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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 20, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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the storm is now moving out but this picture shows what you've had to deal with driving the bay area tonight. traffic is thick and slow in the aftermath of a rain storm that turned out to be stronger than expected. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> worst of the wet weather is now gone from the bay area. in fact, you can expect another dry spell over the next several days. this video just in to the abc7 newsroom shows rain water still hasn't drained from
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highway 87 at taylor drive the biggest problems, though, farther north. take a look at this mess on highway 101 in san francisco that have the noon. it's flooded with water spilling over the banks. here is when it's like driving through oakland today you can see spencer chischin tracking the stoernl. >> let's focus where storms are falling near gilroy. we have between fairfield and martinez. a trail of light rainfall there over highway 680 as a matter of fact. and in the north bay an area of rain east of santa rosa. again, isolate scattered showers at the moment. over tahoe, light snow, but chains are required right now. there is
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a winter weather advisory in effect for central sierra. so snow levels will be dropping and more snow is expected overnight. rainfall totals from this storm here in the bay area well over an inch over much of the bay area, especially north bay, san francisco an inch and quarter, nearly an inch at sfo. concord 1.9 inches of rain. so it's wet we have more on the way so we're not out of the woods, yet. >> thank you very much. let's take a look at abc7 news drive time traffic maps you can see southbound 101 is gridlocked. >> taking a look at highway 24, interstate 880, they're also backed up now. these are trouble spots during the evening commute the storms slowed down traffic early. so it's actually a bit worse than usual now. >> here is what it's like on interstate 580 today. this is a
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picture i sent out on twitter account. carolyn, it's not easy getting around today. >> reporter: that is right. because this was the first significant rainfall of the season. as has been noted so gutters and drains have been clogged. that caused flooding and the roads have been slick. we're off of hillsdale boulevard and 101. yes, it's been crazy. there is no denying it was a mess getting around today we headed northbound from the peninsula towards san francisco. on both sides of the freeway there were gushers. not only stop and go, but slip, and slide if you drove into a pool like this. there were rain related accidents but chp won't have totals until tomorrow if i tried to stay off the freeway some streets were just as bad a down pour greeted unexpecting
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drivers. >> driving, walking on a bicycle, if you're out and about, there was no way to avoid the rain. >> kind of one of the saddest umbrellas i've seen. >> yes. yes. unfortunately, yes. it is. >> this guy decided just to have fun with his grand dauthder's umbrella. >> she's got a lady bug coat and boots. it's an ensemble. but dinot borrow those, right. just this. >> and others no umbrella is necessary this, is the easy way to ride out a storm. abc7 news. >> wet roads a dangerous combination. investigators say a drive going fast careened off a cliff. david louie was the first to tweet photos of the car the chp says this lexus skidded on the pavement, then dropped 50 feet down a cliff. the driver
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and three passengers were injured. reaching those victims and hoisting the car back up caused a traffic mess in the northbound lanes. it lasted several hours. all rain created a muddy and messy situation as well, take a look this, redwood tree toppled and brought down power lines with it and shut down the road in both directions. >> rain blame forward a big scare in lafayette. a new power pole brought live wires with it. laura anthony tweeted this picture. the pole kneel a building and pulled down a second pole that you can see here leaning towards the building. ts is crews say the pole was recently installed. >> i think it's kind of scary. i
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mean, we've been watching this construction since day one. and it's very been conyensus. >> neighbors are gearing up for yet another meeting in san anselmo, the trouble spot is a creek. wayne freedman is live tonight. wayne? >> carolyn, how many times have we stood here in this spot along san anselmo creek. i have a light. it's kind of dark. the creek is calm tonight. residents hope to keep it that way. one of the ways is by taking a creek unthat runs into it, making sure it doesn't add water when there are big problems but it's a big debate. let's talk about. that if it hadn't rained today, the town would still be facing yet another debate tomorrow night..
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>> i think issue is responsible use of tax dollars. i would say we have a flood problem and have to loo at solutions. >> the public works director has been through this before. they'll do it again. issue, how to keep the creek from flooding as it did in 2005, and 2 other times in 100 years. one possible solution is a $17 million partially-state funded detention basin. the town which e creek held excess water in times of flooding. >> we're getting flood control and we're getting a new park. but, at the end of the day nothing has been decided yet. >> partly because opponents say the project is designed to catch more dollars than water. >> it's 3.8% of the combination of the creeks hitting downtown that day. that is 3.8%. you're
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going to spend $17 million on 3.8%? >> 3% is all of the water in the creek. and out of the creek. >> water costing the town and small business owners $1.5 million last time. a disaster does it not want to see again. a finished project remains at least three years away. wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> today a school bus got stuck in wet cement. take a look at this, patrol tweeted this picture showing the bus sitting in the concrete you can see tire tracks. sky seven was overhead, workers were repairing pavement after the bus was towed away. two children were on board. the driver says he swerved to avoid a dog and ended up in the cement. >> despite the problems, we had many, it's a good thing we're getting the rain. the department of water resource says it can only guarantee delivery of 5% of
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the water supplied to cities and counties in california. now, on the good side of this, officials admit it's likely to go up as winter progresses and we can get more storms through here. well, be sure to follow us on live doppler seven hd. on twitter you'll get weather tweets with power outage information. it's a good time to get the abc7 news weather app at abc7 >> we're learning more tonight about a teacher stabbed by a student in santa rosa. police say the 16-year-old boy attacked his teacher, stabbing him with a pencil just before noon at mid rose alternative high school. another student stepped in and the boy ran off. he was caught in a home. the school campus, including both mid roads was locked down about two hours. we're told the teacher will be okay. we have new information
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tonight about the man run over in vallejo and then dragged nearly a mile by a second car. surveillance video captured the tragedy. abc7 news reporter nick smith is live tonight. nick? >> 31-year-old lala andrews trying to cross busy broadway street here, he was hit by two cars, neither driver has been charged the accident is still under investigation. police tell us because there is no crosswalk, residents in this neighborhood have to navigate their way across the busy street. unfortunately, lala did not make it. image is grainy and dark but the surveillance video captures final moments of this man's life. 41-year-old edwin lala andrews was struck and killed just after 6:00 p.m yesterday. in the individual yes it's clear to see he has mobility issues
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with his limp, he's forced to use a cane and could not cross fast enough. he was hit by a car traveling north. >> tires squealing. next thing i know, cars started stopping. >> reporter: fred knew something was wrong. his cameras caught the accidents aftermath. police told us last night visibility is an issue. >> i can tell you that it's, there is no crosswalk in that area. it's fairly dark there. >> rain at the time is also being considered aas a contributing factor. investigators tell abc7 news after andrews was hit by the first car he fell into the path of a second one. the 89-year-old driver dragged him nearly half a mriel fore coming to a stop here. >> my children heard tires screeching. and they looked out and saw the body underneath the front end of the car. >> andrews care giver says he would make the trip regularly,
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never allowing his disability to slow him down. he was no match for a dimly lit street on a dark, cold, rainy november night. nick smith abc7 news. >> we have more to cover for you tonight. coming up next a crash of asiana flight 214. the airport assessment of what went wrong, and what went right. >> also, cup boards are bare noont a shelter, someone stole hundreds of thanksgiving turkeys. >> vic lee follows up on a mystery witness who spotted a missing patient what. he's fell teling investigators. >> here is the bay bridge. a picture taken by abc7 news meteorologist mike neeko. e mail your photos. we'd love to
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officials with san francisco airport released findings of an independent review of how the airport responded to asiana crash 214. that report found emergency personnel acted quickly but found area that's needed to be improved the airport emergency alert system didn't work and the web site crashed because it was overwhelmed by traffic. the report recommends aligning triage procedures and better resources for stranded passengers. sfo eshed highest
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marks when it came to reopening the runway. >> moving that wreckage, remediating spilled jet fuel, repainting was inintegration of many different asian agencies >> three passengers died after the boeing 777 crashed on landing the report did not mention of death of a passenger run over as we now know by a fire truck in moments after the crash. >> the search is on for a man wanted for killing a woman and wounding another after a fender bender in san francisco. take a look. police are searching for m than, he's 511 and weighs 230 pounds. police say he killed this woman. her friend was injured. police say the car
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backed into the victim. the two got into an argument. >> oakland officials launched a fund raising drive but money isn't for schools or charities but to cut down on gun violence. the mayor joined youth uprising money for a buy back event a similar event last year was so popular, officials ran out of money. they hope to raise enough cash this time. >> the real questions for us isn't how much we need to raise but how many guns do we want to buy? then, you multiply that by 100. that is our target. >> the gun buy back netted more than 600 guns. >> a bay area hundreds of frozen turkeys stolen they discovered this as soon as they opened the
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freezer. every turkey was gone and stolen the thieves have not been caught. volunteers have never seen anything like it. >> my jaw dropped i couldn't believe someone would steal turkeys >> you won't believe someone would do that this time of the year. so yes. it's a very sad thing to think people would do something like this to some people that have nothing. >> boy, it's sad. the community stepped into to help. hundreds of new turkeys have donated. mission solano hands out 750 food boxes and holds a thanksgiving dinner so they do remarkable work for those in need glad to know people are stepping up. >> yes. the need is great right now. >> we had a lot of rain out there today. >> wettest day we've had since december 23rd of last year. 11
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months. you can see radar was cluttered with yellow and green today. now down between morgan hill and gilroy area of light rainfall. here is a live view from our camera right across embarcadero from abc7 looking at the skyline. notice breaks in the clouds right now. temperatures into mid-50s across the bay area from san francisco to, oakland and redwood city. so we have a uniform temperature reading. a nice view looking along embarcadero here. more readings into mid-50s from santa rosa to napa and livermore. and finally a live view at the gold, bay bridge, rather. traffic moving freely. under partly cloudy skies. we'll see scattered showers during night time hours and early morning. clearing trend begins tomorrow
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afternoon. bright sunshine by the end of the day. then, we'll have locally windy conditions into friday. here is a satellite image showing a low pressure system north. notice the rainfall is well south and east right now there is enough instability here, unsettled weather. we can have a chance of showers we'll start at 7:00 this evening. during overnight hours, pockets of showers and light rainfall developing. 5:00 in the morning rush hour for commuters begins, we'll see maybe some light rain, or maybe moderate rain just north of the golden gate. reaching from san francisco to vallejo, then spots of shower activity south bay as well. but later in the day, notice everything clears out giving us mainly sunny skies later into afternoon and dry weather returns for a while. we have a wind advisory from 10:00 tomorrow morning to 4:00 saturday morning for the sacramento valley, and delta. and the clear lake area. gusts could be as high as 50 miles per
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hour. be on the lookout for downed branchs and local power outages clouds continuing to cloud the sky. we'll have scattered showers light rain here and there. low temperatures into upper 40s to around 50s. so again rather uniform range of low temperatures. we'll see high temperatures into low to mid-60s around bait and inland. and upper 50s to 60s on the coast. here is the accu-weather forecast. and notice string of sunny, mild days coming our way starting friday through tuesday. high temperatures back into mid-60s just about everywhere. nerj system could produce rainfall on thanksgiving eve and thanksgiving day. >> okay. good to know. thank you. >> now rain is here, it's a good time to remind you to be sure to get the abc7 news weather atmosphere app. you'll be able
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to track progress you can down load on abc7 >> coming up, actor sean penn's run in with a fan. aa@a@##h@
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we're following breaking news where cal train is holding trains because of downed power line near the track no word when service will continue. >> tonight money matters tesla triggers a warning. the agency investigating three model s fires is tightening advertising guidelines and claims the model s has a government crash rating of 5.4 stars. however, the government doesn't give ratings higher than five stars. >> stock prices down today, and s and p 500 lost 5.5. shoppers appear to have shrugged off the government shut down. retailers reporting a solid increase and a
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research company today said sales of semi conductors and communications equipment went up last quarter by a robust 7%. >> actor sean penn lost it last night in a san francisco bar. this is video provided by the dream force conference penn attended yesterday. afterwards he was relaxing with friends when a fan snapped his pick twur a phone. here is what happened next. >> get out of here. i'll make you eat the phone. get out of here! >> penn got up and grabbed the phone slammed it to the ground using language reserved for the paparazzi. this video was obtained by tmz. >> wow. >> coming up next, bay area man being held in north korea. how did he get there? when will they let him go? >> also the story we broke last night. a mystery witness at san francisco general, what he is saying about that missing patient. >> also, assignment seven a man
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recalls his grandfather's heroics he's being honored for the code that he lived by. >> and here is another weather photo showing a man wading up highway 101. you can e mail your pictures to you report [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway is just what they crave. a hero of the table, "so delicious" they'll rave. fresh, natural, frozen. it's the best selection around. spend $30 and a frozen safeway turkey is just 59 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate.
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good evening, new information about what a witness who saw a missing woman in a stairwell at san francisco general hospital told police. lynn spalding's body found 17 days after she vanished from her hospital bed wex reported yesterday a mystery witness, a doctor came forward. what the witness told police, a story onlyn abc7 news >> our sources tell us the man is a doctor from india not yet licensed to practice here. he's a researcher at that hospital in san francisco general. investigators hope he can
7:31 pm
provide important information since he appears to be the only whoun saw lynn spalding during the disappearance. police distributed this flyer which said they're looking for a mystery witness the researcher said he came forward after he saw it on a bulletin board and told investigators "i'm the mystery witness". october 4th, a nurse heard a mystery man locking on a locked door of an emergency stairwell here on the 5th floor of the building. the man told the nurse he saw a person lying in the stairwell, then left quickly, never identifying himself the nursing supervisor notified a sheriff dispaper who said deputy woz check it out but sheriff mirkarimi said they dropped the ball. >> the source close to the investigation says.
7:32 pm
>> he said the unconscious person was lying betwn third and fourth floors the man added he didn't go near it, or touch, or move the person and didn't know sh f.she was dead or alive. investigators say spalding was dead and her body would have been add badly decomposed he says he didn't detect. that investigators tell us that was the extent of what he knew. police say they've completed the probe they're waiting for a medical examiner report on cause of death. >> i'm curious to read the medical examiner's report when we get it. we don't have it yet. >> we'll have to take another week or so. and perhaps, answers to this baffling case.
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friends confirm a bay area man is being held in north korea. the 85-year-old was removed from a plane as he was leaving the country, entering north korea on a tour arranged by a business based in beijing. neither the north korean government noer the u.s. state department confirmed the detention but a friend issued a statement today saying there has to be a terrible misunderstanding. i hope north koreans will allow him to return to his family as soon as possible. newman is a retired finance executive and a 50 year volunteer for the pal yes alto red cross. he lives with his wife in a retirement community. >> the memory of president kennedy being saluted tonight honoring this year's 16 winners of the presidential medal of freedom. recipients include former president clinton and
7:34 pm
oprah winfrey. singer loweretta lynn. for a list of the honorees go to abc7 and click on see it on tv. >> congress handed out it's highest awards as well. and a lakodo indian is listed as one of the recipients. abc7 morning news anchor eric thomas has his story. >> reporter: in his lang lang yarjs he told us how honored he was to talk about his grandfather, john bear king hawkins fought in the pacific during world war ii.
7:35 pm
>> the code talker was the first one across enemy lines. >> their bravery emerged from a bittersweet chapter in american history. grandfather john grew up in a mission school. he and schoolmates were punished for speaking their native tongue. but when the war broke out, suddenly the army was desperate for men who spoke american indian dialects and made lots of promises. >> they said you're going to have a better life. your family is going to be given this, your children will not be hungry. >> for a young man growing up in poverty it was too good to pass up. >> reporter: the contributions of the navajo code talker is well documented. they got a congressional gold medal. it was
7:36 pm
dangerous in more ways than one they were out front scouting enemy location was a couple soldiers but if the code talker fell into enemy hands, the bodyguards were supposed to make sure he wasn't taken alive. >> the bravery. the courage. i can't imagine the terrible things they've had to endure. >> without having their own code talker it was impossible to decipher. the dialects were not written down. it was handed down from parent to child. something becoming less and less common. as for john bear king hawkins he didn't die on the battlefield the war did shorten his life he died in 1945 in south dakota of complications from malaria. >> recognition for code talkers is way overdue. they're all gone now. >> reporter: gone in body but
7:37 pm
not in spirit. eric thomas abc7 news. >> coming up next mark zuckerberg's push for immigration reform. >> yes. the event he's hosting to raise awareness about the controversial issue. back in
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cheryl sandburg is taking center stage tonight at the dream force, this is video of the event from sales sandberg who wrote the book "lien in" says will still aren't equal. >> i wrote this because no matter who what bro pro gres women have made we're still really far short on leadership goals anywhere in the world. that means when decisions are made that most impact our world our voices aren't equally heard. >> sandberg says boys and girls are treated differently as children, translate together work place where rules are different for male and female
7:41 pm
managers. >> facebook found founder mark zuckerberg has tlot say about immigration reform lately. >> today, kicking off one of his favorite activities, a hackathon all about immigration. >> it's a great idea to come from anywhere. right? it doesn't have to be someone who is running a company. it doesn't have to be someone who is a citizen of a country. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg spoke to a room full of dreamers. >> someone whose parents brought them over as children. they have grown up here, but if these are put into their way. >> joe green teamed up with zuckerberg and co-founders of drop box and linkedn to bring them here, these young programmers are all undocumented immigrants. >> i realized no matter how
7:42 pm
talented i am i couldn't enter the un and follow my aspirations. so i became really frustrated. >> lucia did go to college but she was lucky. zuckerberg's focus on immigration started when he was teaching middle schoolers. >> one top student said i don't think i'm going to be able to go to college because i'm not documented. >> so hackathon is about using technology to find solutions. from a social network just for dreamers to tools for contacting congress with 24 sleepless hours to but them together. >> people will be shocked in what you can accomplish in 24 hours. and i think our friends in washington could take note of that. >> reporter: organizers want lots after tension. >> this is who we are. we're heed indicateded students who want to help the country and want to make, and create jobs for our country. and be
7:43 pm
prosperus here. >> reporter: she got emotional. >> i'm one of the million of undocumented country in this country whose family is separated due to the immigration system. >> it's been eight years since she's seen her mother. >> this is one of the biggest civil rights issues of our team time. >> just ahead here tonight at 6:00 get ready for black friday. where you can track the best deals.
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>> jillian is on a budget. noel just graduated from college. >> not making as much as i would like to be making. >> morgan keeps her eye out for best prices. all three staffer as agreed to help us search for the best way to keep tabs of the best prices. deal news, hubster and nifty track prices of the items you want to follow and alert you to best deals available. sounds good. how well do they really work? our three testers find out. on hubster he you find the item. hen hook it. >> they send you notifications. >> you can see the items on the web site right there with, you know the percent they've gone down. or that some have good gone up in price. >> noel liked the way deal news
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flooded my inbox. every day i was deleting 50 e mails and keeping 2, 3 that were relevant to what i was looking for. >> huckster and nifty ended in a virtual tie with 3 and 3.3 shopping carts to break the tie we turned to a consumer expert. >> huckster tracks price drops if a price goes or good goes on sale, or coupon is available they'll e mail you or text you. >> so huckster is our champ. we posted links to each along with other advice that is at abc7 now, thousands of black friday sales begin on thursday. so how do you know which are the best? how can you get in on them? i'll have answers to that tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. >> great stuff all week. >> thank you. >> yes. >> let's check on the forecast now. >> yes. rain? >> yes.
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>> that is this image, quiet weather. except for a patch of light rain. moving now just east and south of gilroy. so this is a nice picture sent to us by a viewer in campbell. i trust this photographer picked up a pot of gold. tomorrow, wet, cloudy conditions over southern half to two thirds of the state. hard to find above 64, 65 degrees bay area, low to mid-60s we'll have mainly sunny skies late afternoon, coastal highs into upper 50s to near 60. here is the accu-weather forecast. another string of weather going
7:51 pm
into next tuesday by a disturbance could produce rainfall. the day before thanksgiving and perhaps thanksgiving day as well. we'll monitor that system for you >> larry beil is here now with sports. >> yes whochlt do you start at quarterback? trying to decide. was matt a one hit wonder? or do you stick with the rookie? next in sports.
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good evening, the quarterback and the rookie will start sunday when raiders host titans coming off a three touchdown performance. unusual here for alec. remember he waited until game time to announce terrell pryer as starting qb. and you look at the plan, it was great last weekend. today, both quarterbacks said t
7:55 pm
>> i mean it's a performance based business. at the end of the day you've got to perform to play. we did play well. so i mean, i think coaches are doing the right thing sticking with what we've had. see what happens. >> it's just frustrating and it's just the game. it happens. you know? other guys play well. you know? why not keep continuing witness. i don't blame coach. you know? i'm a team player. you know? i hope he has success. >> raiders announcing dj hayden's season is over. after sports hernia surgery. latest nay series of injuries for hayden who needed a life saving operation in college. he played in eight games and started in two. >> what used to be a clean aggressive hit is now a fineable phones. ahmad brooks fined $15,000s for a hit on drew brees sunday, penalized for
7:56 pm
unnecessary roughness. instead of a fumble recovery saints kept the ball and they went on to win the game. niners thought the hit was legal. brooks made initial contact high on brees's shoulder pads. >> you know, he's 260 pound, you know, any time you blind side a guy like thashg it's going to be a hit. but when you slow it down, he didn't touch his head i'm surprised in the findings you know? a lot of people are surprised in the findings. enough being said about that around the world. >> for sure. espn analyst ray lewis says if brooks gets fined he's going to pay half of it. he tweeted i will see ahmad on monday and will have a check for half of the fine. the niners fighting the league and getting ready for washington redskins
7:57 pm
fighting each other. robert griffin appears to take a swipe at his coach saying phillys defense knew what is coming. today, rg three said comments came in the heat of the moment. >> if i can take it back, yaechlt you're frustrateed and trying to figure out why things didn't work. and i'm trying to give honest answers. so we're on the same page. we just want to be-to-beat san francisco. >> that is what happens when you lose, and lose . i had the privilege of mcing the guardsman lunchen at the fairmont hotel. a little mix of fine dining football and verbal jabs. >> 17 touchdown passes in 11 games, 1.5 per game. which happens to match the average gpa
7:58 pm
in cal athletics. stanford beat oregon for the second year in a row. i'm told that ducks billionaire ben factor was so furious at that game, he threatened to take way every player's yacht. >> i got a million of them. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> good stuff. >> cal athletic director loved the gpa joke. >> she did. >> she loved it. >> yikes. >> well, join me tonight at 9:00, despite rain today a dire warning from the state. why it's both cities and farmers concerned about the future. >> then, on abc7 news at 11:00 michael finney looks at which door buster deals are making sure you don't miss a shot to save. >> that is this edition of abc7 news our coverage continues always on twitter on abc7 news bay area.
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