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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  November 20, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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the season has left a mess. here is a live look of the skyline from our exploratorium camera. you can sigh the clouds breaking up. >> but not before flooding parts of the east bay this evening. brian sent us this video of water and mud covering streets in livermore. >> the storm is also being blamed for bringing down power lines and knocking down electricity to thousands of people on the peninsula. and right now crews are working to get the power restored. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. abc7 abc7 news reporter is live in san mateo where the power lines came down and disrupted the commute and cut
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the cal train route in half. >> that's what happened. the first cal train started rolling by slowly about 45 minutes ago after a four-hour disruption. behind me you can see pg&e workers where a cross arm had burned off. right now there are 180 customers in san mateo without power and pg&e hopes to have them back on-line by 4:00 a.m. for hundreds of commuters the end of the line was the cal train station. they had to get on buss to take them to the next san mateo stop. >> this is the second time in the past month. the first time was a brushfire and we had to wait for buses. >> there was an explosion on the nearby power pole that spewed sparks and fire. a transmission line drooped over the tracks. >> it was huge. a loud pop. a couple of guys over here why yelling to get away because the cables were shaking.
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>> the train stopped and they told us that there was a wire down across the tracks. they said it would be awhile until these guys figure it out. >> pg&e and fire officials expect that today's rain was the culprit. >> we will have a lot of dust accumulation. when the rain hits the dust turns into a mud-like product. it then catches the wood on fire. >> 2,000 customers lost power in san mateo including the lovely senior housing center where 91-year-old jaime goff had to walk down 11 floors. >> my computer went off and the tv went off and the lights went out and i grabbed for my flashlight. and the stairway. >> before 9:30, pg&e workers raised the power line above the track and the trains started passing through a short time later. johnal -- johnal stone, abc7 news. the chp believes speed and
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the rain made for stretch russ roads. imagine being in this car. a lexus skidded off highway 17 and careened 50 feet down the cliff. four people in the car were hurt. two of them suffered serious injuries. when you see the damage you know why. you can see the water being pushed off the roadway by bypassing cars. all of the rain made for a slow evening commute. >> sandhya patel has been tracking the rain. how much did we get? >> we got enough across the bay area to make a difference so far. let me show you the rain totals, carolyn. most of the bay area got soaked just over an inch and half in half moon bay. 1.26 san francisco. mount saint helena, 1.74. oakland just over an inch. even places that are normally dry like livermore, almost an inch and a half, san jose .76 of an inch. and we are not completely
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through yet. a look at your wake up weather and your morning commute. >> see you shortly. right now snow is falling a in the sierra. this is video from the cal trans camera at twin bridges. it is at about 6200 feet and you can see there are drivers who are pulling over to put on chains. they are required. and remember you can keep tabs on where the rain is in your neighborhood with the abc7 news weather app. it is free. just go to slash apps to learn more. he is armed and police say extremely dangerous. they are asking for help tonight to capture a man wanted for killing a woman in san francisco. he is identified as michael green. he is 5 foot 11 inches tall and about 230 pounds. green is accused in the murder of loquisha warren. a second woman was shot and police say the shooting happened on sunday morning near a nightclub after a minor fender bender involving green and the victims. neither north korean and
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u.s. officials are speaking about a palo alto man detained in north korea. he was on his way home to the bay area when he was removed from the plane and detained. alan wang has the latest. >> few residents at this palo alto community are talking about their neighbor. it pulled the veteran off his home bound plane. his son said he spoke to him and it asked about his military service during the korean war. >> they talked about the role in the service and the meeting concluded. i understand my dad was a bit bothered, but really didn't go into detail with hisful traying companion. guys -- >> he wouldn't go on camera. he was traveling with newman and said in a statement this
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has to be a terrible misunderstanding. a north korean expert at the asia paw shisk research sen -- pacific research center says it is no misunderstanding. >> they are good at using tension and crisis as a tool. will it attract on going attention? absolutely. for the american government which is after all has the obligation to protect american citizens, i think it will be a serious issue. >> newman is the second american detained under kim jong-un. the missionary was grabbed last year, but he has received less publicity. in palo alto, alan wang, abc7 news. a big change for vallejo high school. it taps into controversy the washington redskins are facing. they will no longer call themselves the apaches. they put an end to the name and mascot. it has been a source of tension between those who honor the apache and those who
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feel it is offensive to native americans. the central subway project is about to pass an important milestone as the tunnel boring machine passes under union square. our transportation reporter is live tonight. heather dism -- heather? >> carolyn, starting tonight the subway work will be going to 24/7. some of the work you can see like this grouting station here, but some of it is so far down that you can't see it, hear it or feel it. here on the surface of fourth street south of market you wo the tunnel boring machine is building a tunnel 85 feet below. this is from the ffmta. as the machine makes steady progress it will pass beneath union square. >> we are excited. we are about to enter what we call the bart under crossing. >> the machine is now moving north and crossing under
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market and existing transit tunnels. >> there are four existing tubes. we have bart and then the two tubes on muni. it is a perpendicular crossing of the four tubes. >> the tunneling began at fourth and harrison after passing under union square and it will eventually end at powell and columbus where the tunneling machines hillary surface at the old pagoda theater site in june. stockton street has been closed to vehicular traffic since january to accommodate a variety of subway-related work. it will re-open on friday to the holiday shopping season, closing again on january 2nd. that's a true holiday gift for this fed ex delivery man. >> it is extremely heavy this time of year. it would be a blessing to reopen. >> don't hold your breath for the subway reopening. that's not until january 2019. abc7 news. the board of directors is set to vote on the contract of
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the two largest unions tomorrow. yes, we are here again. the vote comes two weeks after the discovery of a medical leave provision that bart insists wase roan yously included. the unions are calling on bart to honor the contract they signed. >> you probably noticed stores are starting to advertise their door buster deals. with so many sales it is challenging for a shopper to get to all of them. >> michael finney is here with how you can stretch your budget and your time. >> door busters are designed to get you and me and all of us into the store. i'll look at which sales you will want to hit and the ones you can skip. >> plus, it is supposed to save lives in an emergency, but it ended up causing an emergency. the bizarre midair malfunction on a jetblue flight. >> and he survived two jetblue flights
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a bizarre end to a flight in florida ever a an emergency shoot inflated inside a plane. this is video of that jetblue plane on the tarmac in orlando. the emergency chute inflated shortly after taking off from fort meyers. none of the 78 passengers on
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board was injured. it was taken out of service for inspection. want to fly first class? make an offer. american airlines is experimenting for a bidding process for first class seats. you can submit a bid six days before the flight. the airline will decide in a few weeks if it will stick with the bidding process. >> try the low bid. black friday ads are flooding mailboxes and websites as hundreds of retailers are offering thousands of deals. >> how do you decide how to best spend your money and team? michael finney is reporting on the black friday deals. you picked out some of the hottest door busters this season. >> we do. and shoppers have one big advantage this year. black friday lasts for several days. they open on thanksgiving day and they go until saturday night and even beyond. you can be at one store for one deal and then hop to a different store for another. for the first time one store is guaranteeing it will never
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run out of those big sale items you want. this is the black friday scene. shoppers turning into all night campers, intent on getting the blockbuster deals. >> it is is one day all year they are getting turned. and we are not reacting to the last-minute mark committing. >> that's brad wilson of brad's deals who scans the market place for bargains. he says we have an advantage and tells us who has what deals. not all stores open at once. at precisely 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day they open with door busters like this, a 55 inch lg flat screen television will be offered at half price. just $499. >> that's the lowest price we have ever seen on a tv like that. >> and at 10:00 a.m. on friday best buy will offer any mac book air computer for $150 off. or you can get one of these
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microsoft surface tablets for $199. a savings of $150. >> there will be between700 to 900 people in line. >> doors will open at 5:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day and offering deals that last just four hours. this popular leap frog computer tablet for kids will be sold at half price, just $39.99 until 9:00 p.m. this despicable me dancing day will be half price at just $24.99. other toys r us deals last through the weekend like this kawasaki road shark half price. this toy gets not just one thumbs up, but two. at target we found a $299 camera selling for just $99 over the weekend. and target regulars might like this deal. a new ipad air for $479. that's a $20 savings. but it also comes with a $100
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target gift card. and for the first time macy's will be open on thanksgiving. from 8:00 p.m. through the night. deals include the $200 five-piece luggage set for just $49. this 11-piece cook wear is sold for half price at $99 and these $129 cashmire sweaters just $39. all of these offers while supplies last. even wal-mart is changing that. for customers in the store between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day are guaranteed to get the door buster deals. if the store runs out of the item they get a voucher. wal-mart promises to deliver the product before christmas day. >> it is funky they are doing it within this one hour. the fact they are offsetting that with guaranteed availability is big time in our favor. >> here are the guaranteed deals. an ipad minute -- mini for $299 and comes with a wal-mart
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gift card. if you shop there it is a big savings. these are the few of the thousands deals. it is easy to scan the offers yourself to find the right gift at the right price. i posted the links you need to see the deals for yourself. just go to under 7 on your side. tomorrow night i de bunk the myth about black friday to make sure you get the most for your money. >> it is a great series. >> a lot of fun, michael. a dream come true after a series of tragedies for a high school basketball player. austin hatch lost his mother, brother and sister in a plane crash in 2003 and then believe it or not in 2011 his father and step mother were killed in another crash. he was seriously injured. austin who was recruited by the university of michigan before the crash dreamed of getting back on the court. >> it is nothing short of a miracle. i told people i would play basketball and being in a
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wheelchair and talking about playing basketball seems -- the chances seem remote. i said i am going to get there. >> michigan is honoring its scholarship offer. austin has signed his letter of intent. good for him. >> wow. let's get a check of the forecast right now. it really came down. sandhya patel is looking forward to see what we have in store. >> dan and carolyn, it was pouring at times and it was area wide so nobody missed the drenching. just when you thought it was over it is redeveloping. they are tracking some showers and our radar on mount saint helena is picking up some moisture. some of this is moderate to heavy. it is northeast of yaunt vie lle and we are watching pockets of heavier showers around fairfield, gateway, boulevard north texas street and heading up to the 80 area. just be aware of the fact we have showers around. winter weather advisory canceled for the sierra nevada
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and we will have a couple more inches in south lake tahoe. things are winding down and we are requiring chain controls except highway 80. wanted to give you a little perspective on whether -- well yesterday and today's rainfall made a difference. the green indicates where we were just two days ago on monday. santa rosa was on 10% of normal. just in the last couple days with all of the rainfall we received we are 30% of average. we tripled. san francisco 51% of normal and went from 14% and oakland went from 21 to 57. we are doing better in the rainfall department. san jose doubling from 31% of average to 63% of average. but we still have a long way to go. we are still dealing with very dry conditions the last couple years. from our emeryville camera it is a moist flow that is keeping this picture on the cloudy side. 51 in san francisco and 53 in oakland. san jose, 52 in half moon bay.
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gray skies from the exploratorium camera. look out for fog forming. santa rosa 51 and it is currently cooling off. 54 in livermore. here is a beautiful view from our lake tahoe camera. that's where the snow is falling and it is quiet. a few showers with patchy fog. clearing trend tomorrow afternoon and it is going to be locally windy as we head into friday. here is a look at the storm. we saw all of the moisture go through and now we are watching this area of low pressure continuing to slide south and east of the more showers are possible as we head into the morning commute. take a look for yourself. you will see blips of moisture. and then the showers end and the dry weather returns tomorrow afternoon. we are not done with the storms yet. we will be watching for the wind picking up. the delta is going under a wind advisory tomorrow morning at 10:00. running until saturday and watch out for downed trees and power lines. gusts 50 miles an hour expected. and then tomorrow morning you will want to grab not only
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your umbrella, but perhaps a coat or jacket to keep you warm. upper 40s to low 50s. you will need the shade in the afternoon. sunshine breaking through and low to mid60s. a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. dry, mild, sunny through the weekend. but next wednesday we have another storm coming in. a big travel day before thanksgiving. right now it is looking wet. >> really? thanks very much. warriors playing without steph curry. >> larry beil is here. >> no. trying to beat memphis without steph.
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you see the value of steph curry when you look at the warriors game with the grizzlies. golden state is desperate for a ball handler down the stretch and it cost him. after a concussion a couple nights ago he played the point
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for 48 minutes to the rack strong. warriors were up 10 at the half. *9 grizzlies came back. a great spin move. he had 18 points. the fourth quarter and 14 assists and this one to barnes and with authority. tied at 75 and three seconds left and the win. he wanted the foul, but it was great defense right there. go to over time and the grizz pull away. it is his only three of the game as the warriors lose their first home game of the season 88-81. they have dropped 11 in a row to memphis. from the nfl the raiders will start rocky matt mcgloin against tennessee. he started his first nfl game and threw three touchdown passes. this is a pretty easy call to make. >> it is a business at the end
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of the day. we played well last week. i think coach is doing the right thing and sticking with what we had and see what happens. >> 49ers line backer amad brooks was fined by the nfl for that hit on drew brees on sunday that was deemed unnecessary roughness. the league cracked down on any contact close to the head or neck. it is m l impossible to play defense in the nfl now. they whistle anything. the niners believe it was a clean hit and the nfl says no and pay up. stanford and cal needing the big game on saturday. today they squared off in a luncheon i had the privilege of hosting. >> 13 starters lost to injury. i overheard coach talking with his defensive coordinator trying to decide whether to -- who to start.
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i heard he sold his glasses to a usc fan on saturday. the trojan guy thought this was google glass. >> abc7 sports brought to you by riverwalk casino. it really played much better to a live audience. they were howling, man. they were loving it. >> we know you were a hit. >> thanks, buddy.
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here is your wake up weather. a few showers and patchy fog. 40s and 50s. make sure you have your umbrellas handy. mike nico tracks 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. up next on jimmy kimmle. >> that's our report. thank you for watching. >> abc news continues on-line, on twitter and all of your mobile devices. >> have a good night. have i more jokes.


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