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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 29, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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next on abc7 news at 6:00 a lawsuit that threatens to unravel the deal of the bart strike. police arrested protesters outside of a walmart. >> and michael finney says best deals may be yet to come z a stranger's kindness giving this football team a big opportunity. >> this is out of the east bay. some walmart protestors have been arrested. good evening, everybody, i'm larry beil in for
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dan ashley tonight. >> i'm carolyn johnson. it's part of a black friday protest against the giant retailer on behalf of walmart workers. allen wong was there and joins us live from san leandro. allen? >> reporter: that protest died down significantly since those five were arrested. right down there in the middle of the boulevard, but here is what it looked like around 4:30. police arrested the protestors. the walmart, many are former and current employees complaining of low wages and poor working conditions. >> it's way bigger than walmart. like i'm saying we have fast food strikers here, we have bart team here, teacher union here, it's about worker that's shop at walmart and pay them and don't know they're not treating their
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workers fairly. >> we offer competitive wages, health benefits starting at $18 a paycheck, we know these are quality jobs and are proud of what our owe continue to do. >> demonstrators may have blocked some traffic but it hasn't stopped shoppers from buying on black friday here, walmart says crowds have been very steady here all day. there were protests across the nation but this is the only one in the bay area that we know of. i'm allen wong, abc # news oochl thank you. and breaking news out of southern california on this black friday. a man with a gun has barricaded himself inside of a verizon wireless store in los angeles county. it's happening the community of la crescenta north of glendale. no one else believed to be inside but l.a. county sheriff has evacuated all nearby businesses in the strip
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mall. all of this started around 4:00 this afternoon. >> break news involving a twist in the bait battle between bart and unions. we broke on twitter we've learned unions about to sue bart for voting to approve the contract without a disputed clause. we are live at the daily city bart station. >> reporter: there is a high powered attorney brought ton owe and handle the suit. they have support of the central labor council on this move. it's not about getting the clause put back in, it's about protecting collective bargain proing -- process going forward. >> a lawsuit is not the way to resolve this. no one wins but lawyers >> reporter: after months of negotiations and two worker deaths on the tracks, it appeared bart and unioned
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union. section 4.8 giving up to six weeks paid family leave. bart voted in november to prove the $67 million deal only if the clause was taken out. now, the unions are preparing to file suit against the district not to get the clause put back in, but challenge unprecedented move by the board. union sources say the calls the removal of the item an tack on collective bargain proing is hes. sources say they want to work with bart on a solution to the family leave clause. bargaining and a strike are options on the table. riders are beside themselves with the saga. >> bart management not bothering to read a financial contract. if i were to do that, boy be fired instantly. >> when you get this back and
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forth it's hard to understand who is at fault. there doesn't seem to be a spirit of trust. >> with that in mind, living under a cloud of uncertainty, bart riders are now prepared if another strike were to happen. >> let's say i work in a nonprofit awill youing -- that allows us to shuffle things around. >> here is a quick look back at how they reached this point. workers walked off the job for a four day strike, ending with the governor called for a 60 day cooling off period shortly after that ended, yun yibin workers went on strike again for three days. member as proved the contract and the board approved that revised contract on the 21 without the family leave provision.
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>> well, all roads appear to lead to malls and big box stores today the ones enticing shoppers with discounts on black friday. but this may be the beginning of the end of black friday. as we now know it. david louie looks at reasons why now and joins us live from san jose. david? >> well, there is no doubt the line is starting to blur between online and brick and mortar shopping because many with web sites are now offering very same black friday door busters online, and of occurs, many started their holiday shopping on thanksgiving. >> you just know to expect crowds and plenty of kids with parents at the toy store, it's a black friday tradition. >> this is the first day of christmas season. thanksgiving is over. halloween soe is over. that is gone and now, real jingle bells part. i don't think that will ever change. >> the importance may be dim minute wrishing. dealt a blow by
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retailers who have created it. stores were open on thanksgiving and discounts available in november. analysts say sales were up 20% online, and transactions on smart phones up 49 prts on thanksgiving. >> people doing online a lot. i heard people saying they didn't want to stand in line. you can get the same thing online. 50% is the same, online. >> this season we may have one the first what i call 1, 2 punch of desk top and mobile. >> reporter: this professor says retailers feared consumers were going to cut back spending. >> because of the mixed signals appearing, retailers have responded and moved deals early
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on. >> black friday may lose importance, shoppers still come to touch and feel. >> this mall is crazy. people still want to get deals they still want to see products coming out. >> in san jose, abc7 news. >> san francisco union square is saturated not only with shoppers but also, police passing out leaflets warning people to keep smart phones out of sight trchlt tl have been 46,000 crimes of those, 40,000 were property crimes. abc7 news reporter vic lee is live with more on staying safe while shopping. vic? >> reporter: i'm at union square. revellers and crazies are. but this is what you do not want to do. you don't want to look at your iphone. or smart phone. because you're distracted like i am now. you're a
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potential victim for muggers. that is what they wanted to tell shoppers here today. take a look at the stolen smart phones recovered by police. 'tis the season for more robberies. the holidays frenzied shoppers in union square distracted by bargains and by smart phones. >> everyone is looking down not paying attention and it's easy money for bad guys. >> there would have been opportunities for people to steal my phone. i keep it in the pocket or bag. >> reporter: phone robberies are an epidemic on the streets take a look at this woman being mugged and robbed the muni is a popular spot for robbers. passengers feel safe. riders snatch phones and run.
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police saturated union square and market street. passing out these leaflets you've been mugged. some told us they are careful now. >> if i have it, i'm holding it, tight. >> put wait on the bus. >> reporter: it was like shooting fish in a barrel. catching people walking staring at smart phones. >> if i lose the phone i'm okay, but not my wallet. >> reporter: they're all potential victims of a robbery, or worse. >> when people resist that is when they usually step it up to another level. sometimes, they can push them down, punch them. >> reporter: good advice, put away your phone before you become a victim. vic lee abc7 news. >> police investigating a shooting that injured a man on
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fruitvale avenue. sky seven overhead as emergency services responded the victim believed to have been shot in the chest the gunman fled in a car, last seen heading south on fruitvale. this shooting suspect apprehended in vallejo. authorities say he tried to make his get away on a boat this, video from sky seven hd. investigators say the man shot another person near highway 37, then escaped in water. the u.s. coast guard arrested him. the shooting victim was taken to the hospital. a group of truckers staged a stop, the second this week. sky seven hd over the port this morning. members of the truckers association picketed in front of the terminals demanding better pay and more time to require older diesel trucks to be replaced. today's protest
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remains peaceful the port says it's in talks to find a resolution. >> more still to come on abc7 news at 6:00 including the story of a life saving gift. a man receiving a new kidney. a surprise for a youth football team with an amazing opportunity. >> our almost december weather continues. i'll have the weekend forecast coming up. >> later, holiday shopping ♪
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because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea.
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they're doing a tree lighting ceremony with christy yam . a half million people are expected to the visit the displays. >> one richmond family is thank thfl holiday season the 41-year-old needed a new kidney. his aunt donated one to him. >> california pacific medical center performed 200 organ transplants per year. we wanted to highlight this one because of what the recipient and donor plan to do once leaving the hospital. this woman and her
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nephew are recovering from a kidney transplant. she was the donor. he, the recipient. >> we've been close since he was born. my baby. the child that i didn't birth myself this, is my son. >> reporter: the procedure was done the day before thanksgiving >> my color came back. i feel better. just like that. >> reporter: walker suffers from high blood pressure, damaging his kidneys he'd had to undergo dialysis three times per week. when his aunt identifieds a potential donor both admit they were hesitant. >> i had to check my insides and motives why was i doing this? and then, a journey i've so much. >> as bad as i wanted to be off dialysis, i didn't want to be
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that bad if something happened to her. >> but other medical consequences are rare. for recipients success rate is high. according to the organ transplantation network 98% of receive a donor transplant live for a year after surgery. 90% at least five years. >> we have a mission we have to accomplish. as being able to go through this miracle of what we did. and to share with others. >> reporter: this successful outcome has given them a new purpose in life. both vowed to raise organ donation awareness. >> we need bone marrow donors and kidney, and liver donors. >> it's important to get your name on the list because in the african american community there are fewer donors. >> reporter: walker couldn't eat turkey. he was given a
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roasted turkey hat which he proudly wore. >> a kidney yet. got my life back yesterday. better than dry turkey. you know? >> what is wrong with dry turkey? thank you to stephanie, his cousin told us about the operation. walker says now he doesn't have to undergo dialysis he has a lot of free time and he wants to travel a bit. >> he has a great hat. you may remember yesterday we told you about a pop warner football team with a chance of greatness but a huge financial burden. you responded with 1800s ndz donations but that was not enough. today abc7 news checked back in with bay cities bull dogs. >> good to see you guys. >> reporter: the call came for a team meeting no one expected
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good news. >> we're making a final plea. >> reporter: a seemingly impossible one. we told you about the bull dogs on thanksgiving day it was a story of hope and midst of discompare. they're so good they call fied for national tournament in florida they're on top of the world but needed to raise $40,000 with a go no go decision this weekend and donations running dry. >> no way i can tell them we can't make to it florida. >> that is what the team, and parents expected today. >> it will be devastating. >> we need to make more. >> but $20,000 still impossible. maybe not. because there was a moment in that story from patrick as he described frustration when asking for donations. >> they think we're just a bunch of teenagers just trying to get money. >> what are you? >> we're football players. >> that got to me.
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>> did it ever. zach nelson is a ceo of net suite and made an offer. >> said, let me know what you need to makeup the difference to go we'll figure out a way to do it. >> reporter: families and players steadied themselves for the bad news. instead, they heard the name zach nelson. >> and he donated $20,000. >> reporter: with a stroke of a pen 21 teenagers have a fighting chance for a world championship. >> an amazing person. to do that for kids he doesn't know. >> reporter: he knows them now. >> do you think you'll get a team hat? >> maybe a jersey. >> reporter: one miracle down, one to go. >> bay city bull dogs coming to florida watch out. we're coming. >> reporter: wayne freedman abc7 us news. >> that is great. >> this weather has been phenomenal. >> it's amazing and december is around the corner. we're still
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having mild, almost spring weather. but next week big changes and it will feel like the season we're in. a patch of fog that appears to have left. here is a live view from our camera looking at embarcadero center under clear skies. temperatures 55 degrees and fruft me just a moment ago, 55. 57 los gatos. and another live view from sutro tower. it's 53 napa. 52 novato a fairfield. 58 livermore, one more live view looking along embarcadero. it's bright, clear skies from our roof top camera. forecast features tomorrow, second consecutive winter spare the air day. mild pattern with us
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throughout the weekend. here is the satellite image showing a disturbance that moved into southern california today producing showers and light rain down around los angeles and san diego. it's moved inland and fizzled now. bay area does expect a dry, mild weekend. starting at 5:00 in the morning we may see thin, high clouds moving by tomorrow early. by afternoon, sunny skies and mild conditions once again. this just pleasant spring like weather goes on and on. overnight tonight we may see low clouds developing in parts of the north bay and along the coast. but conditions will be clear, low temperatures into low to mid-40s and looking along the bay bridge from our south beach camera, air quality north bay expected to be poor nochlt wood burning is
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mermitted. tomorrow, sunny skies and mild highs mid to upper 60s. 68 in redwood city. mid-60s on the coast. downtown san francisco a high of 65 tomorrow. north bay highs, 68. east bay, highs into upper 60s at oakland, castro valley, fremont. inland east bay highs upper 60s here is the accu-weather forecast. it will get cooler on monday. by just a few degrees highs into the 60s but tuesday, cooling down sharply. remaining cool throughout the, we inland highs low to mid-50s a slight chance of rain next week. we'll have wet weather. >> so in short enjoy the weekend? >> yes. >> because you'll need to pull out winter clothes next week. >> thank you. >> doing good this holiday season could make you $7,000
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richer. just go to abc7 news facebook page and take the pledge to give where you live. with everyone who takes the pledge will be entered to win $7,000 cash. spread the love. help us give where you live. >> good incentive to give. >> still head are you tired of hiding gifts in the trunk? >> what one mall is doing toñzç
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a live look at union square, hundreds gathered for macy's tree lighting ceremony. when illuminated will have 33,000 lights and more than 1100 ornaments. children can drop off letters at macy's believe mailbox. speaking of santa we caught a glimpse of him arriving in san jose. we'll stay with both and show you results in joechlt >> yes. >> san francisco mall wants shoppers to spent money without having to lug around bags of
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merchandise. stone town galleria offering same day service and let's shoppers store bags and offers a same day delivery service. shoppers can have purchases delivered within 15 miles. >> if you have kids, you can ship them later. and be specific about time. >> the mall using crowd sourcing and drivers are alerted to pick up on their smart phones. >> we have more still to come including dark side of black friday. fights and scuffles as people rushed to take advantage of deals. >> also, harrowing how a
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stunner. san jose crushes fresno state. highlights coming up in sports. >> and this is the tree lighting in san jose. looks spectacular. so good job. they're having a so good job. they're having a good woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams
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can be big. ikea has it all. aa@a@##h@ woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all.
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>> black friday was mared by violence and arrests around the country. several you tube videos showing fights and scuffles, breaking out inside of stores. this video shot in a walmart, location unknown. nearly viewed a million times, shoppers fighting over television. two police slammed a woman not ground and handcuffed her. black friday turning violent outside of a kohl's store. three
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fleece. d shoplifters clashed >> officers chased two suspects. witnesses say one officer was dragged around the parking lot when his arm stuck in the car door. a second officer opened fire hitting the driver several times. both officer and the driver went to the hospital. and shoplifters went to jail. >> and this is unbelievable. a stampede in a walmart in puerto rico. workers have been trying to let shoppers in one by one. hundreds of people started to jump the security railings and all ran into the building. that overwhelmed security guards. all they can do was just stand and watch. >> the problem plagued health web site is down for extended maintenance through morning just head of the deadline to have it working for most people. president obama and top officials have promised the
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web site will be optimally functional for the vast majority by the end of tomorrow. these improvements come two months after troubled rollout. technical teams including some from silicon valley have been working on fixes. it's set to come back online at 5:00 in the morning. >> a yosemite national park employee helping others after her own near death experience. jessica garcia nearly died after being injureed and trapped in the wilderness. >> you made it to the foot bridge? >> yes. >> we're done. >> good hike. >> garcia spends a day a week hiking trails. >> coming back down trails. >> part of the time she volunteered to stop and talk with visitors about safety. >> enjoy and have a safe hike.
7:35 pm
>> jessica is one of the newest members in the search and rescue team known. >> there are close points. could be just a shear drop if you got too close. it's not worth going down into a ravine because you'll end up stuck there. >> reporter: incredible she's able to walk, hike or volunteer. jessica nearly died at the park last year, she was kes res cued after spending in our painful day she slipped and went over a 35 foot ledge. the fall shattered portions of her spine, fracturing her pelvis and femur. jessica snapped these pictures where she was trapped surrounded by boulders the size of cars. she crawled to find shelter surviving with no food
7:36 pm
and little water. jessica remembers nearly everything about being saved including the flight out of the ravine. >> she was in quite a bit of pain. >> reporter: lisa is a park ranger, she rode with jessica during the rescue. she introduced jessica to the program. >> i was a fantastic idea. they were doing that. >> reporter: she spent the day off pointing out dangers hiding among beauty. doctors thought she'd take months to recover to rebuild bones in her spine. she was able to walk after just a month. >> usually what i do is i'll find a platt surface, lay down and stretch out. then, i just get back up and start again. >> not only is she volunteering time in the park also still an
7:37 pm
employee working behind tourism desk at yosemite lodge. she said is there nowhere she'd rather be. >> what a story. still ahead if you didn't hit stores this black friday, don't worry. >>
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>> maybe you're one of the people that slept in and dodged holiday shoppers. >> or maybe like the rest of us that decided to get out and look for deals. but may not be too late. if you didn't get up this morning. >> that is comforting news for those who slept in. because michael finney is here now. best bargains are still to come. >> it's like the punk kin pie after dinner last night. stick with me. you'll see where i'm going. no sooner did shoppers finish devouring bargains in the stores, see, see? now, millions will go online to get more sweet deals. this year it spent to nearly a week of
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door busters. some folks love chaos. the thrill of the hunt. and the festive atmosphere of the shopping. others? not so much. >> i do it online. >> cyber monday is fantastic. you don't have to worry about fighting traffic. or, all of the other drama going with shopping. >> cyber monday savings can be as big as the deals in the stores. >> consumer going to be bombarded as they have for black friday. >> mark tracks holiday sales and says you'll find thousands more bargains online, and fewer discounts on tv and gadgets >> the bulk of the deals started a week before black friday. and the volume just not as high. >> he said you'll have a golden
7:42 pm
opportunity to fill your closet on a budget. >> it's undefeated heavy weight champion when it comes to clothing and shoe deals >> he says expect mark downs of eight up to 80%. >> know what you're shopping for. if you have retailers you like, sign up for their news letter. >> sign up to get alerts when a product goes on sale or follow on social media to get alerts and coupons he says if you want to shop cyber monday, get online early. and in fact, a day earl whether i. >> so these are typically really early in the morning. because hottest deals sell out really quickly, if there is something you have got to have, it's wise
7:43 pm
to shop early. >> fans say they're in the camping out in front of a store. >> you don't have to go out at midnight. for some, an attraction for me, it would not be. >> we found most offering free shipping and returns foremost of the deals. that can be a real deal breaker. sunday is an off day day them think they're going to do deals to get people to buy.. >> i was wondering this might be east coast time, 9:00 p.m here? i don't know. >> so it was wise to sleep in in other words? >> still ahead. surging popularity of my little pony. >> yes. a lot of fans are not from the age
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>> there is surging popularity from my little pony not just little girls but grown men. >> i apparently missed out on the trend. >> they are giving researchers a
7:47 pm
look at how fans behave. >> the story when hundreds of men met for a regional convention. >> this is a software engineer. he's also a brony. >> a brony is an adult fan of my little pony. >> thousands of young men are hooked on the cartoon started in the 1980s. the newest incarnation of the show debuted three years ago, generating a new fan base. brons held a california convention, hundreds of people attended in costume. >> it is a great community here. you can go to conventions and see people dressed up whatever they want to be. >> you can't walk around like that all the time. so get to go out. why not? >> this bronycon is a chance to share stories, memorabilia and sing pony songs from the series.
7:48 pm
you can get their brony on in a dance. they're rebelling against gender and social stereo types. >> people make fun of me. i don't care. >> it's weird. we're watching my little pony we're teen-aged guys but it doesn't matter. i mean so what? >> research shows there are 12 million bronys in the u.s. the fan page has had 400 million page views getting 175,000 page views per day. there is a looming market for pony art. michelle was blown way for the success. >> i would say within five hours we were sold out of half of the lines. >> bronys are attracting interest from researchers. this psycho therapist spoke to us by
7:49 pm
skype. >> this is the first time we know of that anyone has begun studying a fandom from the beginning. >> a fandom is a group of fans. >> when you talk about brony, you talk about young men who are fans of my little pony, a little girl's cartoon the first things everybody thinks of is, they're gay, and that is not what we found. >> she says very sue identified as gay. 85% of bronys identified as heterosexual. saying many turned to bronydom for community. probably not surprising from a show where friendship is magic. >> you're all my friends. >> abc7 news. >> and by the way the popularity has grown so much there is a
7:50 pm
bronycon planned for burlingame.. >> i don't think larry can speak so i'll tell you. we have information on our web site abc7 you'll find it under see it on tv >> let's get our brony on with spencer. >> it's mostly brony around the bay area. who would make fun that have? clear skies, a patch of low clouds near the coast. that is the way it's going to be overnight. tomorrow, sunny skies and high clouds here and there. mild across the state. that includes the bay area. we'll see sunny skies, highs in the upper 60s around the bay sxinland tomorrow, mid-60s on the coast. here is the accu-weather forecast. tomorrow is a spare the air day. snekd a row. no wood burning. high temperatures near 70 degrees cooling down mid week, sharply with more clouds, breezier condition asks a chance of rain tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. >> i get my brony on. >> that is plenty. >> we want to take you back to
7:51 pm
san francisco's union square. the tree lighting has just taken place. you can see there are 33,000 bulbs on that tree with 1100 ornaments. just gorgeous. >> it's spectacular. let's take a look at san jose. we promised you this, one more look at this tree. >> it's streaming astroech approach >> what a game for san jose state. >> unbelievable today. never seen a game like this, san jose state needing a win against undefeated fresno state this, was a
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7:53 pm
7:54 pm
a wild game this afternoon. san jose state and fresno state in an ep being yek shootout. sparty needing a win. spartans quarterback a spectacular game on senior day
7:55 pm
offense galore. into end zone, 31 yards. derek carr to josh harper. spectacular. one hand catch but the point blocked, 7-6, partans. this time, 75 yards no picks. and six touchdowns that one aktd for bull dogs. chandler jones with three touchdown passes. a rushing touchdown on sneaks sparty pulls away to win 62-52. fresno state bcs dreams are over. san zoes yeah state now going. >> we knew what we had to do. we did it for seniors and we talked
7:56 pm
about it all week. >> we understood we're going to make plays and we have been a way to get touchdowns. so that is our kind of win. >> wow. >> number 13 oregon hosting oregon state. de-anthony thomas one of his runs he stopped no? no. he's not stopped. like a video game there. oregon up late in the second quarter. tide it up at 17. ducks leading in 4th quarter. washington excite forward a match up against washington state let's jump around. bronys. a side of three. conner holiday over the top to ricky gal vein for the score. huskies tied at ten. austin severian jenk yinz for a score. and this seven
7:57 pm
yarder made it 17-10. well, last time the san jess yeah sharks and st. louis blues met blues forward knocked out sharks defenseman dan boyle. the shark got their revenge by just playing better hockey. looking on here, that is a lot of goals scored. 35 seconds in, get things started with help, lightning the life of the sharks. they would team up again, captain joe, nice pass in front to burns. sharks led 4-0. st. louis a two on one break, vladimir to jason schwartz. burns put it away the hat trick makes it 5-3 and sharks win. warriors in okc taking on kevin durant and russell west brooke. west brook
7:58 pm
to durant for the jab. then, westbrook after another turnover here, former ucla star had 14 at the half. warriors hanging in. barns, big aussie throwing it home. steph curry with 14 at the half. right now nshths third quarter warriors leading 76-69. giants have resigned ryan voguel song. abc7 sports. >> coming up tonight scientists are calling it a cosmic holiday mirror why cell. how a comet supposed to have been roasted by the sun appears to have survived. that is at 9:00 >> then, tell you about black wednesday in the bay area officer helping bring drivers to justice. >> that does it for us. thanks for joining us. >> have a great night. aa@a@##h@
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- well, hello, hank. soso good of you to come up. - well, i'm not gonna miss the america's kidz got singing finale. last time i was this excited was this morning. i saw a cat wearing the same sweater as its person. [laughs] jack, you remember my granddaughter.


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