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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 21, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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. >> breaking news is fierce wind all around the bay area tonight. petaluma car crashed into a tree that had fallen on to highway 101 blown down by the wind. one person hospitalized. >> unless petaluma huge pine tree came down on to pickup
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truck. nobody hurt in the case. fire department is now clearing away the debris. good evening. bart delay because of the wind that bad outside. plus power outages. many in the oakland area. this is a tree that is blocking piedmont avenue in oakland. person tweeted that several blocks are without power. we see a lot of down tree and down power lines because of this. there are also wind advisory posted on the car kin east bridge, san mateo bridge and alt mont pass far no advisory on the bay bridge or the golden gate but that can be subject to change. let's check in now with spencer live doppler 7 hd it's really gusty out there. >> winds intensified rather rapidly over the last couple hours. we have been mentioning that we can expect possibility of downed trees and power outage but we experience already and winds haven't even peaked yet. here's mostly clear skies but strong gusty winds and of course the wind
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advisory covers annex pans i have area beyond the bay area but within the bay area it's all the bay area mountains and hills. the straits and delta. peninsula coast. also areas north of us up into lake county and mendocino county into the sacramento valley and sierra foot hills. this is in effect until 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. winds in higher elevation especially gust as hi as 70 miles per hour. be on the look out for down tree and expect local power outages right now winds gusting 48 miles per hour at petaluma. 40 miles per hour over at fairfield. we have 35 miles per hour gust at sfo. across the bay oakland 40 miles per hour gust all around the bay area right now. wind strong and expected to get stronger in many locations overnight. a little bit more in a few minutes later. >> okay spencer thanks very much. >> come become shortly. remin reminder the 7 news weather app has latest wind warnings and weather alert. down load it it's free of charge at this site. put that on your personal did he vase now. it
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can really come in handy on a nature like this. >> section 4.8. that's the sticking point that could leaf you stranded in another bart strike. major decision by the bart board tonight on the botched contract. here's sergio. >>reporter: in an 8-1 vote the bart board ratified the contract with an unusual cavea caveat. >> siu or atu rat fay such agreement minus section 4.8 she may execute them on behalf of the district. >>reporter: this motion directs bart general manager grace to get the union to delete section 4.8 paid family leave. one board member reiterated today that it was mistakenly included. >> district does have sm l.a. family have enjoyed it because it's part of the federal law so it does exist. the difference is that we have never paid 6 weeks for it. >>reporter: member james called this a mess. >> yes there was a mistake but at the end of the day somebody
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has to step up and say i'm responsible. i have not seen that so far. >>reporter: the board also wants to launch an inquirey to figure out how former chief negotiator thomas hawk and senior bart manager signed off on the provision. board member zacchary cast the only opposition vote saying the whole contract is too costly. bart union say this vote is unprecedented. >> as they were voting as they were speaking we were texting our attorney saying this is an unfair labor practice. it is not legal. it should have been a vote on the package in its entirety. that's what our members voted on. they didn't have the luxury to pick and choose. >> as the union consult with their attorneys the board approved an additional 70,000 dollars to pay another negotiator to work with union to rae move section 4.8. for now both sides are avoiding even mentioning the word strike. in oakland, abc 7 new news. >> both side are clearly frustrated by the contract troubles but what about the
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rideers who fend on bart. they are the ones caught in the middle. you are. transportation reporter heather touched base with them in the latest installment of dear bart. >> if they weren't before, bart riders are now equally frustrated with management and the unions. >> dear bart it is crazy to be in this position. doesn't make either of you look very good. >>reporter: many bart riders don't care any more who gets what in the contract. just that it's done. they can't take any more uncertainty. >> bart management and the union need to get their stuff together because the public has already been through this with what 2 bart strikes now and i don't think that it's fair for to us good through that again. >>reporter: some do have an opinion about what is finally agreed to. >> dear bart. please let the the employees have their family leave. they need it. >> i think you should just man up and approve what you already agreed to. >>reporter: and all are incredulous that important public agency could bunk el the
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contract details after such a hard fought negotiations. >> what i really want to say is probably inappropriate. hard for me to believe they actually missed it. i think they probably did read the papers and maybe it's not entirely the truth. >>reporter: bart has made donna happy. >> i am not a bart rider and i am happy i am not because when i see the dissatisfaction that so many of my friends and co-workers feel about it after all these strikes, i think it's terrible. >>reporter: donna might end up consoling her friends again before this is all said and done but that the point the union are not threatening to strike. in san francisco, heather, abc 7 news. >> and we would love to hear what you have to say on this topic. send video to facebook page or poyingt on twitter at this web site. >> mean time bart board also taking action on replace its aging fleet of trains. board approved a contract to buy another 365 new cars. 4 10 are
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already on order. first cars expected to arrive in less than two years. the original cars that you are riding in now were put into service in 1972 almost 40 years ago if you can believe it. >> san jose state students are furious tonight over allegations of hate crimes committed by 3 white students against their black roommate. those students now charged and sues pen from school. l lee ann is at san jose state. >> i know a lot of people wondering how could such a think happen in 2013. >>reporter: it's a question asked by everyone on the san jose state campus today. allegations of hate crime against an african american freshman was followed by a march around campus. >> no justice. no peace. fichlt there are people out there who still have that mentality and think that minorities are less than them just because of color of the skin. >>reporter: according to the
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investigation the black student lived in 8 person suite in high-rise campus village building. d a office says she was constantly taunted by 3 roommates. at one point they placed a bike lock around his neck. >> they barricaded name his room with furniture. they stole his shoes. they created a living environment that was full of hate. >>reporter: it was a black student parents who in late october reported this behavior to the housing authorities. they then notified campus police. the 3 students have been suspended for the time being pending the outcome of this investigation. >> it's stunning to me that it would be able to continue for a period of time without somebody saying this just isn't right. just doesn't make sense. >> i feel like with the student the student need to be gone. medley. >>reporter: 3 white students have not been arrested. university police are expecting
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them to surrender. meanwhile the african american student is still living on campus. in san jose, lee ann, abc 7 news. >> stay in san jose another moment where jury decided samsung should pay 2 90 million dollars to apple for copying feature of the i-phone and i-pad. the verdict covers 13 older samsung devices. previous jury had awared apple more than 1 billion dollars but young concluded they mystical cue late sod she threw out part of the damages ordered new trial. samsung is expected to appeal this latest verdict. >> wall street apple stock closed the day up more than 6 dollars to end at 5 21 dollars plus a share. >> federal local authorities say thief broken up illegal gambling ring run partially out of 2 san jose coffee shops. fbi and dea agents and san jose police officers served warrants today at a number of locations including 6 in san jose and one
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each in milpitas and castro valley. several people were arrested now face federal charges. authorities are expected to release more details some time by tomorrow. >> well, we have a lot more to get to on 7 news at 9 tonight. the extraordinary sight off the coast of japan altering the planet. that story. >> also neighborhood that is fed up with the tour buses that are rolling through non-stop and the city remember trying to encourage tourism. >> and imagine a car that can spread its wings and fly. how long will it be until you can land one of these babies in your driveway? 7 news at 9:00 continues in 7 news at 9:00 continues in just a moment
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>> we watch the impact of the fierce wind tonight as you look at the flag on the embarcadero whipping in the breeze. gust exceeding 50 miles an hour over the ridges. number of down trees and branches around the bay area. 50,000 people are now without power in the bay area. 50,000 because of downed trees and branches. chp tweeted it's clearing down tree and roadway hazard and they are asking people to slow down. we have more in a couple minutes. spencer is watching all this very closely and as he points
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out as bad as it is already, the winds have not even peaked yet. we should expect more of this kind of trouble as the evening progresses. update things with spencer shortly. >> we wait to learn identity of person whose body found inside a car that was submerged in the water off the richmond marina this morning. we were overhead after divers went into the water harbor rescuers pull cart from the water and found a person body inside that vehicl vehicle. they believe the car is registered to person who ow owns a boat at the harbor. investigators don't believe there was foul play but of course more investigating to come. >> infamous charles manson may soon be a married man. manson seen here with star name given to her by manson, 25-year-old mississippi has been visiting her at the prison since she was 19. she moved to there to be closer to him. she says she and charlie ring r going to get married. she already considers
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manson her husband. >> if california health care exchange vote dad to deny an extension to policy holders who will see their plan cancelled bit end of the year. 5 member board overseeing cover california decided unanimously to keep a current requirement that insurer cancel most individual policies because they don't meet all the requirements of the affordable care act. this decision guess against what president obama has been pleading for asking state and insurer to allow policy holders to keep those existing plans. >> we are going to be weighing very heavily with what is going to be best for the consumer. what kind of options that they are going to have but even more importantly are the consumers going to have access to true insurance that is going to benefit them? >> more than 1 million californians have received cancellation notices from ensurers. has this happened to you. many face finding replacement policies that may
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cost them substantially more than they pay now. >> well, sausalito is a town tourist love to visit of course but resident there have a love hate relationship with tour buses. if cornell has the story. >>reporter: tourist love sausalito. tour bus love bringing them here. almost nonstop. up to 48 tour buses a day can roll through the town steep narrow streets right past lisa's house. >> i am a little annoyed how many tourist go by. a lot are empty at this point so why do we need all that traffic. why do we need all that excess pollution. >> 5 or 10 minutes bus goes by. blast a lot of soot. very noisy. can't hear. >>reporter: she works on second street and find it hard to concentrate. >> need ear plug. >> actually i have 2. i have orange and i have green ones. >>reporter: beside the noise and traffic the city worries collision between tour bus and
9:17 pm
cyclist is bond to happen. >> we want tourists to go home with happy memory of sausalito not injuries. >>reporter: she wants restriction on where and when tour buses can operate this week san francisco banned tour bus insal month square after complaints from neighbors but this bus driver that's could be a mistake for sausalito. >> i'm telling you during the summertime we bring thousands of people here which supports the economy in this poor little town which it is marin county but yes, to ban the buses, i don't see how that would float. >>reporter: downtown mir chapter say this town was built on tourist dlaivrments people come here once then come back later without the tour bus pwawsz they like it. >>reporter: for now the buses keep rolling in. city council may consider restrictions next year. in sausalito, abc 7 new news. >> let me show you an amazing phenomenon off the coast of
9:18 pm
gentleman than pachlt under sea eruption created new island 6 20 miles south of tokyo. it measures 6 60 feet in diameter. jp that's officials will wait and see whether sea swallows it up before able to name the new island or will be able to vacation there. this is the first known volcanic activity in that area. part of the pacific ring of fire in 40 years. that is wild. see a little island form in the process. pretty neat. >> yes. >> well we can survive the wind tonight we'll be fovrnlt it's gusty. >> it is. gustier that we pointed out. wind haven't even peaked yet. here's live doppler 7hd and we have clear skies where we have strong gusty winds so let's go right to the live view of flag slapping in the breeze on the embarcadero we look from the roof top camera at abc 7 current temperature read rtion in the mid upper 50's in most location but cooler at los
9:19 pm
gatos 48 degrees and another live view from emeryville camera east bay west ward across the bay. temperature readings in the mid upper 50's at santa rosa, nap a-novato, fairfield, 53 at fairfield, lower 50's and concord livermore in the mid upper 50' 50's. one more live view. moon over the bay. looking from our sutro tower cam are under clear skies and windy conditions no surprise first forecast feature is gusty winds overnight sunny mild next few day and rain likely for thanksgiving. that's how it's looking now. start our forecast animation actually this is how the system align themselves today with center of low pressure to our south. center of high pressure to the north and sharp pressure difference between the 2 systems and perfect alignment for gusty winds. let's go with the wind gust forecast for overnight. strongest gust at that point will be right along the coast and inland jaws bit. napa 43 santa rosa 48. but
9:20 pm
notice during overnight hours the winds will pick up in the inland areas and start to weaken a little bit on the coast so 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning rush hour strong gust up at nap a.santa rosa fairfield and fairly strong gust on the coast as well but not so strong as early nighttime hours. later in the day we see winds tapering off gradually and finally by afternoon tomorrow 4:00 o'clock or so we see gust anywhere from 25 to 35 miles per hour in most locations still strong out in the delta area and out at fairfield about 41 miles per hour gust. so it's a breezy to windy day tomorrow even after the wind advisory expires. overnight tonight clear skies. windy. low pressure mainly low mid 40's and tomorrow sunny skies high to the south bay and mid upper 60's. 67 san jose and peninsula. also mid upper 60's up to 66 at palo alto. low mid 60's on the coast. downtown san francisco 65 degrees tomorrow up in north ridge
9:21 pm
santa rosa and napa and high of 67 if oakland. 66 down at fremont. inland east bay mid 60's to upper 60's to 68 at walt walnut creek and fairfiel fairfield. here's the 7 day forecast. sunny mild days ahead. tuesday we have few extra clouds gather into tuesday wednesday. rain arrives on wednesday. chance of showers also on thursday with thanksgiving day but once again that is a bit far into the forecast. we'll keep updating you how thanksgiving look closer to the the beginning of next week. >> we won't be able to stay absolutely updated all the tim time. also on line all the mobile device. follow live doppler 7hd on twitter latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine. plus video forecast air alert power outage information and weather tweet with spencer leading the charge
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of course terrific information on that app. down load it absolutely free. >> when we come back. art display that well it's causing a commotion. really. it's open mar
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so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. >> look at this. meteor overnight in ukraine. there it goes. happened there again. couple different drivers saw it light up the sky. bright as day for a brief time. imagine how frightening that must have been as you drive along suddenly. >> well now to an art display that is, well, ahead of its time. 6 decorated toilet line the section of market street in
9:26 pm
san francisco today. they were put there by an organization called lava may as part of the give a blank campaign. the plan is to raise awareness about the lack of toilets around the world. it is really a problem as you can immanuel. local artist design the toilets which were auction off to raise funds for lava may that provid provides mobile showers and toilets for the homeless. very good cause. interestingly make a statement too. >> we stay on top of the wind for you tonight. live update from 7 news weather anchor spencer christian on this gusty evening we have got out there. it will continue. >> see the cargo plane that landed at the wrong airport. and why there was some concern about whether it would ever be able to leave. >> and if you were thinking that washington partisan politic couldn't get worse. it just did. democrat moved to trigger outrage among republicans >> hollywood superstar known for invincible character has message for everyone about acting on
9:27 pm
medical problem staring you medical problem staring you right there in the face
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>> all right good evening once again. go become to bricking news we follow so closely. fierce winds ripping through the bay area tonight. blowing down trees. knocking out powe power. petaluma a car crashed into a tree that had fallen on the highway 101. one person hospitalized. also there in petaluma a huge pine tree came down on to a pickup truck. glad to say no one was hurt in that case. fire department is clearing away the debris but around the bay area tonight something on the order of 50,000 people are without power because mostly of downed trees and limb. let's check in with spencer and live doppler 7 hd. >> we see clear skies on live
9:31 pm
doppler 7hd but winds lick this you expect the sky clear. wind advisory which covers much of the bay area and right now high wind warning in effect for much of lake county and for the if sierra foot hills. as a matter of fact speaking of the sierra ward mountain mass has measured wind gust of 120 miles per hour tonight. we look at wind advisory here for the bay area hills and mountains and for the peninsula coast and straits and delta. 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning winds gusting in the higher elevation up to about 70 miles per hour. rate now we look at winds gusting to 52 miles per hour in petaluma. 35 miles per hour at sfo. 40 miles per hour gust at oakland and inland at fairfield. 30 miles per hour gust at livermore. 33. so it's windy all around the bay area and this will continue in the overnight hours into tomorrow morning update in a few minute
9:32 pm
minutes. >> thanks very much spencer. see you shortly. >> reminder. 7 news weather app latest wind warnings and weather alert for you down load it. free of charge. at abc 7 slash app extremely easy to use. get leif doppler 7 hd radar on there. keep you updated with that app. so down load it. >> surprising mix up in kansas involving a giant cargo mraechbility it landed at the wrong airport with tiny runway. plane should have landed at near airport 9 miles away now an investigation is under way into how the pilot could get so confused. david has the story. >> this afternoon this giant boeing cargo jet which carries plane parts took off from a very small kansas airport. but how it got there is the story. in the darkness of the middle of the night the pilot of the so-called dream lifter put it down at the wrong airport.
9:33 pm
>> we just landed at the other airport. >> how could it happen? huge modified 747 was headed to mcconnell airport. but the smaller jab airport is on the same heading but 9 miles north. and that is where they landed. >> it is huell an error. looking out the window saying i see a run wait a minute it wasn't the one they intended to land at. >>reporter: 747 has plenty of systems that could have warned the pilot of their error. it comes on a day when the faa warns about cockpit computer systems. some call it automation addiction. auto pilot. warning systems. they have all created the safest sky ever but the faa warns all the technology can lead to err or. >> so the machines have outpaced human being and now the human being are making mistake because they are not able to stay up with the technology. >>reporter: so the faa wants more training. manual flying and on simulator for pilot and is asking plane makers to
9:34 pm
simplify the cockpit. reduce the number of button. so that man and machine produce even safer skies. david curly abc news washington. >> well also in washington today. u.s. senate altered 176-year-old tradition by rewriting its fillibuster rule. until now 60 votes have been required to end fillibuster when somebody tries to talk a bill to death. but under today rule change simple majority will be enough toen the debate on executive upon thement and judicial nominee. >> it's truly a troubling tren trend. that republicans are willing to block executive branch nomination even when they have no objection to the qualification of the nominee. >> how many times have web threatened by kleing. let me say we are not interested in having a gun put to our head any longer. >>reporter: the president supports this change after all he's had more executive nominee fillibuster than any other president. >> well huge preparation under
9:35 pm
way for tomorrow big ceremony in dallas marking the 50th anniversary of the assassination of president john f. kennedy. christine is there. >>reporter: just below the sixth floor museum former school depository overlooking a spot jfk was shot, preparation under way to remember the anniversary of the thrift president death. >> i'm a huge fan of jfk and we just happened to be in the state at this time and our friend that live in san antonio brought us here for the day and signing the atmosphere. >>reporter: this plaza is always a popular tourist spot but those visiting today rea realize the importance of the timing. >> we are here to experience the people here. anniversary and to see the sites of dallas and where everything happened. >>reporter: it's felt differently depending on the generation from those not born to those who remember exactly where they were november 22,
9:36 pm
1963. >> i was in the army when this happened. basic training in california and we thought it was a prelude to world war iii. >>reporter: in addition to the event here there are many more events going on throughout the city of dallas including a day of service to commemorate jfk creation of the peace corps. in dallas, abc 7 news. >> north bay man who is one of the foremost jfk researchers says he's certain that lee harvey oswald did not fire the fatal shot so who does he believe did? i team reporter the dan noyes has special report tonight at 11:00 o'clock over on abc 7. >> new chairman of the federal communication commission said today that the rules against making cell phone calls on airplanes simply outdated. his comments medley drew howl of protest from flight attend ants and airline officials. fcc chairman tomorrow wheeler says the commission will consider proposal allowing greater
9:37 pm
in-flight access to mobile broadband next month. flight attendant are worried that planeful of chattering passengers would lead togument faa recently lifted restriction on using most personal electronic did he advises during take off and landings but not for cell phone calls. >> tsa opened new line for its pre-check security express program inside the airport terminal b today. successful applicant pay 85 dollars for 5 year membership. they must first provide fingerprint other personal information and still there is no begin tee that they will be accepted into the program. pre-check let members keep the shoe and jacket on during screening. also have liquid and gel in their carry on bags. >> now to health care -- health scare for one of hollywood leading men. hugh jackman today he revealed he saw something troubling on his skin but delayed going to the doctor a lot of people do, men do only
9:38 pm
after his wife nagged him did he get it checked out. tonight he has a message for all of us about taking action and saving our own lives. here's dr. dr. richard vesser. >> wolverine. if he has the single most common form of cancer. grave-year-old hugh jackman sent out a selfy doctors found a cars moment on his nose and removed it. please don't be fool he shall like me he put on instagram. get yourself checked. look at photo of jack just last week. the little mark on the nose that's cancer. he admitted today he only checked with the doctor because his wife insisted. get the mark on the nose checked boy was she right. this tie of carcinoma take years to develop. caused by sun damp. it won't kill you it's disfiguring destroying tissue and bone. sun screen best defense summer and winter
9:39 pm
listen to him get yourself checked and use sun screen. dr. richard vesser abc news new york. >> good advice for the all of us. >> coming up. follow-up with local man who needed surge troy save his eye sight. you made it happen. how he is doing after having the surgery today. after having the surgery today.
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>> we have a fan takes ick foul on the power of social media. san jose man who needed surgery to save his eyesight. cheryl jennings used social media to make it happen. here's what happened. >> it has been a stressful emotional day but so rewarding for william fleming who underwent surgery to save his sight thanks to someone who donated 18,000 dollars because
9:43 pm
of social media qut. >> can you see me now. yes. >>reporter: he wanted surgeon to perform the surgery for an eye disease because dr. brian invent add machine and procedure just for this disease. he has a 10 year track record of success. his fiance watched nervously nearby during the procedures. she did all the research and found dr. dr. brian. and william is so glad she did. >> i feel great. i can see everything. i looked around i seen the doctor give my surger surgery. didn't see him befor before. >> they live in san jose with 5 children. he was worried about not being able to watch his kids grow up and provide for them. he's a care give for his fiance disable brother who has c p. they tried fundraising but not much success. then his fiance mother message me on facebook asking for help. so i sent out a tweet and didn't expect anything. and that's
9:44 pm
when a miracle happened. >> i came to know william because of cheryl at abc in san francisco and she had put out an alert. and anonymous donor contacted us. very moved by his story and wanted to step in but wanted to be anonymous because they are high profile. >> everything is brand new. i can see you. i can see her. i can see the paintings on the wall. everything. lovely. i'm really excited really happy. >> now william is going to be able to life his life the way it was meant to be lived. >> i screws thank him from the bottom of my heart. >> this is 7 news. >> way to go william and his medical team. terrific outcom outcome. great story. >> well the wind still howling out there. we'll be back in just a moment with 7 news weather anchor spencer weather anchor spencer christian with the latest onaa@@
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>> update on breaking weather news. gusty winds blowing down tree and knocking out power. pg&e says as many as 50,000 people are without power tonight now we get word of grass fire martinez. contra costa county fire department says it's about 2 to 3 acres but the windy conditions make it very difficult to fight and as you can imagine could spread the flames very quickly. let's check in once again with spencer watching it all for us closely. >> okay. here's live doppler 7hd clear skies and obviously very gusty winds all around the bay area. wind advisory is in effect for much of the bay area including the north bay mountains. straits and delta east bay hills diablo range and peninsula coast and high wind warning in effect for portions of lake county and for areas over in the sierra fat hills. this the advisory and these
9:49 pm
warnings in effect until 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. winds in our area and higher elevation gust as hi as 70 miles per hour tonight already gust of 120 miles an hour measured over at ward mountain and alpine immediate owes. down tree local power outage likely a problem throughout the night and into tomorrow. right now looking at gust of 41 miles per hour at petaluma. 40 miles per hour gust rate now at fairfield. oakland and gust above 30 miles per hour in many other location so very windy overnight period. how about in this picture sent to us by viewer today. of cloud spotted near moraga this afternoon. very unusual interesting cloud formation there. tomorrow we expect sunny skies and continued breezy conditions gusty in the high elevation. upper 70's near 70 and here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. we have about 5 more mild sunny mild days coming our way through tuesday of next week but then on wednesday we expect rain to arrive and on thursday
9:50 pm
thanksgiving day showers likely as well. so wet weather coming our way just in time for thanksgiving. >> turkey football game. >> not quite the timing we hoping for. >> follow live doppler 7hd for latest bay area weather conditions rain or sheen and video forecast spare the air alert power outage information and weather tweet from your favorite weather team. check that out now. go ahead and down load it because it comes in handy. larry is here with all the sports. >> is what wrong with kaepernick that's the question being asked more and more these days. him? receivers? or what? or what? jim harbaugh weigh
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>> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. we will oching continue to follow our breaking news. the wind storm that is ripping through the bay area so much damage so many
9:54 pm
power outages tonight. plus tomorrow mark 50 years sense the kennedy assassination. i team dan noyes sits down with famous bay area investigators who claims that he has answered the question. was there a second gunman? and bat kids new mission. how he continues to inspire people and make other people wishes possible. all that and a lot more coming up 7 news at 11 on channel 7 but larry is hear. all kind of stuff to talk about including hockey. >> yes. shark back at 5 game road trip. hosting sam tampa bay lightning shark enjoying the comfort of their own dressing room for awhile. wasting no time. 3 and half minutes. sharks later in the first hyped the neck. deflec deflected to stourt and he blasts it home 2 nothing sharks the rate in up third period and sharks are crust to go victory up 5-1. college hoop nerd
9:55 pm
nation. stanford with 5 players in double figure. josh is one of them. inside for the jam. broke a 13 all tie stanford pull waa way in the second half. brown this is what he will do for you and to you down on your head. there now 4 and 1. 3 wins from million stone only 4 coaches have ever reached in women basketball. meek has more on the quest and what motel vits her now. >> done it all in her years as head coach. now she's 3 win away from 900 career victory. >> i don't count numbers that way. i'm all about this team, this game, this practice and they kind of piled up. >>reporter: stanford plays texas on saturday and heads to mexico for 3 game tournament.
9:56 pm
her 900 victory could come on the road and that's just fine with tara never liked being the center of attention. >> i want to kind of be over so not a focus but it is something -- i know it's something you know it's a big number. and i'm just like how did this happen? i'm not that old. >> she's in the hall of fame and won 2 national title at stanford and gold medal in the 96 olympic as head coach of the u.s. women team. >> what motivates me is seeing the young women on our team improve enjoy playing have a great experience at stanford, again i'm not the bean counter in any way. >> several of the former players gone in coaching and she enjoys being a mentor. both her parents were teachers which influenced her style of coaching. >> what is really important to them is that i'm positive coach and encouraging and someone that i would want to my for.
9:57 pm
>> at stanford, 7 sports. >> plus football. kaepernick and griffin the third were perceived as new breed of young quarterback who would revolutionize the in. fl heading into the game this weekend they looked lick one year wonder at league at this point this season. coming off the injury but defense figured out the read option kaepernick struggled to kiss interestly throw the ball. can't blame everything on the quarterback. no deep threat. primary receiver banged up and yet first year as starting quarterback. >> most important is what we see it has been consistently good. he has been lucky that every week he has been bank or starter. >> trying to my your best. i was trying to be a perfectionist last year same way. >> raiders host tennessee on
9:58 pm
sunday as season marches on klabing most likely ticking down on his time in silver and black bothered by hamstring injury. it's grit. 80 yard burst last week. jennings back up mcfadden but replacing for listening hall. raiders with don't climb back up to the 500 mark. >> this big gym for football team. we need to be able to come output back-to-back week together. tho thought we had a good week of practice last week. played well. need to be able to do the same this week in front of home crowd. >> thursday night football. jackson fired up. former ram up and over. atlanta up 7 nothing. mickings of trp game for the saints. short week with seattle coming up next but drew breeze the neck is fine despite the head. hits jimmy and brings down the goal post. okay. had to get the level
9:59 pm
out. to reset the goal post. saints hold on to we know 17-1 17-13. giants firmly believe the path is paved by great pitching. they resigned lefty reliever 3 years 13 million dollars. 36-year-old lefty and 69 appearance this year would love to see them sipe another hitter but i'm not sure the money 30's for that. >> that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00 on coffee tv 20 for all of us thanks for watching. still very wiped update that for you coming up update that for you coming up in an hour on channel 7.
10:00 pm
pelton [over pa]it's vale, when the greendale human being is the cupid being, delivering your gift to that special someone. but remember, cupid's face is magic marker on nylon, so love is not only blind but also dizzy and a little belligerent. i'm chaperoning tomorrow's dance.


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