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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 18, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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of. >> first significant rainfall in nearly two months we could get a couple day office rain out of it too. live structure looking towards san francisco see the clouds moving nvlt finally a little rain. good evening let's get rate to 7 news weather anchor spencer
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christian and live doppler 7 hd. we have been waiting. >> we have been i'm certainly hoping this will be significant rain right now the moisture is well to our north as you can see but as you pointed out clouds gather over the immediate bay area and moisture in the clouds in ukiah clover dale and noreports of official rainfall moisture moving inland to the coastal areas of northern sonoma county sea ranch and points south to forth ross so rain moving into the north bay reaching out to sea this moisture not organized but here it comes. forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight at which point clouds will be thicker. might be a spot or 2 of rainfall at that point. certainly by 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning beginning rush hour we expect more wide spread area of rain mainly north bay not so much sout gate but certainly slow the morning commute for the bay year. later in the day see
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pushing south ward and eastward a bit bricking up thoughs then into late tomorrow night. tomorrow afternoon i should say evening commute see falling apart a little bit and then on wednesday we expect showers to trail so we will get some rainfall out of this. slow down the commute a bit but not bothered by. that we need the rain. >> we need it thank you very much is that with the rain coming now is a good time to track storms right from the smart phone with bay area most powerful weather radar live doppler 7 hd with the abc 7 news weather app happenedy works well. down load for fre free. to i-phone or android device right now at abc 7 new slash app. >> 10-year-old student at hayward elementary school was taken into custody today after he was caught wandering the hallway with a knife. 0boy reportedly told school authorities that he was tired of being bullied. here's vick lee. >> parents were shocked at the news. this one who did if the
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weren't to be identified said her son has also been the target of bullying. >> he didn't want to do anything because the boys are bigger than him but they mess with him several times during the week just outside on the my ground. >> it happened just after 8 this morning at the start of school. parents were dropping the kids off miss say the fifth grader entered the faculty lounge and grabbed 8 inch kitchen knife. >> then walked out in the hallway wasn't brandishing or threatening anyone with it but just walking with it. >> parent chris was startled when he saw the 10-year-old boy holding a knife. >> then i kind of walked towards the kid a little bit so he turned and looked at me and another dad hit him from hand and knocked him down then the third dad ping the knife and that was it. >> boy reportedly told school staff that he was tired of being bullied. wallace 9-year-old daughter samantha says she and her friends tried to avoid the student accused of being the bully. >> that's the girl who was bullying the kid and she is
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just like, she's out of control. she can't control herself. and it's just me and my friends just stay away from her. >> some parents said the school needs to do more to stop bullying. this parent said one school sponsored event called purple week isn't enough. >> for bullying you had to wear purple and just for against bullying. >>reporter: no other meetings. >> not that i was aware of. i didn't know about this until i got to skishltion one pirnt had a minor cut on the hand as he disarmed the boy nobody else injured. this is 7 news. >> san francisco police say woman was shot to death after getting into an argument over a fender bender. 23-year-old warren was killed after leaving a south of market night club sunday morning. investigators say warren was sitting at park vehicle early sunday when another car backed into it. police say she got out of the car to inspect the damage and
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got no an argument with the driver of the other car and that's when she was shot in the head. family members are seeking justice. >> she loved all her family members. and i hope the person that did it get busted or turn their selves in or something. >> another woman injured in the shooting suffered life threatening injuries. police lack at video at the club in the hope of identifying who its responsible for this terrible act of violence. >> former raiders license bac backer dead after crashing head on into another vehicle in oakland this morning. police say it was his fault. officers say thomas howard speeding at more than 100 miles an hour on interstate 8 80 when he rear ended a semi truck. howard car flipped end over end passed the semi into oncoming traffic. slammed into an suv killing howard and the other driver 64-year-old hayward man. crashed blocked part of 8 80 near fifth avenue for several hours. as crew worked to get inside the wreckage you can see
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just how terrible the damage was. he played for the raersd 2006 to 2010. if cons relessed him last week. >> in vallejo wednesday net the school board will take a vote that essentially also makes a statement. vallejo high school has been known as the apache. team there now the name is under attack. wayne reports from the school where there are some strong feelings about this. >> last week victory in the mayor cup may the final ever for vallejo football apache or apache of any kind in these parts. if the american indian movement gets its way. >> it has to do with human rights. it has to do with civil rights. >>reporter: activist gonzalez wreching up the pressure along with the naacp. >> we can't under play the fact that this is an existing culture. they have told you it offends them. and we need to take note of that. >> which is why next wednesday vallejo school board will consider changing the name of
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mascot that represented this institution for more than 100 years. students and former students are angry and disappointed. >> i don't think they should change the name. apache everybody know them. valet had we are known as the apache. >> i don't believe it's offensive at all. i think we are honoring apache. >>reporter: to young people would i say they are not aware of the broader ramifications. >>reporter: battle raging in different flavors across the nation. in southern california the american anti-arab discrimination committee took issue with this school for the image of the reveered arab mascot. in washington, d.c. the redskins football team under pressure to change. as cleveland indian ks kansas city chiefs and atlanta braves. what used to be okay is not any more critic say. >> it used to be we had to ride in the back of the bus. was it right then? is it right now? no. >>reporter: but is it right in vallejo?
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have you seen any of the school skits. >> the school games, no. but they are pretty much the same. >>reporter: tim banks has he covers football for the vallejo regional television channel. he says we know racism if he saw it at an apache game. >> i have never zion seen an indian mascot. >> ever seen a feather. >> i have never they ever seen any feather. >> heard a drum. >> no kind of drum beat or any. >>reporter: war drans. >> no war dancing or anything. >>reporter: anybody ever said kill the pche. >> no. nothing. >> times are changing. we are getting at bit more civil. >>reporter: and contentious. in vallejo, abc 7 news. >> one man being hailed a hero tonight after helping evacuate more than 1,000 people just before the soup typhoon hit the philippines 10 days ago now. tiny island here took a direct hit. destroyed almost all the homes in the largest town of san francisco. yes the same name. yet the island entire
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population survived because the former mayor has been performing drills with the towns people for years. >> you know that the vulnerable to typhoon so entire municipality about 9 91 houses totally damaged. >> and the former mayor of san francisco told everyone to get out. he suspected fast manufacturing typhoon was going to be deadly. so he made sure everyone on the island was moved to safer ground day before the typhoon hit and no doubt saved countless lives. >> mean time today the world bank offered philippines a 500 million dollar emergency loan to help rebuild. we team up with the american red cross to collect donations. 7 open your side michael live tonight with volunteers ready to take your kawchlt you have been getting calls all day long. >> this has been amazing. i know you have been amazing checking in all the time dan. let me give awe figure. we just crossed 80 grand. we raised 80,000 dollars closing
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in on 100,000 dollars. if we do if you want to help with this effort here's the number. we have red cross volunteers. l here in the 7 on your side phone bank and they have been taking calls since 11:00 a.m. today. they will be here until 11:35 tonight. all of this money is going to go directly to the philippines to help with the clean up and recovery effort there. look at this. all the phones ringing now. give us a call we'll find somebody to answer give us a call. joining me now for the red cross kathleen mclay. incredible effort tonight. >> it's fan takes ticket really heart warming. thanks so much to your viewers. >> where is the money going to go? you have told me that we have got plenty of people on the ground. this is the actual supply is what that money is going to. >> the the need is immense. we are following the directions and cues philippine red cross.
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largest humanitarian organization in that country rae lying on them to tell us what they need. supplying basic things like food water blankets. mosquitos netting, hay jean kits. >> so if you call right now the money will go directly to the relief efforts. again the number is here on the screen. we are live 7 on your side. >> very important night that's the terrific amount of money great work up there. 80,000 dollars so far we want you to call now money raised here's the number to call we take your call now to 11:35 so if you haven't called do that now and then sit back and enjoy the rest of the evening is knowing you have done something very kind for people who need your
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help. we have more ahead 7 news at 9:00. >> i feel proud. there's more people l. >> he tried become a citizen got big reprieve. that story. >> dispute between bart management and union. why bart is revving to budge. >> and the toddler who found his best friend. how it turned into a big hit on the internet into a big hit on the internet as you can
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sfo. >> man tonight has another year to fight with his family by his side after he says he spent more than a decade trying to become a legal citizen. he spent tens of thousands of dollars on attorneys to try to get his citizenship. well today he reported to federal immigration officials in san francisco for deportation. but instead with his new attorney by his side he was granted a one year stay based on his eligibility for a visa. >> we fit at the last moment. >> that's why i'm here. motivation. at the told me never to stop. >> he had been working and paying his taxes for more than 20 years here. particularly happy he condition stay in the
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united states so he can be there for the birth of his grand son due in about 3 weeks. >> newest dispute between bart management and union prompted a private meeting behind closed doors today and so far neither side is pwunling over provision on family leave. management says it's a 40 million dollar mistake. 7 news reporter laura thoip has the latest. >> if it's an error or glitch by bart it's one of historical proportion. >> number crunch for the union and bart met behind closed doors to cost out disputed family leave provision union leaders say they expect the district to stand by a document it's negotiating team clearly signed in july. >> we are not looking to renegotiate. our position is we have an agreement. we voted i it. >> but bart maintenance the provision giving workers 6 week of paid family leave without having to use sick or vacation time first ended up in the
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contract by mistake. >> this paid family leave element was not intended to be in the contract. it is under investigation how it ended up in the contract. >> bart claims the document dated july 19 was signed by bart management and the chief negotiator only because temporary employee put tonight a stack of papers by accident some birth riders who endured 2 strike in 4 months are clearly flabbergasted by the glitch. >> sounds unreallis had particular that you would have some objection after the negotiations are complete twic twice. >> here we go again but i think the union won't strike but they have to come up with a compromise but clearly showing bart and the people are not quite on the ball. >> bart board of director meets again this thursday vote on whether to ratify the contract between the district and the union. this is 7 news. >> all right we have some weather to talk about tonight.
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spencer is here with the full forecast and finally we have been wait to go hear about rai rain. >> celebrating the arrival of the rainfall. we need it badl badly. we have such a deficit here. this will help a tiny bit here's live doppler 7hd it's not raining yet. we have clouds that continue to thicken over the central part of the bay area but way up north, north of santa rosa we have moisture at least moving overland areas and it will be hitting the ground soon if not already in some spots sea ranch fort ross along the coast farther inland near clover dale we have making of over tonight rain. live view of the sky over downtown san francisco. temperature readings in the mid 50's at san francisco oakland redwood city 49 at los gatos. half man bay 54. another live view from the sutro tower cam are out over san francisco. no cloud in the city yet but clouds i hope crease over nature. santa rosa stand at 50 degrees. low 50's right around
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50 at napa. no have the 0fairfield concord and livermore. emeryville more clouds in that view locking west. these are the forecast feature. we see wet spots morning commute for sure. mainly in the north bay at that hour and rain spreads south later in the day on tuesday and showers linger that wednesday so we have a spell of wet weather here. here's how it looks in the big picture. satellite image showing the long trail of moisture moving directly towards the bay area so the rain begins overnight. start our forecast animation at 11:00 o'clock this evening at which point there may be some rain falling in the northern most part of our viewing area but it will spread more widely through the north bay overnight by 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning the official start of our rush hour certainly have wet weather in the north by if not anywhere else. then later in the day mid frorng 0-- morning to late afternoon rain with pockets south and east war. 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon we see main some slow traffic because of the rainfall affecting the evening commute.
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on we go with more pockets of rain developing overnight tuesday night early wednesday mornin off then look at rainfall total possibly up to inch and a half in the north bay mouchbilitys anywhere from 2/10's to 4 tenth around the coast and bay. three-tenths inch and uth bay mountains perhaps up to inch of written fall. that is drevrnling flooding rain but much needed nonetheless the snow levels rather high around tahoe. to 7500 feet. if you are traveling good idea to carry the chains just in consist sfo levels drop. overnight here in the bay area rain develops low pressure painly in the low 50' 50's. tomorrow afternoon with clouds and some lingering rain. high in the low 60's in most inland by side locations. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast showers again on wednesday. then beginning to dry out and get a little bit milder on thursday then friday
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through the weekend in early next week it's sunny mild high pressure inland up near 70 agrees by sunday. so much needed rain now. and then pleasant dry weekend ahead. >> nice. financially. >> financially. >> sometimes great pictures and sometimes they are not. coming up next. puppy love. special bond between santa cruz toddler and his
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situation. santa cruz toddler nap time with his best friend theo is a big hit on the internet. family adopted the mixed breed puppy from the santa cruz spca early this month. baby's mom jessica started taking the really sweet picture of the 2 napping
9:25 pm
together every week and posting them on a blog called mommy gone city. she says theo waits for beau to fall asleep every single day. the photo become so popular they have gained their own hash tag on twitter and instagram. it's hash tag theo and beau. >> seattle seahawks fans will have a personalize brick at levi stadium though it may a hard for the niner fans to get too upset about. brick part of fan walk leading to gate a. group of seahawks fans ratesed more than 1,000 $to get their own custom brick. now because they raised so much money they are donating the left over cas cash, 7 93 dollars check and t-shirt have been sent to the family of brian stowe giants fan beaten outside dodger stadium in 2011. very nice gesture on the part of those fans. >> well coming up next. sound and fury. >> oh, my god. >> inside the rolling lane of
9:26 pm
monster tornadoes. heart breaking sight of home destroyed and the joyful sound of a little friend found alive. >> also. heated exchange another set back today for toronto crack smoking mayor. >> we are hitting our stride. we are doing grit here raising money for storm relief in the philippines. check the
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>> we begin this half hour with illinois tornadoes this was washington, illinois before the tornado with the chilly image from today. scar stretching 3 miles absolutely destroying everything in its path. good evening again. millions of americans were caught in a line
9:30 pm
of monster storms this weekend. 53 million people in the direct path as dozens of tornado rain down. at least 6 people died in illinois and 37 injured. tonight neighborhood in utter ruin. alec perez has the story. >> standing on the back patio chris lancaster watched as monster zero in on washington, illinois. >> get in the house. oh, my god. the. >>reporter: within seconds the camera captures debris swirling in that funnel. less than 3 minutes after lancaster started reporting the tornado hits his house up ratting tree. tossing furniture. nick of time, dove into the blackness of basement. >> what happened fred? whether did you get hit with. >> i don't know. >>reporter: lancaster and family miraculously survived. >> still alive.
9:31 pm
>> and we walk down his block for the first time since he came face-to-face with disaste disaster. >> coming up to your house. hart breaking moment that brought him to his knees. >> first tame seeing it? his dream home flattened. if. >> my front door. >> he's one of thousands left homeless after tornadoes tore through 7 states sunday more than 70 twisters recorded. 8 people are dead. >> everything is gone. >>reporter: lancaster was looking for one they think. his cat. how could he possibly have survived. we were with him as he retraced his steps to his basement and then kiki. kiki. buddy kiki buddy. it's
9:32 pm
daddy. where are you at buddy. kiki? daddy got you baby. daddy got you. st. >>reporter: one small miracle. >> i knew you would come home bud. >> that's alex reporting. >> governor of illinois says this is the deadliest series of tornadoes the state has ever had in the month of november. nation typically sees average of just over 50 twisters total in november. but yesterday we saw all of that and more in about 12 hours time. terrifying day. >> investigators on the scene of deadly plane crash in russia tonight. whole thing caught on tape. video shows the airline boeing 737 going down at near vertical angle and exploding on the tarmac last night killing all 50 people on board. plane
9:33 pm
was on approach from moscow. pilot had aborted his first landing attempt then crashed on the sec as you can see. speculation is that the pilot may pilot error or technical failure to blame for the crash perhaps aboveth. investigation just under way. terrible tragedy in russia. >> george zimmerman the acquitted in the fatal shooting of trayvon martin under arrest again tonight in florida. hears his mug shot. concerning the sheriff's deputy zimmerman threatened his girlfriend with a shotgun. smashed glass table. shoved her out of her house. and barricaded the door. zimmerman taken into custody after 911 call. he now claims he never pulled a gun and that it was the girlfriend who smashed the table. zimmerman charged with assault battery and criminal mischief and being held without bail until a hearing tomorrow. >> the now let's go north of the border and the scandal plagued mayor of trn to. he's now stripped of most of his power at this point and city
9:34 pm
council has had enough of his embarrassing headlines. if drunk behavior and drug use and yet today there was more. pl lindsay has the story. >>reporter: near brawl at toronto city hall with toronto mayor rob ford attempting to take a run at someone in the crowd in the process almost bowling over a councilwoman. even in the mid of serious debate ultimately left ford a little more than a figure head the mayor miamied another councilman driving drunk. >> police stop disrupting. >>reporter: in the end counselors voted to further strip ford power. >> thinks going to be out rate war in the next election. >>reporter: reducing ford to mayor of canada biggest city in name only. and rob ford is certainly making a name for himself. even mocked on "saturday night live". in recent week ford has admitted to smoking crack. but ford making no apology for his
9:35 pm
refusal to leave office. in fact embattled mayor business to good prim time with new television show nation set to debut on sun news network in. i know lawyers doctors everybody who has a good time. >>reporter: so we certainly haven't seen the last of rob ford. lindsay davis abc news new york. >> perhaps we will soon. for second time in recent week scientist found amphetamine like compound in diet supplement. fda found it in 9 of 21 product tested all of them containing this product that is a shrub in texas and m ex co-fda would not release the names of the supplements tested but they were all marketed for such things as wet loss. energy boosting and food stabilization. harvard researcher is concerned that the fda has not issued any warnings even though it is known about this since july. >> new study found men nose are 10% larger than women noses
9:36 pm
that's not a surprise really but there is an interesting reason why. university of iowa researchers say it is due to different physical build and energy demands male of have leaner muscle mass. requires more oxygen to maintain and build muscle tissue. male and female have the same nose size until about age 11. at that point male spend more energy and nose sizes become prosecute portionately larger. now we know. coming up next. check in again with michael and the typhoon relief drive. it's going on live writ now call and help those people in the philippines. the nims on in the philippines. the nims on your screen
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>> american red cross teamed up with abc 7 to help the victims of the typhoon in the philippines. volunteers man the hot lean at this number on the screen. since this morning and the process continues tonight. michael finney life alongside them with dils on how you can help. i tell people make the call now. know you helped people and sit back enjoy the rest of the night. it has been exciting night. we'll be here for 2 more hours leading the charge is cynthia shaw from the american red cross. been a long night but you are doing great. >> it has been exciting day. we have had great volunteers. community has been calling. phones ringing off the hook. we are very excited to be able to have the resources to share with the philippines red cross relief effort. we are thrilled to be able to help you guys. what is the mop going to be used for? >> the money is going to be used we give to it our sister city red cross water food
9:41 pm
medicine mosquito net also other things with sheet to go cover the shelters. so resources they need now. >> thank you very much. great job listening to the people i have something to show you. come on down here. this is pretty exciting. been here since 11:00 a.m. coming up on nine hours here. this is eva. she's the one who does all the tall using. every single shee sheet. every one of those that means someone has made a donation. called in and made a donation. how many sheets are there? >> lake at about 8 62 and still counting so we are getting up to like 8 any. >> how much money. >> at the current moment 86,00 86,000. >> wow! very good. okay. you hate to have a goal of 100 but i can't help it dan. i know you are on the beard of the american red cross here in the bay area so let's keep the push going. >> yes that's a good challenge. board member of the red cross
9:42 pm
let's hit the goal of 100,000. couple oh, towers go. very proud to serve on the board and very proud as you are michael to help with ty typhoon relief for people in the philippines. much-needed as you know. great job. >> thanks. make a call now. coming up next 7 news at 9:00. coming up next 7 news at 9:00. >> i'm coming. from g.o.p. viral to gone global. the big ripple effect avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new 2014 jetta. it gets an impressive 34 highway mpg and comes with no charge scheduled maintenance. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. sign. then drive. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends
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to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway is just what they crave. a hero of the table, "so delicious" they'll rave. fresh, natural, frozen. it's the best selection around. spend $30 and a frozen safeway turkey is just 59 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. >> heroic escapade of bat kid have inspired the actors who played batman on the big and small screen. christian bale said wasn't that fantastic. the picture running around the picture running around saving people it's so touching.
9:46 pm
man who wrote the theme song is now writing a special song for bat kid. ben affleck says bat kid best about the man ever. that was his tweet. well the bat kid buzz is still felt here and really all over the world. lee ann has more on that. hard to say what compels sensible grown up to gets and cheer for 5-year-old dressed up as bat kid. as miles scott aka bat kid was saving san francisco, aka gotham stishtion people tweeted good news for once. >> from mayor on crack to drug like crocodile i think we could use a heart warming story for once. >> i feel it tugged at everybody heart we thought
9:47 pm
about and dreamed and get to go see the little kid just go out and live it and the whole city get behind it. again just super inspiring. >> the san francisco travel association says it did wonders for the city im am. around the world. we now have a super hero in a super city. fichlt i think this really did help communicate that san francisco are different and unique and something people want to come and visit and know us a little better. >> charitable organization make a wish says more people want to become involved in some way but make a wish did not want to sit down for an interview with us today to answer if they will grant similar extravagant wishes to other kids. and then there is san francisco supervisor eric mar who tweeted wondering how many thousands of kids living off food scams could have been fed from the money. he was blasted for that comment. today he wonders how many people agree with him. >> i'll just say that i'll continue my work to really focus the attention on many kids that need help especially
9:48 pm
low income kids in our city. >>reporter: over the top or not the reality is that miles touched many hearts including those who may need it the most lick these american soldiers in afghanistan. now keep this in main. make a wish says there are 27,000 children in this country with some kind of life threatening medical condition and they say while they are not able to reach all of them they hope to do so some day. >> young miles not the only child with big creams. if you would like to help make more of these kind of wishes come true we have a link to the bay area chapter of the make a wish foundation at 7 also under see it on tv check that out when you can. more dreams come true like miles. >> one last check on the weather. spencer here and magical day on friday spencer. things are very different weather wise tomorrow. >> they certainly are. you can see we have moisture pushing
9:49 pm
inland over the parts of the north by right now. live doppler 7 hd clouds south of the gelleden gate. no reports yet official reports of rainfall but certainly closing in on us and very good chance some light rain and someplace now up around healdsburg out to the coast to sea ranch. wet weather overnight and mainly in the north bay and spread south during the day tomorrow. this picture was sent to us by our own david louie this afternoon showing clouds over campbell down in the peninsula and south bay so cloud cover down there as well. tomorrow state wide we see some wet weather in the northern half of the state including the bay area of course an lots of clouds in the southern half. bay area tomorrow we see rain spreading from north to south. high pressure only in the low 60's inland tomorrow and here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. start to dray out on thursday and we have sunny mild days over the weekend all over again. much-needed rain finally on the way. >> all right spencer thanks very much. >> well keep an eye on the
9:50 pm
morning commute. conditions tomorrow join the 7 morning news beginning at 4:30 am. keep you updated on the rain and traffic conditions out there. >> all right let me just take a moment to say thanks to show you how i spent part of my weekend. >> ♪ from the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ is. >> i had the privilege of singing the national anthem no less prior to the warriors game saturday tonight at oracle arena and it was a real honor. i was very proud to do it. it was lot of fun. people are great and lack what they gave me. isn't this great. how naturally is that. best part no. 7. >> no. 7 is that thanks warriors really fun time. >> isn't 7 the average amount of 3 pointers you would make game in your playing days. >> that's double the average s.
9:51 pm
>> that's what i heard. going around the newsroom. >> that's not all you heard. >> that's not all. that's one of the things. >> all right. >> witness until you hear what ray lewis thinks about the hit on drew breeze yesterday. good stuff. warriors not dan. warriors in utah. say it ain't warriors in utah. say it ain't so. steff dow
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>> coming up at 11:00. we track the storm making its way into the bay area. plus whether you like it or not the holiday shopping season is well under way. 7 on your side michael finney looks at exactly when you are going to find the best deal. don't do your shopping until you watch his report. >> big move collected to the classic holiday movie it's a wonderful life. some people saying bah humbug. more coming up at 11:00 over on channel 7 but larry off. collin here and boy you hate to see him lying
9:55 pm
on the ground in pain. >> it makes you think the worst. >> here's the good news. the jazz are terrible. i mean they could go one and yub i'm not joking. dominating win over the happenless jazz warriors best season start in 21 years. but there's a catch. other strange injury we said to stef steff. 5 players in double figure including that guy andr andre. andrew 2 points making it 6. this is only back door to thompson. 13 rebound. curry led all scores with 22. catching the three. 8 assist. david lee double double machine 14 of 14. golden state up 23 at half time. third quarter stef behind the back to clay. 17 for thompson. 28 point lead then in the fourth no ankle this time. but 240 pounds of marvin williams on stef head.
9:56 pm
he would leave the game said afterwards the bell rung. yes the team will monitor possible concussion symptoms to see if he will be able to go on wednesday at home against memphis. 98-87 the warriors improve to 8 and 3. cal hos hosting southern utah. nick played for stanford. sorry nick the kid have no chance. cal scores the first 12 points of the game. wallace and 15. richard solomon in transition. 14 for sol mop. bear on the which to 4 and o start leading with two minutes left. for 5 seasons tim and barry starting rotation team mates with the a's. now with zito on his way out as giants, hudson 0on his way in as replace many. hudson the giants agreeing to terms. 2 year 23 million dollar deal today. 38. 8 and 7 of 3.97 era for the braves this past
9:57 pm
season. day later. the debate is raining on. not just hear but nationally as well of course i'm talking about brooks fourth quarter blind side sack of drew that caused a fumble which the niners recovered. only to have it overturned by a personal foul. hit to the head penalty. on espn monday night football pre-game show man who knows a thing or two about hit on the quarterback ray lewis offers his opinion. >> thinks most embarrassing call in the national football league since the brady if they fine this kid if they go on record and they fine and they fine this kid i'll do something personally. i'll pay half, half. whatever he is fined. >> our interpretation was we grid player if he has penalty we if we give him a mean us but we didn't sign a minus on that play. >> no they did not. monday night football nut on and panthers beat the niners for fifth straight in win last week
9:58 pm
going for brady and patriots. to rob. pulling 3 defender with him. game tied at 10. new england rate in the fourth. former niner 25 yard dive in the pile on. nut on third touch down pass. carolyn a.59 seconds left. brady marching down the field. final play panthers 18. pick by lester. threw a flag. pass interference on rob. they confer. they pick it up. brady was livid. game over. 24-20. both teams now 7 and 3. fichlt out of nowhere 3 touch did you know perform's yesterday in houston. matt forcing dennis to make a decision. if he's healthy enough for sunday home game against tennessee who does he start? well tell looks nothing like undrafted free agent who started pre-season as fourth string after start. secondary guiding raid investigators 2 28-23 win.
9:59 pm
>> i haven't talked to him yet so not sure exactly where he is. physically. but i will say this. i will say that obviously with matt performance he's certainly earned the right to be in the discussion that's for sure. >> 3 touch downs. yes. >> the quarterback controversy. people already starting to bring it up. >> thanks very much. >> don't want to good off the air without one final remind tore help those in need. our fundraiser to help typhoon victims in the philippines runs until 11:35 tonight. you can make donation business calling this number on the screen. again the number is here on the screen. have tears standing by rate now to take your call. this is live picture. we hope you listen awill be able to contribute. make the call now. then enjoy the rest of your evening. thanks so much for watching. i'm dan ashley for watching[laughing] ashley for welcome back!
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hi! hello! hi. what did you do over break? troy: oh, it's so awesome. me and abed played this video game. it is so dope. it's a whole city. drive anywhere. rent an apartment. you could do taxes. don't get audited. you could even enroll in community college.


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