy for community college students to transfer into uc system. cornell bernard, abc7 news. there are new health and safety concerns for residents of treasure island. our media partner discovered documents detailing an alarming discovery in the lawns of one neighborhood. abc7 news is live on treasure island now with the story. sergio? >> reporter: according to health and safety documents one worker found metal so radio active it could burn skin and cause ulcerations.. crews are working on stripping out toxic materials from the buildings. but in a story by our media
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partner, state regulators found radioactive materials outside of the fences one resident didn't want to use her name says she's worried for her daughter. >> she's walking around, picking up things thinking this is a rock you know? what if she picks up the wrong thing? >> california department of public health workers found radio active shards in the launz of some housing units. andre says his brother lives next door to where they found metal. >> these spots here are where radiation was >> he lives in sub-sidized housing saying he was never told about these risks. >> if we put you out here, i think i would never have moved here. >> u.s. navy left in 1997, cleaning up parts of the land before turning them over to the city of san francisco. environmental advocates say that is taking a long time, because
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more contaminated items are being found. >> we have people living cheek by jowl with materials we didn't know b >> saul bloom says the navy sometimes buried materials to help train how to find them. the mayor says this is a concern but there have been no incidents. yet. >> appears speculation. ideas you pick up certain areas you may find something. that is why we insist the navy continues to make sure all of their clean up efforts are thorough. >> 500 radio active fragments have been found since 2011. in the last hour we've learned jane kim will be available to answer questions for residents concerned about this issue. she will be available at 7:00 at casa de la vifta. chevron, the supreme court
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of ecuador holding chevron responsible for massive oil contamination of the amazon decades ago texaco. chevron claims the clean up agreement released the company from financial liability. activists praised today's ruling chevron calls the ruling ill legitimate and uneven forceable. chevron no longer has assets in ecuador. >> bay area real estate sales inching closer to what is considered normal tonight new figures show home sales last month six and a half percent higher but still 11% below average for october and points out there hasn't been a month of above average sales in more than seven years but prices up nearly 30% over this time, last year.
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>> still ahead tonight, the east bay gets rattled by a series of small earthquakes no damage so far. but what does the future hold? >> and a living admission of 3,000 homes. >> and a bay area family asks for help in restoring a man's eye sight. what happened next is nothing short of a mira kechlt
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tonight the hp chrome book 11 lap top has been pulled because of issue was overheating. hp says it's received a number of reports that some charges include with theed computer have been damaged. hp urges owners not to use these chargers and to use an official power adaptor instead. >> two more small earthquakes shook san ramone today part of a swarm. a 3.4 hit at 9:30 morning followed by a magnitude 2.4 micro quake. no reports of damage in the san ramone valley area this, is a view from sky seven hd. people in mccurly's floor coverings say they heard and felt the shaking. >> tile rack shifted a little bit. >> the whole store was shaking. it's like everything is going fall down. >> today's quakes are not considered after shocks to
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yesterday's small quake in the area the swarm began about two weeks ago. >> last year, more than 3,000 people around the country died when their homes caught fire. and a simple smoke detector my might have saved them. it's unnecessary tragedy. for the fourth year abc7 teeming up with home depot and kita for operation seven save a life. abc7 news is here and wayne, you're in santa clara county this morning for an event getting more smoke detectors into homes. >> we hope so. how about investment of between $10 and 40s that might save you and the ones you love. how many times have we had to show you something like this? victims caught unaware. i can tell you that i have seen firsthand, the real life
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benefits of smoke alarms, i can see, i can tell you i've seen real benefs of carbon monoxide alarms. >> the fire chief looked on today as abc7 anchor presided over presentation of 3,000 smoke detectors and 300 alarms to be distributed in santa clara county and menlo park. the fourth year abc7 martnered with home depot and kita to get these into homes. >> as news people, we see tragedies >> often. >> if it's between is their family going eat dinner or get a smoke alarm? >> kita donated a million
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detectors nationwide. crews carry them and install them when they see the need. >> it's hard to believe. technology is cheap. you would think everybody would have one. they don't. why not? >> because people don't think it's going to happen to hem, but it ask. >> if they're not why nur budget call your local fire department. if you can prove need a crew might help you install it we have that and details posted on abc7 under see it on tv. >> wayne, thank you very much. they save lives make the kauchlt a new antidrunk driving campaign will use a car destroyed in a bay area crash to raise awareness. mothers against drunk driving unveiled a car today. in 2008 a 21-year-old was
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in the car when a drunk driver slammed into it, killing him. his parents hope seeing this mangled sxar sharing their son's story will help save lives. >> we would just hope that somehow, that this makes a difference for people going forward that, no other family has to go throughing aonthrough. organizers say 931 americans were killed between thanksgiving and new year's eve last year. >> dry ice isn't just for special effects anymore. take a look how it allows users to wipe off markings they're using compressed dry ice the epa offered researchers a $75,000 grant to come up with green cleaning solutions. other techniques include using soy beans and a clear film put put on sign as louing graffiti to be
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peeled off. san francisco responds to 30,000 reports of graffiti, costing $20 million. >> wow. from dry ice to what we're looking for, wet roads. >> doesn't look like it >> no. we may have a lot of fog to contend within the morning. patches of dense fog reducing visibility for commuters here is a look at our high temperatures today. it's not november-like. more like june, november. we had high temperatures ranging from 70 to 72 across the bay in oakland. 74 in moffett field tied at moffett field for the date. we have upper 70s inland east bay. livermore and antioch. up to fairfield, 79. 80 in santa rosa. so warmth spread around the bay area. looking at mainly clear skies and live doppler seven hd. low clouds and fog pushing over the bay now. visibility down to one mile.
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coastal fog is dense. here is a live view from our sfo camera showing you fog off in the distance there. this could be a problem in the morning for arrivals and departures. we'll see if there are delays. you should check with your airline. temperatures of 54 in san francisco. 58 oakland. 54 half moon bay. another live view of fog at golden gate bridge. temperatures now 57 in santa rosa. 55 at novato. we've got 60s from napa to fairfield. and one more live view looking along embarcadero here at abc7. fog along the coast and bay. we'll have breezier, cool weather friday and saturday satellite radar shows high pressure rebuilding, that will be controlling factor in weather for next couple days or so.
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starting at 7:00 we can expect mainly clear skies except for coastal fog. right on throughout friday, but then, we can see low pressure system dropping down from pacific northwest. that is going to bring a cooler, bree breezier pattern to the bay area. there may be a little bit of snow over the sierra. but very limited moisture wil accompany the system. back to local conditions tonight, start agent 7:00, fog near the coast. and there will be pockets of dense fog which could pose problems for commuters and for bikers, bicyclists and runners, pedestrians lows into mid to upper 40s to around 50s. then, tomorrow, talking about mild, will be mild again nshg the south bay. high temperatures in the low to mid-70s. 72 san jose. 75 morgan hill. mid-60s on the coast. downtown san francisco, 67. mid-70s up in the north bay
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valleys. and low 70s on the east bay. and low to mid-70s inland east bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. looking at cooling over the weekend. high temperatures inland over into 60s, low 60s around the bay and upper 50s on the coast. but no rain is expected. we get milder, and dry weather again, next week. no rain in sight. hoping for it, soon. but we don't see anything developing yet. >> thank you, spencer >> coming up remembering a former waiter's great. former waiter's great. you got to love the weekend. it's like everyone came to, "if it's good, let's save it for the weekend." so here's to the kfc ten buck weekend bucket.
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new promises of improvement after the obama administration released dismal numbers for online health care. 106,000 people enrolled in october. of those, 27,000 did so through the federal web site health short of the projected 500,000. remaining 79,000 applied through one of the 15 state run marketplaces with nearly 31,000 of those people here in california. the government's top tech people told lawmakers today the federal web site is improving. republicans say on friday, they'll put forward a measure allowing american who are getting cancellation letters to keep their plans. >> this is not about politics. these are about real people. in
7:26 pm
our district, that are being harmed by obamacare. >> the president will announce options to address issues, soon. >> san francisco is trying a new approach to keep artists from being pushed out of the city from skyrocketing revenlts city official as announced a partnership buying buildings in mid market district the area home to twitter the community arts stable sayings trust will rent buildings then give them a chance to purchase the property. >> if we should intend in 10, 20 years decide we're through, and we sell it out, we sell it to another nonprofit artists group. >> so far, two buildings have been purchased one a form year dult theater that will be used by counter pulse, a performing arts group.
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>> coming up next climate change and typhoon that ravaged the philippines. a vigil to highlight bay area relief efforts. >> same-sex marriaged couples have a
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a candle light vigil is under way to support people with loved ones in the philippines. abc7 news is live at the king library right now. david? >> there are about 75 people here in downtown san jose the organizers say they're here to pay resfoekts those who perish asked offer hope to those who survived representing grass roots organizations offering donors a different way of helping out.
7:31 pm
relief supplies are starting to arrive but there is growing concern millions are not going survive. this man's family lives in the area devastated by the super typhoon. >> these survivors are there now and are scrambling for food. a lot of them, i feeshg may lose their lives because of hunger. >> that is why bay area community groups are hoping donors will consider making contributions to people who know the area best. >> other efforts, national, international efforts are great. we're not saying don't do that f they have that purpose they've been approaching us they want to know 100% of the proceeds will go to communities on the ground in the philippines. >> saying close to $100,000 has been raised that money already on its way to the philippines. supporters and donors gathered to pray for the welfare of the survivors. in the
7:32 pm
south bay, the office of the buddhist foundation is providing dehydrated food and blankets made from recycled bottles. >> we don't know yet. we'll see how desperate in need is going to be for supply. probably we'll do different skoochls don't know yet. >> this is a global humanitarian group with 50 volunteers ready to help f you're interested to n.donating, go to our web site abc7 and click on see it on tv. in san jose, abc7 news. >> the situation gets more desperate every day the death toll stands at 2300. but it's expected to continue to go up. the u.s. nafo activated the hospital ship mercy now in
7:33 pm
san diego, it will not arrive until next month. and wells fargo announced a $50,000 donation to the relief effort. airport is pattered and families increasingly desperate. we need help. >> after days of looting police say they have restored order but the mayor is calling on residents to leave the city because there is so little food or water. >> a bay area researcher is in the philippines working with the government making sure coral reefs stay healthy the reefs are a critical buffer to protect the shore during large storms. >> to come to the realization
7:34 pm
that in storms that of increasing intensity are part of what we're living with with, the influm of climate change until we can reverse impact, people just really need to be prepared for things of this magnitude. >> and terry says with emphasis of relief, some are thinking about disaster plans and drills for the future. if you'd like to contribute to the efforts go to abc7 we have links there for you under see it on tv. follow us on twitter at abc7 news bay area for breaking news. >> much is needed. >> yes. >> the supreme court ruling striking down defense of marriage act >> it gay couples have financial they didn't have. >> for the first time, same-sex couples are having to navigate
7:35 pm
applying for federal benefits and until now, not available to them, trust me, when i say no one is complaining about the extra work. sarah taylor and sheri holmes got married in 2008 after the state supreme court overturned the ban on gay mer marriage.. >> i never thought we'd have a chance to get legally married. >> five months later voters banned gay marriage again, passing prop eight. but courts allowed sheri and sarah's marriage to stand five years later the striking down of the defense of marriage act makes all of the marriages complete. >> we are federally area married everywhere now. that is a different thing. i think before when just married in california there was still a stigma. >> not only has it been lifted the couple has new financial benefits never before possible.
7:36 pm
seth kilborn is executive director of open house a add e voe -- advocacy group. >> laws were designed to hold families together, keep a safety net underneath them. >> social security and tax reserved only for heterosexual couple are now available to same-sex couples there are 1100 new benefits available to same-sex couples. >> it's amazingly emotional. we came into a time when we never expected that would happen. you n.our lifetime. >> benefits received from social sek day lone would be he kwifl tloent a half million dollar life insurance policy. oeshl security benefits available for children and spouses of retired, disabled or deceased married gay workers. webster phillips is
7:37 pm
with the national committee to preserve social security and medicare. >> denying benefits based on the dollar rule was wrong we thought in fairness, demanded that it be repealed. >> i feel like this is a time of celebration and i feel it's about time. now, one of the significant benefits being offered now to same-sex married couple sechlz panneded social security benefits. if you have questions we have e mail addresses and a bunch of other information on abc7 under seven on your side. along with that, we have forms you can file claims to get it going. >> tonight at 11:00 new imaging tools can turn an exam room into a virtual time machine. i'll give you a three d view before you make a final decision. >> that is at loeshg. coming up
7:38 pm
next, back in a moment. aa@a@##h@
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hackathons are all the rage, programming in the hopes of winning prizes or designing next big thing. >> today, jonathan bloom twoent a hackathon with a twist aimed at exploding community of inventors. >> most about writing code on computers but this is about hot glue guns and little wires they're calling it a makathon >> so many are out there i can't keep them straight anymore. so we thought we'd make it hardware oriented. >> how many people played a drinking game? a lot? >> one team bought a smart watt her bottle. >> that tells you, if your goal is to finish faster.
7:42 pm
>> there is a lock box to keep from you snacking. >> put knit this box >> which is an issue when you have a room full of geeks eating boxes of in other words. >> you can go get candy. >> snacks one of the main ingredients. sleep not so much. that can make ironing out bugs interesting. >> no sleep. no sleep. >> how are you feeling? >> i slept three hours. >> how are you feel something >> fantastic. >> to win 12 of prizes for car hacks >> can i borrow your car? you can watch my driving in realtime. >> they'll take home a dash board sim you'll later. >> drivers can look into the dash. >> grand prize? >> planning to make tiny $ten
7:43 pm
wireless sensors. >> stick to it whatever you want to monitor, then just have everything handled by cloud. >> they won a spot in angel hack program for help turning their idea into a company. >> coming up next, a bay area family asks for help in restoring a man's eye sight. >> what happened when prayers were answered. it's a great
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now i can do the things i want to do, like e-mail my mother-in-law. or check celebrity gossip. [ male announcer ] at&t brings it all together. ♪ social media can be a force for change. we've seen the power of reaching out using it and how kindness of strangers can make a big difference. >> it's something cheryl jennings witnessed. >> well, a mother in san jose reached out to me on social media for help. her daughter needs surgery to save his sight. the family can't afford it. so i sent a message out on facebook and twitter not expecting anything but what happened next turned out to be a miracle.
7:47 pm
>> reporter: this family needed help and asked for it through social media. an urgent plea to save the eye sight of william fleming. william wants to continue to work to support the family but has a rare eye disease causing him to lose his vision. it's a condition in which the central portion of the cornea becomes thinner and bulges forward, affecting one in 500 people. >> like looking through a dirty window. >> he wears large, hard contact lenses so he can see, work and drive. he's a former college football player now a care giver for his fiancee's brother, bo. >> needs help with shoes and has leg braces. and help getting into a wheelchair. >> william and nina talked to a number of doctors they recommended cornea transplants >> but those are so invasive,
7:48 pm
painful. the recovery time is a year per eye. >> the research led them to a doctor in beverly hills, creating a procedure for correcting the damage but it costs 18,000s sxdz not covered by insurance. so the family placed an appeal on give it forward with little success. that is when nina's mother sent a message. >> i said, well, let's try to see if we can get someone out there might help us more. i thought of you guys because all i watch is channel seven news. >> i put the plea on the company facebook page and sent out a tweet saying a viewer sent thus heart breaking request for help. just days later i received an e mail for the publicist of the doctor. the e mail said, someone
7:49 pm
who saw your tweet is interested in helping william with the cost of the procedure.. the doctor wanted to tell william. so i kept the secret and went to the family home. we skiepd in the man we'll call dr. brian. you'll see the shock as they try owe to process gt news. a donor stepped in and was moved by hearing about you and they're going to take care of the procedure for you. and you'll able to have the procedure. >> oh, my god. seriously? oh, my god. that is awesome! >> thank you. >> great. >> oh, my god. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> there are so many calls for help on social media that won't get answered but in this case, someone stepped up and said i will help you. that is going to make all the difference for william and the family. they're heading to los angeles soon for
7:50 pm
william's surgery. >> what do you think about that? >> so awesome. so good. so great. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. >> best holiday present ever. and we'll be there to see william get that much-needed surgery in los angeles and bring you that follow up to his story. >> brilliant, cheryl, way to go. >> neat, neat story. let's check on the forecast right now. >> spencer is here. >> getting foggy outside. we've got patches of fog along the coast now. could be a problem for the commute. we expect areas of dense fog. here is the accu-weather forecast. it will be sunny by afternoon. mild again, cooling down over the weekend breezy, also, friday and saturday. no rain in sight for the next seven days just a nice, dry pattern. >> thank you. >> stay with us. larry beil is up next with sports. you got to love the weekend.
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good evening, raiders need a win sunday in houston and need terrell pryer to play well.
7:54 pm
pryer practiced and apparently did not tell coaches report in new york that his knee was bothering him. 122 yards, sacked four times. lesson learn theed -- learned. >> the way you move and i have to move, i can't help out. >> raider family lost a unique colorful character today, todd christianson died today following complications from surgery. christianson was a five-time pro bowl tight end he won two super bowls. after his football career he went into broadcasting and loved to display his voe cab -
7:55 pm
cab -- vocabulary. he was terrific, only 57 years old >> he kind of revolutionized tight end position. one of the first to be kind of that wide receiver obviously. we are all deeply sattened and want to send our condolences tout his family. >> yes. terrific personality. kansas city pipeline remains open. he will be joined by fellow former niners alex smith and aj jenkins. niners visit new orleans sunday drew breeze and saints can crawl out of bed and score 40. collin kaepernick getting a lot of scrutiny, criticized saying he is having trouble finding his receive kwlerz primary target is covered. >> i didn't hear what he has to say. he's not in the building with us. what he is saying
7:56 pm
doesn't affect me. i'm worried about what the team thinks and what i'm doing here, with my teammates. >> reed suffering a concussion, right there he tried to lower the boom on mike tolbert and got crushed he says he's hoping to play against the saints. r reed is a rookie. and will not alter his aggressiveness. >> on a split second decisions i'm in the going to change the way i play just keeping strong in faith hopefully this is the last of my concussion spell. >> in soccer mexico trying to avoid what could be embarrassment, they attempt to qualify for the world come. a playoff, the rebound, 32 minute for a lead. almost an amazing goal with raul jiminez. 48
7:57 pm
minutes two teams travel 6900 miles for game two, next week in new zealand baseball news no, surprise in the cy young voting today. 1.83 era. american league wins for the first time. sherzer went 21 and 3. former a and red soxrld joining giants camera man for his third torture cancer golf tournament. the goal to raise funds to help those battling the disease. >> i'm on board. you snow ask i got good friends here. i'm excited for the community. getting these rich guys out their wallets and help out. >> how is your golf game? >> sucks >> but he's got a world
7:58 pm
championship ring, and that's okay. >> a ring and a pair of pants. >> yes. >> yes. >> they see you coming for miles. >> thanks larry. >> join me tonight at 9:00, coming up then, the man who posed as a police officer to get discounted doughnuts. he's caught on camera, doing it. >> then at 11:00 it's a look into the future. new technology lets you see how your cosmetic surgery will turn out before heading into operating room. >> that is this edition of abc7 news our coverage continues on twitter at abc7 news bay area. >> from all of us here, have a great night.
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