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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  November 26, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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they survived the deadly asiana plane crash at sfo, but their injuries took months to heal. >> and a couple month made it out alive shares their story only with abc7 news. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. 143 days after the deadly crash, the couple has finally returned to china. >> abc7 news morning anchor kristen sze has their remarkable story of survival. >> this 36-year-old needs a wheelchair to get around. the i'm mobility is adventurous for the shanghai native. the beautiful accountant and
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her husband have no kids. their love is traveling. in july they embarked on a dream vacation. this month they met me in burlingame to tell for the first time their nightmare as asiana flight 214 crashed. they have been translated. >> where were you sitting? front? middle? back? >> the 28th row. >> we suddenly crashed and i thought today i will probably die here. we impacted hard. everything shook and things fell down and all of the lights went out. >> reliving the moment is too painful for jong. her attorney describes what happens. >> she remembers sliding out from under the seat and her foot got wedged and the seats collapsed. >> young had no idea what
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happened to his wife. she was in a different row and he had lost his glasses. but he saw an over head compartment had fallen on to the young lady. >> i took the panel off her and shouted go, go, go. the exit i went out did not have an emergency chute. i looked down and saw we were high up. but when you are trying to escape with your life, you don't think about that. >> reporter: young jumped out of the exit door and he later took a picture. though flames were going toward the middle of the plane as you could see in this video young stayed right there helping others down until finally his wife emerged unable to walk. he carried her to safety. this is a picture he took after she was triaged for a gash in her head. in the videos shot from the tarmac you can see rescuers giving her aid. the chopper flew her to the hospital and many others who were injured. >> at first i thought i
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twisted my ankle. >> one painful week later after transferring to stanford it revealed that her ankle was fractured and surgeons i'm planted -- implanted screws. then the pain in her head was excruciating. it showed brain swelling. they removed part of her skull to relief the pressure. >> i couldn't bear to see her like that. >> for two and a half months she had to wear a helmet until doctors deemed it safe to put her skull back. they hope there is no permanent brain damage, though her head will always have a massive scar. today more than four months after what happened on this runway, jong is getting hours of physical therapy and psychological counseling. she knows her road to recovery is a long one. jong and self-others have hired the u.s. aviation law official official -- law ticial hoping for a fair out of court settlement.
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they said in a statement, asiana has made every effort to take care of all of the passengers needs since the accident at sfo. asiana will continue to pay for the passengers' reasonable and necessary expenses and treatment. jong will continue her rehabilitation in china. she does president know when she will be able -- she doesn't know when she will be able to walk and go back to work, but she knows this -- >> i will never ride a plane again. i know have i to to get home, but after that, never again. >> reporter: the couple's world traveling days are over, they consider themselves lucky to have lived through the disaster and to have each other. after flying home on sedatives they happily reunited with family. they sent us this i can picture just this -- they sent us this picture and she is finally walking on crutches. they asked us to thank of the firefighters, paramedics doctors and social workers and aids in the bay area who helped them. they will always be grateful.
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kristen sze, abc news. >> by the way, kristen produced an all mandarin version of the story on our website, abc7news. remarkable. another mishap for bart that snarled traffic. last week it was a computer glitch and tonight it was debris on the tracks. thousands of passengers were going no where after the debris completely disrupted service in both directions. abc7 news reporter john alston is live at the embarcadero station which was a mess. >> commuters were filling down the stairs and into the station only to be told they had to wait because the platform itself was full. the problem with bart was the last thing these commuters wanted to hear again. >> shortly after 6:00 p.m., the bart station was flooded with hundreds of passengers and a lot of ruined plans for the evening. >> i need to get to the post office by 7:00. i can't get there.
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>> reporter: eastbound trains were stopped and they rolled back to san francisco on the same track. sky 7hd was above the train which caused all of the trouble. you can see a, woulder with a flashlight searching the tracks. at close to 70 miles an hour a piece of the under carriage fell off. it touched the third rail that caused arcing and a lot of sparks according to a passenger on that train. >> between the loud noise and the feeling of hitting something got everybody's attention on the train. everybody knew it had happened. >> many passengers were held at the upstairs gate. it includes two strikes and last friday's computer glitch. >> it is irritating because bart always has issues. whoa have the bart streak and that inconvenienced a bunch of people and now this.
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>> all trains were running after 7:00 tonight. in san francisco, john alston, abc7 news. >> and here is a live look at san francisco international. there are no flight delays to report, but getting to the airport was a mess earlier this evening. the chp issued a travel advisory for drivers southbound on 101. it took abc7 news reporter alan wang to get from the off-ramp to terminal 2. that traffic has now cleared out. once you get to the terminal, it is pretty easy going inside and of course the big rush is expected tomorrow. >> well, on that point, a massive storm could complicate holiday travel plans for much of the country. 20 states are in the path of the storm which is already dumping snow. with one of the busiest travel days of the year hours away now, if you are traveling to the east coast, you should expect delays at airports as well as on the roads as well. just to put how big this storm is into perspective, take a look at this picture that nasa released.
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it was taken from the swami satellite that monitors the earth's atmosphere. you can see much of the country is covered with storm clouds. it is massive. >> meteorologist sand jaw patel -- sandhya patel is tracking it for us. >> locally as you look at live doppler 7hd the weather looks great, but the fog should not be a problem out of sfo. as we look at the national picture, that's a different story. a messy scene across the eastern seaboard. it stretches from the southeast up toward the new england area and over a thousand miles and it is bringing a wintry mess. looking at our computer animation, heavy rain will continue. thunderstorms on the backside. some snow and really this continues right on through tomorrow's travel plans. that is where you will run into problems. i will be back with a look at a storm that is over the pacific and heading in our direction. i'll let you know if it will make it. thanksgiving forecast coming up.
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coming up in five minutes, he is a painter, a musician and has a higher iq than most adults, but he is just five years old. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian will introduce you to the boy who has talent you have to see to believe. >> animal control is calling it a horrific act. someone threw two cats off the embarcadero and into the bay. it happened around 4:30 on monday afternoon and that's when a man approached a homeless woman and grabbed her cat carrier and threw it into the water. it appears to be a random crime by a man wearing a dark hoodie. they found one man dead and could not locate the other. people familiar with the area say the woman is frequently seen there. >> it makes me sick to my stomach. i am from san francisco and that's not how we get down out here. it is pretty cold sometimes, but she's right. >> bystanders had to stop the woman from jumping in to try to save her cats. police are looking for
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witnesses who may pea able to identify the man. developing news, thousands of gallons of raw sewage has contaminated the bay off sausalito. a sewage pipe was clogged with debris late last night. more than 10,000 gallons spilled. people are being warned to stay away from the shoreline on the south end of the city. one neighbor told us it is a recuring problem. >> we haven't been a i believe to swim out in front of the water for years, ever since i was a kid. >> water quality officials are testing the affected areas. >>tiz the season for safe holiday shopping trips. they issued a consumer alert today and they suggest you keep your wallet in hard to reach pockets. carry only the cash you need and separate it from credit cards and id. and have your keys ready in your hand as you approach your car. police say they are increasing patrols and shopping areas
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across the city over the next few weeks. and on black friday shoppers who use the bart station are making their trips safer from 5:00 until 8:00 p.m. they will offer shoppers safety escorts to their cars within a three-block radius of the station. there will be two designated patrol cars who give rides to people who do not want to walk in the dark. bart will provide trains to service more riders. >> and tonight friends, family and students honored a popular coach to try to help strangers on the highway. john web coached the football team for more than 25 years and also taught and served as athletic director. he died on saturday after being struck by a car and trying to redirect traffic. web was 76 years old. >> a teenager set on fire after dozing off on a bus does not want the 16-year-old suspect charged as an adult.
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18-year-old sasha fleishman had second and third-degree burns. the suspect was charged with felony assault and a hate crime enhancement. sasha and his family said he should be tried in a juvenile court. thomas' attorney filed a motion to change the court today. he told us thomas is responsible, but his maturity level and peer influences should be considered. >> he is extrooply -- extremely remorseful. he is as remorseful as anybody could be. he thought there would be a puff of smoke. he was horrified to see flames shooting up the way they did. >> sas sh a has been in the hospital since it happened and so should go home tomorrow for the holidays. a family waiting more than two decades in the arrest of the murder of their father. investigators announced that new dna evidence lead to murder charges of the two
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accused of killing steven ruddeger. this is after the divorce from irvin. he was found stabbed to death. his three daughters always believed their former step mother could be responsible. >> my dad may not get to spend another thanksgiving with us, but he will be there. very thankful they were able to put the people away who deserve to be put away. >> detectives say the motive was money likely from the sale of the home. ruddegar and trace shared. >> two people are in custody after money fell from the sky. wrapped up bundles of drugs fell from a plane at 4:30 this morning in san diego of the the package had 260 pounds of marijuana and that's worth about $150,000 on the street. federal agents sarsed --
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arrested two suspects waiting on the ground for the drugs to fall. just in, bad news for fans of the hot sauce saracha. a southern california judge to -- ordered the factory to shutdown. that's after neighbors say the spicy smell was causing respiratory problems. no word on whether the maker will go after the ruling. she says her hair is her identity and her family says she has been given one week to decide whether to tone it down or leave her private school in orlando. the student handbook says the hair should not be a distraction. >> i am depressed about leaving my friends and those i have known for awhile. i would rather have that though than the principal and administrators picking on me. >> i am going fight for my daughter. if she wants her hair like that, she will keep her hair like that. >> the school has not
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responded for requests for comment. walnut creek police are going retro to raise some money. the boys in blue are showing off their 70s-style sashes. men grow their shaches -- st a aches for pros stain -- prostate cancer. it is an homage to the beastie boy video in 1994. he is an artist and a musician and a member of mensa. you can count his age on one hand. it is a story you have to see to believe. here is lisa amin gulezian in mill pea dis. >> just an hour a day in front of a canvas has resulted in this wall of art. >> this is my favorite. it is me and him at the beach. >> like any other 5-year-old show is full of energy.
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and can't sit still except when it comes to his art. >> when he is drawing you can see the face and it is unbelievable. >> he started painting when he was just a year and a half old. he started a website of his work last year which is also when he joined mensa. >> i feel proud of him. it is a special feeling. >> the owner of the art gallery saw something in him as well. when he was 4 years old, two months ago they rented space here for the first art exhibit. >> a couple of people were interested in these kind of pictures. >> none of it is for sale. not until he decides for himself.
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>> did we mention 5? >> it is remarkable. >> now speaking of fellow mensa members. >> thank you, dan and carolyn. >> cute boy there. live doppler 7hd is tracking some clouds, but the storm on the way will completely miss us. so don't worry about travel here locally or around the state. you don't have to worry about the rain as we go into tomorrow. from the exploratorium camera a beautiful view. the temperatures are 55 in san francisco and 51 in oakland. it is cooling into the upper 40s and redwood city, los gatos and san jose 52 and half moon bay. coit tower, the visibility is good from the kgo roof camera. we have 40s in the north bay, fairfield 43, 49 in livermore. emeryville camera looking out toward the bay. gorgeous view. spare the air and the clouds will increase tomorrow and the rain is unlikely for
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thanksgiving. you don't have to worry about any moisture causing any travel delays. at least not locally. the next system is turning south which is why it is going to miss us and bypass us completely. as you look at our computer animation we had a slight chance of rain and now it is going well to the south and eventually affecting southern california early friday morning. for us it is a dry forecast for thanksgiving and even beyond that. the one thing i wnt to mention to you is if you are going to the coast on thanksgiving day watch out for large swells. beach hazards are posted for that day along the coast. we are looking for strong rip currents and strong sneaker waves. tomorrow morning, not as chilly as it was this morning. low 40s and low 50s. you still want the extra layer on, sweatshirt or jacket. we are looking at temperatures right around where you should be with increasing cloud cover. 63 san francisco, half moon bay and 64 santa rosa and 66 oakland and out toward antioch
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and san jose, 67 livermore and 65 in santa cruz. a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast featuring dry weather for your thanksgiving and even beyond that. nice for all of the shoppers on fry -- friday. black friday is looking gorgeous with the weekend. thousand as we look toward the early part of next week the chance of rain is not looking super promising. it is going to be a colder storm that will be dropping down from the north and we will be watching that carefully. the holiday forecast looks fantastic. it is not the kiss on the east coast. again, a wintry mess. it puts things in perspective if you are traveling to the east coast tomorrow will be a big problem. it is a big problem with a large area of sleet and snow. watch out. >> we want to remind you to keep track of the holiday weather on our weather app. go to for the details. >> works great. let's talk a little basketball.
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>> larry beil is here. >> you are 35. that's not -- that's not old at all. >> in regular life no. >> unless are you in the nba which is not regular at all. 35 in the nba is ancient.
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good evening. the warriors opened a road trip. jermaine o'neil is here. o'neil had his best night as a warrior. o'neil missed the last four games out with a strained groin. he made his first seven shots in this game 9 of 12 overall.
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later in the third and tied at 70. green had a nice game especially defensively for a little one hand thunder. all five warrior starters in double digits. look out for the uni-brow. anthony davis coping the pelicans close. klay thompson with 22 to lead golden states. o'neil with a baby hook and he had 18. 6 seconds left and eric gordon and this is for the win. they would not stay down and they end a three-game slide 102-101. >> the saying means maui is the best: cal and syracuse are in law -- lahaina where i recommend the western water slide. try it. you won't be unhappy.
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cal without soloman who was poked in the eye. right here and jeremy grant with authority. that is explosive power. 19 off the bench. and off the inbound play and hits the three and cal is asleep here. steals the ball and takes it away. hands the bears their first loss of the year 92-81. the legend classic championship, stanford and pittsburgh are in brooklyn. powell with 20 and not many guys that can put the ball on the floor and do that. stanford is down all the way. down by 15 at the break. lamar patterson with the sweet left and then the corner three. stanford falls 88-67 to the panthers and they dropped them 5-2. suddenly a big void and the senior point guard has left for personal reasons and he will not be back.
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he was averaging 13 points per game and he started 103 games in his uss career. the 49er fans are looking for a late season push to the playoffs hoping michael crabtree will be the catalyst. the niners activated him today. the man known on twter as king crab 15. a great handle. he tore his achilles tendon in may. amazingly six months later and he is back. crabtree might play sunday against the rams giving colin kaepernick his favorite target back on the field. abc7 sports brought to you by riverwalk casino. achilles is at least a year. >> so much progress with sports medicine. for one night only jon bon jovi and taylor swift and
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once upon a time, an insurance clerk stumbled upon a cottage.
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[knock] no one was at home, but on the kitchen table sat three insurance policies. the first had lots of coverage. the second, only a little. but the third was... just right! bear: hi! yeah, we love visitors. that's why we moved to a secluded house in the middle of the wilderness. just the right coverage at just the right price. coverage checker from progressive.
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up weather. though it is not as cold as this morning. light breeze and 40s and 50s. mike nico is here. dan and carolyn? >> thank you. rock royalty, meet real royalty. >> that's john jon bon jovi singing his song "living on a prayer" and he had a little help from taylor swift and prince william. >> it was a benefit for the homeless. >> a lot of fun. coming up next on jimmy


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