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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 19, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> it's finally here. rain falling in the bay area tonigh tonight. here you see drivers battling the elements tonight in the first significant rainfall this month. here's the top of heavenly resort. look carefully you can see some
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light flurry not as much as they would like to see but at least there is something. good evening. get writ to 7 news weather anchor spencer christian tracking the weather for us on leif doppler 7 hd. waiting awhile. >> we have. now we get the reward for our listening wait. here's live doppler 7hd see a wide area of rain and some heavy moving right through the central part of the bay area. let's look closer. you cap see from the golden gate and lower marin county through san francisco to large portion of the east bayment start writ here where we have a batch of heavy rain moving on shore writ now. southern marin county. mill valley to tiburon and san francisco sunset district. now across the bay farthest just past oakland and richmond out to walnut correctth largely area of moderate heavy rain fall there to che top and antioch so we have got lots of rain in the central part of the viewing area right now but down south in the south bay on the peninsula in the santa cruz mountains still light moderate
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rain fall. hasn't intensified there yet as we had expected but could occur later in the evening hours. start forecast animation at 10:00 o'clock tonight at which point we see about the same pattern we look at at this moment during the over nature hours it sweep south ward the first big wave of written giving us a break at 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. rush hour. smaller area of run pushing in to the north bay just north of the gelleden gate at that hour so still may some difficulty commuting or slow commuting conditions early tomorrow morning for some of us. closer look at the forecast a little bit later. >> okay spencer thanks very much. before the next wave of wet weather hits be sure to get the 7 news weather app. follow live topler 7 hd and get an hour by hour forecast for your neighborhood. you cap down load it all for no charge absolutely free at abc 7 new we have breaking news in vallejo tonight. police investigate ago pedestrians who was hit and dragged for almost a mile. it happened around
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6:15 tonight when car hit a man. second car hit the man again dragging him for almost 3 quurters of a mile. poor man. witnesses financialally flagged the driver down. cuss i hope of the victim told abc 7 news that he is 41 years old and has pole why. he was prosecute nunsed dead at the scene. now 7al help is there gathering information. he will report life on 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. so tune in for tha that. but we also have breaking news in florida. where this search is on for those aboard a learjet that crashed off the fort lauderdale shoreline. it is believed that a medical crew was on board the flight. coast guard says it has located the wreck annual and at last 2 people have died. total of 4 people were on board. reports indicate the plane was on a medical flight from cozumel, mexico and had dropped off a patient in fort lauderdale. initial reports are the plane experienced some type of mechanical problem. but trnl difficult off the
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coast of in tonight. move next to story that we break this afternoon. mystery man has been found. tonight police talked with man who saw a missing woman lying in stairwell at san francisco general hospital. lynn spalding vanished from hospital bed only to be found dead 17 days later in that stairwell. the man who spotted her there two weeks after she went missing reported it but no one followed up. here's vick lee. >> it was october fourth. two two weeks after lynn spalding vanished from her hospital bed. nurse heard man knocking on the door of an emergency stairwell on the fifth floor of the building where her body was litter found. he was trying to get out on to the hospital floor. >> she let him in. on the fifth floor and said what are you doing here? this is an emergency stairwell. he said wrong stairwell thanks for letting me in that sort of exchange took place then he said by the way looks lick there's someone down further down on the stairwell. maybe
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asleep or not sure but it looks lick someone is down 30. man then left quickly. never identifying himself. the person he referred to prawm bring lynn spalding lying on the stairs between the third and fourth floors. nursing supervisor notified a sheriff's dispatcher who said they would check it out. sheriff's said two week ago his deputy never checked that stairwell. spalding body was found 4 days later in that same location. >> investigators again actively looking for him hoping to pray some important answers. abc 7 news has learned that the m is industry man is a visit ago doctor from india who is now working at ucsf in san francisco general. and police have questioned him. >> it just is another element of astonishment. to michlt he's the spalding family lawyer. >> here we are less than 19th of november and now somebody comes forward doctor says i was the one that saw her and can
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nothing more than say so to somebody that let him in out of a locked door? i can't fathom the thinking. >>reporter: well san francisco general issued a statement after we aired our story at 5. this statement confirming that the person is researcher wor working at the hospital. our sources say he apparently saw a flier sent out by police about 3 weeks ago and realized he must be the one investigators were looking for. that's when he came forward. vick lae, abc 7 news. >> body discoveredless we can in san leandro identified now as that of missing san francisco city college student. 20-year-old derek shoue last seen november 7th when he went to catch a muni bus in the bay have you district to good to school. his body was found in the water off marina in san leandro friday morning. coroner bureau working to determine exactly how the young man died san francisco tonight there was a neighborhood protest over claim of police brutality. police
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took the parris williams in custody friday after they say he tried to run away from an officer training to create him for raiding his bike on the sidewalk. when he walked away and tried to enter his apartment police grabbed him. police say he then bit an officer and things got ugly. 3 other people were arrested when the crowd turned hostile. tonight we were overhead as crowd of about 100 del industrytors gather at the mission police station to make their feelings known. they claim police used too much force during the arrest. >> they over abuse the power. they hurt him. they hurt him. so of course his family is going to help. that is family. >> our rule is that they cap use whatever force reason to overcome the resistance. >>reporter: williams was booked into custody on suspicion of assault and battery on an officer. felony resisting arrest. traffic code violation and outstanding warrant. for now the district attorney has decided against
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filing formal charges pending further investigation so we will have to see. >> we are learning new information as to what might have provoked a man to pwrutally kick homeless william who was just sleeping on san francisco street. there is video of the attack really awful. he stomped his if the on the woman head. this afternoon prosecutors charged 28-year-old timothy chase this man with two counts of felony assault. chase supposedly told investigators he kicked the woman because he was annoyed by the smell in the area. victim is having trouble remembering what happened. we have a video this clearly shows what occurred but she actually can't remember some of the things. also maybe tl she was hurt and she is having memory problems. >>reporter: just awful to watch isn't it. prosecutors say chase also thought he had killed the william with the kicks. the judge issued a protective order to keep dmrais approaching the victim if he can make the 1,000 dollar bail
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that was set. >> if san jose police officers are getting a raise. tentative agreement tonight to restore 10% raise over the next three years. cops taking a pay cut blamed at main reason 69 san jose officers have resigned just this year taking better paying jobs elsewhere. as david explains. >>reporter: the first indication deal was in the work came when we saw the police officers association board emerge from a meeting where they voted unanimously to recommend members vote for the tentative deal. the mayor and council members were optimistic as they left the close door session where details were discussed. >> cautiously optimistic but lick to give our police officers a raise and that would be good news for them and good news for the city. >>reporter: tentative agreement calls for immediate 4 percent raise and lump sum payment equal to 2% of base pay. raises in the second third year of the deal. >> i think good reason for help but we have got to ensure that
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everyone on board and that requires a vote of the entire police union membership. >>reporter: officers will start voting next tuesday if are the fight city downs will vote pro-says takes two week. police yawn president says this will bring police pay become to 2009 levels and that's not likely to stop the officers from transferring to hire paying jobs in other cities. >> i ferry that it won't stem the tide of the officers leaving. remember, july of 2015 our officers will be making what they made in 2009. and they are seeing the pier good to other agency making 1500 to 2000 dollars more a month. >>reporter: police deal will put pressure on the city to restore 10% pay cut given to other employee groups getting 2% raises. >> i know i can't afford to give 10% all at once. has to come over time. want to give 10% back to everybody. just a question of how long it takes and how much money we conspire afirst warning doppler to do. >> in san jose, david louie 7
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news. >> we have more ahead tonight. this tuesday edition of 7 news at 9:00 coming up. officials take action on controversial plan to dramatically increase the number of disabled parking spaces in san francisco. >> bay area retailer calls nrus what some see as annual war on christmas. find out what that's about. >> plus the change coming to california that has bay area distillery toasting before the holidays. and spencer will be back in few minutes to update back in few minutes to update the 7
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you. >> san francisco is one resolution closer to a major increase in disabled parking spaces as well as host of other changes. impacting the use of those familiar blue handicap parking placard. transportation reporter heather has the story. >>reporter: blue disabled parking spaces are extra teenagercly located generally at flat spot with no obstruction on the sidewalk next to them. special san francisco mayor policy advisory committee says there aren't enough of them and there is not enough turn over. that's partly because the placard allow free parking with no time limit at the blue spaces and at regular meters. which leads to room pant misuse by people who don't need them. the numbers
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tell the story. according to the committee there are 500,000 placard in the bay area. but only 29,000 regular meaters an 7 husz blue spaces in san francisco. the recommendations approved by the mta board tonight include increasing local enforcement. increasing the number of blue spaces by 4 70. and start to go work on getting state legislation for improved certification and management of placard at the dmv which could cut down on flood >> right now they have no way to track whether a clinic certifies 50 a week. 500 a week. 1 a month. they are operating system is still doss that's how antiquated the system is. >>reporter: if the committee gets the changes it wants from the state then it will come become at the time beard of supervisor force the local law. >> if the state passes authorizing legislation it would still have to come become to any city that wanted to consider their own local
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decision-making pro circumstances including allowing time limits and the paying meter to request with with them at disabled spaces. this is abc 7 news. >> federal judge has cleared the way for the city offal ben to evict about 60 homeless people at the if bulb it's a strip of land adjacent to gelleden gate field. last year the city council there voted tone force a new camping ordinance then last month the city agreed to provide transitional housing but housing advocate sued claiming the city was vailting the disability law because some of the residents were mentally or physically disabled. the bulb is owned by albany but scheduled to become part of the east bay regional park system soon. >> well we are about to kick off the hotel difficult shopping season in earnest and the controversy over how retai retailers should label the ads. one local rae tailer is in the middle of the controversy over merry christmas versus happy holidays. the carolyn tyler is
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on that story. >>reporter: it's the busiest shopping time of the year and when retailers try to lure consumers the american family foundation wants the advertis advertising to say merry christmas rather than happy holidays. we talked to the president of the conservative organization by skype. >> people buy gifts for christmas. because that's tradition that we exchange gifts on that particular day. so there's nothing wrong with acknowledging christmas. and promotion and advertising and your greetings. >>reporter: his organization issues annual naughty or nice list of company and for the first time san francisco base gap is listed as nice. no decoration up yet at the store we stopped by. but wildman declaring victory for what he describes as policy change after years of talk with the gap. >> they are going to macon shoes effort to say merry christmas in their advertising and in their stores. >>reporter: gap not admit to
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go bowing to pressure simply saying if a statement this season we are inincluding a number of seasonal greetings such as merry christmas, happy hand cue and joy in our message to customers. bob thinks mor moreen conclusive message is the way to go. >> i would good to happy holidays. you know why? in this community there are thousands of muslims. an jewish people. >>reporter: shoppers we tucked to see him fine with either greeting. >> i don't really see it, to me it doesn't bother me either wa way. i can say merry christmas or i condition say happy holidays. or i don't know something in another language buti we saw gap commercial from last year and did it include the words merry christmas. along with other greetings like happy l quaun in the newsroom abc 7 news. >> we will say for sure merry
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rain we are finally getting some. but still out there. >> you foe just the last few minutes it has become plate few areas. i'll show you rate now. here's live doppler 7hd and happy wet roadway. we walk over to give you a look at the increase in the intensity rain fall rate through the central part of the bay area over into the east bay. it's really shifted and picked up kuwait a bit of force here from lafayette to con considered to san ramone to antioch. over around hercules and martinez. walnut creek concord and antioch to clayton and pits pwring. we have pockets of heavy rain rate now but that's all through the viewing area and out into the east bay. south down through the santa cruz mountains south bay and peninsula still just getting light moderate rainfall reflected in the rainfall total over the last 24 hours. san jose and moffitt field but east
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bay picks up heavier rain concorde oakland has more rain total so far in the north bay where they received 65 hundredths of an inch so are if a. over 8 tenths at mt. st. helens nachlt half machine bay over 4 tenths of inch so it is getting wet all around the bay area. here's exploring camp are downtown san francisco looking back at the sky line. temperature readings uniform. mid upper 50's from san francisco to oakland redwood city to los gatos and live view looking west ward. similar range of readings. miss 50's santa rosa to napa to no have the 0fairfield concord livermore. live view along the bay bridge from south beach camera at san francisco. forecast period rain scattered showers sunny mild into the weekend. satellite radar composite image shows that slowly sagging cold front brings us the rain fall rate now and it swings south ward we see a change in weather
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overnight forecast animation 9:00 o'clock tonight. tomorrow morning beginning our shower a break behind the front and second wave but smaller wave coming in so wet spots with morning commute but probably won't be quite so wet and difficult as this evening can be. by thursday we clear outgoing that clearing trend with milder weather our way once again. overnight tonight periods of rain followed by showers in early morning showers. limb mainly low to mid 50's. tomorrow lloyd day few sunny break and scattered showers. high temperature generally low 60's and here's seventh day forecast. so after tomorrow scattered showers we start to dray out a late tomorrow or early thursday. by friday we look at string of nice sunny warm days -- not mild right on through the weanment inland high to 60's to upper 70's on tuesday. 2 days before thanks giving. >> right. >> this is again an unusually
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mild and sunny and dry november pattern. we see how long this one last. >> all right thanks very much. >> well still to come here tonight. spencer mentions tonight. spencer mentions thanksgiving. how we
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>> 7 score and 10 years ago lincoln delivered one of the most important speeches in u.s. history. gettysburg address. today hundreds gather on the site of civil war ballots field to mark the 150th anniversary of that speech. address fail failsly began with the phrase 4 score and seven years ago was about 2 minutes long. very short address. made during the dedication of the soldier national cemetery on the spot
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of the bloody ballots months before. it called on the people of the north to redouble their effort to win the civil war. >> for many thanksgiving certainly would in the be the same without a tradition until turkey meal and we want everyone tuberculosis able to have one. local food bank try to make that happen this year. this food bank san may take 0county seeing unprecedented number of people seeking assistance this holiday season. yes. rae session is over but a lot of people are still suffering. food bank says it still needs more than 5500 turkeys exploratorium and marin food bank say they are also in serious need of turkey donatio donations. >> all right. another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 just moments away. up next ceo of tesla tries to extinguish the hype over 3 model car fares. federal investigation under wa way. >> u.s. congressman arrested for buying cocaine. the what he has to say about that.
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>> snap chat proves why it is the latest start up darling. the latest start up darling. another half houraa@a@##h@
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. >> tonight the government auto safety agency is launching an investigation into the tesla model s. 3 of them have caught fire. tesla chief executive says he asked for the investigation and as katie explains, he is convinced the investigation will prove that his cars are safe. >>reporter: dramatic video of tesla going up in flames. company ceo trying to extinguish the hype and watch dog is trying to figure out if there is a problem. 3 fires. one after high speed crash. 2 after the car hit debris in the
9:31 pm
road. piercing the tesla and body and battery. that's where the national highway traffic safety administration comes in. want to know if the car design makes it vulnerable to fire. 13,000 cars will bea looked at from the 2013 model year. pointed blog post hundreds of thousands of gas license power cars have caught fir since the model s went in production but tesla had disproportionate play in the media. reading head licenses it's easy to assume that the the east la and electric cars in general have greater propensity to catch fire when nothing is further from the truth. he goes on to say he believes it's highly unlikely officials will find a problem with the cars but if something is discovered that would result in a material improvement in occupant fire safety we will medley aplay the change to new cars and offer it as a free retrofit to all existing cars. also he sfres now on fire damage will be covered upped the warranty and
9:32 pm
that's even if the fire is due to driver error. as for the federal investigation it could lead to recall but the decision on that is likely months away. in the news ramp, abc 7 news. >> and attempted murder suicide involving prominent virginia political figure sending shock wave tonight through political circle. police believe the son of virginia state senator deed stabbed his father then killed himself. 24-year-old gus was evaluated at mental hospital just yesterday. health officials say no psychiatric bed was available and he was released. police say the 2 got in some knd of argument before today's attack. senator deed is expected to recover. >> george zimmerman free man ce again tonight out on bail on charges of assault and battery. he faced florida judge. this time zimmerman girl friend claims he pointed a shotgun at her yesterday during an argument. while zimmerman stat in jail estranged waive served him divorce papers. man
9:33 pm
who is acquitted in the trayvon martin somewhating you could out of jail again this evening posting 9,000 dollar bail. 3 is walking away. zimmerman not allowed to contact girl friend and not allowed 0to possess any weapons or ammunition during this period of his release. >> florida congressman charged with cocaine possession. dea official says reidell was caught buying drug during an investigation into a washington, d.c. drug ring last month. the charge is misdemeanor an maximum 6 month ins prison and 5 of 1,000 dollars. l 37-year-old republican says he is disappointed with himself and stands ready to face the consequences. he also admitted to alcohol addiction and says he need to get help. reidell is scheduled to be arand tomorrow morning. >> start up darling snap chat says the users are sharing 400 million photo video every day have you tried this? on paper that's more than facebook users are sharing.
9:34 pm
face back says it sees about 350 million photo up loaded every day. now keep in mind the numbers are in the exactly apple to apple because snap chat counts each recipient it shows the site is growing very quickly up to 200 million photo shared in june. that quick the expansion as you may know snap chat photo disappear in second seconds. which is what makes it popular with teenagers who don't want the we parents watching them. >> bay area distiller toasting new law in effect first of the year. they say finally puts them on level playing field with the winery and brewers. laura has the story now from alameda saint george spirits. l. >>reporter: finally a change in the arm or of old california liquor law dating back to 1934 in the day of prohibition. something bay area distiller say will be good for them and for the california economy.
9:35 pm
>> somewhere between 60 and 80 percent of the economy is fueled by small businesses who really want to did something to support small business growth. >>reporter: starting january 1st lake winery and brewerie before them distillery able to charge customers for tasting. rather than give their sample away for free. berkeley democrat skinner sponsored assembly bill 9 33. now called the taste california act. >> this is not an industry that is using california products and is california based but they are hiring californians. these are california jobs. >>reporter: she owns 6 month old south spirits in richmond. he says tasting is essential to marketing the unique adult benches he and others create. >> when people come and taste it and they see how we make the it, it makes a big difference. makes it more personal. >>reporter: starting january 1st they can charge for tasting
9:36 pm
but the law stops there. they still can't sell the bottle product at the facility. >> maybe it wasn't everything that was hoped for but it was still a huge success so here to celebrate success and progress made. >> initial thing with the pair is the late generally fruit aroma. >>reporter: distiller and supporters hope it doesn't take another 80 years to make more changes to the decade old law. in alameda, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> well get ready. california vehicle license fee may going up again. that's the fee the governor reduced by executive order within hours of taking office 10 years ago this week. right now the fee is point 65 percent of the car value but former cal-trans director and member of the calf transportation commission wants to raise it again by a full percentage point. they say california has transportation crisis and ballot measure that they have proposed would raise
9:37 pm
3 billion dollars a year for road im practice. across the state. >> diane disney miller philanthropist and oldest daughter of walt disney has died at her home in nap a.miller passed away from complications after a fall. she had lived in napa and san francisco since the 1980's. miller was co-founder of the walt disney family museum and presidio. also spearheaded development of walt disif i co conert hall in los angeles. she was 79 years old. disney ceo bob today said quote diane will always have a special place in our company legacy and in the hearts of fans. miller walt today's any family foundation is not affiliated with the disney company which is the parent company of abc 7 news. >> coming up next. new cure perhaps for depression. researchers say it has a lieutenant to do with sleep. lieutenant to do with sleep.
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>> head lane tonight about sleep and depression. new report finds that there is a link between depression and insomnia. that is that curing one can help cure the other. there may be a way to do it without ever taking a pill. here's paula. >> we used to think that depression caused insomnia. researchers are now saying it might be the other way around. >> insomnia is important. in fact in this treatment most important thing in predicting whether or not somebody respon responded to days appreciation therapy. >>reporter: according to ground bricking new research out of toronto, depression therapy was significantly more effective when coupled with insomnia treatment. sleep psychologist. >> i hope the study will help get more people to the at least assess for insomnia. >>reporter: fund based on a treatment called cognitive
9:42 pm
behavioral therapy for insomnia which has been around for decades. hears how it works. through series of sessions doctors change the sleep schedule. drastically at first training your body your bed is only for sleeping. get up when you can't sleep and don't try to force it. do you see this revolutionizing the way we treaty depression. >> treat more insomnia patients as part of the depression, depression outcome over all. >>reporter: they claim 40 percent decrease in depression symptoms. if the solution is rate there innocent front of us the whole time what does it sa say. >> sometimes tl there are things we don't see. >>reporter: this is affordable bu not all i know insurance carrier readily reimburse. again, this is not a cawyer for depression but we are talking about significant improvement. paula, abc news new york. >> the coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. waiting for winter. thanksgiving just a little more than a week away a lot of people starting to ask when is
9:43 pm
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bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. >> we could see dusting of snow in sierra by morning. it's not enough to open ski resorts with thanksgiving a little more than a week away at this point there is concern that skiers and snowboard versus to wait. nick has the story. >> well there is no question it has been very, very dry. in fact boreal the only resort open because they make their own snow. so would you assume all the other resorts are nervous. no skier no revenue. problem. right? die hard skier boarder don't care what type of snow is on the ground as long as there is some on the ground's got it. >>reporter: that don't speak
9:47 pm
board. >> if it's proper. >>reporter: but boreal the only place you find this sugar bowl rock and mud are the slope at soda springs. one would assume the lack of real snow this late in the soap is a problem. >> everybody is itching to go up there, matt from borrow ideal and soda springs says not so. >> i don't see any panic in the air. we are just getting exited. getting to be that time of year where the snow should be coming and lifts are already turning. >>reporter: at sugar bowl stop assuming. thanksgiving is the target. >> traditionally thanksgiving is great to get open for that up here in the sierra that's fantastic. at sugar bowl we relay on mother nature to give us what we need. >>reporter: everything is just finance and dandy. nobody is concerned yet. but part of being a good journalist is not taking everything at face valu value. are they putting the p.r. spin on things so we think everything is all good? it turns out they are not. we
9:48 pm
fund out the truth from the historical society. what can you did you can't change it. norm has been at donner summit for 60 years. he says some ski seasons are great starting in september. others lake this not so much but no cause for concern. >> we have seen years where it has gone all the way to january without any snow. so all we can do is just sit back and say let's hope it comes. >>reporter: but there is a little of this hope in the air because for revenue to be right snow must be here by mid december. >> we really look forward to getting the december 18 right in there. we have to have christmas ivshtion so with that said didn't get your snow pants in a bunch. mother nature still has type. >> hoping for a big winner. everybody do a snow dance for us. >>reporter: goal is to be open by thanksgiving but if not uncommon to have to wait until december sometimes even january for this to be enough snow on the hill for all the skiers. at donner summit, 7 news. >> if they wait t.back to
9:49 pm
spencer one more time. flurries that the point. >> yes. mailed today. about 45 degrees in tahoe winter weather advisory the for snow tomorrow but higher el conviction. here in the bay area writ now you look at live doppler 7hd rain fall pockets of heavy rain through the central part of the bay area. east bay where we have pockets of heavy rain near napa -- north bay but moving twarts south walnut creek and out towards antioch so east bay and parts of north bay getting pockets of heavy rain and how about this? right around tiburon mill valley lower marin county down to the golden gate sunset direct of san francisco but south bay and peninsula santa cruz mountains still waiting for the heavy steady rain fall. high tomorrow just scattered showers lakely tomorrow by afternoon so the heavy rain will taper off by then. hay in the low 60's for the most part. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. start clearing out driing off on thursday and friday through next tuesday.
9:50 pm
sunny mild just like last week almost. still sort of rae pete of this unusually mild dry pat everyone late november. >> brief precipitation interrupts these all we got. >> thanks very much. >> sports director larry is here. many different way to get a headache and we found out more. >> unfortunate one i would say that's for sure. 240 pound guy land on your head not a doctor but that ised about for your health. seth on the receiving end last tonight raising the questi avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive"
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>> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. controversial comments made by an army colonel what she says needs to be done to attract more women to the military. and why some think she is sending the wrong message. >> plus are you searching for sthaels holiday shopping season? 'tis the time. michael take as look at some web sites and apps
9:54 pm
promising big savings. but do they work? answer on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. hope you can tune in then for this is reports and more but larry her with all the sports and everyone wants to know abo seth curry. >> his head hurts. that's understandable. tomorrow tonight the warriors are holding seth curry bobble head night he won't be able to play because his actual head its hurting following mild concussionless tonight. hit the head on the court fourth quarter of victory of utah. 240 pound marvin williams lost his balance and landed right on seth head. warriors say only a headache. that's the only symptom that curry had. he's feel better today than he wa wasless night so as precaution he's not going to play tomorrow. let him rest against memphis. day-to-day after. that video provideed about by the warriors. hers jackson talking about seth. >> he seemed fine. even last night somewhat fine. watching l monday night football finish
9:55 pm
then on the plane. usual self. obviously we want to be smart. >>reporter: now the warriors will be without curry. grizzly without guardal help suspended one game by the leg for kicking chris pall in the face. norris manufactures are not encouraged by the nba. frowned upon. allen ejected from the game. excellent flexibility i have to say. sharks forward marlow involved in car accident in san jose. he was driving mir said suv was not injured in the accident as kahn see the car is heavily damaged. no word on the condition of the other driver. >> 116 edition of the big game held saturday afternoon. cardinals bounce back emotionally after the crushing loss to usc knocked off on saturday what better way to get rae focus than head in a rivalry game against cal.
9:56 pm
coach shaw says the cardinal can't take cal 1 and 10 record lightly. >> i think they have done a good job keeping the players into it. keeping them energize because they are p play hard every week. they love playing. offensively excited about the offense. guys running around. not winning as many games now but down the road this will pay off. >> biggest game of the year for the bears. also the as gale of the year. chance to not only get the first conference we know under head coach dice but paragraph to everybody that the program is really headed in the right direction. cal defense is struggling so much this season and in for big test because tyler runs build and stanford will bust out the power running game. >> stanford test you up front. so it should be a big challenge for our guys. what we have done is at times this year we have the been effective stopping the run just give big my. need to limit the big my. get off the block. tackle
9:57 pm
better. we have to do a better job tackling. >> sure on sunday penalty call on frainers l probably cost the niners the game. last tonight the patriots looking at the referee going are you kidding me? patriots panthers 3 seconds left. patriots down 4 brady throw to tight end the rob who is in the process of being wrapped up by lieu. throw intercepted. referee initially throw a flag for pass interference because the he's wrapped up there. should have been one more play at the 1 yard lane. refuse rehults together talk it over then picked up the flag and that was the end of the game. afterward the nfl stated the ball was not catchable and therefore should not be a penalty. >> make the call or the rules. i know i guess i didn't see it. so i wish it wouldn't come down to this. i think there are plenty of plays we could have made but it did. and they are going to make a call or not make the call. we can play
9:58 pm
better than that. >> other football. world cup qualifier sweden portugal one temperature moves on the other goes home. sweden captain l scored it was for sweden. gave the team the lead but portugal captain ri nald ought speed and chip. they goal in the second half for hat trick portugal wins and gulf for the 2014 world cup in brazil. france needed 3 or more goal against the ukraine to advance to world cup. score 2 in the first 34 minutes. kareem puts france up 2 nil. one more 70 second minute. off ukraine defender. for the own goal. oh, that's a paneful way to lose. just want to hear them go goal. the heading to brazil next year 3 nil is the final. and just one more reminder guardsmen luncheon tomorrow part of big
9:59 pm
game festivities i am mc. >> that's right it's a big dea deal. >> a lot of material planned. >> pulling out all the stops. >> yes i'll try to be fair about this. cal had a rough year dan. cal fan counts to continue t.o and 1. 0 and 3. >> preview. >> there will be some stanford men a material as well. >> all right. >> tomorrow. >> congratulations. i don't think i have seen a round house kick to the head. >> that was impressive. >> that's this edition of 7 news for all of us here, thanks for watching. appreciate your time. see you in an hour over time. see you in an hour over on the big
10:00 pm
annie: before we start, i'd like to have a preliminary powwow, or prelimi-wow, about what i'm calling our library's back door conundrum. sounds like a porno with kate winslet. annie: abed, ew. the door on that side is locked after 5, which means that most of us have to walk all the way around.


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