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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  February 16, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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a manhunt underway in the south bay after a deadly hit-and-run. we'll have a live report. a drought dispute in wine country. opposition to using water that is available now. >> a new report on secret apple meetings may shed light on the company's future. the huge industries apple could expand into. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. good evening, i'm ama daetz. we have developing news out of san jose. after a man was killed in a hut and run. this happens this afternoon at snell avenue and the woods driver in capital expressway.
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lillian kim has the details. reporter: it appears a man was run over by a car right here in the middle of the street, here on snell avenue. homicide investigators are trying to collect as much evidence as they can. it happened just after 3:00 p.m. san jose police says the victim, presumably a pedestrian in his 30s in, got into a fight with a motorist, police say the driver went back into his car and hit the map before driving away. firefighters performed cpr but the man was pronounced dead. investigators are looking into whether the victim was stabbed in the fight before being run over by the car. police are interviewing self witnesses but at this point it's unclear what started the fight. >> officers responded. based on witness statements, there was physical altercation in the middle of the roadway, and that's all we have. we don't know what started it. precipitated the fight.
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and all we know is that it ended up here on snell. reporter: the suspect is at large. san jose police hope to have more information on the driver and car that was involved and hope to release more details later tonight. abc7 news. a man and woman are recovering tonight in the hospital while san jose police search for the person who shot them. happened at 1:30 this afternoon. officers say the two victims know each other. both are expected to survive. witnesses told police the shooter took off in a four-door tan sed yap. >> two men were stabbed during a fight in richmond district this morning. police say an argument got out of control at third and geary just after 2:00 a.m. it led to a fight and the double stabbing. a 29-year-old man was cut on his face, 42-year-old man had several stab wounds. police are searching for a group of men who escaped in a black sedan.
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>> oakland police say a burned body found near a popular park was that of a woman. the body was still burning when police arrived at the skyline gate entrance to redwood regional park. it's a trailhead for hikers, joggers, and dog walkers. one map had this take on the discovery. >> frankly, i'm glad the police found the body. i guess it happened in the middle of the night. we regularly see trash, and i guess a dead body is trash -- dumped up. as long as it doesn't come close to my house, i department see any effects, it doesn't bother me. >> the cause of death and the woman's identity have not been determined by the coroner. a mobile home in shasta county packed with explosives is now just a pile of burned debris. sheriff deputies incinerated the house because of the 60-pound of explosive material inside. the material was discovered after an explosion blew of a man's hand. authorities evacuateded 55 home.
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the materials in the house were so explosive deputies couldn't even walk on the property. >> police in sonoma ya county busted several dui suspects for driving on suspended licenses. and police followed the suspects from the court to their cars. in each case the suspects had their licenses suspended by a judge just minutes before. they had no idea they were being followed. police arrested six people who tried to drive away. >> it is time to check on our weather. let's take a look at live doppler 7hd. no sign of rain clouds anywhere in the bay area. it's been more than a week since we've seen it this clear. now, despite the whet, california's water levels are still in crisis. that's forcing some communities to make tough decisions how to distribute it. in heelsberg the city council awe approved grape gore and
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ranchers to use recycled water from the sewage plant. the plan has it critics. nick smith is live with the story. reporter: you know, sonoma county is known for its wine, but the drought could put this vintage in serious jeopardy. city leaders believe they have a way to fix that. >> this is one of the worst droughts anybody has ever seen. >> doug mcelroy has work, owned and operated this ranch for more than 40 years. this is the first time he has seen it this dry. his lan needs water, and lots of it. >> about 5700 gallons in a single irrigation per acre. reporter: there are more than 43 acres. dry conditions and a lack of reason present an urgent problem putting vineyards at risk. he thinks there is a solution. >> they have water water they need to -- wastewater they need to put into an irrigation system and the farmers could easily
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satisfy that. >> the city decided to provide treated recycled wastewater. it would be pulled from the sewage plant and given to ranchers and grape growers for free. the mayor says the wateres safe. >> we have been using it for 20 years. >> wood is one of the strongest supporters of the plan to use reclaimed water for farmers year we don't have in california a comprehensive groundwater policy. that's something weed in to work on so all these regional boards are all working together on the same page and i don't think that's happening. that's one of the problems. reporter: using the water would be voluntary. critics argue it isn't clear if the city couple has approval to move forward, and some fear the treated water could contaminate the ground water because off what they call the unique geography of the area. city council is hoping to get regional regulators on board with the plan, which mace be too
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late. >> the time for action is now. >> abc7 news. >> in tahoe there may be plenty of sunshine this holiday weekend but there's plenty of snow. kirkwood ski resort sent us this video. there have been five to nine inches of new snow at the mountains south of lake tahoe. temperatures reached 40 degrees today and drop to the 20s tonight. public health officials are warning people not to eat a certain brand of cactus. the cactus was sold at two locations in the east bay, one at pittsburg and one in concord. the product, imported from mex, was sold in bulk bins without any specific labeling or branding. the cactus was contaminated with a pesticide that has been banned since 1989ment. the number of deaths from the flu in california this season now stands at 243 people. the total nearly included a from
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placerville. she survived a 35 day ordeal that included kidney dialysis and being put on a lent ventilator. she began feeling sick. her husband saved her life by calling an ambulance. >> she collapsed in the bathroom on the floor, and i thought this is going too far. >> my liver failed, my kidneys failed, my pancreas failed, and my heart. >> she was clinically dead for two minutes when her heart stopped in the hospital. doctors removed nearly three liters of water from her chest so her lungs could inflate properly. she survived being put on a ventilator and kidney dialysis. still ahead at 6:00, details of a new report on apple0s secret meetings to possibly expand the company. >> why there's concern a california realtor is using drones to forecast properties.
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>> i'm leigh glaser. we had a little bit of rain last night, sunshine today. what is up for this upcoming work week? we'll look at the live doppler 7hd plus my accuweather [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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>> a new report suggests apple executives met with tesla ceo to discuss a possible merger. the chronicle report cited an unnamed source with information about the meeting. said he met with apple's chief of acquisitions and possibly tim cook last spring. analysts believe acquiring tesla would give apple potential far beyond its current gadgets and would be another iconic innovator to push the apple brand like steve jobs. apple and tesla have not commented on the reports. a realtor in san diego is using war technology to list properties, and that's raising constitutional concerns. jeff grant uses a drone capture pictures and video from the air.
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he says it enhances the potential buyer's experience, however, privacy experts are concerned out video from drones might be shared with private individuals and local law enforcement. right now the response has been, how cool. >> the overwhelming response, i have yet to have anyone complain. it's just fascination. >> it's pretty cool. good for the houses to try to show the different views they've got. i don't have a problem with it at all. >> privacy experts admit using drones like this is a gray area and agree it will probably most likely be settled in the courts. up next at 6:00, a special valentine's day surprise for a california tide whose mom is serving overseas. >> meteorologist leigh glaser will tell us if in rain is ahead. >> got to love it when a guy named bub bub wins on the pga tour. bubba watson. nagged his first victory in 22 months, winning today at riviera
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an eight-year-old boy in san diego got a surprise he'll never forget. sean green thought he was getting a tour of a tv station as an award for achieving a cub scout merit badge. he was given a script to read and then came the surprise. >> turn your left and see who is
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over there. >> mom? >> happy valentine's day sweetheart. >> well, says -- -- >> that is so sweet. there was not a dry eye in the house. she is an intelligence officer in afghanistan. and wanted to say happy valentine's day to her boy. time to get a check on the weather. leigh glaser is up on the roof with live doppler 7hd. >> very sweet story. we had some little bit of light rain overnight and a gorgeous day today. and let's to the live doppler 7hd. you can see for yourself, the moisture has exited the bay area. but we are looking at clear sky right now. a few high clouds drifting over the bay area, as we fly out towards lake tahoe, they picked up about three inches of snow at
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the higher elevations. lake level, more in the form of light mist and drizzle. blue canyon picked u inch of rain overnight. so we'll see blue sky tomorrow as well. and here's a look at some rainfall. the totals, very minuscule. compared to this time last weekend, but as we always say, we will take what we can get. check out some of the deficits, though. it really didn't do much. we still are down very much so across the entire bay area. ukiah down 15 inches. ten down inches in san francisco. oakland, down nine inches. down seven inches in san jose, sacramento. livermore, down by six and a half inches. so hopefully march will bring us more rainfall to make those numbers go down as we hope they will. a live shot from the rooftop cam, you can see the
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transamerica pyramid. a few high clouds out there. temperatures right now, redwood city, 61. 58, oakland. 56, san francisco. sutro cam looking live down towards the city. santa rosa, 56. 60, concord. live moore, 58. here's a look at the forecast highlights. we'll look for clear sky tonight. cooler, all areas of dense fog overnight in those protected valley areas. slight chance of showers developing tuesday night, wednesday morning, very slight chance. of that we look for dry days and temperatures bill the enof the week will be well above where we should be this time of year. speaking of highs, cloverdale, 64 today. san rafael, 68. santa cruz, 70. overnight lows tonight, much colder, especially in the north bay, upper 30s, mid-to-upper 40s, and our pacific satellite showing you high pressure will die vert the storms between to north of the bay area. they will stay north of us.
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on monday, look for mixture of sunshine and high clouds. but tuesday, this is our chance of seeing the next chance of an isolated shower, tuesday 6:00 a.m., cloudy conditions. 5:00 commute time tuesday, santa rosa, start to see showers. the next system tuesday overnight into wednesday morning, very weak. by wednesday morning, the north bay is already clearing out the south bay may see a few stray showers and that's about it for this upcoming work week. highs tomorrow, sunshine after the fog in the valley areas burping off. santa rosa, 64. 60, san francisco. livermore, 65. san jose, 64. the seven-day forecast, holiday tomorrow, presidents day, get out and enjoy. lots of sunshine. a chance of afternoon showers and then it's try with temperatures neck -- next week
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into the 70s. i'm leigh glaser, on the roof. >> thank you so much, league. mike- >> the giants got a look at pitcher tim hudson, taking his first turn on the bull pen mound as a giant. he has only thrown three bull pen sessions since he sustained an injury with the braves. threw 30 pitches today with no difficulties. is on track for his first cactus league start but bruce bochy is being cautious. >> a while before he is 100% but he can could sprints and throw off the mound and other baseball activities. we'll stay away from any
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setbacks. that's why we tweaked his workouts. >> meanwhile, the band is back together in the a's outfield coke coke, career high 22 home runs last year, which is bonus but not what you expect from the leadoff hitter, and cocoa agrees. >> hopefully i can get on base and be the player i know i can be. if the home runs come, that would be amazing as well. 22? 23 would be better. but it is what it is. i'm going try my best. get ahold of the ball like i did last year, amidessing. >> i'm heldded to arizona tuesday. we'll be live with the giants and the a's right here on abc7 news. stanford women's basketball dropped to number six after losing to washington last week but got back on track, beating arizona state friday, and today hosting arizona, and it was
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blowout. chiney ogwumike, 15 points, nine boards. stanford's biggest lie was 41. bonny am sewellson, five three-pointers, stanford still first. crushing arizona, 74-48. 22nd ranked cal women hosting arizona state. despite rolling her ankle on friday, boyd had eight boards and six assists. and rigby, career night. leading the bears as they beat arizona state, 74-63. >> northern trust open in l.a. riff ya country club. bubba watson, who has not won since the 2012 masters, walked interest the winner's circle in style. his son came up rooting for his down. gone 22 months without a win.
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charles schwartzle making a late charge. from the bunker on 14. knocks it for & but finished in fifth. dustin johnson, runner up last week, needed this birdie to die bubba for the lead. won't go but in the clubhouse at 13-under with the final round 66. just like last week. didn't matter. bubba watson wins the northern trust open with back-to-back rounds of 7-under 64, 14-under on the weekend. went the final 39 holes woke a bogey. >> changed back to my old putter. i changed irons. it's been ten years, and somehow my bad shot turned out good, so worked out this week. >> okay. 13 years after dale earnhardt, sr. was killed in a wreck during the daytona 500, the number 3 car returns to nascar, drink by austin dillon, and today he took the poll for the race, coming in with the top speed of
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196 miles-per-hour. dale earnhardt, jr. will start in fourth. this sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. nba all-star game tonight at 11:00. >> robo cop is back. but can the cult classic remaining outshoot the competition this valentines weekend? we'll find out next. ♪
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join me tonight at cable 13, we'll tell you why ski resorts are blasting a plan designed to preserve the tahoe region. >> the best and worst places to work in the u.s. and they're right here in california, all at 9:00 and 11:00. the lego movie continues to reel in big bucks at the box office.
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warner brothers' most successful an nateed film features some of the top actors in hollywood. critics say it's the movie's charm that brings in audiences. it earned more than $49 million this weekend, topping 129 million in the first ten days. about last night was second. brought in valentine's day audiences, wracking up $27 million. the debut -- the coming of age drama took in 13 million. thank you for joining us. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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