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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 17, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> good evening. the midwest is in ruins tonight. it was devastated by a series of tornadoes. at least five people are dead. alex perez has a look at the destruction. >> reporter: one family looks out of their window in washington, illinois, a tornado barrelling towards them as they recite the lords prayer. >> this thing is getting really wide.
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look at the left edge of this thing. >> so many families frightened by so many twisters unleashing their furly across the midwest. they crushed dozens of homes like cardboard boxes in peoria, illinois. it swept through town after town like this one, long point, illinois. >> we saw it coming through this way, angle towards our house, the shed is gone. >> we ran to the basement and it was gone within three or four minutes. you could see what it has done there, just everything. demolished everything. >> the ones with a roof over their heads have no power. hundreds of thousands of households have no electricity. it also threatened an nfl game. umpires at chicago soldier field delayed the match up. the score board told fans to clear the stadium.
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it said to seek shelter at the stadium concourse. >> across the area they're preparing for a long night and they begin the process of assessing the damage. >> the midwest storms caused delays for man passengers. we'll hear from them at abc news at 11. it could be a wet week. we see what we can expect. >> we're starting to see signs of change out there. let's go to live doppler 7 hd. high and mid level clouds making their way past the bay area. look at this storm system. and area of low pressure, you see that classic comma shaped cloud. rain moving in here monday night through wednesday. the rain falling in the pacific northwest. i want to show you one more shot here from our water vapor
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imagery and you can get a sense of the enhancement. quite a bet of moisture developing on the tail end of that cold front and that is poised to make it's way over the bay area. something that we need separa desperately, some rain. >> thank you, lee. the bay area is hoping their hearts and wallets for victims of the super typhoon. volunteers with the national federation of the filipino association collected canned goods to ship to the victims. they are helping them tomorrow, you will be able to make donations to the relieve fund through a live hotline from 11:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. we'll have details tomorrow. developing news tonight, san francisco police on the look out for a driver that ran into a bicyclist and took off. it happened just before 7:00.
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the biker was conscious while being transported to the the hospital. witnesses tried to follow the driver but could not keep up. tonight san francisco police are searching for a person that shot two women. police say there was an argument, someone opened fire when police arrived they found one woman dead, oo they interviewed people at a nearby nightclub. so called hackers and geeks met today. they focused on gun violence and the connection of mental health. they want to help those in need connect with nontraditional first responders. >> we're looking at applications for families, individuals, and parents doing a mental health professional.
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>> organizers say technology can make people become isolated. tonight and east bay pediatric hospital unit that treats young patients overnight is now closed. people will now have to go to oakland or santa clara. officials told us the transition was smooth this weekend. they averaged four children a day. kaiser said consolidating it offers a higher level of care. 21 of the 22 nurses that worked there have been reassigned and one retired. many are still upset about the closure. they say they're concerned about the patients that lived nearby. >> they will be evaluated in the emergency room. too sick at that time, they'll try to stabilize them, and then they will have to try transporting them to a facility with pediatrics. that could take two, to six, two
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eight hours. >> we recognize it's a change in location but that families want the best for their children. the best for them is to be in a pediatric specialty center. this is supported bically missions at the children's hospitals of oakland, they support what we're doing here. >> their outpatient facility will continue to be open. a strike averts at the university of california met a agreement with their unionized forces. . a deal with annual raises of 4%. it must be approved by the 12,000 thursdays of the california nurse association. nurses have agreed not to participate in a one-day walk out scheduled for wednesday. a bay area man that dedicated his life to working with sick children is being
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remembered tonight. barry taylor and his wife created the tailor family foundation. he died from a massive heart attack and there are plans to celebrate his life and generosity. they held a fundraiser in 1990. almost 3,000 children a year. abc 7 has been a proud sponsor for more than 20 years. they chair stories about the tailors and the camps every year. if you would like to support the foundation, please go to our website. still ahead on abc 7 news at nine, an amazing new technology that could transform how we interact online. plus, the new mars mission being watched tomorrow. how it could tell us about earth
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and why scientists will be glued to their screens watching it. the new play
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sales of the new play station 4 games counsel are off to a record start. that is sony's strongest launch ever for a gaming counsel, but it has not been trouble free. many have been arrived dead on arrival. sony is not sure what is causing the problem, they have a troubleshooting guide to help you fix it. we put the lincoln our website, abc look for see it on tv.
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forgot face time or skype, a new technology that could change face to face interactions. inform uses a senator to read handgestures on one end and recreate them using a 3-d board on the other end. eventually they would like to do it on a small enough scale. they see it being use for for surgery, education, or for personal social interaction. up next on abc 7 news at nine, how a new study in frogs could affect california farmers. and we could see cold november rain ahead. lee glasser is up next for the forecast. >> colin kaepernick couldn't do it
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covering all of the bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> the u.s. government will investigate how pesticides affect rare an fipians in california. a court approved a deal to research the environmental effects of several animals. it could lead to restrictions of pesticide use near has been dates of endangered series. much of the spacecraft maven was built at the space kma. it will help study mars. the information could be used to tell us about our planet's future. back here on earth, we are
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expecting rain in our area. >> much needed rain. it looked like parts of the north bay will really see quite a bit of this. we'll take a live look now. high clouds in aassociation yash with this first system, you may have noticed it drifting by earlier this afternoon. as we go out a little further out. this is the storm system that we are anticipating to bring us rain or clouds tomorrow, rain beginning in the north bay, monday night, and this getting a little bit enhanced. so we will be on the look out for even more precipitation lingers through wednesday as well. nice lighting out there across downtown san francisco. san francisco 51, oakland at 55 degrees. 45 in the bay. still a few of the high clouds
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drifting close to the bay area overnight tonight. from our cam, santa rosa. 49 in concord. here is a look at our forecast here, it includes an increase in clouds overnight tonight and we'll look at clouds more so tomorrow and rain returning on tuesday as well as wednesday. here is a close up look at what you can expect, we do have higher pressure that brought drier conditions this weekend, but it is helping back off a little bit. this is the storm system about 1,000 miles to the northwest of the bay area right now but they will be roaring in here throughout the day tomorrow, go ahead and pinpoint our rain chances. we'll put this forward to 3:00 monday afternoon. you'll notice the clouds will be with us. by 1:00 a.m. on tuesday you see that band of rain starting to
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move down towards the northbound and by 5:00 a.m. tuesday held up at the golden gate bridge. it will start to sag south. we have rain across much of the bay area. 5:00 a.m. commute time on wednesday. still a wet commute. that impulse will start to get close to the coast. moderate rain by 1:00 and 3:00. south of the golden gate bridge. that is where we will see some of the heavy yes, sir rain on wednesday, keep that in pind. here is a look at our highs for your monday, we cool things down in anticipation of the rain and the clouds. low 60s. rain arrives on tuesday, showers on wednesday, could be heavy at times. after that we turn the fau sent
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off and warm things back up next weekend. okay, we're not liking the 49ers much any more. >> they lost by four points. a good tackle is one that draws a penalty. the line is blurred more than ever today and today is may have cost a win today. saints leading, the niners after a pump, kalen capper nick, we're tied up, 14-10, fantastic play by ahmad brooks. kaepernick rolling right. the longest pass of the game, 17 yards. controversial play late fourth. brees rocked by brooks. he fumbled, patrick would
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recover, penalty throw no hit to the head. they would tie with a field goal. three straight completions. it would set up this 31-yard field goal as time expires. the niners, a second straight loss, they're now six and four. ahmad brooks on his game changing hit. >> it is very frustrating. the game could have gone a different direction than it would have went. and i'm just mad because i know that was a big play in the game. and we lost the game and that's probably the reason why. >> breeze ws was like moving in him. in "super bad," mclovin stole the show. george w. bush with today's
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ceremony coin toss worked in oakland's favor early. the first nfl touchdown pass. two of the raiders first three drives would start at the 16 yard line. two turnovers, two oakland touchdowns. k keyshawn martin on the return, it sets up this, the coverage unit thrown off a little bit. 87 yards. houston up 17 points. after the thursdird td, the wil cat, and boom. 80 yards, the raiders up 28-17. matt schaub looking into the end zone.
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dennis allen and the raiders, they're first road win of the year, 28-23. afc show down tonight, kansas city and the broncos. peyton manning two or more touchdown passes in every game. only one tonight. 7-0 broncos. solid, not spectacular. gets dwayne bowe for the touchdown there. third quarter, monte ball and his second touchdown. the broncos win it 27-17. the sharks in chicago taking on the black hawks. a glove save falls and and slides into the net, the defending champing, too much, patrick sharp, one time to a tomorrower teammate, and then the second goal in the game. the hawks, they lost 5-137
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nascar now, matt kenseth on the poll. he needed to win and a disaster for jimmie johnson. paul menard is on fire back there, and his tire blows, and this became a scene. everyone in the pits is okay. kenseth takes second, by finishing better than 23rd in ninth place, johnson claims his sixth title. one away from the record. tonight we have vernon davis later. the rest of the day is cal and stanford in women's hoops. thank you, up next, a when our little girl was born,
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coming up tonight at 11:00 we sit county with the son of a man of one of the boris mass shootings in the bay area. life with his father before he shot nine people two years ago. and a tv show host postpictures of her animal trophies online. "thor" was nearly knocked off the top spot today. it managed to stang strong, it's raking in big bucks all over the world. the international sales topped $479 million. in second place, a sequel to the 1999 comedy "the best man." it earned $30 million, more than
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three times the original's opening week. "las vegas" has finished in the top four. >> the a little more mature. >> well that's it for abc 7 news at nine. i'm ana gates. thank you for joining us. our customers next newscast is at 11:00.
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>> this is the show with all kinds of people doing all kinds of stuff. some call it crazy. some call it adorable. everyone calls it "bloopers." stop what you are doing. unless what you're doing is watching "bloopers."let's go. [applause] >> hi, i'm dean cain. this is "bloopers."where we soe upped our blooper count you don't have to. up yours.


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