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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 15, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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tonight, adventures of bat kid. a 5-year-old leukemia survivor who came to san francisco to live his dream. >> how social media made friends out of old rivals. and a closed door meeting with bart. a former high school principal tells why he's passing himself off as someone he isn't. a little bewildered and bit
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end of the day, exhausted. a 5-year-old boy becomes the toast of the town and a national sensation. good evening, everyone. >> the city of san francisco was the center of an extraordinary event today, granting the wish of a 5-year-old leukemia patient who wanted to be batman. >> he is from oregon ushered around the city in a black lamborghini bat mobile. the daring rescue of a woman tied up on the cable car line. >> catching a villain greenhanded today, rescuing a giant mascot from clutches of the penguin. >> every stop, hundreds of onlookers you can see city hall. >> ama, your part of the organization that put this on. you get us started.
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>> >> reporter: i do what i can to help out the organization because it's a fantastic organization helping out so many young kids who have a wish. they came to me, of course i was more than happy comply. the city of san francisco, turns out they were more than willing to help as well. a hero emerged from union square after receiving an urgent message. >> we begin with a breaking news from san francisco's hall of justice. >> please, caped crusader, we need you. and bring the bat kid. >> >> reporter: miles had no idea make a wish was going to trance form him to bat kid for a day. >> wow, this is too much. i
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don't know what to say. >> big brother was off with batman to rescue a damsel in distress. the caped crusader encountered a sus spishus device that needed disarming. not a moment to spare because riddler up to no good. bat kid arrived just in time. a pit stop was in order. even super heros have to eat. >> very to believe you worked up quite an appetite. head on down to burger bar. tell them lunch is on the chief of police. >> reporter: the break won't last lovenlg a flash mob signalled lucille, the mascot had been kidnapped by the evil penguin. bat kid rescued lucille. it was a typical day
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for bat kid that ended with a rally the mayor presented bat kid, aka, miles with a key to the city. and to think he just thought he was getting a costume. it was an incredible day and really emotional to see how much support. >> it must have been exciting to be part of this. >> reporter: this is all about miles and people in san francisco made it happen this, is going to be something he'll every never forget. that is really cool. >> great job. how much fun. good work. >> here is a picture with bat kid's parents and little brother. he's robin. you can follow her at ama abc7. >> here is a picture i tweeted
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from an exclusive source inside of the bank vault that i have. >> well, miles captured national and international attention. here is the picture president obama tweeted today. more celebrity tweets later. for now, let's attorney abc7 news reporter wayne freedman who got a look at the hundreds of people involved in staging this today, wayne? >> reporter: there is a possible down side. when the kid turns 16 and gets a driver's license you know he's going to want a lamb bore bor -- la -- lamb -- only one person can save her, bat kid. >> a lot of crime fighting to do.
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>> if a city could win a best supporting actor ward it could have been us and today. >> i love san francisco. it's the best. >> reporter: you know the not so small miracle today. almost out of control act of kindness for a small boy whose batman wish captivated a city and a nation. a day to look at times like controlled chaos, police, media, news choppers above. fact, fantasy rarely intermingle like this. >> embracing and celebrating childhood. >> would it have been impossible to follow. too much traffic, too much people this, is union square. take a look. believe it. >> reporter: what would you have been doing today? >> working. >> you came down for this? >> i did. >> because? >> it's a once in a lifetime thing. >> reporter: leukemia, in remission, miles scott is a kid
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most of the people never met. >> miles could be my kid, anyone's kid. >> reporter: today, our kid. >> that kid is my hero. go, miles! >> reporter: in san francisco, abc7 news. >> check this out the special edition of the "chronicle" proved to be so popular they plan to include an updated version tomorrow. >> and bat kid tee shirts design by the the son of the police chief sold out as well kpt that made them is making more. you can find out when they'll be available by checking make a wish foundation facebook page. miles is not the only child with big dreams if you'd like to help we have a link for you on our abc7 under see it on tv. >> more on the bat kid later. on to other news tonight. bart trying to wipe the egg of its face tonight after a clumsy mistake that could derail the deal just reached with unions.
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abc7 news is live at bart head quarters in oakland tonight. heather? >> reporter: everything coming before makes me think maybe we can use help from bat kid over here at the bart board. they have been in closed session now for two hours. hearing how it was administration agreed to something now, they're saying is a mistake, hopefully, they're figuring out just what to do about it. the dispute item is a signed tentative agreement giving six weeks paid time off for fmla. a big change from currently, bart pay nose bart of the 12 weeks allowed. bart says it accidentally signed and included in a large of sensitive agreements and rejected in writing multiple times the paid time off would increase the cost of the contract
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package. unions argue now bart has a case of buyer's remorse. >> it's not appropriate to reject a over all t.a.and a single aspect of a's your duty to adopt the t.a.being presented to you. >> you've killed two people. let's fix this. here here to serve the bay area. that is what we're here for. >> we know a mistake was made. and caught it today. and then, we hope that we'll be able to resolve this in a professional manner so we can move on. >> it reminds me of how important sit to keep your myles files organized and in the right
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place and that stuff. >> reporter: we should claire by the second speaker there saying you've killed two people that, is is a reference to accidents on the track in october during that second strike. during labor negotiations. it's been hard fought, hard won this, is a very painful problem to go through now with a possibility of the contract being rejected. this thursday, they can reject or accept, or perhaps creative solution. live in oakland abc7 news >> thank you. >> breaking news out of solano county. we've learned two people died after a car went off the road and into a slew. rescuers performed cpr, both taken to the
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hospital and neither survived. an accident happened at corner of 4th and empire streets. in a mostly residential neighborhood. >> it appears motorcycle officer and sedan were going southbound on 4th street. there was damage near driver's side front tire indicating the motorcycle may have been overtaking it. this woman heard the collision make a large bang. >> i did see an officer on the ground. he didn't move anything. scary >> he wasn't move something >> no. he no move anything. >> big noise? >> very big. >> reporter: the officer is reported to be in serious condition with nonlife threatening injuries. >> the other injury is cooperating and we're conducting an investigation to figure out how the collision occurred. >> the driver of the ford focus
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did not appear to be injureed and was walking around. sky seven shows how san jose police blocked off a large area. officers began to document and investigate what happened. santa clara county this week kicked off a campaign to educate driver what's to do. they can hear sirens and see flashing lights. >> we've seen people pull right, and left. keep going. go faster. go slower. stop down. it's just mazing. >> santa clara county responds to 109,000 ems calls per year. a new public service announcement is aimed at people pulling over to the right that is not only for the safety of first responders but patients and accident victims needing care. >> it allows us to provide patient care in the back of a emergency vehicle and allows us to get the patient to the hospital as quickly as possible.
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>> reporter: in san jose, abc7 news. >> stay with us. coming up, more coverage of the adventures of bat kid, miles scott. >> way to go, miles, way to save gotham. >> yes, even the president playing along tonight. how social media healed old rivalries. >> and driving psychology for reverse commuters. >> i'm spencer christian. there may be rain in the forecast future, but, i emphasize little.
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the fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel was dedicated today. now it's just hours before it's open to traffic official as nounsd the opening will happen saturday morning. the tunnel took four years to complete and cost $417 million. it was finished ahead of budget. >> all projects undertaken caldecott tunnel's fourth bore is one of the largest. and today, it is complete. >> when it opens commuters will have two tunnels in each direction that should put an end to long back ups daily in the reverse commute direction. >> won't that be nice? the tunnel pasts tests to ensure
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it's opening this weekend. maybe even in hours. laura anthony is at the new floor for us tonight. amazing we're at this point. >> reporter: a lot of excitement. out here from the passing cars i can tell you folks are honking and cheering. clearly excited by the prospect of the tunnel opening soon. there it is. you can see the primary safety features for the tunnel. caltrans estimates the board will save commuters 12 minutes per day, especially those going in the reverse direction. >> i've been driving this road since 1980. >> this east bay pediatrician has done everything to avoid the long back ups at the caldecott tunnel, by using side roads
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>> i would tell certain patients about it but won't tell anyone else. >> he lives in piedmont commuting to walnut creek daily. he's a reverse commuter, driving off peak direction, just two lanes going his way, morning and night. >> 15840 times over 33 years. >> like many, he is about to get big relief. once the new fourth bore opens he and tens of thousands can abandon a quest for short cuts. >> primary purpose is to alleviate traffic congestion in off peak directions. >> that is not to say he doesn't appreciate what he's learned over the years, taking a look at a study about the psychology of commuting. with particular focus on the caldecott. >> as a question, are you an early merger when the sign says
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merge right? are you a left laner? like i was? okay? when the question is what is the right thing to do? okay? it turns out math matticly it takes sense to use available lanes up to the mouth of the tunnel the wonderful thing i can get on 13th then go right to the tunnel. i hope. >> laura anthony, abc7 news. >> commuters can't wait. >> i know you're excited dan. i am. we're in for a nice weekend. >> we are. it's going to be nice, dry and seasonal. >> yes. >> temperatures on the cool but pleasant side. taking a look at live doppler seven hd almost no clouds around in immediate bay area now we have a wave of clouds towards clover dale area right now. here is a live view from our sutro camera looking over san francisco under clear skies now. temperatures in mid
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to upper 50s from san francisco to oakland and down to 50 at half moon bay. here is a live view from our exploratorium camera giving us a beautiful view of downtown san francisco. clear skies 55 in santa rosa now. 46 novato, already. mid to upper 50s in fairfield. and one more live view at the golden gate bridge. notice absence of fog there traffic moving smoothly. forecast features cool, breezy overnight a mix of sun and clouds for the weekend ask ae of rain by mid week. may get wet weather out of this. here is our slight radar. you can see a frontal system moving south ward now. going to bring us clouds overnight. starting at 7:00 high clouds then mainly sunny tomorrow. by sunday afternoon, looking at partly cloudy and
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pleasantly cool day. no precipitation expected however, tuesday, and wednesday, we'll have this frontal system this next system approaching bringing us a good chance of, i should say good chance, a slight chance of rain at mid week. we need rain and we're rooting for it to happen. brick it on, please. overnight tonight, passing high clouds. chilly in the north bay valleys lows into upper 30s to low 40s. then, tomorrow, mainly sunny skies in the south bay. highs into low to mid-60s up to about 63 in santa clara. on the peninsula, highs 63 degrees in redwood city z mountain view. sort of a uniformed range tomorrow, on the coast cooler and breezy. and north bay highs bf 64 in santa rosa. east bay highs around 62, 63 degrees.
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here is the accu-weather forecast. we'll see much variation in temperatures over next four days through tuesday, wednesday, as gets cloudier and milder in spots inland. then, light sprinkles in the north bay. thursday, friday, getting milder again. >> yes. >> thank you, spencer. >> coming up next results of an exclusive abc7 news investigation. >> what we found in scratch paper bin at the post office. it's great having at&t u-verse high speed internet.
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sky seven hd captured these images of the merp air lines jet parked at the gate. they knew shg was wrong, pooilt they were returning with just one working engine. >> yes. >> i heard a big, sounded like a bomb, almost. >> i had instinct, i was than the worried. >> there was no screaming or running or anything. >> the flight had been scheduled
7:26 pm
to fly to dallas fort worth. passengers returned to get rebooked on other flights. a shocking discovery at menlo park post office. at 5:00 we showed you social security numbers and other personal information on scratch paper for anyone to see. a pad of paper on the counter blank, on another side, photo copies of customers and employee personal information. jan says she found it. >> my first thought was, this promotes identity theft. you think your information would be sav safe. you can have it stolen from you. >> we showed to it a branch supervisor who says there will be an investigation. >> all right. still to come here tonight at 6:00 the impact of social media on the extraordinary outpouring of support in san francisco today.
7:27 pm
for bat kid a day he'll never forget. >> from washington tonight house approves a bill to fix obamacare. why the president is threatening a veto. >> from the i team tonight a former high school principal admits he's been passing himself off as someone he isn't. stay with us. more still to come. xñ xñ you got to love the weekend.
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today, three dozen democrats broke rank to vote against the affordable care act. the vote after a backlash from americans whose poll says are being cancelled because of the affordable care act. opponents say it would strip consumer protections. >> got idea it was helping consumers is sort of the trojan horse's under belly is poisono s
7:31 pm
poisonous. >> the president vowed to veto the bill. democrats in the house say she voted for it because of pressure from voters. >> i'm accountable to people who sent me here. very to do what i can to support them, that is what i'm doing in this case. >> the president offered a fix yesterday, allowing insurers to extend for existing customers only through october, 2014. today the president met with insurance executives >> a vigil underway right now for victims of typhoon haiyan. tonight a group of residents with family in the philippines gathered in union square holding a candle light vigil to help provide relief for victims. the group called bay area task force haiyan hopes to raise money and
7:32 pm
awareness emergency efforts underway around the clock to get water restoreed and aid to the people of the philippines. haiyan decimated cities and towns, and now, great risk for disease. cruise are working to remove debris, which is part of the problem, often blocking help from coming n >> we're done with the rescue and retrieval. to make major thorough fares more passable. >> more food and aid is reaching hundreds of thousands of people in the disaster skoevenlt 3600 people have died, 600,000 people have been displaced. a sonoma county high school principal is out of a job after pretending to be a navy s.e.a.l. >> the i team exposed several
7:33 pm
imposters over the years. >> the veterans tell me posing as a navy s.e.a.l. is an insult to men who earned the title tochlt those who died serving and their families. but this became an issue of trust between a principal and superintendent and students. he thought it would be routine. objecting to a book assigned to his sovenl a sophomore at technology high school because it contained descriptions of child sexual abuse. any parent has rights to opt out to ask for their child to read another book. >> he pulled my son into his office. >> reporter: but the principal bruce mimms continued to push his son to read the book. the conversation took an odd turn. >> he brought bup prior military service. and something to the effect you nevering for get the smell of dead bodies.
7:34 pm
>> george is a combat veteran. he's been a police officer 15 years. and he began his research on bruce mimms linkedn page he saw the principal bounced from position to position. five schools in eight years and he claimed he was a lieutenant in the united states navy more than five years. >> a member of the special warfare operations unit. which translates to navy s.e.a.l.s to me, translates to navy s.e.a.l.s >> one article about being fired from l.a. unified listed him as a former navy s.e.a.l. next stop, abc7 news i team page. he saw several stories and our interview was don shipley, a retired navy s.e.a.l. who runs a training camp he has a you tube channel and has access to official s.e.a.l. data base. >> there are fewer than 10,000 of news 70 years that are alive. so there are no shortage of
7:35 pm
clowns out there stealing that. for profit. to gain respect, or to intimidate people they'll tell you they're seals. >> reporter: berg asked if he was a s.e.a.l. >> no. he was not. >> when you heard those words what is your reaction? >> if he was claiming to be a navy s.e.a.l., and he was distorting what the truth was, what else would he be willing to distort? >> reporter: bookberg took his concerns to the superintendent. >> did he talk about being a navy s.e.a.l.? >> yes. he did. >> confronted with his life, mimms allowed to resign from tech high nochlt mention of the controversy in the local papers. mimms just cited personal reasons. but after many phone conversations, e mails and texts, bruce mimms agreed to do something most phony navy s.e.a.l.s refuse to do. answer
7:36 pm
questions about why he did it. >> lack of self worth and sprinkled with ego. and arrogance. it's a toxic brew. makes you act irrationally. >> reporter: mimms says two factors drove him to exaggerate. being adopted and getting kicked out of the navy after a year for being gay. >> do you understand concept of stolen valor? >> yes. >> what do you say to the families of someone who died serving as a navy s.e.a.l.? >> like i said, you know, i'm, i don't think there is anything else i can say. except i regret making inaccurate statements. >> reporter: berg and other parents are satisfied mimms no longer has contacts with their
7:37 pm
kids but question why he's on payroll through june. >> at the moment he's working on special projects for the district. >> reporter: what kind of special projects? >> special projects at this point are staying in touch with the superintendent. >> reporter: he has to call you every day? >> that, at this point we have communicated several times. >> reporter: the superintendent tell meez allowing mimms to resign is cheaper for the district. mimms insist his decision had nothing to do with getting caught pretending to be a navy s.e.a.l. he says he needs to spend more time with his partner, his children, and his mother. >> try to get on with living my life in a better way. and be more honest. >> reporter: like many investigations this began with a tip f you know someone profiting from the tales of being a navy
7:38 pm
s.e.a.l., call the i team. we're posting links on the story including how to reach don shipley to verify a s.e.a.l. claim. >> important story, thank you. >> coming up next the cost of of your thanksgiving meal. >> and an east bay skating rink opens for holidays. that is just ahead. we all have our little tricks.
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today, skaters took to the ice for the first time this holiday season when the outdoor rink opened in civic park this, marks the 9th year and a special festival takes place between 11:00 a.m and 2:00 p.m . in the afternoon tomorrow. the rink remains open until january 12th. >> thanksgiving is still two weeks off but american farm bureau says you won't have to spend as much this year. the average price of a 16-pound turkey just under $22.47. that is $0.47 less than last year. the price of a dozen rolls and a pound of green beans is down as
7:42 pm
well but year going to find sweet potatoes are more expensive this year, so, too, the price of pumpkin pie and milk. add it up, you'll spend $0.44 less this year. >> local boy scouts plan to collect food to help feed hungry folks around the bay area. here is a look at the food collected last year. 30,000 will take part in the food drive. they're going pick up nonperishable items. the scouts hope to collect a half million pounds of food. and you can help reach that goal going to our web site and you'll find a link under see it on tv. >> coming up, celebrities following bat kid today. >> way to go, miles. >> how social media helped to heal old
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>> big cheers as a 5-year-old received a wish beyond his wildest dreams. thousands showed up to watch him catch a damsel in distress. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom reporter shows us, bat kid exploded twitter and insta gram. >> it wasn't just hundreds of cheering fans from the street but thousands more watching online, including value -- val kilmer. and a woman caught on the track. she was retweeted as
7:47 pm
sf bat kid began trending. >> we have over 200,000 hits in social media. i talked to people in australia and "people" magazine. >> bat kid made time magazine feed as he took down the riddler. >> reporter: abc7 news showed the heros eating lunch as a flash mob grew outside a week earlier a 4-year-old ezra took on the joker but san francisco is a connected city w hash tags flying through the air, the 5-year-old went viral, trending as far as ireland. abc7 news was a top trend in chicago and philadelphia. l.a. times retweeted and dodgers congratulated giants when bat kid rescued lucille. the villian
7:48 pm
had been taunting bat kid for hours on twitter before his plan was foiled it earned miles a key to the city a tweet of thanks from the first lady and a video from the president himself. >> way to go, miles. >> tomorrow, gotham will be san francisco, it will remain a city inspireed and saved by bat kid. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> well, a lot of people who were twee and retweeting today were also signed on to live streaming coverage we provided on our abc7 news appf you don't have it, you should. just great today. you can down load for free by going to abc7 >> this is so fun, wasn't it? >> great day for super heroics.
7:49 pm
state wide tomorrow a mixed picture, central and interior portions of the state will have sunny skies and dry conditions but showery up in the northwest around eureka. here in the bay area we'll have mainly sunny skies, breezy, cool on the coast. high temperatures in the 60s and we've got meteor shower before midnight and dawn. look towards constellation leo. here is the accu-weather forecast. going to have pleasant weather throughout the weekend and a slight chance of rain next wednesday. not looking like big rain, but any rain will be welcome. >> cirque du soliel running in san francisco through january 12th. tomorrow, we'll take you inside of the big top for a look at how the performers get ready our special unlock the mystery
7:50 pm
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good evening, warriors have a high six players on that battle. fans voting early and often after last night's heroics. with seconds left, warriors hit the game winner. he's an all star and off season this, is what warriors were hoping for, hoping this will be the first of many memorable moments. and thinks his teams can compete with the best. >> you believe you should win. talking about facing heavy weights you can win. i think we're there. >> jonathan martin broke his silence in connection with the bullying scandal. meeting for seven hours with nfl special
7:54 pm
investigator going into the specifics of what is going on inside of the locker room. the former stanford lineman does want to continue his career in the nfl. >> i look forward to speaking with the dolphins organization at the appropriate time this, is the right way to handle the matter. beyond thashg i look forward to working through the process and resuming my career in the national football league. thank you. >> huge throng. media for that in morning morning. ray mcdonald missing the game against the saints with an injury to the ankle. eric read listed as questionable after suffering concussions last week they did a contact test today, hitting each other which seems odd. which one is standing? okay. you're clear. beyond that they have not been cleared to
7:55 pm
play sunday. >> the fact the days of two fingers one finger. you know? how many fingers? you know? it's advanced further from that. >> raiders quarterback terrell pryer listed as questionable. apparently suffering a set back from his sprained right knee. winless in pack 12, cal's best chance to get a win comes tomorrow in colorado. the coaching match up at one of the intriguing story lines here, cal hired sonny dikes hoping to win more fans. and tomorrow, he'll square off with mike mcentire in his first year with the buffs. also winless in the pack 12.
7:56 pm
buffs searching for defense. >> offense in this league they change week to week to week. so, you know, it's, you know, it's a difficult situation we'll keep working at it. >> this is just another ball game. a game against a team that hasn't played well, like us. hasn't won a lot of games. so, you know, it's two teams that ar desperate to win. i'm sure they feel the same way. >> yeah. both of them have the calendar dates circled here is our line up tomorrow at 12:30. michigan state against nebraska. then, at 5:00 fourth ranked stanford versus usc in los angeles we'll have highlights about 8:30 on lexus after the game. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. usc is playing well now. >> yes. >> they're coming on strong. i know. >> it's heard. >> yes. good reason for concern.
7:57 pm
they'll be all right. >> yes. >> stanford will. >> yes. >> make that clear. >> yes. >> join me tonight at 9:00, new help for people having problems with obamacare. the bay area programmers have created a tool to help you deal with that troubled web site. >> then tonight at 11:00 your salary isn't much of a secret anymore whochlt knows how much money you make, and who they're telling. >> and then, a look at prime time line up for you. last man standing, i the neighbors, shark tank and 2020 featuring an investigation of a couple dubbed landlords from hell. >> finally here tonight words about what matters what a big day for miles scott the 5-year-old battling leukemia. san francisco his city today, ruling streets as a super hero the bat kid saved a damsel in distress, rescued lucille at at and t park and make a wish
7:58 pm
foundation helps kids with an equal amount of heart. that remarkable organization gave miles a day he will never forget. even if he's too young to fully understand it. but we do. there is nothing most of us find more heart breaking than a child fighting disease. these are their wonder years a time filled with fun and discovery not medicine and hospital beds for one magical day the only thing young miles had to worry about was keeping rest of us safe from crime the bat kid, did his job on the streets of the city today, stopped bad guys, yes, but mostly did what matters for any 5-year-old have a blast without a care in the world. that is our report. i'm dan ashley. >> thanks for joining us. have a terrific weekend of the brave
7:59 pm
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- jason, i really like your look. you had it poppin' tonight. - i totally disagree, because i love your look.


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