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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  February 19, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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♪ 9 a.m. cheesesteak! ♪ 2 p.m. cheesesteak! ♪ 4 a.m. cheesesteak! ♪ any time (ruh!) >>geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. and good evening. that breaking news, at least one winner of tonight's $425 million jackpot was bought in milpitas. the largest jackpot in u.s. lottery history, drawn just about an hour ago at 8:00. winning numbers are these. 1, 17, 35, 49, 54 and the powerball is 34.
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powerball jackpot swelled from $330 million over the weekend when no one won saturday's drawing. lottery officials say the winning ticket was purchased at dixon landing chevron in milpitas. and joining me on the phone from the california lottery is russ lopez. russ, the last time we were together, we also had a huge lottery jackpot. thanks for coming on with me. >> absolutely. if i can borrow a line from matthew mcconaughey, all right, all right, all right. >> last time russ, there was a horrible mistake, i was supposed to win. what's going on over there? >> the other horrible mistake is they don't let me play. how about that. >> oh, true. obviously i want you to talk about the beneficiary of the lottery beside the person who wins. but when it gets up this high, i know the interest in the lottery swells dramatically. >> and public schools are the winner. we are starting a major campaign
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to help californians understand that not only do we contribute it california public schools but this is critical funding for schools. it does not make a big dent in their public pocket but does help fund critical programs for them. and the retailer, of course chevron is an small business but may be locally owned, a franchisy. that person owning that chevron will receive $1 million as a bonus just for selling the winning ticket. >> that's not too shabby either. let me ask you this, do you know where any of the other winning tickets were or if there are any other winning tickets from any other states or anything on that front? >> we're still waiting for that word. i get that stuff pretty immediately. but it takes all of the other state to report in. some of the smaller states take a bit of time. so sometimes we have to wait until midnight. but usually we find out within
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an hour. i haven't received any other noticed as far as other states go. but two other lucky ticket holders here in california matched five out of six numbers so they will get a big nice fat check. those numbers are in el sagundo and modesto. so two lucky numbers matched five out of six. we are still trying to calculate how much they get. but with $400 million jackpot, it'll be a nice check. >> just ballpark it. i won't hold you to the number. but is it tens of thousands or not that much? give me an idea. >> i think tens of thousands, absolutely. in california, we have a different set up than other states. so five of six winner, they get a lot of money when they -- when the jackpots are this high. so chances are, they will be in the million dollar range. don't hold me to that. but usually always get a really nice fat check. >> real money. >> absolutely. >> russ, thanks so much.
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russ lopez with the california lottery. thanks so much for cupping on. i appreciate it. >> absolutely. >> of course an exciting night for that individual who bought at least one winning ticket that we know of. which was purchased at dixon landing chevron in milpitas. we will have a live report coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. join us on that time for more on the big lottery drawing tonight. well, what we need in terms of rain would win the lottery in california. governor brown is asking lawmakers to approve a $687 million drought relief plan to try to do something until we get serious rain. governor and top democrats announced today at emergency services, $15 million for communities close to running out of water and millions more to clean up drinking water, improve conservation and make irrigation systems more efficient. it would increase penalties for those who illegally divert water. governor brown says it is a call to action for california.
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>> this is a time to pull as californians first, to rise above a lot of divisions that pull us apart. because we don't know how long this thing will last. how serious, how enduring. >> meanwhile, republicans say more must be done to address the state's long-term water needs and they plan to introduce their own legislation tomorrow. not one of the easiest ways to reduce water use, simply by turning off the faucet while we brush our teeth will save 2 gallons a minute in our homes by doing that. each minute you cut from your shower saves 2.5 gallons. if you install aerators on all faucets, you reduce usage by about 4%. visit abc 7 for more advice on simple steps you can take to conserve water. we have a link under "see it on tv." terror warning. this is a kind of flash back it a pear from the past.
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acting on new intelligence, airline security shoulding on the look yut f explosives concealed inside shoes and cosmetics. abc news reporter pierre thomas has the story. >> reporter: tonight officials are warning airlines that explosives hidden shoes and other improvised bombs are an active ongoing threat. abc news learned a new tin warning of liquid explosives and explosives in cosmetic containers to target international flights. no specific plot has been identified but new intelligence developed from incred ill overseas sources suggest the terrorist bomb makers are fixated on these efforts. >> tells you that al qaeda is fascinated with taking down planes. recently had a toothpaste scare. now going back to shoes. >> only two weeks of authorities warn of explosives hidden in tooth waist containers, for flights heading into the winter
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flicks. roughly 12 years after richard reid was caught on board an international flight trying to light his shoes. the shoe bomb containing a powerful plastic explosive could have taken down a plane carrying 197 people. here is the damage it could have caused. the incident changed airline security forever. to this day when u.s. passengers go to the airport they almost always have to take off their shoes so they can be x-rayed. but only weeks ago congress held hearings on whether tsa's concern was overkill. >> everything we have done is in reaction, take off your shoes, that was the liquid. it is all reactive. pretty soon we will go through there naked. >> given the latest scare, some leaders my want to rethink that attitude. >> the daughter of a 93-year-old woman attacked by a patient inside san francisco general hospital is sharing details of what happened. the man accused of beating a
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woman was in court today formally arraigned, here is 7 news reporter vic lee. >> reporter: mary perez was admitted for breathing problems. these pictures, courtesy of univision. the 93-year-old suffered cuts and bruises. when 29-year-old zeebest reportedly hit her with an iv pole. at the time, zeebest was being taken to the er for medical evaluation. perez told her daughter he went berserk when doctors told him he had to be placed in psychiatric care. >> translator: my mom says the man opened the curtain, closed it, picked up the iv pole, and used the base of the pole to hit her in the head. she put up her arms to defend herself. but he kept hitting her. >> the hospital says sheriff deputies stationed in the emergency room were able to subdue zeebest. her daughter says the damage was already done.
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>> translator: they found her bloody. she was bleeding from her head. her body was bruised and her arms were bleeding. >> outside of court today assistant d.a. alex bastion said the charges were aappropriate. >> it is very disturbing. any time have you a 93-year-old lady who goes to the hospital to get medical treatment and she is assaulted during her stay at san francisco general hospital. >> the hospital says perez is in good condition but she will stay over one more time for observation. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> and before we move on, we want to thank univision 14 for their interview with the victim's daughter. blockbuster deal to report tonight. facebook announced it is buying smart phone messaging app," what's app" for $19 billion in cash and stock. it provide free text messaging and has grown to 450 million monthly users. that makes it more popular than twitter. the price is higher than
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instagram and skype. so what is facebook getting for its $19 billion? what's app has been 450 million users, as i said, but it is adding 1 million new users per day. incredible. at that rate, it is growing faster than facebook did in its fourth year. what's app is the number one messaging app in europe, brazil and russia. the company is based in mountain view and has just 55 employees, if you can believe it. the company makes money. it isn't clear how much, however. there is in advertising. founders insist there never will be. the app is currently free and the apple app store. and perspective here, $19 billion, that is worth more than you a nighted airlines, sony or gap. what's app founders, brian akton and jan koom will become instant millionaires, obviously. both worked at yahoo before starting what's app. coom went to mountain view high school and dropped out of san
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jose state. acton is a stanford graduate. no deal has been reached, the pleasant yon based company s been under pressure to improve its bottom line. we have a lot more to get to on 7 news at 9:00 for you. imagine internet access a hundred times faster than what you have right now. will your town be next to get the high speed google line? also, a list of dos and don't for google glass users. what you need to know before you slip a pair on. spencer christian is up on the roof with the weather. yes, i am indeed, dan. still looking at clear skies, in sech of rain. i will let you know if there is i will let you know if there is any rain coming our
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hey! hi! ladies, how are you? let's taste some wine. ♪ ♪ seize your vacation with a southwest airlines sale. go to,
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where our lowest fares are now available as low as $69 one-way. book now at and carpe vacay. ♪ in the north bay we'll have overnight lane closure that could close you kodown for thursday morning commute. get traffic alerts starting in the morning at 4:30. >> lining up to drive google buses out of san francisco, union members, housing and gay rights activists have filed an appeal today with the municipal transportation agency over its decision to charge the tech
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giant a dollar per bus trip. they say the city failed to consider how the buses block traffic and that google workers are disdisplacing low income residents. the board of supervisors will take up this issue with a decision expected in the next 45 days. in the meantime, the internet may never be the same. google is in talks to bring fiber optic internet connections to five bay cities. incredible speed will allow people to download a movie in less than two minutes. abc 7 news business and technology reporter davy louie is in mountain view. >> reporter: mountain view is one of five bay cities google is considering for optic service. it would have speed of 1 gigabyte per second. 100 times faster than typical broadband speed. google's plan is to bring fiber right into the house. other systems use slower copper wire to connect to homes creating a choke point that slows down speed. >> that obviously is a benefit to residents and our businesses and start-up, small companies, to be able to access the
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internet at that speed. it will give them really a competitive advantage over their peers in other parts of the country. >> besides mountain view, which is google's headquarter city, other four are palo alto, sunnyvale, santa clara and san jose. each city has to decide ifhey want it dig up streets to bury the cables. in sunnyvale there is a plan for recycled water line for apple's new headquarters complex but fiber line could be installed at the same time. residents may benefit from new price competition. google charges $70 pemonth for internet in the cities it is already operating. >> comcast recent announcement of their merger, gives our residents options as to what they cou do, will be to their benefit. >> the speed is more than
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enough. but with comcast, there is no other good options. >> what will they do with that fiber speed? >> use the internet a lot more. yeah. and maybe stream netflix more or something. i'm not sure. but i would be happy if it came by. >> in sunnyvale, david louie. >> dos and don't for google glass wearers. a code of conduct urging users to not be creepy or rude to respect others and if people have questions, don't get snappy about it. the internet connected eyewear is now in a testing phase for developers who want to create apps for it. google glass will be released to the public later this year. all right. let's go back up on to the roof. spencer christian is up there tonight watching and waiting for the rain. >> i think it will be a long wait, dan. but a pleasant watch. we have clear skies right now, mainly. we do have a few thin high
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clouds around and that will be the condition of the sky during overnight hours. and we will see mainly clear skies, few passing high clouds. here is a live view from our high definition emeryville camera. we see current temperature readings of 53 in san francisco. 54 in oakland. san jose, and half moon bay and north live vieview, looking out over san francisco. we have other temperature readings of 51 in santa rosa. 52 in concord and livermore. these are our forecast features. we will see occasional high cloudiness overnight and into tomorrow morning. mild days lie ahead through the weekend. very mild. spring like. a hit or some hits of rain late next week. no hit of rain right now as we look at the satellite image. you can see that we have high clouds streaming into the bay area but they are not producing any rain fall.
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this dry pattern, which we find ourselves now, will continue into early next week. after that, maybe changes. let's pick up the forecast information next wednesday, february 266th, into thursday and friday, moisture moving in from the pacific. there may be enough to produce light rain fall for us towards the end of next week. we will call it trending wetter late next week. with the ak u wetter forecast. tonight, few high passing clouds. north bay valley will be chilly. other locations we will see lows in low to mid 40s. tomorrow's highs under sunny skies in upper 60s to near 70 in south bay about 70 at cupertino and morgan hill. 68 at redwood city. on the coast, 58 at pacifica. 61 at half moon bay. in and around san francisco. highs mainly in 60s. and in south san francisco.
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60 on the coast. 69 inland at santa rosa. and at sonoma, 70 tomorrow at napa. in the east bay, highs of 67. at oakland and san when an droe, and fremont, and the inland east bay, we will see highs mainly in upper 60s. walnut creek, livermore and 770 at fairfield and antioch. high temperatures at or above 70 degrees near the bay. inland, low 60s on the coast. that's through the weekend and into monday. then we will see a few extra clouds in the sky on tuesday. and by wednesday, we will have moisture approaching. cooler conditions and chance of light rain on thursday. perhaps friday as well. we will have to wait for early next week to have greater degree of certainly about that rain. but we are certainly hoping for it. dan? >> desperately so. >> yeah, we are. >> thank you, spencer. still to come, what do you
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a new study on working mothers may confirm what many of them already know. they feel a lot of guilt. researchers say working moms worry they are bad mothers because they work but also feel like bad employees. women say they feel like they have to catch up on work and that spills over into their home life where they are preoccupied with the job. resar muchers say this double burden of being good mothers and
9:25 pm
good workers can lead it stress and health problems. the study was presented to the american psychological association. 3-year-old girl received a birthday gift that she will remember her entire life. a wrapped boxing with bigger than bridgette car, sat waiting for her on the family's front porch. this is youtube video of a really exciting moment that we're ing to share. it took us time to unwrap the giant red bow and all that green paper. but it was worth the wait. look at this reaction. pure joy. >> happy birthday. >> could that be cuter. that's bridgette's dad, would just returned home after serving in the military in afghanistan. bridgette's surprise happened last september. but the on-line video continues to grow in popularity and the carr family is still enjoying
9:26 pm
the moment. what a sweet face. cute bridgette. coming up, another half hour of news. up next, the truce. could there be a break in the deadly standoff in ukraine? also the mystery on the ship made famous in this tom hanks movie. what investigators just found on board. and the man you might call a lego michelangelo. his amazing works of art. another
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good evening. we begin this half hour by taking you into the heart of the blast in ukraine.
9:30 pm
a battle is going on amid the reports after truce tonight. >> this city and the world still shaken by the terrible scenes that clashed from here yesterday. protesters shot down. flames. the dead lying in the streets. but this afternoon when we clamored over the barricades, we found thousands of ordinary ukrainians gathered again, young and old, men and women, undeterred, undaunted. they say they want freedom and democracy. >> this is the last war. this is the last chance for us. if not, we will -- everything will be broken. >> at stake in this bitter struggle, will this country of 46 million people turn west toward the u.s. and europe and democracy or turn east to vladimir putin and russia, which ruled here for centuries?
9:31 pm
the president-elected in 2010 but who now stand accused by opponent of massive corruption and of unleashing secret protesters, he chose moscow. the u.s. is pushing back. >> there will be consequences if people step over the line. that includes making sure the ukrainian military does not step in to what should be a set of issues that can be resolved by civilians. >> here in kiev, they are bracing for the worst. this is the front line on this side the protesters, on the other side, a hundred feet away or so the police. they are ammed for battle here with their weapon of choice. the stones torn from -- everyone pitches in. there are handmade sandwiches brought from home. and the beautiful cathedral from st. michaels. treating the wound. as dusk drew down, they rose and
9:32 pm
sang ukraine's national anthem. the words of the chorus, souls and bodies we will lay down, all for our freedom. this is a nation on the knife's edge looking into the abyss after possible civil war and the question now, is can that truth take hold? protesters are demanding snap elections. the president is refusing. and both side have been radicalized by all the bloodshed. terry moran, abc news, kiev, ukraine. >> you heard president obama in that piece. he warns that if the situation in ukraine gets out of hand. >> we hold the ukrainian government primarily responsible for making sure that it is dealing with peaceful protesters in an appropriate way. that the ukrainian people are able to assemble and speak
9:33 pm
freely without oppression. >> the president was meeting with the mexican president and canadian prime mipster on trade issues. he said it is important the ukrainian people be allowed to determine their own future. >> some punk rock protesters were violently attacked and dealt with just second after they started singing today in sochi, russia, where the olympics are taking place. six members of that embattled russian banded just pulled out a guitar and microphone when members of the militia moved in and attacked them with horse whips and pepper spray, throwing them to the ground. police arrived and questioned witnesses. but no one was arrested. the group gained notoriety in 2012, remember, after barging into moscow's main cathedral and performing a punk prayer against russian president putin. operators of the fukushima
9:34 pm
operating plant say there was a leak from the holding tank. the contaminated water flooded into the bank and is absorb need the ground. the company does not believe there was any leakage of the water into the ocean. the plant was shut down off the -- shut down the inflow of water into the tank and the leaking apparently has stopped. two american security offices have been found on a ship made famous in a hollywood movie you may have seen. the two americans were found in the island just off the coast of island. the mersk alabama was hijacked by pirates in 2009. that incident and arrest of the captain and crew was dramatized in the movie "captain phillips" starring tom hanks. the detail of the money's death have not been released. the two men worked for u.s. based trident security. former military personnel frequently provide security on ships sailing through the waters
9:35 pm
off somalia to protect against pirate attacks, which are quite prevalent. philip seymour hoffman named mary ann o'donnell as sole beneficiary of a $39 million estate. he also requested his son is raised in new york city so he can be exposed to its culture and arts and if that is not possible then the child should be raised in san francisco or chicago. the will was written before the birth of his two other children. he died in his new york city home of an apparent heroin overdose. southern california world war two veteran is honored for a second time. congresswoman judy chu provided
9:36 pm
a soldier with new service medals after his were stolen. >> i'm honored to receive these medals. i share these with those who did more than i did. >> we didn't think he is a hero. we are proud of our veterans, not only in our family but veterans everywhere. >> his family has been trying to replace the medals for years but had no luck. they called congresswoman chu in december and she made it happen. >> up next, what would do you with 75,000? one man's
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now to an artist who has
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become a kind of michelangelo creating incredible sculptures. they aren't made of clay. >> the lego brick. simple, rectangular. 77 billion produced every year. now, the star of the number one movie in the country, "the lego movie", and part of the craze also, the artistic creations of one nathan. >> i've been playing with toys for about ten years now. >> one is just the work. his realizations of classic sculptures, david. easter island. made up of 75,450 glued together lego bricks. >> this is two months of my life right here. >> you must have an astounding lego bill. >> by far my biggest capital expense. >> and renderings of classic paintings. >> this is a great example of trying to figure out what something looks like when you
9:41 pm
can't see it in the painting. >> another amazing thing. before this, we as corporate lawyer, before he got out, which is what this one is about. >> i add lhad a lot of people w said, you're crazy, don't do it. but wai was following my dream. >> and he is doing well. kids who might not look at art and what he might not have common in kid. >> i had leg why bricks as a kid. i had very accommodating parents. they let me have a 3600 square foot city. >> now a woman splashing through water that is just blue bricks. >> i see the world in rectangles. >> then you turn them into curves. >> i do. >> unlocking i math nimaginatio about the city that is there, when you build it brick by brick. abc news, new york. >> don't know about you, but that not what i built with legos as a kid. coming up, a young man comes off the bench to make the shot after lifetime. you have seen the video, now you
9:42 pm
will see why it was just so remarkable. >> and in honor of black history month, we are honoring black culture here in the bay area. today we salute paul revere williams, first african-american member of the american institute of architects. he is well known for building some of the most beautiful homes in the bay area. can you learn more by
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and carpe vacay. ♪ bishop high school in oakland has one of the top ranked basketball taels in the state. last friday night the focus was on one member of the team who scored a three-pointer. a very special shot that created a magic moment. abc 7 news reporter has an inspiring story for you.
9:46 pm
>> there are many great moments in high school sports, but few by the one witnessed by the basketball team and student in oakland. lucas cortez, the money's basketball team manager, was allowed to play for 90 second during last friday's game against berkeley high. today basketball star ivan was reliving the play. >> lucas stepped right back out. and everything was behind him on the bench yelling shoot. but he hesitated. he looked around. and he shoots it. lucas made the basket. >> here is the actual video of the winning game against berkeley high. cortez is given r te heart condition. >> mostly i can't compete in high level sports that dema a lot. >> he is one of the most recognized student on campus. and after friday night, his story has appeared on several blogs. the article written by fellow student, dominik drurry, went viral. >> he is on the bench, running back and forth. everyone knows who lucas is. he is just a huge aspect of the team. >> a team that he will leave in
9:47 pm
a few months to go on to college. but that moment of stardom will be with him forever. >> probably when i look back on it, it will always be a stand out point in my career. >> humble. lucas cortez. abc 7, news. >> how cool is that. all right. one last check on the weather. spencer christian is live from the broadcast center rooftop tonight. >> yes. this is a stand out moment in my career. literally standing out on the roof. let's go to 7 hd where we see mainly clear skies around the bay area with a few passing high clouds. that's the condition of the sky during overnight hours. let's look at rain fall deficit. it is truly severe. despite sprinkles this morning. san francisco still needs 11 inches of rain to get up to normal this time of the season. santa rosa needs 16 inches of rain. you get the picture, severe deficit and growing. snow pack deficit in our, not only sierra, but all of our
9:48 pm
mountains is also rather severe. we are at 25% of normal statewide. that really low. a week ago at 29% of normal. so on we go to tomorrow's forecast for the bay area. looking for mainly sunny skies. high temperatures up around 70 degrees and looks like a mild and dry week ahead. dan? >> spencer, thanks very much. stand-out moment for you because you are outstanding. outstanding outside. thanks very much. what is your sport? we asked you to show us how you play the game of life here in the bay area. we have seen everything from gardening to skydiving. you can e-mail your own video to or share them, using the hashtag what's your sport. you may end up in a new commercial, by the way. there's a little incentive for you. all right, sport director, larry, is here. larry, we are making news on and off the court. >> yes. warriors made a two for one ??eç
9:49 pm
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9:51 pm
coming up tonight at 11:00, a warning tonight, terrorists
9:52 pm
using shoe bombs. we speak with a security expert. changes he thinks may come to local airports. and breaking news, someone in the bay area has matched all six powerball numbers. as we said, get your tickets out. are you a millionaire. a live report from where the winning ticket was sold. those stories and more at 11:00 on channel 7. >> this sports report is brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> warriors tonight, larry. >> yeah, and dan, i did not win the mega millions. >> me neither. >> you know that because i'm still sitting here. >> okay. >> warriors starting the second half of the season. making a move before tomorrow's trade deadline. an huge trade but clearly fills the need. acquiring steve blake from the lakers for ken basemore and mar shawn brooks who weren't playing at all. they were warming up in sacramento tonight getting ready for the kings game. like wise for tonight's lakers game when the deal went down. seth curry.
9:53 pm
as we get to the action. catch and shoot. three warriors up nine. rudy gay. part of the killing of the warron here. and crawford, one added flush. then klay thompson with a steal. two on one. and david lee who had 23. 51-37 warriors. but the gm and owner are a little concerned and why is that? because sacramento closes the third quarter on 10-0 run. thomas with 26 points. warriors able to restore order as green throws it down off the dish from david lee. 101-92. warriors are back home tomorrow night to face houston rockets. cal took the court tonight, tied for third in pac-12. hosting the league's top scoring squad from ucla. and they had no answer for jordan adams tonight in berkeley. this is as close as it would
9:54 pm
get. cal, picking kyle anderson. richard solomon with one-handed throw down. 6-5 at that point. here is adams scooping it up and in. he had 28. then off tyrone wallace and tony parker all alone. ucla b at the half. a lead in berkeley balloons to 27. here is adams with final steal of the game. 86-66 as cal gets blown out as haas pavilion. one undefeated team left in the nation. not syracuse. orange held to 2% shooting at home by lowly boston college. game tying three in overtime is no good. jim's team goes down 62-59. meaning, wichita state is the last of the unbeatens in major college hoops. on to baseball now. pablo sandoval in final year of his contract with the giant, whether that was motivation for him or maybe he simply maturing, growing up, giants are happy to
9:55 pm
see a lot less of the panda this spring. sandoval spent off season working on his body. changed his diet. result is, he lost a bunch of weight. won't say how much. best guess, between 30 and 40 pound. panda vows, this time he will not gain it back. question is, is he tired of being asked about his complimen. i prove myself that i'm mature. i'm growing up. i care about me. i care about the team. >> giant held their first workout in scottsdale. former athletic hudson, mike shoeman talked with huddy about making the move back to the bay area. >> it's great. it's going to be awesome. there's not many places we would consider coming back out west for. but definitely san francisco is definitely on top of the list.
9:56 pm
we were excited. me and the family are excited to come back west. >> how tough is it to integrate into the clubhouse? >> i can tell right from the start. really great guys on this team. and i'm looking forward to getting to know them and looking forward to them getting to know me. just work on that, see how each of us click and good out there and win ball games. >> too bad barry wasn't here. reunited and sort of replaced him in the roster. that would have been cool. >> it would have been. i think that goes without seeing. he is a great friend of mine. and you know, i'm sure everybody here in san francisco will miss him. but too bad we couldn't be teammate again. but obviously, if he was here, i probably wouldn't be. >> your ankle, how do you feel? >> close to a hundred percent. not quite there yet. the challenging part will be me getting in shape, my body. my arm feels good. from a pitching standpoint, arm wise, and ankle standpoint, things are good. just getting this 38-year-old body this shape.
9:57 pm
that the challenging part. >> you have a pretty good catcher to get used to with buster posey. >> i'm really looking forward to working with him. and understanding how he likes to work with his pitchers and i'm really excited to let him start, you know, seeing my game. and i'm fired up to throw to him. hopefully, you know, we can help each other out and learn from each other. >> even though it is auburn and florida state? >> everybody has their faults. he can't be perfect. >> that's funny. we stay in arizona for one of the most bizarre scenes ever on a golf course. round one at match play championship. and this is, jumping -- jumping a cactus. it comes into play here mp rory mcilroy, his drive lands next to a rock. he blasts away. they are looking for the ball. can you see where it land. the cameraman has other problems. not only did he get hit with the ball, he fell into a bunch of
9:58 pm
that jumping cactus. and each one of those things got to be pulled out. for the record, mcilroy beat weekly 3-2 and add much better day than that fellow there. >> golf isn't usually that dangerous. >> or painful. >> it is painful mentally more than physically. >> let's talk about the warriors quickly, this trade. help, hurt, what do you think? >> you took two guys that didn't play much in basemore and brooks. and you get blake back. he is missing big shots for the langers. an trade that will shake up the entire western conference wherever will say, oh, look for the warriors. better look out. they're dangerous now. but gives them a solid guy who can be part of their rotation and won't be afraid of the big moment should he end up with the ball in his hand late in the game. >> you know what will help, putting trumping cactus behind the team. >> that's motivator. >> thank you very much.
9:59 pm
thanks for the company, we appreciate your time. we will see you again in one hour over on channel 7. pelton: good morning, greendale.
10:00 pm
as you know, it is april fools' day. just kidding. it's the day before april fools. baba booey, baba booey, baba booey you know what, leonard? strike two. pelton [over pa]: just reminding you to keep any april fools pranks physically safe, politically balanced and racially accessible. when in doubt, check the guidelines


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